Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 4
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14 OECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 9, 1930. DECATUR HERALD i Ql/£Si"/0]VS" B ' feldo Duff Two Frightened Women Start Through flight Across Swamp to Get Help Miss Annsifc Wost looses Bride 'a House, in Connecticut, iio-callod bccAUHu ft brlclewho had fought shelter there with her husband. hnd strangely disappeared. The leaao specified that the tenant must nsk no quos- tlons; no matter what happunod In the house. Annas* a finds that one ot the graves In the private burial Krouml has been oponod, Her stfiblf-boy, Otto, In murdered. John Diamond, owner ot ft New York ntwupapor, tries to Induce Anntuiia to lonvc tho ptncn. She refuses. D crick Cranson. a former circus athlete, and admirer of Jane Rtmn1l« one of tho first tcnuntii of tho house, ctvtls to take rare ot Ann assay polo ponies, Draculn, a savage stallion, flKhts oft Criintion, who ad- vlmii tho new tenant to lenvo Brldo'n House, so-called because H bride who had (mttfjht shelter there Tor tho night with her hug- band hud fllranffely disappeared nrfow monthn hotoro. A deputy Is put on guard In the kitchen, heavily armed. Annasaa, In tile nltfht lookH out and sees a itrungec riding Drucuta ubmit the pasture. She ud mires the tlnctly heard K car itart Just after the shot was fired," "And who might that have been, I'd like to know?" "The murderer, ot course." Though she. had told herself a dozen times during the last half hour that the mysterious stranger had had nothing (o do with the deputy's death, she was glad now to be able to provide him with what looked like n perfect atlbl. "The car proves thut h« nuu-do re r came from a distance. U least we can be thankful he's gonr " No Telephone in HOHNB "Aye, ami no way ot stopping him * been worse than the pool. Something suggestive sinister In its stark outlines aent them from even tbe shadow It cast, In a wide detour, It was a rellet when they came to the icuth pasture. Here no akulk' Ing form could tie In wait, no escaping murderer find « place In which to hide. A sweet smell of clover filled the air. Crickets chirped their homely song under their feet. MUa West naw traces of the titanic struggle with Dracula; patches of turf torn up--tho earth underneath still moist and black. C^uld It be that only an hour had passed since she knelt at her window to watch the battle between the mysterious stranger and her Kt alii on? How had It ended, she wondered; and where wore the two now? Within sight of the family burying ground, the SU'1 remembered about the quagmire and Mr, Run- neethtT." Miss Barth candle grease from her bure arms, 'Moat a pity yc wouldna listen to rea- ion and have a toe I y phone put in be- lore ye drugged us nil to this God- the deputy stlrrlnjt, and calls a warning to the horsenmn, , There In tho found of an oxplo- , slon, (in(I Miss Harth, Ann's housekeeper, calls out that the deputy haa been murdered. (itlAPTKR VIII Thn man lay hnlf in, half out o( the flroplfice. (ace downward amo tht antics, HI* head, or rather the ·upper jiortlon of It, had been blown «omplel*ly uway by tho wide-spreading charge In the riot gun. Minn Went felt a curloun lack of emotion uf ehc stood and looked down nt him. No fear. No repulsion. Not even n dneent nciixo of pity. Was *h« *o quickly becoming Inured to the Might of death? Or htul the part of her that cared about suob thing*) ceased to function? She «ecm»d to rem«mler that tho finding »t her ntftblu boy, brulnod nnd buttered, in a pool of hl« own 'blood, had been a great shook. For hour* Kho hnd cringed at tho thought or It, B\it even that had loot Its poignancy now. As for fltlH Mtrnngnr, It W«B Impossible to anguish over him us though hi* hill Ins had been drplcted for her on th« moving- pic turo screen Instead of hare, In real life. Yen, decidedly aoinothlnjc inn Id o «f her hnd died--the spiritual *»· up nee--all that mad* people worth "Oh, Ml*rt Ann, Miss Ann! Wulled JVbtiy. "You look perfectly terrible n» come owtiy. You cmi't hslp the poor mnn hy staring at him." ', Annn**» Htimnod "Thin." said tho glr) nnd In a tone an terrible aa her look '·Ift murddr. There can be no doubi I t " MltM Bnrth tvrvtng her hantisi. "Linten to the child! Of course It's mur dor. Plnnti T toll you when wo came In thlx unhallowed spot we shouk all ho In Id cul! In our beds?" "MurdfT," Anna»«a West rupnntoi! In that rumfi (lull, cmotlonlomi volno "Oracula"-- she did not udd "und Prueultt's rider." though thtit was whi»t she t h o u g h t -- "must have beon miles nwny whnn It ha|)p(intnl. No one can lay It to hlx door thin Tho (tespornto Ablgtill pns,"dd her enmlle bntor* ttw dllrttcd pit- piln, whtmpailnic when they [filled lo , "Oh. what Hhnll I ilo? Wlm 1 I df? Mv bolrn'n gone n-nzv And no wondnr, wle all thin blood ·hnd!" for the first t l n m Mlim ·oetnod aware t h a t ·Inn*. "Don't worry," nhe nokl. "t n h u l l h* «H rl(fht-" In « t n l m i l e " Anil when Abigail hnd dons a HtHo mine Tvalllnjf, "Yes, T'm beginning t» ffi'l ngnln, I'm bpglnnlnjf to think - utralght. Oito"--a tear sprung to her (.ynd--" win not kicked to dTMth. Tr, frnnson was wrong about thli GANG OF BOYS ARRESTED ADMIT MANY ROBBERIES Pay Station Telephone Burglars Arrested, Confesi Misdemeanors MANY PLACES ENTERED picking! 'orsaken hole." Despite her desire to keep the xiaco, the red-headed girl wns stusig o make defense,. "That's not fnlr, \l)by. You know I tried to cnl Ih* company to Inslftl a phone the day : signed the lease. They said I'd mvo to wait There were orders ahead of mine." "Ordcis ahead, ah? Mayhap they were oidots nay lo let yo have a teoly phone." The girl put her hands to her h«ud. "Don't try to pile mystery on mystery. I've had about all [ enn stand for one night," Hut you can stand lo see us all butchered. Two people deed al- roady. Just to atitlsfy what your falthrr would have called 'the West aonsn of fnlr play." Annassa drew herself up, a slim young fury. "That will do Abigail Bnrth. 1 wish to hear no more." But Miss Barth had never yet let go of an argument until she had wrung tho Inst word from It, "Weet, the man yrtr doing all this for, be he thd grent architect you say he Is or be he not, is nay worth the powder It would take to blow him to Hades. And that's God's own truth ' Though stio obviously resented the blunt ness ot this allusion to her former fiance, Annwsa West's anger died without ft second splutter; and when the Indefatigable Abigail took up the candle to leave the room, she followed like a spanked child, hor eyei a vert ad from the form under the steamer rug. roused, to Get Help and seated before tbe kitchen range which Miss Barth took noisy pains to stir up with the shaker, the two women again dls cussed the best method of getting word About the murder to Hales Crossing. One of u« rnunt go, and one of us miwt stay," decided Miss West. can lake Blue Bullet anil ride to Scth Toby's house. Or you c«n walk m' far at the main rond and try to a pacing car." "I shall noy go nloncj and I shall nay slay uionn." tvus the uncompromising reply. "Think of some thing else," Annaoaa West had not lived for almost twenty yearn under the same roof with th« stubborn Scotchwom- an for nothing. She accepted tbe ultimatum without argument. "Then supiose we both go, Do you think you could rlrtc the btiy mare if I put a blanket on tior? She couldn't possibly run away with you In her pros ent condition. But Mian Bavlh was taking no chitnrcs with 11 iiiuultujjpil and said Tlie tng been trapped In Drnt'ulii'» "lull." The tonra wprr flowing fretOy by now. "Ht didn't know what hn wn* Miking nhout," "Don't bn ton stirc IIP didn't' Mli«' Barth'fi rMlof nt sfeln : her inlilitwi return lo normal to havo nn outlet In some direction.' "[ woulfinn Inldt that ono hehlnil n ten-rent ptoct, A bit touched u p here," she tnnpetl her own forehand, "hut I'm thlnkln' h« mlitspii no trlrks." Womrn Shnkrn liy Silm Annasaa dofllnetl lo dlm-us* t\\f ^rMllblllty of the nbucnt v n t p t l n a r y nntl begnn fumbling fnf a hnr.dker- chlef, H wn* pl«ln that n luck of emotion need no longer troublo plther of the, women. Tin mere men- t l n n of Otto'H name htul done Ms work, Uoth of them were shaken tiy After they had embraced each other rather futitoly. Abby took the ntcnmer rug from the ond of the pouch and th/ew It over tho huddled form on the hwrth, "Let 1 * go «t »n tho kitchen," ihe urged. "Nothing ever happen* tn » kitchen.' Which tvRB her way of »nyli»R thnt something WM liable to h»ppen where (hey stoort »t any minute. "We mupt get help," Mid Miss West, pushing *w«y the nrm» that Mtutht to dww her from the. scene ot'The murder, "We must at once,." "And how ar* yott It?" to help get "The wny I did last night--stop a Youll have no tuoh bit of luck , sgaln Thdt l«d w»« well gone In his cups or h»'d never have been on the Wood Bond »fter darlc. Wcrt her bead sbnri- ]y, ·Str*no;« thatJ, 'hould have forBolten. but VtuP* **« someone on the Wood Soad tonight, I gritted her teeth. "That m-tllfit il. We diust both walk. Comt o n " Taking ft lantern from a pee ovor ttw sink, *hc pushed hor com [illtiIon out (he dfioi uhrntl nt her the was not j lurnod the key In the lock nnd aet (iff ilo^gmlly mound thu houso to the brlclc will). At the gate, how 1 "tl's a I in OB t five mil os to the cross- In^, Th*' why yoiu N't*t always hull you, units* a cur piths us up wo rim n f v n r do It before daylight Support!' WP make a try for thsl vptorlnary'M home. He lold me lived on the otlior side ot the douth piifttiln 1 , somewhere In tho woods. Abby, to whoni five miles sounder) tiki' f l v p hundred, wns grncfotiflv pletiied to offer no objections lo trying for lr. Crimson's houwp. "It can't lie far." encouraged Miss West nd they rctincid their steps "Hi «|wk^ ot It us being right ovei yoiuli'r" ^ Alwuys, nflcr dark, the rock- liMind itool am filed of llio sea. Miss Weil wax moved lo comment on this phenomena an they hurried pant. "I nelo's span of plow horseu. Conscience smote her II would not be fair lo take Abby Into the woods without warning 1 hor. Yet, If Abby were warned there would be no go- Ing into the woods. Of this she was well aware. A scheme at last auggested itself. "Abby," she said, as they reached the fringe ol willow trees, you stay here where you can watch the house. Something tells me tho murderer will come back to the scene of this crime, If a light appears In any of the rooms you yoll 'o-ooh-o!' That way. Like a Sereechowl. I'll heal you," The Scotchwoman did not seem altogether pleased with the role that had been assigned her, "You're sure It's sale for you to go into those woods alone? "Absolutely, There's nothing to be afraid of. And anyway, t don't mean to go so deep I can't trot out," Which In a manner of speaking was the truth. Miss Barth resigned herself to the thought of separating, but only, as she took paln.i to declare, (or five mlnues. If, at the expiration of that time. Miss West hud not returned, she would follow and do something, tho whole of which was not audiDle to her young mistress but which sounded like, "Uproot every tree till I find ye." (To B« Continued) (Copyright 19*0, by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) FIVE~DAYS~WORk~ TO FINISH GRADING ONjSHORE 'DRIVE Four or five days of clear weather probably wilt sec the grading com pic ted on the'Lake Shore drive from Mafflt street, west. C. H. Mulrhead bus the contract. No work has been done since Monday because of wet Holt conditions. The big fill beside the viaduct that carries the 7-foot Southeast sewer ha» been finished and secondary grading Is being done now. A gravel bunk thnt might furnish material for sutfacing the drive was opened In one of the hillsides from which earth was taken to make the (Ilia. Former Blue Mound Resident Dies Here Mrs. Alice Hlrhstcdt. HO North Twenty-first street, died at midnight Wednesday night In the Dccattir am Macon County hospital of a drops! cal condition, Tho body was removed to the fu neral home ot Dawson Wlkoff and will bo taken to Ihc residence a 1 6 o'clock this evening, where friends may call. Funeral services will bo Friday afternoon at It o'clock In the Pirn United Brethren churcti, conducted liy Rov. G. M. Meyers, pastor. Burial will be In Hull cemetery near Bhio Mound. Mrs. I-llmstedl was born Oct. IT, 1887, near Blue Mound She married Ilobert A. Himsledt In 18(19. He died Inst year. She leaven eight children, IT grand children and onis groat-grandchild, Jn addition to one binthcr Scot I ot Blue Mound, The children are Harry F. HlmJitcdt, Wichita Kan,, Otia K., Shelby E,, and Ora ol Decalur; Mrs. Joe Damery, Blue Mound; (Jertl J., Blue Mound; Mt* Kenneth Giubbu, Toledo, 0.; and Mrs. Orvllle Roderick, Decatur. Most of her life was spent in and nround IJIm Moun I. With her husband she moved to Decalur 10 yeats IIKO and had made her home here since then. can ucltiiilly taste salt on my )!ps," tihi iald, nml paused to mend the wick of the lantern which hud be- nm tv criioke. "Bi Ine, and we're miles from the ocean. Even the sound lun't very close "Until enrth no graves lhat ye thus apri'iul. The boundless seafoi the throng- Ing dead 1 '" The word* tenixi to say themselves It was uncanny, the way In which (he Ulen of death Intturted Ilitcir hero (it every turn. A sort of self induced hypnosis. What the pay chlatrlsts would call-- "Lnolt!" Abby had csinght her by the wilst. "What's that?" Something Floating on WMrr "What* what?" Miss Bftrth an Id In a sepulchral whisper, "I thought I saw summat flouting on the water. 1 Thn girl swung the lantern bnck nml forth till Its tays had 111 n mine tl the otitlro surface of the pool; but it brought out only patches of green nil mo and an abortive lily. She said In a tone of honor. "Abby, can't you see now why that woman was found drowned. Fear drove her to it. LeVs don't talk till we get away from here. Let's don't even think Conic!" They went on. Lucky they did not have to pass the red barn. That would have Monticeilo Library Report Is Announced MON'riCKLLO--The report of the Allerton library for the month of September Is us follown. Numbet ot days open--28. Attendance--2,113. Cl re ulotion--2,820. Headers' cards--adult, 5; Juvenile, W, Mrs, ftrarte Watts. Mls-s Anna Ay re and Miss Elizabeth Ayr are the guesti this week of their ulster Mrs. Wlllard Harrington and family in St. Louis, Mrs. Ira Munson ami Mrs. Richard Dlxon arc attending the Eastern Star convention in Chicago this week, MAOON MAN HELD Ray Harrii, giving his address as Macon, was arrested Wednesday evening on a charge of assault with deadly weapon. The charge was brought by Alonro Morran of Decn- tur who said tltat Karris assaulted him with a revolver. Harris was locked up in the city Jail. J1TMJSV SUFPEK OCT. ]fl A jitney supper will be served Thursday evening, Oct. 1«, in the Sunny side school. MASqUEJtADK C O S T U M E S MASKS AND MAKE-UPS Hainto Essiok Phone 1374 A young gang of pay-telephone ;hlevoB waa held Thursday by po- icc. They are Lewis Edwards, 16, Ivlng in 43» North Franklin street; Elmer Schollenbruch, 16, living In 448 East Orchard street; Harold Wai- dron, IB, living In KM East Sheridan street; James Wendell, 16, living In East Division street; and Forrest Bodlne, 16, living In 1077 East Curtis avenue. According to police the boys have confessed the theft of pay-telephones from several establishments which have been entered In recent weotcn, After rifling the telephones of money the Instruments were left In alleys ·where they were recovered. The charges against the boys probably will be presented to the grand Jury which now Is tn session. The Edwards boy, according to police, has not been connected with any of the thaftn. Admissions connect others with the following burglars and thefts. Long LUt nf Th«« Walt Cahlll store, Supt. 9| theft or leather coat, overalls, sox snd shirts. This theft committed by Bodine. Wendell, Schollenbruch and Watdron. A part of the stolen goods was recovered. The Kamber store, entered by Wai- dron and Wendell, Two suits of clothes and two hats stolen. The Sandwich Shoppe, 333 East Eldorado street, entered by Waldron, Wendell and Bodine. Pay telephone, candy nnd chewing gum stolen. The Sinclair oil station In Prairie avenue and Broadway entered two weeks ago by Schollenbruch, pay telephone stolen and broken to pieces. Raided Colt Course Tom Thumb golf course, North street and Broadway, robbod of candy and cigarets and $3.80 from pay tel cphone by Schollenbruch. Standard Oil station, South Park street, telephone stolen by Scholten- bruch. Waldron, Wendell, Schollenbruch and Bodlne admitted breaking into Cecatur High school and eating In the cafeteria. The same'four stole a telephone and other articles from the Smith 4 McDanlel store, and the four admit breaking Into tho Decatur Ice cream company plant about two months ago, Itnbbod Refreohmnnt Stand Bodlne and Wendell broke intc the Rlti refreshment stand near the Mnsonlc tempi p. Thoy entered filling station in Grand tixcnu* and "Van Dyke street,, but nlole nothing Waldron and Wendell said they were diicovcred by police and chased after an attempt lo break Into a Pig- gly WlffKly store In Edward and Sawyer Rtreets. On the same night they stole a penny vending machine from a hot dog stand nml broke the machine, getting about $2. Bodlne, Waldron nnd Wendell broke 1nlo B grocery store In Oakland and Marietta directs. CAT.Llil) TO B'OSTON Am on Lasky, 11G9 West Eldoi-aao street, left Wednesday for Boston, Mass,, to be at the bedside of his mother, who Is critically 111 following an operation for cancer. DECATUR MEN TO ARRIVE HOME FROM EUROPEJW OCT. 15 A. B. Staley, Jr., and E. K- Schleter, vice-president of the Staley company, will return from Europe on Oct. 16, according to a cablegram to Mr. Staloy Mnlor, The young men are on the water now, having sailed from England on the Leviathan, Tuesday, Oct. 7, Mr. Staley will be ready to welcome them with open arm* when they get home. He hns hnd a intuit of work to do with hit son and Mr, Sohieter away from the plant, at a time too, when he had decided that he was going to do very little work, "I can tell you that I am pretty tired," he said Thursday, He la look- In? forward to getting away, to Florida OB early In Nocember aa possible. Chemists' Club to Have First Meeting Friday The Decatur Che inlets' club will conduct Ha first meeting of the season In Gi'oldor's cafeteria on Friday evening. Dinner will be nerved at 6:30 o'clock followed by business meeting and the election of officers for the year. FOOT IRRITATIONS Soft coins, crecki between toes, tic., ttlievfrj at once and healed by -ResinoL Your Goal.. Try one loid of ERIE SOOT- LESS Furnace Lump at $4.7$ per ton delivered and you will never burn anything else. ERIE SOOTLESS i* mined only in th« Moweaqua mine and i* *old only at the mine, We have no dealers, Order from your truck driver or from the mine, direct. No dirt, no rock, no loot; fill heat. Moweaqua Coal Mining Co, Phone 193 Moweaqua, 111, --, ^ 6 6 6 Rcttevei a HetMtucbe or Meur«ici[ia In SO minute*, checks a Cold th« flnf daj, fad chock* Malarto In three days 666 also in Tablets WE1LEPP RECEIVES . L1TCHF1ELD CONTRACT Ptul F. Wellopp, Deeatur contractor, expecta to leave for Lltohfleld eoon to lay a eewer and water tnaln In that city. Recently Mr. Wellepp WM low bidder tor tbe Job, The award of tbe contract IB to be made next week. VISITING MOTHER HERE Mrs. Lew D, Hit) and her daughter, Miss Princess Hill of Princeton are in Decatur visiting Mr*. Hill'* mother, Mrs. S, J, Clay, 343 West Macon at reel, Mrs. Hill hnfl been called to serve a* pastor of the Christian church In Princeton and la visiting her mother preliminary to taking up the pastoral*. ILLINOIS VETERANS LEAGUE TO SUPPORT LEWIS; PLAN RALLY William E. Ollmor* of Champaign, alate representative from the 24th (Uttrlct, li In charge of the llllnoli Veterans' league which U lupportlnjc Jamet Hamilton Lewla for United State* senator and Edward J. Barrett for state treasurer. The leajrui hu eitabtlihed headquarter* In the St Nlcholat hotel In Springfield. Member* of the league will havo · rally In the Springfield headquarter* beginning at 11 o'clock Sunday morn* Ing. Zohak Grotto Band to Give Concert Sunday Member* of Zohak Grotto met Wednoaday oven Ing In the Masonic temple for a smoker and p*p mtitt- Ing. The attendance represented a majority of Grotto members. Plans for the forthcoming ceremonial with visiting grottoi were dUcusaed, Plane are under way for a concert Sunday, Oct. 12, by the Zohak Grotto band In Falrvlew park, weather per mlttlng, Prophet Roy Jonea of Bement will direct the band. Listening In Several old favoritea and popular current numbers will be offered In the program which the Friendly Five will broadcast this evening over an NBC chain at 6;5 o'clock, Included In this program will be *WI1d Rose," "Kiss Waltz" and "One Hour with You," The gypny folk music of rural Hungary, which Inspired xuch great composers of the last century as Brahms and Lfaxt, will be presented by Emery Dcutsch's orchestra In the Rim any Patterson program which will go on the air over WABC and the Columbia system at 7:15 o'clock Ihia evening. Niagara Falls Is the scene ot ,1 playlet to be broadcast during the Niagara-Hudson program over stations associated with the NBC thlt CHAIN BROADCASTS 4:45 p. m.--Bert Lown and HI* Orchestra (CBS) WFAN WHAQ WCCO KLRA. S:0ft p, ».--Bliclt and Gold Room orchestra (NBC) WEAF WOT WRC WOC WHO WOR KSD, 0:19 p. m.--Harry Tucker and Hfn or- cheBlra (CBS) WABC WCCO WLBW WADC. . *:* p. m. -- Pepdodtnt program (NUC) WJZ KDKA WHO WBZ WHAM. Thn Crockett Hounialneem (CMS) WABC W2XE. :M p. m,--Phil Cook (NBC) WJZ KDKA WBZ WLW WRC , I'M p. m. -- Flrisehmann Hour (NBC) WEAF WnC WGY WHO WOW WWJ WSB WON WOC WSM. B. A, Rolff* and HI* orchestra (NBC) WJZ KDKA WJR KYW KWK. K:W IK m. -- Van Hugcn program (CBS) WABC WMAL. WCAO WLBW WOWO WBBM KMOX. Arco Birthday party (NBC) WEAF WRC WSB WSM WWJ KSD KYW WOW, .to p. m,--Maxwell House ensemble (NBC) WJZ WLW WSM WSB KYW KDKA. 9:M) -n. ru, -- RCA Hour NBC) WEAF WRC WOY WOR WWJ KSD WOW KYW WSB. 10:90 p, m.--Bert Lown find Hln orchestra (CBS) WABC WMAIv WCCO WLBW. 10:30 p, m.--Duke Ellington and HI* orchestra (NBC) WEAF WUC WWJ KSD WOC WHO. Ted Weema ond Hio wlwwlrn CBS) WABC WMAL. WIBW WLBZ, 11:00 p. m,--Jack A)bin and HlN or- evening at 6:30 o'clock. Augmenting the program there wilt bi a conceit by the orchestra, Harvesting time will te obnerven by the Ward Tip Top radto nn»«mble whon It preseniK a program over WABC and the Columbia Bi'oadcuirt- Ingr network thli evening at 0:30 o'clock. Such popular *tar* an Helen Nugent and Evan Kvani will be heard In this program. cbetUw NBC) WBAF WRO WHO WWJ . II«tel Paramount orehtitn Radio Dealers' PHILCO RADIO" ~ ' M* train lHlPJI 1 ' ijn, ELECTRIC HEADQUARTERS ^ for Ifjeir." Buy menu, Bnpd «tdu»lve)yat GEBHART'S PHILCO MAJESTIC RADIO GUSHARDS DECATUR'S MUSIC CENTER , h«N DECATUR MUSIC SHOP rttnmntttl tU H. WIHhM M. Adam F. Gebhart Co. 1045 N. Water Phone 2-1866 BRUNSWICK DEALER Of course you'll want the UNI-SE LECTOR, on your new Radio tm lOWlOY--M«cf*f IS, (pilfered Maw) el fretilygrokiidwolnul, Iwndjomtlytoiwd, 1119 JO TMHIOHIOf-MDdtJl^cloMddaorceblrvtilira TNI **DK-WnH.PANAnon--MgiM JI, lor radio and record* $113 tub* equipment el all m«d»lt Inthdet 4 So*** Crltf Tubti. All prkM !·» lubei. P. C medtlt ebo available. ·raniwtak Record* olv* ytu Ih* mvile you love fcM»--whin yov wont M h*at II, R EMEMBER Ih* day* wh»» itorting an automobtt* wot f«al worfcf R«*ard Hi* sporic, odvonc* Iht gal, prim* Ifi* meter, wigglt th» gtor ihlft to mah« iwr* it'i fn neutral, Tttm crovri out and tear your innordi out turning ev»f thot dumb brute of on engine. Wellj, you know whot th* wlf-ttortw did for motoring... In rodiOt the Unl-$«1tefor marki o limller advance toward* «ai* of operation. No more frantically trying to manipulate itverat dialf at onee*~every operation of the Mt I* now centered under the flngert of one hand In one control Tbii new device It exclvifve with Bruntwkli, and the new Brunswick, with Tone Control th» Ad-Armored Oianit, and th« Rigid Timing Scote, it the radio you'll want now ond be glad to own for yean to come, Jlnwswick Radio Corporation MANUMCTtttftt Of MOfO, MNAWO/f · KCOKM NIW VOK--CHICAGO--TOtONrO - SUISOHMY OF WMNHI WWI. etCTUIH, INC MODIL 1$ *139*° THE AMAZINft UNI-HKTOK h«i tht *--a ln«l* Mfltr*! le operate Hte Mt, fertermi 7 ttm* Mi* plate ef th* t uMigliriy, whn|r MflM ·f kwbi. Here li what It dOMi t. TUtNS SET ON, *. ADJUSTS FOC lOOli, 3. ADJUSTS FOR DIHAHCi. 4. Times IN STAMON. (. INC*EASf» VOIUWT. e, MCMASB VCHUMt. 7. nioNt «cr ow, BRUNSWICK RADIO VBStf 5 NAME AND ADDRESS HERE) 'SPA PER I SPAFFRl 1

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