Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 20
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 20

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1959
Page 20
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THE t*AMPA ftAlLY SUNDAY, FEBRUAfcy 15, I9&9 81st Yeaf On Tlii* Qfc&BftAt Htt&ttAL KdffcS Admissions Rada Akers, 1108 Juniper Dr. Allen Snapp, 412 N, Zimmer Billy SfiSpp, 412 N. 2'mrrter Bertha Dowdy, 811 ^ S. Gray Mrs. Lsna Cain, Lefors Mrs. Batty Slocvim, 1132 Sorfoco Mrs. Lorene Johnson, Amarlllo Mrs. Alvera Boone, 1528 Williston Lee Roy Franks, Kingsmill Glondon Hayes, Pampa Bill F. Denton, Pamp-a Mrs. Clara PickP.rd, Borger B. Grayson, 180S Willlstbrt. P. E. collier, S09 Naidft. MARRlAofe LICENSES Wayne Sargent to Joyce Ingef- son. Loy Glendon Jordan to Bonnie Nell Rowden. diaries Lee Mall to ChafloUe Yvonne Claunch. Paul Luther Buchardt to Nelda Joy Wren. Cecil Lester Maxwell to Rebecca Jones. DIVORCES GRANTED C. M. Lang from H. M. S. Lang. Kay Fancher from Beverly Jean Baby Wnda Kay Miller, 727 Den-'Fancher. Ver ' ' Jennie Guffey from James Guf- Mrs. He!en Prater. 934 E. Mur- fey. phv Isaac f r o m j | Lam be rs H. Montgomery. • Betty O'Hara from Fred O'Hara.' j Mary Lee LaRue from Mrs. Mary Bonsai, Pampa JHoyt LaRue. William B. Nail, 705 N. Dwight j Edith Jane Montgomery Mrs. Grace Green, Shellytown Mrs. Balle Fcrpm^n, Pampa. Mrg. A-in Tidrow. 1101 Terry Rcl. Lavell Jon?s, MGO S. Christy Dismissal* Baby Jeanne Fleming. Hobbs, N.M. ' Mrs. Freda R'chr!!e. SUellytown F. E. Young, 3.5 N. Baer Lee Hirdin, Stinnett Mrs. Abb-e Thompson, 718 E. Ci.^vcn Tommy Parker, 201 E. Francis . Jamr.s Shfiwn, 1033 Vavnon Dr. Raymond Durrett. Panhandle Paul Keim. 808 N. Gray Personality Spotlight Darrell Yeager. Skeliytown United Press International Mrs. Lila Thompson. 901 E. Al- f-t. (Jen. Clyde D. Kddlpman b?:t j Commander I'.S. Army. Europe R. I.. Moore, Sksllylown Command of all U.S. Army fore- Mrs. Mattie Sseley. 1333 G a r- ropa will pass on April 1 to URBAN HEAD - David D. Bohannon, above, of Sah Mateo, Calif., has been re*eleeted president of the Urban Land Institute. The ULI, a research or- ganizaliori dealing in urban development, has made panel studies of 36 U.S. cities over the last 12 years. ddleman To Tax Deductions Command US Talked Here Neuberger Preparing To Resume Normal Schedule Nofe! Lnsf frtlt, Sen, excellent. These miracles are fl) early detection of the tumor, f2) skillful surgery, and (3) the twin agents of cobalt radiation and eheniO' ,therapy, With 'theif destructive grateful for being alive, in this [impact on any of lh« tumor dispatch, Neubftrger speaks fmnk-lwhich might have spread. senftlof fforn Oregon, tin- ttetwenl siifgety tor fetnovat of A cancerous fnmof. Today, he Is en route back fo Washington, 1y of big experience and, as lie prepares to "resume ft hernia) schedule of activity" — his physicians' words—offers a. message of hopfi to other cancer sufferers. Me also speaks, from the basis of his own trying experience, of what he feels this country must do lo bring the possibility of cure lo all onftcer victims. By Sen. Richard L. Xeiiberger Democrat of Oregon Written for United Press tnternntloitftl It has become almost axiomatic' .o protest about our modern age. Yet if I did not live in a modern age, I would probably be dead now. Three miracles of modern Even before cancer was diagnosed ift me, I stood on the floor of the tJrtlted states Senate afld advocated vastly increased federal support of medical research. Yet I used glibly the reference that 40 million Americans were desiined lo have cancer. I never thought I might be among the 40 'pooling of medical discoveries made by ail nalions, this hat particularly urgent meaning for me today. Cobalt radiation, ft vital factor Irt the successful treatment f have Ufldergftne, was developed by Such illustrious scientists of Canada as t)r. David A. Keys and Dr. H. F. Batho. 1 am fortunate that no unwise import quota kept this marvel of their Intellects from cdming to the United. States. A brush with cancer tends to put many things in true perspective. First, one becomes profoundly grateful to all those who, million, t always felt that this through the long medical research, would be somebody else, t slip-j have contributed to the advances pose countless citizens feel this thus far made In treatment of way—otherwise we would not tolerate spending more on chewing gum than on cancer research, and many times more on such things as permanent waves and cigarettes, this grim disease. I am keenly aware that some of the most eminent members of the Senate have died of cancer during recent years—among them Charles L. McNary of my own Along with my colleagues, Sen- j slate of Oregon, Robert A, Taft ator Lister Hill of Alabama and'of Ohio, Arthur Vandenberg of Forces medical science have given me a Senator Hubert Humphrey of Min-(Michigan, Matthew Neely of West prospect for recovery from cancer which my doctors regard as nesota, I have been proposing an Virginia and Brian McMahon of Connecticut. That is why 1 regard international medical vear and a it « 18 erfcialty important tf 1 eift itantf in Ins senats snd stress I* mj* edltetftrgt ffiat ft? ew« flft hal had t ty|>6 df canctf Whleh hai t* » flifeovery tntis m«dt m tftt ftiim of nwdical search, fl It Wot vilal that Wft devotS every effort Mr extending these thftt, Already^ about 30 of pw eBftt ftf cancef victims If* B€ftt| fa*®!. As waw fifldinfi iff fft the fl«ld df cHSIn* lherft|*y, this percenlap be increased—especiaiff it people seek immediat* medical car. While much remains to ba l\ discoveries, if possible, mid -other areas of cancer where successful treatment ha» not yet been achieved? Does it make sense to invest m cancer research only about one per cent of what we spend on research into armaments and weapons of war? Two out o? every three American families are in peril of affliction from cancer, From the very beginning, 1 told my doctors to include candidly in their medical bulletins the fact that my Illness has been diagnosed as cancer, I realize that not been done in the case of some public figures. Yet we need to have full Understanding of this 'physicians. known (Uxnit cancer, I think it il [ essential thai Americans hava [ faith in the competence of theif ? doctors. Some believe that capa» J ble care can be received only at ' t f«w nationally known medical u centers. 1 choae tA remain for k treatment in my native city of Portland, Oregon, because I believe that knowledge and compe- .;. tence in this field are not confined to one Or two famous places. » I think 1 have been confirmed in \ this decision by the fact that, in ,i my travels around our state this past fall and winter. 1 have met quite a few men and women wha have recovered from cancer under the auspices of their looAl Medical scientists Inform me that some people, knowing they may have cancer, still hesitate to seek treatment because they fear t is inevitably hopeless. Thus, if a person in public life does recover from cancer, It Is an event which can give hope and courage to many millions of others. The American Cancer Society disease If it is to be conquered,) The National Cancer Institute, which Is part of our U.S. Public Health Service, makes grants throughout the nation to all promising avenues in the area of cancer research. Your own life or that of a loved one might potentially be saved if you urge youf Senator to vote full and adequate appropriations for this vita] government agency. Personal exemption situations relating to allowable deductions on Federal tax returns for 1958 were detailed here today by the Internal Revenue Service. IRS also reminded taxpayers to hang on to cancelled checks and receipts supporting tax deductions. Wiley E. Davis of IRS. Pampa, es facing the Iron Curtain in Eu- j \ el " ln « eA f rea taxpayers that the 'deduction for a dependent is $600. Mrs. Throssa Patterson, Pampa: slender, tou-h-minded "officer long|P C '' e , ai ' e "° ad ^ U ° nal exem P- Mrs. delta Bowling Phillips .acquainted with Communist tac i ' or , " ge ° r fblindne « '" the Alfred Kendrix. 518 Harlem tics. case of dependents. Ann Ga*e. 1016 E. Gordon He is Lt. Gen. Clvde D EddlJ Cancelled checks and receipts supporting: tax deductions should I He is Lt. Gen. Clyde D. Eddiel man whom President Eisenhower pmm ^ | filing that '58 return," the IRS rep- "'reeenlative cautioned. Assuming- the taxpayer meet a that ri "' j~>* ".j. A HI. t. I , l^G IO t o i . p .-..,11 i.i i,_ri n 4. *<»«.TI«CJH. cji^ci n iu\vc I'li^i i t. i tn *. Jack Back, 2327 Christine j nominated Thursday for promo- j Pt l three year " after Mrs. Mab!e Pennincton. Pampa ! tion to full general and named to! CONGRATULATIONS: i tll(? P t! »t of commander in chief, To Mr. ami Mrs L R. C;,in Unled States Army Europe - lh , , Lefors, on the b'rih of a. sun at IvJdlcman, ;». will succeed Gen. ' 0mri f,' ,,.„ „„„„,„,, ,„ 11:53 a.m. wc'-hin? 7 Ibs. 9 o*. 'Henry T. Hode.s. Hodes will retire. ^^L*'!,*"!^ '?' I WARRANTY DEEDS ! Eddleman's experience compris- Hug-hes-Pitts. Inc. to E. L.! e s the mixture of combat, admin- Campbell et ux; Lot 21, block 4, i istration and work in Army Terrace Addition. j schools as both student and in-' John J. Clark to Qucntin W i 1-' structor. Hams; Let H block 16, Jarvis. \ In WorldWar-I].he «''ved In Sone Second Addition. ;Oen. Dourias MacArthur s south- \, R. R. Robertson et ux to Ear!, w c"?l Pacific command as opera-j Helton; al' (.1* lot 6 in block 47, : tions chief of the 6th Anny under Ta.l'ey AclcKt : on. | Gen. W3l*«r Kruejrer. He rurtici- E. J. Rroves to Robert H. K'el- nalecl in the first four months of ley et ux; Lot 12. block 13, Jarvis- the Jaoanese occuoation. Sone Second Addition. He has served three tours in i M( other individual r I t it you or your wife or husband. (For a.nd those 1 e are under 1 over 19, Is a ', on a full time basis for at least 'five months of the year, even in excess of (2i Children over 19 whose income is less than $600. (3i Married children who not fiJp a joint return with i band or wife. did him- Durohomes. Inc. to E. J. Reev, Eu.-ope and i., now there as com- j es; Lot 12, block 15, Jarvis Second Addition. Terra Alta Development Corp. to Clifford Wayne Hutchens et ux; Lot 11, block 13, Jarvis-Sone Addition. Highland Homes, Inc. to Minor Scott Langford et ux; South 64 feet of lot 11, block 17, Jarvis • Sone Second Addition. C. H. Butrum et ux to First Baptist Church, Inc.; Lots 1, 2 in block 4, original town of Lefors; Sone: mander of the U.S. 7th Armv | which, with its array of atomic , "* 6 illstructions ° r weapons and finely trained five divisions, is the most powerful this nation has fielded in peacetime. Eddleman, standing S feet 9 inches, is known at Army head- i quarters for his effectiveness. He was born in Orange, Tex., the son of a minister, and now lists Lake Charles, La., as his home. | (5) A person unrelated to yon who lived in your home and was a member of your household for the entire taxable year. An exception to the requirement that a taxpayer meet the support test for the allowance of a dependent Is provided by the multiple support agreement. If you are one lots 15-18, block 1, North Addition, He graduated In 1924 from the City of Lefors. i U-S. Military Academy as an in- James C. Withrow et ux to. fantry officer. Classmates recall Charles William Kennemer et ux;|him as a "mature, solid citizen, All of lot 6, block 3, Hillcrest Ter- conscientious, and well thought race Subdivision. :of." J. B. Woodinglon to Galen Carl Prichard et ux; All of lot 12 in block 62, Fraser Annex No. 2. Northaven, Inc. to John J. Clark et ux; Lot 21, b'.ock 7, North Crest Section T. NEW CAR REGISTRATIONS Floyd L. Lewis Jr., Skeliytown, Pontiac. Allie R. Britton, 517 Carr, Edsel. H. B, Howse, 1225 Hamilton, Oldsmobile. Lent, Time To Relinquish Secret Sins Glen D. Tarpley, 1820 Coffee, Volks wagon. Arthur M. Teed, J822 Charles, ! Frrd. I Iflr of a group of persons who con- Itributed more than one-half of the support of an individual you may designate one of the group to claim the dependent if: (1) Two or more taxpayers each contribute more than ten percent (but not over one-half of the support of an individual, (2) The amount contributed by the group is more than one-half! of the support. i '3i Each one of the group is i otherwise entitled to claim the de- ! pendent except for failure to meet) the support Vest. i M) Each member of the group! (except the one claiming the dependent) files a written declaration that he will not claim the dependent in that year. Davis gave this example: "Two brothers and two sisters 25 . foui support test! By Dr. Rolurt K, Van Deuseii National Lutheran Council Written For LTI The 40 weekdays preceding Jack Ironmonger, 1018 S. Schnei- Easter are a time of serious and!' der, Vauxhall. | painful thinking, when we try to '.„.„„_ . . . „ W. T Ingellas Perrylon Chrys- ! understand more deeply the 1U f-: and ^ anm * cl * lm "if. ex *™Pi'°" ingeucta, leuyim, MU>S !fei . jng9 ot ^.^ t > except under the multiple support William Ralph Mc-Kinnev. 2348 ' Ho «' * h ™'d Lent be observed? !"« r "" 1 '" t - a j e y ™>'. ft * '' e . f Duncan, Pontiac. , By glvin- up candy, or c . iga .; among themselves which one will Lois P. Williams. Pampa. Belles, or movies? I shrink from - <; * lm '" e de P«"'lent. Then, the V. L. Hobbs. 101 W 10th Olds- ^e comparison of such trivial othe. three would be required to mobilp - ' i self-denial with the deep suffer-: sl = n the wnllen "«*!aratio n to be Simon Anisman. 1334 Coffee. Bu-'^S '" »"« heart of Christ which ^^^, the broth- Ick. • was the price of our redempt : on. el Ol g \ slel wrt o claims the de- Raymond W. Laycock, 2010 > Jesus said ' " if an .V man will! P endenL " Christine, Clievrolel. come after Me, let him den" him- M. C. Doss. Groom. Chevrolet. i self ' anfl take U P is CROSS, and Mrs. Pauline Billiard, 1320 N foltow mc " Starkweather, Bu'ck The real self-denial to which E. R. Miller, 1100 Charles Dodge l ' ent < ' ftlls us '• the & vin S U P of WATER CONNECTIONS .secretly cherished sins, the yield- Mrs. Beverly Jean Lang 2117 ing of ° M hatred and resentment Hamilton. l to tn e power of love, the handing Margaret Bertolen, 800 N. Gray. !°T..L 0f .." Ur Mrs. Leon Simpson, 324 S. Gray. J. J. Lovelace. 1109 Seneoa. A. C. Curlee, 91S S. Reid. O. W. Donley, 317 N. Nelson. R. F. Ewing. 1200 Alcock. Earl R. Wright, 1133 Terry. Tom King. 727 N. Hobart. W. E. Bowen. 1700 McCullogh. Marion Wilson, 1917 N. Wells. Pavid A. Hunter, 850 S. Banks, John Organ, 1013 Varnon. D. W. CoHman Jr., 1329 Garland. John Carruth, 1104 S. Dwight. C, Q. Valentine, 411 Texas. John P. Lambert, 609 N. Carr. the Business Views United Fresa International Gulf Oil Corp. cut the price H hrist who has inv1te d pays for crude oil in west Texas to fol- am j southeastern New Mexico by low Him i u n= i ,. , , """• {as much as 28 cents a barrel. ! Lent is not a solemn parenthe-: slrnilar cmg havp been made hy jaw of peniten.-*-. preceded and! Texaco Magn oli a , Phillips and ; followed by a life of eager »elf--g ne |j 1 seeking. It is rather a breathing.' ReUU , M ,„ , h , I spell when we stop to adjust our! Jan ( th ^, hj ft6 £ ccmpasses to be sure our living ber ,J e , the Comme ,^ e Depart\Z*£M Hi S l M yeai ' " '" ment re P^'^. Salea totaled 116, | the nght direction. _ i 340,000,000, down 0.3 per cent from Maim Commended 1^^^^,^"^^ For Membership Celine. WHEELER (SpJj Carroll Adams, commander of the West Opal Kuykendall, 435 S. Stark- Passons American legion Post Steel mills report growing signs that consumers are buying- steel R.a. HUglws, 313 N. Warren R. O. Hughes, 313 N. Warren. JR. p., CaJlaway, 7.S2 N. Banks. W. M. Sfr'anlon, 600 N. Sunnier. J. P. Barnard. 449 Hughes. Jame* B***ley, 645 E. Campbell. William 4. Walker, 1031 E. if, K. Vicar* 837 K. Campbell. Aaj-on E. GUI, 500 Yeager. P. C. Grilftn. 913 S- Hobart. L. R. Jones. 608 Zimmers Morgafl, 1404 S. Barnes. iNo. 138, recently received a com-j tor actual n«ed as well ag for in- imendation from Department Com-! ventory building in case of a mander J. Walter Janko. ;steel strike next summer, Jron Janko stated, "On behalf tit the Age suid. The authoritative trade American Legion Department of magar.ine said custojiierji are not Texas, I want lo exiend lo you my jusi issuing blanket orders for tt>« p*( sonal congratulations for hav-' firm half or even for a given ing attained your 1959 quota. month. As a token of my appreciation: I am enclosing herewith 3. 100 per; The first decline in cash divi- cent Post Commanders Badge thatidends in 12 years was recorded may be worn on your cap to show i by the common stocks on the New your menitersm'p achievement. I ; Yorfc Stock Exchange last year. 8.,HoJJingwood, 1225 Gar-jhope you will wear this ornament ! But the drop was a slight one. Iwrth pride. only i per cent, bringing cash i!. Florence, 1414 E. The award is on* of the highest payments to 18,711,482,860. Nine presented to Post Commanders, jout ot 10 listed issues paid at (least OM dividend duriag Ui« I ING HOME A Home Loan? A HO WHY NOT LIST IT WITH US? NOW! Cree Insurance Agency Cree & Co. —Realtors Combs-Worley Bldg. MO 4-3357

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