The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 16
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THfc, HUTCHINSON NEWS, TIME TO THINK OF FAIR EXHIBIT DRIVING HOME AN ARGUMENT Many Do Not Give Big Task Sufficient Advance Thought- Many. Good Prizes. "Why didn't I think of it", la tho JimM common pxpr-fssion to bo hunrd fiirmnK tho crow(1 B wh'Ni rtro viewing the <\'nibitfl at tho Slut" Fair wach vmir. AVhPin pooplo so" llin various tilings which \u\xt; h^>-\\ whown anil lite prizes which hnvn boon won, ttK*y nfiinriilly wish Ihey lwi:l thought of HliiiwinK something t:i tinio to h-ivo CM it i :l cd tho Ctmipct.lLidli. New in tho Unto to prepare for tho fdir this year. No matter what it ia, [hiii you wish lo show, (here ar > certain thtii ^H which must IK * done to Iti- cioii!'" your t'liuticttK of winning. ! Tho livystoi'k which is to he Miown :>i tho fair this fall should hi? recelv- i. A spmia) f »Mjd and attontion. Tho a;:ima)N mint bp pro(,i-'ly trained to s.unl at tholv h -'Rt when lod -iipforo \\\>- Jiulso • Tho cow or calves luirna in list, hi.* put in Hhapo mid polUhod lor the show. Hordes or rnttie must be taught to load with tlu -ir hearts up. It i* al.-o proper to hofiin r, r noi:i'.riE; the animalu oariy so that the hair will i-e flat and he niee and jihibsy. T'ae c:obroldery work or the canniriR oliihits must ah-o bo pf.-p 'i -i'fd for ox- ':il:i'ion. There are many little things Ms. 1 1 can be done if a person plans ;ih >'ud. so that there iB plenty of time. MUCH PAVING BEING DONE OVER KANSAS 1 .-iwren no, Ka:w , .Tune -n. --Kansas n'-uiiiciuahlb "S sh <iw no lin !U ':it ;nn of s.ijrkinu: up ia paving and repairing hiH-'ls this Bunuuer. aee-onling to ro- pori:; ] , e ..'"i\ed by John .1, Si.uU, ... 1 ,...,, f . ) ..y (lt - ijf'fi^n'.! of Kansas Muiiicipalit.ier.. The paving r<'.portH were r^c-dved fioai over the stato in addition lo re- P->:•>'! from all members of the leairii' 1 on seho'ds, playjifounds. parks, water, IL'.hl, polici', fire departnicMit., radio ai .d mirt "eJlan« <>u* projecU. Thwo n |MrN are jiubliMhed in Kansas Miinwio.iiii ;c,s, the offirial organ ol. .P.Y-TIME f ALES MORE TALES OF . CUFFY BEAR SCOTT BAILEY^ CHAPTER XII. Mr. Bear Climbs a Tree. It was plain lo everyone ttoat Mr. Bear wonted to waH » while. Before ho dimbetl tho old hollow beo-tree and broke Into the store of lioiwy, He It was no wonder that Mrs. Bear and Cuffy and SllWle, wa-tohlns aud waiting on the ground below, began to feel uneasy. "Hadn't you better oomo down now, KphralinT" Mrs. Bear asked bliu sharply. This time Mr. Bear's answer was a i JL ins Ultra ml. aval a nuanm »v an • ntended to get rid of Mrs Hear »nd| , ho their two cubs by sending thorn homo,' ^ » President HardinC in a characteristic speaking Pose during his wester 1 , i trip. President Itiirdinj; is hero and there I ^ ani on national and international . , . ,ii„ „„.i i„ problems. Harding is an interesting on hia western trip Jong enough to, ^ cmphatlc s ^ oakcr and ^ drive home in public speoehes his : crowd8 nave hea r<i hj s artdroasea. tho lcaf;u rt . whicli edited and published here. CASH PRIZES G WI N FOR BEST GARDENING NEW SHOP SPECIALIZES IN APPARE FOR TOTS But Mrs. Bear knew Mr. Hoar almost better than he knew hlmaeflt. "Are you going to climb thin bae- treo now, Bphraira?" she demanded at last, "Or shall I climb It myseir?" When she said that, Mr. Bear Jumped for the bee-tree. He couldn't bear the thought of anybody else reaching that sweet hoard ahead of him. "I'll climb the troe," he growled. And then ho began to hitch, himself up the trunk. In about a minute end a haJf he renched a smull hole through which hoes kept crawling. In or out, ne they ] bruupfbt sweet Juices to tho hivo or loft home for another load. Ho stuck one of hla big claws into the hole and ripped the crumbling w'ood away, until he was ahlo to thrust his whole paw- Insido the tree. Then, with si mighty pull ho tore a great opening in the side of the tree and laid bare, the honey-comb which tho bec-s had built there and filled with the dripping sweet which Mr. Bear KU duarly loved. 1 The bees rushed out and attacked him. But he didn't troublo himself just then to brush them away. First he daubed bis paw with honey; then lteked it off with a loud smacking of his lips. Is it good, Bphraim?" Mrs. Bear i. called to her husband. "Urn!" he answered. And then he began to beat at the bees, whicli were trying to settle on his nost>. His coat was so thick that there were very few spots on him where a bee could sting him. His nose was one of them. He stayed up in the tree for some time, now stopping to fight the bees, now eating honey greedily. Really, Ija Cror-ao, Kan., June 3'). -To promote g"ardenii!£ anions children, the women's clubs of thi3 city have ol- fered .substantial cash pi'Uos fc-r the best vegetables and i'!o\vo:- : ; gro',\:i by tho joti !ii .-^t <'rF. Th<-- children 'vvlll hold a fair during the latter par; of .Uily to display thtir t'iuedt plan't* and the awards witi b^ made. The list of prises also i;i«ii:d,:-s on--: for the best e^-ay on "My (larder.." tl JlrBwrtkruat Jui Kind ia. ate more and more honey. And Cuffy and Silkio beg-an to whimper. They were afraid there wouM bo none left for them. "Are you coming down? Or shall I come and get. yon?" Mrs. Bear at last asked her husband. This thuo Mr. Hear paid more attention to her. lie gave hor a queer look and placed a paw upon tho lowest but' ton of his waistcoat. "Something has mado me 111." he said with a groan. Copyright 192.1, Metropolitan Newspaper Service, New York. (Tomorrow: Mr. Bear Suddenly decides to Leave. He Doesn't Even Stop to Say Goodbye.) fir7friflnr>_ is thought to have been tho motive of the attack. iWE TACKLE A JOB OF ANV ^aUE — THAT'S [THE REASON WE 'ADVERTISE, Ebersole Plumbing Co. Phone 545 121 W. 14th Introduced find r>Mid J mm 22nd. 1D23. Fh-bt i-uHishod Jmn Hub. 1D23. Resolution. "Wiiei-ear., a vtMliien I-IJ:" 1 "''! 1'V ro^aloni Duiiors of lucre than oiitj-luilf ('-j I of Una f'.'f;'. fronMnif <>r ale.iKint; eiiort Fifth K'ir.-t WtAt Si; 1h- Tiiy ...r ll'it--hl(ih'»n p Miir.^i.s. frturi the YVi>.st liin- i.f Str.ift to lh»; Kunt line ->t .Vnimm Strnot, aK '.:lnf{ thul ajiid siifnt ftn- H»IM di^liinco V»- UreiiKiH Lo KVttdi.'. ie-.n:rhtti and re- KMf ovr-.'d with rvtitndiud vurU and with tlir "H foot (.'Onere-t BUtli-r mid ]JdVt:fl six f.-fi -^i-lf. on tlit' XoT-'.ti iittd S'.'Uiti sldea ff lie- i>r*;nenl l';iv!ii|.; tu i; niters wSHi thi'fcu iiH.I. ver!!' al rii>ui' l'il"k (Uplnilt flilfd r-n four ineh i-,ae'i'Ut !.m: : »!, hxj lii'+*n or*i«rfjd sei cud upMii t)u: Juurnut ut tho ("ily of 1 lutidiinAuTi, K>tn-sa..s, which LM I M petition ].U'A Iw-ca li.itc.-iO'd by iho (Viiimis.iP'nor of Htreuta of tho City of ULii^liini-tjfi, Kati-^aH, lo he aurflclfiit In fos tn and In the siftimcurea of r<;aiiieiit c-wnf-tft on f.\h\ ubuvo iR*:)crlbsd atretit; lit'W, \ !.»•! f;f'>:t', Ho It Heaylvfd by th< ml:e;P.i!K*TS of tl'« i.'try KuMBnH, thiit ww d«em lit Daivemfintfi ro-ei--tt*:a! y. '.><• titrfiet from Mhln Street t A shop for children's apparel has boon opened by Mrs. T. M. Talbot at ];«r homo at S13 Fourth avenue east and la to be known as tho Pollyana shup, I Mrs, Talbot will make all ot the ("lathes for hoys uud girls from infants to 13 years of age and will v-P'.eiaUze in fitting the stylo and ; colors to tile inriividunl. ; She will open hor shop on July 1st ; nnd has a number ot quaint dresses | for all agns ready for inspection, and , saUi, lint MrB. Talbot expects to do RAILROAD SOLD FOR COST ! M '^ T OFFH " W0 J K orrter - P " W m 1 ! 0 ^ ! quite a feather in th* capa of tho little OF 23 LOCOMOTIVES | Ja(U aml ]nssIe3 t0 have a shop aH • ' i of their own in which their clothes Prapuo.—Rfdlroada aro cheap in j ran be des!&ned and Jt wU1 De a mnv ('KMuhosloviikia, and the state recently has purcha.sod from private owners spvi*m) lines at prices which undoubtedly defy competition. The line. 300 in ilea. Ions', went t'or 34.000,00-0 crowns. Included were i'f >4 locomotives. 224 tenders, 330 pusbr-ncer vnvx find 8,300 ireight cars. l^coniotivea j-udt today 1,500,000 crowns, pa^sen^er earn (.00,000 each, and freight cars "iO.vO-0 crowns. At current rfU«» of exchange 34,000,tK)O crowns amounts to iibout $1,000,000. Marysvilie Club to Celebrate. (Marysvlile, June 30.—Tho Marysville Couirtry club committep-s are laying plans for a big eelebrvtkm on tho Fourth of .July. It is probable that a golf tournament will be tunned during tho day. They will have a party in the evening. The club will also spend $250 for a fireworks dispJny and the children are invited to the club bousa that evening to witness the display. PEDAGOGUE NOW BULGAR PREMIER Order Fish for R. I. Pond, Bell&vjile, June ;<0 ,--\V. M. Slopan- aky, city manager, this week received pe -rmiHuion from tho Rock Island to stock tho Hock Inland of this place, with fish. Tuesday he oMered a carload of fish from tho hatchery at Pratt, Kansas, :ta we have been prom- lijed a supply Th!a will mako flailing at tho pond good ayain In a year or two. venture among tho business women of Hutchinson. PARSONS MAN TO GLASGOW TO PLAY CHECKERS Parsons, Kan,, June SO.— Kansas Is Koi 'mr to have at loast one representative in tho international checker tournament, to be held In Glasgow-, Scotland, October 30. Harry Libennan of this city, announces that 'he ho» tiled his entry application and ia now in "heavy training." Hla wlJCo will accompany him on tho trip. Uuard ut f'om- HuU -hliiHon. I,- fr .Uowliip lin: That Fifth ''liroo Strt' li!i,u^-ht tu fti.i o-<"irt.*-it un<] re lilllHirvtl Willi „t;nnUinl ,:urt> with Uirfte foot <-,,!,.t,-t.: j.-V!'f"r tuut iiavoil six frm on t!'i- N"rlh ;in,l S'.mlh htilca 0^ tho v<t-it,''nt I'i.vlni: to fjuttois urlth ttiit.-B iu«!i vt-i[i,fii tK.v*. adphalt tilli'd un four tnuh '.'''Ht;«'o Ap^luvod Juri(» 1:0!!;. 11'^, WAI/l'KIt K. .It-NES, Mayor. C. E. I.7MAN', W. I.. BiUiW'N. 11. J. HASKAlin, LOlU'IN' IJ. l,'I-.'Ul!i:.Sl».W, i ''.rninii^itun-irH. Allosr, 1=1) MKT'/., City l.'k-ik. (SEAL) 24-«t May Have County Court. Concordia, ,!nuo 30.—- (.'loud county is thinking htroiiKly of ttdt,[fting the county court systom and the same Avill likely come before the board of commissioners at tho July meeting for ueciulon . This waa authorized tn counties with a population Buclt as Cloud t:ounty has by an act of the Kansas state legislature by a bill of Senator Van Demtirk's of thin district Swimming Pool for Marysvilio. Marysvilie, June 30.— -Marysvilie is making plana for a municipal swimming poo] in tho city park. Tho chamber of commerce started the agitation for the swimming pool and appointed u committee to have chargo of the soliciting campaign for funds to finance tho proposition. Moving to Hutchinson. Burlinston. June 30,— Mrs. J. B. Smith drovo to Lobo Friday afternoon and brought Mr. and Mrs. Cromer Roberts and family to Burlington for a few days' visit with the Smith's. Mrs. Roberts is a daughter of tho Smiths. Tho Hobepts havo been living at Ehu- porla for a few months whore they had apartments but had their goods stored at Lebo. •Wednesday they will return to L*bo and 'then move to Hutchinson where Mr. Huberts has a position aa a meat cutter. A Slight Mistake. The head of a large shop, while passing through tho packing room, observed a boy lounging against a case of goods and whistling cheerily. The chief stopped and looked at him. "How much do you get a week?" he demanded. "Five dollars." "Then here's a week's niouey; now clear out." The boy pocketed Che money and departed. "When did we hire that boy?" tho chief inquired of tho departmental manager. "Never." was the ropiy. "He had just brought a note from another firm."--From the Christian Dvausel- lst. Prof. AlcxanderWiUoff. Prof. Alexander Zauknff. who is credited w^ith planning tho revolutionary coup which resulted in the overthrow and death ot Premier Stam- boulisky, now has become prime minister of the now regimo. Slug Hanover Night Watch. Hanover, June 30— T. J. McMamara, night watchman of the engine and Notice to Electors, eitra work train at Hanover was slug- Notlco Is horeby given that the City feed while on duty one night recently. Clerk's office will be open Ht noon Air. McMamara was In the cab ot tho ana n t night till 10:00 o'clock oach engine at the time of the slugging. He day up to .find Including July 6th, did not see nor hoar anyone until his 1928, for the purpose ot Registration, assailant was in tho cab. Ho struck After tho'above date the Registration the night watch In the head with a •• Books will be closed till after tho blunt Instrument, rendering him un- j Special Bond Election to be hold on conscious for some time and received | the 17th day of July, 1923. Most Famous Women. N'ew York: A committee appointed by the National League of Women Voters reports a list of twelve greatest women in the United States together with the profession or occupation of each. The list is as follows: Jane Addatns, philanthropy; Cecelia Beaux, painting; Anna Jump Cannon, astronomy; Carrie Chapman Catt, politics; Anna Botsford Comstook, natural history: Mlnnlo Maddern Fluke, stage; Louise Homer, music; Julia I.athrop, child welfare; Florence !U :Ua Sabin. anatomy; M. Carey Thomas, education; Martha Van Rensselaer, home economics; Kdith Wharton, literature. Fighting Parson to Speak. Washington, June 30.— Uarl Blo«k- man. tho fighting parson of Chanuto, haB accepted an Invitation to deliver the Fourth of July Address at Washington, where the local American Legion Post Is in charge of the coleora- tloriT They will have boxing, wres-' tling, base hall games, daylight fire- 1 works, l>and music and many other forms of entertainment. a bad gash in the forohead. Robbory , 27-5t ED MKTZ, City Clerk. Cavalry Eand to Head Parade. Clay Center, June 30. —The second V. S. Cavalry band will head the parade of five bands, clowns, floats and other attractions at Clay Center's i American Legion Fourth of July cole-1 bration, from which tho management. has barred fire crackers and other ex- j plosives or noise makers from tho city on that day. We work all day tomorrow the same ae any day, phone 59 If you are In need of any motor service. Itagiftnd- Kingsley Motor Co. 30-1* You don't have to be a globe trotter to seo the funniest thing in the world. Step over to the mirror.— Atchison Globe. CIOM July anil August at 5 o'clock except Saturday , Don'j; Fu*« About the Weather- Enjoy Itl Get Into Cool Clothes We've done an extra good job for you this year in bringing together this splendid variety of stylish cool suits—• Tropical Worsted, Dixie Weaves, Silk Mohairs and Palm Beaches—A wide assortment of the newest cool fabrics and styles awaiting your selection. Feature Values $22.50, $25, $27.50 Others as low as $10 NUSSBAUM'S Stat*G£otRier& Summer Nights Are Party Nights! Be prepared for all occasions this summer, by having; your garments cleaned regularly. You'll get more wear out of them if they have our care. PHONE 1335 Lloyd Lewis Lewis Bldg. Out of Town Customers Served by Pance! Post USED CARS 1919 Buick Touring 1919 Dodge Touring 1920 Dodge Touring 1920 Buick Roadster 1920 Ford 1-Ton Truck 1920 Ford Coupe 1920 Dodge Touring 1922 Dodge Touring 1919 Dodge Roadster 1923 New Ford Touring equipped with New Cord Tires and lot of Extra equipment. 1920 Model Ford One-ten truck with enclosed body. These cart have been thoroughly overhauled and refinished. Guaranteed to be in good mechanical condition. Will trade^—terms if necessary. Arnold Auto Co. Phone 2707 25 First East THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week I M PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28£ N. Main Phone 2659 Gr.j (or Extraction Hutchinson Liberal R USSELL, H . Miit .rn. Mar. — «1« - m Mi Sli| THE GUMPS —THE WIRE IS DIZZY TH^, W*OH& NUMBER"! MTC. SOO SURE VT WvH MOV) <3>Rfr .'&fcer> M TrXM TWS SHt rAKWVTT- SHE MW VOMVT To WKNV* MOD Ik UTTUE. fcUVXWt MOO 6€T & *Y>*tt 0? CCMCUVT TOTW&W^- k lYTTLfc I 1 " $50052 IN DtMfcS, COKV WW, Tot>MNO\M we To t>f*re 115 ,0003 SWMICH tonu-veosp THEVWME rOW. * L0H6, t0H<» T\Mt'

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