Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 21, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: SATURDAY, JANUARY, 21 1888. CONDENSED NEWS. Th» Illinois corn crop of l**7 ws« th» smallest B i,ic? 19*1, tha total Vwiait 12i>,000, 000 buBh^ln. A «">in of coal nix fwt two inchM in thickness b«s bwn discovered at Coif ax, McLean county, Ills. A company which ha» obtained a eonc«s- «!on from the czar I* laying petroleum pipes from Baku to Bntonm. Two Arkamas f«rm«r» qawrelwl about th« division of Innd, and stabbed each other •o that one died and the other can not r»- ooTer. Frinfc S. Johiutoe, the son of wealth/ parental residing In Sidney, Ohio, died of opium-smoking in a Chines* den at Kantni City, Mo, At a mooting of nnt makers In Plttsbnrg Friday, It was resolved to form a pool, with heavy penalties, for th« pnrpow of advano big prices. James' E. Now]In was hanged at Cambridge Jail, Boston, «»rly Friday for to* murder, Jannary 4, 1837, of hit employer, George A. Cod man. Hon Willis Dmmmond, formerly of low*, and who was commissioner of the genorttl land office at Washington some years ago, died at Ban Diego, Cal, of oomsnmptlon, Friday. ; — InthrcasBof CatnarlnrB. Crilleymyalnrt tb« Pennsylvania rallroid, which wat tried before JnJgo Finletter In Philadelphia Friday, Mr*. Crilley obtained a verdict ot $10,000 fo« the death of bar husband. Morris K. Jpssep and Georze J. Forjet, of Hew York, trustees of 114.070 of construction bonds of the Cedar Falls & Minnesota railroad, have attached the property of the road on a claim of 1493 for intercut da* jlno* the 1st last At Fort Keongh, M. T., the thermometer registered 65 degrees below ««ro during the late blizzard. At the same point on one occasion last summer It stood 130 degrees above •era, making a range ot IBS degrees. It It doubtful if any inch extreme variation between Bummer and winter temperature has beau recorded at any other spot on the (lobe. Don Carlos, in an Interview at Venice, declared that Spain must soon become one of the greatest powers of Europe; the present monarchy wa* unfitted to carry on the work before It, and unless It was replaced he expected a republic would toon come. The future of the nation was In Morocco and South Amirlca. The Judge So&ret MorYatt. IKDIANAPOMB, Ind., Jan. 21.—ID the tally- sheet cams Friday the government nearly concluded Its case, there being .but two or three more witnesses to examine. The testimony, was note ensational, Consisting ot proof that the sheets w ere changed as char god 1 When Capt. Bitter, attorney for . the committee of 100, was •, on the r.laid, counsel for the .prisoner*, McNutt, of Terra Haute, began • course of political eroM-oiamlrmtloo, which was rebuked by Judge Woods In a Tary decided marjnor. He said that he wai disposed to allow the defense the utmost latitude, but they had tren«gr*9»ed all i-eason, -and it mint stop; The~efforl"was to lead the" minds of the jury from the question of crime, and turn the .case Into a political discussion. The words-and manner of the judge were Tery severe. •Oar Plrvt Steel Gun • Baooesfc PrrrsBtma, Pa., Jan. 31. — Tho big cast- stool gun was swung Into the lathe at tni Fittsburg Stool Casting company's works Friday, In the presence of many Interestec parties. Huperlntondent Halns worth says that all indications point to a complete raocess. Oi Wedneeday last a piece wai oat from the trunion on the lide ot the (run and tegted at the Pitts burg laboratory, showing the following characteristics: Tensile strength, P3.700 Ibs.' to tha square Inch; elas tio limit, 61,900 Ibs.; elongation, 12>^per oenb These figures largely exceed tha requirement* in the proposals, which were; Tensile strength, 80,000; elaatic limit, 40,000; elongation, 7'per cent. KatoV made For Light-Weight*. NEW YORE, Jan. 21.— A match'was made Friday In this city between Jack Farrell, who fought the "Belfast Spider" last spring and Jack Havelln, of Boston,- who alx • fought one of the longest battles on reoorc with the same "<plder" near Providence, R. L, for a fight to a finish with skin gloves, within 100 miles of New York. The match is for (500 a side, and an added purse, and Is to take place March 5th, each man to weigh 123 Ibs. or less. Sacrilegious long Island Thieve*, Riw \'ORK, Jan. 21. — Thieves entered St. Fidellos Roman Catuollo chi-rch at Col leg* Point, L. L, Thursday night, broke open the tabernacle and stole the pyx, two solii silver cballcm and silver candlesticks, value* in all at $300. Thees We» Are Getting Monotonous.' . LMA, O., Jan. 21.—The report tolejraphec from here Thursday night about the Smith family being burned to death li a canard. • • Billiard Fatality Wit. BT. PAUL, Minn., Jan. SL—An evening paper figures the Ion of life in last week'a billiard at 235 Sailor and Cat. . "Y««. air, that Is a very pretty cat," , said a lady to a reporter, .referring to a fine Persian cat colled up on.a/rug. 1 "But I of ten wonder how I managed to got her home safe. You ses, I bought it In Calcutta and came home oa a sailing ship around, the cape,' A Well, ilr, everj time we were becalmed the sailors would try and get my cat to throw It overboard, for they thluk that doing so will bring wind J' This IB an old superstition of the mariner. It would be hard to.say how It originated, but It if probable that It was originally Intended as a sacrifice to Neptune, the god of the sea; as on land the gods-were propitiated by thq offerings of the devout, so Jock sought to calm the •es god's ire by offering him a cat. The old sailor, even in this advanced' age, regards the -pat as a veritable weather gauge. The old landsman is often puzzled to account for some of the strange sea terms, and questions are often aakec as to the meaning of the word "catspaw. It is simply a quaint Idea of the mariner, who sees In the sudden and pecuUai zephyr that ruffles the water a re semblance to the frolics ot the cat. Does pussy jump around good humoredly there will be a good breezo and fair, But when she arches her back and swells her tail, then look, but, for her scowling look wil be as a calm to the storm It foreshadows, and the flashes from her eyes bu t as a park) to the blue streaks of tig zog llghtnlnj which will certainly soon Illuminate t «ky.—3an Francisco Alt*. .1 Diamonds Are It U a common occurrence for a Chinese from Cuba, who has his wealth in the form of- diamonds, when about to p«si custom house Inspectors in San Francisco to place his diamonds in bis mouth) ab< if be finds the search -i» too rigid be oan easily iwallow them — and as soon as 'he gets ashore an emetic will shortly briiij Hie dlainomU to light. 44 he (s aaturall: ft close buyer and brtngs the etoucs into this country without payment of duty, bag lluls if any difficulty in disposing o. them at a price In advance of what b j»id.-— Sun Franctsco*Cor. OUcagu Belaid. At »5M) » Twtr. (to oonniry -nilulflter}— Some of the mtmben of the co tioa, Mr, Oixxlniafi, complain th*t you po aat fp^t qftH* 1 iou*! eaoujh. = Coautry Mini***! 1 — I tyatSt m load - AnAT?? IT is prf?po<t"f! that Onsfrnrfi- men shall each have a clerk Of course, those so fortunate as to be chairmen of Important committees contrive to gut a certain amount of work out of their clerks; but a majority have no clerks at all At first glance it seems aristocratic und extravagant to thus trengthen the bands of a member at overnment expanse; but a knowledge T the facts may be proper at this time, he Congressmeu who tries to do his uty esnntft poss*b!f : get along without clerk; that, la certain; and the Congressman who must depend upon hia alary cannot hire a clerk. It Is not merely attending upon the sessions of ongrcss, but there Is also much, committee work to be d<m% and there is a ertaia amount of going out to dine— oclety demands raustTbe^ttended to. "ven these, arduqUa as they are. bHt 'present a part t/f bis duWea. 'There a a large amount of department work, —-going from one -poblio building to Bother to obtain Information for con- tltuenta. Congress convenes at 12 (on londays at il}-o'clock and -continues ntilB.G,", 10, 12, or all night, as the ase may be, bat usually adjourns at f> m.> Well nt£h ever/day the member must take until Congress meets to visit tie departments. After the day's sea- ion is over, and dinner is had, it' is at ast 7 o'clock/ -If h« is so fortunate as o bave no constituents preseut, and as no Invitation fo dine or spend the may be able to look ver bis mail; but answer it he cannot lObsibly. He must bave a private sec- etary. A good man to fill that place annot be bad for less than an hundred dollars per month, and be will not be xtragood at, that money.. Now no XmRpeasman has .possibly more than nO,ooo-pw year.the legitimate expenses f his election taking at least 82,000 of his 810,000. If he give a clerk Sl,200 per year, thaMeaves him but 2,800 per ear. But he Is called upon to contribute, o all sorts ef objects and he cant get out of giving,—churches, benevolent ocletles,impecunious supporters, etc. Do a man living at? Sterling, quietly, (5000 Would be considered ft good' suqa ;o live upon; but the Congressman can barely live upon his salary,-..without-- a clerk, r He durst Sot try? to entertain; .he couldn't possibly do it; Now^the feeling Is grow- ng stronger that either Congressmen must be allowed clerks or an increase of salary, or it will jpon be that. bnly_ Tlctrm erf-wlH )je~iefi t'there."" Bome'merT will answer, let the fellows now there refuse to serve any longer; we can :flud slenty to take their places. True mough, but what kind of fellows V' man of spirit is willing to humiliate a.mself(deny hlmselfi and humiliate his family', to serve hia. district la Con ' j It U a good daiU hbfUei matter Ona supposes to^firid good i willing to take the ofllte of judge because the salary is but 83,600, many lawyers refusing outright to have it; yet 83,500 for judge in this State ia butter salary than $6,000 for congressman Our government gives President, Vice IJreaidfcnt,. cabinet officers, bureau officers; tiuartermaatars, &c.r clerks to aid them in their several duties; and if as is said and insisted upon by mem bers, who know their duties better than anybody else, that they must have clerks or they can't discharge their's and that their salaries will not let them hire clerks themselves, why should there be greater improplety In their cases than In those of pther servants of this government? THE CARROLL County Herald qays that the Republicans of that county are by DO means unannlmous .for Smith for governor.' We are not prised to hear that. There are a Very good many In Wblteaide who think that several men might ba .named irbo would come nearer to their idea of what a governor should be than the pres- et(t lieutenant goveroor of this Stpte, who, .less, probably,' than fifty yea'rj^ol age, has held office almost continuously sinqp he r was of age. .We supported him for State treasurer s,nd f or lieutenant governor, but when It corned to governor, it does seem to us that it Is time to.oalLs halt. -Of course, as things usually go,'it don't demand any talent to fill the governor's chair; but Smith hasn't yet explained how! be suflexed that mountebank and cl Haines to preside over the convention of the Senate and House when Lo| ;an was elected. Beaidea, Mr. Smith oujht to be teady foe a rest. ' '., . . . ANONYMOUS LETTERS addressed to the persons assailed are not so bad, for the reason that the man who recel ?es them can destroy them. To be si re the man who addresssea an anonymous abusive letter to- another Is about as low down a dog as ever barked; for he Is a coward and a knave. Tlme'waa In years long gone when we first receitec them that we sometimes were worried a few momenta; but whenever we took tb« troablwU) look up th*.knaves who wrote them, we, jilways foupd them! to be" worthless ears,-whose' bark was weak and hid no ; bite: Of.-lato yeftrs one of these" gentry never succeed i in getting .,ns ,to Jreail bis effusions We almost without exception can tell one by the address on the envelope; the very nature of the man and the contemptibleness of Lis act showing: in the handwriting. If by chance,'wejdo open one, we nerer-get further than the first line; then it goes to the sto re This is our advice to others who are a' times annoyed by such letters; don': give them the petty gratification 'o knowing they forced, themselves upon y our notice eveo-fotJ a -minute, R >a men, brav« men if they have a difflc .il ty to adjust wjtl» a neighbor, go to h] m and let him know about it; or the; keep away from him altogether, ref(is log to recognize him in any wUe, riu men who write anonymous letters'o an abusive nature are the kind whc would like to burn oua's b*ru, or boii»e in shoot at htm wlieu he Isn't loo! but who luck, oven, the uual 1 . amoiln of cluck n»«dful to do any of ih '«e eril Uilcg*. ' THE MARKETS. rv, Jfl" On tha b^aM of tr:v1fl to-'t,iy «B^<-<1 M follow*: Whoa!.—Xn. 3 Fcliniary. ipen«d TPVic, clouM T&?ic; BInrrh, or*nM TTt^c, lo«M T7>4-^e; May, or*'n*cl and closed 83c. Corn—No. i FpbntAry, orwno'l 47?fc, clrwd c; March, op*?n(Hl ^Mic, clofwd 481^c; MAJ, opened 63mc, clovl 5-'i4- ; 'ft'. Oatn-No. 3 Mar, 3f«l S.->t<|c. ckw«l eiLjr-.. Pork—February, pcned 9M.'JS. clowxl IU.U7Hi' March, opened HSO.closed *14.2.'H; Mar. opened 814.50, cJosed il4-47V6^JO. I^rd—February, opened $7.39, closed Lire sl™-k-Followlni; am tho Union Stock -ftrdfl quotations: Ho^fl—Mark« opened fairly fcctlra, best (Trails BteaJy; common and rou^h ots Oc lover; llsht grmdtw, I^STjCuJS. IB; nniuh packing;. 8.i.o:.Si.i.>»: roliwl lots. 8\(»-a5.43; scary packing and shipping lota, V&.30&&.7S. C»tt!»-S!ow; fancy beere*, |4.00!aB.40; Inferlot to fair, $3.00<T}4.00; cows. $1.7.V38.00; Btocksrs, ii.OJ^S.40. Bhwp— Market stronRiir; caUv««, ^OO-^S-OO, mainly $(0^(^4.50; wtstams, 54.50® .10; lambs, fJ.OJ^Q.^ Produca: JSuttor—Fancy Elfrln creamery, 80® £c per Ib; fancy dairy, 21 &34o; packing stock, »®15a. Kgffs-Strictly fresh, S\®ita per doi; Ice-house, iri^lSc: plcklod, lia'5«. Dresaed wultry—-cailckana, TQHHifl per Ib; lurkeya, 83> c; ducks, 8il»o; (reel , 8@9o. PotBtooa —<B<j> *^0 per bu; sweet potatoes, Sx.00^4.00 por bbt Apptos— Fair to choloe, $1.003171 por bhL Oanberrioi-Beil and onerry, »9.*5 per bbl; bell Z4ew Tork. Nrw r tbiS. JanT SO. Whi«t—Steady; No. 1 red state, 83<a9lc; Na I do, 91J4c; No. » red irlntor February, U0>ic; do Mny, SSl^c. Corn-Dull; No. 2 mlzed cash, «IMc; do February, 60«4«. Oats-Qul-t; No. 1 white state, 4i@484c; No. S do, 41®41)4ic; Na -J mixed ?tebruary, 38!^i Rys—Dulland unchanitel. Bar- ey^-Nomln&l. Tork—Dull; old moss, 91Q.253& 15.W. lArd-S7.58, February; $7.79, May. Lira Stock; Cattle—Really good steers, scarce and fairly flrtn; lower grades, plenty and dull and ower; tfommonto extrasteors, $190<Ii580; poor- eat, $i.:.Oiaa.OO. Bhecpand Lambit— Rheop, slow >jt steady; common ami good,»4 00 ft4.f>0; lambs, ordinary tocholce,$3LWia7.|!(K. HoRS-No trad- ng In live hogi; nominal./ firm; $5.40(^5.80. Ar'tUtle Tastes la Dieppe. Dieppe Is the Atlantic City of France. t U a fmnny, breezy, little town, whew hey hang tho utreet lamps out of tho sec- nd story windows, nnd Is famons for the rarity of Its earrings In Ivory and terra »tta. The rough, crooked streets aro ined with shabby,. Insignificant shops, whose every window Is a ahovr case of taelf and represcntnttre of o modest for- une, nnd the designs therein are exceed- iigly beautiful, giving evidence of the .rtlstlc tastes of the Inhabitants. Objets L'nrt of. the highest order are to be had or a mere song, but then carving Is the pronounced trade of the majority of the x>pulation—the very gamin of the street mechanically model lumps of clay, as they langle their sabots in the gutters.—Cor. Philadelphia Times. Life of the Younger Daman. M. Alexander Dumas, flls, rfiates in he Christmas number of La Kevne niufl- re that he lived, thirty years ago, In the Rne de Boulogne, now the Rue Ballu, In a little house which was afterward ten- inted successively by Snrcey, Sdmond About and Paul de Cassngnac. There Were In it an Infinitesimal dlniug room, ii drawing room of the same dimensions, nnd a garden wherein two cats might have a chance of swinging one another. On the first floor there was a jedroom about the size of a large band- XJX, and several other holes which were also designated by tho landlord and the concierge aa chambers. His father, the Alexander the Great of fiction, used to visit him In this place, and when dining with him on one hot July evening facetiously told him to open tho door of the sallo a manger BO us to air thrf*'garden. M. Damns' says that he was'qnlto happy in this limited space for a period of nil years, because he had health, work, success nnd freedom. He used to work from 0 in tho morning until 4 or 6 In the even- Ing, and when Inspiration refused to come ho Blmply sat at one_of his windows, stared at passers by, and when there was nobody'nbout contemplated the opposite wall.—New York Tribune. You mny deceive all the people some of the time, nnd some of the people all tho time, butuotull the people ull the time.— Abraham Lincoln. Front Deer *>'fove. The exhibition last' Wednesday was well represented. There was a little enlargement of the programme but after the first few minutes everything went off quiet The Catholics of Deer Grove are contemplating building a new church at Deer Grove. Mr. Ross, of Walnut, is to start a singing school in the Deer Grove school house. The first meeting for organizing to be held next Wednesday eve. Quite a number from our neighborhood attended the debate at the Barn's school Friday eve. We understand that Hiss Dora Davis and Miss Bena Halsted will start to school at Dlxon next week. Our little town is beginning to assume a very orderly aspect lately. We havn't had any little petty strifes and quarrels, but everything going as It should. W« hope to continue. Willie Batten started to town last Saturday and on returning home bis cutter was broken so he was obliged to stop over until Monday morning. Miss Mary Durr has been off visiting this week. Miss Talty, of tjie IJutten school has objected to the Central examination being held there on account of the school sesta being too few and too small to accommodate tbe number of pupils that would attend. We are sorry that we cannot Intrude on the hos- hospitable patrons of the Hutten school remembering how kindly we were treated when there three years ago.bul we hope that next central the seats will b ; e arranged so as to accommodate such worthy workers as Central examination's pupils.. • - • The exhibition at Dei-r Grove had a irout and back stage which causec a little unpleasantness. Last Saturday word was received from Rev. Father Sullivan stating that his mother had died in Chicago There war not any services here on Sunday. ART. Curre Mrs. Langtry'i first appearance in public was aa a reader; shu read "C ing a Cold." by Mark Twain. la a cent interview sue «aid that she dv™ not approve of his way, but for berseli uses Dr; Bull's Cough Syrup a sure cure every time. Cold at the south—from 2 to fl greea below the freezing point./ tb -Au Old Story.— Look at a human be Ing when under tbe Influence of tbat terrible torture, rheumatism. Trivia suiyptoma were neglected until disease became eatabliahed, w all th« kms«aff«riog could have pr«T«at««t by prompt u*» of tialvstfon Oil. eoiUaff 26 csuta * botU« *t all drug store*. " F*tnf^ Trfin«fVT« Henry Pool to.Inp Dr-kkpr lots in Vui- ('ornelius Knnpp to S R Hanks lot in \ibany, $!.'0. Klecta Oitnsted to Ezra II IIIII lot In rophetatowD, 8500. f. C Walsh to John Anthony laud n Fenton, 81. William Petty to Jno W Martin land n Sterling, 8250. iJN Whisler to Thomas Whlsler ots in Albany. ?50. Wm M Smith to Mary Paddock lots n Erie, S300. M E Hntchlnflon to James Johnson and in Newton, 82,000. Anna J Lefferts to Mary A Baird lot n Empire, 8400. Wesley G Hendricks to Chas J Aldritt land in L'stlck, 81,600. FA lame back, side Shiloh's Porous Plaster. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 or cheat, use Price 25 cents. Public benefactors are they who work to build up their towns. "The best on-enrtli %J -catr trnly be said fGriftg's Glycerine Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, acalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and all skin erup- ions. Try this wonder healer. 25 cts. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co. Let the dam project be consummated. Other Improvements need dlscus- iion. niLoii's COUGH, and Co^umpton' Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 - • Farmers' day. Merchants busy. Cnour, •ffnoopiNQ oouan and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's "ure. O. A. Oliver * Co. 1 Dlxon's shoe factory is now fairly under way. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable )•: that terrible cough Sblloh'a Cure s the remedy for you. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Bob Lincoln is talked of for Governor. Tire KEY. QEO. H. TIIAYKK. of Bourbon, Ind , says: "Both myself and wife >we our lives to Smton's CONSUMPTION CUKE." O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 The Massachucetts Senate has pass ed Constitutional amendments (Prohibition). THAT HACKING couou can be, so quickly cured by Shlloh'a Cure. We guarantee it. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Whoop up the dam busienss. Bucklen'o AruimHalTr. The best salve in the world for (Juts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Ff^ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, L'lrilblaius, Corns, and all tikin Eruptions, and poativwly cures Piles, or no pay required. It la guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 25 cents per box. Forisale byS triokler & Boorse. The Governor is slow to make up his mind about the judgeship. AHoand lirgnl Opinion. /.E. Balubrldge Muuday Esq., Connty Atty., Clay Co., Tex. says: "Have used Electric Bitters with most happy results. My brother also was very low with Malarial Fever and Jaundice, but was cured by timely use of this ined!*- cine. Am satisfied Electric Hitters saved his life." Mr. D. I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave, Ky., adds a like testimony sayinp:IIe positively believes he would have died, had it not been for Eleotrlo (fitters. This great remedy will ward off, as well as cure all Malaria Diseases, and for all Kidney, Liver und Stomach Disorders stands . unequalled. Price, 50cts. nnd 81. at Strickler & Boorses. Nights are cold. I THE GUARANTEED remedy, Kemp's Palsam, for the Throat and Lungs.I It never falls to cure Coughs, Colds,Crou[ Bronchitis and all throat and lun troubles. Price 50 cents and 81. A.I Hendrlcks. 4K Washington Territory has approved the Woman suffrage bill. ' I cheerfully recommend Red CloVer ToLic to those suffering from trou lies of the stomach and liver. I am nov r on my second bottle, and It makes me like a new man. 0. M. Nashua, Iowa. For sale by 0. A. er.- -. Fred Grant refuses to be qnaran commissioner. Not as wild for o as some of. bis enemies declare. feel IM foee Don't Experiment. You can't afford to waste time fab experimenting when your lungs an in danger. Consumption always Btx at first only a cold.' Do not permit dealer to impose upon you. with s< me cheap imitation of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs Colds, but be sure you get the genn me. Because be can make more profit! he may tell you he has some iust as g«i or just the same. Dout be deceived, but Insist upon getting Dr. King's few Discovery, which is guaranteed t» p ive relief In all Throat, Lung and Chest affections. Trial bottles free at Strickler & Boorses Drug Stone. -Large Bottles 8i. Duplex Corset Integrity of material and mnr«. Gives Bunplenesd. ease and eleeance to the Coo ba depended upon for satisfactory gor i the form Borvk*. D . upon for satisfactory Warrantee. Bold everywhere for One Branpl* »eut post-paid ou receipt of pr EORTREEs.'Ffi.CO.JACKSOB.MICH, A Planters Experience. "My pl»nt«ti«D !• IB » malarial d *• trlet, wtixre fever and «STD* pr«rall«d< I cinptoy 1O4> baadtti fr*i|uesitlT half of ttiem w*»« alcK. I waa naarly ~ wbms I >>«(as> «*• »*• •' H Tho r««alt wsuk <B*rT*U«o»- POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thla powder never varies. A marvel of purity ii a< d whoiesomenei's. More economical . than the ordinary kinds, and cannot ba Bold In oompetHnn with ths multitude of low test, snort welebt alumo or phosphate powders. Sold only In cans. ROYAL BAKING POWDKH Co., 4<B Wall Hlreet New York. Jan31d-wly "There Ws.f on old Woman who Uvcd in a shoe""™ She n«d so many children she didn't know what to do." To keep them all clean was a work of much skill— To let them go dirty vas quite 'gajnst her will. •> Now, "If care killed a cat," 'tis plain to be seen. There was fear of her dying in the attempt to keep clean The ten heedless children w'jb vied with each other In making hard work for this poor worried mother. She looked with a feeling akin to despair On the heap! of soiled clothing that fell to her share, When "Hue Monday" came with its steaming soapsuds, For cleansing from dirt all these shabby old dads, Though sh« rose with the lark, her work was behind j To make her task lighter no way could she find— Til a friend brought Santa Claui Soap to bet aid. ~A woiiderfurchange in he* work wa« then made; No longer discouraged—a heart full of hope, Shi tings of'the virtues of Santa Claus Soap. SANTA CLAUS SOAP M«d« by M. K. FAIRBANK ft CO. CHICAGO, ALMOST: GIVEN: AWAY! 50 SCHOOL OLO-A.ICS, ' Direct from the Manufacturer. Ages from 6 to 10 years, at 50 per cent, below the cost to manufacture. A Few Newmarkets At Your Own Price t Scarlet Underwear At SJlftnd 5Oc. *aeh--l-a Price. GINGHAMS, ISTEW SHEETINGS, 1VJBS\V OEISIMES! Goods at Same Prices Before the Advance Bargains in Black and Colored Silks. Trade increasing under our New Plan of doing .business, We are the CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. N. CARPENTER *t CO. Womijn'e banks are notyeta suocesp. uiLofl 'a viTAiizEii Is what you peed for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dlz- ztnesa and all symptoms of Dyspepsia Prlte 10 and 1t> cents per bottle.' O. A. Oliver* Co. 1 DuWln people don't love English offloera. Clktt.t make AnyitUBK lake It. I bfcve been practicing medicine for twenty years, and have/never been able to put op a vegetable compound that would, like yimmons Liver Regulator, proouptly and effectively more the liver to actioti and at the same time aid (la- BteAd of weakening) the digestive and »s8imllatlve powers ' of the systemo. No other remedy Within my knowledge oan fill Its place. JU. M. HINTON, U. D., Washington, Ark. . tths Two hundred people frozen, to death in Dakota, Minnesota and. Montana last week. ."Who ever heard of a man buying .1 <3old Watch for 39 cents; and yet a nn.down eaut had the audacity to head one of their advertising sueets in this manner, and did it simply to catch: the eye of the public. Now, while we don't jelierve in deception of any sort, still WB have such an anxiety for a sight of the OATABRH OITRBD, nealth and awee breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal Injector free. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 TliB Only HeniBdy >OB ' . ' . Contagious Blood Poison. Mr. D. B. Adsmi, Union. South CaroUn*.. write*; " I wo* afllfcted with a terrible cm** of blood polBon for «bout tlilrteea montlu. I >ru treated bJT tbe b«*i pbyilciaul, and u*«d varluua kinds of mined,**, but received no •ut>iji%nUal relief. I rtnali/ trlod tha BwUt Bpoclno, and nboUi tour bottle* curtd ma ftouud oud well.y* Cut a H. Klmer. editor and proprietor of the OpuUkJt, XUn Tifne** under dut« of Anernit «, igjl. wrltM: "\Vhra I a yuung nuua, ihrousli IndbcratkiR, t con. • tracted a tllseaia which ha» stock to me (or roan. Somu n«« or six >nrs slnott I -was troubled with paint, so aa to mac* It difficult for ma to walk. Having ' tboa S. a. !umyp«p8rfor»<>Tcna aoludcd I would try li to •<•« If anjr efflcaey in th» irnxllclnp. I . ig to direction* I wa* onc« at . . jrtnrm, 1 eoooludt-d tiMTft wai any eCfl ooinmonp*<l uitufi It aiMl tueu liulC douu bottle*. ,*ayBiatlon and. vetting left, I walked iha •even inlU** and nttve never ff It aiiy return at tha old nittlarty. After »xpt;rleucln(r tha •x>d dfrpou 1 muit fiay J ora *aUjnlled with . tberMuIt. Xam uxiy elithtTrHntof a«eana . . I fenl now like a young man *u<J can go to ttt« CEise whenneoe**ary and >**e up from six •toel^ht tbtmisand ems without any •wenl^ucew. . t Mod you thU without •on. ilr. F. Wof hi, til North Arenu, B»(l(* dateoIJuito 12, 18B7, vrltci: "1 Ucern •ttmyniuty to tliAiile >oa for 1 ha cure X r»> •oitved from your exceUUjnt medicine. 1 ooiv * a*acted a very aevortt ca*a of blood pot*on»- ,tQK about t« o J«*r» ago. Bearing of your unvdlclaio, I \rrnt to adniR (lore, tha pro- fjirletor of which pcratu^iled Die to buy ft nrrepcu-atlon of hi* OTvn, wliicb ha aald WM • ia»uroi:ur«, * I uwxi gJx boiilea ot hU Uua won« all UiO time. . ''(li^UKWd and tie* paired of a cure. 1 met 4 • •frif ud who told me that your medlolno baa tcurc-d him, I went ts> ttie BJITJO druKgi«» •Rain and d«m*ndrd > our medicine. Ho n»* luctanti/ *ota wo twelve bi>ctl«*. Bncf I am now t«rfectly oun-d. X write thl* (or th« b«o*>!lt of *ufT*rc*«, to prevent their Wing- by r.ii»*e rcproaentatlon*. I thane rw . txlvad from jou • , j Pr. J. N.JTwneT.a prominent phytlclao,. tcildluK In KlUvIllf. t Sch!ej County, ($eori[U.. 'la A letter r*KuuaUa« ilif lufaUitle huce«*4 he ha* In curing touuglou* bJ<.H>d hl» vxuiuMvtt praottoe, wrttM "Tiioiwj wilu kuow Eh4 alnio»t L peroMuMutly otuifvrotu «OM-U of iu< ,. will u^kxiuo your dtsoeverr pf ft, ft. 8. u a Duou lt> nttuoabltf. Tha mrulCAl *—' — *»n .,.-.. •ir.aiJ lu. «t . ^t> iu« .01 Ilk. a. H. iu u»s4« of tlood i 4f. Of «"4&rM a fnv^ielmi iha! ' ftjilw - GOLD WATCHES ,•.» GREAT EYE OF That we have been making all this talk simply to get you to looking our way and shall be willing to take your punishment, providing we fall to SHOW Y0l| BARGAINS Almost equal ,to Gold Watches for 30 cents. Don't take our word for It, but x>md and look for yourself, upon the most astonishing chance eyer shown TO THE n, all sorts of useful, every -day household necessities. Look at these bargains AND COME AINJD SEE THE REST. apanned Walter*, from 6 to 26c: Bread Kulves, lOcj Butcher; Knives, lOo; tew Pang,' 5 and H>o; Japanned Foot Scrapers, lOc; r p>oth Picks, large pacfe- M, Se; Mincing Knives, fi and lOcj Carpet'Tucks, 3 packages 'for &c: 2- Hole ilouse Trap flc; 4-Hole Mouse Trap. lOc; the- most fashionable Neck Scarfs, only 26o, worth We; Fine Parlor hroom, only 2*c. worth 86c; Clothes Pins, B doz. for 60; 15 inch Lamp, complete, Burner and Chimney, only 26o; Lamp Chimney, only 60; and hundreds o^f other things. Call and see for yourself. ' 1O6 Third Street. Sterling, Ills. 3. M. BEECHER, PLUMBER, i JBted Ijine IV o. 1. —AND— GAS FiTTEt Iron, Lead, and Server l»ipe'. Brmsw Goo<l«, • j Oil Fi Pnmp» and Pump Repairs, Ou uid Oil Fix- tuna. • OFPOKITB roar OFKJCK OW rOVBVH STBEET ! LINE. ! UUNNINQ THEEE WAGONS JLV All goods promptly dwrrer sd to any putt «»*^ • - - 8 -^ c *^ SLW^U'tL^K.^S?!* HAVE YOUR BOOKS BOl|ND A an .f taw, «od te Wepared to do all kinds O i. illug Moving EduieJioli goods and plaaoa jeclaltor. ,' Leave orders »t Melrlu 6 Son* I Henry Jenniionl grocery. — * Wondera exist In thouswid ot 'onus, but are surpasard by t >e Dianreli oi invention. Those who are In need ot profitable work that can be done wblle living at home should at om.-e Bend ihclr address to Hul- jeti« Co., Portland, Maine, Slid receive free, full Inl nnatloo bow elthvr sex, of all agra, can earn from tn to »25 per, day and upwards wherever °"p *i V8 «, il>u "** "*rt«d free. Capital nm required. SemohAV* made over t60 ID a single day at this work. All succeed. dwtl E. B. FACEY & CO. PLUMBERS,'STEASU GAS FITTEBS H AVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY Mil. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In the employ of J. 8. Johnstone as Plumber. W e also have arrangements wllh WALTKR A. . i an expert Plumber, now with K. Itaitnot In th« best p'ainblnj estnollshiuBut In Chicago. In case o[ »ny nn« or eitra work, to iisslKt us. We are pi-epurt-d lo make coutr.icts and furnish material lor all work hi the Plumbing, Kttam »nd Ua» ft«i?g Uoe mid de-p lu stock Inn . li- il imd »tr pipe, bras* KOOUS, pumps. &u. f.i : .ury- lBg Ib DC fOUIUt 111 • U«t.|;la.1S , -U. llMuni-nL - thlBg at i-<n j;<3«, i e arc Up work la a. >&tlsf»«or>' aiunurr .|;a.1S , at i-<nvili:iDlf ijrii;<3«, mid »e arc m.w pieiw i a u> ' a:iif , u.-niMi-a . r a:ii , u.-niM Kit »0fk (lid aiaterlitl 13 Kpreouili'tl. CiEY, whoda>t>wii ID l»nlm-i U ' AT THH GAZETTE T.-K. ^ACiEY, whoda>t>wii ID l»nlm-i Ure • Intuiil roi>l.uiiou«r)' 'or the Iwtt miny-inu >eua, will supf rlnteml the work, tilt qualifications as a ia«clutulc are too well known to need com MUOP AT TH« OtJD

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