Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 22
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 22

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1959
Page 22
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*e f •«> 'V*- I 22 PAMFA tTAILY NEWS SUNDAY, FEBRtfAftY 15, Mat Veaf 98 Urifufnisried H0ui«i 90 brick, «24 month. Jj. P. Sanfofd. eric. MO 4-299 1 . .„ ..... Powell. f125 714 B. Fred- tliroiighMit air condi*- «. nice yard. See after 3 p.m. Saturday ftnd All day Sunday. 404 poucette. ___ ___ R*K\\"~" EXTRA large unfurrVished" 3 toon, uouse. Has tile kitchen ftnd bath floor, medicine and linen closet Inquire 519 S. Somervllle, f BEDROOM, fenced back yard, at* taehed garage. l!»ol Coffee. 4-S29S; I .ROOM 193 Real fifati Par Sale 103 103 *t«f tifatt Far Safe 133 EQt.JtTt 3-bedroom home. Car port, plumbed ti< wn#hef and dryer. 1029 Neel Kd. Mo 5-2651. J-BKDRO'OM house, fully furnished, wool rug- on living: room, fenced back yard and KflraRe. $0000. Phone MO 5-4521. ' FOR SAM-: or Trade: .1-bedroom with- utility room, dorlhle Rarase and storm cellar. Will trade equity for lots. MO 4-2S3S. for modern unfurnished hmi^ rent. 1/4 mile B. of Countr T, MO_ 5-5(Hi8. . .. JslCE fi rotim modern hou*e -rt'lth hath. miles In country. Garage, fenced FOR. RAt.K by owner: 2 bedroom, carport, carpet*, plumbed for washer, fenced yard, monthly payments JS;i. >K> 9-0332. ROOM Modern house to b« moved. Only $5nO, Call 4-68S1. untry [FOR SALK: 2 hedfoom house with at- tnched garage. Living room carpet- _._.. ___ ___ __ tiYi UK NT:" 2 bedroom unfurnished house. Xo Raratte. One small child. Phone MO n-92!tS. 1-ttOOM fenced yard. 4-3656. modern house, 318 vS. Somervtlle. MO mifurnlshed house, utility room, '.arpe closets. fi21 X. Hobart. Imniire fi:i2 X. Nelson. *** * ie»i e 103 Real CStOre fOt ed. Low equity and monthly payments, inquire a( 1023 Prarle Drive or call AIO 4-669S. FOR SALK: Mum sell larfce 2 l>ed* room home hy March I. Will sacrifice 41.HOO eciultv for json. See at 1112 flarland or Call MO 5-3095. FOFt SALE or Trade Jof acreage near Pampa: 3-bedroom home, 2 baths, _2 garages. 448 (iraham. MO 4-3624. MUST SACRIFICE 2 bedroo~m excellent location. Air conditioned. \\lred 220, low payments, 2I1S \VI1- tlAVIi, N.2* 1 . 3-hcdrOom brick home. Will tradK for late model clean Chevrolet or P.rd .that I* clear for down payment. Call MO 4-3292 or nights MO 4-4712. ton SALE: 3-hedroom brick, double Rarage, lot of btillt-ins, new KHA commitment, Call for appointment. _JMO4-77fi9. See at BOl E. 18th. 103 Rial Etfets to Salt 103 101 Wanted to Sot 101,116 Auta ttpatr Gataftf 111 LOVELV 3-bedrooni, near Stephen F. CASH TO Owner for nic# 2 bedroom! Austin and Senior High. JSOn down, plus Joan eitpen»ie, „ SOOtH-P'ATRIGK Real Estate hou>-e, attached jraraftp. end lots of : storage. Prefer area frotfl Dxincan Si-" older home ' Slisct Your Ht*» Today $8230—FHA $250 DOWN—$60 MONTH 4 SALES FRIDAY i 3*Bedrooffi Homes ARE CONSTANTLY INi with attached Rarage. 6osl:)l-ft. Lots. _ -* il04 Fafw* far Renf -a- Jtijti J^* ,*jMfc j^*J<, 104 .... A SON Bear Froiil End and Sefvlci W L- f ! 08ter _ .^_. fcfcott* MOJ-«111 'WiliAP'sT/RrfTWiT -. P 5 r i?. e - •?£?. a ' '1 2 A 'l-J^I^'s. V.iree : EQUITY in 3-ljetlroom hof^e\~\ftached (rarnge, nice. lawn. IS:!!. N. Stunner. NEED OF MORE LISTINGS OF 2 & 3 BEDROOM HOMES PREFERABLY IN N. PART OF TOWN. VETERANS: Look at the new homes now under construction In (he Monterrey Addition. t',n east on Brown Ing St. and South on Lefors St. to site. These are nice ;i bedroom homes with attached garages, mahogany cabinets and doors, forced air heating and plenty of closets for only $9.4SO. Total move In cost only $2SO. $B1 a month. LA ROB 10 room house in Fraser add. •tillable for large family or B 2 family residence, excellent condition. 2 BKDROOM home near Lamar School In the new Keiaier Addition Dunham Const. Co. Go out S. Barnes to McCullottgh Kast to Site MO 5-3332 Day, MO 9-3S93 Nile* R. A. MACK 1 IIA'VK buyers for farm land In Cf»r- i son, Armstrong, De-nloy, and Oray i Counties. List rlih me for quick i sale. I P. K. ROACH, Realtors, (iroom, Texas, P.O. Bo* 148, Phone 3721 105 ueti I OS Auto Engine Rebuilds/- 151ft AJcock .VTO 4 : mj IF von ~lia\-e liattery failure. Vxfi hatiery additive will restore life to Vour buttery. 324 Doucelte or Call I MO 4-.1(52. ISO Atffamafcilei far Salt 120 ISO Autafittfcltti Par Sal* 1! C. C. MKAlJ, fJseif Oaf* W* buy, (ibu and servlca all ma.'<e*. Trailers and ti » bArt tot- rtftt. Jli B. Brown. MO 4-478J. U'If-b Sell Sqwfiy In 195!) Chevr61et Imiiali* cohvcrtlblP. Call MO 5-4248 before 5 p.m. If no answer can MO 4-224,1. CASH PAID FOR CARS MO n-,i743 Boh Rwing 1200 AlcoCk 11? Body Shop* 100 FOOT Corner lot — 1900 MO 4-3724. 3 BKDROOM attached garage, Lack yard. Starkweather. |1,5(>0 will r.-nn liandl-e.. 2 BHDHOOM gnrafte fenced back yard Beryl St. $4,:>OfV 2 BKDROOM attached garape, fenced yard Coffey St. $S,,"iO'J. $1,WO will handle. 233 acres Irrigated farm joining town of Kress. Oood water area, fair Improvements. 23 ACRES on.Lefors highway. 3 room house, well, good fences and barn. 113 Preeerty 11 PORD'S BDDY SHOP Cut PftlfMnt^-Body WofK N. Fros* MO 4-461$ f£X tVAN'S BUICK CO. Bulck - rjMC - OPEL - fjlmca 123 North dray MO 4-4677 JOR TAtLOR WOTOU CO. We Buy. Sell and Trade 1200 W. Wllks Phone MO 4-6fl2J fl.i.i FORD Fafrylane sedan. Radio, heater, real nice car, JS95. 532 KCd De or. Wof«e of 71« W. IH* Hl . atSflf6% • MO FOR QUICK mile: Bqnlty Bulch. Good cgmjitldft, MO CULBERSONCHEVR. 810 W. Fo»tr> PftttnS "oTBSO"N E. .-. -,.,.. -. •»» SalM Drown St. COT 861 MO Tire i, AeettioHli 121 SALE: 4-Room lots of closet and modern house, .- -._ cabinet, space, hack porch, 2* Room house. One 12x14 room ami one 12X22 room, large garage 14x22 rt. 2 Litrge chicken houses or storage, located on F011 SALK or irade: 1!>48 Rnlck 4-door n miles south of 120 Aufomobilei For Sale 116 >-OH SAI^Ki inr,9 i .Station WBRon. Mr) -1- 346S. Lark 6 19.i7 FORD Stallori Faulkner. Call MO 4 Wa?on. 316 S. sedan. Dependable, runs good. _. ______ _ _______ _____ 19,'ili MODKIj A Ford Coupe. MO 4-8234 424 N. Wells. 1041 !FOn HAI.K 1<M7 4 dr Ford In good !*hapB. Cheap. 734 S. Barnes, 5-3232. J. Ti. Howeis .,.....^., ... _. town, lo he moved. Can he ceeti SALR or trade for >lder car: 55 Olds after 12:ilO noun anytime. Priced at Super 4-door, loaded. $1345. See ftt AUTOMOBILK FOR Sale: Sell or Jir)^ Vati.thall Stat- Bacr. trade equity In lon AVagon. 40." E. Rice Real Estate 712 N. Somerville MO 4-2301 Lincoln At- J RKDHOOM and den. brick, parilKr-. carpets, drapes. A horn* that v.onld plca.<e you. $1S.S()0, with tin, SOti F.H.A, Committment. brick with large utility attached, carpet?, drapes, X. Banks. $12,200. $1850 down and S77.00 month. SHEDROOXt and attached garage on N*. Nclsnn. A good buy at $13,600 \ Only JlfiSO down and $70.00 month, j 1 » BKDROOM on N. AVells, with gar-i^ as;e. $6,900. j. J BEDROOM on N. Ru?sell. n nlcej' home, fully carpeted, $14.40u. |2 S RKDROOM, T-i bath, central heat, Terry Road, J13,500. 1 BKDROOM on N. Duncan. $S,7nH. 2 BKPROOM niKl den. brick, and Red- ;. wood, attHche.d Rnrat;e. "s* cnrner. lot with both .streets paved, North Faulkner. $l:!,Sim. » B^:DROo^r. i'i ba llston St. $13,SH(l. I Nice 3 bedroom, 1'4 baths, nice cart BKDROOM and den or S bedroom I P£K'!. K .' central heat, fenced yard, carjietK. drape.", washer and dryer, With double ' ul ^"'- >1 nom e near L,amar School iV-iii ,, «""" >••»'>•. •ancls ! Karage. fenced yard, Immediate pos- , 1 ,,. 1 /A,t e Hny °'' l lnrt - r»~;Tf^u-5 session. Assume \% loan, payments .-In m I 0 "'"?, wilh Rara i e, attached I onlv S47 month $7 ?0o S ' l0n wl " handle. ^fl'-^lfr^'LARnK ;< br, 1 room 'l,i 'good location I* "KDROOM atlnched 2 bedroom, close In on Street. ?I730 down. •J. Nelson: i'F.\V 3 bedroom, cenlral heat, tached garage. $1.450 down. vl. Banks: BKDJJHOM brick, attached garage . . „. Kood locution rlospin. Hii! livlns room, utility room '•atpct, dlnlns room, utility room, ttariigc, lop condition. J10.500. 2 R10DROUM on N. Sumncr. newly refinished inside and outfide, natural woodwork, .enrage. *7.<>oo 3 HRDROOM on Hamilton 1'.. year roi'nd «ir condilioiiinR" $1,1,300 loan commitment. ge Wllks St. big $11, garnge, School. 2 HOUSKS nn X. Ranks, c.ood In-1 <-ome property. $S,niio. j LA I M>K 3 bedroom on big corner lot '• on Hamilton, big rari><Hnd living j lot near Horace Mann ' B. E. FERRELL Agency Pho. MO 4-4HI .._ G. E-_Tinnin,J»AO 9-9518 , j"j () ^iNKAHl,V XKW 3 "be7lfmim.'"Brii' ; k; , I R-firHge, cai-peted, fcncc-d iu*ck ynrd.i .tll.oiin. «l(i Powell St. MO 4-S«7(j. | FOR SALK: Apartment house to hei moved. 2 bedrooms, living room,' kitchen and hath $Rn,">. J^ocaterl nil Unnnvlgtn. 2 miles west of Borger. See M'. It. Lawrence, Phone BR 4- 24Sfi Borger or TRemont 8-2073 Stinnett. Trailef Houses 114 . 121_N._Bajlard 55 F6nr3 2-dobr 8234. 424 N. custom Wells. MO 4.68?? V-8. MO 4- FOR II1-J.VT or Sale: trull,•!.«. Post. Office •NICK 3 HHT5ROMM rock, all rrtrpeted, • attached garage. X. liussell $14,100.1 ;N. Sumner: I RKHROOM. largh ....Inched sarage, | conlral heat, carpeted living room 1 $1.•f.^nn. petinc, >20,,inil. storm doors." fenced yard. \VIIIlstoii Street. J14.500. 2 BKDROOM and den. 2 baths, garage X. Faulkner. $12,XOO. 8 BFIDROOM and den, carpets, dishwasher, electric kitchen, central hc.Jit. $1,000 for equity or take good car. i UKDROOM X. Nelson, garage, carpets, fence. $13,"(Hi. S BKDROOM: with garage. X. Wynne $.">.(inn. A FE\\' good residential lots. OXK Si i acre furm in Northern Missouri. Would trade for Pampa property. OXK 32't acre well Improved farm. Southwest Missouri, half divensified farm. Balance in planted grasses Price $50,i>l>0. $5.0110 or fo down I HAA'B a few lots left in the Xeal Ad. For Vour Real Kstate Xeeds Call W. M. LANE, Realty Phone MO 4-3641 or MO 9-3504 A. L. Patrick, Jr., Associate MO 5-4080 C. Tl'MUNDY, Realtor"" I . MO 4-3761 lor, N. Wynne! room with mahogany paneling at- "OV'KLV ,1 bedroom nnd den. cHrpi-tM ' location.' $1S fiofi ' "" living room >IIK! hall. Fein-Mi, brick in To],.' Addition! hiu ' 1< - Vilrii "'"' (*«rasr-. .SL'.OHH ufili on Clarendon Highway. 1/iving room i . h»"dlr> on (inrlatid. ; and dining, room carpeted utilllv '' ' l{ ''' •''-"''•L'r'OO... with basemen'; ' ' uinnj , (JOf)|| | 0( . at | OM jij.swi. Terms. Will' lake sniiill house trailer on deal. j Dandy a-l>edroorii anil rlen. carpctw on i living room anil den,,tge. fenced I biicN yard, clone In. $|fiii(i ilnwn. ' ,1 KKDUOOM H. Nelsnn S7on down. i T.JAXD V .1 bedroom clo.Ktj in. ^1(1,.",''0, ' XICM 3 Uf-tlronm <Vr den on (Jarland, garage, fenced yard. $2.0nii down. ! Liirg-o .'i-bpiJroom with garage. $,'iOOO. ! S. Schneider. Terms. \ iMriff. 2-bcdroom, I tin-foot front, with i :uuici i ''^ -jtn, i iuuc ^jt uuy ; basvtnrnt. $7.iO down droom and garage, feno- OUENTIN WILLIAMS Realtnri 8 Room'wlt'h 4 rentals dose- in $12.r,liO. :i ~ M down | S1B Hughev Bldtr MO 4 V-»i i LAR(!I ' J 2 Bedroom home, K. IJrownlng Veima letter—ATO D Mf- I $1UO ° a ° wl !' ov ''" £ ' r carry lonn. Helen Kelley jfo' 4-7IG6 Ll . k . e -, n .^;.'-!!? dr .?°.^; attached^gnrage Gloria lilnnton—MO !l-flP,7.T Boh Smith Res. Phone MO 4--HBO .11 in Dniley—Res. MO n-32 ' Wllllarns__—_Res. hVick i jOW r Trade: Will take 3 or 4-room hoiiwe on new 2 or 3-bedroom home Henry St. N. Starkweather Large 2-be> eel yard. $13 Close in; Two 2-bedroom houses and two 2-room -oartments on 100-ft. front. JUS per month income. ISSOU. HfiOD DtrrLK.Y, N. Frost, J17.-.0 down *"" " r "'-^ -'. Wells: 3 bedroom and room, double Etu-JlE-e. ino fi fenced' lot. ' ,- XKW ^ tiedrooin on X. ^\'ellH birch 1 woodwork, large kitchen, with wash- i cr and dryer connections, air con- j dltloner Installed on roof, big gar- ! age, $1.40(1 down and assume loan, j .'J20 ACIiKS jn southwest JINsotiH. nearly all bottom land, running: water, good iniprovenienls ?:"iO 000 | We Sell, Trode Or Buy NEW AXT U'SKD'TRAILET-TS B«iik Kates BFST TRAILER SALES . W '_l. 1 l?.'^YJl y _ fi ". ___ _^._A-fO_4-323n for 2 bedroom home in north cast or_norlh jiari of city, MO I-3IHS or trade my eriulty for furniture' Mo _ il™ !) _" r _^' 0 l *-' 1 >''-''7. p n i \ • A Ti"f~sf7u' R~f or ~rf»\ i c'FlTo't rs IT. $2,i. ^ per montli. All bills paid, Out W i iTfTTiTADi-ffrnTler "House "foFf'iiir- nlture or enulty in 2-liedroom home. --- 1958 DODOE 8 cylinder Custom Royal n Ii*L B P'51' . Hardtop. Automatic transmission, CIiTDH JONAS MOTOR CO. power brakes, new tires, radio, heat- —Aulhorlied Rambler Dealer-'- er, Intone color, 27,430 actual miles. 119 N. Ward MO f)-B10S Cleanest In Texas $*$$ fT¥x~ROSfe ' 1951 CADILLAC Sedan. Kjttra dean. S«rvie«, Body. P*rt», trim Shoe '.or'n'n't'fvtVrA;-" Y« i'V J65o ' no - •• • ••" • -^^* i9» n CADILLAC Coupe Sedan. One Pampa owner, low mileage, cleanest in the Panhandle $59n.OO 1953 FORD Customllne tudor. One owner, extra slick, low mileage, V-8 motor $475.00 Panhondle Motor Go. 859 W. Foster—Open Sunday MO 4-7R93—MO 9-99(51 IT PAYS TO READ mobile scout Trailer Sale*, f U C /*" I ACCICICft A HC 1 - Mint VMLAj5lrltU AU5 ' *1->0 for my equity. Take up pav- monts of $B7.81. Jlalf paid f;.r. One block south, one block west of the Rocket flub O. L. Bpck. FOR LEASE A Major Company SERVICE STATION DOWNTOWN LOCATION MO 4-3751 Or MO 4-3571 REBUILT MOTORS t,el Ward'*, Pampa'd hiadquaftert for guaranteed motor*, feplac* youtt teday. Completely rebuilt tfl Maclln* *p«clflcatlon«. New parts used 1ft All vital spots. Pre-tesled and 160% right when you (r«t It. Model* t« fit all cars. 10% down and balanea in 19 monthi Expert Installation I Montgomery Ward] MO Otfafantetd Used Tires. AH size* an price* over 2000 In atock. good «el- election of truck tires. Hall Tlr« C« 700 W. Pouter. MO 4-3521. 125 & Acetuariti 12f BOAT HEPAlrilNO, \farln« Slipplle*. Casey Boat Shop. S. E. of City Mo 4-3035. $1,3.111 DOWN: Garland, nice 9 room, parade, fenced yard. GOOD nnWX town business building, leased for 3 years, with 5 year option i BOOTH $2'.'0 per month, good huv. I BK.ST BUY In town. iHrge" 3 bedroom I double garage- on 100 ft. corner lot, ! 5-'. Hobart. $12.000. iNICK 3 room modern and garnce N j Hanks, ino ft. corner lot. $|SOi). t,.i ms — neri- .- _ *- 1 -—-. •- • • -~~ — • on C'offe.e St. $lM»0 will bandit,. 3-Hcdrooin, dlnliiK room, large Kitchen and guragr-. X. Starkweather. \tr, - cm i i $jr '"" wini bundle. MO ••>r'! 0 !i i LOVI-;rA- -' bedroom and den with rental and 2 cur garage, near Sam on Beech T,arie. j 'j"5L n _Paynieiit. Mo r.-.MM. _| Houston School. Good buy * PATRICK 'RKA'iT'ESTA'fK !7 -'' !{1< ' m v -' ith - rentals E. Krancls. Phone 4• 2!'.'I2—I-3.',03 [Dandy G-bedroom home with servants 4 S^'Z^^^^^l ?"rmi Cr Sho I rn 9 iJ J^ntmlnV G °° d NI..-B 3'bedrocMn. utility room and ^ru'-K^h 1 ^ 1 , 00 , 1 "] 1 "'^- N - '^'Ikner gnrnge.extra ni<-e. North Xelsoi, , W^SS^*™*'^^; Nice location. $SO(i, good huv FOR SALK: Xlce lot 75 ft. front, KOO ft long-—just outside the city limits. Price $2,100. I. S. JAMESON, Real Estate 309 N. Faulkner MQ 5-5331 3 BKDROU.M. 1 :t..4 baths', carpets, drapes, everything- electric. Look and make an offer, 1100 Crane. SOME NICK lots. L. V. GRACE Real Estate E. Foster Broker MO 9-9508 F. B. "!ollett, MO 9-0332 PATSY R. NEWTON 4-3792 7 unit . $1,000 down. Owner carry loan. Dandy Motel worth tho money. Nice corner business lot 1007I40 feat. Close In. on Hi-way fiO. jnSOO. YOUR L1STINOS APPRECIATED HOMES "BY DUROHOMES Col. Dick Bayless, MO 4-SS48 135S CHEVROLBT 2-door V-S. Karlio, heater, air conditioned 1906 FORD 4-door Country Sedan. llcatpr, Kordomatlc, power steering 1956 DODfJK V-S Custom Royal 4-door Hardtop. Radio, heater, Powcrfllte trans., air conditioner ir»55 FORD Radio. V-S 4-door Custrimllne. h»ntpr, overdrive 1551 LINCOLN" 4-donr. Radio, heater, Hydra-malic $1895 $1595 $1495 $995 $195 701 W. Brown PURSLEY MOTOR CO. MO You Get A Better Used Cor At Tex Evans Buick SI FORD PAIBLA.VE 500 Radio, heater, Ford-o'-matlc tone paint, white wall tires. 53 BUICK SPECIAL 4dr. Hard Top, radio, 3 tone paint. healer dyno. 87 CHEVROLET 4 DOOK $1795 ( V-S, radio heater. Power Glide. $1395 heater, Ford- steering. V-g. 66 FORD 2 DOOR Hard Top radio, o-matlc.P ower 64 BUICK SPECIAL 4Dr Radio, heater, itandanl 64 FORD 4 DOOR Radio heater overdrive. 63 FORD 2 DOOR Radio, heater. A good work car 62 PONTIAC 4 DOOR Radio, heater, hyd., a good clean car. 62 BUICK 4 DOOR Radio, heater, dyn., power «te- erlng. A real nlct car. $895 nl shift. $695 9. TEX EVANS BUICK CO. 51 BUICK 4 DOOR Radio, heater A good ear. 60 STUDE. Yi TON $395 work car $295 good $445 wer «te$345 ear. $195 123 N. GRAY MO 4-4677 NITES A SUNDAYS MO 5-5142 TEXAS FURNITURE CO. We have combined choice furniture of exclusive beauty and moderate prices in our outstanding display. The most discriminating furniture shopper will be thrilled with the distinction of design and quality of construction conspicious in every piece from occasional tables to sofas. To be certain of lasting satisfaction in your selection, and of the utmost value, choose from our brilliant furniture offerings.. The striking sculptured line of modern Scandinavian design are evident in this unusual living room ensemble. Sofa and chair with solid walnut frames and bou- yand foam rubber zippered cushions. Step cocktail and harvest table ai>e superbly constructed in walnut woods. All three bedrooms are tastely done In Johnson Carper, Planmaker Gorup.. High pressure matching plastic tops, plus extra drawer space, you've always wanted. Beauty and style as modern as tomorrow, plus utility that affords maximum use of wall space including corners. You'll go for the versatile Planmaker Group by Johnson and Carper. Shown in oak and walnut Beautiful new draperies, a complete new concept in fresh thinking translated for your windows. The new lavish look in ensembles for your bedroom. Lovely cafe curtains and bedspreads that will give your rooms distinct sparkling personality. Texas Furniture Co. Hot Point and Maytag Appliances by HAWKINS & SHAFER APPLIANCES. OF THE HIGHLANDER WIFE APPROVED HOME HUSBAND APPROVED LOAN MODEL HOME-2100 NORTH DWIGHT STREET Drive north on Hobart to 21st Street, turn left and follow 21st Street to Dwight. SUNDAY, FEB 15th, 1 P.M. TO 7 P.M EXTERIOR: Smart new color asbesto$ siding. Little maintenance required. Brick trim. FEATURES OF NEW F.H.A, HOMES UNDER CONSTRUCTION PRICES RAKire INTERIOR! r IVIV C *> I\MM \J C Mahogany kitchen cabinets, formica cabinet lops, hardwood floors, colored bath fixtures, vanities built into baths, central heating, large closets with FROM double sliding doors, trimmed out garages, washer-dryer space and all con- C A I iMflklEf k^ A /"* B B WIVI nections, choice of interior color. $12,200 to $13,200 BILL CLEMENTS HIGHLAND HOMES INC. COMBS-WORLEY BLOG, MO 4-3442 MODEL HOME MO 5*5410

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