The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1859
Page 3
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JkTRANSFOR^N aTsC BOOKS AND STATIONERY. INSURANCE COMPANIES. JRAU.HOADS. RAILROA Henry Niedeekeu & BUSINESS DIRECTORY HEW f AND FAVOBIT£ ! BOTTTE BITTTBES fHl ' • ': • " - ;Tne following Utt of %rtf>tn House* turlng Kstablisbmeo t* mn among the b«t *ai> VMS* , , BLINK: BOOK KULER8 « BOOKBINDERS. •PtSS J, M, GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT & SPPEMNTBIfDENT, orrciE-« TOTOG'S HKW BLOCK. Plans and SpeeiffcaUorafor all kind) (Bralabed atehort noUoeand on ~ '' 1*B i . Waiikeska milt. I AM prepared to furnish the cllUenj of Milwaukee with coim-mir MILK t«m the -well known Sairjr of «. BARBER, Bra., at a fair price and In quantities from a pint to a puncheon.. Those wishing to be supplied, can lea»« ihel] orders with Heatn. Hoim * OroAj-, opjxnlle the Wtf kerHonse. * jfc ^ABBOTT, Btnden' Btook, Printing Jtek «nd Irur Papers, JTsrwn Bwaoro Ho.SU BUT WAT«Bt,SrJ,WiaSD»BU>Os7, AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAJPT. AtKX, SCOTT, LE&DEB. 18 NOW READY TO FDKNI8U ANT ratea. L number of Instruments, from one to !' twenty-two, for BaHs, Parties/Parades, Excursion!, Ac., Ac., »t reasonable ' • KIT CABSON1! S . . Apply or *ddreu£*pt.,Aux. 8oof*«r at HeapctedV MQ.IC Blow, 178, East W»»CT it. • augll MUKKAY, PKIOB A CO., 8ewnkn'« Mammoth Some tartittUof Block, • HUKON STBEET, , AID DAXLU8 II STOVES, TIN, A GALVANIZED IKON KODflKG, Gutter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agent* for Collins' celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Oaps, Hot Air furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, *CA Wr Orders thankfully received and promptly attea- cu to. my88 EJ .AND ADVBNTUR KIT CARSON, The Wester «f the Rocky Mooutains, from beta narrated by himself.' Jost received by Rehback's- t.ead Pencils. f OR SALE BY TlfiKKY & CI.KAVEK, BOOKSELLEKS A»» STATIONERS, Water «ir«rf, ISAAC J£IJS4drSJLEY, CAS A: STEAM PIPli F1TTEU, NO. £91 EAST WATER STREET. WBOLK8AI.E AID SETAIL CIALHa II GAS AND STEAM PIPES, GAS, STEAM AND WATEB COOKfl, GLOBK AND CHECK VALVES, GDAGE OOCK8, Ac., Always on hand,alarge uiortment of « AS FI X X B K E S Work done in a workmanlike Anner, at abort notlet »nd lowest price*. . TXTE have jut received a fall rapply of (be*e Oel*. YT br»t«a Penolte from th« nannfactcri otJ.,1. nannfactcri .,. Rehbach, tn Kegenitrarg, Banria. Ihej i»e carefully anorted, and each grade' U dlsthifntalied > f a popnlar brand. Particular attention ir called to vhe **0pposl- Uoo Pencil," (round black gilt;) and to the "People*! o to «ie"tagine«r's Pen- hieh vUl be fonnd anpai. or to any other pene<l In the market. Alwaj« on band a complete auortment of black and colored lead pencils of mil the desirable grades A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orden. ap*29 Pencil," (round red gilt;) also to «ie" ell," (hexagon gilt.) All of vhieh vUl N. 1^. CiKlSWOJ-O db CO.. » UTAIt. DULXK3 U CADIE8-, GENTLEMEaS'S ANI> OHILDREN'B BOOTS, SHOES AND fiAITEBS, MASON STREET, OppoBite the Walker Donne. myll e. WKlNBKfciNNliK, KAIUFAOTDRKB AID DaAUOl II BOOTS, SHOES AND OAITEBS, NO. 24 SPBING STREET, Opposite American Houa* Boot tit Suoe Store. NO. 48 EAST WATER STREET, JOHN PHEL.AN, EEKPS always on hand good custom made Boots and Bhoes. All kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made to order in the latest style and warranted to give satisfaction. aprtS ALLIBONE-S DICTIOBJARY 1 OF AUTHORS. . , A U& BW«Ltlne, Store or Merchandise ttnoreJ : not, call Immediately and get them Insured In the fellowing «rif»t Clias," old ertabtlehed and pro" 1 !* paying Companies: . , '•>-.'•..'.' ' ''':' . __1 CtJJBPANVV ^ . Of Hartford, Connecticut, ; ' , -: 1 N COKFO R A T K D I N 181J.. , Cash Capital and Surplus,.... ...»1,£«7,WO OS HAttTFORD INSUKANCE COMPANY, • , Of Hartford, Connecticut, INCORPORATED IN 1810. Cash CapltaLand Surplus • $7»8,«82 00 • HOME INSUJtANCE COMrAJfV, Oath Capital and Surplus,... !...|1^T7,»90 40 HOWAllO mslIKANCE COMPANY, Of New York. INCORPORATED IN ISgB. Cash Capital and Surplus.....: tUSSJKO 31 PIIU:iVIX INSIiltANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, ConnecUeut, Cash Oapltnl and Surplus, (419,084' 68 LAIN A K PIKE INSURANCE CO., . , Of New Tork, 4-: in Capital find 1 Surplus,. »26»,0fl9 33 COMPANY, Or New York City, • Cash Capital and Surplus, (240,880 68 CITY FIUK INSlTuANCK COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Oash Capital and Surplus, (308,231 4* 1 solicit business for th« above named Oompanles, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, and refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all U>s»cs heretofore, as a guarantee for tbe future. Policies Is- seed without dehay. W. BKNRY HOLLAND, Agent. Joni lioLLASD, Ass't. Northwest cor. Main and D. P. MSEOTAU, Surveyor. Wisconsin" «ta« Milwaukee. septs li cii ted Stale* ,T|. *v F. Ins. Co. literature a»<t American Aution, livtng and d+ Cfwud,->rtm Ikt JtarUatA'vmtittoUiiJHd- ale of the nttuttett* Century. Containing TMrtt TAoHtattd and Literary JfoUae*; « ith Forty Imdme t Imdmet . frite 1 NDE8PKN8ABLY ntcesiarj to all who Bead, all irho o^ ..«"'"!. ^eTOawtt. all Phyflclans,-»II Lawyers, o^ ..«. , , Sclentiflc ,nd Literary Men, Mercbintt and Farmer^ Manufacturers and mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. I1PO.OOU 00 BDKPWJB. ....................... ».*58 00 Offlce, uruler Ullohell's Bank, corner of Kut Water and Uiclilfan«treets,l MUL WA UXff. .............. WJSCOXS/S. EAST & I%ORTII-WEST, DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R ' J (Nowjopened to Lake Michigan.) • i ASD 9uyt Low-freuurt first-Olou Steamers, 'City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland," (Thoroughly refitted for this route.) O N ANT> AJTER MONfcAT, April U, 1859, Pas- nnger Trains will ran as follows: GKi>ING WKST: Hall, r. M. Sup. Bridge, d p. 830 A. II. •Detroit, depart.. 7:00 Pentonvllle, arrive fcSO *0iwego - arrive.. rO:SU r. H. St. J.hns, arrive. 12:10 Night Mixed. ACCOM. Express. P. M. A. ». A. U. 4.-SO UWO A. M. r.». p. u 1:80 «:4fi 8:00 6« T:80 ' 7:40 A. M. 9:8S 12:16 JranJ Baplils, arr. 'lirand Uareo, arr. Milwaukee, arrive. 8:04 4:40 A. M. 8:90 r.n. 3:50 r. H '12:15 •Hefi-eshments. (*O1NC> A ceo. Milwaukee, depart Grand Haven, dfp Grand Baplds, arr. .... t. Johns, arrive '•rosso, arrive 'entonvllle, arrive Detroit, arrive... as. BridCT, arrive i. H. 1:00 9:«0 p. •. 9:55 Mall kjtpr's P. H. 8:00 1. M. 4:00 5:20 7:85 8:3(1 12:15 p. y. 9-.5S tilled. A. H. ,5: SO 9:66 11:20 r. H. 2:16 C.SO 1. H. 4.-00 12:00 p. u 8:4i 10:30 A. H. 1:00 2:OU C:0o r. v. 1. A. Hrir«Mtein, B. 8aaderun, Moses Kneelaad, g. 8. Bugjetl, Bmnuel Hale, G. U. DoustDan. H. L. Palciet, Bcl»in Townsend, Bokimnn Adlef. i. A. H£t.r-KNaTiaN, President G. D. DOD8MAN. VlcePr«HdetH. W. T. PALMKa, Qeneral Agent. B.C. Wssi, Secretary. 8. 8. Diaorrr, Treasurer. . fAutxa, Atteroej. marlO JOHN RICK, WHOLESALE OHUGCilST, NO. 88 EAST WATEE STREET, lias just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glan, Manufactured at Cleveland, New Tork. Transpor*«d entirely by vessel, it comes In perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rates. I have permanent arrangements to sell this brand of Glass hereafter. my28 JOHN MCI. A CO., BOOK A HTATIONKBir JOBBERS, 135 Matt Water »treei, WISCOlTSlif. [From Theophlns Parjens, L. L. D., Ppofesior of UK In Harvard Dnlveralty.l _ - OAUBBIDOB, Jan. 6. 1659 Djtt. 8u :-I bavt had the flr«t volume „« y^r»i c . tlonary for some daya. and have sat .rted myself thai your p an Is excellent, and that you have carried it out with very great Industry and ritb good jjigmen.;- Tbe fullneai and accaraey of Its Information concerning modern authors and their wor«a,»re Indeed remarka!. ble. To any one who desire the knowledge jour look purports to eiv»-and *hat educated ma? It must be of great Interest aid value. ' Ketpectfolly, 4c , M1LWAUKKK t:lTV K%SURAi\€E C'O., OKFICE: In 1*11 Icbcll Building, IVllrliigau. •!. MiLwaDKEa, Wisoovara. C11AR3KRED CAPITAL, - - $2iKj OOO t'A»li Paid in, $IOO,OOO. U. E. 1. U. KfclXu Q4. j. B n»H«u OHAB. OEISVKRA, OIKKOTOns 0. D. DAVIS, ». 8. Oo»ovta, J. HC«rBRKf, J. H. Ooacaa, . COMSTOCI, W. A. U. P. HILL, K. TOWNBEND, President. Qto. Dvaa. E. L. PALsm, AUnrney. A. I.. W A L&ATU, Secretary. AKMSTKONU I' A I Ft T E It S, OKAIAEUS, G1LDKRS AKD KIVIK kt., between Kiatii & li'ater. Particular attention paid to Kalsoralneing 0«ll- _ Harper Brother*, (EstaUiAeii in 184S,) nOOSS ,SI6N, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND O&NAMENTA1 Painters, <iluziern A Pa.|>cr-Ha.iifr«rsj IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARBLK, NO. 30 ONE1DA KTREET, A FKV DOORS KAST OF TUXMARKXl DODSf. JONKS <5fc WH1TKHKAL) General Land and Insurance Agent* ft OTA It IE* 1>I, JtC., OFP1OK, corner ofieed and Oregon streets, MevTow*! Block, Firut Ward. Will attesid to tlic buying and selling of Real Kstate, Insuring Ooodc and Building! In responsible Compa met, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making JU1 of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac All Collecuons made on account* placed in our hand will b« promptly paid over». o. J0««3 ...jylJl BO»m WHirauaAP. TKAS AHiD COFFEES, WHOl.KSAlvK & KKTAI1> —AT— Robert GUE\T WEKTEBN TEA STOBF. 174 EAST WATER STEEET, Retail prices from 10 U- 25 per » lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on th« premises by the most improved methods. Java I9e r Rio 16c. St. Domingo 12Jf- Kemember the number 174 Can Water su, Beaman ft wing's Old Store. iySl [rVom 8. IreDvu Prim*, D. D., Editor H. Y. O*.ser»«r.] Onn.nn .—The Bm volume ol your jrreat DloiWn. J7, °, . .^ 0 ?- ' h ' Tr Pemea with astonishment a * delight. U is just whail have long desire.1 io have, and have sought for to vain. Thousand, of ctergyuJni students, and all Jilera-y and Intclll. ent meu, toaK wish to have just tMi work; and the r wJl'h.velL «J, C r, ttey learn tt at It I. in the world. It deserves the BOSI cordial rereirtion, and 1 irml that the .uihor and the publiAher. will have ,he l^est rw . rd , or o,e*" nUr prise and labor. Jours truly, Child. A P.t, r*, B . _ .. „ iDLiwrLB, Jan. |).US9 Mr DiAa Pia -With b,tter k».wl P d« of yourboo, from repeated feasu upon H, I am ad,an, 5 to have written yon eo commonplace an acknowledgment ef lit first rec- Ipl Of all the *tnreh<,n.e of InteresUm, and readable matter the "Dictionary of Aothnr." iee" "«•• me the most captivating. The good laste, tndoslry, and skill of arranRemeot therein manlteied could a ou b. su T»«ed. ud It .U. mak. :or you a reputation very enviable. I shall try to make amends In prim f or n,' apparently tnappreclatlve first atknewledgmeni of w,. acQutaition. With many sincere thanks for the prtee I hav< (n *».» i<24 Pire and Maria* Klski taken at current rates. book, remain, mj dear sir, Tou 8. Aunt, B,,. N P NEW SCI1NCECKEL & IIRUNOTrO, COMMISSION MKKCHANTS, Rtal Estatt and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWADKEK, WISCONSIN. Orno—No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Office, mart! ^X Annt Jody's Tale*. Parables from Nature. Motes in tbe Sun Beam, Fanny, the flower Girl. Cnoie Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TKiKT * CIJU VER, m »y 16 ' 167 East Water av NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRY *fc (XLEAVKIC*, 167 EAST WATKB STB f ST. "CJAETHW Travels lo Central Airlca, 1 vol.,akrid?e<» «JJ Livingston's Travels in Boutbern Afrtca, 1 vol BpeerBeous Sermons, Btti series. r, riHK . rllUK nnderslirned la prepared to take Marine Risks JL and Rre KisVs on i rodaee In store. In the Boitl. Western Insurance On., of Onega, New Tork, at as low rates u li)- other reliable Companies. The reputation ol this srcll-knowa, lone established I'ompany eotillem I tto public roDfl<leoce. UOHATIO HILL, Afenl, nora at , IBc« of II. A J. f. UjU. ~ BY STATE AUTHORITY, WISCONSIN C1KNKKA1, INSURANCE AGENCY ( HAIiTFU OAK FIIIE IN8. CO., Hartford, Conn. CASH aB8ET.« ........ *»41,666 9S NORTH A nil* 1C A* tlllF ll«v. « o., Hanf»r,l, Conn. CASH \ffKTf ................. »3M,S60 U« *Befreshment9—llotel In Depot at Grand HaveD lioat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at s p M.— for Saturday Night's Bxpress paisen^'en west, but 4 A «. tram wlh • T leave on gundajo. Tralrrs tesve tenalnl dallr, Sundays eic-pteJ. TUKTELGO&APB LINK is open for PPBLJO l COMNECTIONti. AT DETttOIT-GRKAT WtaTEllN RAILWAY for all points Kast— MlUIIlUAN CKNTrtAL and MIOB1GAN 80CTHKKN RAILROADS, and CLg\ KLAND Line of gteamers. AT CillAlVD llAVKK-Hith -HURON" Steamer for CHICAGO, Ac., Ac. AT MILWAtKKfc-W th the M1S81SHIPPI LA OE08SE, CHICAGO, WATERTOWW and HOR1- CON RAILROADS, for all Important points W c ,t and Northwest, and on Uississlpcil River, and with Steamers for Ports o« Lake Michigan. Passengen for Great Western Railway go on the Railway FUUIT SraiSNts, at D. i M. R. Dock, leaving Dock a« 6:1-0 A u , 1:00 p .., and 7 30 p v NIGHI TRAINS on Ihe 0. W. R. have SLEEPING OARS attached. PARCELS left at any of the TICKET Oyyu;K>arr forwarded by PAsaraom TIAIS* IT VIST M.Ti,«» ATS Raras. The Company'. Time-Tablo run be had at any of t'.,. Stations. ' _. *•'. K. Ill IK. Oen'l S i.'t. WHIT.H 4 FOBBIS,Ticket Agent. E«I Kajt IVot.-r .1 WH.QatllAll, Kreljjht Adenl at Comnnny'i Dnrk B.O WILS<,M, (jeneral Western Aernt D. * »'. It. Offices, April, ISJ9' ..., OPEN TO OAVsS, 90 MILES. (14 Jfitrt from Freepart. ON AND AITES FUR Tratnj w -j. JDKU. b, 1668, as follows, vli • i GOING WEST Leavti Kaclne for Davis—Freight A Ace , 3 A « Leave lUclne for Keloil—Passenger •'r'M i GOING EAST ' " ' Leave ; Beloit for Racine—Passenger j-jn . Leave Davis lor fcacine—IrrclKht f A cc , also A' u' <,hn v! .m ' • n °" « -•« Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Hacine with train tb Davu j arrlvlnn at Davis at 3^o p M staire leavesjDavis lor Kreeport on arrival of tram ' »-3ij. u. train from IJavis connects at Racine »tth afternoon trains pu the Lake hhore Kaalroa.l Worth an j South sST freight foTWaruvd with ,ns|,atcii ec" aOUEKT UARK1M, jjuperunendent. Pittsburgh, Port Wayne & Chicago ' KAlLi iC4JAI>. f |\Hia new and direct Route now o|x.-n lu Ne» York Boston, PilUburifh, Flnlidelphix, Baltimore and im^ton city, Clevelaua, Dunkirk, UuU.ilo, Nia<aia Fills, ID,I all i-.-uturn cities. Clnjcinuau, Uolumbos, bay;on, Kpr.u^ceM, l!rb»n», Zatraville, Meul.e:iv,llr, Mew- ark ai.<J VVhci-lin/, and all lulerior towns ..i f.H,i«. ( VeOTi ;jl\*Ma, \ :rgiiili\, Mai j I in.:, N,-* .Krivy.A.-. Milking DIM- (.'rand t'ubruLi n K. |J. J,ni< BlfTWKtJ CdlC-IL... iNt) TJJk KA.-iT. A'-IA'-A -•</• in ;f ..t.y j.v) uriimi A,'i y/r L-n.| l.,r T -e »unujrauce.uf /.^ C4- - Ucular aiu ,» >,,n Wajue, Herein ckuw li-cir Bai:.--^- " (Vy AC -i v'Xj , AX t»LLU\VH; VUO p. M. -Night Klpr^sj, ilailj,»nlura.>--i ezccpleJ .-UU 4. «. -.Morning llajl and Kipress, daily, Suodayi encepleu tt'ith but cue change «/ cars to Pittjiliurgh. OH»X;S.iJ|O BAOOAUK TUJtoUUH To l'itutiur B ti, fliiladelpuia. Baltmi.irc and New Vork - T U K E SALES. C CO., OTJT .^T COST. NOTES, PLERZHEIM & TJEINQ about to diasolre their Co-Partn -•-» re-erre. The beat ami largest .tout of tnership ,irranit'-m.-nr.», FURNITURE KVKB OFFgERD IN Tlfl.J L'lTY If GREAT SACRIFICES, FOK THK NKXT SIXTY DAY- TIIK KTOt'K IM Hi \ VV V\ |> ?I l vr III M) 218 and 220 East Water Street 'III W \t It I l . « ,^, .,, a|>rS-d2mo MISCELLANEOUS. w. _ irectijr with traina on Ui t jreal Penu.ylva- la Central Railroad, to all eaalcru citits. Also, »ill. Cleveland A Columbus Kiilruad to Cleveland Dunkirk Buffalo, Niafc-an i'alla via Itew York Central md New "c>rk A Kn<: li&ilroada lo New York and Boston I'enona BOIDK rasl will und thu route by.lar the most esirablcj, boll, from the adviuitago m oolnt of .lutance, ariely and beauty of the country through which the roadJ pass, ai well as Uie lean frequent chanrea of cars nd the annoyance of re-checking baggage required bj iher routes. ' facilities for the transportation of Prc.^ht and Llvr lock by this route are uiuurpajaed. Kate* aa low at ay (,'lher route, and with r<iuaj dispatch. Tick.-u for sale al alii he principal la-kri r.ffl.-rs n H. t'eat, and al Company's Utlnr, No. A) ;)r^fb..rn ur^Ll tf.e Lakr fil,,.rr Kailr.-ail, Milwaukee, I,, A I, Vrian.I ' JNU. J. UUI.'STUN, G'Ot-ral frrij-M At-t-ut. P.iui-un-r,, |'a U- w H'JS.-, tienrra U ralrru AKBIII, Chicago CtucaKO. March li. 1^9 m^rti DRY GOODS, AC SPRING AtoD SUMMER DRY GOODS! II ilM a nk *•<•*: 12. K. times profrs9i*ina!'y Wf feel jnstitlril in «JiyiriK rtor Lo tin- v.^-n.-rtil nin <;f \.'lfrMiii Jol.n C llrci.l!i JuJgu VVili..n, '• Birthop, . " Kcll,. " Anil ew " Vilden. • k«< '-of i >'. A Hr.»* tli Jaair* K,.ley W J Uvn* Wf.| tt . * \r--4 .... , UtlV.-. K.rbj'i L very .- >• r r The Latest Novelties. ; MMKK AliHANCiKMKj,-!'. T C.I/ LliltrJ Slatr* J/cl.'; UK ..nly rrhabl^ und j LI li ai.d NukTU \V l-T, »/,.! ih 'tl. U:, ari I aftrr no\i».i *. I ro Til K KjST, Si !> L.II- inax nf i VI'IJ I I -'.Ml, Bl PI A 1,0, ( I,l,\ I L.4 \i AND Chicago Line of Screw Susamsrs. > 'I » I I I s I v«i. riHj: in*, rn., Of I'lltnfleld, »»a«J CASH ASSKTT* ...... . »205,CW 41 CO .Ml' AY riRK~Tf\SIRAffC:r. «!«... -T Mass. 0»8H ASStt. .... »2f3.l riRK I*M HVVt E «.«., S|.rir,pgeld, Man. Mil., \Val. ttBarabootail,) CSfilL fflJSuaSinSf JSs222&i j^^gJ-TS' < >^r^~^a?vt«P^ "qftp* KAILROAL). O N and afienMonday, April 4th, and until furihrr o«. *lcr » P^.enger Train will lr»v r M.lwaukrr fn.ra he dtj»ot,foot of tVrond Btr.-^t, for I'rwank rr, H artlan.J line Lakr, OconofDuwoc, \Vaieri<i»n, Uitrrlj. »i.«j L.-I IOMII ». 11 :i:i o f. M. i-n that Lmr rlj(tit '••r« *r,lriJ » . t h ,J r - Airnj." r l*r a.:.* »-a . r ' '• , si. nfi « . M »t .' i»u » M F^ J.\ • r M"..hi. K & c i n «tai...iu > N f U 'thi' l T :j .' r * tUt Til M. A r, I ru.ui.rn . N.iv -n t;. .« 1 -. V.JRK i. > sfr. ,i. ,. K ,.. i i, 1 HAL Li.Nh . .t-1 A \ AI. i^.i \t at Llrvrlaji.l *.L/, I.' r l LKV r |. K. U., IOUCI.1I.H tl llrl, >|., T'.., Liu.. , . .„ :l.r..u^-. r r . - ,.u '. irvriiat. :, I:^aa Lrclri, V> rmL. --, , 4.-I 1 ,.r I,. ; ,, ,,l «,-. ...o,. T'..,. U , I - U i I IV I > »( 1(1. 11 V • Ullilf i. ..,,;- A Chica((0ft. R., La Crow A M.I R R , a: ,,| Mil A MI.I U. H., or by Uoat. can prnrrrd I.. il, r al>,iv r ,.!».-,« r/onnection« arr madr al Wai«-t..wo w,il, st» u -e, |... Laie^sLIU, 4elT<-r«on, Waterl-.o, H.nch-i y,lle, .1,,,, pra rie, Oottace Orovr »nj>on. Al«.. al I'mpmbu. for Lodl, Mcnmar, AlSi-p.., y\n Kivr 1 i. K rue ••1 I' «rt C. rnerv iol ami Uamden, lx.wvllle, Dekora!, Vork, A rliri k 'u!n' 'hn.i for all pointa to Uie We.t aod N<,rtli » Mt Paiaenceri an-irlnn a. thr Junr-tion from the abovr places make cocnrcuoni t. the Milwaukee A Miaiu •ippi R. R., lor Ja8e«ville, Mad.»,,n an-l Prairie .lu Uhleo ond at Milwaukee, with marl, 10 ih r rl<.uth U'r»i and Nortli. •P rS SDMMKK s.* MWBWI.I,s,p r n. te ,,« l i U"'...^:. i,:: fia;esof b'rei^h: Rednc.d Again by V-u 1'orla A liri, K,«ilr<>n«l - t M) \orlhcru Traiisporiation <-o.\ i-: x p it ]•; s s CLUTH w AKKANdKMKNI S^r! rd al .I.T.-. Mrr, II,. U -VIA-- iMICHIOAN CKNTUAJ, -AND— * r Western (Canada) Railway. 1 " 1 " •I, ''".l"' Lakr I. CASH ASSATH CafUAUn HH* |»K. tWAPANt, Or Phll»lcl|wHli. CASH»aSrm< -»284.r89 T3 J. \V. (/rain, I OfFlUK, Ne.S, MA.ET.N IU^)CK, UP KTAIRa, "ar 2 " Milwaukee, Wl«con«in .. A1NS leaie ll,r Qr,-ai Central • tftet tlhlraRo, ».. follow, Itl.-DKKIOlT AI IM r K m.-ClNCUiKATI , Higher-Christian Life. may 16 SHIPPERS OF PUOOlTtj fc /^1AS supply thesuelves with Bills of Ladlnr at *-* TBRBTiT- , 1C7 Ea.1 Water street. L). OOK8ON, ATTORNEY AT 1-AW. HAS removed to ^Office, No. 6, State Bank Building, corner of east Water and Michigan street, Milwaukee. CAPITALISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their Inspection of Bonds and Mortgagee and other securities offered for a&le. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for 6#tt, may Sad it to their Intereit to file with me their applications or statements. 0. 80HLET, ,vl6 Opposite Walker House. j n. BUTLER D. ». ron. l-i»cry Ai Boarding Stable, Feot of Mason stsect, {on the River.) B O 9 K » . O DE stock ts the largest in the West. We s«R everv Book at the Publisher's price. —'every v rom the rVaa. , either new 8THIOKALND « 00. School Book*. W E have every School Book ta demand and it them at who* as«Je or retail JanSO STRICKLAND t OO. T BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! TOTE are prepared In our Bindery to Bind Magazines, IT PeriodJcals or anything els* in the form of a Book,ln neat and dorable stylai, at low rates. STRICKLAND t 00. HE subscribers bare renwred their jtock from the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of «Uin and Huron streets, to Ihe old establishment foot of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establishment*, making the largest and best appointed Livery establishments the Welt. W* shall be glad to see our old friends and customers, and feel confident that we can furnish tl — vit» »* pood and stylish a turnout as any similar • ;„ the city. Thankful for past patron.., ....... rc io meet a continuance of the same. §7* Pn -ticnlar attention given to furnlchlng carriages aij .. . .srs for fnTwrnii. my» BUTLER A POST. OOOL) CHANOK. IIOllSE AND 1/OT FOB SALE CHEAP. § • HE undersigned will sell his House and Lot, now occupied a* a Tav,n by him, iltoated on Main su, Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the tt. t M. K. R. I>epot- The bouse b located on the best bnslnees place, and the lionse as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of bual- neu, especially for Wholesale fitore, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned Eaclne, January 25, 1858. JOHN BABTB. Jan2T-dom Ij umber Vessels for Sale. Bcheoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. Sewhall, 190 tuns. Scow Bchooner Bugby, 168'tnw. Theabove vessels will be sold at very low prloes for satlsfaotory atcurity. .Good title. . TAYLOR A JBWETT, BuBalo, Hew Tork. Enquire of B. B. JoJtts. Mil aokee, Wisconsin. febls : • _ Stereoscopic Views. \(T K b » T « reclved a flne lot of Sterwcoplc Views f T embracing rlew« of InteresUng localities In RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, "FAftV, KQYPT, NUUIA, OSffOK,, IRtLAiTD, AC., AC AUo a large variety of new .American Views Hew and very desirable strles of Stereoscopic Inttru- meDl> . STRICKLAND • CO., Booksellers and Stationer*, _ ___ 134 East Water street. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUID 1T10N in Dry <-oo«U THAT IMMEfigK STOCK Of i— AT-1 1 87 E.- *l Water Mlreei, MUST BE CLOSED OUT ttf eat apr!7-<ttf BY THK ASt-IONKK, -*o— maj be Exprcied. JOHRPH CAKV, 4:00 A 7:«Hi A r • , Cwrinnan ^..>i r. >. S:«O ,t. TJ—LIUIITMNi. ».\PKK.-t<. Sundiyi ,v. cepit'JJ arrivr* at L . lr,,,t 7 i /t i i. M Siu^nil.,u Kn,ifr ur Halt,I 4 II j' li . Albtvuj * wt r. u , N, ii 1 ,.. L t <ti P u ; Boil., o 1 1 p H 2:OO P. 7I.-NII.K- AC, oMMliUATlON. ,-i r, t «:<«) I». !t|.— NKW VOHK AND11OSTON ("irvplSwurday.) Arrive at Drtro.i 7:«&A.r ; 5tsp«-l.fli..n't'or buffalo 4OO r. «., Albai.r 4.0" » M., New Tork 10:00 i.«i.; Bofloi, i-"i r. ». >*:<MI r. HI.-CINCINNATI AM) UJl'l.-VlLLE KX. fRKiiB. irireptflaiurdaj ) ArrlTt at Omclnuati 9:tO i ».. Looiiville «^X) r. H. One train OB Sunday at 8:du r. «. The 8:00 A. K. and 8:00 p. B . trains connect al Far), with Ui. Buffalo » Lake lluron Railwaj.'for Bafiaio and all points eJjt; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, lo Klngxtla, OgdensburK, Montreal, Qoebt: and all points in Canada East, NorHiern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. jgf- Baggage checked throach. Through tickets foi (ale at Uie principal Hallroad offices In the West, and al the gtneral office, corner Lake t Dearborn streets, onposile l*e Tremofit Home Ohlcago, and al the Depot, fool of Lake street. R. N. R10R, Rup't. ai-rlJ rnn:r,an ..'•.« U. • .Ihr. , s .. ^ IV , Bl A|.r,l. wNrri- ..r l<- (I) OUR JOBBING DEPiRTMcNT . r 'KV (,u i :.. l \- Hl I » .t .' >• •-.. l.ii r i. A - , AN I .V : i i A i \ -- >l < 1:. I NEW YORK & ERIE RAILRi W U i.; t ' E I1IK Fare b.-l»rer 1. New York It r.r.r Uirr n.iiic.-. aprln U J 11 CRAWri NOTJCJK. OFKICK OF Hlst'.iOP \ CO . Mi lM P"SEMIU>..».M| U . i I ,.„ Mnwaukrr, A[.r ii '.H' O N anil after April &th, 1-Oy » n .| j-.t i ',.-:' , r .,„. tice, nn ptrrmon i.« nutr.f r ;-->! to tnn.»..- i'uri-ha«.-< „ , H. J. griuxwa.Orn Pa«.. Detroit » »P rl SIXTH WISCONSIN tor sale at feblt REPORTS STEICKLAND A CO, 134 Kast Water stceea. PIKE'S 1'EAK. A NBW MAP, showing the Route to the Gold fts- glons In Kansas, Just received by , .,- BTMOiLAHD A 00., febl> IM bat Water strejt JMOTICE THE 1NSPECTOH »F fl»II, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the City of ok. JUIlwaukee, In pursuance of AD Act of tbe Lezlst*- w- tnre, approved March «, 185», hereby gives notice that he is now fbratahwl with tbepioMr welwhtoand brand. for the due performance of the duties of his office. By the said «Acl"lt la made Uie duty of all persons dealing In Fish to glre notice to the Inspector u> nave the same duly Inspected and branded before packing. Mr. Smith will be found at Ute H»* Warekonse of Messrs. John Furlong t Bon, Bootb WaterTiL, Walker 1 * Point, -where all notices are requested to be left. Mllwa-kee, May3,189*. JOBS SMITH, loapector. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. WEXX DOOIt TO A. B. VA» COTT»S. » 6 rf to fl ••• -s a ta GA a-O-ETAJI ................. ......... JAB. 0., V Byan & Jeukini, OOUNStJL.L,OHS AT L.AW, BANK K E M O V JL L . INCKEASEOF IH M\i:*V L ADltS—jour atu*tiou n no« called to tlie best Block iif BONKETS, RIBKOKS ASD FLOWER*, Ever brought to Wlwaukee, to be found at BLANCH ARD'S, .'oursi.»s HI^>( H, rtiAirv ST. aprgl PKEJflllJill IHAt UK DODBLK THKKAD 8KWINO T»iat took the & Kailwa». THE Sleamer Cleveland will take . her place In line of the Detroit A Milwaukee Kailway, on Monday, Ihe Ht^flarrh., Puss Dfert wishing through ticket* can be supplied on and a/let Monday nelt, at 280 East Waler street, or al the office on the doc* of the Detroit A Ullwauke Railway Co.— Due notice of the time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and imlckiit route lo all points East. mmT8 or Ci. ntract for mavir;a RO Kai'n.Jid Without * *r t'.-r, t-d. BtlU«.H I- ^a.,1 n.o'.lh'^ ( ontmuf I • ilii ai ^ ,-n. r-r:. toonlM> F. 0- U If A LI,, tt-n'l * aprlfi J T. MoODY, Mi*l t . imi C' • un.|.-r<. DETROIT &. MILWAUKEt Railway Meaaiboat \.\\u- \ M "W \VKLL. Jl;.. t ,1 nd for family use, at the Wisconsin State Pair, October » are for sale at the "tewing iHnchiiie Eiuporinin YODNO'H 1J1.0CK. A. HAiy<:i: & « ;o . VN1TEU STATES -Tl Atl»<ll A I.-X HAI.E Che Farmers Loan A Trust Com 1 pany, i vs. 1 The Milwaukee A Superior road Cojpany, I *.?». SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ttilwvaiikre &. HIE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Fir-Hi lnp lh* prrs«-nt S«-,t known vi «i ju-puiar un ih*-tr w- >l MUKK l> I. r:\.s I •!{!•: / \N in I af.-r J.l .U ly r ,,. xl . ... vr ,.,.. V / ih- <w !: .,,d rl-itant rn..-,,,,, ,, . I M. RAIL UOA1>. THK ANB ItlOMT KXPr.DITIOI S KUM'TI:! TO Lauding, La « ro««»<-, Winona, Eead'a Landing, Bed Wing. PRE8COTT, ST, PADL AND ST. ANTHONY Chnneoof Timr, Monthly, April 4, I8.i9. ,Clty of Milwaukee, John BtewBrt, JohannC. A. Ails>r«ln«, Christian Hahm anil Gottfrletl Wootsch. j n the rj. B . D1 ,. Vtrlct Conn for the District of Wisconsin In Tquiiv j Corner Rut Water.and Michigan ttt., Milwaukee. . mayg. , ".;• '•-' ••' ' "- y Jaine* A. or rax IATB root or MA 6h I E & 8 W A I ISt , WILL remain at the old stand where ha will be pleated to wdlcome thefpatrons of the establishment. CHARLES QUENTJN & CO. I K pursuance and by virtue of a decree made bv the DliWIct Court pf tbe United States, for the District of Wlscot>sl». on the nineteenth day of March, 1868, In tte aboTfc entl.led cause, I shall sell at PuMic Auction ^tS e *" yi2n * d%)r<)t AqgMl ' W59 '» t 8 o'clock in the afternoon, from the steps of tbe Custom House. In the City of Milwaukee, all and singular, the mottgaied premljei mentions! in the bill of complaint In said cause, and described as : "All the following, present and In future to be acquired, real «Vd personal proper- tyMdreal estate ol tfce sain defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t at Is to ssy, all of th» Oral division of the Bailroad I of said Railroad Com•any defendant, from the City of Mllw.ukee, to the Olty of Green Bs. In said State of Wisconsin, a dta? tance of one hundred and twenty mllea, Including the right ol way. a*! lansl occupied by .aldBrst dlvWon W *0^ earner of *aat.*alcr V*?* ( *«onst«eU,miwaiike», Wlsoonsln.b»vefor sale a»al Estate, la the OUT, of HllWMkee.lalave or smallparcwl.. iulsjdlnf l«£i In every Ward oft h Oily, of all slies andorlcet, for tnudoen orrslieno aad «a«y terms.. Abo, JinalT^ams of from S to 91 iald road, (s-bject to the right, tltie or claim, whlclTlh'e »aia defendant, Stewart, Aiiwdlng, Hahi and Woofach, or eUber of them, so.y h , Te had at the time of making «ald decree, to land upon which said Rail, iroad Company nas located Us way, and far whlctTno (compensation : has been made to tb«n,) togMber with *he iaperrtnicnire and track thereon, and »n na , .rl •ther materials used thereon, bridges, riadnei*. cul- Terti,reneef, equipment*, necessary depot groundgand blaldlngs thereon, belovglng (o the said Bailroad Com(Any, and all rolling stock, engines, tenders, cart, tools, materials, macltlaery, fixtures, and 1 all other per* SOMI property appertaining to aald first dlvlalon of •aid road, a«d all rights thereto, and Interests to be acquired by saldi defendant, the MUwaukee and Superior slailroad Company, ,tofeU«r with the nAne aid two- Uens appertaining to-the said first division of said raadV an tolls, renU and Income to be bad or levied there- from, and all fcorporat* rand other franchlaw, rights ""• —•-" ^ thfl •ala^aaUroad Company in or to leaam*,",. : •• . . " . Bee, MUwaukee, Wls., April«, 1859 1VT THAIN |.EAV. IV \I:KF.F ll.-OO A. M., ArriTlngst JanesrllV 2 30 P. M ; Madiaon 3:35 P. M. ; Prairie .lu Oliieo S.DO P M Connecting with Ih- Prairie du Chlen and BL Paul Packets, which leave Prairie do Chlen on the arrival of the 9:00 P. M. Train 2D THAI* t,EAVf:s MII.VVAIUFE 6:05 P. M., Arrirfng at Janvenrllle S:M p. M • Madison 10:00 P. M. to al) points on the Mississippi Biver a Svrcw tCiJ 1 A ( )S W K( H), AMU Till: ri'l'I.K I.AKF.s! nlnj; a Semi-WeeltlJ me l.t-twerii Ojfilr-ns'.uri;... an.i Osweeo, and ChU-airu, Milwaukee an.l lou-rin- I.M P I orla, cnnnectlUK at Otdt-Dabur^h w,th tli^ OGDENSBCRGH A VKRMO.MT CKNTIiAI. RAILROAD ROCTK, Hetwecn Offdenaburph, Burlington, r.,, .SUn Chester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, \V.,rrnt,'r and Boston, and al Osurgo with the New CHw.- K -o Line nt Thirty Flrnt Cla» Oanal Bnatj nn U..- Knlirrt-.l Canal between O»"cRo.«Tr<>), jAlbidi) A >i-\v \ork, . Oonnectinic also at Dunkirk w.ih .VKW YORK A.\l> KRIK RAll.RnM^ And forming a Tn-H"eekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, ti.lvraiikee 4 Chicago l'*-JlL,t I.J >.jj • l+r f ;.tn.i, i., i,r»ij.i H i Itrfc.-.J IU...-I.1 Wj .J | 1:ll - k Al , ,,. l ML- aiT«.r.| ( -.] •,, \ ,. w -. .-otTf on ;•..- i,r» t ,.| i; v-rr u- '- t n^ i.i^ •' ri;t(. -la, *• Lli u exi-ns j - < V PS I M UK, •nti;rrs' ;:i f '«-;iiiir--«. K ir-s t .ru-liM rid r ...31, .,- i,, * \ , , ., t tiv,. - t , (,^,,4 Hav^n in.i ty*. * >•' r i-.irt ^H • nv- t., (,rtri4i Ka^ . 4 , , i -, »•! ••(] 'to.xf.J »• ,-j - ,- ,.,.-., K W A 1. l',rt ,-t -n 'J.'KeUi :Tin,) r .iif w.-rk Hour* 1 I M K. in i of ?< it ii u i it i; »f low as any other liopte. WILLIAM JERVIS, Geo'l Superintendent, LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL RQAL\ 1859. «PKINQ AKltANOKMENT. «BEAT NORTH-WESTERN IJMTKD STATES ITLAII. i EXPRESS JAB ONLY AtL RAIL ROUTE. TO LA CROSSE O* Ihe VPPECrmiSJIISSlPPI RIVER, On and after Monday, April 25t>> Two Through Exprets Trains Daily, LEAVE MILWAUKEE, fROM DEPOT »OOT X>' OHKSTNOT 8TRKB!, AS rauows: *2:45 A. ill. and t2:45 P. JTI. Trains arrive at JJllwaokee at 9i3O A. M. AjND 3:3O P. M. ' Close- connections are made at LaOrosse. Twice daily eacjh Way wllh the Min- nesAta Puckfct CAtapnny'.i TVew »nrt Splenaid l.nltetl Stnte-, Mail lane of SlcamcrB to* Trom-St. Paul ,.;-.;!.1.iw* intermediate points. W-Passengers, by taking tWs ront*. will save 100 miles In distance and 18 houn lime, from <TM?;' „ Marshal - M. J THOMAS, y_ TJnlted ( 8late» Marshal, District of Wisconsin. A HiMrLTO», Compl't* BoUcllova. UNION-. Uawmnke. to. I* vOrow RUSSELL. re attedtloo to IB. UooseJ. Parties having Hoiues to E rERtTHUia required for m foil and aoortod itoek for a first class Wboleaale and Retail Dnur£ton to kept by Harrington, and of «he 'Terr best quaUty ««Soea as low as any other route." O.MAEB0tQ«)H, 1B1 East Wafer Jtreet, m «f the .depiit;,4 8.8. MIEBliL.Snp't. \ : jVl-Vfitf ^r3S"vH;:-E.|i;i Property forwarded hj thu Line will ho lul to but One Transhipment. „ a^f MerchandUr marked "\. T. t'O. I- X PltKS.S," will be forwarded fnim N,w V,,rk by a" S<rj>rr*i Frright Train over tht Jit,c York <t Ei-i And prompilj forwarded from Dunkirk., APPI^ - rc> J. MntRS, Aijent N. T C.>., 177 Broadway, New York J. L. WiKNm, Arcnl N T. Co., 3 Cmntl«.a Slip, N V»rk. Cms. S. TarpAS, corner CUi and Uheanul St., Phila llovaT A OaAWrono, Oswego N. Y. 8. D. CALDWILL, Agent, Dunkirk, N. Y. CHAHaunjl, OaAWroan A Co , Cleveland, O. JOBS Hocrrao, Agent H. T. Co., 9&Slate BI., Boat A.CosnuiH, Agent V. 0. Line, lOS State si., Boston J. t. CeuaCB, A If tot. Rouse's Point, N. Y. GEO. PASIII, Agent,Ofrdensburgli, N. Y. L. J. HIOUY, Milwaukee, Wis., office LaCnuse i U R R. Depot. Office ne&r M. 4 M. H_ R. Depot. N. D.—Shippers are requested to see one of the above A Rents before tnakiqg contra eta, as they are prepared to offer verj lav rattt, tuid their connection! with the OgdeDsburgh and Oawego routts, an<J cspeciaJly with the New Tork A Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. Old Black Star Line of Packets Olftco No. 40 Fill ton »trcel, N* V. ONLY D I K E O T — TO— INK : STRAW TO ALL POINt3 ofOreat'Britaln for g3O., The powerful lion Steamships orrr OF BALTIMORE, 'CITY or WASHINGTON. CITY OV MANCHESTER, KANGAROO, VIQO, Will sail from New^fork for Cork and thence to Llv- verpo< 1, TXRSATE 34 TVEDA Y ^« om New York : Cabin, ____ $TS ...... - .............. Third Class ____ $80. Passage from Liverpool and O'ork : Osbin,... »S5. Third Class,.... $40. __ Passengers forwarded to ll.\vrc. Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for $ 6 In Cabin, $35 Third Class: TO PARIS (in SChonn from Liverpool,) Cabin 190; Thirl Class, »38. ; • •• The at ore Steamships are built of Iron, In watertight compartments, cs rry each an experienced Surgeon and every requisite foij the Immediate extinction of fire. For pamire apply to! B.J. CurBs* Co., ITT Broad- ray,' M.-T;,John <1. Pale, 15 Broadway, N. r. W. B.-Psssengers by. this Line avoid the risk and delay of calling at;Ualifai and St. /onns, as the Bteam- ' eraproceed direct to 'Coir. • TIMOIH70ABNnr,Ai»nt. ^.i H 1 li - A I rti i 11-,. U-avr- \f j| wauke-- l_ -t % y L'-\vr- Ur»n.i ll.i...- L * 4; p M , . Antvf at ),r». | K»I.I.I, | ., .- „' l-*-»rr. (, raii-l Ki| !.i* : .;, t ^ l**v lir«n.l lUv-n " .til , U F , Arrive n M11 w * u « .-,• . ' i^.". ^ M Thrrr- ,.» ;i n.-w \,,.l t -. n ( f..i it :.!^ ... v .. 4 Uif Ka.l^iy l'-p"t %1 ", ii,.I !!:iv, ;1 , „>,.... (.. » Parlir* \.K-sir m: t.. i(—ti.l -» f,-« p,. ltl r, t: , , . , ,, , r i>n Ihr- Ii.-a.-fi w?i M 'h .s ,.i !.- -,,-,. , ;, Save pr^.-j :it:« n ( ., n . ^F~ l* l'.,!,«.,;..«, S,-I,... ,!„ »„,) ,|.,,. ri ( •listitUti.mK, will bt- 'Mrr'f-l .n v.-ry I. -• I.TMI- ••»n if h.i.J .,n » t ,|.h.-»ii.'n lo tlir < U f'fr t.r-r t^~ ti«-k«;tx .'in ht- ha.I *(. l»o,-li OHj,--. r •era on hf»anl ^U-anitjrs in.I W. K. MUltt, W l,KAr|A«. aprStt-Hllm Detruit \t .« >>< K E M O V A I, F . R A Y |. 3; • ri(M rymovfil to his nl.J itnotl, K A ST \V A V K I* t s i II K I ./. ,V. B*>n*x'ftl** £h~y &,-,.</* -/,.•-, .%n>l harlnp m» )t c iuch «<til,tron4 to hi^ '«, i ti-i NO.) KINK (> K T v i i s : In rinab f? him to g«y to Ihe puMi-' with con tl .(eni- thai he Is now prepared u furnish thfm wuh ^v^ry l irable stylf of Picture kn..wn lo ihe rnm.t.unn y ,,. it Such A.itDun.iniK Low Prices a* to Jefy i*..mi>*-tit .»n Tor riaaiple, Wa^uorrolypes lor BtJi <'i<« Fl'LI. SIZE PHOTONII ,n»UN • Jnly tl.,mi the first one, and 6«c for Itie Bupl .--i» Ai d In fact every other »style of Picture, at i poGiilng low prices. Colored in either Oil or Water Colors, and dnnh...l the highest ntjle of the An.J THE 8TEELOTVPE, A new and popnlar style at Picture, Colored in Oil. which far excels In Accuracy, Boldnem anU lleauij ->l nish, any other Picture ever offered to the Puhlie — "hes« Pictures have only to be seen to be adnnreif. All who are desirous of snving moliejr ani renpe«tfull> olicited to call and! examine Specimens at the Old land, Vo. 186 Ru»t Water »treet, IflluxittJctt, IVu,-r>n.*in. marla-<l6ni W. f. UAYLEV. Ai tml.Ea Doctor C. Lander, H AVING located himself In Milwaukee, offers his services to the public. Dr. L. has served In the rltish Armyfor fifteen years. In India, Bunnah and In ie Crimea. Surgical cases promptly attended. Offlce corner lluron and- Tan Buren it. r RBA JAPONIOA, SO tana fop sale b ..." 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