Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 19
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 19

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1959
Page 19
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[Texas Railroad Commission Reports Three Deep Intents Three of the 22 Applications to (Wlcfcal) drill filed with the Pampa office! AmSflllo Oil Co. — No. i Oraei t>f the Texas Railroad Commission fcochran — 1980 from 8, 660 from last week were for depths of over IE lines S£e. 5, 20. HA6N, 3 ml. W Memphis, deepen to 8800 (86-4 454, Amafillo) AMKNUfcfJ LOCATIONS OfAy County (Ea«it Panhandle) Amarillo Oil Co. - No. 4 R. f!. fset. Here is the report: APPLICATIONS TO DRILL Carson (Jounly (Pflnhnndle) Cities Service Oil Co. — No. Crumpacker — 330 from N, 165o!E)arsey "A" -- 1.120 from S, 10?0 from W lines Sec LL 15, 7, !&aN,U rom 'w lines Sec. 1,1, H, A. VV. 6 mi. NW White Deer PD 3400,! Wallace Sur., amending location Start 2-7-59. 640-ac. lease (Box Johnny E. Mines, el dl — No. 1-13 2L82, Pampa.) ' Colllngftwofth County (East Panbnndlc) El Paso Natural Gas — No. 1 Morris — 330 from N & B lines fiec. 17, 23, H&GN, 4 mi. SE Me- Gethlng — 1700 from S, 400 from W Hn«s Sec. 13, A-9, H&ON, 8 ml. E Lefors, moving location 60' N, James B. & H. T. Parker •>20 Parker F*ee — 1320 from N & H linen sec. 17/H, A. W. Wallace Sur., amending location. The following wells have been Lean, PD 2600, 320-ac. lease Grny County (Panhandle) amended by Whitehall Oil Co., Inc. Roy H. King, et al — No. 2 to show change in lease name <-Florence Johnson, et al — 1586 formerly filed as "Burnett Estate" from N, 330 from E lines Sec, 8, | BURNETT ESTATE "A" leas'*, OIL PAGE Slit Petroleum Co. — No. f;T tfhunn —• Sen. I, Blk. i, Mfed lestsd 1.21.6ft, pay ?881-«f, pot. 2990 MCF, RP J*88, ?" HfiSf *301 Phillip! Petroleum Co. —No. I- LT Shedeck — Sec. 14«, 4-f, T&NO tested l-2i-6«, pay T416-S1, pot. 1240 MdFj RP I8?«, t" liner 800* PLtiOGEtJ WELLS Mfthsford County (Wildcat) Drilling A Exploration Co., Inc. — 19-1A Knulson — Sec. 18, 46, H&TC, 20 mi. N Spearman, com. 2-2-59, TD 7399, plugged 2-4-59 dry hole (HMiAford'Lower Morrow) The Texas Co. — No. 1 V. V. Carr Unit — Sec. 42, 4-T, T&NO, com. 12-10-89, TO MOO, plugged 128-59, dry holtf Mutchlnson Ootinty (Wildcat) John J. Eisner —No. 1 W. R. Harvey — Sec. 43, 46, H&TC, 12 RCSL Sur., 27 mi. SE Pampa, PD 8cc . 118/4, I&ON, Carson Countyjmi. N Skellytown, com. 2-2-89, TD 8050, 80-ac. lease (320 Oil & Gaa, well No. 1-A — 900 from N & W 8002, plugged 2-3-89, dry hoi* (Panhandle) Dave Rubin — No. 1 Phillips- Johnson -~ Sec. 20, M-18, Afc&M, Bldg., Wichita Falls) illnes of section Roy H. King, et al — No. 3 Flor-l Well No. 2-A — 330 from N, 600 cnce Johnson, et al — 3&) from frorn W lines section N & E lines Sec. 8, RCSL Sur., from W lines section *27 ml. SB Pampff, PD 3050 Roy H. King, et al — No. 4 Flor-i Well No. 4-A —330 from N, 23)0 ence Johnson, et al — 2170 from f rom \y lines of section 1020 from E lines Sec. 27, RCSL \y e )i No. 7-A — 1B50. from N, 9W) Well No. 3-A — 990 from N, 6MJ com, 1-25-58, TD 3353, plugged 12- 'Sur., 27 ml. SB Pampa, PD 3050 Wilcox Oil & Gag Co. — No, 79 Combs -•- 2310 from S, 990 from lines Sec. 59, 3, l&GN, 8 ml. SE Pampa, PD 3200, 2880-ac. lease !g ec . j^o, K, (Box 422, Pampa) i County ( Panhandle) j Well No. L Stubblefield Brothers — No. 2 lines section fro^n W lines section Well No. 8-A — 2310 from N, 3:-<0 from W lines section BUKNETT ESTATE "B" lease, Hutchlnsnn 330 from N k W Chapman — 2310 from S, 330 from W lines Sec. 50, 25, H&GN, 8 mi. SE Lefors, PD 2950, L60-ac. lease-(MrLean, Texas) Ilansford County (Horl/.un) G-rady T..,. Fox, et al — No. 1 Julia Thoreson — 714 from N, S573 from E lines Sec. 12, I, PSL *Sur., 15 mi. N Gruver, PD 3000 (222 Amarillo Bldg., Amarillo) (Bernstein-Morrow) Union Oil Co. of California — «No. 2-12 G. W. Francis 1450 from S, 1650 from E lines Sec. 12, I, GIF Sur., 3.5 mi. SE Bernstein, PD 7500, 1920-ac. lease (610 W. Texas Avel. Midland) Huti'lilnson County (t'nnhA'Klle) Shamrock Oil & G&* Corp. — No. A-6 McLeod M. MeCloy, et ux - 990 from S t W lines Sec. 101, B-T, T&NO. 4.5 ml. NW Pringle, PD ,1100, 840 an, lease Robert L. Struble — No. 2 Sallie Pritchard "A" -- 710 from N, Well No. 4 — 990 from N & W lines section • Well No. 5 —- 1009 from S, 330 from W lines NW-4 of section Well No. 7 -- 330 from N, 36M) from W lines section Well No. 8 -- 990 from N, 2310 from W lines section Well No. 10 — 2310 from N, 95>0 from W lines section Well No. It — 2310 from N & W lines section 19-59, oil well Shermnn County (Wildcat) Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp. No. 1 T. L. Taylor, et al — Sec, 12e, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1959 j^ New Episode In Gas Scramble Sst For FPC Monday By HARft* WILSON SMARPfi for the right to invads the n*w United fffcss International (territory. WASHINGTON (UPl) **• Midwestern and Tennessee next episode in a. three-way corn. petltlv« *cr»mble tot new natural ga* businesii in the northern mid- seemed on the brink of victory In October when the commission not only pulled the rug from under them but also Northern Nut- It said bluntly that none of the companies' had submitted a "realistic" plan to supply urgent fuc»l l-T, T&NO, 6 ml. NW Stratford, Mtnne80tft ftnd North ' Dakota com. 1-26-89, TD 4000, plugged 2. 3-59, dry hole Much Capital Needed For Oil Search TULSA, Okla. (Spl) — The search for new oil and natural gas BURNETT ESTATE "C" lea^, ^ M ,,.„ |ta , ,, far , n . _ « rt I m t t,f* \.' tititnlilncmn! * excess" of that realized from the percentage depletion provision of the tax laws, the Independent Petroleum Association of America said today. Sec. 131, 5, J&GN, llutchlnson County Well No. 2 — 2310 from N, 330 from W lines section Well No. 6 -~ 1650 from N, 9PO from W lines section Well No. 9 »•- 2310 from N, 1650 from W lines of section Depletion Facts," the national oil Well No, 12 - 990 from N, 8M; u . af , e organization cited govern- j ment statlst i cs H howing that the Tennessee's (fas and gas Imported from Canada. Chief competitor* for the market ar« Northern Natural Gas Co., Omaha, and Michigan- Wisconsin Pipeline Co., Detroit, which bitterly contested with Midwestern and Tennessee last year start with new It The commission will hear more arguments on a $112,363,000 joint proposal by Midwestern Oa,si ... - .. ,»,. Tra'hsm.ssJ Co, Houston, and^ s °^J^.**?*^ its parent, Tennessee o&s Trans-,*"&£ ^ mission, to supply gas to the Chicago-Gary area. This will mark another step In their long and stubborn battle to set up an Interlocking pipeline system that ultimately would enable Midwestern to tap Virginia markets In Michigan, Wisconsin, TAKES TOP COMMAND WASHINGTON (UPI)-Lt. Col. Margaret M. Henderson will become director of th» Women Marines March 1, succeeding Col. Julia E. Hamblet, it was announced Friday. Miss Henderson, 48, a native of Cameron, Tex., will be promoted to colonel on assuming her new post. also pointed out that Midwestern'* reliance on future Canadan gas was III • conceived because there was as yet no assurance such gas would be available. A* a result, Midwestern and Tennessee aparently decided the best approach was to separate their Chicago • Gary application from, their plans for the northern Midwest, Approval of this would he way for construction of i508 miles of pipeline which later would fit into the overall expansion program, A commlsson spokesman said the FPC was In the dark about what really was going on but that the air may he clarified at the Monday hearing. AWARDS RIFLE CONTRACT WASHINGTON (UPI)The Army has announced approval of a. $4,In the first of a series of brief 1116,250 contract with the Olin Ma. pamphlets entitled "Oil and Gssjthleson Company for production of NO ARMOR NEEDED! Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Co. employees of Pampa didn't need armor to set a new record in safety during 1958. G. A. Ingerton, left, Haliburton's district superintendent here, represented local employe es when the firm's Wichita division woil the top safety award. Others shown from left, are the "knight"; Harry Ziegler, Halll« burton's safety manager; ,7. Elmer Lacy, division manager at Wichita; and L. B, Headers, Halliburton president. Oil Fields Can Be Safer Than 'Home' Pampa employees of Halliburlonresented the company's 52 local j at home," said L, B. Headers, Oil Well Cementing Co., who help-employees as the division was: Halliburton president from Dun? ed set a new safety record lastnamed winner of the nation - wide | can, Okla. "Your accident rate year, were represented at Wichita, employee injury contest for 1958. jlast year was the equivalent of. Kan. last week when honors were "In spite of the hazards that one accident every 20 years pelf given the firm's Wichita division, the public associates with drilling: i employee. During- 1958, you had no Pampa is part of the division. operations — such as fires and j major accidents at all." Mr. G. A. Ingerton. Halliburton blowouts — we've proven that It district superintendent here, rep-ran be safer in the oil fields than Computer Age Coming to Oil Industry In The Near Future 35,000 new lightweight rifles. from W lines of section Well No. is - 1650 from N, 2310 domestlc petroleum industry In from W lines of section ]955 Rpent $5 j blllion in exploring: BURNETT ESTATE "D" leaart, ,„„ ' H .v»inr,fnp- n^ ni»trol*tim 132, fi, l&ON, Hutchlnson 660 from most Wly E line of lease (or, 718 from N, 4710 from E lines J. T. Williams No. 2 Sur.), 12 ml. County Well No. 8 — 2310 from N, 830 from E lines section Well No. 14 — 1650 from N, 990 from E lines section OIL WKU, COMPLETIONS Gray County (Panhandle) Hills & Hills Drlg.Co. — No. 7 Stinnett, PD 3200, 80 - ac. lease ('1507 W. Second Ave., Amarillo i The Texas Co. — No. 81 T. D. 'Lewis NCT-1 — 1639 from N. 2310 from W lines Sec. 5, BS&F, 7 ml. E Borger, PD 3100, 545 A. lease Mary Leopole — Sec. 141, I&GN.ihave"'exceede"d ri '76"cenu"a barrel, The Texas Co. ~ No. 82 T. D. | elev. 3256, com. 2-2-59, pot. 30 plus; sa , d IPAA poln tin£ out that ar> Lewis NCT-4 - 990 from N, 330' 60 p.c. water, GOR tstm. grav. 423|' tim , dep i e uon is lower because of from E lines Sec. 17, L ELRR, 8 : TD 3369, perf. 3313-53 with 38 shots, prov|sions ij m | tm g depletion to 50 mi. E Borger, PD 3050, 360-ac. 8V casing 632, 5"i" string 3360 for and developing new petroleum reserves. This total exploration - development expenditure was the equivalent of $2.40 per barrel of oil production- in 1955 when the average crude oil price according to the U.S. Bureau of Mines was $2.77 per barrel. The "theoretical maximum" duction for depletion could not TULSA (UPD— The computer age is coming to the oil industry. One of the latest tasks to which | the electronic brain has be«n as| signed Involves the petroleum in- Petroleum Institute. And that's where the computer 1 through rock pores. Other executives from H a 111- burton's headquarters were on hand at Wichita for the dinner meeting. The group Included R. G. Kelly, senior vice president; Harry P. Conroy, vice president; Hosea P. Hearn, regional vice president; Harry B. Ziegler, manager of safety, and Rollin W. Cox, transportation manager. "Safety Is Important to Halllbur- ,, ... . , ton and the Wichita division, M n °. W .° f Il " ulds jtops in employee safety among lour 12 domestic divisions deserves comes in Dodd is using it to cs-; o . G. Kiel, an Oklahoma grad-! every- congratuation," said Mead- timate the probability of the en- uale W h 0 received his master's! ers trance of water into the pores of degree at OU in 1957, initiated! AVALANCHE KILl^ 9KVEN dustry'g efforts to squeeze more reservoir rook. In other words, ! work on the problem of settine TAW RHP \KITW n*s^Tfiiri T*— .... /TtriT. i^inii ^* II K I«..^^ ^..* «i.ij.,, -.., i ._ i .. . .... " ^ ^*-"'ft »pr» ?•? m\rjf\nrjl\ TOYAMA, Japan (UPI) — An'oil out of "played out fields." avalanche destroyed a construe- One of the principal means for oilmen want to know about the, up for electronic computers the! "" nf thd rnr>\t slnrp of the rock sine e tlon camp barracks in Toyamft doing this has been waterflooding, | there's no use pouring anything Prefecture today, killing seven la- the forcing of oil out of a reser- borers and Injuring two others, ivoir by Injection of water. In this Sixty-two other men sleeping In day of high drilling costs, this is the barracks escaped. lease Whitehall Oil Co., Inc. — No. 18 Burnett Estate "C" — 990 from J. M. N, 1650 from W lines Sec. 131. 5, Phillips HtiU'hlnson County (Panhandle) percent of net income "The domestic petroleum Industry's exploration and development •I.* « M 5i TPRR I expenditures alone In 1955 - not Sec. 8, M-24, TCRR, j lnc)udjng , iftlng , costgi Iaxe8i etr . i [&GN, 4 ml. SE Borger, PD 3300, elev. 3360, com, 1-30-59, pot. 55 _ tota j ed y 2 40 per barrel or more 160-ac. lease (lit Mercantile Bank'plus 18 p.c. water, GOR 900 grav. than three times the maximum percentage depletion of 75 cents," said IPAA. "That is, for, every dollar from Bldg., Dallas) |39, TD 3335, pert. 3174-3333, 8%" Whitehall Oil Co., Inc. — No. 17;casing 610, 5V string 3333 Burnett Estate "D" — 990 from! John Turner — No. 6 Harris — •N. 1650 from K lines Sec. 132, 5, ! Sec. 82, 46, H&TC, elev. 2758, com. |4GN, -I mi. SK Borger, PD 330Q .Moore County (West 1-26-fiO, pot. 55, no water, GOR tstm, grav. 40, TD 2800, perf. 265rt- 2937 - 3041 with 120 shots, g%" cas- POPE STARTS BROADCASTS TOKYO (UPI)—Pope John XXII will inaugurate a regular Vatican Radio broadcast tervica to Japan with a speech on Monday, At waa announced today. becoming Increasingly important to the economy of the industry. Dr. Charles G. Dodd of the University of Oklahoma, th« Halliburton professor of petroleum engineering, U supervising secondary recovery research tinder a $5,000 grant from the American even water-- into a you can't come up with oil. "If it 'becomes possible to uro in the laboratory the bllity' of a particular rock sam- 1.1 . .L. i. t_i,.i » p ,,.,blem of the probability a t I .place oil. "Monte Carlo" P l pie,' 1 says Dodd, dent predictions "more confi- petroleum re- operations could be made." One major part of the current | j d ' CHICAGO i UPI)--Dentists, ap- jproprlately enough, have come up i with a jawbreaker of a word to |describe a new instrument. Dr. Harry C. Peake of Parkhill, Ont., told a meeting of dentists | Saturday about the paychostethokq- , tographmanomeer, an instrument to measure changes in respiration v. , "uT,. ?' wnlch occur in a Patient a* he computer being built for; reacts to sound numerical analysis lab," , th project Involves Neither Russia Nor West Can Retreat From Berlin By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Editor The tough thing about the Ber- percentage depletion plowed back 1(n gitljaUon la that ne i t her Soviet in the search for new oil reserves, the producing industry put up and accurately de - » ,. , w --- 1 ___ _! After the computer program Is developed— and it's coming along nicely— OU researchers will work with fresh core samples provided by cooperating oil companies. The samples will b« cut Into ai I number of pieces to study their i I physical and chemical properties.! By the use of "random number j tcibles" and trial and error proce- liners earn their daily bread In | tain, still would be better than: dllres on lhe computer, research-! West Berlin, crossing and re- i what they left. ,crs will get a ••w-etuWllty num-! eM " ta « 1!ne each day b " V rt - For the .B.Xn also has in ' ber, which describes the proper«« of the rocK sample. ................... _ ..._ .......... ,....., Russia nor the Western powers vated traln and on each P a - v dav i Western message to the impris-l Si n ce *e scientists are playing can afford to retreat very far. itradlng in their solid West Ger Phillips Petroleum Co. - No. 2, ing 365, 4';." string 3080 | sources" luckahy -- 400 from S, 990 from i John Turner — No. 10 Kent --! ^ ' Puckaby -- 400 from S, 990 from JV lines A. Dubois Sur., 11 rni. SW Sec. Stinnett, PD 2700, 555-at-. lease com. Ochlltrec County GOR (K.H.F.-.Momw) 12937-3044 litn R. L. Force -- No. 1 Dean Tay-J365, 4l a " string 3089 '/or — (160 from N, 1980 from B' John Turner — No. 11 Kent -fines Sec. 24, JT, TWNG, 10 ml.'gee. 11. B-3, D&SE, elev. 3054, S Farnsworth, PD 8300, 160 - ac, jcom. 1-31-59, pot. 55, no water, lease (607 First National Bank GOR tstm, grav. 40, TD 3090, per.', Bldg., Dallas 2i (Twin-Pi's Molnch) J338, 4'j" string 3020 Shamrock Oil & Gas Corp. --; John Turner -- No. 12 Kent spent two dollars from other, Ag Qf now _ {he Rusgiang say |ni an marks for inflated East Ger." ... „ A K,j the >' wl11 tllrn over to thelr East 'man marks. Of those who cross » overnm « n s ud >' J [ : . ited ^jGerman satellite controls for allUhe line daily, many elect to re- 1 DtSF elev 3050 i . ix? 5?' no water ! IPAA sh ° Wed that oil Kf ' nd ' n& a "J en a . - -av 40 TO3089 ' |deVel0ping C ° StS C °" e * ; cludln * West Berlln ' on Ma y 27 - av 40 TD 3089 e. meana in and out of Berlin. in-! ma in in the West. Last week 2 . 600 abandoned their erav 40 TD3089 perf i dCVel ° ping C ° StS ^'"^ Deluding- West Berlln ' on May "-'more than 2,600 abandoned their it* 1"0 shots 8%" casing!operating costs m 1955 exceeded, th| m demand homes and other possessions for un i.u anois, 8^» casing . f netroleum production;.,.. .._ , n nM ,,,„, »„„—„ <„ . ..,_._ ,1 _.. oned people in the East can be' with probabilities-and the test Is directed from Berlin better than a gamble anyway it ha.s been any other place. And for the dubbed "Monte Carlo." But Dodd West, Berlin is a peephole to the Rnrt his crew are counting on East. These are other reasons! thfir electronic brain to outwit whv the Communists want the l-ady Luck and coma up with OIL & GAS DIRECTORY Canvas - Oil Field income from petroleum production jthat tne 1Q Q00 Weatern troops in t t wnjch however U ncer- out. for the entire producing Indus|try iBtrUn ^ removed before that by approximately one-half billion date and Wfigt Berjln made a dollars. i"free" city within the Communist U.S., France and Britain to get some winning combinations for I the oil industry. oDercentaee depletion of ^r ation s govern- . ., . ed fr ° m that No. 7 Dan W. Manning - 660 from Sec. 11. B-3, D&SE, elev. 3048,1 revenues and consumer* Of N 19SO from W lines Ser. 43, 4, com. 2-1-59, pot. 55, no water, GOH'., GH&H, 6 rni. NW Farnsworth, PD tstm, grav. 40, TD 3080, perf. 2930- '* 6600, 640-ar. lease 3042 with 120 shots, 8%" casing 348 (Shani-I)e« Mohif* 4 4V' string 3080 Stiiithciut Hharu-.MorroM) Mpscomh County . Phillips Petroleum Co. -•- No. 1 Rogers "D", 660 f^om S & W lines Sec. 46, „„„ ....... _ _ .. El Paso Natural Gas - No. 2-M INFLATION HITS JAIL 4, GHfiH, 4 mi. NW Kelln - Sec. Ill, 43. H&TC. 9 ml. I VISALJA, Calif. (UPI) - Pn* nounced more than two months ago. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles returned from his West European conferences this week and announced that the We*Um powers also were determined there would be no retreat. It is only necessary to visit the l.' oners assigned to road work at'two sectors of Berlin to un'ler- Chuckles first an- Farnsworth. PD 9300 INW Canadian, elev. 2724, rom. . - - -- . Koberts County 28-69 flowed S02 bbl thru 16 - 6i:Tulare County Jaili have asKed Ita nel the opposing positions. (WiUk-at) choke on 24-hour test with no wa-; the Board of Supervisors fov » Two Extreme* Fleming Kimbell & Collins —; ter, COR 930, grav. 46, CP 300, T)' 35-cent-a-day increase in their] Prosperous West Berlin, free in No. 1 J M. Gill -- 660 from S & 700, TD 7440, perf. 7289-7301 with j present 15 cent pay. every respec-t. including; freedom W lines Sec. 32, M-2, H4GN, 3 mi.'4 shots-ft. 9-%" casing 2998, 6Va" J3 Miami, PD 4600 (1218 Fair Bldg., Fort Worth) (){<•(! J)«er I»wer Albany Polo) Sinclair Oil & Gas Co. — No. Mattie L. Coffee — 1980 from S & 4-56 G. E. Irwin E lines Sec. 2, B-l, H&GN, 6.5 ml.'T&NO, elev. 2886, itrlng 7436 (X-hlltree County (Fanuworth-L'»p»r Morrow) Union Oil Co. of California - No. Sec. 56. 13,:MBN ARB The inmates said they needed the extra pay became price* of personal items like clgareU »nd toothpaste have gone up. . , v. ., „ ., ..- ..... — ..... ______ _____ ,— , com. 1-16-69, i PES MOINES, Iowa (UPI)-Re, pb"440o',"64o"-ac. lease : flowed 606 bbl. 'thru 64-64 choke on | publicans and Democrats joined of speech, presents the toughest problem Communist propaganda has had to face. Hera In a restricted tpact, along » boundary sometime* marked only by an imaginary line running down the center of a city street, lie examples of the TO KE-C'OMPUSTK County Communist 428 "g!av""38,"TD 8080 "perf. 7988- i called *pou*e consent section of world. 78 8%" casing 2929 7" string 1 Iowa'* rlfht-to-work law. La»t winter thi* corre»pond*nt The Ugidator* feel that an visited th* two Bsrilns, witne**- Wf'LL COMPLETIONS adult man »houldn't have to h*v* ling the prosperity of th* W«*t Orhlllre* County hi* wife'* permission to have hi*; and the poverty of the East, see(Barlow-Cleveland) union due* deducted from his pay Ing on the on* tide the *mart Horizon Oil t Gas - No 1-84S- check. restaurants, th* »martly dressed Sec 845 43, H&TC' tested! * people th* luxurious *hop*. und l"-26^8 pay 6960-70, pot. 2750 MCF i WITHDRAW T\K CLAIM on the olh«r, th* rubble, the thin- RP 1528 4 l a" liner 9180 ! JACKSON, Mi«*. (UPl) --Oity|ly dUgul«ed emptiness of th* (|C«*t Faro»v»orUi-Clevetaud) !official* withdrew their $4.80 tax!Communist-controlled »hop* and Sun Oil Co. - No. 2 G. B. Wear* ! claim am an old hou*« fe*lonf Ing i the va«t «llenc| along what (Fort Worth National Bank Bldg . i 24-hour test with no water, GORJfprces today to defeat ^the so-jfre*^ world and Jhe Fort Worth) " " ' '----- ' -—• «» « •-« \Vh»eler County .-, -,. _ --^-. , , ^ x (E«»t I'wiliandle) |8063 The Us1*lator» feel that El Paso Natural Ga» - No. l-B j UA8 Pradshaw -- 2288 from N, 2145 from E llnea Sec. 34, 13, H&GN, 7 mi. BJ Shamrock, PD 2200 (600 Polk St., Amarillo) Oil Co. — No. I Ray Taylor - 1B20 from S 4 f3 lines Sec. in, 60. H&TC, 27 mi. NE Dalhart, drilled to 3687, plufged back to 2616, well now completed thru* perforation* 8516-80 which have gone completely to s»lt water, pro pos» to squeeze off perforation! — Sec. 43, 13, T&NO. tested 1-29-M, ito John 8- Leonard. pay 7812-24, pot. 1070, M, 1610, 8>j" liner 7186 GAS Cout > Phillip* Petroleum Co. — No. 1- LT Chunn -- Sec. 1, Blk l. one* on* of th* bu*i«*t *tt**t| in authorities Berlin. RP: Leonard reminded that hi had let fir*m«n burn th*! jhi* comparison i* wh»t w atructurf for i trtjninr «x»roiM. Communist* now want to ellm Ifl4t*. Rut tb*rf i* mor* than th%t. %ym\»\ CM Hep* 84RCKLONA. Spain (OPI)-Po- llce official* were puzxl»4 when To *lbo*i who liv* bchjad th* with retainer at *M8 and recom- tested 1-27-89, pay 8154-87, pot. 9TO ! Antonio Hernandet, M, in*l»l*d on j Iron Curt*.ta but who *UU oppo*« rlete In other section* thru' p««- MCF, RP 1142. 7" liner 8301 i bringing hi* own lousy raattreM Vat thing* tor which Communl»m /oration* 3492-93, 3472-76, 3443-47 &; phUUp* Petroleum Co. No. 2-|to jail wh«n h* WM »rr**t*d for; stand*, Wt«t Birlin r*i»alM .a * & If unable to complete LT Meek "A" Sec. us. 4-T, Egging. ihop«. these will try through T&NO, tested 1-6-89. pay 815482, Tliey understood when U.ey di»- It ij one of the few ?sc;ipe ! pot 7500 MCF, RP 2040. 7" liner infected me maUres* and found routes left for those hoping U> I $273 jon« iU«u»*a4 doJAart ttuifed in •• .w*** Ui*ir W»y frum E»»l to I tH*u»l»nl-l''W«* Mwwwl j side. | West. Mor« th*n 20,000 J5»*t 0«r- 1 1270-86 perforations Do you remember 'way back when . . , , , You could count on seeing an Indian like this in front of many cigar stores? Even before that, people of this community were counting on us for courte* ous, friendly, dependable banking service. Through the years, faithful service to depositors has ever been our unchanging principle. Years In Pampa AT io\ u BANK 1011 NEW OR REPAIRING OIL FIELD CANVAS ff Tent & Awnin 31? E. Brown — Phon* MO 4-8M1 6RONINGER & KING • Water Cent. • Tank 8trvl«« • Hiivy Hauling Dirt Cent. • Qiiolmt Plant Conitructlon • Piptlln* Conltruction Phon* MO 4-4091— G & G FISHING SKRVIGK Rotary Drilling & Fishing Tool* We Make Aerial Deliver? U» Emergency io*h PH. Borfl«r, >M *-au Electrical Contractors ELECT OU Fieltl Ciin«tructloii Wiring or Pol» Mn* Job 112 W Qrand Bft ».»71> TM»» WISCONSIN B8IGGS Part* B«P*U lilwp ggQf. '

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