The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 19
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 19

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 19
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,AT0^DAY (i JUNE 30, 1923- THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THREE THE MOTORISTS AND prdL Company- 20 Years Oldi * 6 Million "Lizzies" In Use parkable Growth Has Attend- d Detroit Enterprijg—Hen­ ry Himself Drove First. profit-sharing plan, a move that gained him International lame. Many will remember, too, a year or so later when announcement was mado that It sales wont to a curtain flguro every Ftad purchaser would receive a rebate. _Tho sales passed the figure, and chocks went out by'the i,„ EV,..J n„ m tmr,« wn=' hundreds of thousands. 'ie Ford Motor Company- was Wnett ln ,„,„ BdgoJ „ For( , as . [lty years old on Juno 18. 'immod the presidency, Ills father turn- id this birthday anniversary finds I od over to him all the responsibility .ijoylug the greatest prosperity In j ot that office ami he lids taken an history and engaged In carrying important-part "In ajl developments of an expansion program of enorm- i tha^company elnoo that -tinio. Upon becoming president, Edsol Ford purchased the remaining 41% per cent -held by outside stockholders and on July 9, 1919 ,tho company was ro- Btnce Its-Incorporation on June' organized unrior tho laws of Dataware 1903, tho growth of tho company j for an nuthorUod capitalization of magnitude, necessary to bring uractiire up to meet tho over ln- •slng demand for Ford products. |Jie score t of years "which have $100,000,000. In him ambition to do Hie sroatrst amount of good forjtho largest num ber of people, "Tloury Ford always lias ke[.t -the Ford car within the lu« ? ,-apItal originally subscribed in 1 rmioh of tho person of average means, erfmuany was j 100,000 of which IiMt October tho price of Ford'cam '•J28.000 in cash was actually paid was again reduced bringing the varl- iho treasury. Among the twelve ous types to -the lowest level in tho khpldors with the eom-inui-y in its , history of tho company. And only re- en amusingly rapid and now Its villus extend to nearly every coun- n tho globe and Uie Ford car is Lso In practically every land on 3 manager of The Haynes Automobile Company,'' Kokomo, Indiana. With these prlcos, which wont Into effect June 14, the Haynes 77 model, with Its ISMneh wheel base chassis, and Its renowned Haynes 77 .motor, equipped with tho equality famous Haynes vol- ntl'/.er. becomes the .lowest priced quality car ever offered by anv manufacturer, according to Air. Selberllhg. HUDSON SHOWS GREAT INCREASE FOR 1923 T0URISTCAMP NOT FOR BUMS Self Styled Harvest Hands Try To Make it Haven of Rest— New Rule Stops Them, Tho cor^ shipments of the Hudson Motor Car'Co. increased d great deal . . during'tho first half of tho company's-) two weeks, according to W fiscal year, according to A. B. Kirk of the Huitchluaon Motor Co. The total shipments tor tho first halt were more than 4«,<)00 motor cars, compared with 61,233 dnring the 12 months of the last fiscal year. "During May tho Shipments ot tho company tolnlod. 10,200 cars* compared with .9,400 in April and 8,604 in March,"'sald Mr. Kirk. "TUe estimated net earnings for tho first fiscal quarter are between $4,000,000 and $0,000,000, or more than enough to cover 'the full year's dividend requirements." ncy Henry Ford held 25 per cent he slock. lord "fiold" -his car to tho public at very start by practical demonstrator ho piloted the first Ford nicer self and won race aftor race in parts of tho country. Driving old ;)" on an- too track at Baitlmore Mich., he was the first to break tle-a-mlnuto record. '107 Mr. Ford ticquired additional sufficient to bring his holdings he company up to 58>,4 per cent, ovolopment of -tho company 1 when tho Model "T" Ford car • Jlrst placed on tho market has .narked by unusual success until It occupies tlio foremost position he Industry. i 1913, Mr. Ford set a now stand- tor the Industrial world when ho omiced his now famous $5 a, day ttnvuni wage ami tho $10,000,000 ceutly the inauguration ot the Fold Weekly Purchase Plan has opened tho WRy to automobile ownership for additional millions of people -\vho can now buy Fords on .weekly payments as low 419 ?6. Tho first car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company was on the road in Juno and sold tho early part of July. 1903. In. the taitial year, 1903-04, tiro company producod 1,703 cars and each year has -seen a steady expansion mull In 1922 production totaled 1,351.3.13 nnd this year will pass tho 1,500,000 mark. * flguro which It is estimated wiU equal if not exceed tho combined output ot all other automobile companies in the United States. Sinco its start tho company has pro­ ducod more than 7,760,000 Fords and Boivt them to all parts of the world and more Hum 6,000,000 arc now in use in the United State;* alone. SMOPOUTAN CROWD USES TOURIST CAMP my States, and Many Occupations Represented in Eacti Day's Registration. Mie world if, a wheel, it would seem in 'the rii-glstor at tho tourist camp -i^.ltt. A record is taken of the .tors each .evening by tjhe career, name, address, number in party, .filiation and occupation. More >plo are ns-ing the camp this year n last and among the occupations ed \Hire merchant, clerk, oil driller, lor, painter, printer, laborer, farm id, harvest hand, -baker, .cook. In t almost any klud of worker, 'tioso registered last night were: II. Pough and party of five from Ixmis, Mo., to Drover. I. • F. Cameron aim party of two, isj'ia, A'o-h., to- home. A. Barber, Bades, €ok>„ to bis no. Wired Ouhraekor, Denver to St. -lis. Mo. /. T. Moore, Harwood, Mo. and -ty of two, harvest fields. Orneat ft. ltauifman and - three, tier, Great Bend, lobert Duncan, Denver, and party two, to Omaha. and June is .already bidding fair to ociipse the records of the previous month. "The record daily output was made on April 17 when 962 cars were turned out. in tho first six days of tho" current month 30G freight carloads containing 1,237 Quick care were shipped from the factory. A total of 131 solid tralnloads of cars were shipped since Janufiry 1. They averaged 50 cars each," ho explained. CAN'T FORECAST LIFE OF MOTOR CAR BATTERY Between 0,000 and 6,000 motor vehicles of all kinds will probably bo Imported Into SouUi Africa-this year, Some of tho so-called harvest handa, who are traveling to the wheat fields In automobiles this year, have boon trying to make tl.\o Hutchinson tourist camp a haven of rest during the past It. Burton, custodian. "Who states that 500 cars full nf self-styled harvest laborers have stopped at the camp in tho last two weokn. Sinco Mr. Burton has found that tlioso men were refusing to accept the work that was offered by farmers who Ktoj -.-pod at the vamp to try to secure help, be lias put a one night limit on tho ..stopover privilege for harvest hands. There urc many of these motoring "harvest hands" this year, Some of them really came to wrfrk a group with ,a pair of crooked dice or a marked deck. HIGHWAY CONDITIONS IN COLORADO BETTER their plan. „J3nrtrfVw comoa an inter- 1 ]y >»iithuso u.s. <>r asrfM* with th" mhuU view, by one Kdpur C'luost, with on.' j For Jn nmootiihm '.Iff? hisitiv. i\. ,IV-M of tho grvaUst fow,—perhaps the* j pavement or s'-\.inl; it wj-tM h.mllj ono best--of (aptiiins -of ontorpriyc; of indust/Ie* Kipantir; who'.s wt^UiJi that to ItVmue, would drive on? qui to frantic. Hut to uttribitte Hmoothneys. to things he's designed, iloea not Mf- be my way, to attempt, with ti Kor^l Twcnty-fwu «>r th» nO l:tr.ii« in (i.if* country have /.oni'r ancpa in of feet. Flood Damage to Main Arteries of Travel Reorted to Have Been Repaired. Colorado Springs, Juna 30.—Highway condHkJU'* ithroiigihout -iiie, and ^^ecially in OoJorado, are ex- j-tHdlont. tlila fluni'iruT. ]>urinf; th-e vn.r- ly part of June Hiiffh wnUiir^ ro- port tsd rrniu Oklahoma 'and Ka-iisa,* were twirl to have caufi 'tHl heavy <l;\mage to -tho nmtm* roules t:))nl leait to tho Pikes Peak. Region but oon.dfctio^» liavo UnproveU 100 percent within lih'G last Ml days, accondi 'iiK to roliabto Lnfornvatkm nx-oivt-il by Lhe. Chambor of Commems ai Colo«ulo Springs, thG 'hub of tiho region. Th« Vikos Posik Ofi*M».ii-trO-Ocqan rn^hwuy, tho Union -Pacific, the Colorado Ciiif, the Skmver und l>allas , and Canadian, and 'the Santa- Po buying a Bocnrid-hand. flivver rather tra |i ftro teeming wMi motor Uhi than pay railroad Tare or rido tho Jl9 thousands of tourists have st-arted frofglits. Jn many eases the "hnr- *j 10 aiinuai ir«k to Colorado, with its veaterH* are just lazy advoutnrers who f cool invigorathiK ellmat^ expect to t\z> no work unlotjs it bo AUTO NOTES U»e, Time, Care and Quality All Enter Into Longevity of Its Service. Ono ot the most frequent quorles the service Bl .at.lon man receives— and a lot ot them aro itronoundeo" to him evory day by neriilexed motorists —is "How lont will a battery last?" "To ask Buch a question Is just like asking the, doctor how Ions you will live." slated Floyd Abbott, manager of the Kansas Electric Co., local Wll- lard dealer. "He irauld tell you that It you ale simply, jjot plenty of sleep and exercise ..and did u lot ot other things, you might, live to a ripe old v w uuiana. tt R°- 'Wring accidents and provided \V Wtinn, Indianapolis, lud., and j there was nothing organically wrong In other words, the apocialks-t on Uio *ee, *to Denver, \1 Ike Tuiley and taree from Selling, la., to Hutchinson. Mr.—and Mr». William Jjeecbes, urmaii, Cqfo., to New York. . B. -Orad<Mirt, Okmulgee, Okla., and to Wyoming. A. Raiubo. Ft. Smith, Ark., W Com. nd Mrs. 0. Robinson, KanBaa Dodge Otty. . Moline, Waco, Texas, to >jon harvest tieiaa. ' Miller, Garibaldi, Ore,, to Cano I, Ark., wrtta party of three. Thot* Here Wednesday, odaesdaya arrivals wore: I. J. Watt, San Jose, Callt. rty ot alx, te SL Lbuls. , Alpay, Topeka,.to .Denver. W. 3S. PetUgrew, Pllcher, Okia., and rly ot four, to Hutchinson. Andrew W_ Burahall, Trlaldad, human body, tho export -whose $oh It la to make and keep people healthy could not answer your Question definitely '^So it Is not surprising that even battery specialists are tumble, to toll accurately how long & battery will last. ' It is « tact that sometimes an excop-tlQnal battery wilV-firaction_fof as long us ten yeam, but the battery <3rat lasts for only a couple of months is likewise an exception. , "But by this I do not mean that a motorist has no guide to battery val ues. Quito the contrary. Aa a matter of fact there are lour things that de- wlth' terrain* bhttory life. They are use, time, care.and the quality ot tho battery Itself. "Quality, ot course, may or may not «e put into -a battery by the manufacturer. Standard battarlos built by well-known, manufacturers .must bo quality batteries or tfcoao inanufactur- W. S. Ham-by an-d tj.-.vo Mitchell, salesmen for tho Wood-IIerefdrd Motor Co., have boon working out of town this week, Mr. Hamhy -has been at Halstftad and Newton and Mr. Mitchell has boon at Huntsville. Guy Olaseock, Jr., nul-esman for the \Vor>d-H ere ford Motor Co., left -hero Tuesday with a Buick sednn tor T-o- jieka. The car had iheen sold at the Topeka branch of tho Arm. _ Tho Wood-Hereford Motor Co. reports tlKt tfala of several new Huick cars during tho past week. Chas. Cbnso -of Partridge bought a now Ilulck roadster. Miss Verio Way of Tretty Prairie purchased a new four cylinder touring Bulek and Homer liargdlll ot this city also bought a fotir cylinder model. "The policy of the organization is to rent only now Ford earn which will give lilt* best of service to our customers, stated Mr. Dickason. L. E. Mayfleld of the Mayfleld Motor Co., went to Kansas City last 'week to drive back a now Willys- Knight sedan which lias been purchased by Dr. Geo. "Von I.eonrod of The rciiidt in' tiie Pikes Po;ik Rj-.gfcm never were in 'hat-tor couullkm for travel. In many places the state and county are combining (o pave Iho \ivnin thorofares and it Is beiug piciiictn.l that, within the next, tbreo years it will ho possible to reach all the more important points in Colorado on a paved highway. " this city. Mr. Mayfleld sohftwo othor, cars -last week. One was an Over-' land sedan to K. II. Ki.udall and the other was an Overland touring (Sir to Jas. Adams.- r The Hutchinson Oil Co. will open two new filling fdallons in the near future, according to E. I. Stafford, advertising mauagrer of the company. One of them is being constructed at fourth and Kirn and tho other at Thirteenth and Main. lfay Hoekadny of the Ilockaday Auto Supply Co., returned home Sunday Troiii Ontario, Calif., where he win called because of tho death of his father some time ago. He will remain hero on business until July 15, when he will return to California to 'drive his family home in the car. A branch of the "Drive It Yoursei! Livery" business of Wichita was started horo this week between Ave- nuo A and Sherman on Walnut street. Koy Dickason is the local manager or the company which Is owned by Ben H. Millar of Wichita. The firm has a brunch at El Dorado In addition to the one here and the origi'ial business at Wichita. Leoti Main Takes Issue With Ford Walter W. Holloy. real estate and insurance mau of Leoti takes IKHUG with a recent interview statement of llonry Foid tronntrntng his aim hi life. Hut his contribution .speaks for iutdf: Leoti, Kan., June 27, 1923. Kdltor Newa, Hutchinson, Kansas. An interview, of Mr. Ford, hy Edgar Guest, appears in tho Amorkan Magazine, fur July. Mr. Pord in quoted aa saying, in part, "—to »pend my tlmo making: Ufa for others a JUllo smooth' cr-~" Respectfully, Walter \V. Holley. This interview prompted Mr. Holley to write tlii.'i: Making Life Smoother. Making life smooth for others, is a ritfht worthy task; and all of our brothers, no-thir-,^ be-Uter, shoivhi •a^k. Whon-wo read of the things, that tiro done by tho grout, our sympathy ringu to tho thoughts they cronitij, of hnuuty in—*fervii;o. to tlu'fr tallow man and with this to ouutsrve us, wo'd follow Motor to Church in Comfort r SUPERIOR S-Pass. Sedan *860 f. o. b. Flint, Mich. The Chevrolet. 5-Passenger Sedan is most popular for family use, because it affords comfort, weather protection and the home atmosphere all the year 'round for five people—^yet may be economically operated with only Qne or two passengers. Its pk>wer t reliability and low up-keep appeal to men. Women like its handsome lines, fine upholstery, plate glass windows with Terns ted t regulators, and fine finish. Everybody appreciates its great value at o. b. Flint, Mich. HILTON INVENTOR OF AN ELECTRIC DRILL !,o, to (Ireat Benu A. luUwl Word HoWoaoii. era . cou i d not long exlat . ^ w ilea tionter, and party of lour, to hi Mo ls ^ , fooled a3 i-eatBehd. touroducL" 15. L.. fSy'iar, El Dorado, and party j 10 P™ 01101 • three, to Hutchinson. V. li Trump, Scodfedale, Pa., and •'irty of three to Los Angoles. J. C. Pendlay, Kansas City, Mo., and irty of four, to Los Angeles. W. L. McOhire, Virgin, Arte., to Los tiKoles, D. McDowell, Wichita to Salina. C. E. Powell, Muskosoe, Okla., to paiior, Wyo. , •ll» C. Byers, Chahuto to Los Angeles. H. W. ttlendennins, Codoll, OMa., to rta;t' Bend. A, Sain Independence, -and party ot ve, to Great Bend. ' Prices f. o. b. Flint, Michigan SUPERIOR Rowhur , . . SUPKRIOR Tourlni . . . SUPERIOR Utility Oropo . . SUPERIOR Soilmiotto , . . SUPERIOR Sodaa . , . , SUPERIOR Commercial ChauU SUPERIOR Light Dellyorjr . . Utility Express Truck GhasKl, 415 310 57} G. C. Hilton of the Hilton Electric Co. has recently invented an electric drill, vrhlchL ho constructed, with an old Studahaker starting motor. Tho electricity watch runs tho drill is turnlahod'by an ordinary automobile battery. In maklns the drill, Mr. Hilton re- GUIs M. Studebaker, and party ot j -wound -Uio armature, *>f the starting \ e, to La Verne, Calif. i motor, Tlion he put on u good handle \V. J. Jamea, Ueloit, and ot \ to hold the dnill with and a regular r, to Wjiointac. It! 1'ltt ot Fort Wortli, to North ucuta. < it, D. Miller, JWfWbuck, Tox., • and •ty -of throo, to Natiraaka. iREATINCREASE IN PRODUCTION OP BUICKS Tho production «£ Bulelc automo- lles has boon increasing very rapidly Ince laat tall, ftocordlng to a roport ocelvod by Clark Hereford of tho ood-Horotord Motor Ct>^ May w»a ,t> record month In the output ot lulok cm-K'ttk tv total •ot l»W<aiti brace and bit lioldur for the Irlts Tho new drill is very handy lor cutting the load solder out 6f the openings to the battery colls. It will also bore holes In olther wood or metal, It Uio proper bits are used. HAYNES ANNOUNCES BIG CUTS ON ALL MODELS Slmtrkanoously vtith tho announcement of the new,'Haynes- model, the Haynes 60/reductions, ranging from f G00 to |at)0 in tie Haynea 77 aerie*, 'ivave ( baen *nnpunced by Alton O, Sie- borlln», . vtoe ) i>re«l<leat .< and g«au«i See •Chevrolet First Superior Motors 108 First West Chas. Steinmetz Phone 3582 alteit *A reduction Seashore - mountains Yo8€mite-Bi^ Trees, Ibmisaiids of miles &£ Slaved motor roaiSs^ Take war owitx wifliyou, a California suttunais coot You will sleep under a blan* kct zieasly every nighty Qfced Harvey meals "all the way details Q.nd reservation/- w M. E. WAY, Agt Hutchinson, Kan«. Phons 25

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