Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 20, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1941
Page 11
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STERLING DAILTJfAJ8ETTS. 6TERLIKQ L nAtN018. They thmi- ! fortune. «idemMv>n for pflwteriST." — FA. Well, the birth fat« H Hn't It? Gmdon Oerwr*) D W Ornnrtor. Entered at as Scond ns Fr«'off!M *« M»Uer Strnn^e pfop!*! Tlwy l^mthf th» Nnr.u for killing the tnnoeent* to the gi.illtv. yet *c<!uw Pro- nr» of kilitne children to pun- a. t>nf.] MEMBER~ ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated PWRJ ts «c:us!vt- >tt entitled to »:# us* Jot republiea- tbn of »U n*ws dij-ste^es credited to it or not otherr:« credited In thl§ pftper and alao tht iocaJ n«wj published _h*reln._ _ _ _ ""TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION B? mail In Whlt*»xJe and adloin- tni counties - pw *<*r $300 six SBonthS 12.75 thr** months M 50 one •sonth 7S cent* Cs<h ^itri order B? mat! outside WhJtesJd* and ad- tolnJnt counties—per rear $7.00 six months 13.75. three months $200 one month 75 cents Cash with order Per reek dellmwd br carrier In '•it her Sterling or Rock Falls JO cent*, payable ewrt Saturday rnora- tnt No papm t*nt through tht poatofflct to the city carrier district of Sterling or Rock rails. __ •T-I.O «i.<:> >fRts on ih^ 1 .-''-yard lin" half «'ny up" And th<T<» are only sests in the stadium. A Thought for Today Whw*lor« now kt th* teur ol ttie Xxird be upon you: take heed and do it: for there U no Iniquity with th« Lord our Ood, nor respect o persona, nor taking of stfta. —U , Chronicle* 18:7. » • • When tht font just and friendly man appeared on the earth, from that day a futal Waterloo wag visible for all the men of pride and fraud and blood.—Charles Fletcher Dole. Tomorrow's Birthdays Albert H. Reed, O. L. Robinson Franote Klnf, a. P. Lawrence, Mr» FJttcher, Trudy Elizabeth Worth. 5, Mrr Fred C. Rls. Mrs W. L. Robinson, Sterling; F. W. Ha- gtnnan, Dickie Lee Card, 5, Rock Fall*; Lucille Duncan. A. W. Mclaughlin, Bri*: **"• Vlola Maroellus Pulton; Eleanor Arians, Morrison 'Mrs. Mabel Ollbert, Ooieta; Maxine Ltaton, Pannington; Earl Qenz, liaison: Donald and Robert Chap•MB. twins, Chicago; Olenn Meyer •prtnff HU1; Frank awartz, Mrs Law, DUran; Nancy Joyce 4. Emerson; Mrs. Barton tuta. PralrievlUt. aaturday—«rthtr Olii, Rock Falls Today — Caroie Ann Keefe, Deer i Orove. Quilltn's Quips Die CIO ii wasting Its time or_ the eaofcs in Dixie. Walt it trtea to collect dues. ere two Mind* of men who ass getting eomethlng end those who hsvs time to astus. . Wttk Intneaavt to strike, Ooad times art when you build up •- » flat bttstesss for New York bank i'ta lefts over in bad time*. •ten have •tcretsriei or Ms to remind them, and some nev t .write R, a V. P. or thank !•**•. ^_- • ' '"" """ " * ' ha aim of the I tti or now amaU it is. .Wt art still ntutral. We tend snd oil to anti- There is no «uch thing ai a life i pen. Tht average lifer gets in about eifht years. H they braf about Uncle Her- •jSrt's fortune, they may not be fib| STAMP NEWS LJWPOLD of Btlcium stUI survives phlUtellcally. f Maais nave banned WUhtlmi. •tamps in tht Netherlands sntf stamps in Norway. But who is atijl in •el«luni, " "• be pltturwJ en new : paper. Two new (tampe > Irenes aurchsrtod in reel en IJa*f eliva Mack and a new red arawn—hsvs been re* a t ivy i suthoriatd wae at saaetal eanesUatiotts to rfc the tsnunlsaisnini of new k This poiiejr wsi far atversl month* t m tte *mia4 thst it vtolstod ns- a .* • Is a snartajs of i-csntavo In Ouatemsis, A number blatcU of tht 1-c deep af iaH, which picturti FriM- Justo Muflno IsrriOi, hive rarea Islands, a imall froup of islandt lying be- lads and Iceland, BfovUianal overprints Ll l "numeral" stsmp*. hive been Danlih .„. The covers bear the aaaasjlslitrn "ipu Pstroak •" (let rarot Clipfi.h). I Is eed Which has been sailed and dried. « « • Haw lames: Nerwsjr hat iwusd (fsr Vintefia) e>veraruiti, 14 MS et the Han rampant aeries ate vaius* tjf the pasUMum as. . , ffteanawali i*f*ntevo Will ftotsri interior stamp .with a thrsc-ime r«a , , . Falkland IstaaaX •tw atMftps, Value*—I pan* an* black; 2 pence, (t4 I ||MU», B;t VOM 11 notice that th^ old Buy gives fatherly kiwes never Kives his dftuRhter that kind. Lippmnn wnnts us to be content with a small army.- Well, brother, compared with other fiehtinc forces, thnv« the kind we've- got. TODAY'S MENU B^ A Pf(9?IMI 4> I Selected crabm«at. chopped chlvan, ! Fw Otw avocado, 21-J oijw chopp*d j chervil, tArrftton nr.a parrt#y t fln«- devwrt: (»ith «Wn>. Trench dre«ing, ly shredded tettix*. rffimsine or fer I try cals\jp, lettuce. 3-4 Mena Breakfast: Orange juice. o*f- ynrsl, rv.itbreari., coffe?, milk.' A'- (> ^'"'° *-">'.ad. t. ft'jst . D;nnfr: . Fcr. hrniirri r b*tt*r Why riot mit r*arW« on R comrr,'!- nitv ha,«L«i? Plan with your frierd. 1 ! a dinner to which each bring.* one ronk»rt Always' important to .such a w R tangy sti»d, for in French carole, 51-3 green to 1-2 cr*?*mest. French drewing, catsup (equal to French dresstnft), chop- 4 to fi^ Two cups fre«h cranb«Tie.s, 11-3 Hour, 1-3 teaspoon Mlt. 1-4 cinnamon, 1-4 teajpoon 1-4 ti>jmpoon msc^. 2 t*»- chopped celery. , Marinate avocado i dre-ving one hour. Combine ^jnall i ped chives or «cal!lon tops, pepper : pieof* avocado, applet and celery .land wit. with one nip Frrnch dressing to) Mix crshmest with c.hor*r*d herbs.) spoons foda. 1-3 cup hot water. 1-2 '•h:?h von have arir1"rt th<« two tn- • In ,«>p*rate. bowl cAmMne shredded j ciip molajwes. b'e^poon* of cat.'-ip. beaten we!!, treen.";. chives or acallion tops, salt, I Halve cranberrie*; sdd to flcrir, P'iSce on saiad plate.*—famish with ' penper with equal parW of French I salt. .-;pke« and wx)a. Combine hot lettuce and large s'.ires of avocado.. dre,*sinf and catsup. Mix well and i water and molasses and add to i first mixture. B!* ' to v.'ell-grm». i M p: er and steam for mold snd ^T\'^ Toffrr Trarwfef ilriir.jt mo!d: COT* 2 1-2 ho'irs Un- One nip 5-isca: 1 . rep b-.ittfr <•>! ':r.r spo<->n vanilis. Combir' 1 '':."ir. t"! in to;! o; fj.-i ,.,,«.! V 1/..T^ -!r.^ \ ' i n 111 .-' i' -1 i '' .... . \' v a r rn. Sauce 2 c',ip.'-,> 1 cup cTfsm. 1-2 r -<•'-<"••. s-id b'it~ lr ,> ;>o!>r. Heat id v;>rv.nri. Serve a ri onions, ha •'.T: Focx! prirrs nje high Budgets must b^ •'?)'.':"! F.xtravagsnce U a blow to na'ioiia- defense. Nevertheless jr 5 o-ir duty to keep our morale M:cn. and entertaining friend* hr: ; ^ nth that job. Simple parties, take onr minds off our national and pfr.^ons! problem* for a few refreshing hours, making u«. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE HOLD EVERYTHING! W M|« WVNt Ml T. M. Ma •. 1 MT. Mf 'The cook \vants to know if you'll help him mash the potatoes." SIDE GLANCES x Oslbraita "Would you b* Interctltd in a very Inexpensive insurance plan to keep you from starving after you reach the age nf AnT , i . THIS CURIOUS WORLD AWP VOO <SET IT/ < K.MOWS VOU ALV/AVS U$6 THE FOR. VOLSR. PUDOCE i , .^^ne© TILL, i : TABLE. AMD BUT S&V> SAID TATTTOOIMG \A DONE VM(T)4 , LECvND&tt, TWEV COST fc LOT OT= DOUGH.' NOT GOING TO USE I WOM'T MEED ANV ME&DL.ES AT HOUSE. PAlViT AN.D A I'LL PRACTICE j A.MD ILL TATTOO EVERY t-MD BCOMS, I'LL BuV TrAB NiEEOLEG A^' OPENi A, BIS OFFICE ARE VOU S CEMTS QUEEMlE- SCEMXS CVCLONiH CLOUD LOOMIN6 OM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Wonder What? BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS That's Different BYMERRILLBLOSSER WBLL, >WHAT A»S WT MY HOUSB/ PMOMBD AND CAUS AM A COf4fOLMDIO NUISANCC / ' AND TW|V»r •e>ia*Au.Y FAIM WASHTUBBS You Said "It; Vicki BYROYCRANI Mft.UCICIl HOW DID kuow TMK REP lYDEft If Thot All? BY FRED HARMAN JUST "YOU flMB A. COLT? i lost FOR. IB ALLEY 00* Not Tfitri Eithtr BYV.T. HAMLIN

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