The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1971 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1971
Page 12
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T.I I'M KND8 TUKR. MTt Storm... l Continued from I'nge!) plus occnslonsl twlstcm, caui«d icfltlered damage Ihrouftiwut Bhtiorla County. In the Braiosport area, Surfslde Island apparently caugdi the (mint of the storm about I a.m. High (Idee combined with tornadic winds and rain to caui* tmnt rof>f damage, pull down power lines, and move around items In vulnerable area* Houttun Ughling and Cower Ci> got in /ir«l call »h<«lJy betwe I am from Uke Jai liw«) wlktr e « tre* limb had (alien into a power line. At t » am a call came from l>emiJohn Itland Shortly »fl<f 1 a m call* twflaii to it«ne m Irojri Trrature l»l»i«l rwar »» San ljui» l'4»» «>d n< UUixt **» rr»iof«l to the by d«*n. but th«i jtwn I«^g4n twing in alx«jl t * in , at rttrrk thrir ploprlt) or to iiftd Ilir x/*rr Clnr .Han |,uu up to trj <*r 6:30 & 8:20 The story of a married man...with a hobby. AMUSEMENT GUIDE VELASCO \ *it H>* fc I *) fc I 11 »*.« i j^»^ *.< «« KI*M •* «•« ww^r' LAKE SURF K At* »i5| " 111 BEACON The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker LAST NITE TUES. 6:45 & 8:30 BURT LANCASTER ROBERT RYAN LEEJ. COBB coio«t, c«i-.«- Uratad ftrttm o «l" Harry Graham is going home after 15 years in prison. Ms son still wantstosee him hang. A 'tf-IW KIB Si'ONAW-lAlBOt ROBERT MITCHUM GOING HOME JAN-MCHAa VINCENT Wfitten by LAWRENCE B MARCUS Produced and Directed ty HERBERT B UONARD METROCOOR in mph about 1 a.m. He Mid (here 'wore several Instance* of minor damage to roofs, At Uzy Palm* Subdivision, about two mile* from the pass, iilgli tide* Joined (he lornadlc winds to cau«e problem*. At the home of Mr. and Mrt. Jerry Code, water ro«e four (e«l under their houw. The water lifted the Cade*' irnall VW from lu parking place In the driveway, depositing It In B flower bed. A small boat (led In the yard wa» nUo moved lo » tile under lite haute, Across (h« strwt from UK; Cadr Iwme one tide of n porch (HI Irorn » h(WM- and the roof over UH? livinK room there wa» gww, Mr» C«d* reported Mrs Cade reported (hat a further »nno)'anc* rMulting fr»m the utonn was the (act that due to (he tie-in ot pttone and fltTtrical lints, »l«rti Ih* At at«>u 1 *J it in tuu i Catnr b) (XI Hteir »a> Hi xtvAltrt plair lo tpend lite rrtt !}»*•> "d lM~n\ >tii)tnK in at San Ijjit tud I -mi v.4t.l»«j vtl it« at »\IKJ had Ihnr pfi.Atlrtn* llir otwr wix*] by Mi »f»d Mrs V. ¥ Ovurak un ttCr !»t « as v, ctturnMl by i «i!>j5 ttfjj' 1 1 III iwlax ItrsiiJrfils on lluil tlrrc! Jifid 4lso on Klj I Jf« rrfwlnj the nind fttt Wv«inj{ i-xtrrjurl) lij(d jt that Simc (>nr frtjiirf:! uii fig (jifir iu»d t)w * jj-jj :^-rtJifid lit Ix- i/l'^w ittft lr«!i jH di!r«.-|tc«»ii »'. ur«cr ftirJ-. 41 V j m twiij ifi lul i'A".r.f altrti i t'titlfl hit l! <jTn".i4irm', tut |?jti(;r atxl tnvirti i^ si («-", 71n- tar it lijd I.*; 1 9 Ik* tji fw ncjr link* .Hf) « Itv !JjT SijiUfSWl Itliid »rcji iiWilij.; »31 {«rtn' up 4 ivitii ,r, tlj.- J.a'.c Af'.ntjc*; BARBS li» CIIII, I'A.StlilU, 1 ! H »<."ij !>•!(>! j,-:.,,t,r;. li. f<- a ift r n » hi' •'! ." <• 5 i w (heir huiJuii.'s <!<i iVr ,: *-.„•. r ,-. '•,-,u!. r :.«•'!-•, I '.•< (>.,<• f. -I-.;,-!, the ;i, rr >,<•!:<• ;.) i,!!«•!•, s •. f '. ::;'-•.*• f'-'-;, tr*f'-,<'. M«KlMt I'.IIIMI'.I »','.>. In r>vt>\H»c\ life tlx-trV a SUMMER OF 't-^ ^j^JTTpl STARTS WED. « NOON CALL THE HKAZOSiHWT f ACTS, Preeport, Texaa, Tuesday, November a, 19?J» Page 13 Stock INDIA claimed three I'nklslani warplnnes were shot down In a dogfight near Calcutta on Monday as both the Indians and Pakistanis reported heavy fighting along Kosl Pakistan's borders, Pakistani broadcasts charged that India had launched an all-out offensive into Kasl Pakistan at four scattered points, The Indians said (Cast Pakistan's liengali rebels made massive strikes across the border and denied Dial Indian troops were involved. PakUUn's delegntion to the United Nations said il was considering calling lor an emergency session of the Security Council. WASHINGTON - Supporter* of President Nuon'i rtuminer* to fill two Supreme CVjurt vacancies looked for a lopsided victory in the Swale Judiciary ('ummittrt; trxiay l.'</H>Mi!l/-e action will clear tl«r wa>' 'or the Senate to Uke up the nomination*, but Democratic l.eadrr Mike MdRafkeld uid the)' *ill tje the b»< iicHi wi DJT agenda be/ure adjourtimetit WAMIINfilO.N S<-.'ul<- lua pawed I?;- billion Ui cut bill drafgncd lo stimulate (he K.-(MK»n> :ift«"r atuching an jmtndinrnt allowing the lrca.».ur) to tunkrol! Courmy litlfh I), Block •hd W. K. Hullmi * Co. IJJII .............. MZ.49 Air Induction ....... '*S Amer. Nal'l In* ...... «i Arner. New* ......... lz ^* Arncr. T4T ......... <'** A, I', Green ........ * 9 '* Bourns, Inc ........ , |0 Vi ate». & Ohio K.K ..... «''v Chrysler ........... M Comliuslion Kn|{ ..... I*'.* Dow Chemical ...... . «i»'» Dut'unl ............ H Fed Sii(n & Signal. . . U*> Fort) Motor Co ....... M 1 * Klinlkole .......... 2''« Kranklin I.We Inn ..... 20 Kre«iKirl Sulphur ..... I* Gcm-rsl Klectric ..... s« (ii-fiertil Motors ...... "'« Gordons Ji."*lry. . . . *!'•• report CSC meeting The Hou Uip .......... «*» HuuMon Nal'l «a» ..... J*'« Kt-nm-cott Copper. . . . 20 '» Kroger ............. 27*. IliM ............... »' J < UK*! ItK) ........... l» Marathon Oil ....... » Motinanlo .......... ' 3 Marcor ............. -''• N'ako ............ S« |Vm»i->' J (.: ........ **'« I'liilijA IMr ......... 2 6 'Occidental I'ete ..... 1J Clylm (KtMirrni ..... "'» «"'« "' '' »'» "'•» Sid Oilol IrnJ Sid oil of N J .S'. nti'x . bill *a» paused 'A to 30 Murwiay m|Uit ai»d wmt into cjxilrrrocr witii t)w HuuM T>«- i 'jtilrrcnct- comrtuHrf ts «"ijjrrl«l lo do a! Ir^sl a SAK.IIV (ir»<: ul \i ^ii, liar:n ad mlo rafttrft furt I-; an V><-t.r Uair camp !< TJ<r i ox> man a> <»d dnvr »as rrportrd li K- >4*"j i Utd MJ far tias mrl iifth! rr-ii>uncf A! !hf iJ. !^«- ,'jrs.l djv fjrld l.ili<-d in arvd no SiHjth \':(rtr;imf sr Suit... (hit I'nlchan! Worth h» :.<-* rrippr rondurlt-d t> ir^ AU.<>«t .» H jl (ir;r: Mock, the public budge! hrariDC u'f«-Kla;«x) fuf t .1 ni \Srdrti~fcdo > ;r the ( tjf*i nnmonm < ojrUxom Precincts... TV* a » duif Sut V, T <;rant ........ «', Mutual Fund Atkfti I'rtrr Kiddil> Trwvd. ..... :».<"i Ind Trt-nd Kund . . 12. 41 Teui» Fund ........ S.»iS Manhattan Kund. . l.w I'til Idrumr Kutid . IJ.!M Jas. S. Gupton rites Nov. 24 WKST tCII.LMHIA Kum-ral wrvicr-i will tx- bt-ld al 2 y> p rn Wi-dr«rs4a> (or Jjimi Ma.swn (Ju[>!o!i. hC a rctirwl l.'rmt-rsi!) o/ H«us!«; IrjclM-r who d<«J Sur»da> at UK* SJiarfm if* NurMrijj Hon.e if, lioutturi Hi- •*.»?. .1 native of SVral C'/iuml'ia .V-rvicrs will t«- rx-ld 4! the Columbia t'nitt-d Mrthodut Church, with t/unal in tbr roiumbu i.Ymetrn TT«-fr- uil! (» Mavinic ntrs Ar Ilakrr l-'umTii Home of ' Sur-, ivor-i include tuo d.-iuKhl«rv Mn> CiUdys Ward of Houston and Mr* Tnnc Talari of Alh.imt<r;i Ca! . thre-i- sons. K< nr.i-th of HtiaMnTi Jam*-*. S o-f H'^'Mof! arid Wroon <*f S)l:nar. ' -alif . «w Miter Mrs Kale !{.».•.<•) Kr icndiu ood .ind i»ne i from I "a iff ! (Continued from Page I) the only stale out of the ,V) that doenn't have a Utilltlei CommlMlnn to protect the people from unfair rate witting." — /n»urance: "The In- aurancc Commiiufon sell a rate but Texas law doesn't allow a company to set any rate lower than that. That is *>t competition and it's not tin.' American free enterprise system. Also, our rates increase while the highest dividends in history are heing paid to insurance company stockholders. That's gigging the people." -Health Care: "We nave helg for thwte over 65 but younger people have no care. We need health care for everyone. Since we don't have It every American male can expect to live a shorter life than a similar man in 40 other countries. A woman can expect to live a nhorter life thuin similar women in 14 other countries ." Korwgn affairs: 'It's in shambles Wlttn Taiwan *as kick«l (jut of (he t,'rnl«l Nations they danced and huggwl each other Trie- oj/ punenLk didn't vote again*! Nationalist China, they voted againut us " While VarrXfriAi^J. st-abU-d dM-pl;, a! Titas' guvr-rnmi-nt. Hep Uraun u«k a str<«i(;cr slarxi aganuil what htr c.iili<) REWARDING' ABSORBING JUBVWNE VOUOVWTHE Of THE WORLD' FEATURE TIMES 6:45 & 8:55 I'KH MONTH 36 Munttu en pmpixc.M <tr»i t»r H mwitrit TM Ivll con prict u Mil) ^- •- <liKI<af U« 4fltf l t tl« «n« l«c«ut O*^«rrtd P4iffl«nl f U 14 mtlvf4tng de%o P«|ffi*n1 4H0 liftAnct Ctaf9«t ANM AL I'EHCKXTAUE HATE IS M.OS t'EKCENT. Leo Martin Volkswagen i'i s *<' '>'..i!-,••!•', Tt'i'^ \r>'-l ifiC:;i(Ji-s t}-*- Mjt.if! community and ^ %r?i.»h ^ ifTitjriiiif^ ,"ir«-.i j<fT.;nt1^ rr..)> iauM- Mtf:u- pr»V'i'-nis in i^islic:* Is; vi.!!'.!-"' HCM- areas •*•• J<m ! am [xjtjlic tuildir^s s<i u.r il |>r>^a!«> davr In rcTit voim- vavant iols and uv*' ixirl.ihU' liiiie '.Sir m.K ';. rr«'a!«t (*••* f\ef{\<r> prwmcLs TV.i' ni-* rjt-.•'.:i-.!j priTiricts AUI I In-conic effcctnr ur.ii! Jan ! At tuiii- [><•* rltvlHtr. fifficiaK ami the 1 dt-S!»;r.iUon of 'Mir l<-£i>!.<!!tr and <.'<«',Kfi->»K" rtxliMricii.'vj; [tl.ii; ^|.)ll!.s itr.i;»4i.i i txir.l't tvI'iK'vtt U;ri.t' vtatf it'^iNlatitrs .iiui l«o L S Xalc Hep .li«- Hutrnak <ii Hitst-ntxi}! will ri-prcsont vnting |«> i:;iiLi J.V 11 .'I. J.* ;*, U" .'* .*..ind.» S4.i!<- Hrj) Tom t'lwr of Ha> <'K> will rcpu-M-jit vutitt^; jwivitift* J« X1.J2.W. M. U r and 1" Si.tU- Ki-p Neil l"ald%vfll w.ll rcpri-stMit ttx' [K-opli- in the llir t'oiiCroMunal ".pill nl the count) givi-s the bulk ai the [»-»^U- In C<ms Itnh Casey of Ikmston ijouoser longr John Y<»inj; «t i"»rvn> Oinsli retains repri'setitation uf *ix voting (iriviiii'ts in the !>«uthern (virt n( the coutit> The) are voter precmi!> J4 W T 17. 18. .ind :IS 5> Roger £o//rn ''As c s t a b 1 1 s h in t n t politicians make a public spectacle of themselves the sinking Mul- ship, it becomM im- port.'iri! to ri-memoer that \in-iair «me mt-ri lim.-d up solidly against Hep Neil (,'aldwei! s ri.-s*lu!i(«i calling on all those high slate officials involved in the bank and insurance company stock scandal to Rive a public explanation before a joint M-ssion of the Ix- **• lobby IntcrwiU and in calling for greater integrity in government. Uraun said (hat Hep. Kayford Price of Palenline, one candidate for Mouse Speaker, ha» one of the most consistently "pro-pollution records" and brags about his "support from the Tcxag Chemical Council and the Texas Manufacturers Association." tiraun, with co-sponsor Caldwell, introduced House Bill 56 early in the last legislative session. That bill, which would have given an individual the right to sue a fjolluter, died in a hostile subcommittee. Uraun said his bill will return in the next legislative .vwnon but this time as a S«ialc bill. Uraun will setk election to the new 11th .S<rriatonal District in Houston. "There were over 1,000 people- at tlx; public hearing on 111! M. more than had appeared for any other piece of IpgiMaticm I understand that more than 5(/Xi letters of support were received by rnernb'^rs of the House and Senate," he said But despite this support from the public, the bill died after referral to a subcommittee Uraun accused Hugh Varsta Jr . executive director of the- Texas Water Quality lioard. as being one of the people th;jt campaigned against th<: bill \'ar.tis and the TWQB were the iubjccl of additional criticism related to a public hearing on proponed changes of certmn agency rules. A legal notice of the hearing appeared in a Houston newspaper Nov. 12, Braun Indicated that the notice wa« not widely circulated, "The rule changes deny you the right to testify before the TWQB without first submitting your testimony to Mr. Hugh Vantlx in written form. You better start writing your opposition now, unless you want this thing to get further into the muck," Braun said. Braun said he sees the solution to many of Texas' problems as the election of anti-pollution state officers. "Give us the right governor, the right Speaker, the right lieutenant governor and we'll deal with the Hugh Yanlis' in this state," he said. The public hearing on proposed rules changes is set fora a.m. Dec. 17 in Koom tOS of the John H. Reagan Building in Austin. The hearing was originally set for Nov. 19. Kep. Caldwell did not address the group in order to allow more speaking time for former Senator Yarborough, who had another speaking engagement the same night. Moderator of the program was Vaughan Stewart, president of the CSC. Watch For ' j Our Free* * I GIFT OFFKR [ I Coming Soon... | Lack's Plantatbn Center "There -*ere Vi of us out of the iy>memU-r Houw *ho hufj^jrlnl your Hep ('.aid'* ell m this fight UK- voters of Texas should question the character of tbfjw: v-'.'xi voted against the Caid'Aell resolution but 'Jiho W* claim to hatr had a sud-Jt-n change o< heart " Uraun said liraun s osx-ning slaternenls wt the tenor of his talk to tivt- an!i fK>l!utK."n group He jomed Vartwrough in criticizing DEER PROCESSING 3-BROTHERS Coastal Air [Conditioning Company Service-Residental-lndustrial No job too large or too small 265-6836 916 Highway 288, Clute Coastal Air Conditioning Company 1U> ll t i i « ^K, i t , j.i t, » 4 t Wednesday Specials FIESTA DINNER $1-44 ENCHILADA DINNER Guacamole Salad, Beef Taco, Two Enchiladas, Tamale, Chili, Beans, Rice, ToMillas, Hot Sauce and Candy. Reg. $1.70 3 Cheese Enchiladas, Chili, Beans, Rice, Tortillas, Hot Sauce and Candy. Reg. $1.45 $1.24 me* MiXIOAN RESTAURANTS 217 Plantation Or. lake Jackson

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