The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1975 · Page 19
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 19

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 23, 1975
Page 19
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Vietnamese families finding adjustment easy liy KAnfCNDKNBV American* often imnterpret the physical niilty and teeming laivety of Vietnamese efugee* The Vietri«me»e, t Rhould be remembered, « quite tin adaptable and wipetent Hh/iie grotrp Many refugee* prospered the environment of war- rn Vietnam where {Americans would have $*rtthed TM assume an •ftverly paierimhiUc or ' ffcrufective altitude is a 'fliis(»ke (|«> spufuor must reliance on the H ot the refuge*-* W to br «, What jug lutve just rend •I* an eieerpi from (or (he 5p»x«w. " a jMflrt given '» • -She Dang l«M Hl«f> family ISf l^ke Jark.lim giving 'fcutline* (or Tin-re is sis*) a m ufittrn tft VlH w «-ij>iaitiiri# u> the r'rs some asprxit of ica« life r (/if latl few monlhii, since the most recent turmoil in Southeast Asia, (he Hrntofsport area hax welcomed »«veral Vietnamese families, "Hie Hleps seem to be settling (town quite well In their f»me in Sherwood Forest liter* are seven members in the hmuwhold; Mr and Mr» Hlfp <!)ang Uinh and Anna), their » > ear>ttld niece Iran Thanh Huong i, Anna's cousin 'Iran Kim Tboa '. Nicole», and other member* of the family, Tr«n (Vmg Hen. Tran Kim Ngan, aixlTran Cong Tua! "We preferred to go to Califurnis where my husband KM studied in Munlwy Hut II t» hard lo get a )t*b there." »ay* Anna "Wp didn S krww anything o< Testa* eicrpt (I* cow bwy« we MV 0*1 T V That *»» otir ftrrt utea when hrard »e were coming lo Tewu, bu>, ue 'f wets «*<" >rt ' The Jtr«* »f»X£S*»riwS by Qjurth m Another Vietnnme«e family, the Tan* of Angkton, are adjusting also lioang Dinh Tan, who wa» in the Navy in Vietnam, My* things are a little different for him. "I uwd to talk to the men and they would work Now I rniul work when they talk to me I have to take the order* now," Tan's family includes his wife, Kim Nhung, their 3 year^d son, Iliang, their •1-year'Old daughter, TrafMi, and the n^wott addition, Linda Karen, tjnda was born in OctoJ»er ami it> an American citizen. Her family IK>{>«I to Join her by taking their cltizmship tir&t in se>'«i year* Ikrau** th* 1 )- have tx*n fHpwl, ilw Tans will now I* aW? to help th«r friends **-JUe in Arnwtca Tht-y arr no* Ix-!|)tJ>K a family of rune that th«-> knew in VtPtnam to stttle tn "We -*r«:»lf \h?m gorxis thingi to come here," relate* Tan, The Tans are sponsored by the First BaptUt CJjwrch in Angletnn, A thctnidlry mudcnt In Vietnam, 23-year-old I Along Dhanh Nguyen, i» now working a* a typewriter repairman in Freeport, Luong i* sponsored by St. Mary's Catholic Church and .Samuel Gant of Jones Creek Hu> father worked wrven yearn for the U.S. Krnbawy in Vietnam. "If we had ttaycd, something vtry l>ad may have hap- pemnl to rny family," His paraiU, two Men, and bnJttMT-in law are now in Han Diegu T>u» t» tJ>e *econd time most of the families have fkd to begin a new life In ISM. wbw the Onn'a Agreement divided Vietnam into two countries at the mh parallel, fannlic* moved south to i.*?ape the cwnmunist* Twenly-tKw years iatt-r, thry are a^ain running f ntm cwnmuni&m. mo»t to IHMSl, UISM T\s .fur rv »>ut •;(<• ir: Ir»*s !}•;.»•. t* ht hit f«n',;K Mr* Jim n«T. P.; A.-,«ic!/>r; Kirn WHIPPY KUci Satt f'Mrot. GiRfer rvul «wrt« rortsl jtwti tur<U p«<4tk<l ir*otf I. ant tnt hjt( inch hart 18 00 FLASH i HUck Vil l'*lrni Brw»n .Smo-oth Hutirl Smoolh .!th lll*ri Trim »"»Ai»tJ 18 00 LOOKING KOR A COMFORTABLE DRKSSY SHOK AT A GREAT PRICK? TRY. . . Buck Smooth Navy Biu* Smooth IMO inch heel Angl*ton -Weal ColumbU-AJvin-Bay Oty Out* HEP BUck Soede, Silver G»ior» K»bnc Gold Galore Fabric two Inch heel padded insole 18 00 CHARGE IT! the U.8- and France, Kim Bao Nguyen left Vietnam with her family, but they were separated M no many familiM have been. She came to Texas with her »i»ter »nd brothcr-in law who now live in Wait Columbia. Mr*, Jerry D. Mays, Kim's sponsor, met her at a barbecue a few month* ago. "I had written to Camp Pendlcton in California, asking to upofwwr one or two young women," she explains. "But «o very few clngle girls came over during lho»e last days of turmoil. It w.'its mostly families. When I met Kim it wa» love at find sight, She wanted to go to the college <Uraz/j«port; and so »he came to live with us." Member* of Kim's family are ivr* living in France, '. 'a i i f orn ia a nd Texa t. 7"he Dang Van Trung family, like other*, came lo Texas because the weather arid some of the landscafx' «re similar to Vietnam Another reav/n Is because Trung had fveard that it was relatively eas> to gH a }ob in Tetas The Trung family includes Trunx, his wife ila Duong Thi ''an. his v>n Dang I>uy Tin. and his nephew Ntfuyen Nang Thang They are <(j«>n4<ired by the First i.7iurch of According to Trung. alxw! 80 per cent of live Vteirwmi.-v? fx/pijiatiCBi ts liudcl)u»t 7>>e rest are a mingling of several religions. mostly (lirtUian Trung was told when be was 18 or 19 Uiat he '*as a Christian, but he n*\'er »aw a church "1 rnuM uarl to le.irn again." be *ays Anna Hiep ai»o a (,'hnii.Usn and the Tins have recently betm I.LOVfi nUAN'H NGfYEN is currently working as a typewriter repairman for his spoawr fi? hopes to aUend an American university someday, but says that it ts not practical right now. Photos by ER1CSMALLEY and RfCK OTTO In Vietnam. vttxJcnls are required to study two languages The second language is usually English Most of the refugees who moved to Bra«.«porl learned thdr Knglj&h m high school But problem!) have arisen • (.'on'.irsued tm Page 5; rl-Th"e Facts razos . neople IF P*9« 18 ^aT FREEPORT, TEJWS — I iU><PAY - "OVEMBER O, M7$ D Frigidaire Skinny Mini Fits almost anywhere. (only 1 r»«t wldt) Sk tit r> * Mttti (» cmh (»•« fr-f t * wlr. fr* f *»id onfh J.. ,_^ Jrrt litl V> tt (tU alrnovt an> w brrt — baihrixim. Vitrhrn. "v ttj vr i7i' d c»r t w%ft. fn ci&Ftlf' ho our"* \ ic j(tcrti fc«iimt 1 AH (5 apjirltiirfit* Vnrf thr ^ *thrr and the l>r>rr woffc.AnhcijjnMtmc. <»r tndrfxndftiiJi. • K> r-irt H tanlrojt, i&d fa-ring a U> *• *Ui drj in<l (old wiUtoiat mo* ins 4 Mf p arf othrf sitnn* Mmt tmtit roirncr* Dryer features fe* '.?""" iu- •fcT.-rfi-- 11: ? >rlr -..< k d.ncr auV Tlnird I'jrlr. loo. Si-t ;r.r Iiiilrr in jji i»» ;«f, rmvjirt ,-.,.' iiir.iti '.ir>:ng I*i«: ft: e ir.ifiu!«»» i> a i--»* <i.>»-:i I jbru* vlrclur. I'Vojwr drjirtj! tare f.-r Ail dr>at)li-» KKiit l.\u' rKH.MAVKNT I'KK.SS vetting for mi*-, iiriRi. DKI.K'ATK.SHKKH (.-,r Jr*!8!e labncs aixi Nu ItKAV MH n.l>T f-ir aui!^ pjastics *-r filling .'ialrn sun Ituti.w l.>r\rr »uii ! slail unites di«>r ,s cluwvi Tuiu'r M-(. a;»i Xiirl liutimn prrxiwi Ker Surtin| Kingm. K\clu»m-' si^xujtc cluhfri a.> tin 1 ) iunibie, jniU ttatn from the cvtutr ii the dium fV>r l*»t. even, "upen air" dr>:ng r>rlr-rad Signal. Hui/t-4 when drying'* done A tvnundi-r to remo\« rU>tiwi before wrinkles ha\e a •iuiKc lo »rt- Uocrtui I Uu Scrrt-n Kiite Meih Utcrun Lml Screen is up (r«.mt edi> to get to. I'M) to clean I'ati'ho even lite tuut-ii lint particles Kltiwiog llr»l Sinplc. dficienl arcuLalinti systen) pulls air through the dryer. Surrounds each tumbling pieve with t^iai. cuntralled heat. I'rruiamcni Pr<»» Care, A combination of gentle, thorough tumble drying with Ktowin£ Heal, plus an automatic cuul down penod ai Die end of ever) cycle, and Cycls-aid Signal S3 &®i ^ A *(<&> m l-Xi <P J»t'«jj$ mm .SfS 1C* Washer features \V*shcr. Regular cycle, Delicate cycle. Provide agitation and spin speeds tailored to today's laundry needs Mater Temperature Selector. Fovr wash and rinse temperature combinations provide proper care for most wash- abtes. SJi>-ap watber lid. Magnet holds it up while loading or unloading. Closed lid becomes « folding table, for clothes coming out of dryer. KevoluUootr)- AgUub. Excluuve. One-piece agitator and tub oscillate for thorough, deep-cleaning without tangling. Smooth, tough finish won't rust, chip, or peel. « Action Ribs. Exclusive Around the sicks of the Agi- fcMb. Create rippling water f .•urrents which heip remove I iirt. f Automatic Unt Removal. Water acuon "jets" lint, din and scum out through 60 small exits at the top of the AgUub. No Unt trap in th* washer to clean or empty! Permanent Pr*« C«r». A combination of geozle agitation, proper water temperatures, and controlled »pin. Helps keep wrinkles from setting. Sav«s iroomg Color Choke: Copper-While GoU-WWlt, Gran-White, aud solid Snowcnat White. SAVE $31 OHIV 29MI91 $469

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