The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1859
Page 4
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.,a,-ii--i~"-.'v ^•-,.*-X>^'^V*^***«<'*-V.J»i* p .*-w-i*«it«*S>.^'«-J ^3"?-.*»*«* *<:**U-:. ;•* ADVERTISEM KEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. LEGAL ADV:SRTIS LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS MlJwaokeeOonntp ' •In th» C. 8. ^Jstrict Court tatA» Dirtrtot of Wl»coaaln. «d off C*m •Mbt of the Assooiated JPress, CM brorigtuo this port. Her datvg«re from to tbe lltn, *nd Qneenstown to tbe '''' 13th.- . - . . The pplitic*! news by *bis arrival does not •ppMff to be Specially important >; ! ..,...; Breadrtnlfe still lower ProvitSoiicf more <jnlei. Consols advanced to 81 8-4 to 91 6 8. There h«d as yet been no battle' between tbe AustriaBB and allies. The movement&of the former were ineiplioable, but it was believed- they were waitjng for favorable weather. "i The Emperor and Erino« Napoleon had quitted Tirtafoi Genoa. . '>•: " - '/- ; v ' " -.< v •--•; Tbe Anfltrians apparently 'exhibited tnnoh Indecision and kept occupying . placet: and then abandoning them. ' There had been no material change In affaire since the departure of the steamship Can***• ': ••:..-••''• '• ••< , : ./*'•; Heavy tains had prevailed, and' continued tip to latest accounts A bulletin from Vienna explains that the Atutrians had taken up a poBition between tbe Po and Sestia'KS vere, to await better weather before resuming the offensive. Tbe EnjpCTor Napoleon, accompanied by Prinoe Napoleon-, quitted Paris on the 10th tor Genoa-. ; - v The Empress; is proclaimed Regent during the Emperor's Absence. - , The Sardinian Oen'l, Lamar Mosa, had made the Ever Dors his strategical line. IheAustnans were fortifying tbe portion on tbe Sestia. •Marahall Caurobert was eaid to be dtceotmg the operations of the allies from Allegan- dria. The Auitriana were iuflsring much from alotoess. -**---' - - ! The SardtalariB were preparing a grand reception for Napoleon at Genoa. The Anstriaiia were expected *oon to have three quarter* of a million of men under arms. * The Austrians had declared Aurora in a a itate of seige. Kew fork Blatten. NEW TOEK, May 20. The steamship Vigo. from Liverpool, and tb« Glasgow, from Edinburg, have arrived. — Their news bave been anticipated. The Wilmington Herald gays U is reported that B. B. Bolts, and O J. Wise, editor of tbe Richmond Enquirer, fougbt a duel on Tuesday evening, and iliat Wise was killed. Edwin A Steven f ha* been chosen Commodore and A. 0. Kingsland Vice Commodore of the yacht. The committee have decided upon the old course for tbe race. The system of classification has been, revolutionized and the Commodore has decided to allow time according to measurement of length and breadth; each yacht will b>> allowed whatever fore and aft canvass tbe owners may desire. The Jury in the second trial of Jas. Gtess, for murder, has disagreed. Tbe case is to go to the Supreme Court on a writ of oertiarari. granted ax the instance of tbe District Attorney. LOUHVILLI, May 20. Th« two democratic candidates for Con- grew in the 6th district, Eioe, indep?ndent. and Goddard, regular, had a difficulty at Boonville on Monday. Rice was badly shot. and a man named Smith WBB killed. No farther particulars received. WASHISOTOK May 20. It if not designed to discontinue the Great Overland California Mail, but tbe point submitted by the Post-Mastar General for tbe Attorney General 's opinion, involves tbe question as to tbe power of the Department to reduce tbe number of trips. Later from Pike's Peak. LEAVEITWOBTH, E. T., May 20. ' The first overland express from Denver City arrived this morning — ten days out — bringing seven hundred dollars in shot and scale gold, and four passengers. Advices from Denver City to the 9th inst.' report a large force employed in building ditches along Cherry Creek, One torn, with a limited supply of water, •yielded an ounce the first day. AAooonu from the mountains are conflict- There is still too much snow and ice to operate to advantage. It IB expected that gold duel will arrive by the next stages. Two Murderers Executed. PiTTSBcao, Hay 20. Jacob! and Evens, convicted of tbe murder of their wives were bung at Z p. m. Tbe execution strictly private. No military pre- Bent. As few admitted as possible. Jacubi ' declined making a speech. .Evens spoke half an hoar, declaring liis innocence. Both died hard. Washington Matters. WASHIRGTOS, May 20. P. M. Gen. Holt has sem the President an elaborate review of the case of P. H. Wescott, Philadelphia, concluding with an opinion that the public interests demands bis removal. Ettorts are being made to 8 upercede Mr. Dai- lac as Minister to England by Mr. Attorney General Black, and to replace tbe latter by Mr. Com'r. Reed, just returned borne from China. It is said that the Att'y Geii'l is about to re' port in favor of a claim of Capi. Perkins of BosUm, against the Russian Gov't for $90,000 for, alleged damages suffered in consequence of the refusal of that government to fulfill contracts for tbe delivery of powder during the Crimean war. B it vlrtoeof aSiiHunei'trltvrj'Jert- Facias Jaraed ant of -a»d under the «eal otibe i>litrlet Conn of bo DnUadetate»forfc«»mrlet of WinansiD, In toe aboveeBtiUcdea<ue,t«ite<Jonth«8tfc<laj«ffi!l)ru»ry. 86ft totae directed, commanding me of tbe good* an! chattels/lands a»d tenement* of lh»'iU>e>re named ae- eadant to cause to be made a certain stun of incuts therein •peolned,! hate letted toon aod ihilUell u on - t IW, -cs»:,».l«a Marshal's Qabe, in the • City of Mil. VBukse,uiialdDlstrictialt the right, title and Ulerest Ttmoh tbe abo^e named KVeneser' DaVln'had on the thtrttenth day btJulf, IbSO, or liM atoee acquired} la and ; -tp the folios/log attcribed real ia/tttf ,»itaa«« > lftn,: and being in the Coanty oI«arqutU« anSBiale of .Wisconsin, to wit : "l^l<jntaj 1 4oWoot«,ln tbe vdlare OT ^tallko^a, Witt tt« ttlll ftereon tiWaied. «rltk-aU Ui- machlnery and the water po«r«r coonected -therewith. lot So; four («*, and «heirh;Ie«n»lBclil>, " ----' — —" ---- tQiriottf Blx4€l sottt §ereQ '•&}§ "<M' vhlfiA tbo isjtillerjr .tahd.. ajl to^e VUiage ol^ahtar*-A»9. ^^Ott; * and 8, to .aid vlilare «r*e«bkora.-^l«D,Vot»i«etl> and two (2),'lp block A; loti EUie<8) aad ten (10), ta Wock B; Aardflot. «ne'«ana ^o^gk rSMl lot N«. oue(l), bloc* K, and mill lots two i«>. three (8), four (4), are (&), H* l«> *»a «eT«B (T), *»n«ag OB Mill tL AUO, JoU two, four; five,, alz,. eight, Bine, tan, clevan, twelve, thirteen ana f oartcen, In blgck «, and tbe south lalf of lot one, ail ol lots stveD, and a certain piece of ind lying bettrcflo lots 1 and 2, lorty (eet fronton lain stteet and extenduig west to the poad In block •; iois fojur, live, tlx, seven, eight, nine, .ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteea, In block ft; tots ene, two, tour. BTeiBeven.etglat, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thlr* ecu, fourteen, fifteen and atcuen, In blcck H; lpt*oi«« lwo,tUre«, four and five, sn, block O; tbe nocth bait of lot one In Mock F, AJso, lot nine, In clock r, soUfoar, flre,»lx, seven and the east half o» lou Ou-ee vid eight, all Ui t)!ockK,«ui.i mill low No. 6. »Jlofthe aboyerUlage Jots, betoE-Ut tke>IUag« of H ihkofa—, also, allihat part of the went half ol toe northuast 1 quarter and tbe east bait of the north west qanrter of tectira number eight (Sj, In township Mo. seven|er» .17), north of range Mo. eleven <U) east, act tbctnded n the village plat of the village or Meahaora. Also, Ibe east hall ol tbe aoutb vest quarter af section nunbai eight (S), in township aumber seventeen (*7) north, of range *o. eleven (11) east. All of AS above property being sltuated'ln the County of Marqnette and State of Wlacunstn." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March S, 1859. mar8-law6w M. J. THOMafc, Marshal. psr- The above sale Is hereby adjourned to.Monday, July 11, ls6B,-at the same honr aud place as above. Manual's Office, Milwautce, April 27,1S69. a?i29-Ia»at M. J. TaOMAS, U. B. Marshal. I NTirtnewf aadfufsknt to a Judgment rendered In- said Ooarl, In 'the above entitled action, dated March 5, 1«*. I abali Mcpoie for sale and tell at pulv Ho anction, at the Poet-Office on the corner of WUoon- »lnand MHwanlee streets, )n the cltj *f MUwaukee.on Satsirdsijrf »bc IT»U dair«I September, Ia9»,. at the hour of » r. Ji. of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, of so mucfi thereof •i {mavYbebecastwy. to raise the amount of said Jodf- nent, fnternt and coats, together with «J>enseeo( jale.towlt: ' •" ; ^ "The souta we»t quarter of rectlon DBtnber U- teen £15], In townihlp number seren [T], north <n range bomber twenty-one 131} e»st, except- teg nineteen aad «2-100 acres Beretofora sold to fhomai W. Elddle by Christian Wins -nrled and wile; sail premises bdm-sUaate in the County • of Mllwauket end State of WUcowln." - Mllwaakee, March 10, 1858. ' 464] SHEKirF'S &ALE. [Hew* gTATE Of WIBCOKSIX, I Circuit Oourt, MUwaukee Oo. J Christian.Wlnienrled, Johannes Bchmuti, Frederick chmntt and Cbristian Schmutz. against Joseph K. Treat, James W. Stearns, Benjamin F. Stiles, Tbe President of the Farmers * Millers* Bank, Dexter il. Britton, &V W. Wbeelock, Horace U. Freewaa and kUiiabelli, bis wife, Caleb H. Catterson aod —- Patunoc, his wife. Judgmenl foreclosore. I N virtue of aad pursuant ta a judgment tendered In said Court,in the above eutltled action, dated March o, 1869,1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction at the Po&t-Olnoe on the corner of Wisconsin and Uilwxukee ctreeta, in the City of Milwaukee, on S*t- urUn), tUi- ntUttny of depleoaber, l»aa, at the hour ol S r. »., of that day the following described mortgaged premises or so much^thereof as may be ns- cessary to raise the amount of said judgment, Interest and costs, together with expenses of sale, to wit "Tbe south west quarter of section number fif- • teen ilM, in townahlp number levcu [?J, north of range number twenty-one DM J east,' except- . Ing nineteen and 92-101) acre heretofore sold by Christian Wlnienrled and wife to Thum&s la. Kiilii e; said premises being aituate In Milwaukee County and State of Wisconsin." Dated eneriff 's Office, alllwankee, March 10, 1SSS. E. Hi>»«a«KBEao, ( A.-J. LANtilVOBTUV, fl'ito Att'y. } 8h'H- l"su. O«., >Vis. marlt>-lam6m-4ast 6wlaw CODBT, i County. ( William F. Lynde, agamit , John Omnmings, Bally Ann OummUigS, Qregor Meosel, Henrietta alenzel, Jobn C. Ooodricti, Caroline Goodrich, Abraham B. tvaraer, Peter Kembie, William Emlu, Henry fienltleben, Abi ahaa Btclnhart, bcwia J. Oiaude, Ueorge W. Peckiam, Lewln S. Mack, Hef- ni.n B. Mack., teauder M. tiubby, Arthur Uughea, fiamueJ s>. Lester, Badger Stale bank, Robert B. Hell, Jamei Longnortn, Cliar'.ej Knap, John W, Butler, Ilenry Varier, Jervls iotngdon, eal&uel W. Barnard and DsviJ Id. Ulaner. Acslgsiee. State of Wisconsin,to all Kbe- defendants above named: Y ' OU are hereby qummooed and required to answer the cumpiaiDl In this action, which was filed In the office o! the Clerk ol the Circuit Court, Ouuty u: Blilwaultee, on the -151 day of April, 18&9, and to serve copy ut your answer to the sUil complaint on the subscribers, at their ujhet, Nos. 6 and 6 Albany Build LOB., Utlwaukov, trttidn ninety daya after the service of tlufi summons oa you, exclusive of the day of &uch sen-ice; ami if you lull to answer tbe said complaint the time afor£ca,ld, the plvlcuff tn this actloa will apply to the court for tbe relief ut-tu.aQ.dvd 1& tbe .mplainl. baled April 21, 1S5S. FINOUEC, LTNI1E A MILLER, apr2S-law6w PlalntlfTs Aliorneyt 877] SHKKIH'* SAL*. STATE OF vTISCOHSIN, I CSrcuUOourt,MUwaukeeCo. I Andrew Mitchell, | » ^ f Kgmll " t , V Foreclosure and Bal. John Coop r and f Marion Cooi er. J I K virtue of uid pursuant to a judgment rendered in the above entitled »suou, dated April iJ, 1S3U, 1 shall expose for sale and aell at Public Auction, at the 1-usi-urnce, in the City of Milwaukee, on •sutnrday, s,be Zutb dajr ol AWKUsX^ 1858, at the hour ol S r. »-, of that day, the fouowmg described mortgaged premises, or ao much thereof as 3iay be necessary to raise the amount oi said judgment, Interest and CCBI&, together, with expenses of sale, the, to wit: '•Ail that piece or parcel of land situate in the County of Milwaukee and State of Wiaconxln, known and described as Lhe west half of the north west quarter of section (IS], town sut |(jj, range twenty-one [21], containing nlaety- two acres, according to Ibe Lulled States survey, excepting ooe balf acre leased by John and Marion Cooper or one of them to rcbool District No. six loj, In the Town of Greetifiela, MUwauk * County. 1 , Date* Sheriff's Omce,Milwaukee, May 14,1859. UPEAM * OKiHiM, ( A. J. LANGWOKIUV, ri'ffti At.'ys. f Sb'fl. »Li. Co., WU. maj l&-Sm-lln2w "BgliP* 1 - * JaTOW."SUar»ji,Ben|»inta».SlUa«,th*PreildeBtof the»amer»*IIHleri! -llanlt, DwterB.Brilton, K. IT.''Witt-took, Horace H Freeman and Qlsabeth, hU •wlKandOakb'HiPitterson. . ..,•.;-.• ; -.'..•.-- astlawiw 8h'fl,l!ll.Co., Wla. 8AI>E. {Kemrm _ .'ATE or WISCONSIN, J Circuit Ooart, Milwaukee Oo. ) Robert Haney and Ic against DeBQis Hngent aad James Nugent. Execution. B f~ virtu* of an execution Issued from said Court, In the above entitled action, to me directed and delivered against the goods, chattel* and real estate of ftenuh Nugent and James Kugent, I bare seized and taken (h« following described real eftate ai the property of the defendants or either of them, to wit: f'Lot number four (»), block one hundred and Iblrty-Jour (184)In tbe First Warder the City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee, State of ayiaconsln, and all tbe right, title ana'Interest • which the laid defendants or either o( taeoj had In and to said premises at th* date ot Ihe filing ol a certain warrant of attachment heretofore Issued In the action, .to wit: On the 8tti day of June, 1858." Vhichproperty, &> aforesaid 1 , I will expose for sale and sett a* Public Auction, at the Oourt House, In th> Oity of Milwaukee, on Saturday, Ibe £5Us dar «* «epteat>e»'185S,atthe t.onr of 2 r.n., of that Bay to satisfy said execution aad costs. - Dated Sheriff's, Office, Milwaukee, August 9,1858, BOTLU, stonwoa- « COTTHIIA, I HEBMAM L. PA6K, Pl'fls Atfyn. f Sh'ff Mil. Oo. Wto. anglO-dlawtw Igr fbe above sal* Is teroby postpone i to Saturday, October ilYlStS, at tbe lame place and ho our as above mined. . Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, Angiut 86,1858. AN L. HUM ' ' Sh'ff. Mil Co.,Wls. abo« sale|» turtberpostpone.rto Saturday, tbeKHh day of November, ISM, at the aaioe place aod Taanr as abovu namod. Drted Bhtrtff'a'KBc., Milwaukee, Oct. *\185S. UERMAK L PAOE, oct£4-4w gh'ff. Wn Co., Wto. tSf Tbe above sal* to further postponv-i t.o Saturday, teb7l», IStt, at »e sara* place and u-ar u »b«»e named. Qate Mff's OMcc, Milwaukee, Nov. ';•', 1S3&. HERMAN I PAGE, nov«i £h». tti-1-o..Wto HP* The above sale is still further p. -stponed to Saturday, August '•», 1S6», at the same ) '»ce aod Koar as above named. feb2»-lawtt ilEBMAIS I. PAOC, Late Bhff. M:I Co., Wl» i .. umwons i" ' mand O-Q Cant f> e - I (Coin »ct. got nrv oiRCtrir COURT, i MBwankee County. j Asel a. Hull aad Henry D Bull, 1'la nt.fa, •jj».mt Anthony Artora.- Curil-.s C. G-ardmer anfl Bylvaoas Ljon, Defend'ta. j The State of WiscooH.n, to the above 1.1 anti aud each of t em . Y OU are hereby Summoned and riquift the complaint In tbifl action, whlc.i h ta tbe'office c.f the Clerk of Use Circuit 0' of Milwaukee, at the Court House la the waukee^ and to serv- a copy of your ai • ie complarnt on t'r.e subscribers, a' Uteir i>. r ton's Block, tn tUe Oiy of Milwaukee, 11 ua.)S after the service of this sunamo^a fix tlvt of the diy of auc£ aervlcci and If you th« said com.pla.tnt wlthm the trtne afore* . tiffs Tn this action will bake judgment <x> the sum of eight huudred and thirty-niv seventy-<>m) cents. With tntsretl from t;.t day of December, ISM, beside* the costt . I Utti acln Dated May 11, !»!*». BOll.Ka, BOTTjLICa A OuiTULL, mayn-larl* FtalntitT- Attorneys Jeleuii- <i to anewer , been filed rt, Oouoiy Olty of Mil to Ih.- aaid In Luil' ..In twenty you, eaclu ill to answ. i , the |>.a u JBI yu f ir dolian anxi lo jrteentti Orlando Al«xa«d.jv, W tend, Stover Bine*, Bank ot Wisconsin. Ooodr'.cb, Joseph Gary, Alton, George Bf—" A.«ar»tow, BullMrland, r Jjtrrace ItHunn, Jaiper DelsnUaals. . Dor»aia»,-Jo*n M. Slxon and idward Cox, The State otWUcfiMlD, tojthe above name*defeoda«U: •*CTOU arebereby l ed and rtqutted to answer ' JL the complaint In this 'action, a-bleh U tied IB the. office of the Clerk "of fhtClrtut Court tat. OrejCotmty of Milwaukee, at the Clly of Milwaukee la said County and to serve a Copy of yjoitr, aniwer to the laM oo*a- plaint, on the subscribers, at their cfflee, Tfraf. 8 and I Albany, l ulldlog In the City of MHwau«c«, wltlilo twenty days afttr the eertice hereof, exclusive of tn* day of web rerrtce; and it you fall to answer the COD- plaint within tlie time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for. the relief! drmanded In the complaint. i -*- i Witness the Hon. AURtHUB MOAKTUUU ' ea-AL V indue of the .Circuit Court for said Coon- I ^_ i ty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this 2nd day of April, 183°, apr8?-la'www tVa 's Att'/s, Mawaakee, w'l*. CIBCCIT t WilVMkeeGon4ty.[ litoitoalM Siraofe ' atoe* B. A4rlance mod 1 gtcphen B.SirsnfJ ...--:•" •ag»tas«l. ' * j J-BathaoMsfio, ( AlmliaJ.Magle, ; . | «aoi<«A.B-*alu, • I -francsi K.g»gin, j The State Hank of Wis- | coiuln, • Joseph M, Ogdaa, | reter V. Lane, C1KOU1T COOKT, I Milwaukee Cou ty. f ' * BanuMlB. D.,««cU, PlalatuT, anilut Htutv Miller, Juliana Miller, his wlf», Naaair* Btroe- bns, ot Has-alie Btrtolenis, Kpbralm B. Unwell, D. If. WUliaaisoo, Jr.. Treasurer, Jacob 8cnO<nli la, Michael Bower. John blaketjr, William ulaiely, Henry Halliard, Frederick Althof, Herman Bfrfman, Louis Althof, Charles Althof, John U. H*nahan, James Kceeland, Nov«lW Bobber Company, and John B. A. Kern, DefeB&auta> The^tate of Wisconsin, to the above aameii defandania Y OU are hereby Bammohed and required »o answer the eompialnt In tn« action, which is Sled in the office of th« Clerk c,l the ClrcdU Ot-urt, for Milwaukee Countv, an« r» serve a copy of your »n»wer ta said complaint on u, a» our o»c«, in Ul'cli«ll'« Snlldln*, corner o( Mlchlgaaand.ri«t Water streets, In lieCty of lUlwaukee, wltbln tweptf days after the service hereof, exclastve of the day of each service; or*I if you I'M to answer the compl&lnt as aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In the complaint. , ~~. i Witness Hon. AltTHUB MoiBTHUO, Ju<lfe <SIIL>. of said Circuit Cour, at Milwaukee, this J _,- I 12lh day of April, lgj». Witness tbe seal of said Conrt. MATTHEW KKr^tiN, Clerk Pauia * 8»»«s., Plaintiff's Attorney, Milwaukee Wisconsin. , aprt«-la.«» I N vi sfil i t'.ttTCD STATES MA It* HA I '< MALE. Charles W. tt'lllard, 1 David p. Hall, Marian Alton Hull, itdwln Palmer, Trustee, Josltua Hathaway, Byron W, Clark, Oharl»s S.Clark, Robert B. lit 11. Ttxe Famters 1 « Miller's b llenry L. Palmer, Herman 8-Jjw-srUi.f and AugCsl Greulter., Avw r n of tbe People's bank . ; 'i vtl, Grtr»ca.t A Co.., Edward G. Tylei, J»bet H., Horace B. iJuon aad aaper K. troodrleh. 410] BXATE OF WISCONSIN, I Ottcull Court, Milwaukee Co. I Henry O. West, against William Dre*en, Charles Meyers, Adolnb M. Neyman, Bmll H_rley«nan, Emit'Welsklrch, JohnJ. Casse* Frederick lienlner, Simon Levy, 11. Oonles and Heel U Cirap. Judgme.n of Foresloasrt. N virtue of and pnrsuact to ajudgmenl resdcrx-d u Court, In the above entitled action, dated D< rember 81, I ^S. 1 shall expose fof sale and Sell at pub lie auction, at thi Post-OIBce oo Ihe rorner of " lacon •In and Milwsukte sts , 16 the City of Milwaukee, 01 Mtardasw, tbe i3tk day of Auguit, l^''J at thv hour of 3 p. m. of vhatdny, the following dejcrtb ed in-Ttgaged prenahfes, or so much thereof, as may b neceuary to raise the amount of said jiid.,'ment, Inter at anil coat*, together with lb« »pctur> of «;>lr t wit : "All Uiat piece OT parcel of Uml altuate In the Oonnty of Milwaukee a d .*tatx.- or W..<-onjin. anown and described as that part uf the en0t fKe chains of the weal fift'en x Ililna of tae south went quarter Cxf secuoe fourteen U*}> .to«n seven 171. ran^«i-tweuxt*-ons Itflj, bounded M followi : Being >t the JBucilo . of u>< centre* of th- Bortl, Madliott ,md Poll J ilu Lac Eoada- an 1 ruonlnf Uience »l-nx tr.r centre of ta« aattl M«*ll«on Rind north 61 an.l 1-1X0 tlefree', west l«"ir an.l 93-llX) chains; thettce netth » and 1-1*0 decrees, we t fuur and 70-10tl chains t • the centre of th- eai 1 Fond du Lac ftuad, thence aiuug tue Centre of the fan! »jnd ii i tac Knaii south BA xleiii*.-«, e B< S »nd M-luD cSainn to the place of beg.nn LB " Dated SherltT 's OfDce, Milwaukee, Feb. •*, 1 i."J CrHa»* GlUHi.*, I * J LANGWORrHY, Pl'ils Alfvj f Sh'ff M.I Co . Uls mayl l-lii.*w-' m 3»»; »HKIIII V I--V> »»•»:. .^«-»- STATK rtf WlSCOSulS, I Cicx-uit C *rt, Milwaukee Ooufll) ( Juoeph H. Treal, ap.lBsl Thr.mai A l.rne, CarUm* J Lj : e. Ji.|.n B rte-.lan E >. fullrn I N virtue of ami pursuant txj a .lt-x:re«> r salxl Court, in the Bl't»e enutletl action Ifith diy of March, 1969. t shall x-ipoce f .v ft »t public auctlxin, at tite l*i>at OIBce In If.- x - cissy ol tl ill) - SuuituoM.— for Ktllci. . 4Oom|not ner.) H. e«lld and | lobn Ogden. j italo of Wisconsin, to the above oauied Jeli-oJiola : Y OU are hereby summoned ami require*! ao answer- tbe coBi»l»Jdt in this action, which was Bled In the oXce of the Ulerk ol U»e Circuit Court, Count; of Mliws>uk««v at Jfilwaute*, «n the 13th day of Apr 4, JS£>, and te serre a copy «f your answer to the »»ld complaint on thq sutvcrlber, at»U oBce, in the city or ililitalUet, within ninety day* after the service of Jiis sojnmatta **B you, exclu&ire i>f the day of such service; and II j-uu fail let answer the said .-c-mplalnt within l&o-ttme nforwald, fee plaintiffs i,, tl.n action walk appiy to iho Oourbfor the relief ucoianiled in the complaint. VfUnew tti» Hou. AlCVaUi; Md\K'HUE, Ja.lne the Circuit Court fo» silj f>)uut> of MiiwvUm Illlwmte., Mi 14th day of Aprl , I»i9 t. SIAK.MUi, aor20-Uw«w I'lalntiav ittnrnev !. t. * ' i Circuit Court, Milwaukee Courtly, f Matilda fVxei... Herman L. Page, Oeorne s. Slillnrj, tliu.x- t U. «Ti g»™ld, Sarah IfttigeralJ, h.5 »,f>, Fh.,..ia« r. uV^ve | and eilbert W. Hoe. Judgment of foeodosure anil Sal' | £ N virtue of and parnuant to a Jadjir-ii.-iu (coder- j ed In anlii Court, In tlie above entitle i action, j I shall expose for aaleaotl sell *X j»ui>xic auctiors, at the | Court House In the city of Mil*iukee, no MsJlir- tltC IHlll «ll»y Ol JtS««:i 1^''-' *' v: ' c hour"of 2 P. «. »l sltat day, th- foli.mii. u-«..i ,:.».. mortgaged nrcsntsej, or BO much tnercx.l ** m:ky b. necessary to raise the amount xlue t;, tit- »A. i I'laib. ' .^^t&er With Interest and expenaei ->f i..l.', txi w.t *'^narM;r frlocti l/wcuty nlot* (VII: i" tut ea«t h^l' of the south west quarter - f sectwxxi Nn ! « e , ty-one [ill, '" township -N". seven ;]J. i, .-n. -•'. range twenty-two L2-|enft, n i'.- Sirht ^ . i .1 of the Citi of lliliviiike-, ni t. C unty ' 'I Dated CorouerV U : .-e .Uiiwau*— .'. 'ii, Iv'.-, »»Lt>o * Out, l Kiiltli.tT vt A.-U>. J, , PI'IIS Atl'jS. f C.:r-:,r »l . |... , » _JAT£ Or WISCONSM,, Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. Heel U. Camp, 1 against I Daniel H. Ktchard*, I earret Vllet, [ Jesper Vliet 'lid | John B. Smitli. 1 B X ... .UW V . the abavo entitled action, to meidirecosd ami de. llvered against Uie pewooal ,.nd real property .if the above named defendants, I have seized nort levleil no the following real ciuue, to wit : "Comme'.clnB at a point In the midille of the plank road lull feet north of th* south line of the southeast quarter of a<-<-tloln U», town I, range 22; running thence west Aral parallel said south line H3 fem: Ihende »iurlh4r fi—l. thence west80*l fe*l to 'he west lint 1 ul iht- -»st half of the south east quat ler of section 11 thence wtth saul we.^t line norto 1A19 feet to t' t* btir'.h Hue of said i^u&i'ter sexrtion; theai-e «ltl> ,^nl line e*4t b91 feet to the middle of the pl;int, ro%ii r thence with tbeQiniitlM of sjiti planK roud southeasterly abuut JOa fx-el to the n..rth- as corner ot land conveyed to V Hri»ckni.»n !•» uf deeds at |>akte MS; thence with mi' of said land deeded to Brucknmo, 2M.41' f-.-i thence aouth 4 U H feet, thence eJitft Sliit fxet l.. the mid.lie of the plank road; thence with the 760 feet to thx5 phfce of beginning, ctmtaliiiiii; 3tl 60-lOi| acres, more ur leas. Hem* In l .i.e - .-xi half of the cou.h ea-^t .^uu-tcr r>f »ex-tiwn Ii. town 7, raritfe U. * Also, beglunliit; at a point m the Ime tietw--..!, lecti.xn U, »n.l •*", l*Jl feet north ul the M u»fi-r section Ox>ruer, runnlr.k; tnetifn weal alW "4 -f-^i lo the eaat line of Knuiteeiith Ureet, ineuot- ;«H feet tu Beuubuu it.-x.-et, or tlie ejtlen«l,tn ,i that street a.t Je^iesenteil in tr.e vilol ..I Vile'.', the south line i>( >».il street "ii-l Will f . i. itence with tlix- •ouilierly nn^ .u ,-...1 ur^i iiorUxeiiSter y »lK.ut ilu fx-et ui ;iu anulx- n »*"l s'rert; tl.etice with me -"Ulli .me •! JA'-l -^ • r.ijl abxiul "-u levl U, the o'x m wtier- tlir -.jx. ' *x.-^-x.-rl^ i .xe x,l the iitil x..u«r^rl ..i A r**n The U« t.'rn^ waukee ll.iilroitil L ' I N pursuanx'x- .11. ( i • -' r'.. Isjuetl "Ut .if llie !> .-ir-,- for the IMstnct )f VVl^, ,n-'l \ cnmb 01t!Vx-i:»r«l, nmntiir. [lexl iMU 'elv.- thou» i.l ,fV-nty -ti < ••'• ;.nn»t '.tie -nU I'- 1-S57. tiv •!!•• :u me xi.ri-ctx-xl. I -il Iht- V iulxlx-- i-xl fx.r '1,.'I tiV-> hiin o/ r.l»' in Mil » » i) Ilu ^iat et, •» '.- ..f Alt CIRCUIT Llll'a .lwaukce Coun y , ( EpliralTD Mar nrr an.i Joh l«ia Jane L •* mtnt ol Mils .1 Ltols.tlary I.. Lewis, Win. J. Joshua Hut .** Bobert II B.-ll. Ill jr , Ar-thony if. V ri tt, Will ,ui (*»! Mil x-r-' Hank, ll- nr.d lleiiuut'i .«. Bank "f H«x • i. H'»r<re U l!.i i.. |t-y, Wtlintrn liTr Mx-rnet, Vtn- tratrU ..| Fr.-i r \V. Vji.lir... i.. I w .1 an : t- at.. :n- Y -OL' ar- l.-.t t ua ill* n'-nt x it uL*p, o:. a r. py of). • C'llxiifn »t xfcutnx of the •eft>ext. ' a II I.el •1.1 r 1 II. , U. Jo , 1C 11 K I'l :t r . XI. L ..••.. J 1.- J «• • t M.... I. II Wary x-f itl. N purfeuajiee and by virtue of & decree amiie u) the District Cotrt of iac I'niled Stales fur the D-»trlcl Wisconsin, on the e:ghth t3ay of April, A. B , 1&-9, .n le above entitled c*use, 1 shall sell at Public Auction, the United Bi&lc* Marshal's Office, in the City of Milwaukee, on Thursday, tbe 21st day of July, 1SSS, »i o'clock r- M., the following described prx:p ' tj, to wit : Thv east one hundred (lOu) feet of lota numbered swven (7) an.1 eltrht (6; In block , numbered twcply-tirc In 8herm»n'a Ad.lltion, In tbe Blxth Ward of 1C City Of Milwaukee. Manual's Office, Milwaukee, April ib, 135°. aprl»-lin2w3!n M. J. THOMAS, U. K. Marshal. ! WOH..US I ! A great many learned treatises hare been writ- tea, explaining the origin of, and classifying the vormg generated In tbe human system. Scarcely any topic of oedical science h&g ellected more acute obaerratlon and prolouded renarcb ; and yet physicians are very much divide* In opinion on the i abject. It mast be admitted, hoirevert thati after all, a mode of expelling these worms* aad poriTylng the body from their presence, lj of mon value than the wisest disquisitions as to the origin. Tbe expelling agent has at length been found— Dr. iTLane'e Firmi/vffe, prepared by Fleming Br^s. is the much Bought after specific, and has already super «eded all other worm medicines, lt> efficacy being nn! versally acknowledged by medical practitioners. ff Porchasers will be carefol to ask (or I>tt. M'lJkNE'B -O£L£BBAT£I> VERUIFOGK, manulactur- ed by FLEMING BROS, of Pittsbortih, Pa. Ail other Tennlf&gei tn comparison are worthless. Dr. M'Lane's genuine Vermifuge, al»o his celebrated Uver Pills, can now be bad at all' respectabla dru,£ stores. Hone Genuine viidttntt the tig nature of [lj nwl2-d*yjm FLEMIN6 BBOS. HUJKBOJLD'l 1 AND UOOFL.AN0. WHICH if the greatest f While the one has explored tbe almost inaccessible mountain regions of South America, and added largely to car geographical'lcnowU edge, the otuer has given his attention to the mitigation of human Buffering, and in his Invention of the famous German Bitten, known In the country as "Boof- tancT* Mittfre," has conferred an Invaluable boon upon mankind. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint and Nervous Debility are cpeedUy and permanently cored by this remedy. For « ale Dv druggists ana dealers In medicines ererywhera, a« TS cents pa bottle. mayia-dawlm CIRCUIT OOpRT, I County of Milwaukee. ) Jobn A. Page, executor of the last will and testament 01 .. -<=kj«.ti U. Heed, deceased, PlalntlT, aealnst Hoel B- Camp, Charles IV. Perkins, Alpha 0. May, Crust W. Uertzberg, Frederick W. He ttberg, "has. U. Ramieu, William II. Lyon, Warren ii. Lyon, Bobert chaw, M -rrls Boner, John Hone, Jamea 8. ]j-own, John ferkina, Mulford Helmer, Ltonffu* (J. Hill, C. F. A. Utnnchs, Kdward WlUeta, Joseph W0- lets, Salomon Jackson, Jobn Btsrges*, Kobert Q. Pal , John U. Goddard, Joseph 8. Hastings, Joseph 8. Hastings, Jr., Thomas A. Ueea, Willlasa L Peircey, James Patiee, Julin JL McFarlane, William Pullipi, Def.ndaots. The atate of VFlsconsm, to tbe above named defenitants ^ OU are hereby summoned and required to answer JL tbe complaint in this action, which is filed tn the office of the ulerk of the Circuit Court for the County of Milwaukee, at the City of Milwaukee, In laid Ooun- ty, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their office, Nos. 8 and 4 Albany Building, in tbe said Oity of Milwaukee, within twenty days after tbe *errtce, exclusive of the day of Bi,ch service; aad if you fall to answer tbe complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply lo the Court for the relief demanded in the complaint. — ] WKnwi the Hon. AETHDE HOABTUU&, Elil. > Judgeol Circuit Ooart for said Oounty of _v~ I Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this loth day of April, ISM). HOOKER A BFASOSMBERO, Plaintiff's Attorneys, may*-law6w Milwaukee, Wisconsin. CA1.L, AI\» SEE STYLES —or— —AT— DUTTON'Sl ai»rtg_ WOO0 \ AKI>. H G. S4 I^AMBEBTON benefit of all who may be- a Maricet for WOOfl and , West Water and Clrbonrn Streets, »ryai«l Bard,(Cat«>d 04] SALE. STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. I James 8. Brown, aealnst Ernst F. neraberg, Joslan A. Noonan, Peter UcHab and Andreas Keye. Foreclosure. I K virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered IB said Court, in the above entitled action, dated Ja»- uary 13,1858,1 shall expose for sale and aell at public auction, at the Post Omce In the city of Milwaukee, oo Batturdar* tbe 2d day of Jnlf. 1859, at the hour of 2 r. v. of that day, tbe following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of f aid judgment^ interest abd cost*, together with tb« expenses of sale, to wit: •• All that part of tbe west half of tbe south^eat quarter of Section number nine (9), In township seven (T), of range twenty-two 1.22), bounded as follows, to wit: commencing at the south-west corner of said west half of the southwest quarter of section oine (Sty, running thence east on tbe south line thereof ten (10> cbat&s; thence north ten (10) chains ; tbeoce west ten (10) chains to the wrat line ol the said quarter section, and thenct south ten 00) chains (o the place of beginning, containing ten (10) acre*, subject, however, ta one half the width of a road, on the south and west boundaries thereof, said road being one chain in width-" Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, April 1,185». TBOIAS L. OODOI, i A. J. LAM&WOBTHf, fl'S't Attorney. ( BbarUTMIL Co., Wit, aprl-onjllnSw CIRCUIT CODRT, I Milwaukee Oounty. f William y. Lynde. against John Oummins-s. (John 0. Goodrich, John f. Btrehard, Duncan O. Reed, 0. P. Foote, David M. Mlsner, Johi Cummings, Trailed of Milwaukee Lod»e No. 2, ot the Independent Order of Odd Fellows,) 'Qregor Menzel, Abraham B. Warner, Peter Kem'ile, Tbe Globe Bank, William Smith, Henry BenfUeben, Abraham Stelnbart, Lewis J. Claude, George W. Peck- bam, Lewis S. Mack, Herman 8. Mack, Leander M. Htabby, Arthur Hngha, Bamnel f. Letter, Badger State Sank, Robert U. Bell, James Longworth, Char- letKnap, John W. Butler, Henry Carter, Jervls Langdon, Samuel W. Barnard and David M. MUner, '. Assignee. ttite State of Wisconsin, to each and all .the defendant* ai me named, except tbe defendants, John Cnmmlnga and John C. Soodrtoh: , ¥ OO art hereby Bummoaedan* required to answerthe complaint in thUacUon, which waf filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, tit the County of Mit* waukce.ontheilrtday of April, l&W, end, to serve a copy of your aniwer to the iald complafiit, On the < aulbett at their office, Kes. 6 and 8 Albany Buildi MlHraukee, irlUiln ninety «ajfi «B« the ieirfloe of this rammoni on you, exclnslre of the day of such service; and If you fall ,to answar UK said com -plaint within the tore aforetaid, 'tbt plaintiff in thi» action wfll apply to the Court fer the reOef demanded Intheconrplaiut. . ' ' " Dated April 21,18W.' ' •. . • MMCHJS,LTNiJ* 4MHLKB, apr2S-law6w ,. ... -• • ^-.. • : , PlalnUTs/Attorney!. Tgbereby given that all the cdantersljrned clrcnlallDg; iTrtotd i*»ued by the "People 1 * Sank" at Milwaukee, muJtbepreat-nted at the office of the Bank <Jouiptroller - r yean JTcmOi* date of this notice OB Uiat :&Btxum^ j STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Jlrcuit Court, frlilwaaJfte Oo. I James £mott, against :phralm Msjlner, Thomas !te«d, Reuton A. Lamb, Rtrant Farmer, The Qlbbe Uaok, Ida jane Lewis, ex- ecator and Ephralm Manner, and Johji J. Orton, executors of the lA«l will and testament OT Allison Lewis, deceased, Uartba Lewis, Sarah Lewis, Mary Lewis,* Martha il. Lewis, Elizabeth Louisa Lewis, William J. Lewis, Ida Jape i^ewis aad-other unknown heirs of Allison Lewis, deceased, and Ichabod Smith. I N virtue of and pursuant to a jndgment rendered tn said Court, In the above entitled action, dated March U>th, ISM), 1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office, in tbe City of Milwaukee, tbe 2nd day of July SS9, at the hour of 8 r. «., of that day, the fol- wAng described premiaea, to wtt: "The a«uth half of lot onmbere-i nine (9), tn block numbered thirty-seven (87), In Third Ward, of tbe City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee aod Btat* of Wisconsin." Dated gherUTi Office, Milwaukee, March 19, ISM. OTKCB * LiDCK, ( A. J. LANUVVORTUT, Pl'Ds Att'ys. ( bh'B. Uu. Co., Wls. aprl-lln2w Ulrcutl Conrli c«>uBt> of William B. Trcadweli, Jebi ^ PerryftDd.Edward Norton, acainst U. H. Young, Mary A. Tonng. John W. Bachelor, I D. Rogera, ). H. Morrison, WP iam M. Sinclair, A. Oun- nlsoo, it. Velverton, ». C Walker, J. A, Dreyfores, 6 Batterlee, O. A. Bennett, L. T. Wllcoi, O. T. Perry, J U. Packer, B White, O. H. Wright, O, S. Murfey,J. M. Beneillct, J. C. Meeker, J. M. Perking aad O.O. Met,a. The State of Wisconsin to thf above ni.m:u Defend- anta : IRS:—Voa are hereby aummoned anj required to answer tbe complaint tn Ihti action, of wlilch a copy Is herewith served upon yuu, and serve a copy of your answer on us at our office, numbers 8 apd 4 in the State Bacik of Wisconsin building. In the City of Milwaukee, within three months after tbe service hereof exclusive of the day o{ such service -, and tf yc u fall to answer tbe complaint as aforesaid, the plaintiffs will apply to tbe Coun for the relief demanded iu the complaint, i &atetl Milwaukee. March 23,1S59. O. A. ft J. O. BTARKWRATHER. i'lff 1 ! Attorneys, Mil. Ulty. Witness Bon. George W Oatv, Judge of tbe •—*— . 70] Judicial Circ ilt, at Plover, the 23d day SEAL. V of March, A. D. 1M9 —T~ • GEO. R. WALBR1DOE. Clerk. Tbe eooplatnt tn the above entitled cause will be filed In tbe office «f (lie Clerk of the Circuit Court, Portage county, at Plover, on tbe 2 Jth aay of April, 1899. O. A. 4 J. 0. 8TA-KWEATHER, aprZl-lawgw PlalntifTs Attorneys. n niaiurdnf, tl»e 1B19, ai ttxe hour uf '1 r M. of ih»t iU>. de«crtbe1 mort^apeol premist-4, x.r ,•- irn may b* neCx«»»rN- lo ihe amount menta, inte • Ale, t.., Kit •• The D'.rth one half of i-'ts iiutilxr ten 11 • and twelve ( ^), In tiUirK number f".-l V i x t *<• \ la the Kirfhth « »rx] ^ the »*txj uf M iwau kte, beinj: on Walter's l*.xt..t Axldiil->e t-i .R.I.I . city, in U«e C<juutj of M.lwtuliee. S ate .-f » .,cousin." Dated Sb-Tiff's office, MJ'lraukee, Atxf I. ! •*!* Kl*C«ti, i,T».:S i M:U-ti, | A J LAV,W">IT»\ I'lilnttff's Attorneys. f Arr rr M I IN . » .- apri -3mlin^« • iA] Silt: ft IH •> « VI.*- Nrvt. PTATK Or WlsCo\>lN. I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County I Thomias 81ne'd>», } John JenniUfA aod f Joseph Carni'T J a Jj i k -l..-l.l t-l.-S. •- I :. n the altove etlUtle'l a. «.••:-. •*»!• II J i eh.-vll expcae for sale an-l ^-tl at | i'i auetiun &t the I'ost-ijmce ou l'ie c*irner --f H.*x'..'.and Milwaukee street*, Ib tlie City of Milwaukee. • •aiurdoy, til* 3t»a at») or Juli. 1 i69, Uie hour uf S p. K of Uiat day-, thr f'lU'Wiixv :. »jnbesi m.-rtgA^ed preiuistja, or So much iht-riri.f as i:. ^> be neeeseary to raise the arfoant of sai.l Jxiufjit-i.'., teresl »nj cosu, topether with tht e»t>^i;»e; .| : «». to-wit: &.' ^ '•AI'that piece or parcel x.f laml, situ %te In Ihe County of Mtdwnukee an 1 F'.»te of VHsrouvn, known and d^scriltex] aj |tlte welt balf of tr.e Borth etst quarter of section thirty-two liJ 1 , town "H (6), ranfe twenty-one (21), exec t that part of »»jd L»lf mjsJ^ r section lyln? north Westerly of Hi- centre of the Janesrllle I'lank^&oad contalnlnv three anxl i4 ll>) acres more or less, contalnlnji s-rv.nty-stx and Tfi-liw sjere* more or le«s." Dated sheriff'i Omce, Milwaukee, March ^i, l^&y. BCTtn BriTBics: 4 Oorranx, ( A. J. LASoWua 111V, Pl'ffs Atl'ya. I S!.'a M.I Co., VVii. apr8-3m-l)n2w II, r K : I" r i N virtue c.f aitxl pursuatl \ > Buld C'xurt in •»•! I. K I *•'••*» •>•« I I • n Mr M-.: it, ' M • Ol J U I ) } . I )i t- l!Mli Oil > CIE00IT OOUR1, I Uilvaukee Oonnty. f William P. Lynde, against JfShn Cummlnpi, 8*Jly Ann Onmmlngs, Oreeor Menzel Abraham B. Warner, Peter Kembie, The Olobe Bank Wl'llam Smith, Henry Benftleben, Abrsbam Stelnhart Lewis 1. Claude, George W. Peckham, Lewis 8. Mack, HermanS. Hack, Leander Hubby, Arthur Hughes, Bamnel t. Lester, Badger State Bank, Robert B. Bell, James Longworab, Charles Knap, John W. Butler, Henry Carter, Jervls Laagdon, Samuel W. Barnard, and David M. Mlsner, Assignee. The State of ^VhfcoBsln, to ail the defendants above named* except Jobn Otimminga and dally Ann Cum mlngs: \7 OU are hereby sammootd and required to answer • the complaint In tots action, which was nted In tbe office of the Clerk of tbe Circuit Court, Ooiaty of Milwaukee, on tbe twenty-first aay of April, 1859, and to serve a copy of your answer to tbe aaid complaint on tbe subcribers, at their'rfflce, Nos. 6 and 8; Albany Building, Milwaukee, wltbln ninety days after tie 'service of this summons on; you, exclusive of tbe day of such service: and if you fall to answer the •aid Complaint within the time af .resaid, the plaintiff In this action will apply to the Oourt for ilie relief demand, ed in the complaint. Dated April 21,1869. •INCHES, LYNOE A MILLER. apriJo-lawOw PlBlntitJ's * Attorneys. NOTICE. TTNDEE aad by virtue of a chattel mortgage beirtog \J date Deceaiber27,1858V executed to ma by Ijrmai Molton, to accurd the payment .of two hundred and twentyfeven dorian, and Interest at the rtteof twelve p«r cent, per annum, deeming myself mse:tire, I shall offer for Hale aad shall sell at public sale on the preml- KS Ho. 47 Spring street, In the fourth Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the 18ih tiay-of June next, at 19 o'clock in tot forenoon, for the purpose of .paying (aid iam and later eat, the following proper > conveyed lame aaid by mortgage to wit: Atwor.ory brick build- •tng nineteen and one half feel front by tulny-flve f»ct deep, altnatod on parti of lot* 2 and 8, in block: Tl, in the-ili >VardofIbeCity oT Milwaulre^, Wjaoonjln, and krjo»aaa4T, Bprlnij street, togethe with tne lease of said lot. i • -:• •• . ;;-<••• .... •- .,• ••'..- •• Dated Milwaukee, May 16,1859, • • - -••'• Gi.0. A. WOOD, Mortgage. BaUOB 4 BrAaB, Attorneys. may!8-law4w f»b^e)sygJTen,piirso»ot to section 10, chapter U( J. Eerl»ed Statute! of tbe iuato of WiaioarioVttat Uu Orazrd aad Petit Jarors for the June Term UW. of the - . Oourt, Mllwaniee Oounty, -will be drawn a» the la» dlrecti, on Tneiday, May IT, 1869, at the Jworof8>:,«.tofth«tday, at the Municipal Court -' 18531 JSHKItirt'•> SAI.I,. ,>i-\t> STATt OP WISCONSIN. ( CircultOourt, Milwaukee County, ( Georg-e W. 1'eckham, t Jbtlirnienl ..^ 1.-i--.- *3rx- .1. ; ataltist v«ale I-' Davtd P Hull. | ! I N virtue of and pursuant lo a jBtl,rinet:t rritJerx-d in I Bald Court, in the above eotltlexl aci.x.n, 1 SQA.I f \ p'lBe for sale aod sell at Public Auction, at the C'liirl . House, in the City of Milwaukee, on Mil urtl il ) . | ttoc atiito day ot Mtiy, l»w, at the i.our ..i -i , r. at., of that day, tlie following dencribed raortiratfeo , premises, or so much thereof a» may be n,-t.-e*aarv i. I raise the amount dne to the plaintiff for principal, tn ! Urrest and costs, together with expences of sate, if, wit j "All that lot or parcel of land known ai.d dx-- I scribed as lot number eleven (11 \, ix, oi.r ; handre^l and six (.106K in the .^evi-r.lj. \Varl, (formerly the First Ward,) ol the saij City . ' Milwaukee, Countv of Milwaukee and Mate .-f Wisconsin " Dated Sheriff's O'flce, Milwaukee, N'.T. 24,15». •OH*.-,. LTSDK a, I IIEKMAN I- I'M.t. Pl'tls Att'ys, j Sh'ir. Mil. L'O., it is. »trJ .hi. H Ait , MI I:K 11 i •.•• N.t i > ,-FAir. ul M ! I \ttl II • • -- ' M . i l . •i t ItMl V I •> Mar. h ITl!. I | 8utnmon§.— For Relief V (Oom. not • rvrtl.i I "iRCCIT UOCRT, I llwa. vet County, j llllain P. Lrnde. 1 a^ain.t I Ephraim Mannt r ami I John J Orton, t lecutors abd | Ida Jane Lewis, execatr x | of l'« last nlll and tota- | ment of Allison Lewis, dec«a»ed Martha L-wi», Sarah Lew.s, Marj Lewis, Martha U. Lewii, ailzabeth Louisa Lrirli, Willlaai J L<wi,. The (i.obe Ba k, illram Parnlm and J'lhnJ. Orton. State of Wisconsin, to ail the'defendanu aburc named *V OU are hertry .-^uttimoocd and required to answer Ja. thecomplmn. ID LUIS ru-.uon, which waa fileil in Lhe ofbce of tlie CI-Tk of tite Circuit Coun, County of Milwaukee, on the 12lh day of May, A, n., 165?, au d to serve acopy of your answer to the said cuinp'auil t.o Ute subscribers at their omce, Nos. 6 and d Albany Building, .llwaukee, within nlnelv xlayt all?r the servlc* of thul sum nons on you, cxcltuilvi* of tbe day of such service; and if you fall to xnstrer tl.e said complaint within the time nfofesald, ti,x- pliilnii:) In this action will apply to the Ooaft lor tlxe relief ^cmandexl In the complaint. Dated May 12, 1859. FINCHES, LYNDE 4 M i LLER, maylT-lawow Plaintiff '• Attorneys. , •»« l u r d a | l 11 ) o * J u I ) . C>:J Ii I Til ad ,1 uf . i . ih. r-.O' Kite I .- 1'1'Ss At 'y. aprl Snilia-'" 007] Ml Circuit Court, . 878] STATE OF WrsOOSJgrN, Circuit Court. Milwaukee County. SALE. 'eclosure sod Bale- J*hn KerLr, against Thomas Outwald, Josrpha Outwald, AdamOrth, Toepfer Wentel. I N 1 irtue of and pursuant to a ,—„ said Oourt, In the aboveentltle.l acthn V For. >cnl--«eii u. Desa our, n e aoreentltle.l action, ' e- cember 81, 1858, 1 shall expose forsilc in<l sell at Pub Uc Auction at the Pott-Offlce on the corner ol iVlscon- •in and Milwaukee streets; in tbe city uf on Sat or (lav, t bo 8Otb day ol AUJf""'. 1859, at the. hour of 1 r r u of thai day, the following described mortgaged premises or so much thereof us may be necessary ito raise the amount of (aid judgment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, the following real estate to wit : ' "All that piece or parcel of land situate In the County of Milwaukee and B ate ot State of Wisconsin, known and described at the soath east quarter of .the north: east qaart-r of section thhty-six ISO], town lelght [8], range twenty- one 121], containing fcity acre* mire or less " fined flherUTs Office, Milwaukee, May 14, 1SS9. UreiM * OttAHiM, I ' A.J. LANOWORTHr, Pl-aAtt'yi. f ! t ve. Mil. Co^ Wls. mayl6-2m-lls2w UKITJB0 STATES JMAU8HAI »S HAI-E. Lycurgus Edgerton, 1 lathe United States Dis«. ftrlct Court, Dlitrlc^ (f fWlMotsin. p In Equity. j tae of a decree made by tbe _nlt<d gut,s fortheDUtri.t ilnth day of May, 1859, In the Wlnthrop 0. Lord and George Lord. • I N punoance and by vlt District ICoart of the r of Wl«eonsln, on. the a&ote entitled cacse, I ihail sell at Public .Auction, at the office eftht United ttaUl Mar hal In the Clly of JUlwaukw,: In tha Dlitrlel, on-Vtlday, the nnetnth day of July, 18», at three o'clock In tbe afternoon, the following deicribed property, to wit: "Oat lot'U,' number ^ [81], to the vtUsgeof Ws.opico»i In the County of Wanpacca and St«teof Wisconsin; also-a rnfflcient qoantlty ot Water Portr to' be taken out of the Wanpacca Rlvei, at the dam erected across said HlTer, In tho Tillage ot Wanpacca, to propel t*re« run of ttonta lor fiouriiig parpojes »t all ituoci of the ' '''' ?"- Sa/fJi!--;'; mm s* «ea uk -^ J I I-N *iAI.i A: r.7.o L KM.-. . a^ a.n^t ix-nri:.- W. IVctham n s-.^.eel - ".- I' .e»f i C. -ai'it.y K.litirl I, I j,-r J.bx-t U. P.x if,»i-x.' H II.inn »u. er K l,t.>'Cti. tr .-t L'-. John P. r*tlmnre. Fort ci"stire. I N viitut- xxf anxl pursuant .'•• 4' :n-n! rx-n t said Cxiurt, in the uliove xtr i i-d ».-' "M. March Is, ISS9. 1 .hi.l eii...,e f .r >»'- and •«!! » nc Auctntii, at the P .st-lMlir in tt.e Cur ,•• M.l» on .-.uiurdny. Use addty of July at the liour of 'J P M., "f .My, IN- I *crlbed uixut^atii'd prriniits or m ni'i '.'i itix: lie ne^-esiary to raise tlie am..unl .if < i I i tercst and cotf.s, tt.i.-x;thxrr w.ih trie x-\i" to wll: "Lot number thirteen [1J] and [30] feet of 1 t numoer t f a.* may f jalx- Jaap I .N 1_ I W jc tJix.- \ 11 I, Texi \ Hrl Hx-r wf ic!i 'J -T'-' Marihal'j t .--. 1U . la,. M J. THOMAS. I" ,- east lh ; rty rrlVB I'.',, n b xick number seventy-sevea [77;, in the F xurtli Ward of the City of Milwaukee, In t.'.e County of Mil wankee and State of \\ lacor.i n Dated Sheriff'f Olhce, Milwaukee, April 1, IV). OOD » BKO.N * oon... I A J LA.NO.VURTHV, Pi'Ss Mt'ys. ( Sheriff Mil. Li) , » U. aprl-3m-l n'.'w . M IT . xj.xmp l'i ?olix If" 1 *f>-iv- »a .Uy .if ihs i-lx-v nth : place ad mb.. Marshal's UfB. H5'J, ,t th» , V «i* \f » CIRCUIT COURT, I Milwaukee County. I filmon Johrson, ) Baydcu M. Thompson, | Albert McF*iideo, )• Summons James W. Cannoo, I and Laura Cannon, his | The State of Wl consln, to the above niro<?'l defen lants and each of Ihera : V OU are hereby summoned and require*! to answer the complaint In ilns action, ol wMrh a copy Is herewith served upon you. and to ser. e a copy of y. ur answit to the Btld complaint on the lubscnb r 41 hM office In the City of Milwaukee, withlu ninety days s'ter the service hereof, exclusive of th- ilaj of such service; and If yx>u fail to answer thw a ilil compl.unt wlihlu the lime aforesaid, the plaintiff wnl apply to the Coun for the relief demanded in the complaint. ^•~- i wit res* the Hon. Arthur McAfthur, Judtre { UKAL > of tbe Circuit Court for atld County of —*- I Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this 13.h day of May, 1S&». J. LvDDB, Plaintiffs Attorney. The above mentioned comp'alnt was filed May 1Q, I85», In the office i.f the Clerk of snld C.urt, ai Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Daied Ma; 16, 1859. msylb-lawSw J. LiDUK, Plaintirs Attorney. [No. to.] Notice ol the postponement for a brief period of the public sales ni the land olfico at Superior City, Wisconsin, m- derctl by proclamation No. 62S N OTICE is hereby given Uiat the public sales ordered by proclamation No. &!S, dsted Deci mber 24, ,1658, to be held at the land office at Superior Oily, Wisconsin, on. the'2d and 16th days of Ma* next are hereby declare! to be postponed, until the 6th and 2uth days of June next. Olven under my hand, at the General Land Office, at the OUy of Washington, this 23d day of April, 1SS9. By* order of the Presldfiit: * T1108- A. E02JDB1CKS, aprt»-l*wlw Commission.! fi II KIII I' I""* S I I. K . STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County f Lewis Blike, I against y JuxiKment Kx>rnoi.nur- Wllllam W. Keith. ) I N virtue of anxl pursuant lx> » jtnl,?ment ren.lerx--! n salt! Court, in the above entitle-t »cti,.n. Jutr.l February il, B59, 1 ihixll expose for sal,, anil <>-M »l Public Auction, at the Post-juice, In the City ,xf Milwaukee, on Saturday, tl>« 9th day of Jull. 1S53. at thn h-iur of ». r. n., xif that lav. the fx«flowmtf .lescrtbetl mortgrvgexi prx-nuses, >r iu much thereof a.3 m ly be neces-ary Ui raise ill.-amxiun' of ialtl jiuicment, interest anil costd, together with ^- - pensea of sale. t» wit : " The fqua I un'livlxK-l one-half of lot No. nx- m blxxta No nmt-ty-flve, anxi the e^raal vin.!!* >!• I tine-half of lot llx, In block No. one hun.l'^k and eleven, all In th* Fifth Ward, of 'he C ty 3f Milwaukee, In the dliite ,)f Wisronsin Dutexl SherilT '9 OlliCB, Milwaukee, » pnl D, l^">9- K. Miul»»», I A J. LANOWOllT'lT, PI'tT. Att'y. I Sh'IT. Mil. Co.. W, a . aprO-Om-llniw ttr ' CIRCUIT COURT, l Milwaukee County, f Charles W. Willanl, Plaintiif, against Willlim Smith, Henry Senflleben, Luclnj E. Wait, John M. KlmbUI, Christian U. 51 yer, Otto ftehlnK. C. Arnold," A. r. fuelflonn. Fre.icrlck Mueller, Sl.luey I Shejarci and Auirnstus ti. Wood, pefe-nianta. The Siaie of Wlaconaltv, to the above named defendants ! ¥ 00 ARE hereby Summoned.anil required to iui- : swer the complaint la thia action, which lit tiled In the office of the Cler,k of th» Olrtutt Court, for the j Conmy of the City of Milwaukee, in ; tald Counly, and to serve a c*py of your answx-r to . tbe silil complaint on the subscriber!, at their office, Nci 3 lind 1 Albanv Buildln;, In the said City of Milwaukee, wlihUi twenty days after thc**r?lcenereof, exclusive of the day of such service; and If you fall to answer the complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In the c»mplalnt. Wlme'i tbe Hon. Arthur UoArthur, Jndde of the C reals Court for said-County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this thirty-lint day of March, 1859. HOOKKB i SPANGENBEaG, Plaintiff's Attorneys. roayll-lawSw • Ullwonkec, Wisconsin. it Lhf I .•e.,. Hib 1 , *l. . i f, ,161), 1 lake 311 to rece sldereil the Uanti-l'i by l;nv '.« 1 I I ,-Jx.M V- Li« ' \ H I 11 t PEW Uimr.leri J.iu :xe ±\. anil pkeaa^nt mums, OneliilMi.l BlUdlc itreuta

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