Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 21
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 21

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1959
Page 21
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tulles still losses Stale iepartmenl By STEWART tlnlfetl Pfesfl International WASHINGTON (Wt)--Fof more hurl six" years there has never Ifeeen any question who was the IbosS at the State Department -- ftnd there still isn't. I- Secretary of State John foster ItJulles is In Walter Reed Army [Hospital today awaiting an opera- fttott for hernia. But the effect of Ihis powerful personality still hov- over the subordinates in whose panda he left affairs for "a few The guide lines on major policy | Also are clear and firm. Sources conjectured Dulles prob- 'ftbly would be away from his desk 'for ait ior six Cart tf TMnfci 1 ottn "If torn* haftdft arft finite mill 14 Rtdio Lab tha,t «•* have lover!, and kept In 6ur« riTiT}-* •intll It grew cold' C&M TELEVISION 125 tf, Somer'vHIe Photi* MCM-3B11 If all It hftM haltl fallen froni ltn hold, and can do no m6re; PerViAp* ther« ar« & few arnail threads that It will fast, unlll a.1 last, that w* can . «p ftiirj weave along, *llh patipnre itrong In love. If we can take but some wfte, (ilngle thread, for loves sweet and keep It beaten on the wheel a trifle longer, fee! That same thread In our hands to add unto and hold, until our own frrow cold, spin W* may take heart above the and with weak hand* that wherft those left off, and Roln* on grow strong. If we but hend close to spe just'whit the thread* tnny be WftlcVi filled the quite hands, Perhaps some strand* »o golden, or no *t*-ong may he there still, that we our empty hands may fill -v Bnd even yet smile thouRh our eye* are wet JAMES BANKS We wish In express ouf sincere appreciation to all our friends for their kindness and thoughtfulness during my herevoment and stay In the hospital. Many thanks to Paul Klem for his great help. May God bless you nil. Mrs. Bonnie Banks and and sister, I* 1 ^•_".'?' )ftrl _____ ^,iMO 5-5802 """ FcT "fieilabfe TV Service Call OKNE & DON'S TV SftrtVICB *fi W. ..foster,._ Ph; MO 4-9481 Aritonna Service. New ami Used An" tennas for salt*. 11.17 Varnon Drive. •__MO 4-4070, O"-rge wing. Hawkins ^iHIaTATV Lab 117 S. Bafn«l MO 4-JJM RADIO A TKLKVI81ON repair service on nny make or model. 10 to 35% Savings fin tuhes and pafts. Antennas installed. Fast and reliable. Time payments. Montgomery Ward At Company. Phone MO 4-3251. ».*>*>'*••* » .»•* .»«. -*.».**> *«» Jt ^li» <».».»..» Appliances 56 36 36A HedHng,Alr Cond. 36A Air 320 W. . M06RE TIN SH6P Conditioning— Payne Heat PAINTING and Paper Hanging. work guaranteed. Phone MO 5-5204. P. E. Dyfer, 600 N. DWlght. 40 Transfer & Storage 40 «f tftiffacfc' 7892 ii jpT^Jt Jf * *_ SeveNtl u»«<i Mflfiffctoi-t. Rieft ' .., __ _ AI.AVAYS HKht . . . kcfip* color* bright . . . '.hat's farrton* Uhift Lustre onrpet «nrt upholstery clean**, Hs r<1 \v a n> . i-'OR SAtjK "or trflrfV: Electric clothes flrycf, Inqulfft at niO __ LfKK NKW: Solid "mahogany jTplece Duncan f'hyfe (lining room .iijjte and pad. Mu.«t tee tn appreciate. {ISO. 1 -lion e MO 4-4072, 'JOOD Used Fire/Hone and on* Phllro. $149.98 each, guaranteed, Firesfons Store, 117 $._ Cnylpr. ___ FOR SAI.R: 11 <»u. f ool~?r~E7~c:ii e«t Typ« Fi-pesnr. Phone MO 9-9S7.J. Rewtt REOISTERBn Yorkithlr* ]»!«.«. Phone SLKKf'IN'O Room? In privaU home. 289 W, McLean, Tcxa«. K, K. Brook*. J 303 X. vVfist. Inquire fiuS \V. Francis. MO 4-am. ^_ ROOM for rent: privatp.'bath, priVAte ent.rii.nce. C, B. Martin. 519 K. Kingsmill. 51st TMfi 'PAMPA Yeaf SUNDAY, . IS, 1950 80 KSKtMO Spit*, Toy Fo* Terrier*, I'ocUera, Pekingese, Dachshouml, Chihuahua. The Aquarium. 23M Alcook. 03 farm Equipment S3 McCOflMICK Farm Equipment Store, for International parts and equlp- —--* r-rl'-e Itoad. MO 4-74(16. 94 . . Will Share . 94 96 Unfurniihed Apaftriienfj 9i RKDECORATKI) 4 room dui»1e,jt apartment. 2 bills paid. Adllt.s only. No i'°? fe * St. MO 4^7160. BTvlNO man living at 921 .S. Sumnrr In rear will give big part. Ot rent on furnished house for 95 Fufflished ApaffmenH 95 ,1-UOOM unfurnished, private bath, dean. $50 a month hill* paid. MO 4-4153,_ j _____ 1 ANT/ 2-BRtmOOM unfurnished apartment*, water and RSS paid. 41? K. '7th. CallMO 4-7.'.fiS. UNFmiNISilED duplex, 3 rooms"niid -. .Faulkner. MO 4-72flr>. ..... .. 69 Mijcellaneoui For Sole 69 Thompson's United Rent-Alls "We cent most anything" 120 N. Somervllie MO 4-2331 AIR CONDtTIONTNO Cover* made to fit any *l*e. Pftmpa. Tent ft Awning Co. 317 E. f 'rown. MO 4-8541. AUCTION SALE , .. . * m Pampa Warehouse & Transfer . But' they said most *^ fjf ^^ /TA" 10 " -^^^^^ Jn ^°*- n? wlth Cftre E -S- vr >-^ e| :« I'of the important foreign policy Inland for that period are formulated, Available Fof Advice Further, the secretary has made ;lt clear that except fof the time [ tyhen he actually is under anesthesia, he will 'be available for Consultation and advice on foreign policy, Dulle* went to the hospital Tuesday to rest (or his second major operation In less than two years. Doctors said the surgery would be performed late this week or early next week. Fears were expressed in Europe that Dulles' illness might stall Western moves in the Berlin crisis. But there were no indications , in Washington of a delay. The Western Allies are expected to send a reply late next week to Russia's Jan. 10 note proposing a 28-nalion German peace treaty. Reject Soviet Proposal MONUMENTS, delivered anywhere. $.15 and up. Fort Granite & Marble Co. MO 5-5622. S Special 8TAUFFEH Reducing M For fre« . demonstration call Nfrs. II. O. Clements. MO 6-5310 or MO 9-9187. Liucllle's Bath Clinic Turkish and Steam Baths. Swedish Massage He- ducing. 1520 Alcock. MO 5-4212. Pompa Lodge No. 966 420 West Klngamlll Wed., Feb. IS, 7:30 p.m. Study & Kxnms Tbui's., I'Vh. KI, 7.-;!M p.m. K.C. Hegrfii Visitors Welcome. Members urged to «.ttetld Oscar shearnr. W.M. Tying Ph. M.O 4-4221 BUCK'S TUANSFKR it STOKAOK' Free Kstmates ft Insured 510 S. Glllespla - MO 4-7222 40A Houling'~Moving 40A Roy'i Transfer & Moving Roy Free—203 E. Tuka 4-S151 41 Child Core 41 \VIL,I,DO house work or baby silting, MO 4-21(14. 42 Painting, Paper Hng. 42 Machinery For Sale; l-No. 51. IIIC K. foot combine, like new has only cut 600 acres. 1-Heavy duty'combine tilt trailer. 1-lnternational Utility 3oO tractor with It-action control, Independent I-ower take off. fa«t hitch and t valvoc, run lens than 500 hours. 1-1 How tool Viar and planter. 1-Itotary Hoe. 1-Hotary Cutter*. 1-3 Section harrow. 1-8 foot tandem. See Lloyd BaniRtt Route 2 1-ampa, Texas Ph. MO 4-2047 84 Office, Store (quipmdtit 84 , apai. rfienu Is And up week.'y Bills paid. Sea Mr*. _-._ _-_ ___ ;(~H(K).\f, private bath, fVantenna, WM»h*r nnd dryer, bills paid. 418 N. West. MX.r "»-.'.fi7g_. ___ ._ 2 ROOM "furnished apartment. Cfin- Iral heatlns- arid refrigerated air. 435 N. Ballard. Inrpiire at No. 2 or 3 _ a pa rtftien t L _Vf eek days. _ M en_tmly . 4-HOOM nio<Ierri garage apartment, no po. ts, MO 4-3425. ___ __ 2 BIODHOOM modern", furnished, hlllsT paid. Apply at Toms Place. 842 E. Krederlr, __ RKN'T late-model typewriter, adding machine or calculator by day, week or month. Trl-Clty Office Machines Company. Phone MO 5-5140. furnished apartment. Call MO 5-3(142.. -SI3 Ruth. _____ ___ 3-llOOM modern fefffelt?nr-y apartment^ Attend the drawing. Nice line of used furniture and appliances. Some new furniture. We Buy, W« Sell an Conilflnmsnt Price Road MO 4-6409 75 69A Vacuum Cleaners 69A FREI3 50 lljs. All-in-one Krumbles with each booking of 100 Spring Chicks. James Feed Store 522 S. Cuyler MO R-5851 ^ 4 ROOM well furnished apartment. $Sf> per month. Plumbed tor automatic washer. Inquire at Jr. Mln- nlck Trallor Park. 1-4 mile south _on I^eforw Highway. Fofr~UK"NT: iJn'rgn 2"r(,om furnished Rpartment. N>wlv decorated. Close In. ?4n'.i W. Kingsmlll. 3 ROOM Modern furnished apartment. Hills paid, $15 a month. Inquire Me' Klrby Vacuum Cleaners and all other makes. Call \m 4-29!>0. ^.».....^.-^_.._ f J.J. jj-j^fj-jfj 70 Musical Insfrumenti 70 89 Wanted to Buy 89 WOULD Like to buy used furniture of all klndn. Call MO 9-9119. PIANOS Alcoholics Anonymous I'll. JIO 4-7GOI) _ ____ ic r.cilurtnp I'lan. l''or deniuiiMrntlfin, cull Vlckl Wil- _MllIII!<. MO "i-flOfit. NOTK'"K"'r<l"'l't;"UI,lf.': I will no longer be responsible for nny ilffltl.s conttacti-i| iiy anyone oilier thfin uiv.«ietr, i'riiiu tlris day, Ji-il-'i!'. i I'AIM. MTSiiltA-VK FOR Papering, painting, textonlng of any lype call MO r,-.">.191. Free es- tiniiit".". Luke Kennell. _______ V'KI-.'K Kstlmnt'.s on ijcforatliig nepils, jiajti^rlnK, Piiintlng, tiiplng, tr\-|on- iiiK , «'|.-. MO •t-(i.'!47 or MO 1-^.MiS. AXD KNABfl boose from CFTKRRY. WALNUT, B1SQTTK MA HOG AN V, MAPLE, KBONV, A XI) BLOND OAK, FltOM j:,85 Bench & Freight Free. Suitable Terms WILSON PIANO SALON 1221 Willlslon MO 4-fl57I 3 hlockw K. of Highland -Kospltal WANTED: I^Ral or letter-size fireproof cabinet. Call MO 4-3442. 'THR'BK' IIOOM "furnished apartment _S''_ml-modern. 510 N. Roberta. 2 JlK'miobM "furnished iipiirtmcnt" _ ! JL'L2_ monlh. Bills paid MO 4-4512. FO~K RKNT: 2 ronm furnished apartment, private hath, hills paid. .1303 E. Frederic. ._ _ . 3~ROOM unfurnished apartnieriT. TV antenna, wired 220. extra lai-jte fooms. $5i> month, bill* paid. 417 Crest, MO L J-2:t4a. _^__ 2 BEDROO'M Ap'artment A. garagfi Bills paid. Call MO 4-7008. f^f-jf-JF-jf-jf-jfrjg-^~_t~f-j*-jt _ff-f-Jt-Jf~J L j?~ji-_f-^M' Jf- 97 Furnisudd Houses 97 .»j>«»>ijii.^fc^-j^^^^*^*.^^fc.^^^*.^.^-jfc *-*^*~* 3 BKUUOOM furnished hous.e, close in, Call MO 4-8660. Inquire 427 Hill at ^ rear, after 5:30 weekjtlays. 4 ROOM Modern furnished house, Inquire r>21 S. Somgrvllle, :5"-"ROOM' gr\rage. (.'miplf. No pots. Mo -l- FURNISHFiT) T room ""housed Fenced yard. C,ood condition. Couple preferred or 1 small child, $35 per mo. MO 4-37fi1. FURNISHED two room house. Redecorated. Rills paid. 8fi2 W. Foster Phong_ 4-7967. _____ ("LEAN" 3 room modern house. All bills paid, ("all after 12 noon Sunday. MO S-n75fi. TRY A CLASSIFIFD AD? 42A Carpenter Work 42A lob an. I H!thi>.«to.<< sld- 10 ost &ound 10 town. M<> fi-400i._ _ _ uriT: Dark hrown remain Screw Tall Bulldog, lost In Skellytuwn. Reward. I'nll VI. S-i!W2. LOST 3 Month* old Bull IJOK. Jlrown—-~ marked with white earn, clipped ami 147 taped IOIIR tall. MO fl-'Ju7l, reward. Quotes In The News • HOLLYWOOD — Singer Anna Maria Alberghettl's jmotHer__reaf- firming: her decision not to attnnd her daughter's wedding to a divorced man: "I will not attend the wedding. I said I was going to be Hick the day the marriage took place. I urn Btlli going to be sick." Business Opportunities 13 'The West will reject the Soviet SOLID Oray fcmstle :Welni»raner, proposal, but Inform Russia of Ha! monthf-olii. IOM on somh side willingness to have a Big Four foreign ministers meeting to discuss Berlin in the context of the overall German problem. Dulles was expected to be on his feet again in time for the tenth anniversary meeting of NATO In Washington on April 3. This would provide a logical time for the United States, Britain, France, and West Germany, to put finishing touches on their •trategy. There could be a foreign ministers' meeting with Russia in early May if the Soviets accept. 43A Carpet Service 43A tiiTo Discount on Kug cleaning- 9x12's jr.. All carpPtH cl»nriptl \vorU eunr- rinti-fil. Jlo .l-S.-iXl. <;. W. Fields. 45A Tree Nursery 45A MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS ORGANS PAMPA. TEXAS 71 Bicycles 71 TURK Trlniinliiff. l''r«e KstUiiutfu. Call JIfif>-4:;oi. Lowell Sallerwhltft , VIRGILE'S complcto Nlock repair Kfrvlce :r26 K. (,'uylRr A<tU r J<'llANCHIStiS now available In other cholfp cltlpf. Klnnm'lnt? nvnll- able on npprnvnl >if credit. Kor froe hrochurc KiviiiR iletalls iiliout thlK IntprpMtliiK and profltaltlf! hufllneHM nnd lint »f fraiichl."e« availiihlp, wrlln A*\V Itoot Jleer Co., Box IDIC'M, aantn Mon_l<ji, '^M^. TH"K F'AM'PA "IVewi. Stand Tor mid;. Well pHlaiillslii?<l, K')Od liUHiiit^x. Keanon for yplllnir, other MO 4-32'r, or net- .Mr. AVuifnor, JH N. Uuosell. Xo tnt(le-<. BIKE SHOP ( of parts one day PH MO 4-3420 76 Misc. Livestock Plowing, Yard Work Complete yard esiabllHhnTint. Itoto- tilling, nod rutting. Setnl. Top soil. _M2 9^629._ Leroy Thornburg. _ i'ARD and Uarden Rotary Tt|!'ig. leveling, seeding and sodding. Ted, LewiB. MO 4 Yard and" garden plou-ltig, post holes levelling-, roto - tilling. J. Alvln ' KOR SALIC: Z registered Jerney milch rows. Both lust fn>sli. Call Vprnnn. Turner. nOl'-.r-l. MrF^ean, Texa.«, between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. 13A Business Services 13A KOI! Expert floor waxing and window cleaning In your home of buHlnens. MO 4-«a95. A-l Window ClennerH. INCOM10 TAX Returns. Accurate and fast nervine. J. O. Watson, 1032 I'ralrl* Drive. MO 5-3093. 15 Instruction 15 9 a.m. !• th« Dally Deadline tor Classified Adi. Saturday for bun- day edition, 12 noon. This Is also the 11 a.m. dally and I p.m. .Saturday for A4>out Pcopl* Ads will b« t»k«n up to Sunday's edition. CLA88IPIED RATKi 1 Day — llo per line *2 Dayi — 27o per iln* par day I Diiyi — I!o per line per day 4 Day* — Jlo per Una p«r day t Day* — Ifc per line p«f day ( Day* — 17o per line pel day Monthly rate i 12.70 twr line per Month, (no copy change. Minimum ad: three l-iiolnt line*. The New* accept, recponalblllty for «rror« on the first Insertion only leadline for ad cancellations. Mainly Cord of Thanks 1 ft Gon* U tha faces we loved ao Dear Silent l» the volceH we loved to hear Too far away for light or upeecli Rut not to far for our thoughta to reach Sweet to remember they who once were here And they thoughabaerit I* juit ai dear It la hard to live with out them But surely <!od knew beat He hat token them from rufferlng- And given them Hweet re«t. HOWARD AND MARTHA MOSBY With deepest (sratltuiln [ extend thin word of tbanki for the many ai-tn of fcliu1ne«8 and sympathy expressed by my many friends duriiiK my KhOi-klntf Wurd of the sinldun deiiih.M of my beloved brothiT. Howard Monty and his wife Marl ha of Kugene, Oregon. Thesu klndut-ssi-a have meant much to me. Thank you. .Mrs.Nannie lii'lle Mcl.aln Even there shall thy right hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold. Gone Ix the face we loved so dear. Too far away for sight or speech but not too far for thought to reach. Swe«t tn remember him who once was hen 1 . Anil who, though absent, Is a» dear. CHARLES M. MILLIGAN We wish to express our muM *inciTf • pjiriH'hillon fur Hit; kind iiMsi»uiac<? ftliil courtesy extemli-d dui-inx (lie lil- nea.i ami drahl of our beloved luis- Lind aii'l f.itlur Thu t'hua. MilllK&n Fumlly. UIOH SCHOOL at home Ir. spare time. New tails furnished. Diploma awnrdoi" 1<OV7 monthly P a -V- ments. American School. Dept. 1' N'. Box ; U''i_AjT""l!!'j_ Tf;J?-l_ i i.MI'l^KTK .MOlJKHN li»-lp . 'N'otir child neriln to Improve hl.M school wr>rk. ('ontact ICImcr StltiiMon, J->l- ucntlon t'ouncelor. MO 4-4I2T. _ _ __ ___ Kolt SATjIC: Turkey fertl'lixfr for; your yard. MO 4-8604. MO 4-;Uf,S, j 48 Trees and Shrubbery 48 TRUCE NURSERY "**! Larpest and most complete nursery atock In tho (Jolden Spread. 2fi miles I noi'thpast of 1'ampa on Farm Koad I ;»1. Ph. GI--_2. Aliuin.-i?d. Texas. __ | TKHK8 "Trlrami-.d. Complete shrub care. Yards roto-tllled, leveled, etc. W. R. Mitchell. MO S-3187. Ever CrcenH. Shrubs, Hose Bushes BUTLER NURSERY N- Ifohart PLANT NOW, Nrw shipment of bars root ro.iR.s. flowering: shruhii. fruit trrpM. Stuli'n lawn und garden »up- plicf. S.'il \\' Koalur. 49 Cess Pools Tanks 49 CKHSl'Oi i|,H and Sfptlc Tankx clean- j fd. C I-. Casttel. 1103 S. Barnes. MD 4-ii)::n. TO BUY SELL RENT OR HIRE TRY A CLASSIFIED AD PHONE MO 4-2525 JONES AUTO AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINE SERVICE W. A. "BILL" JONES 1516 Alcock MO 5-4621 ALL MAKES, MODELS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINES 2 DAY SERVICE ON ALL ENGINES ALL ENGINES GUARANTEED 120 Days Or 12,000 Miles Appointments Made by Ph. or Mail BUSINESS PHONE MO 5-4621 1516 ALCOCK Make Your inspection Where There Is Complete Quality Selection.,. During THE FESTIVAL Home Bargains 3-BEDROOM HOMES Garage, Large Lofs Total Move-In Cost to GI's Monthly Including Taxes & Ins. , . 18 Beaufy Shops 18|49A Pest Control 49A HI-FASHION BEAUTY SALON A ,, r . j-KSTS In the home «:ontrolled i Opei-Rtor Imo (iene Oweni York, MO | f,,,. .,,, ] ow »B }:',00 a bedroom. A.I.S 4.4171. 912 Alcock. CHB5C FTKLL'S "Beauty Shop. Cold waves JO.50 and up. Nell Everett, _ A.J.S. P"EST~ CONTROL GOT EM-FLEAS-GET EM rnanagor. 1U15 S. Sumner. MO 5-4402. ^SSW^'S. ^Fttr ^h'o 50 Building Supplies 50 _. i°i 7 K- Komer. MO 4-7191. SA'VB TTArK'wIlh a~ioveiy "so"fTpHsy to do I'l'iinanent Special. IJi.iiO. C'.ty Heautv Sliop. _MO_4^224G. _ " LUMBER c ALLIED PAINT Hter MO _ TlUsTWKKTiniaTnW and nrt 11.50, I *~ Q " n ^' .fj^l" 1 " J"°u2^ 7«, Hair cut I1.2.V cold wave with beau- , Foxworth-Qalbrilth Lbr. Co. MO 4-7433 tlful lialr Btyllnif, tjl.95. Vueue Henu- j ~-~- KVA T S~»"KAUT"Y SolT F»M waven" »— 16.50 and up. .Shampoo, wot and cut FRESH Dressed Pheasants located at Good Things to Eat 57 . . Included. Operate™ Kva (ill!, ICblau Jlnrnandf:?. nnd Audry l)Ixnn. 60(1 Voager. MO 5-26."p|. 19 Situation Wonted 19 VIM., KKKP small children for working mother. MO 9-a848. FOR. SALK or lease: equipment, or would hire operator for beauty shop In White Daer. for Information call TU 3-5101 or TU 3-4111. Welding Shop Whlta Dear. TU 36761. _______________ OltnkltS taken for home. made pies and cukes. MO 4-7543. Mr». Bob Dorris. 63 Laundry 63 IUKAL STEAM LAUNDRY INC. Family bundles Individually washed. Wet wash. ROUK!I dry. Family fln.- Uh. 321 E. AtchUon. MO 4-4331. WASHING Sic Ii,. Ironlngr 11.26 dozen mixed nlec-M. CurWIna • speolalty. 720 N. Hank*. Mti 4-8180. 21 MoUJielp NKKD Kxperlenced Bhoe man or would \V A NT KT~1 R O .V fN(T: |fOO~a~doxen. accept young man lo trnln for »hoK Call MI i 4-2l2!i, 609 Roliertii. _ ' Burling tinliiry. fr__j )1>A i. IN1 .. N "servir,.;"""wet~wi»lih dry, flat finish, pick-up and (leirvi-rv.'lli N. Hiibart. MO 9-968:i Apply Mr. Miller, Dunlap'8. 22 Female Help Wonted •**;'rriV)NiNi; do7ie":ri' my iiumt.', do/. ——i'—-"•-•- •-• - »• •- — *••*•• ..»•—— j ,.1,^ nii.\i:d |>i(:ceH. Also hal<y setting '.SPARK TJMK plece-llkc work! Stay f, y | 10 ,, jr or dny s.j E. Locust. MO- home! Nil doorbell rinKifiR! Securall, I -t-f!.i:i. Itux J'asadMi.i, i'ullfi.>rniu. — illiiiMMi Wanted Jl.SS a dozi-n bn tiAliS" To du teli-phom; survey work i , ul y unit: or rail :i-4i"S. .'il'D N. Ward. [^u^-nM Wichita r-aiU. T.-xns. ,.;'''.-.'.:.- . -- : - •-.--- -.- -+~rr+---. WA.\TKI»: __ _ to du in inv Inline 23 'Mole & Femqb Help 23 &-^,^^'^^ttk 1206 K. '•**• • Fostir. 63A Rug Cleaning 63A t'INISH High School or grade school at home, Mparo time Books fur* nlshed, diploma awarded. Write Co- lumbU 8»:hooU. Uo» I_»U. .Am.arUU?' MUN'EV WANTKD: riMi-ict manager i mal« or R Hug Sha'mpoo machine and U-mp.lei Jainpa and M. .my -i ned l ° « irs » ttnd r ur . Ke A«7« r rr« a ':!£ inM 1 ,"." 1 :;-^ %£ ««<^- »»•« - f -^-- l ™ ™>™ not iu-ce* ! -ar>. l.ut *"•"- ; K, .t/M.'icnONAI.D KL'RNlTfllK I'O. Wril IliK '<K>' ami »|Uiiil! ii atons \it: J. \'. rriiu-c, Stulc Mxr. S'Jlli l.liiili-u A\e. Ft. \V urUi 'i. Tuxut,. '513 S. t'uvlur AU) i •v*~**f*~f*-~lf«^9* ••*•**"+ |66 Upholstery, Repair 66 WK .'JO NuT l.o.SK TliK (i.NKS WK KoVK. TI1KV (iNI.V (5i> JlKKOHH. WHKKK T1UCHK ia KVKIU.AHT- IM; I.IKK WHIOiiK SiiltltW IS NO MnltK i 'AND TIIKMK THK son, j WILL AI.WAVS I.IVK. I AND I'ICACK IS KVKKWIIKIcK i ASH l>o NOT I.OSI-: TliK UNK.S. VK I/OVK liulJ TAKF.S TI1KM IN HIS CAClfl. WILLIE RICHARDSON Wa luko thin nii-anx to eMJii-^s our £no»l slin'fl'e uppl i-Hcitttion lo our IIKI- n.v friends anj n«i»,-liljOrs who were *» (helpful during our KOIT-MW In the lo.-sj |of our d«-ar I3rolb*r and Viirl* Willie n who pa?s«d away Fel-- : |ruaiy ft. i .ilij «ji|.)e<.l»lly IIU* I" Ihavk i I>r. Kfllty and th« entire stuff of; Hijiiiland Ge.-in-al Hospital for their; untiring effort* tti'fl tender *•*«•• given during hi» long lllne»», to H"» Ennin «iill of i-flvarv BaptUt iMiunli. Bro. Millon of Ifirsl Bapltiu JH-.-'on. »nd; to Hio Karl M*ddo» of Fellow ulup i Dalit 1*1 t'hurch for llieir ci,.o-ol,nn itoi-rJi of i.oinfi.u-t during our i-<>iir'». to our fritniln sod neighbor* wlm, ^Tougiil and i-t-rxed fo,nl in nor ivoniri* (Hid for the floral offt-ri'igi. »<• m*" grateful, aud to I)uenk*l-C"<*nr.U hael | .for Ihdr liiipii-.-nive UM. riif» Mi\ , ijucl jyi-'» *-«' b of J5 Salesmen Wanted 25 j Brummett's Upholstery _ NIM-:i"i 2_NKAT Ap|.i-arinB_ ,,,,-n^ ,1^-s t .- 1!H x | Tl ; u ,r nepuir-d -'l'p'holit.:iil. JulifWV'it New a''d l.'si-J Furniture. lit a. Cuyler. i/O 4-iWs. v, fo« loi-ul art-H. JltfllrfllS. I ' I , Tu*-^d;i>- anil p.m. In ti 11 in. MO l 'iillipitlo liin^ mHiiHKtr iMon' \\','iiiu"»ila> 1 i 1 1 ' K N I N i ! : I-''"- I'" ;il .'i^,; .''u oc ui,f*-r prefrrri-'ii. Iniertrnt-r-d IK m.llxlllVl *i l"'l lll-llil'lil fiilillr. 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MO |^>1!> 't.'LKAI-A sl ''• ^Al^E on good u»«d TV »*u HI.MII« »»t» have new picture tut.!- All ««!« are no Id on a suarunif-.'i l>.i«!*. Convtnltui bu4- 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths BRICK GI HOMES Total Movo-In Cost 300 POPHAM, WHITE DEER, TEXAS FH.A OME 1 P.M. to 7 P.M. SAT. & SUN. J » i H Iti-rj i ion*, lire*.-* «rl«ll<v I'uil WO S- 1.140 ' • B. F. Goodrich Store "'* , U»S S Ouyifcr _ W't 4 .11.1 V, ! McLAUoHLiN~FURNITURE 31 4'l-i S. Ci.\l, r __ !'(.,,I.M MO ( C-M : WASIIKR SKRVICK. will SHELBY J RUFF rent or *fll Automatic w»*h- I-T|:M"IT1;K Bofi.lllT i- >'o|.n W«. ll'il ^»«l Huftd. J4-0 i-»li|. *i- S. Cujltr Jl ( > i-iiii; LET US BUILD A COOPER HOME FOR YOU! FHA--GI LOANS! CONVENTIONAL OR CASH! ON YOUR LOT OR OURS! IN PANHANDLE OR WHITE DEER! LET'S BE CONGENIAL! 31 Appligoce Repgif POX6068 COOPER HOMES AMARIUQ, TEXAS DR 4-2861 Double Garage 3 BEDROOM V/2 Baths Total Move-In Monthly Homes Open Today All Day HUGHES DEVELOPMENT COMPANY MUtlH ( SALKS OFFICE MO 9-9342 "Live Better in A Home Of Your Own"

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