Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1970 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1970
Page 18
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&!» mm Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1970 In, out of hospitals in Telegraph area Dad gets son from 'witch 9 St, AfHtomy'8 J«he J> ape , Edwardsvilte Woo( , Rivcf TfmMWp ——-.«- C7 i/ AtMtfSSIOKS Mrs. Delia Ribbte, 1128 Seller ft aci Fee, Bethatto Gary Hamilton, Cottage Hills Mrs. Bemadine Watsek, . Edwardsville Mrs. Mats ha Frankford, Godfrey John Mondin, 1912 Western Mrs. Myrtle Dopp, Cottage Hills Balph Kline, 1621 Joesting Mrs. Mandy Surman, 1301 East 5th. St. Connie Lewis, Cottage Hills Mrs. Mary Nickle, Cottage Hills James Clark II, Cottage Hills Allen Peridore, South Roxana Mrs. Edna Chadwtck, 2430 LaSalle DISMISSALS Mrs. Mary Stupperich, 3210 Brown , Ernest Snider, 1701 Hale Mrs. Louise Kanyo, 629 Franklin Mrs. Margaret Burgess, Cottage Hills Mrs. Margarett Van Duker, ' Bethalto St. Joseph's ADMISSIONS Miss Stephanie Bourland, 1919 Burling Dr. Larry Fisher, 1812 Crest Drive Brian Garrett, South Roxana Danny Robinson, Brighton Kenneth Roe, East Alton William Schlief, Brighton Harold Clark, 1138 Harrison Larry Martin, 4 Sullivan drive Miss Connie McCloud Bethalto James McCloud, Bethalto Miss Alice McCloud, Bethalto Miss Jodie Pickerill, Bunker Hill Frank Duncan, 2016 Central Miss Kathleen Cross, 2116 Salu Mrs. Rose Frye, 2013 Mulberry DISMISSALS Linda Arth, Edwardsville Edward Cochran, 824 E. 4th St.* Debra Davis, Roxana Jesse Dunlap, 1310 E. 4th St. William Hauser, 2410 Lloyd Milton Johnson, Jr., 2717 Moore St. totrise Pape, Edwardsville Sharon iTnitt, 512 E. 4th Warren Steffen, East Alton Mis. Betty Turpin, 2200 North Rodgers Alton Memorial ADMISSIONS Mrs. Emma Haynes, 2349 Virden Joseph Fentress, Bethallo Miss Sharon Durr, Edwardsville Carl Sheppard, Wood River David Overton, S. Roxana William Acker, 2825 Sanford Hie-hard Kelley, Godfrey Mrs. Velma Lay, Wood River Mrs. Nancy Crider, 2918 Surnyside Steven Gallatin, Edwardsville Kelly O'Brien, East Alton Mrs. Clearther White, 1921 Esther Leonard Haines, 3218 Oakwood Emmett Chamness, 509 Anderson Frank Turner, Godfrey Judith Christenson, Jerseyville Linda Holmes, Moro Mrs. Louise Pedone, Wood River Brian Maynard, Cottage Hills Bruce Funderburk, Bethalto Paul Glassbrenner. East Alton DISMISSALS Mrs. Marlene Doerr, Belhallo Mrs. Linda Linder, Cottage Hills Mrs. Gwen Bell, Bethalto William Stiritz, Godfrey Patricia Davies, Edwardsville Mi. Ivan Smith, East Alton William Gibson, Fidelity Larry Calvert, Godfrey Charles Spann, Cottage Hills A. R. Richardson, Edwardsville Juanita Tucker, 3307 Sherman William Keene, 1215 Main Florence Krocker, Slaunton Mrs. Lora Miles, East Alton Wilma Henderson, East Alton ..Mr. Brice Cox, Godfrey Harvey Clark, Brighton Stephen Sayers, Godfrey Jack SpitEner, 207 Central Melissa Freeman, 2931 Werges Trudie Eberlin, 5203 Wickway ADMISSIONS Douglas Jackson, Cottage Hills Paul Walker, East Alton Millard Basden, Granite City Billy Kessinger, South Roxana Mrs. Margaret Buster, Hartford Kenneth Stewart, Hartford Mrs. Alice Harper, 2451 Ferguson Sandra Varble, Hartford DISMISSALS Billy Cox, Godfrey Mark Abrams, Cottage Hills Lloyd Metcalf, Granite City Jerri Smiley, 79 E. Penning Jeffrey Dunnagan, East Alton Diana Abeita, 423 Illinois Mrs. Antoinetta King, 526 Third Mrs. Stella Lair, East Alton Janice Stayton, East Alton Clyde Oliver, Alton Mrs. Lula Wilburn, East Alton Jersey Community ADMISSIONS Leigh McKenney, Jerseyville Ernest llagen, Jerseyville Sophia Ives, Dow Pauline Jones, Jerseyville Harold Drummond, Hardin Hanna Thompson, Grafton Amelia Woolard, Jerseyville DISMISSALS James Tepen, Jerseyville Katie Woolsey, Jerseyville Zona Daugherty, Jerseyville Rosemary Sagez, Hardin Tina Menzie, Jerseyville Boyd Memorial ADMISSIONS Mrs. Nelie Roberts, Carrollton Mrs. Jennelue Brannon, Eldred Robert Voiles, Eldred Mrs. Lynda Brooks, Cairollton Lynn Seely, Carrollton Mrs. Julianna Osterman, Carrollton Don Griesemer, Fieldon DISMISSALS Mrs. Alma Doerr, Jerseyville Adrian Short, Carrollton St. Joseph's (Highland) ADMISSIONS Mrs. Doris Cause, Rle. 4, Heffernan. Ed- Scheihal, Ed- Ed- Ed- Mrs. Ersa wardsvflle Michael wardsville DISMISSALS Mrs. Nancy Baglin, wardsville Albert Fodor. Rte. 1, Agnew family (AP) —Vice President Spiro T. Agnew and his family have arrived here to spend the New Year's weekend. No public appearances are scheduled. The vice president, his wife Judy and daughter Susan, 23, were reported staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Randolph Hearst Sr. The Agnws will return to Washington Sunday or Monday, a spokesman said Tuesday. wardsville Frank Hanfelder, ' Edwardsville St. Francis (Lftchftefd) ADMISSIONS Jerry Kline, Bethalto John Skamenca, Livingston Gilbert Monke, Mt. Olive Paul Vuckovich, Mt. Olive Mary Arkabauer, Mt. Olive Bernice Hosto, Alhambra DISMISSALS Gary Hicks, Benld Mollie Whitehouse, Mt. Olive Paul Vuckovich, Mt. Olive Hope back from tour HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Bob Hope has returned from a 15- day, round-the-world tour to entertain American servicemen, saying he hopes his seventh trip to Vietnam was his last to that country. SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) An Illinois state senator obtained temporary custody of his son Tuesday after charging the 20-year-old youth had come under the influence of a witch. Sen. Edwa'rd McBroom, a Republican from Kankakee, had asked the custody in a petition for habeas corpus filed Monday. Police later that day picked up the youth, Harvey Victor McBroom, at the nearby Campbell home of Sara Chancy. McBroom said Mrs. Chancy was a close friend of Mrs. Patricia Schneider, 47, of Kankakee, and that Victor, as the youth is known, had come under Mrs. Schneider's influence when he was 19. He described her as a spiritualist and witch, charging she induced his son to take drugs. The youth spent Monday night in Santa Clara County jail. He 'appeared Tuesday in Superior Court before Judge John T. Racafielli, who refused to order the youth's return to Kankakee as asked by the father. However, after the father and son conferred in the judge's chambers, a stipulation was worked out under which Victor was released on his own recognizance and remanded to the custody of his parents pending a hearing Jan. 6 with the proviso that he remain in this area. The hearing is to consider the father's custory plea. In his petition, McBroom charged that Mrs. Schneider "introduced Victor to her witchcraft and spiritual meetings, including seances, and induced him to take and use drugSj narcotics and other substances detrimental to the health and welfare of Victor." The petition said young Mo- Broom was confined for a time in a psychiatric ward i n Chicago's Passavant Hospital, but that he disappeared about three weeks ago and came to California. • ATE, HI, ROXANA 254-6746 MID-AMERICA THEATRES ****** Manson's attorney indicts trial as a state 'lynching' By LINDA DEUTSCH LOS ANGELES (AP) — Charles Manson's attorney has told the jury in the Sharon Tate murder trial "This case is a lynching. They are trying to lynch Mr. Manson." Thus, Irving Kanarek began his final summation Tuesday, saying that the hippie-style clan leader had been a victim of pre-judicial pre-trial publicity created while.'he "has been sitting in a dungeon." Kanarek was the third defense attorney to speak during the day's court session. • Earlier, chief defense c o u n s e 1 Paul Fitzgerald finished a day, and half of argument attacking state's evidence against his client 2O PIECE SERVICE FOR 4 A beautiful pattern... Olde Orleans. 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Fitzgerald, in the second day of his presentation, zeroed in on two key points in the case against the 22 year - old Miss Krenwinkel—a fingerprint found at the Tate house and' testimony for the state by a 17-year-old girl ex- member of Manson's "family." "A fingerprint is just circumstantial evidence," said Fitzgerald. He said the print, identified as Miss Krenwinkel's, could have been made prior to the night of the killings. Young hippie types frequently attended parties at the actress' home, said Fitzgerald, declaring "It is entirely reasonable that Patricia Krenwinkel was at that house as an invited guest or a friend." The attorney noted x that 25 unidentified fingerprints were found throughout the Tate house' and said any of them might belong to the real killers. Fitzgerald attacked at length the testimony of Dianne Lake, who testified for the prosecution that Miss Krenwinkel told her she had dragged Abigail Folger, one of the victims, from a bedroom to the living room of the Tate house. Fitzgerald said the statement was meaningless. "Does it say she killed Abigail Folger? Does it say she had evil designs? That statement standing alone demonstrates absolutely nothing." He noted that Miss Lake admitted lying to a grand jury about the case, had lied to officers investigating it, and had been confined to a mental hospital for about eight . months this year, diagnosed as schizophrenic and psychotic. HUGH OOGIE DE VITO ORCHESTRA Wishes You A HAPPY NEW YEAR For Open Dates Dial 1-618-402-0683 •"THEU.S. CUSTOMS BUREAU BARRED IT AS OBSCENE! READERS FOUND IT SHOCKING AND SCANDALOUS! AND NOW, FOR ANYONE OVER 17, IT IS A MOVIE!" —TIMIMAMBNt MMMOUNl PIC1URES PRESEN1S HENRY MILLER'S N DAVID BAUER PHIL BROWN UlEN BURS1YN UMISCAUAHAN LMjRtNCUIGNtRlS OPEN 6:80 — SHOWN 7 & 0 CAMEO THEATRE 1622 WASHINGTON DIAL 465-7032 ALTON'S FINEST Matinee Sunday Open 1:30 Shown: 2, .), C, & 8 STAJRUGHT 3SM MUCK HVt. Mffll 4iMttt STARTS TONIGHT! Box Office Opens at 6:00 Electric tn Car Heaters meet The Baby Maker ..with an open mind! The Baby Maker SHOWN AT 0:05 •'" ' PLUS "DAY OF ANGER" Shown at 7:00 "0V" This Program Rated "R" OPEN 12:30 Vietk't Today Last Times "SCROOGE" Shown 1:00 3:00 5:00 7:00 9:00 I 2530 STATE 466-9700 Alton Area's Finest 1 SMORGASBORD I SERVED DAILY 11 p.m. NEW EVE YEAR'S PARTY DANCING U iH Noisemnkers — Huts Admission $2.50 Person FORKEYVILLE LOUNGE Fosterburg Road We Serve the Finest MID-AMERICA THEATRES BEL*AIR Open 6:30 Heaters • Now thru Sun, "jThe Baby Maker'is an unconventional movie!" THE BABY —PtUS— "The Grasshopper" (R) CAPRI Old SJ.LOUIS RD. 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Reg, $8.05 Vuluo ____ AVAILABLE AT ALL 3 LOCATIONS MOVIE RATINGS Tbese ratings apply to (ttrai RELEASED after NOV. I, 1868 THIS I SEAL !• ads Indicates the film wa» submitted and approved undtr tt\e Motion Picture Code Self-Regulation ALL AGES ADMITTED Genera! Audience! GE3 AU AGES ADMITTED Parental Suggoitad FQREIGN.IMPOrTf Net Rated By Th, Me*!«fl Picture C<?dt • STARTS • THURSDAY EVE} OPEN 5:45 Start Your Celebration ffere/ • itaVABMILc (RHtRSTRAfltfR* COME EARLY OR COME LATE , . 3 COMPLETE SHOWS 6:00 8iOO (OiOQ fried Iki lovHtf AW oiwRfnuwoaif ^ STARTS THURS., 'NEW YEAR'S EVE fl 2 'SHOWS '^."" ~ 6:00 8:00 10:00 IJLI RESTRICTEP Under 17 rtquir*! *ccom. partying Parent or Adult NO ONi UNDER 17 ADMITTED _ NOT RATED TbU picturt wa« released prior t« Nov. I, 1968 and thu» wa» not rated by tht Motion Picture Codt of Self-Regulation, M ev

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