Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 9, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 2
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Ml LUTHERANS OPEN DISTRICT CONVENTION HERE WEDNESDAY New Laymen's League Organized; National President Speaks LAUD CHURCH SCHOOLS With 800 dalvgatas, puwtoi-s, touch- *r« and laymen present, th« IBth an. null convention o( th« central Illinois Lutheran district got tiwlnr way Puna nn«i tmmimuPl'H of Springfield, wore accepted Into membership, The following pastern woi« admitted: P.M. It S Intm, Dlotcrich; Rev, H. Hlmmler. Wlnonn: Rov, A. W. Frus- tut, Pann; Ttov W L Bock, Clay* ton, and Rev, W. T. Nau of Union towns hit) RDV C, Rcbahn of Warsaw point(id out in hhi icpoit the work done by the lie ri r (I of aiippart. A totn! of $113 lido has br-en uuetl for this pUr- pOlM'. 1l,i (mill. CtrcclliiRs wi'lt- pioKpnted iSouol. tht 1 trrtiiwri of tht- President SrhulU uiKP'l pmlovs,»Vrioil antl trmnwir nf and delegate* to tiwild unlonlitic pel.ll'ulillihlnif Itousc. St Louts teles ami lo ndbern to liw Lutheran Th* afternoon scsMiDnn by E were A. Nrltxel F W In SI. Johnnnew practises, "Only that chinch l« K"TM1 "P*!""'* 1, v Tin 1 which adheres Irnmovuhly to ihc.Klohf. it tfitichfi werfl ot God," the picatdent tnkl i^l-ool, wna oiean "Any tendency to dovlnte from pure! |ji,i mm doctrlno and vlKhteoun life mtidt be! laymen nttlvp tn the u n n u n l ror» stamped otit with hotv rpnl." M-nllim or),'unl/.cd i DUtilct Uithi r- Admit T»'i C«n(r«ttnlliin« n n Lnynicn 1 * Iriieii'* Wcdnc^tlity cvc* Two consrcpillon*. Ht Pnul'it o f ^ n t n t t In a ntcFttnj; in the Trinity . J 1 ----- ---------- - ichtirch parlfh liouw A. l»tal of IflO *ion(i ftltcndecl Offlc^i 1 * *\s follows Udnrtmt, Ifiotrinii, iMn II r 1'*rd A* Writ tn ilitnuirr A( ttliilrt A ttO'ffiun HI NIIMi't 'tlcuHh ttniH * Ol f^mtftlfm rnnrr tUAntln* thnu nil th* milk ·"Ml tiiitlri In tmlltliliml i-m» wxnnmr tn * rifl? C. G. HAUG. Stnte Agent pimn P i inn ·M W, ntrtiiinl M IWfdlttf 111 Prcildcnl B ,) ,Ioi dim, Oecniin Vlri'-pi-ciltlcnt William Wcliwi. felt In SwiMdiv t'uinli Mrhilnt;!), Ptoi i,i TrftHHtnni E^ W Maitln-i, Blouni- CHEST COLONELS ANNOUNCE LIST OF CAMPAIGN MAJORS Th TOD colonulH I'umploled thrlr lists of niajora (01 the Community Cheat eamp«lgn, which vrlll opsn on Oct. 21. Gvovor Pat ton announced hi a organ Izati AM Tuesday, the rc- mainlnE coloiwlH tinnounctng their lltt'H of ma jo 13 Witlnesday, They are: Colonel M, H. Oorer IJeut, Col. D. K, KiMlnger; Majors N. P, Parkinson, J. C. Hosteller, Mm. H. C. Augustine, H. M. Owen, Jr Co tone] Ralph Monroe; Llfut Col. Prtink Walker; MBjors Hnrry Bloom* qulfit. John Whittle, John Schudel, Rolph IJndof and Charles Lee , Colonel B, B. Burns; Llc-ut Col Pied G. Thompson; Majors Htirrv ruubei, Arthur Keith, C. Dan Bopp, .1 S Ray, A B. Bramhnll, C N Gor- hnm, and Floyd Lukey. I" Mohler, Jacksonville and Kari Hchi'mbct Pokln, weiii nnmed mciii- LPIS of th executive board. The newly oiK'inJied league vtll have H) 1 f h ^ t nonvcntiott In Bloomlnglon In April «( VH\ Oi pftltn^rs from Iho \V«"l(*rn Ui^- tvlct In MlBBdurt were read Wednesday evening by L I. Volkmiui, of Kt L»ul» T. G. BBKOVS, of Foil Wnyitc. field secretury, made on ad- on the alms ot object 1 ) of the Krnf'it Wccltcr of Thnwvlll*. .J E(t Faster, national pt'Ciident, Bi'ci*W(l the delegates In the Dooatur 7* Ham Lewis to Address Meeting in Y. M. Tonight James Hamilton Lewis, Democratit: nominee (or United States twnatnr, will upeujt In a mass meeting at 3;00 o'clock tonight tn the Y. M. C, A. annex, Mr. Lewis will come to Decatur following an afternoon meeting in Roodhauae, Robert I. Hunt will Introduce Senator Lewis. It is not known what other stale candidates wilt accompany Mr, Lewis, but thore probably will be short talks by other candidates, Nominees of the party for din- trie t und county offices will be on the speakers' platform. The address will be broadcast ovet WJBL, Third United Brethren Rally Day to Be Sunday All departments of the Third United Brelinen Sunday school will observe rally day In the church Sunday morning, A goal of 760 hast betn set, Vernon Ktoinei'a orchestra will furnish music, and automobiles will be provided for transportation of tboa« attending from the northeast part of Decatur. For auto transportation persons should call 9914, 7232 or 2-30T2.. T A K E A HINT "Coming ·v«nt* th*lr ·hadowt btfor*" When tempted to over-Indulge "Reach for a Lucky instead" Be moderate--be moderate in all thing*- even in smoking. Avoid that future shadow* by avoiding over* indulgence) if -you would maintain that modern, ever-youthful figure. "Reach for a tmky instead." lucky Strike/ the finest Cigo- rette you ever smoked/ made of the finest tobacco --The Cream of the Crop-"IT'S TOASTED/' Lucky Strike has an extra/ secret heating process* Everyone knows that heat purifies and so 20/679 physicians say that Luckles are less irritating to your throat* TUNE IN --The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every $»turd»y and Thur*d»y evening, over N.B.C. network*. It's toasted Your Throat Protection--against irritation--against cough · "No tp«cUI dietary, but moderation in eating and drinking and not more than three meals daily," is Dr. F. McKelvey Bcll'iadvict in the New York Medical Journal to all men andwomenwho want to keep aproper figure. Wedo not repre- tent that imoking ii/cky tfrilia Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the.reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a lutkv instead/' you will thus avoid over- indulgcncQ in things that cause excca* weight and, by avoiding ovcr.indulgencc, maintain a modfm, graceful form. RIVERSIDE W.C.T.U. HEARS REPORTS OF STATE CONVENTION A new referendum eong, "When the Poll* Open In November" was sung In the tirit Rlveruld* W. C. T, U. meeting of lt« new year Wedn day In Boys Opportunity home, lira, etf C. Peterson reported the otau W, C, T. U. convention In Edwardtt- vilk 1a8t week. Mrs. Peterson spoke of the completion ot a young people's organlz i- tion In the state, and she brought back to Dccatur a prlre for winning the at ate publicity rcontegt. Rev. J, E. Story apoke In th« netlDK about the proposition* of the wcl t of e rend urn. Mr*, V. M. iisd'ong opened tho meeting witn devotioni. Mm. John Whlta prayer. Mrs. Harry MtaraliAll read records of the recent Hpociul meeting, The treasurer received ST.W In dues and H donation of five ilollire. Wesley LArrlck, Otvil wnr veUran, aang "Illinola" and Mlsa Wanda Glnzobrook sane new W. C 1*. U. song, "Little White Bow", accompanied by Miss Urstl Gardner. Offl- cci'9 and directors were In Called. Thi'eo do pal t men I dlrectom weir* appointed. Younf people's branch, Mrs. L. B. Jones; parliamentarian, Mrs, W. H. Irving, health, Mm. John White First plane were made for a November rummagt) Male, and will be completed In the next meeting in Oft home of Mrs, C M. Wlkowsky, 1221 South Illinola street, Nov. R. 44 ATTEND DECATUR W.C.LU. MEETING DfcoUir W, C T. U. bad 34 members onl 10 visitors present /or Its regular meeting Wednesday afternoon In the home of Mrs. A. M. Hal- ftold, the president. Officer* w*r*. Installed before the program. Mrs. A. M. Wells led devotions Mrs, Minnie Hlghley reported the stale convention which she at I en,If J a week ago. Fifteen members paid their dues and $1.1! was collected for the sunshine fund. Seven new mem born were accepted. The host' ea« served refreshments. Piffgly Wiggly Employes Have Annual Wiener Roast Employes ot the 10 Plffgly Wiggly stores In Dccatur and members of their families, had a wiener roast Wednesday evening in Fairview park. The winner roust is an annual affair, and i* given by the Fisher Oro eery Co, which owns th* Plggry Wiggly stores here Officlais of the stores, as well as employes, attended tbe evening fireside party. McCOY TO SPEAK Judge John H. McCoy will address A community meeting In the Epworth Chape! Methodist church at 7:30 o'clock Thursday evening. A program of munlc and reading* also will he given. The church Is located five miles southeast of Maroa Fish and Sea Food Cafe Fresh Fish Vnd Sea Food (see list below) fried or baked. Served in our cafe or delivered to your home HOT--just in time for your meal, A special 50c fish dinner served each day (except Sunday). Fresh Shrirqp ready to serve. Oyster* fresh daily. MARKET // It Swims We Have It Special, i ji CISCOES, Ib, .... 1**C F1LIJST OF SOLE FILLET OF HADDOCK TROUT -- WH1TCFISH FINNAN HADDIE KED SALMON JACK SALMON CHANNEL CATFISH FLOUNDER MACHBBEL Oi'STEBS, SHBtMP LOBSTERS, FROGS In Stock All Fish and Sea Food Direct from catcher. "Rube" Bowman'* LINCOLN SQUARE FISH MARKET 8outhea*t Corner Lincoln q. Phone 8234 for Delivery '27 LAW DOESN'T PROTECT PUBLIC, OFFICERS AD MIT Muluak Escape Paying FuH Clauns By Technicality of Statute! RESERVES TOO SMALL Thin IK th* fourth or · mult* of articles on the nubjctt nt mutual benefit aNMoetBtion *cUvlttrn In Occulur and Ontml llllMolii. In a forthcoming itrOcI*. a rnm- parlNon lKtwM!n the miilUNl h*nr- Itt form of Inwmtnep, »nrt th«t of what Iw known M old Hn» rom- panto*, will be ftvrn. By mJGH~MAX\VKLL Officials of the state Jnturnnce division Admitted Wednesday that they are helplets to properly curb pirating mutunl benefit asiwc tat ions .because of a wenk sta,te IBW. Nothing haa been done, legii- Jativily, to protrct the public since July 1, 1917. when a law wan paused lnglrg the mutual organisations under tbe film* department of tiade and commerce. Thli luw, the ln»u- rencc officials say, In Insuffieitnt. New legislation Is needed, according to Raymond R. Haffner, chief nctu- ary of th* division, which Is a branch of the IllinoU department of trade end comm«rc«. Stringent legislation Nerded "We can't drive lax mutual associations nut ot buelncw," ~«ald Mr. Haffner. "As long as a given association IION more than one m«m- fccr, and Us cash reserve of (1.COO in bnnh, we can't touch IL "There In not a bit of doubt that more stringent legiuatlon I* needed. These mutual benefit associations are rather difficult to handle, They can slay In buslne** as long «j they can get new member* to replace Ihose who drop out. If they run short of cnsh, all they hav« to do If spread an assessment" Pay* What It Collect* Mr. Haffner was ankcd whether A mutual benefit saooclatton Is within the law when It pays only pan of n death dnlm of 11,000' Mutual benefit oanoclatlon "policies", which really are only membership certificates. display the flgurfiit fl.OOO or 1500 In bold type as the face value ot the certificates. Beneficiaries frequently are led to believe that they will be paid the full $1,000 or ISOO upon fit- Ing a death claim, although some ngents are cnreful to explain that the best thi nnaoRlation can do is to levy a fl assessment and that these assessments are to be regarded satisfying the clnlm, 'A mutual benefit HBSoclation p«s only what It collects frotn Its mem-. Ix-ra In spreading an assessment w meet a death claim," Mr. Huff nor replied "If the association c.ollrcln G O F F Fish Market RrihofnFIS IE. EldoMdo Dial 11M , Lb. I8c Carp,Lb, Frwth Fish and Oyster* Salt and So*ok*d FWi Poiltry-Frfes, U. 26* --Wt Driver-- THE HBRALD .ohcii. in for mill ion en mutual benefit MaoctKttoiM in addition to that which ft now poMeiMi. If you are B certificate holder or hive been * bcnefkitry fnu nr* invited to wril*; your experience* to The Herald. Have you ftlwuyi reteivrd your KMeMment noticet) Hni yo'jr certificate been declared valueteit for payment of *)w«*,tment- nnly $100. thtit constitutes the ."it* 1 lymenl of th« claim." IM an a 4I4MI Claim Kxi)tHti»cr with » number of mvn im! lMneflt HHSoclatltyna which h»vi nxnivly the North American BfiiffK Corp., ihc Oeneml Mutiuit Benerll UBNOclniiftn nml other*, hmt shown that paymnr'n nt a* Itttln as ICO on it 11,000 rtilm h«vi t»in made, i*r»niKblt fur OrinwilurN Althuugh rci[ul«lory in nuiiic pni llculnro. In Ihui the nsMociaitonn' mtist bt up*n«d to' ·tuli *,· und nnnunl lepoi'M ttiUHt M (Hod. the 1SHT |«w sllll hits elMstkltv rnoutfh, uccoidlng to II'KU] rt'»ii'V' innucunotf experts, to tiiak«: the »t mcfatlon "racket" |»ofluble for im wrupulouH «rgahtiriv. It In distinct* Ij unprofitable for widows, orphans heir* and devfsres of ileceuMtd member*. * Five 01 ID or* pei'Kons run fofin on association by riling with the Illinois director of trade nnil comnivrec » declaration of Intent to orcaniu- The oi|(anlKeri must agree to *»· tiiblisb · maximum of 11,000 a* th» n mount ot itny single benefit payable. After this and other minor requirement* have been m«l, members may be solicited and membe)- ship tees of no more than tfi collected. When 100 of the 18 memberships hav« been sold, and th« 11,000 deposited In a bank ot**) Inugrity, the association (fl d*emcl fully innorporalrd anl ready to do business. Th* law require* that each «»*o- clntion maintain a balance or r«- HPiv« of (1,000. Thin amount, a* M reserve. I* rldkulou* by small wh0n k is considered that *ome MHOClo- tions havi · membership of 3,000 or morn . (1,OM He»«rvo too Ltul* A rrserve of 11,000 is too link', inking Into account a of 2,200 or morfe and the 01 a dlsnattr thai might bring mullt pie clslms. each for 11,000. down up on the association. Th- theory I* thai the claim* would h* mel by ·*· sessin^ surviving nxmbcrs, but In cose they fulled to «oniriliitt the tl.fKio would not ff° far. The asaucltitlorift, it WAD lij E*i*n'nt Lloyd, *lat« of mutual benefit iflKOclitlonn, are EXPERT FROWNS ON SUBWAY FOR N, MAIN STREET Elevation of Tricks Only Solution, Btttineii Grovp Adviied fiRADFS A To build M w«h r*IDci«.l will ili-r th* rmlt«h campuny. N-w York, l.-lrt « club ·"lull*-TM i moMln-t In the !)fc,u !r o'clock Wnln-'Kfov ad,, Thi mffttnit V/HK caiiit,) hv ilif, ,.u, romniin..* «f th* A MM,. ommorco, n*h(.n I H HW ))rc*ll»rt Mr Scott cum* 10 r*rutir «1 the Invilnllon of nnlwrl Mu»|], r »nd w»# shown tibom !h* rtly K'mi ncurlnv hv Mt iton of Pnrk" City | )u ,|, of [Vetttur into j 'tiunh south IWitur" by the W»ti M h f)»'l will atow Inr-rMttlnitlj' iij( 4 , ··rable. ho mid T') rn|kvi Una mi. uatlon by building it HHI* dab si n ift Mr Kroti said the blr Job' tir». . pirxl aft»r such a short time in jj(. catut to any where he would build I HUbway If mibwflv conntrufttlwi *«i, resnrl»d to, hut he woiild nut ft»h- It at NoHh Mnln slreci Kollowlnt bin tallt, A « Wntjhfr Introduind » resoloMon thni th of h* rnmmitlM bt i n . in (·ontlnuc net- what a compr«h»nn[v» the ifrade sejursllon prab1*m cunt unit It we* Fxptnln* Grade nepsrntlon can he by tola! «tr*»1 depienxlon total vatlon of rallro«tN. total of the rnilrond*. overhnj con*triic tlon of Mtrtets, 01 paiMal 4ip^»k)n of th» streets with partial ·Itvitloti of r*llroad), Mr. Scott nal1. Hut hi «d vised tttvntinn Of the mil roe 4i nallroadu wilt ul firm turn down Jlnl any proiniiiiLl lo clevnte iheir irwckK, Mr. Scott replM in a qijcu- dun a* to his experience with rail- ronds. but they cun be shown that lJl'lr liN^ks in IK much ID H* to thui of ihe city, und Dx'y eventunlly Join ImriJ* with f-ich tit hii « nd Ut* cliWit t n i - ry out the project* pioporj»J lni«rf»n With IVnlll.- liailrooi] cromtlnxs at «) a Jc throuuh « city Hr* an inidlcialili! Intcrfi'i IDM not limit*J In tli« number of death! with fr** ctiriiliUlon of irairii ht claim assessment* they may *pr*»d iMiwrwil, and «ny |lm of gtsd* mi* They »ro limited to *lx a surname ntt amlon muM conxlder the ftw l i a y**r for meeting ep*nKiii ol op*! c»ilBll«H n( all )ctn*lii f ·--·"- n ration Srvrn Others Inuohpitl Since the LonKon Mutual liriulli u jT. n .^. Busoclntlon of Occalur was found In* solvent and steps were taken by Ih* state to have a r*e*lv*r appoint*.), ""'^''Vh'iwiith'ii'oity'ifl^rfprt" wl seven more u«*oclatlons have been , ,..*,,,. ,,j| V uilllilos )' found shaky hy state «ammo,'., Mr.| S\^S m ^Tc t'Jd. · pi*«l)l*mK will lvi since an an IndnMtli'l cliv I" 1 ' 1 !' and vlnductit over Lloyd r«veal*il. None of lh*«* »*v*n Hasoctatlons I* located In Decntur, The Ixulun as*oelatlon wait d«- clared Insolvent by th« slat* wh*n tig asset* were found to b* 1436.19, no far below the nirlacc. TVIi pr*sskin al*o Intoi f»)'»n with sM« IracK* to Indusli kf, wliilc i-lcvstinn will not, h* ii*.ld Just btifore the HWtlnii ndjourned HEALTH MARKET Eat Wittly to Be Well Phones: 5343 and 5344 We Deliver 130 Merchant Strut Jim! a Sl*p From th* Transfer llan*« ··· --. : ~ ·,, , , .L i jum neiwre iiw wi«'»»ii "··*·"··"·· a* compared with liabilities or i"ath [ CM))mtW |,.,,. r Al A. Hill ciill"l lh* nttentlon of th* «ro\ip In lh« f*" that Decatut pnv* rtlMiil W p*r cent. of lh* itas lax of Mncm county b'li do*sn'i have any ot that money to UM In ittaklntt Iniprovemeni* »uth a* thiwt* Ulw!ii»itcd by Mr. Scott, Sottif effort to get a third of th* g«« w» fund *hou)d be mud*, b* *ald BROTHER IN LAW OF DECATUR MAN DIES G. L R#lnhaH. a Mu*ll«r employ*. r*c*lv*d a iel«fr»m Wednesday wy- Injt tht htd brolh*r In law h*H flW In Houiton, T«», an tb« rwull *· belnt; bui-ntd, No other Information wan glv*n tn tht lel«ST«ttt. Mr, R»ln- hart )*lt D*ralur Wt«lB«*a»y afternoon for T«xa*. * Diimiu Dimaie Suit in Circuit Court of a dam »g* »" tl ,,,,,,-,, hy Mtity Bennett, H»I'B BonntU and G « t a I d WoothMK ngunil Samuel M, Kltumn ban been reached without trial, and J«i)l« James S, Baldwin Wednwday dl»- ilimod th* *ull In Hwull court. Mr* Kuth I»«|t of Mows»qtia wli nJvcn )env to jBcreajM 1 her r)»tmti Irom If(,000 to 110,000 In a *«« aRalnit lh« n*vl*w Publlshlne **»· pany, for injtirlei* sustained In »n ·utomoblle cltlmit or KWO, Th* »*v*n tJonnl associations hav t . le*n de*m- !d unsafe al« for th* rea»on thai thetr tlabtlltl** «xoeed th*lr asset* Will A*b tt*«*lv*ra Only when that li true, Mr, Lloyd explained, can th* slat* tnaurwnce division step In and put an axMcla- tlon out of buslnm. The caiei of th« seven InWst and Insolvent associations hav* ben turnedover to the attorney Ken*rnr* department. Be will fll* petlttona aftting lor r*c*lv- er* of tht companlM in circuit courts of ihelr horn a count! ei, Hr. Lloyd *aid that there art only about 10 Insurance «aa.mInert in Illinois, to (n*p«ct alt th* Inauranct eompanle* and, the 1U mutual benefit associations doing business tn lh* ittate. NATIVB CHAKMCL CATFISH \ V H * K ' I i n « Id 11 (III 111), I ,IU«t I h n i k h l KltSI 10 ho 1'ijunil Potatoes n^ntilhu hi-il Itlin oliKin TtieiH- qr* Inn*, ·ixomh Iti yonr b(ui«Tnfnt. 2 Bn. Bag '2 IS Lb. Peck. Me AUNT JEMIMA Pancake Flour Small Site 2for?Sc 31 Lb, Bag 30c MACARONI--:3.- 23c o* Church of God Revival Drawing Large Crowds Revival iK-rvkes Mnit In lh« Church of God, IMS WeM M" con Mroel, by Bvanffrlht W R. C-'* we)l are drawing torn* evowrtu «n-» ovenlnit donplt* the rainy WM«B*I Rev Mr. Crowull will wntlnue Mf meeting throughout noxl wwh wtin opeclnl feature* and *ub)oct»t enr» night. Frldny Btifht hl« utibjet-t *l" b« "Wh»t WJI) It Profit · Mtn?" »"" Aaturday night he will Ulh on « "l" clkl divine hPiJInf ·ubjtrt, CHURCHNOtES T» ***** The Al«1phl»n BIMa elk** o Ban Park BaptUit ohureh win Thurtday ev*nmR at 7:30 o'clock in th* church. Marcel PalnUr t»port*4 t* t»» lin* Thursday night that hi* C rol*t tedan had b«*n ttottn from ft* parkin* plio*, An hour alUr Inr th* report, Mr. P»lni«r ap In nolle* hMdauartcr* again *a(d th* Mr had rollad · block down the street, which bti * ·lop*. · KE-ELEC1 ASU Sen at day Sa DISCUSSES F tnoinmg. R v Inland **· . J*h«nn" , ? f . H«vt pi. .foh«nnia h w«i- pn-sM*"' erd'r" »·! * fll I «l K i v * 'T ° r " "Pi of II Conf th« f, M Will. AM *n Hynod make it clud* h* ,»j.,, Thes* *" I » IVS 4toM b»«*ll UP 0 " lh Id heeplnR purltv irlnt In In* chnrcr in* Word ol Gno ^ corwct *nd true ' lous h*ll*.*" "Msn h»» an Inh 1 - jind to dn. lhl» lj" ing common ·«««* Inclination to »ln. M to sin w i n h* own fic» will h* *r-rt f W ^ rCC p f-^ D-] f 1 ^' Slltht of -iO'l. A II fV(i» will W ttn-r», nsl thlrigF KOI tsk* up · c*tt*.i chuteh, suy noiii' Tf»son or ·tii-ngil ni join hntuftf w l Spirit ihronah 'h« lav tklcn Th* llvly tntot* f(r»t purl of ih- · ^at*n, In pioph^H'* »nd innrMfil 1 ' s«*r lh* COUIP* of ih» · which tlni» Uic -'I win 1* rtwciiMi'd I ruinton ts open to , cy, «r**hll* prof' Mll*a». Oottover. 1 Albrnchl it Sprlr »d«*l to the ».«'·' Tnuridar *v*nlr wffl mutt wl'h u wmmliu*. Th- pi will m*rt in ro1-l f»i, Pawl'" P«r**h ttr»»i. »t Invllal Otxrm »yir, Tiylor Relief WUIB nnl will h^ p woikcn- BlB(1r or of W **hir A s A (frfirt, prcuWflt » C, A Wnlt. I'll" t Cnrp, niipnrlr'H t h Init fit 'V Illlnni W R. Cttlwn* rt*nt, nitnoli B t Witt ultcM FiH- Mr. WtlhBiti* I Mut* wrBrl7!l'r hv thi tV*"itut i:/ will lit'- *· It -»nr(» Ttii TI "irv M« O ,.,T, I Milt* f*«* T TO TONT , "V »tl*nioon f . Horn AtY. Ann EWST*APERl

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