The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 17
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 17

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 17
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.«.' HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 .SECOND SECTION - • \ ====== ' • •• —=r ,. ~-—= 3>. f GUARDING UNCLE SAM'S MAIL f. # * * * v * * * * * > Hidden Eyes Can View P. 0. Force How 'would you like to -work with the knowledge that tmsotm eyes might constantly be survoy- . 1ng your ovory movo, watching •or irregularities In your Actions? ,.; That la the condition at th»; |, (Hutchinson postoffice. all postal flees in Tact add "Just as "in lilio; : case of any honest man employes' qulizod say they never think of. ' the little latticed windows frowning down from above Hnv« Aided Inspector* Many Times. , Unole Sam, like any big em- . pfoyer of men gets dishonest em­ ployes and the latticed windows Which you've no doubt noticed at Home time ore there to give his Inspectors a chance to look over ' tho working force when tho • force doesn^t know he Is any. Where within miles, They., have nerved a Rood purposo in many instances, once or twice here In tho l^ttt The shutter covering each of the six openings in the local post- office Is so arranged that a person can stand--nt any one ot the windows undetected from below and watch any part of tho big mailing room where the majority of the clerks and carriers work while in the i >OBtofflce. Many .{Entrances. They will see the inspector going up stairs, you mlgnt'say, ' But the einploycfs of tho post- office haven't n chance to know when an Inspector goes to the socret rooms above. Thore are several entrances to" the upper chambers, to.- which Inspectors tarry keys. Entrance can be 'gained from the postmaster's room, from the lobby upstairs or down or Prom the basement. The secret watching posts are rarely used. The coating ot dust over avory thing sb*ws that. Inspectors do not -resort to these peats as a rule except when there is « series of baffling letter robberies. IT a series of reports ot money missing from letters colics, then watchers are apt to ho looking down Into tho mailing room. CHILDREN READ te, DESPITE HEAT Vacation Days Are Reading Days But Books Spoil Mother's Musical Program. Lost': by- W. H. Hudson; "For Days and Days," a book of children's poetry by Annette Wynne; "Black Beard Buccaneer," a pirate story by R. D. Paine; "Tiny Tollers and . Their Works," n nature story of insects by G. O. Clark; "When I Was a Boy In .Belgium" by Robert Jonckheero; and "The Fortunate Days" a book ot fairy tales by Clatc, LARGEST SOUR CAMERAS TO PHOTOGRAPH ECLIPSE Vacation time Is when mother do- eidbs that son or daughter will have ^xtra practice periods, and there will j r lt t B UurKh, June 30.—to the nope ot bo less reading and playing. ! determining whether there is motion War la on between ^'"8 J™ within tho corona during an music lessons, and all mothers *m ot ,_ he SUI1 _ a pwly Qf Mu sc , enU to favor niumclans As long as can , ta wl( , cc ^ diyft&lSOT o{ Br JoV> be remembered children have wanted . M ,i, or or gwarthmore College Is to read '.Alice«nd priJpSr|I1K lo eonduotT ™ ™ e f°' "Huckleberry Finn at just the tine poP( .,„ t oxperlmontg [mm tho f that mothers selected for a »!< e loin, , a M( . h mou , vUln , n c&ntm i » practice period. next September brar y. Every toy many children, car- of £ ^AT^Z THEY KNOW HUMAN FRAILTIES ¥ * -Y- ={• ******** Hotel Clerks Get Chance To Learn Clerklni? In a hotel xivea a person , old ami young men are Piuve epitjble to wonderful opportunity to w-tudy human nature ami it ia fascinating to! a person who stays v.ith it for a minvj her or years, acording to Joas Mooro, I owner of tho Mercer Hotel and half owner of the two Silver Moon cafes in tills city, wlurtias ctarked in hotels tor the past eighteen yearn. "After several year* as clerk In. a, uiotol, yc-u Ret. so that tho mlnuto n: man steps uy to the donk yon van siz< i him up and toll exactly what kind of i roni ho wants and how much he , willing to pay for it," explained M Moore. Old Timers Easy to Please. "Hotel olerks never havo any trouble with the old professional tn.iv- eltug men. U IH Just t .he yong cracker salesman or prune peddler, who is swelled wp with the Importance hla positJion that ev^r c:iustw*any dlfn culty." I Mr. Monro began his hotel worl; clerking in the old Harvey Homw; at. Harstow. Calif, IS years a^f>. After that he roHirned to Mufchinsoii and clerked at the Baldwin nnd Midland hotels for the next five years. Then he went to Kansas City and tderked at tho old routes House. AUU'JUK tAu- other hotel, 1 * in which ho has worked were the Colonial at Springfield, Me., tho Oxford at Denver, a hotel at Sn- Una, which lie hitor owned for a short time and the Chahuera at Hutchinson, Some Get Unruly. "When elerklriK in a hotel^a person sometime'* U»H trouble with the men. ttsnaly from the .smaler townn, who eome Ui-lo put on a Hpree. VoopH. who do that, could not be elasifi«d a>» to nw for L have ti-utleed that both such stunts," explained Mr. Mojro. Kmery Col.^on, p riot or of tins Midland Hoi el. jyot ht» sU»rt !;i tho hotel busiue-ss clerkir.s; at Cue M.d- Inml and (.'lialmers hotels. He he,ran derkltiK at the Midland in HMD. That •name year he went t <i the Clialm ^rtv hotel and stayed until M. .1. Firey I.I'W.Ik ho placo In 1H1!>. .Mr, Cols-m then Cfturned to the Midland and 1:; IM Iwea '•uiBtaiUiy with that place s'mce. A. ttlo ii:ore than a year at-'o. he toc»k /er tho ownership of..the hot<d. afl*\r nyolvinff bin iwirlnei':;!tip with his •other in hahdiini; both t!o-» Mullind ;ol ('IiiiiTnorn hr-l'A-* tni; t -:foT. Must Have Information Store. "Tho hotel bu:;\i:e->H a i.isvin- ation that no oliu 1 !' iMi.-vim':-:* lias." tie- dared Mr. I'oi^oit. "C^iv'.^u: in t i r>n- mtieli, make;; ;v hotel ma .n feel lost, when he t:et ,-4 aw.i.y fnon it. ''My Kre.i.L':St fujiiyuiout iri ill Ht/rvuHV tho eul)llr, an-,! tile bote] PJTJJJIOVV-O *inu.'ft be able, to anii>:l|'Hte and provide tho need* of t!i(> travelers. "Cor one t hie?;, it. is IO'CI-ry for a hotfd clerk to bo, a regular iul'^vm- ution bureau, not only "f l>vr-:il eon* dit ions, but al.^ti of t \i!n ions and hotels in every otty -in the Cutte^l StatoK. ' When the po^tofl p.-crt aro cloriftd on Sundays and holidavr*. it is neees .sa .ry for the hotels to be aide 10 provide iitamyw and any roller iv.;e.>- 'sities of the lruvelrni? public. "Tho e<>m;merdal travefeis are tho finest men in the world to deal with. They know what they want and if you caiVt provide ii. they v-'iH s:o r.omo placro-olso the next rfnw. W'h'il a;>- V-enla 1 o lb"in iR a in renial atmo:j- phore around it hotel, wiiodi makes them feel rioim>\v!mt at h;>mc." rylns'music rolls, stop » l "ff " b ™" cloudy, all the labor and" exponst. of md check out books Mr reading. Miss |, pri , paraU(>rl w , u Uaye g<jne j^^^v. 1 .Vtwtherholt said.; ........ | TJi B tarxeirt pliotograpnic .preparation will have gone tor naught. •• - . - „„,„„ mi « I TJ,B lBr * e ' ,t PlietograpHJc Infltru- Book» Sometime? «W««r«. monls ever made for Mlar observation 0„« mother, who aecompa^ win be placed in position. Th7y \tl small daushter to the library ie*.ent y npw n . earlH com , )ll( . tlo b * m feared tho books .would prove too •>»avy a CQmpeMtloii against dally piano practice. As the two were leaving the bulldlnK, the mother was liearO to say. "I like to have you read lots ot good books, but remenibcr this reading must not Interfere with your practice hours." "Mothers don't object to tho children reading," said Mlss'Woathurliolt. "They merely wish, to be sure the musical phaao of education won't he neglected tor increased numbers o£ tiooks." ~ Read More in Summer. Miss Woatherholt satd that if anything, children's reading hours are longer during the summer, and more books ore loaned from the library because they" have mom time, despite . the added hours of practice. Several Tory fine new boots lyive- been added in the children's library at the Public Iilbrary just recently. Many mothers w>nt books to road •loud to their little folks, arid Miss Weatherholt gave several of the newest anil most suitable books tor such reading. Among them are "The Very•Ken of Dr. Doollttle" by Hugh Loft- lig, which book won tho -Newbury ledal for the best children's book Ubllshod in 1922. Another very good book la "I,1ttlo Lucia" by Mablo L. Robinson. Others are "A Little Boy bo. ready when the expedition lea-vea July 25. There art; two cameras, In order that two pictures may be fevlum at tV>« au-mo ilnie ,!'(»• checking purposes. The apperturo of each Is ti .5 Itwlios.ttnd the focal length Is 15 feet. The impressions will he .made on the finest plate glass, each plate being 18ilS inches, specially prepared for this work by experts, -it Is probable that not more than two photographs can bo taken owing to the brief period when .the face ofithe s.un will be obsourod. A dozen or more plate will be taken along, however, in order that every emergency may be met. Above, general View at town of Shelby, Mom. li-mti. I,IMU H DI «nnoen buwi erected lor tight. main street of Shelby in normal timiM. Ik'luW Would Save State Millions by State-Owned Playground Bert Doie, State Fiah and Game Warden, Points Out That Vast Sums Are Spent by Kansnns Annually in Seeking Pleasure Elsewhere. By G. B. DOZE, (State Fish and (laaio Warden.) Kansas has never learned to play at home. Kvery year millions of dollars aro carried out ot the state and scattered along the highways and byways ot other states by Kanaans In frantic search of-places to play.'' Rocky mountain resorts count upon INTERPARLIAMENTARY UNION WILL MEET IN COPENHAGEN. Copenhagen — Tho Interparliament­ ary Union will hold Its twenty-first meeting In this city August 16-17. The union was formed 1» 1SS9 by French and Kugllsh parliamentarians, and It now represents 30 countries. Among the subjects to bo discussed this summer aro economy and finance, parliamentary control over foreign policy, international financial help to pooples suffering from disaster, mandates over colonies and disarmament. The 'proceedings will be public and will be conducted in three.languages, IjSngllsli, French and German. "You aro a young woman as goats |-..^Teek.i.« | aBe," Billy told Ms wise when she tljV .Eht she was too old to go to Callforp'f. "and when you get back, you w!l:>teal younger than Daisy here, •who Is getting BO set in her ways that fche sticks to this farm like a burr and doesn't even go In to Fond du Lac, only six miles away", tor fear ot having her tall pulled, and being snapped at by a dog! Never bo afraid of anything until it comea, and when it does come, you will -find it Isn't as bad as you had thought It was going to ho, «r If it Is, you will find a way out uf it." 'Yes father, but we are- not all as fcravo us you or as lucky .at getting out of bcrapes as you are," replied I Daisy. \ "-You tak« me off my feet with, surprise," remarked Billy Jr. "Why dlil you not speak of this trip betore, for yon muy. have been thinking of It for some- tirco?" • "Not I! Just thought of It a few ] .momenta liofo'na you came along, and 1 the more I thot^ht of It, the better I "liked tho Idea, Unlll now I ayi determined to -go, ano. tomorrow nt that. i\Vhen the sun comes up over yoiuhsr Villi, It will shine on our backs, for I . (propose starting at daylight." "Why do you pick out California as your destination?" asked Daisy. \ "Ilocause Nannie has nevar been Wtlier west than here, and there Is bore to see that is new to her in that Vreotlon. Besides, there Is to bo a "tonderful Exposition .in San Fran euio next spring.-with ninny raoes of pfipfe there and thu rulers of the dtf- *«yut covmtriM^ too, 't 'Ms will grounds for Kansas, places whore Jayhawkers may take their families during the heat of summer smd l-e.^t and play without the cost belli'* prohibitive. That would enable Kansnns tu spend their vacation funds tu Kansas, with Kansas people and institutions. And from it commercial Hide it wouM mean keeping live, yes. p«;hap.i UGAR TAKES A 40-CENT DROP News WiUjbe Welcome to House* Wife Who is Approaching: Canning: Season; tably the fart established by the, (.•limbers that a eamp at an altitude of j 2iS ,f.tj0 feet WUH a possibility, Knve. ' ground for hope that next year's attempt wutld be a succesfi. LAT0NIA DERBY MAY BRINGS BIG MONEY Cincil', June '\<). Til., final big strike- event fnr tbr^-'-y -Mir -ukl runners to come up for decision Is the SIT.,OHO added Ln-tonla Derby, to be Kansas crops as strongly as do j ten million dollara'ut home every year Kausaus. A bumper wheat crop in > which now goes outside the state, the Sunflower state means lots ot«BI' it to remain forever, touriets to them, And so it. is with I Hasty action or decision in regard California and more lately with, the 1 to these state owned aud controlled Ojarks. Wheat and corn'and cattle j playgrounds for grownups as well as her a chance to see the people from all over the world without travellug to their own lauds to see thorn.'. It will be n»ost interesting, and a liberal education In itsoir." "1 wish," said Billy Jr.. "that Daisy and 1 could go with you. But wo can­ not on nccount of tho chlldron. It would be too hard a trip for them, and there Is no one to.loave them with, so we will havo to postpone our travels until tliey are older." "What trip? What trip?" called out the^-wlns together, who had Just coma up In time to hear iho last of tho conversation. "Where; are you going V .(The twins.hoar about :tut> Wij tn toTnottovf'n stofyi and oil In Kansas main a never ending procession of money spending Kansans to these less favored agricultural regions. Need Oivn Playgrounds. Many of these millions could ho saved to 'Kansus did Kansas have Its own rocreatio.n grounds. True. Kansas does not havo high mountains, deep gorges, great waterfalls, snow f<jd rivers and lakes but It has localities first cousin to them. Tho Sunflower state Is not blessed with torests of plney woods or towering timber but it fas tirst courslua to thorn. Each year many Kansas tourlBts return from a hard outing convinced that their va-catlons were not worth time and money spent. Thoy came back to the Sunflower state lean of purse, tired ot body and aching from jolts of roadB and bites of Insects. Their tan was sunbuni that hurt. Their memory of tho trip was jot long hot days in the. glare of dusty roads and night in overcrowded hotels and meat* grabbed from joints smelling to high heaven ot burned grease. I Many have vowed "never again" but the lure of the great outdoors is a compelling Impulse. They try It again getting but varieties ot previous experiences; Many Finding Rest at Home. -Huudveds have broken, away from the fulsBly established custom ot going away from Kansas to have a summer outing aud are finding rest and recreation within their own state. The 4 number la Increasing yearly. And so It behooves Kansas to begin to about playgrounds within ite own borders. Other states are establishing nnd spending huge sums on state yarka w1te.Te-recrea.tlon facilities are created If not already there. An ideal vacation Is subjeot to in. dividual taste. Some demand fishing, hunting, aiwimmlng, dancing, boating, theatres, hiking, exoltenient. Others merely want quiet restful nooks la shady foreBts near running water. Still others want to bo amaied by tre- mendouB scenery at every turn. The last listed class will cave to koep on taking, their money out of too Btato. for geologically Kansas is rather Hat. invites Suggestions, Tho tlib and same department of Kansas '<*U6iiKutf %U t0 jtoott* » youngsters would be ill-advised But it is time to'talk about it and to trado ideas about it. The aiul Sugar took a *10c drop In price per hundred weight on the local wholesale market yestei-ilny, airordini; to I'. V. MCCKOII ot the .ten & Wood Central Mercantile Co. - X'.n.i dei'rca^e in price came an an unexpected imrprise bof.auso of the fact that ilie canning season is Juat openini:. "Consumers soniefirne.i cause an advance in the price ol su:;ar-," explained Mr. Beeson. "Strange a s that, may Reem. still it is true, for ivliou sugar first lakes a little jump in price, some people get the Idea that it will advance still more and they buy a whale sack instead of just buying IJOc or SI.HO worth at a time. Thul causes the grocer to order a greater iiuunttty 1 from his jobber and in turn the jobber game warden would be glad lo have muill b ,i/ more , rom tbe ,-„(„,„,..,, constructive cnticwm. both favorable . .. vvhen lh „ refiners begin toTeeeive and ndverso. run at Latouia tomorrow. There be- Inff no lonflk-tinn raeing event, it is believed the lluueo-oa* stable will nond Zov, winner of the Kentucky DerUy, to complete in tlie event. Xlndev tbe eomlltlnmi o> the. l-;Uonl;t Derby, the winner ol* the Kentucky Darby, if ut. Latonia, ro- 1 -civna nn additional $fi p 000. Should Zey accomplish this fntit. the race will ! ' l *^'ived thooloRieal tr D. The Rev. Stephen Butcher Comea to Congregational Church From Leavenworth^ HOY. Stephen Huffher. n^w niiniafnf of the ronirregiUloiuil chunli, will bo- idu hiri dutiew lo-i -e, tomorrow, Uev. I lit tithe, r eomew Vvrnu Leii.v(;uw»ntV\, whore he was minh-dor for nine years. He wan also Hcoul exotutive and very urtlvo in boy.-.' work, boiri^ nu.'tueed in tbiH work by th" Uotary elui). H -i was edue.ated in Moloil. ei >Ilei ;e and inini^ ut Hiirt- uot b .i -s ou 'ner apjiroximatoly ?2 'i .000. Ily reason of their re -ifie .'tive vie. torles in tbe 1'reaknnss and K'-ntneky Derby. Vlfiil and /ev (lund. carry st-ulr wtdj^bt. of 13(>; non -winnerw of a nice of $25,1)00 value, five puuiidn lesn; nun- winnerd of $5,000 idKht pound.s kvo;. atid maidens, 12 poundi IOHH than the' HCalo horses. O llinr eus t <*. ru h o r s en t h a t 1 1: L V e 'heen nominatiMJ for the l .atonla feat- uro are M :irLinp;aln. ThlcUvale, lUaHo, I'jiicluuitiuent, Rud L.e .rue.r, N T a««aii, liobKOblln, Utile Celt, Cherry I'io ami W 'ildorneHri The30 will fa .e« the lieat of the Kentucky hnndieap division. MORE MEN EMPLOYED AT THE ORIENT SHOPS LOOKING BACKWARD Taken From tho FIlos of The Now*, FORTY YEARS AGO, IN 1883. Local note: "Prof. Wlnann return-[ ed Sunday trorn his trip east. Ho is : still an old bachelor." t Robert J. Ingor:;olI was expected , here for a Fourth of July address. U. A. Woodward bad a new soda fountain. Frank St. John camo from Iowa to make Hutchinson his home. Carpenter aud Hyilo adrlocl a halt section to their farm. The Santa Ke bad a train called tho Canuonball. TWENTY YEARS AGO, IN 1903. Colin Campbell bought a grocery store in Wichita. The Santa Fe had a freight wreck near Burrton. Leo Baton was up from Arlington. Joo Bailey went to Wlnfiold. George Bently made u business trip to Stattord. W. E. Long was called to Kansas City on business. TEN YEARS AGO, IN 1913. There was half an inch of rain. Jim Flynn, tho "fighting fireman," motored through Hutchinson with his •wife. A round trip ticket to Los Angeles 'cost (56. B. C. Aspoy wont to Kingman on buslnesji. Average land la South Rono township was worth about (100 an acre. Hutchinson had, a cloan-up campaign. the extra orders, they see that the de I maud is exceptionally Kood. so they Increase the price ol' sugar again." I IS STILL RAGING. I The Bubonic Plague in India is Caus- I ing a Great Deal of Worry. j Simla. India. Bubonic plague Is I raging .throughout British India as It hast not raged for five yearn. Tho disease threatens to become epidemic, and already has been the cause ot panic in several ot the larger cities. The rise In this plague year- began In December. During the month, of j March 36,ODD, deaths were recorded, ; against an average for the previous ; rour years tor the same month of ! 14,423. Tho governmental authorities ascribe the plague to rata getting into the grain, and advise tho people to build rat-proof grain warehouses and to destroy the' rodents. MAKES BETTER SHOWING. Woman Given Title. New York-—Grand Otfloer of th* Order ot Dantlo, the First, a l. ! tl« a Htflo higher than that of a Knight, has been bestowed upon Miss Cusslty JB, Mason, of Tarrytown, N. Y., by the late QuaeriDowager Milona, of Monto-i sold in There i* an Improvement In the Polish Finances. Warsaw — M. Orabskl, minister ot tlnance, took occasion to speak upon the Improved economic situation of Poland at tbe recent Newspaper Congress here, Tho Polish trade budget, tbe minister said, had been balanced and the country was now exporting more than It Imported. The Introduction of the Polish mark In Upper Silesia had helped the government In stabilizing Polish currency, and tho return from direct tuxes wus an Important factur In the battering of Polish flnanco. Tho number of unemployed hud also been reduced. tViehitii, Kan., June 80.- More HUM) are now employed at the shops of the i Kansas f'fly, .Mexico and Orlr.ilt rail- •>vuy here than al any time .tflnco the . shops were established in Wichita, ac- • cording to A. I >el )ernardl, i-loe -preHil- ^ dent ami senecal manager of the r -tKUl, . Approximately '.\^> tuen are employe.! | by tiie. company here. The Orient . r !ioj>,-< h .'ive Ireen re- j openod again ai 'te.r :i .y '.nit -.lown of two j weeks during the roods nlonp the j line," DeUornardi said, 'and a number men have been addwl to tin' force," Plood damage done lo the Orient Tftilroatl this »v »'hiK Is estimated at be-'. tween $9S,0u and jlijO.OUO, Ueiteinardl said. TepiMirury repairs to the right-of-way have been mode so that train** are ..itdo neerste. nv.d -"^e.y -pn,'ir are now at work re-storing Ilie tra/.k and roudbeii to Its normal condition. California Earthquake. Sau Iternnrdluo, C.aHt.- An i-avth- quake, et' several seconds duvatlon shook the city, with faint treuiore. ti< ford Theolngii-al Si .:ninai'>', H.-v. lloteher's expt .'rlenee ba-i hi'en wry wide, having oecU|ded pulpita ju N'.-\v llritaln. Conn.•- Rapid City, S. It; Red- 1 field, S. D.; nnd was t:*Hn lo }.;d :n- i hurt;!', ;ttH,tlau<l a d.'le^ate it) lire [ (.'onKi'egat ional Cunlerenee. lie wus , elsjt )>ri ni -1 f>nI of tin. Norma] School i .'it Orange Park, Flit., ami president uf 'Siralght Cotleae »r New Orleans. | Tim • Leave-uworth Times neys ..;lit- j orially of Rev. Mut'dier, "lie 1 M very i liberal In his theology, caring utile for j creed hut much for practice; little for ] what a man believes, so hint; a->' he bolteves lit the Founder of the and patterns his life itft.-r His. Ho has been a fuilhru! iwislor and by Ms walk and eouv -rsa!ion lias i .iijimMhl- ed the religion he ltre -,ehe:-. to all Mini. !!•- has ex. reined a powerful tnllu.-n.-.i for gti'ld upon f!i«. lives of the i.cel ie of Leavenworth where fie b is . ii- denved hiuvselr ti> a civ.-l<- of trieiMia tlrat rt-uchos far In yitu.l tli.- con firs • of the rongregal Ion be hn.s .--.'i vwl. Ho will IMI ^ro;ttl>- nn---s.'rl in H iv-oi- worth, as will b»- ltis >-^IiiIi:v 1 r 1 .- v..',!'->, who Is out) of la-avt'iiwortVa mo.;t •IM'pular younj; sveim-n." In 1917 l>r. Hutcli.-r was a-Kvl to take the chaplain, y of lite f.ihril I prison but the notary club mei ,-.!>. \ '/.on:l of Leavenwitrtli prevail."! u'a'ii him to eolitliuie his eltiin-li wn:U. ' The ineuilict -H o'.' the Uutvl ilr .i "«H 'lire very ydnilaed tu s» i: it ,-.n.'. }>.••:. 1 Illlteher as t!i '-y fe'd ili-i .(ll .llin. ati'.tl 1 1 will add materially to Iho vl,;.; ..-n iittfl rdvic welfare of 1 lutvhluv .'.ti. PORTUGAL QUESTIONS COST OF PRESIDENTIAL JUNKET. Lisbon.-- Portugal is still tr.yin.: to doeldn whether the ilepleli-il ustiiinal coffers will permit the I'n-sldent of the^Uepublle to enloy a lit 1 1.- daxniy. He has been in v itt>il to viiiT til,> South Alrtean I'nion .lurinK hlr-. irit> to tb^e Port u^ue-io A! dean Coiotii-.--. pud as the relations between i'o:hr~il lag perceptible as fsr as Ixis AiiKelos, ««<l tlw Kugllsh p» -salons in Aire a but no damage wus done. nre .-.omewhtit troubled, It j„ t,.-lt. ----- — - _ piiat a iargf" outlay for eor.-mony !., Women Took Honors. jerea'e tt gwnl lmpr,-.. :.m v.ouM !>» New York—Women took practically | ni»'fSB«ry if the Invitation Is ;>•-!••->>t>-.-l. all the first, honors of New York Lni-i Where the law outlay if n» eoioo verslly this year In the coed colleges, from Is the biggest problem. CLIMBER8 WILL TRY AGAIN TO ' SCALE WORLD'S HIGHEST PEAK! London.—Although last yeur'a ut-! tempt to roach tho summit of Mount j lflveroat failed, the Royal Uuograph- 1 leal Society Intends luuiichiim;-;. another expedition to reach the summit! next yoar, the Ktxrl ot ItonaUlsliuy 1 tils presidential address bo- Jiesro. Miss Mason la"tho only worn-' foro the Society hero rocontly. „_„ ,.„^,„„ .„ «nln tho woriti woo we*!* ta» titi* of j He said that the experience sained lMr*t$n 'j4 ''S&^ 'ivrlify'"mwiBBS'^-ijadf^ttegr.**- 'by Uia expedition last year, ana uo- THE WORLD'S FINEST COFFEE Dealers Supplied By KOPKE BROS. Mercantile Co., Wholesale Grocera ,"reat Bend, Kas.

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