The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 6, 1973 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 5
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^VIEWPOINT A >»< Watergate fills a needed gap i M it paramount to tan all vt the Mtvr* and degree of Mi«^^*A i.^^j^^^—^^> »_ *fc. _ TOMB* MfHffnew in tne i affair. Bui even that knowledge m vital gaps la UK story. ttonUtheMgapaformore istaiptyeatahUahingtheroiea. activitie* and possible i of gvilt ol various Individual In or 1 with the White ttauM. I (tab* portrait to get the widest until jUKHiaj of the perils I IB ike inbred, *etf<entered ua* of tk« presidency's enormous powers. Daaj*te aB la*, theae are unlikely to be ^^^K^^^^^^^ J_ ^ — ^^,~ M_^*A A II • II I tl !•! vtnMsawta in an era wnen a premium rt*t» on quick action and visible laaArahip. The key is bow the powers are Mi. aad la this instance we still know far taettni*. We d*at reaBy know who ordered and directed the bugging of the Democrats' l«n Watargate headquarters. There u« veiled but significant Mgg*Bte* from some sources that, to iu MB tcefe. the administration's plan of e»a4oe>agc-sabotage against the an incredibly ugly i aimed at seriously besmirching character of any Democrat rival who might become a ml threat to Mr. Nixon's re-election. Probably the haak evidence rests in the eight carton* and other materials removed from the office of convicted Watergate participant E. Howard Hunt We have only hJata at their contents. We need to know The dsscomy of Watergate interrupted the great pian. What would have been done had that dJaciosure not occurred? Would the undercutting activity have been worse against • stronger candidate than Sen. George McCvQvefn? In • private meeting wilb k*y Republican House member* weeks ago, top preaidential aide II. R. lUkfcman (resigned) took personal mponsibttlty for setting up what some members said be called the "surveillance" plan, Y«, It Is Important to know If onto* (ran the President tet that to motion, But it is «bo crucial to know how responsibility for various parts of the plan — the Watergate buffing, the watch on radicate, tbe dirt-digging OB key Democrat*, the planned disruption of Democratic activities — was parceled out. Tbe notion at a wtU-coordinaled conspiracy probably t» an illusion. Source* say overlap wa* bad, and bitter jockeying for power and prarideniial favor a constant drag, The inter-play of anlmcaiUea among sue* lop NUon aides as Hakknaa, John Mitchell. John Ehrlicbman. Charles Coboo and others seems Intense enough to resemble the power struggle* in some raodem-day dictatorship*. The fume* of mutual distrust swirled around Mr Nixon's isolation booth, Men claimed access to him who never had it. Some often decdtfulh «p«ft« and issued order* in — htt name Leaving out Henry Klwteger. u'j often said HaMeman, Ehrtichrean, Mitefcefl and CoUoo were the only ones having "direct access." We don't know if that's true, or how frequently and under what control they may h»v* »eeo the num. Cobon u a punie tittle proved. Me hired old friend Hunt, la on the "access" Hart. was very busy. Doing wiut? DON OAKLEY Government edges into 'monopsony' In economics, "monopoly" i* the term that describe* the **nff»>t« of a market by a sttgk seller. "Monopsony" is the (era that dtacnbea the domination of a market by a aingle haiyer. > , '.Tte:' : lajajr to of .man Our merely acajjgMBk Interest to. ccanamic theorists.[ to a recently I I study, the federal I AS acquired I the chnracterktics of al • mpiiiij as a buyer of I gaadk and aervicca in at] laMlcaefietdandisontheJ way to monopsony in) The study — "Monopaony: ProoKiD in — wu coHirnimiocto by Industrie* Assn.. whkh e major manufacturers of the ante's aircraft, spacecraft, mtasiie* and The study warm that tan problems pmaiilid M aB-powerf ul sing'* buyer are no.toBger restricted to defense and space suppliers. Government agencies are taking an increasingly *ctive rate in such area* as mass transit, education, health and environmental protection. The fjgwfficw** of this trend, the study psteu sue, to apparent from the fact that federal government purchase* now reaanitutu nearly 10 per cent of the grosa MltoMl product. The annual increase in these kind* of gaveneaeai expenditure* over the last dacad* (adjusted for inflation) has been •early I per c**H. Many forecasts project i of M per cent or more in the BERRY'S 1RLD %Mt,hfr M|MM •*« £100 M ^ "We Can't All Be Perfect!" TNR HHAJMMrORT to tout Uw W*«rr«*«* «m»i!t»;4jh5« to DM fttr« Comment and Opinion ANDERSON MERRY-GO-ROUND President's wish for intervention? s» Iftv ttm H* ftsftl RAY CROMLEY "One of the unique and distressing aspects of the process by which government acquires major (production) systems." the study says. "t» that aB too often alt of the partirs famttcd are unhappy with the rwults, "Coagnssknal and escdMi«« j/ttnry spokeanen frequently cite examples of schednte slippages, technical failure »nd coat overrun*.. "Industry in turn potato to changing reqntremenU, excessive regulation, tf*«|uil»hte procurment practkta and unacceplabiy low profits. "A confused public, generally unsophisticated on the subject, is bteiy to conclude that government officials and private Industry are nusaUocaung and mismanaging scare* puttie resovrces." As a foOow-up to the study, the Aerospace Industries Association is now catting on Coogres* to nUbtah an independent regulatory board to mociur and limit government's monopsony power, just as the Justice Department's antitrust division limits the use of monopoly powtr in industry It recommends that the basic criterion which should govern the procumnen! process, as well as tbe actions and approvals of such a regulatory board, should be the conditions and outcome* that would result in a balanced free-market situation. "In tbe end," the association state*. "what is in jeopardy is not one or two I industries but rather our capability, as a InaUon. to undertake programs In which the resources of government and industry must be commtlted to development and implementation of solutions to society's problems." Classrooms short for handicapped A handicapped >«u<qpl(r 6«m In on* state may tuv* t-xx ii«sw sNr efesuse* at rtcrtviag sptvtil education a* ft «hUd tft another rcgioR. Some fUta* &*»v tr*tr iteta 3* per prat of their bandjcapfcti children in spwttl education cU**» Dr. Edwin VUrte a* th* 1 US Office at KducalMn i rJttrajtt* that naOotrwide fewer than half this country's *ev«n million handicapped children receive adequate schooling A* noted *bov*. <a*ny ttr rvevivtng no ipmal hrip at all Suit i* seeking puboe ctfecaUea (at bandkapfed ymeyjitm *r» pmftng ia "tfcr itl*t'*»li$,, ""IktU it tfae 'emvtt ({WMMSJ* »«** t tfcie til'.r w«!jjfo<«} I riuitftS 'A* Wait It* d* « !»lfi*7 «* i.1« s<J*' t 'Aa« w*t * s t '^BifOTKy .«wJ ft* tiffwt t» Wt Si* *s •,»*»! **•> ' ttiftxt wse-Ai isSw *Srt* J^iujw jus; at (ft IS"? (ftw tfciil » U-t it *.*» . Us* I?.*. iVtTtJ !!irtt 48 ctuMrm in ?-* tt.r i la , U C. r».*S. 13 W.K! Aif-.r, te*«« 4 Michictn *ad North Carottea DocrlroiwOoR »g*u»{ the t domn't md to school K»!tocmi«3«r the <tm« a new oft to end )oo prtjudtoet bawd on *n and race Therv's be«n rtttirttty m:J« done k^-illy (o protect (fee *4C>tiat employtr pr*>wJ*t* There are excvpUam. th* leguUturw has included b*at!ar»pv»t! men and women In the ov«r*Jl Itw that problbiu employment ducfiroijjjdo« Krw ilate* h«vt cr»ckrd dpwn in (&.•» nunzscr to * rasa the * Sttt , tar but f** t» » •UttottC JfHttf «»t cwxrrtx. cowKkrati* pragrtwi bren nuute — an paper In l»l». the WMowaln Swjwvnw HAl BOYLE'S PEOPLE Thirty '(be »utfg so* K*«* .*««* farm tto. * UM 1st of wham «rw ca map* ceotr&uiMsntft S» Changing sizes is hard to size-up JIM BISHOP. REPORTER Writer expresses himself to a 'tee' Al US* to . pubfiatwd * *hwrt tnxoo st («« tnm* which I WTM* for NEW YORK iAP* - On* of the ortfeab of We b that sixes don't stay tbe same As woo as you ftt used to a me or 40 occaskn that Mems fitting. wnxtMng happens to it It changes It would seem pretty important that a sue remain changtlcw. For example, how could we estimate the value of property we owned — or even find out Just where II began or ended- if an inch yesterday weren't the same inch the day after tomorrow'! Or if a foot refused to stay a foot king — and no more or le**1 Who could lake pride ia running a four-minute mile U someone bapbatardry decided to shrink the length of the mile andal the same time ex tend Ih* length of minute* and seconds' In lime a tenderfoot Boy Scout would be able to limp a mile in lea* thin two minute* oa a stubbed toe Yet, although *i»e* are supposed to be standardized, something or someone always seems to be changing them Take the sitt of a f» WU. You can measure it with a ruler and measure the size of a steak it would buy 10 yean ago. Snnethiaf has happtod to the sit* of so* or the other. In some restaurants the size of » steak that a •» bill will buy can't even be measured accurately with a ruler. You flfryj g micrometer. How about that girl you married » years ago who bragged she wore a *1» 10 dm»t She Hill says the feeto uncomfortable in any thing larger than a size 10 drew But if y ou tool oat of ttoo** dreaaea she buys and propped it up leoglhwiatt *iib tenii****, p»tr o< siw*€ *hD*», * Jfrinrh UK sue «»M»tf Weil, bxtey Uul wm* ItOw* than K year* otdrr - l«t» pHacfced by a »&«• »H pair of ihoo. a vie *( suit, a sit* *> belt and a sue »* shift II* t» uncomforUbkfttmto«uai«>Ui«»(l The ttal truth to that »i*w «tti»coroUM in any (kid any more Years ft«J shorter th*o they itired to h*. but many * day laits interminably longer The stte of wars appear* to tw rv«n harder to figure. You gel in «* (hit! you are asaured U small. preventi«« rcooomy -- siw war. and the next thing you know it is unmistakably bigger, oVxaut'l appear partkuUry preventive, and I* ahowl as economical a* bankruptcy. Even the sUe of words has bccctm confused There w*» a time when a big deal w«* a big deal Hut now when your wife My* to you, "big deal!." - »«il, yw don't feel like a major wheel Unless Mtnt agency like the US Bureaus of Standards can help us standardise our standards, tow are we ever going to be able property to sijt*-up our site-up*? butt*** to *««*} the S»y»*r Any bvteg 9 that grow* JO Ini ull twtwvms it* dm* j«j hit Ih* l*b *fid tl stops behind tfc* ofcjvcl B*B A »tau dimpled »ph«r« guaranteed I rrmatn round far of pby Also, a fliriailoa with a Ud mi44t«f \j*. by * tfe*t« •«•« h* l^wd tab* Uwutt; * »««J «h**r* rwy «ttt«t Mad* to <W»<**> U ?kk)MMi. *« Up |THE BRAZOSFOHT FACTS of J«ef» to being miniaturized? The ajofaiem to even worse In men'* r»i<«miii tomtit ft*» tmm f «tAM Cfetf* ikwKM *Nrt Lllllljillllii f «m» I HO*. •} (MM •>•»• ri.i T . i. — •«MK»»»' E*gl» Two strokes. undcrpar.*4i*haieiaoneonap*r} Aiso. * Urge aagry lookiag bird that doe* <w* pl*y Mole A small round excavation placed is M ta*oc«Mihi* part of the gran. turmottftUd by a staff aad a pennant li is seen ctrerty by th* player, seldom by In* ball. Press Something a taikr doc* la a twit of clothe* AIM th* predilection of Ih* born loser to doubt* th* b*t Trap: A large arta of MratcgteaUy placed uuA. Al*o what tbt golfer open* when h* fimai his baU in th* bottom of a footprtot Jt raquirw two atroke* to get out of a trap, on* o( whkh to cerebral Keiax: Something th* izttettigeel golfer never doe* Th* gam* to designed to build blood pressure, anxiety and frustration Handicap A figure whkh. when added to 73, then subtracting one-third for fatte toforauiiott, approximate* the score of the duffer Aa bonwt handicap la alien to the ganw, Free lift First aowis. Also what bappaos to girl bitch hjkan wkec dirty old men drtv* by, Orownd uMtor r^alr; To ibe duffer, tikt WIMW gfOtf CMtfM Water haza/d: La!*, aa*J iwherir aS good {Mitt g« to *» WH*i get from yottr fraMiog p*rtMf «43 day erf th* cwwtry th* *«rf UM gattn Akin la •hat h*ppc«a to a doctor's wsttiag rwn «» Th* tint embrace oa the b»ck Met of aa, Sh*ofc WlMt to left on M««d«y of &nd*y's h*A AA unr«»cte»*» trick that with a gotf batt IMchigh Right chA. wrang diraUw* Head A rwndMi «t>|*ct that th* gvtfer and the crUwnai maiatata in a dow«w*r4 po*4twtt Samctbiag sdlhtr vne* MuUigAn A nauteous stew boiled by bums A la;tenou* a*c«ad she* provtag 4 that UK original disaster was no mitta**, W*»t Saad shot from a buoker A HrWsfc etpletiv* *s • reault of th* ran*. Slice The addtttfea of M per cent of *D 80Uen who try to nil a ttraigfct UB Hook Th* wMkUaa U the other bajf, Ftv: A dectur whs azures you U»t ke can cure la » minute* en *f fbcUan It baa laktti yean to tcyuir*. „ Oreeni Mecca. Something which, havtov Ukeo thm SBoti to Uavtt m yard*, require* Uww m«n to own 40 f**. Something hacker* hand to bwUtr* T*«: goMw to about lo hit room: A SMctiiary («r

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