Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1897 · Page 16
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 16

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1897
Page 16
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^fSJ^XTi^*^^^-^^^* 7 "*^"-^^**' •* '•"'"•,—-,, t S4 j.' *- I ,Urt;^-»i.ftw9tA i*tM t <•"?!* **>* 1? ,, r ,,.. Hfnlffik jl^^^^i^f.r^^.,^.^!.^^?---*'^ ^ *'*?*« **- ^ <! t * ? - - • ! £ *>it«Hj T. <**ft£ M t* im* i*- ^ri£*-r ^ ^ ^^&±.&&~j*>*3tri«#**t! •S*****'**" 5 *" 1 --=**-*•'-'"-•,- i" •• i ^ ^ _ ~_ ^ j= x i -w t i'Wfo-«t* "«•'•»* *%* *»>* ^ ferjm |^ st *«4e-mf***t*.^«jf4V' ft 1*1 •5*. A. teS# >•* "? *• *- f .... s ^._ ._ .« ,,** ^.^^iS Ux**£«s *.**« #•*•*. ATftJiffO- * nf S ft tr-Mit rocood 'Mmaai Washington's felrthday reception given by the Stet- lisg Club was held in the club rooms Monday. e<r«telcg, The, affair was largely atteiiflea, ther* being nearly 1§0 guests pment,all representative Jtten In th* various- prof ewiloiDV trades and bosines* enterprises of Sterling and Bock Falls. The guests were welcomed by the members of the Becep- t! on Committee and escorted to the magnificent asylum of the Masonic fraternity, where an informal musical program was given by JPrCBtln's Concert Orchestra. Some time * as passed here in social intercourse. The b'anqwet was announced at 10 o'clock nnd the guests were uflhered in* to the-Joall room-oLthe.JCl«b_where the . tables had been BpreatL^EheJbalLwafl. beautifully and quite elaborately decorated'. Streams of evergreen v»ere hung from each corner to the center of the ceiling and the pillars were entwined with the same material. Two large flags covered the entire east wall of the room. A Jarge portra'itof Waohington hung in the center directly over the toast master's chair. The* orchestra WAS stationed on a platform in the southwest corner of. the room. This corner was draped with flags and bunting and the wall decorated with crossed hatchets. On the other Walls of the room were hung portraits bf the Father of our Country and the country's flag. Con. splcuoua on the north wall was a small Cnban flag. The tables were nicely decorated and when surrounded by of th* Rt«»t man, gi*«n*d from the best contra jfwrstif's of both England and America- Along with this he drew tipon A fond of tradition that has been handed down from father to eon regarding the character ofihe patriot General. '....' He easily proved him to be a man of the highest integrity, a' full frown type of the best of the Anglo Saxoas, an austere man with an almost infallible judgment when he understood his subject. He spoke of his power With his troops and of tiis opportunities to have become a dictator in the new nation.- The speaker compared him with the great Generals of Europe.wbo have been placed in the same position and bow they grasped from self Interest what Washington refused, that the Government for which he had struggled BO long might receive the good of the freedom and liberty won through hia Generalship. " ""The" Speaker";! trowed—the-business IT3eT of ~ WashTh gton ,~in wh ich equally successful as In arms, as from a very modest fortune: in youth he grew iri wealth until, at the time when he took command of the army, he .was the wealthiest man In the colonies. prosperous citizens as was assembled Monday evening, the sight was one to be remembered. Beside each plate was a handsome menu card, and on each table were vases of cut flowers. Before the guests were seated, the . divine blessing was invoked by Itev. Theodore Growl. • The banquet was served by the clujb steward, •Ernest Clark, who was assisted by the following young ladies: Kisses Callie Cochran, 'Mattie Ward, -Ollie Cochran, Alice Ward, Florence Elliott, Marie Hershey, Alice Gordon, Helen Greenbugh and Maud DeGroff. The young ladles have the 'thanks' of the entire club membership for their efficient service. Following is the ; ' .'••'•• '" MENU. •-.• Escalloped lOystera. ' .. Cold Turkey Cold Tongue 1 'Olives „ ______ _Hckles ....... IParker Honse HpNa Chicken Salad " Bread;.---.... ;. Lemon Ice Cakes '.'..'". ..." ,Frult Cafeautalt CafqNoIr . Segars THK" PBOOBAH OF TOASTS. Hon. J. TP. White. The Hon. J. W. White was the next speaker on tbo program. His speech was in response to the sentiment, "Arbitration," Mr. White gave a brief and very clear resume of the much discussed Arbitration Treaty now pending between this country and Great Britlan, which he favors at least so far as It may bring all controversies betvwn thf se two great countries before a regularly authorized board for settlement. He claims for this country Ihe honors which"rfl'ti'y come from having made : more use of thiB-method of=Bottlement of International differences than any other country known In history. He said thatfpublic opinion is largely in favor of the measure and undoubtedly a treaty of this nature will be made very soon between these countries. The speaker pointed out the fact -that all the great aquisitlons of territory gained by this, country since the war of Independence, have been made peaceably, with the exception of the territory takanfrom Mexico,,an act which, was freely denounced throughout the land as one of injustice. At tbe clote of Mr. White's address the applause amply testified to the fact that his audience were with him in his views upon this most advanced Idea which the growth of civilization has brought before the people. . , Mr. Harry Waslibarn. ^rToastr-Master—Johnson-next-intro^ duced a man, who.stands prominent among a large circle pf friends in tbe city as a jolly good fellow, whose advent Is signal tor the hasty departure r—Washburn re- sel'-fif"; m<jn 'fir'ti m 1 ! I'-ot t^kt tV- front hii f-ffl f-ttTB'f Rff&Sts *c the *dmlnfr»trftH'tft of *hw«? of f He effiTnTit is but f* ffw degr^«t I?*? 5 ! dan- l^roOa tb«m the An«rchJ*t, Th« tw.o classes of people necessary In politic* aod alwftjn to be fonnd there ftrs the «tat«iin»n|ftnd th&pollUciaa; tfee former Is the theorist and the latter the practical roan. Both are necWBary and both elements may be combtaed In one msn. ", ' * The wire pulling politician is not necessarily a dangerous or bad man, political machines are .riot necwsarily an eVil to the people as Ibngi aa the man who pulls the wire and lees the machine does so f off the public good. In Theodore lioosevelt we find what I conceive to be tbe incarnation of chair polltibs. Abraham Lincoln combined in himself both the qualities .of a Statesman and an astute politician, who handled men for a purpose of which they necessarily knew nothing. Because he didnhia with a pure motive and-60und-judgment_hjL-ha3_ left an impression the Nation Which will last aa long as history. Do not place your confidence too implicitly in public opinion it is as shifting aa the quick sands and aa irresponsible at the wind with no knowlege of anything except the superficial view of the. matter. Public opinion surges from one elde to the other to the dread and constant danger for the Ship of. State. Mr. Davis advised a close adherence to the party, to which each man may elect Jto adopt and not to desert It for any trivial reason. Only when the time shall come when your conscience tells you .that your party is'ln the wrong Is it permissible to leave it. Mr, Davis' speech was greeted with prolonged and vigorous applause which is echoed todny by.;all who heard his .y_ery clever address. This closed~the~pTogFaui and Mr. Johnson announced Iho ceremony of' the celebration of Washington's birthday at the Sterling Club in 1897 to be duly closed. •'. '. '•• ' -..;__• ington'* Birthday. Tha H*»p* w«!l school will oh«?rYe th« dfty tej 8p- , No CtaraAQ setsoal Wednesday OB account of the rsiRistsr attending the Wj»goer-Bafn8 wedding. ' . "Mrs. Jennie Georgfc was on the «ick list the past we«k< J. 9. MeOaul*y had « severe «|clt spell the past week from which he la recovering nicely, A doctor wa* called twicer- • -••'- •;--••••-. •'••-'••-:-' Freddy Koch spent Monday night with Eddie BJrdsall* * Mrs. Clara Boyeif sptuttt Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. SlcOanley. J* F. George and cousin spent Wednesday find Thursday with friends in Clyde, tfeb. 22. : Harmon. A, E. Hutchinson is ill. B.E. Parker Is sick. The roada" are muddy, very muddy, and hard IQ travel upon.™ . - -__ The tenters have commenced moving we can see them with loads of household* goods and farm machinery going in every direction'.' « Samuel MannlBg moves into his new house this-week. • ' ' W. D. Parker is building a new barn 6n his farm close to town. Farmers have been drawing grain x and hogs to market nearly every day. McWilliams has been pressing and shipping straw andjhay to the Chicago market. Henry S. Melllnger has .been visiting bis daughters for several days. The Woodmen had an entertainment and supper at their ball, There will be a chalk. talk' March 3, at the Methodist church. Isaac Dir moves on to the W. D. i**feei*, A ftw*l* ( *#wt fait der"— ? fe*f* <forte It, Oerorld every eite to 4s»»w It* hand. Coe & VanSant's* C. E. BAILEY, BOOfiL will sell for Cash this week at the following prices, • All goods guaranteed. 22 Ib9 OrsH. gajat, $1.00 8S ftg tight C Sugar, 1.00 PHlalm?}' Flonr, per sack, 1.15 White 8»tln Flour, per sack, 1.10 Kansas Beanty Flonr, per etek, 1.03 lor?ft Girl Flonr, per sack. Lion Coffee, or Ar onckle** Coffee i Ib XXXX Coffee, 85 Clothes Fins, 1 phtr least Foam, 4 Ib Beat Fine Cat Tobacco, 1 Ib Quality and OnnnUty, 1 Ib BeB^TJUeolored Jap Tea. Same as others ask60c. 1.00 20 15 fi B 20 20 ~ '*SW3S^SBjgfa Frsijclsco, Ha Kef Orleans, Dy the, *ani« i HOMESEEKER1 ROCK RIVER GOLD MINE. 1 Ib Best lard. , 1 Ib Good Baking Powder, 1 Ib Bakef 8 Chocolate, 0 Bars Favorite Soap, 6 Bars Santa Clang Soap, 1 Gal. Beat Cider YInegar, g Gal. Gasoline, 1 Gal. Perfection Oil, Ipkg Gold Dust, ^ • 1 Ib Best Creamery Butter, 1 Ib Best Dairy Butter, 1 Gal. Good-Syrup, . ' 1 Ib Good Boasted Coffee, 1 Ib California Pcuncs, 1 Ib California Evaporated Peaches, 1 Ib California' Evaporated Apples, 1 Can Good Corn, Table Peaches, 8 Ib Cam, 10 Pumpkin, 8 Ib Can, - 6 Oatmeal. 8c per Ib, 9 Ib for v 25 Cornmoal, per Back,, 18 Graham, per sack, ,- 20 . £0 35 25 25 15 45 9 18 20 16 25 15 0 8 8 From Jann&TT to May, the low t&ts of One Fare for pltis $J.OO ts> «crtaln points ' - from station! on entral west of lawK owa, Inclusive, OBJls and 3rd Monday ol lowa f>l*Vk VI ** *»*.-•»»<•month jesit q! _-. and north ol Cfttro, one day later, viz, sir SdTneuday. Irt addition, these tickets « BOW on the flrst and third Monday afld To trom Chicago »ndI Wenooft,111., aud pol*" ^nllUnols.&ntral a^ far as Centralm^ stations 1ft Illinois, Wisconsin and stations in low* east ot and lncii.v.— B ,-^rrsjts Falls to points on Illinois Central west 01 W™N FallK, and from all Bt&tlons on the Central KOBW^ north ol Cairo to certain points , f * •' WEST, soufcr; OB the let*and 3d Tuesday of each month. 3fL Tickets and full information ooncernlns i thaabOYecanbe had of agents of the Cent 'JBoute and connectinK liaes A. H. HAK80N, Gen., Pass. Agent, IAD ForaJl kinds of Job Prtn< " dllC ROtO TH» BTAOTWA0 PRINTING HoftdV, Sot« m H6A«S, fji rnin I inUi m enu, Kntelopes, «o.» ^ T ., proraptly «ie<rat«d, at regnlar rae«. • • Addr«M ^HB8TAKBABD,Bt«rHn««M. ' — »r»!ny Speeches Made by MterUng'a Moat. Eloquent Orators. The Toast Master, the Hon. C. C. Johnson.called the guests to order and made a short and pithy address in which he eulogized our city and the sur- Xoujading conntry together with the institution, which when our citizens may meet and indulge in social inter- couse which brings a unanimity of ' "purpose, to make pnr city one of the aabat prosperous and important in Northern Illinois. He spoke of the club as a refining influence and of how ' that influence will go forth in the making of the jaws for the betterment of society. He paid the character of Washington ; high compliment and spoke of the entire fitness 'which • brought so many of the representative , men of the community together on this day in memory of him who was the ' moat active and valuable of all, who gave to the world this new government that marked an epoch in the advance of civilization.' The speaker de' predated the fact .that he had been placed in the chair of honor and accused the worthy President, Dr. Crau- dail, with baabf ulness in giving op. the plape of honor to a comparatively new member. He then Announced the first sentiment "The Sterling Club" by ' ' ' " il 3>r. Cnwadall prefaced his remarks lay eaylng that the only point which he »nd Washington had'in common was tbe ability to make a speech. He then 1 jgfeya s tolef biato?y of the club front *' ft* organlzaUon aad of 4t» value In the ' JJ »^o|ty»-where'ft w^lcomea tbe M comere, and, through its good fel< bip t joducea good people to 'rest »t»y Wit&'ot.' He epoke'of the ab- s«aee of vfine upon tbe board and -said that if tbe guests would drink freely of tha eseaHeat water provided, he was aure that ail o£ the b«st results obtained Bstviatage* wffu^.4 b« ex* with fi^eral vtjry-goo4 i«{ £iioy Hle,whieh c^u^4 puch , »e3rrimBBt At tbe close of liis speech i waa w»t* giveii a beetty round of ibeard sponded to the ever, present and always welcomed, sentiment, "The Ladles." From the time Mr. Washburn arose until his address was'Gnished.hie large audience was either in a broad grin or a gale of laughter. .Hia manner of delivery alone stamped him a wit of no rnean order,'and the unexpected sallies made on his fellow speakers, were so bright and quick that it caught them without defense, and was striking in another quarter before the. victim, could rally fro the point."Mr. Waahburn spoke but a few; Eftinutes, but hie toast will be Jong re- mem.bered by those who* were BO fortunate as to be present on this occasion. '.'••• ' . Col. C. L. SUeklop, ' Col. Clarence L. Sheldon was intro. dudedaa the "Tall Shelbark of the Bock," who spoke .thrilling words for Cuba. He opened his address by giving a brief geographical review of this island and a partial list of Us many products which have made It a golcondafor cea- j turles where its Spanish matters have sucked sustenance at the expense of the lives and liberties of its people. The speaker held up the Spanish authorities aa the culmination of all that is brutal» cruel and cowardly. He charged them with every crime In the calendar and declared that for their acts of wanton cruelty and inhumanity, Spain,as a nation.uhould be swept from the face of the earth, where It exists as an ulcer and plague spot upon civilization, not second to the malodorous Turk who is digging bis grave on the other side of Europe. He claims that we not only have the right, but that we owe to civilization to stop .the butcheries ofV women, children and invalid soldiers almost within eight of our shores.. When the Colonel .eat down the applause was tremendous and long continued, y >• :•••;'. K '.' Man Near Dixon Thinks' Ho Ha».» Blch '. ' . •' Find. ' •• ' •' • A year or more ago we told that Edward Blackman, whose home is on the Grand Detour road a mile above Full- ler'a Cave, had found a pocket of blue clay in which gold was discovered. This was proven true by "chemical analysis in Dixon and Mr. Blackman Bent samples away to professional as- Bayers,. whose certificates . he holds, showing the quartz sent to. hold gold In paying quantities. Last week Photographer H. A. Brown,' who is a graduate lol chemistry from the State Unl- the quick silver propess and with the result that the pure gold in quanties averaging more ,;tih8Q 850 to the ton could be seen with the naked eye*and plentifully iri the dust by the use of a glass. Mr. Blackman has traced the vein of ,gold back into the rock and 300 feet or more from the place of first discovery, and Jacob Depuy finds the same deposit on his place on the other side of the hill. Perhaps it will prove worth developing and Dixon will have, a gold mine three miles' from her city.—Dixon Telegraph. ^ Our tax collector Is around with hia book. : Our butcher has plenty of good ice for the coming season. . George'Smith wrid wife have'been visiting with friends In Bureau county for several days. • F. D. Bosebrook and wlfe^of Bock Falls,Jwere In our town last week. Miss Cpra Swan is at home from school. " . Mias Gertie Hill has gone to Wisconsin on a visit. ' .' ' ' David Hill's wife has returned home after having a visit with her -sister in Central Illinois. Services at the Catholic and Methodist churches last Sunday. The congregations were .'email' owing to the bad roads. . , : Anton Hill continues to bay bogs and cattle for-the Chicago-market^- -1 -There' have been men here from abroad looking at farms. . N. B. Perkins, of Dixon, was in our town-last week. Fbb.22. : . ' Insurance Remember we are headquarters for 1es,Etuits ? Also for ^ AID SOCIETY|, ENTERTAINS. Gives » PleaBant_SaplaI *^^ erans and OM Soldiers. . ' ;The.Ladiea' Aid Society, auxiliary to Kilgour Camp.'.No. 80, Sons of. Yeter- anfl, gave, a social and entertainment in the G. A- E.'Hall'Monday evening. Nearly BOO guests were present and a very'pleasant ', evening was enjoyed, Tbe audience for the most part was composed of;members of the G. A, B. and W, B. C. and the two above mentioned orders. At 8 o'clock the following program was given: ' • Instrumental Solo.......,'.,..;.....WinnieHoyt Short talk.... v...;..... ....A.K. Haberer Vocal Dnet.,... .Margaref Bayer, Laura Llghtcap Beading ..^, Mabelllslilenian Sterling High BcUool Quartette : abort talk'.;,..,.....,, ..........Frank Elsele Vocal Solo..... ....,.,.• ,...-• Sarah Coleman Address .......Mrs. WVN. Harrison 1 Instnunental Bolo ..Ohio* Johnuori Every number of the program was greatly enjoyed.* A. K. Haberer spoke in behalf of .tMQ. A, B.j Mrs. Harrison for the W. B>0.,THicl Past Captain Eiseje for the Sons ot Veterans. • At the close of the program refreshments were served and an .hour was spent In conversation, The younger people then enjoyed an informal dance. .PYTHIANS ARE INSPECTED. Fred'Stllea, who has been away from 'home for some time on business, has returned. • • . 'Mr. Bice is moving into his house in town, from the Trumble property. ' Mrs. JSfettle Cole, of Bock Falls, was Lyndon visitor over Sunday. / Mrs. Weight is very sick, ^ • Will Milllkan'a baby has been, quite sick, but is much better. Charley-Maxfleld's. baby IB very sick and its little life is despaired of. 'The-women of the Congregational church have i beerr working lor some time past to earn one dollar apiece to pujt into the church fund, They will meet Wednesday of this week at the church to tell how they earned their money, and will give to visiting gentlemen a good dinner for 15 cts. • To all ladles the same for 10 cts, ; A" Township Teaohere' Ipatitute was held at tbe Bend school house Friday p. m. Feb. 19, Five of tbs six teachere in the townHhip, including Superintendent Johnston, were present and aided in making It a 'profitable meeting. The following program was given: ' SonB.......,..r"..-—..-...'....,....... America Invocation Mr,Bernreuter Recitation. "Ouraired Girl" •.,'..Grace Hamilton Hoj>£-to Teach EnocU Arden.... Arthur Manning Dlsscuaslon... ,.,....,...,..,.......... Eeciution.i....,,.,..,,... .....BryauKelwy Teacher's IcflueQce,..,., u-Bert AV heelocS "Teaching oj Fatrlpysm. .-..Mlas Taylor Becitatlon, "TrialsofHom^"..,...Ueorge Hunt Solid Meats, only a$c. per-quart. THE OORBEOT GBOCEB8. What if Not-Miracles? appear below or anyone whose 'name may «appear i , ,•' among these testimonials.) . M; aim is to coa.incB the pphllc of mjf sincerity and of tiia true merits of this •i ^^^^m^^m^ .. ..,- . AB on another ocoaeioo the best wine wa« leaerved for the iast, The B6Vi C»88 Davis, paptor.of the Flret Metho^ dist chuf^h, deliYeted the mo^?; telling Speech of .tne eveniog »n.«'ib9 Political Duties of toe American cUi**?." From the War of Independence,. until the bpmb in toe i|»j?»wk0t equar in nation- gfe^'ttjafe *&& tM^»|p wes ~K»«lttlM& " Capt. Frank Carter, ,olT[Bqefcford, S"ro- notmoe« Company 45 All Right. The -Sterling Company, No. 45, Knights of Pythias, was inspected Monday eyeotng;. byn: Captain Frank Carter,of Bojckforfl,' 1 ^a-'he' afltir? ;of organizatiop. are in excelleat eonditlon «i0dthe compawy jiwsed a f ftp credit- acie inspectlop. .At the casclusioa off the inspection thelcutatlatioji .of oiU- cers was held/ The following gewtle- men were ia^tajlejj by Captain Garter: Frank C^Wt, €a{ilain; W. H. Hoof .. . . . .. Becitatlon, "A Careiul Message".,..... Ida Knos Class Ilecltatlou Third Grade ^loutli'g Work, .,.....•;,,•,..,,...... .'..Hade A, Manclon Discussion........, ,...---' Recitation, "Mortifying Mistake".. Ella Thomas Remarks .,.....- Mr. Bernreutor Becltation, "The Dear Doll"...,...Allle Thomas Song, "Beautiful". ,....' HaunaU Lants, llazel Freeinan,Laura Kauflnian Beuiark*.. ..Patrons, TeacUera, tiuperlntendpot Eecltfttlou,"Prolilein".,...... .Arthur Hamiitoa Becltttttpn, r'School Master's Ouesta,".,*.,. .MarthaSlater In general, the program was a good one .and all taachvre, scholars and pa- tiq$a present, can but speak of the meeting aa a'sourcB from which, pleasure ucd benetit was derived.' '",/, / BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. Office Of "KINGT188BB TlHKS," J KingDsber, Okla.. Deo. 12, 'B& |, OrayLBMBK:—1 believe It my duty to write you a lino In regard to the beneficial effect of Pneljw' "Pour C Remedy," so fur as I am personally concerned. A week ago lost Thursday, I was token with a severe attack of la grippe and'. ID a abort time became so hoarse I could not speak above a whUper. -The night previous I bad coughed nearly tbe entire night; Jml before retiring I took a toa«pooDful,and slept tbe entire qigbt as sweetly as ever I did io my Hi*, act oou«blug once. I was entirely relieved before taking one bottle. Phelpe' Ooneb, Cold and Croup Qure ahouW b« In every bousebolff in tbe land. I Bend you tbis woolly bwoiiolted by anyone, for you are benefactors of the race in giving it tbe antidote for some of the wont afflioiieM to which It is heir, . - LMt Frioay, «eo.,w, BW. aiwuoiw BBy«io»n •tated unJew I wa» beiUr toy morning to «w«14 do notbine tot toy relief.' That night I com- ne&oed taking Pbeip'e "fowf O' f wmcfly, atoioped all other medtolnei; Toe «rst dose etoppea my cough; slept and rs»te4 well; a Jew juoredoses smoved all serenes! frop jay l»ng»i tt»*«}ond »y I wea up; the third day I wa» out. on the porcb and to-day was up town purcbaaing good*. MIB8 JBJTM»11A8BBT, ' Washlugtou Aye. and Bummit Et ^ CROUP CURED. One dose of Pbelpa* C/ough, Ool<J and Croup Cure, Kftva ray child insUut »»ef wben attaoked with the croup. W. E. SAotna, of Moore Bros., City, "UNBROKEN REST AT NI^HT/"'^ J. B. Huuwa. Manaeeir,- 'Office Commorolai Printfitg Co..= 196 South Clark Str wish t»-bear testimony , great efficacy of your "Four 0" remedy in tj and luner allmsnU. As a rule I have beea 4 tlcal olthfl merits of proprietary medlcta have to oonfes» tbat a teat ot your "Fou convincing that at least on* ready made is worthy of use. My children all take 1 out tbe feast objection, from oldest to yo»i and it la particularly noticeable that can almost immediate. A tingle dose will moBtcougbt iu their Ijeglpjilng; Hel««a i broken rest at night. Jn »y family «*&„, ...,__,_ ..j, ^._.., i wwnimeBd ift s •'' :: ." ' "••.•ACUTE JL,ArtVNO»TI8, . r > Aj ' •„' :'•<'••'*: '•' .'•'• '••'• Obicago, Sept, SK 1 . For year* back, eaob wjater r have auffs with aoute LaryngUl*. Last winter w&» fo\ I opald not leave my room for two weeks or ai* above a whisper. 1 tried every known os prepftrattonlrom cough drops up and dpwiM ao relief, then la desolation I waa letiuoe to try Phelp'4 "pour q." The Brat rtosa i Pay oougb, giving me the first night's been wlt^oat tm« wonderful reajfidy »iaM.* aa different from otb?r like remedies wraol; from vinegar <*,*ugar from sand. . _ If IS A MIRACLE. 1 Conductor Eakard, tbe Railroad Cor dent of the Neodwha K»a»ai HeglaUr. to say 4f'"Vovr O.» *'Ph«lpi U tovtag ay ul derful *ata of his Coagb ana'Cok. .„, personally know It is just what it is wi ed to be. loo ranch cannot be said iu m It««a ujiwoJ*. ' ~;«»f S ' ! j _ "* J • V S C 1 _' c , f r 4 »St^^<&J~r*&***£&^. 1 S$£L>'~*r*l ' • i"^'i. : ' ( NOTICB TO DRUGQIST5 AND THE PUitia n ? CONTRACT.—Druggists are authorized in Aw, CASES TO EErowp TMK CHASE PKICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Couglu Cold aad Croup Cvte) , , aa Croup Cvte) to give satisfaction .in Oroup, Bronebiti8 ? A8Uiaja,3L.4iGrippe J Cougl>s ai»d Cd . , ? B»*Uer how lon& standing, or deep seated, in fact J g#ara»tee iri all Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-AM,but to give unbounded , Give U a 'tri»l &n the above condition?. I take all chances.

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