The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1971 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1971
Page 11
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i- THE IWAStoSPOttt FACTS, FreepoH, Texas, Tuesday, November 23,19tt, Page 12 , •), ••••«*—'••"-•• - — T i ii jj_i__..-| u. --.._..r . _ J —-----— ,- ---_ - T UU.JLIM.- L_J i -:_i.-[-—"ILI.IT- ; v i feORN LOSER m>KM «e! •9cw.icwrTSTWAuo.QW.wr ' <€T UP 6WM K* JUfl CUTf! LI'L ABNER .IKK3W V--< DID "iQU EVER PVVONOCWCES \HEAR. WHAT THE D 1 PRIMCESSFS I POLAR BEAR AMD ^ SAD TO THE WALRUS? LOOK. HENRY . .. THE l^th //-ONE )l HOTT O 1 VORE POTTERS CAUGHT OLIVER • WENDELL. POMES.'/ VULGAR! LLA BLONDIE MOW MUCM *( ARS YOU ASKING ~< FOR THAT (, r ( EIGHT DOLUAQS AND FIPTVCesJTS C! >• WHY WOULD ANfYBODV BUY A SNUFFY SMITH SHUX. LUKEV-- I DON'T MIND VE STAVIW'OUT ALL NISHT LONG- PLAYIN'CARDS W(F SNUFFY-- LOSIW' ALL MORE MONEY AN'— ^\ ^'BEETLE BAILEY ELVIN6Y SflRVES 8REAKFUSS IN BED »» THE BADGE GUYS Z WONDER MOW FAR HE'S 60T WITH rr? JJ.W l*u* M-23 POtlCEWOAMN PARKER, I KNOW TKftT WCME STAf? IS HANDSOME, BUT WHEN HE PASSeS THROUGH THE CITY... «fe ii-n ALLEY OOP •iCUTAiXEP UH HL6H-.lvaLE TOTICLEAPER OF THESE BUT A REAL urns PEOPLE? iCAPTAIN EASY ' UUHlE EASY FOLLOWS KIRK KEEP'5 I' TRAIL IN BRAZIL- PUCEV& HlRgP A LArVXER T(7 CHECK W H& CO&Uf* WILL EK9KWE KEEP PIEP IU A"K1I,, HIS ESTATE TO FQUNP A CHAlW Of AWIMflL SHELTER*... FOR CWp BEOOEST1 OORQO (00 e+iARE5 IN THB &TAK-X VAtUEP AT *2,50C> •«(} HI* THE STOCK REVERTED TO E5WE,EH?_.H'.W...lVH,i THE SMR-X CJWAWV? ^>~._ KIRK'* WA5 KEPOKTgP FROM 6KAZIU T«? 4I0NTHS 2UQE91S Simple Expert Bids The Television Picture NOHTtl 4'J-I V 1073 »AKS A96 WKST *J»3 ¥KQJ« » KAST AQIU75 ¥82 J'aw SOUTH <!)) AAK82 • QJ3 *K7 l)oll< vulnerable North KJWI South INT 3 NT IVw I'AM I PJH « HUM'* H)f Top , 0} nilNiM'* ItteM l!» I'M O !<f**ini< JllN»* 0) Hl«k rtepimJ (B MM M Ciwfcto* 03 I**ie II la HM*I* 1 I'M O .SK.c XmlU'i ft»M >l O S»*«» U«n4« 03 (%H» Chudfe* 69 I l*« U*f Si» I'M O VHC NMM O Mht»w«»M' .N (0 Ctt* >«« (!) ABO N«M CD lll(k«V l'» <i* PM «*»« !***« lit "(SmtJbnttfttM" O .uiiufcfr p*««iu * *»i*- n*«ury ttaut * iw« ktnt »* d"U- Ini «Mp 0 4M *i»»4-Mlh«i IViV (urtli *t Uw*» tW». » TV «•«•*« *'«'* III* t« «»U«*«f«t; Km** Wjwi. Q) MM* nujr b* nUunl up *tin • : ".-.'•. 1 PM , • MM****U • r^»f rM»~s*wiy u MI in ritttf* tX h*r urtrtntiml MMmi •Mk M> KMlNJ ind UrttUdr .1. lend «« wrfoMiMW »f*ll»« • MMt*~"Ki«K M w»r (imi OMMiy Kit*. Mil iWiMttm. dm. H) mlrtliimr »M 4*WrtV»fiu< (*< IV HUM ItvMf «i* kU Ixmrr oil* )M« irwunwj O T** ,Utw**M Jumble M*«l» - "T ITtuuUfltl JKu^ol UTllxUA U> Otvtuld & James Jacob) The public MU'vr* (hat tiii>'fliKltt brulisi' li onor inously cotitpik-ulei). They tin- riKlit to (lw itxlenl that every t-xjHTl jwir has cto- vt;lti|wtl ways to hamlle a* many unusual bidding situation* ai poMiblc. Soini'tiiiR-i their huldintt u i-omplicalvtl, but most uK tht' tome tlwir bidillit); u ri)!hl down Iho niuldif _!r> tiMljy'i hand. .South h.vs 17 hich-Ciird pwtnt* anil -(•<-3-'.' tlbtrtbutlutt Jiej»ttt ner-s are latiftht to o|x>n Elm harul with one no-trump Kv tH-rt* nuke the Mine bi.l The rule is When >our lund niireti all rr«tuir«'«it > »t.t h<t a nu-lruntp ojH'innu. Ihcn ojvn notrutitp When you ^et to Ihf North hand, the etjwrl b likely to differ The ex(>er( iimpty rawe* hw partner In thr«« no-trump ,Vo jtuar- antc«? ao« with I hi* Inij, but he knowi In the long run it will pay <>!( With ttw South hand \» day. thrre notrunip u J spread With other cardi. there ntay bv a pUy for three n«> trump, or perfect dvft<n.t« may doom Kouth Kcivivver. in ait hjiuU We<it will (»• making a blind teail since he receive*! no infor ntatiun front the bidding If the beginner ru* bvvn taught properly, he also hid* three n»-lrump. Other WI.M-. he tiuU iHnne number of cltamoriilt and windn up nuktrn: a $«4r(-.vrDrv, >;o»-t down jt ftvo duniututt of Kets li> lh,r joir.w ni> (rump ,;<H I; »& ;: H.'f ls ^ !r « T»««« i U Wl.lrr > til It..,, lurtixvt. r, Jim |W M I* K*tn « rw 63 H»*»«- u »ten*r«'' , MM'Ml. fVJ 8 IHIWN M M" I fit \t IS 18 3 H zs sr 37" M 4? $r ia 61 26 46 1. 43 M MABEL NORMAND IN 'THE EXTRA GIRL" ' Tunifthi «J IKJ ( JlAIUH I ,H Hiiimuk 04 A K<. ,",.'-,,;'...• I ofvtjnm XM<}» )( „„,.;, if,i ! r..^ !ie.,,',. tl I,:...,,; v.«.< !.,.•»/;.: s .;,;.;,: (J m * ..U»... Uvf a . j,. ,.,,, v nr -I OK ttk.-.v, SIDE GLANCES uTl A£:f ' r ijtri,"'^ r *' -Suulh WliJl ilo yu!4 tlu* A — Mii4 unr rw>^trump. \'»ti prvfrr tlu-k tu A ii»ublr tMrf4U«<- )im lutr lilllr >upp"(l (ur ni4J«ir tulU. TUHAVS lJf>?>T1UV An*»rr Ttmt*i»r»i*» i lap WOWfW for rou. com w«l SJ • ilk yo V f aaan. ajjifii an4 up todt la "Wm or 8/idf«," (t/o l>ut in~if»ptn. fO l-o i Ht. Xada Cilf Siaiw*. He, r 0 /i. N y ico>9 BUGS BUNNY JM^- •- u^./~ ~~ f — \ IT^ .,T ! x -^ / ,+*, » » n to CD "Scud in a low ol my *mploy«». I don't it* much of them line* th* w»g« lrt«i«!" I'LL BE P^'5* INSTAi.L>N' VC8 IN A MINUTE, SHORT RIBS t^'% TIGER PUT' MOT COOKIES ANP- MAvJBj?, ji A/or, &S.CM CAT tt3^k«/^

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