Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 4, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1897
Page 1
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VOL. 30, NO. 9. STERLING* ILLINOIS THtJR90AlT, MARCH 4.1897 IIJO A sfs. !& iLlfcuai- So, tKUIni^wMiiengei' ~ . m, ffnflgtot—•>•* — OOinaAaflTi .1:47 a, m. *8U51 p. m. t>'.43 a. m. & QU11ICY Arrived from E« e Pftsseng'r..*:* 33 Frelght-.l2;30p.m. , Arrive from West. T:f06.m. «?»8«eng;£..9*o».m. :00p.n». *7 ™»«»p *•••»&&• I*}- .8:lBa.m. M FreI«lit.—4:Wp.m. LM close «ran««Bon « penrock with all stations on_Mendot» and Ountoo ^.^aons'wltfc mate line botb eaat and west} for l», umshS; Denvei, etc., etc.: atao for wranecttng witti train Nfl. 4 at Book JKJHN a. MW AND Sfflc* |0 Ac*#*«7 *t Mttfc Block. ILLS* IIONRY C. WARD, LAWYER. SUltB 6, ACADEMY OP MUSIC BLOCK, STERLING, ILLA. AB j odm of th« OOOB^ Oonrt will be In MorrUan on Mondmyg and Fridays etfiti week. J. W; ALEXANDER, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, o£d Justice of the Peace, *TERLINO, •'•• ILLINOIS. ••Ueetton* proinpUy attended to. Refento Ptrrt jfattonal B»nk ot Sterling. Illlnoit. JARV1S DINSMQOR, LAWYER. Special Attention to Chancery Matters. DOLLAR FOR DOLLAE THE KEYSTONE PAY IN COMPANY FULL TO The Credltow Meet In ObiMKa ftnd Approve th« Statement iMned by^heComi mltteo Hnd Commend It for tha Fxcal- leac« of Its'Work. OTerBrowa'a l«eait, The creditors of the Kpystooe Man- ufacturlng Company held a meeting in the Great Northen Hotel, Chicago, on Tttesdnyr-Nothing of importance Was done. The assembled gentlemen discussed the statement issued by the committee ten days ago, and expressed tbeir satisfaction concerning the affairs of'the Company and their appreciation of the work of the committee. The same committee was continued in pow •er until further notice. .-'The meeting BAILWAY AT BISON, OOINU SOUTH." *.. Dally,' OOINO NOHTH, . ....S:26a. m '•*?'": Freight, Daily, m WALTER N. MASKELL, UW AND PATENT ATTORNEY. — (Monajr toJLo*n.J 1. East Thl'd. Street, 5TBRL1NQ, ILL; Veterinary Surgeon*. rf. ij- * fejy &>h M (HO. HCX)yBR,.D. V. S. -OFFICE- AT ME¥BR15 4 BSHLEMAIf 3 PRUQ STORE. - Hospital, Cor. Tnttd Ato. Wd F«t& Btts ''• Harrison Tel., BealdCMfl, Mi Office, 19. BertdcBM, BUOx Atfc, North ot Bterltoji BoJiool. iieal Eatate aud Insurance, J. P. HB5SL1NQ, , Real Estate, and Fire Insurance. Y it Reliable Companies B«pr«*«ot«d. IV AOADffMT MPSJO BLOCK. «. ' ••••••• '• DR. C. E, Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist. 'OffiloewdVetertoariumatWrigUt&Co's ,' Ltvery and Boarding Stables. Wblte«W« Harrison Telephone 18. S. J. WICKBN3, REAL ESTATE DEALER. 7 • 1TABM tOJAKB A 8PBOlAI.Tir. Office Over Roaeothal'i Clothlnf Stow, ' H.W.Ooiiwr Pint Ate. »nd Third Bt. Ji_ L: Dr. C: A. Physician arid Surgeon, Offlc*-Ae*d*my of Mmlc, Boom »• 8«»UI«Be«—808 Vonrth Ave. fr-iifcM.5 a-*P.n».i 7-sp.m. -Herroua and Women'* pliea»M, N. XL HEOKMAN, REAL ESTATE BROKER, IN81TBANOE AiND LO-NS. W. B. CAROLUS, n. D; OIseues'61 ttw> Uv«, Stomtch, Bow»U M* ' KMoayi tn&itA *ae«utolly. j t. • P. n, om» H"w *» WW Avenue, ILLINOIS, --FRANK ANTHONY, n. D., PHYSICIAN ANP SURGEON. OFFICE COR. lit AVE, ««4 FOURTH ST. W.Oor. ATO, B Md Fourtn Bfiwt, STBRLINa. HOOBM JToi B«nU property find Bold oo R«aioit»bl* Al*o Hotary PnbU«.' Offlce, Cor. Bd and Locuat St., Sterling, Insurance ;ahd E. M. Gait Blobk. X 'If. KEBFBR, JANE REID KEEPER, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. «ttHr*i Avenue. Telephone*. ILLINOIS. A,C, SMITH, W.*D,, PHYSICIAN AND SUHGEON. Mosic. Teacher of Pianoforte Instruction gtivw 0»¥iol|n; Cornet, Piano, M»ndo Una or aay Wind or Stringed Instrument, 4. KORN, * Musics! Conductor Keystone Reg. i »nd Starting Concert Orch, Store. Best of All is Repaid by trust deed, (containing the terms and^ondUlons usually employed In such cases) upon the plu'nt of paid Company, and covering and treating said plant as a anil of property, which IB to be accepted as and for their security for the,payment of such sums, waiving any and all other securities and claims, if any there be, than such as may be afforded by such deed. The trustee to be selected by such committee or In such manner as may be determined by the creditors assembled at the meeting of March 2,1897, -to serve as such if this proposition be accepted. Your committee is pleased to specially call your attention to the fact that in the event of acceptance of the fore-, going proposition Thomas A. G^lt,lat6 President of the Company,, expressly agrees to forego any and all preference which might accrue to him as a creditor of the Company by reason of any <3 S ANOTHER LETTER ON TH6 MEXICAN CENTRAL RAILWAY, tnnch *t the the Hot SprJn»»— Ben Show Trftveller and an AH-mroand gervatlons on the .Country. Bath* in » Patient M»n— Ob- was hai'mouioos in every,sense of the judgment he has obtained against said word. The terms of eettiemeut which have been proposed met vrlth the approval of the creditors. The following ia the statement issued to the creditors by the committee: , • tiTEBLiNo, ILL., Feb. 18,1897* ' To the',cre&ttors of the Keystone Man- vfactyrinff Company. GENTLEMEN:—Your committee appointed by you at your meeting in Chi- cagp_Feb; 9, A. D., 1897; beg to report aa theresaiFof trtfltr-^gQrtsjaotirjg un» Company, and he will enter into said proposition upon the said footing, as all other creditors, Your committee is Battened that Thomas A. Gait secured said judgements actuated only, by a motive conductive to the welfare of the creditors of the Company, and now standa ready and willing to, as be has in the past, stand upon the at mo plane with all other creditors and wholly without advantage to him- balance of der the resolution by. you adopted, aa follows,viz: . . ' ." They assembled at the office of the Keystone Mfg, Co. at. Sterling, 111., Feb. 16, A. D. 1897 at 8 o'clock a. m , commencing their labors, continued the same until Feb. 18, 1897. Your committee is pleased/ to report that they met with great assistance, at; the bands of the officers of the Company, by way of information given by them and afforded by the books and records of the Company. Your committee begs to report that their labor was minute,in detail and' thorough in \ character, and from the same they arrive at the following con- clnslons r viz: . "<C^-;.'.' •••'-': .-v< .Thaithe causes of disability, jof .the Company arise from the- slowness r -ot collectionsLand consequent inability to- meet its fast maturing obligations; that thia disability was heightened i by its expenditures in constructing'new factory buildings, the cost of which has been cashed out ^nd paid, and while the same seemed to be R peces- NEW BEANB OW M»nufactur&4 by F. COCHRAN. THE JUNIOR In Oalt House Bloick has In &t<w;k the line*t Uo« «l Havana aad DoinesiJc Cigars in the city, Af$» of TOPACe jftlfeit •«!» « sity for its use the expenditure has as- Bisted In 'depleting the Company Treasury to the extent of over forty thousand dollars, which, taken In; connection with its payments during the last preceding five years ofmore tbfin one hundred thousand dollars in reducing the decretal claim of George. W. 'Brown and Company, .amounting originally. to the sujn of one hundred 'and twenty thousand dollars or thereabouts, have been the chief or direct. causes of its '.'financial troubles, ' We find its liabilities to be substantially in accord with the statement rendered to the meeting of Febi 9, and the we.b,avedete,rmined,are somewhat in excess of the amounts shown in said statement; thia difference: arising chiefly from excessive discounting afc to present value ot eame.if the Company continues its business.; We find its prospects for future businesa to be not unlike the conditions existing generally in well regulated manufacturing^ confiernei of like 'character, subject, however, to its present financial embarrassment, occasioned by its out-, standing debits matured and maturing hereafter and within the next two years. Your committee respectfully submits that Ip view of the proposition hereinafter set forth, atnd eayiptly recommended by it for adoption by you, a more minute or detailed statement of the matters above referred to, would be a violation of mercantile discretion aad an"UBueeee8»ry disclosure pf the business affairs of the Company uncalled for la this report. Your committee ia pleased to report that the Company has signified its willingness to act upon .the following prop- oaltiWi, W iwceptable to Ita .creditors. viz* ' The Company to pay.oaehuaclred cents on the dollar of Its existing out standing indebtedness, i.e.: The eum of ten' per centum In one year. The further sum of fit teeb per cen- tum in two yearn. , The t urther sum of twenty-five per centum in three years and a like per cent, each year theiesftef uutil the indebtedness is f uliy paid. Said period of years above meation- t4 to begio March i, Al D. 18U7, «»d sum to be « itors. ' 1 Your commlttfe, nftor carofnlly considering thn n-aultH of their prolonged and delicate invebtit.;iiti"n, IH fully persuaded that the present need of the Company is an extension of time in which to meet it obligations; that the time afforded by the foregoing propo-. eltion is sufficient to enable it to prosecute its business with Its full force and vlgor,~meejbing its' obligations as they mature; and on.the other hand, recognize the apparent necessity of the time thus afforded for reasons growing out of-the generally existing conditions, in 'the.busineas world; which need not be herein be known and ' appreciated by each and every one of ita'creditors. ' .• 'T V' '?.'.'- : -. •• ••''.' •' '" '• In condtiBlbn your- committee -nrge imm'edlate acceptance by the creditors of the proposition submitted not only as one^ calculated to enconrBg€*|he Company itself, but also- as an action calculated to stem the apparent desire of many to take advantage of the existing troublesome conditions to re- ollc'fl their-debts by the computaery- On the CircassiB, Feb. 24, 1897.—We took lunch at Hotel Washington, kept by King, a-New Yorker, who came here fourteen years ago for consumption, weiglun? 107 poundsroow a-mah of sixty-tive iu apparently good health. Chlmse cook. Had biscuit, white butter, soft boiled eggs', pancakes and coffee. Boiled potatoes, new, size of marbles, . Nearly every tourist takes a bath In the hot eprlngs. There is a long stone building, with small rooms with stone bath tubs, opening upon this porch. Water tepid, natural temperature. You can remain as long as you please for twenty cents. In front, surrounded toy a wall eight feet high, is a garden of cactua and various tropical plants, At some of the market stalls, was tied by a string to a post a lone rooster, generally a game cock. I saw one fellow, who was carrying a rooster, sit down and let the poor bird run, appar- ently-for-a—change_ot_ ppaltibn.__The | crimson to veil the »nights are superb, rear «9f lest alght, wfcfc&tef th* ste*»- erg of cinders M they flew back^ lusk- Ing little bonfires la (be dtj §rS,«« wherever they Btruck. The etats wsr* out in all their splendor. Venns ww very brlliiant. Hilton felt this: Now glowed th« flrroament with Iltlng «KpptiSw» Hesponis that led toe Starry trsla liode brightest. vr. W. if- IN JUDGE WARD'S COURT. litmlnena* Yranaocttd Tli«r« Duttttg REAL ESTATE TBANSFER8. George Bennttt to Allle Bennett, land in Gardenplain, 83,875. George Bennett to Olive Bennett! lot in Gardenplain, 8100, George Bennett to Lasetta Benuefct, land in Gardenplain, 113,875. George Bennett to Lazetta Bennett, land in Gardenplain, $100. Lizzie Lenhart to John Wetzell, lot in Rock Falls, 9183, Joseph M, Golder to Montmoreooy, $_— t George Jacobs to William Frarrick*, lots in Bock Falls, 8800. John G. Manahan to William B. Price, lot in Sterllng,8i50. A. L. Grater to Ferdinand Btatzke, land in Clyde, «Sl,500. procesB so often invoked incases where the need of suspension is not BO apparent." ' ..••••.' Your committee further suggests that in the event of your non-attendance^at the proposed meeting to be held March 2,1897, and it you concur in the above proposition, you fill out and sign the power or proxy herewith enclosed, signifying your acceptance of the proposition and mail the name to some, p/eraon authorized therein by you I o BQ.acoept at said meeting, and if you choose so to'do It may be addressed to WilUam K. Hoagland, Esq., Peru, 111., (chairman of this committee) .who will be-pleased to make your acceptance known at.the proposed meeting. , Ar i-opy of thia report has been mailed to each creditor with like en•closure and request, in order "to promote the immediate arrangement herein suggested, as a. business necessity for the proper conduct of the business affairs of the Company on a settled and economical basis—if the proposed arrangement prevails. \ I \y.H. HoAQLAND.Ch. \ S, W. Ciioy, COMJ^ITTEE^ K)3. PIERCE, I CHAS. U. HAWKINS, '.: I HABEYF, FOKPEB. THE MODERN WOODMEN. 1 .V ;• ..•"*,"',' , ' ' ' " — Rolf over the Matter of the B*uiov»l Frona JTulton to Rock lalttiid. The Fulton people have perfected am appeal and fileda'-bond In the sum-of 82,500 in the .Modern Woodmen case, and as the supreme court is a year and a half behind iu its work, it will -likely take It that length of time to reach this case. Fulton will thus retain the order for florae time yet, and they expect that the decision will finally be in their favor, • The Head Camp meets in Jane and it possibly mao reconsider the action of the previous body and decide that the Head Clerk's, office shall remain in that city. MONTMORENOY"" W- C. T. U. A. lield a I'loiutaut Mestli^e «t the Homo of Mrs, K»tb«r Mua-rny. The Moatoiorenoy W.*C. T. U, held its regular meeting at the home of Mrs Esther Murray last Thursday. After the regular business wse over the following program was carried out: distance here is measured in two ways: on the sign at the station, 363 miles to City of Mexico, 585 kilometers. . Ben Shaw and 1 occupy a section. Hu ia a patient traveler, and has the happy art of adapting himself to any company. A second Dr. Jekyl and Mr. -Hyde. .'..With the smokers, he smokes and tells stories, with the la-, dies he is always welcome for bis kind, ness and courtesy. Among strangers on account of his serious fa'ce, he is nearly always taken for a Methodist presiding elder. . I noticed on a train at the station three styles of cars, marked 1 clase. 2 clase, 3 clase. The first have seats of plush, the second seats of' wooden slats, the third seats of slats running 'whdie length of the car. 'Pretty hard writing on a train. We are now running forty miles and hour, and the pencil is jerked in lines that are not 0. K. On some of these haciendas stone fences and inside a hedge of thick cactus, I saw them at Joppa. Many peons or laborers on these; plantations, the proprietor oiten .residing elsewherer The corn stalks are low, two pr three feet bigb, and the ears nubbins two or three inches long. Beans are carried on the cars In sacks like wheaC Within an hour have passed pools of water* gathered during rainy season from June to September. I saw fields of alfalfa and wheat. • .-..•• Mexico IB becoming a favorite resort fpr tourists, and several parties this winter. The Graf ton party, our train man tuld us, spent 83,000 at ond place inppala and other; stones.—Ijike-En- giiah lords in India, these spendthrifts in America will make relics high, but we all want to get some, As for. dally papers, we might as well be at North Pole, San Francisco and St. Louis papers bring the news. The railroad ties are oak and pine from Texas. What do you think, Mexico has 6,000 miles of railway, At Lagos ia plenty of water, and as we look out wlndowa.the view Is varied and refreshing of the ditches and meadows and alfalfa. The trees are in the delicate green of early spring, and away on the horizon, the mountains are reflecting the setting sun in the softened hues of twilight. .; ' Everything for sale. Whenever the train stops, the natives come to the car windows with vases, trinkets, toys, and even parrots. To think of lugging a parrot about. Men and women with thia linen drawn work,'some as high aa ten dollars. It is made by the girls and women, and requires, the Blow toil of weeks and months, but then time is nothing here. ThUia aland of leisure. Qraogee are growing cheap. Two for & cent, thin ekln, large, juicy and sweet. In Sterling, the kind you pay fifty cents a dozen for. No end of fun about our going to bed, The dressing rooms are. too arnail. One woman was waiting the other night: "I can't get in, there are six women in now," In the njorniug, three big fellows crowd our wash room. But I beat them, getting up at four for say daily bath. These Mexicans are the funaiest f olte! This morning the eeotioa hands passed, puuipUijf $way on their band ear, tore footed, Haea trouaeri, old and chip hat, Thgy 4 poof up « sack full of doati away wit& it fa Ms in Portland, 81,000' ••'••'." - . John Eljison toEvHr. Ahdertun, lot in Fulibu, eiOO. ;. ; ;'.. ...'•/ , Ilubbaid.Cabbot to II. A-bturteVant/ land in Fenton, $650. Abuer L. Merrill to Adam Kadfil, lot in Rock Falls, 8225. " John G. 'Mauahan to L.,E. Brook- , field, lot In Sterling, 8150. .' Eli- Upton to George Upton, lots in Morrison, $5. \ John Q. Manahan to Michael Bahai' ley, lot in Sterling, 8150. - . '' - PBOBATE COUKT. • , Estate of John L. Knapp. Claims' allowed: Frank W. Dana, 84.80; Han-;' nab L. Nichols, 822.60; E. M. McAffee, ! 833.50;A.D. Mitchell, 017.74; 0. A. Gri^wold, 87; AiberiBeyaQlda, 85j JU G. Wheeler, 82.06; Fred K, Bsetian,, 83.40; Oscar Sammers, 813.41 ;E. Green' & SoB r 841.M; Sarah-MrJ?TalCsr8 r 8667^- ;. Estate of Charles H. JPayson. Pett' tion of Mary A. Pay son for letter* tee-" tamentary filed. Bond filed and ap-; proved and_ietter8ordered_ Estate of Martha Ryan. Proof of no , tice of publlbatibn of final report filed. Final report filed and approved, Discharge ordered on exhibition of vouchers showing distribution. In re application of F', A.' Kremer for certificate of moral character. On examination of G, W. Bansau and Peter M. Ludeus a certificate is 'ordered; In re guardianship of Mary A. Curry. Final report filed and approved. lie- lease of ward filed aud discharg'e. ordered on pay men t of- costs.. ; __'_ Estate of John Diokson. Administrator's report filed and approved. '_' :> . Estate of Almira Daniels. Petition^, for letters of administration filed. Oath. and bond filed and approved. Letters • ordered. J,*W. Ross,• j, Murray Eaton and Wilson B.-Bull appointed appraia--' ers. . . .• '••''^'••^•.•;•-:-•• •', .• Estate of Franklin ,H. ,B«er. Petf- tlon for sale of personal property at private sale filed. Sale allowed. Estate of George 8. Tracy*. The estate being settled in full the executors ara discharged. In re guardianship of Grace and Fred Fiet, minor children of Jacob Fiet, deceased. Report of guardian filed apd ] approved. MARRIAGE Henry Boating and Annie £< bard, PropheUtown. George K, Oackeo and Katie Haruies, Hopkins. lleinhold Odowake, Jordan^ «%d Louisa Dummer, Euds, W. Prusaia, Frank 8, Horlacher and NaUta "Cos- sway, Genesee. William Sheah«D, Telieran.&ud Delia Ryan, Tampieo. .Wllliam^ook^ Thomaoa, Jit, Ellen Barrett, Boetob, Maas, Auguet Waterstreet and Aaais low, Lyndoo. Alfred AndeM&a and TiJ4M Tampleo. ' • ? . o. T, tr,"..Mw> Harm TLmika Clyde, • jV 1 ^'^.'\,4 f'ii. ~j 2.-'?'^,'- * * ••S^/l'j^iiiidS'XSiktifc^ k: ^ ^Jj- ; v.'s/ViWv^/\^i!K»*^S &4,

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