The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 6, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 4
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1HG MUtOWOKT FACTS , If 73 Alarm belts send SJcylab crew flying Looking Back JtVKAHJMC.O 'Hif •»»( rty thldiri of prate oittem during wartime will far (he keytwrte of HM« quarterly PHI cwtftrvne** being M«J Krulay itfjtlii (»l th* Sl»ii(*n K Auatiiv High Si(««il, Ualvmlcm, »i- nmllng lit li J AhhatK'thfo. Jr , tsfwvul isgwrt in chant*- (4 t Mil'* wwl SI«H i; flu" nfxi Uvi? days will l*» vvt-nKul <*«"« d* ih«* £tiHtwale»i of ftwport High JVhwtl ami r'rrciwt Grammar SflnW Starting Friday night dm) c«>tumuing through TunxUv innlil wlim the largest srnkv daw in (tn* history iJ Hie t<*-<il wtuiul will rwr*<f * Aromas, pr<K-tn-<ilIy an uniitleutipm! wimU-t ol K*t|{ a*alle«.l trveni* ;vv planned 1Ti«- srt i« ul £ni«iua<k>n program* will l»- clmvaxinJ TumLty ;vlienw*iii sH ihr hl||h ivtkvl at*lit0rluin wttvn memlxm at the tsratttuling ftw,, wimtx-fwg 40, a ill rrcmr t 1 1>4 ntin\ i<( the t»a)» lu SnfttMll {.rugUPvauMtl IU- u(«-rvun! ol (>(jy lit Jfm* In I* putUfwiwU Until Jwe 1-1. Uw Mlkttrt, 4lhJ«»C tftfwdur thr l-SU. l|tf orttttnlialH.'n -AtiKh i» »{i«yiMift«(j lt«r thin **r«-ll SPACE CENTER. Houston < AP> — The Sky lab astronauts have scrambled at the sound of alarm bells more than onc«, only to find nothing amiss. "If the television had been on, you'd have seen us flying around here like cannoflballs." commander Charles Conrad Jr. told misaion control after oae of the alerts. The false alarm culprit turned out to he the South Atlantic anomaly, a well- known area of trapped radiation that can be mischievous at times. Every time the orbiting Skylab passes across the Atlantic Ocean east of South America, it spends several minutes in this region of highly charged particles. It is here that the Van Allen radiation belts which circle the earth dip closer to the surface. During the first day of observations of the sun, the Skylab crew rushed to their telescope* when they heard a buner from the solar flare detector. Sighting a flare—an intense storm on the sun's surface — is something the astronauts are anxious to do because of its scientific value. But no flare was in evidence. The buner had been **i of f by th* anomaly because the crew had forgotten to turn off the alarm when passing through the zone. The solar flare detector is tuned to pick up X-rays, and "there is not any convenient way to distinguish between X- rays from the sun and those present in the anomaly." said a space agency offKtal. On at least two occasions, the space station's fire alarm U Emergency Car has been rung by the tone, sending the crew dashing about in search of a blare. It seems that the lab's tire' detectors are so sensitive they can "fed" not only heal radiation but also ultraviolet three cafc ,t IPWUIM «** t pmeM. No. Gwendolyn, fixity 9 lawn motetr doetn r t tunas yQtt'vt bribed it. Ne\t Thursday. June U, i» I'Utf lvi>, mwtuiraitng the birOi nl liw Ammviut KUts 'N* Italph \Vla*-t> 1» display their flag* at full mat! iltrvughmit thai ilay >U \K *ill I a I*' 4)1 itiy Sa(UI(U> («(ttv«t ll.mlman happy. tMnkful. ami awccvuiivv, ** hv st»H,i(i dt»Ai» u<ttn thanking Hi* frwmti lor their lUppufl Hr > i*ir new jwlke of th« peace. &» >»rJI ai uur old uw. yvu know Birth rates drop In Eastern Europe T1IK , T*«M, VIKW.VA, Atrtifl* I API - Mltik nuiay fwltun* »»tr trying to (tent wilh Uw WI to fa* !w« tfjf t* M) Mtll Ultilix L'tslil rw«f»lly wetted Bitl«*fi» *l lh« full maternity te*v«> In N»tl«M m Ih* b«lh rate in (averinf <H» gradHal raWng rtngm from four to six 1st and MaMliMiim «f UN biro mwtUNandM for (JtitlUW i Th* »*»«!( tsas India, MM> or Ijte high**! to U» «t*td., «!MW * r*it th*ft of 414 p«r !< UM* Hungry and fer Ottxr mwtUM *nd |Miilai fcwvt frotn •ii la «*gW rnooUw, litpcnding on tiw nmtbfr of cMtdrtn Dv *tw»»n (MM had fou/ »V«T vtdtm» year* Ittt wt-r* ie lu* wo •toft!*** »»<j, IB MM* u«ni «M*< pilti not Importihd al!*f THE COUNTY AGENT Armyworm outbreak feared by farmers «a ntKftf <4 bow (far Mrlb «tt* » b« rtvctratd. ibrt* y**r*. to * At Use U»* «JH«Uv»* gtrfti to a >««r «g« Th» Bttl4»ri»o gov«raw*Bls rutfletrs ** »»87 •*« the in ry Mid «** <rf ito t to to RMVt 4KKMB to M. Mulgtrf*. far «*»»**t, down f/*m »o »»*r»g» 2S i fur turpfu* o( ili \!»*> to Ut in 10 ( owrty Siac« the Bnurti County rke crop b o«rid«r»Wy Inter than normal iW* ywr. m*ny firmer* *rc exp«<Unf o( •rmywormt wtee Mlivt (TM» twgin to tM«twn due WHAT MAKES WEIMOARTEM'S "TOP FRESH" PeHeclion, TWii Skipp^ wHfc Ixtra C«r« ... fmfc Ai A C^Mtn Doesn'f Wo*t You To Hovt H! LAKE JACKSON - The Fire Department Emergency,. Car made three trips to Coountnily Hospital in teas than three hours Monday, but only one of the patients required admission to the hospital Mrs. Barbara Hanna of 4IS Jasmine was listed as a heart patient and hospital authorities said she was in satisfactory condition Tuesday morning. The first call was to pkfc up R. L. Brown of 313 Oak Drive who was reported to have fallen in a ditch on Pecan Lane about 4 p.m. Monday. He was checked over and then released. The third call was to lake J. H. Brown of 210 Forest Drive for treatment of a bee sting on bis nose. Bite school West Columbia — Bible school is open for youngsters through the sixth grade this week at the First Baptist Cburch. Hours are from *:» until 11:30 am The Bible school will end with Parents' Night on Friday evening. Death squad SWEET Can to lopes ATERMELO PRICES COOO THORS.-FW MON.^.VT. »:8« ,\ ,M.-9:» P.M. SfN'IMV $:«• A.M. t»o 7;* P.M. PRODUCE? It's Selected For Qualitf, Picked at ft* Peafc off x Top Fresh" . . . M It Is Hot Fresh . . . Web*arte«'s Come To Our Garden Off Freshness HAM EXTRA LEAN 3 UU CAN Frnli «* 4 5 .,45 '<» 49 i.a. . 45 c»e» ffrtsb Crt«« ,.25 _ •* 10 HONKLESS IA»I« L tncuij I HONK [B Brbket Visit Our M-STORE BAKERY • UMtl JMH4HI STOtI OMif FRESH BAKED GOODS ARE BEING PREPARED RIGHT HERE IK OUR STORE WHILE YOU SHOP! IT'S SO FRESH YOU CAN ACTUALLY PICK-UP WARM- BAKED DANISH. OR FRESH BAKED PIES ALL DURING THE DAY. BREADS AND PASTRIES THAT ARE SECOND-HELPIN GOOD! HOT wmi» rr« Tcxruico not um*t n« Freach ireod ^ 35* Cloied Do«Hts ^ S9 ( OCLlClOUi •ostofi CreoM Pies *' *' M. 10f 'NOT COHACI MUi * WIT WITTIi MlAi * CNOTfft CNIESI, ONMNI« CIMlAMOfl NUT MUD * HMM tOT $ • «m tous * fwrr umiovais • auui MNWS • ittin**l CAIIS • CilAJi UIIS 4 PAST1T * RIKI MOWHIIS * AM MANY OTHB HUE lAIUY MOMKTS •* 1KCIAL ONOCM lOOK . *sif«l*|*. more wctims RIO DE JANEIRO. Brazil IAP) - Five persons were killed here during the weekend in an apparent recurfence of the death squad. Police said all the victims died to typical death squad fashion. They were shot dotea* of times, finifHif off with a bulk* in the bead, tied up and dumped on tady roadi Depth squads are buds of off-duty policemen who «Mc*il* su*pt*Ud criminals in rffort* to "dean up" crime. Followlig • much-delayed crackdown, policemen in s*v«r*l at** fwcoUy taw feM taiM far tuck adivtti**, SiM tfc*y first appeared la PANTY HOSE ALL STYLeS-SIZES-SHJ A«CB MAVT Ar* iMft v j . enact u«oti Mte wu« r E»flbliC«l ••« 84 . c»«c« Tiaeia AMB KAVT atsr • j. cwcc naM* AM» •«*»» sti» Sl«db—"" Midi Stvlt .CMKt ria6ti U.S. CMOiCf ta. SIZES-SHADES . ciio«t n«e«« *w» MAvt stir !•«!•• l*i IMS! u.i. c«oic« uaoc* AMB MAvr stir Slew MM! T1M» ASU Mir MMUU ... W4. C«OKt TlaMI AMO MAVT Mtr 1tMCMJI(» Oa. U J. CMHCI It»*I* MM MAVf Mir La. is. ratt *ot o* i* 1" SM^W tICT 1 M SJkMl Slud IMM •tuoa't ctarirM* VAC»A* ctatt* cmm* iL lit i va. ^^A ran, 2" ta 21* SAtMat r«wt SMkMlSw ao«r* MAT 4 uavt H«, W4. CdOIC* TCMU AAtO UtAVI Stir MhMtt Mnr«'»ocfM PttARiilt UVI« MAX FACTO* txSCAH MAYKIt Ham Steaks 2 29 TCNOCft ACEO Hf AVY StEF FULL CUT Li SPRAY-A- 4, CHOKC Tiaoii AMP mizt* Kir (Cut I*. ItMt U.S. CHOICE Ufi Strips IM UabShMi M. CMMtt !•! 1Mb SUnMtr STEAK TENDER ACEO Hf AVY ME F > TO> i.a. (.a. MMUUi JUbwt* Bolsan t*«. SCLCUT Li, SWEET PEACHES Artichokes Apricots LlPOftWA f IMT OF TMt SIEMON Sweet Hectarines BUCKET of CHICKEN brly fM»Cl«S»*0U AIMtfl. vWvi Sf CM! Wfcb c«»n« caisaii CrlM»OI 9Uvtt Ul HOT DOG •CM M1M a« TMCa M t»» tUCtft M Vf I t vi S [ •.*•!* VAlUABlf COUPOM GRINDS Maryland Club COFFEE *ITH THIS COUPON • ITHOUT COUPON |COUPON VALUEiV EXPIRES 1 4-10-7J Mitt FOOD CLUB TUNA NO. i CAN HELLO-FREErt FROZM MELLORINE ASSORTED FLAVOM to hot dry weather, worm* begin migrating to younger, fatter growing, greener fWdi, .Since most rice fteM* wiO be to an Mm! stag* at that time, many outbreak* may b« expected. Toxaphene, methyl paratWon, or carbaryJ (SerbO tre aS effective against fan army-worms, Probably the out that may be wed wtlh the least amount of restrict tew Is Unapherx and if It fc» used the «0 per cent liquid concentrate sfmtM he apptkd at the rate of one to one and a half quarts per acre, C*rbaryl and methyl parathton are very effective against armyworms, however, they should not be used in earty seasm preceding or following propani! appfjcatk* since they may eawae a burning of the rice plant by interacting with the prop* ml If prcpanfl has beets used no the rice, it i* uauaBjr rwxmncodttS that carbary' ind methyl porathton «X be as*d before the plant* are boded oeJ. if carfetryl is u*ed, U may be applied at the rate at one pound of active tflgrediefit per acre. Methyt paralfci^o may be applied at the rate of .£5 pwuad* erf ictiv* lacredaer.t per icre to net to the *e*dJis$ and uliera^c stages <A growth, Worta* feedssg en seedling nc* before flooding can reduce iLacdt severely. Fkwteg the fetid forceu the •trass to feed above th* water t sad reduce* the chance I ton a cat t:a«t:ttad«3 ffijzsi be (ceding GO rice ti (he can rvduc« JJfidS Informational hearing set on Coastal housing Th* Teo$ CcyactJ oa .UirtM- RcU:CT3 lUfatM will Ixsid ae ttsforcutxo heanag ce oaiiui txxaa^? Fndav. June E. At Brazuif PUce OR P*4r* Uiaod *! S a .m . council cb*irss4ts A. R the cyportastat*. ind pitfall* of ooiiul bauau^; »xU t* Jack Mode&rtt Jr . pretidest of the Terrjcsjr Ccrp , Un McHarg, Uod coraulunt Dr Rofcert Sitnpsoc. dirwtor of the Njtttieu! Hurricane Cecttr. *«1 Baiter Jicksoo. Alia Harlini'.oa Ceottr of Coca«oiU>ati £, Scfcrifuier to Corpui t* Bsil o! th* laforcution the Florida a. K. of the L'Ulitws Chrii'.i. aad illomr> Stunccn Ratltff Thr Miruw Council will b«ar public '.rttimo.iy on nuiiert rrijtni co coastal problems l housing bnnga into of the most controversial issues us today." says S«a "On« ol the most vx>iccl coUutocs u betweea developeri and that th« purpote of the heanzig u to "define asd »rticuUl* the principal usues. begin to jubcul theae ia»u«3 to pubbc Kruiin), provide 4 forum for public participation 4cd diicuv»ion. and taitute a onuouiag wveiUgauofl into the options and Alternatives available to Teu* " BP College sets summer choir workshop A summer choir wwiuhop will be held at Bnttospert Coikg* Aug. fr-10, whan over ISO Hwkou {ran area high iciwuts «n espccUd to gather to sing, work OB All-SUi* musk tor im-T4> and to «ajoy nt m svswn The week's seiudule uciudes » fua night, <or dancing, iwimnung. and « sptctaJ barbeow duawr tlw woctsbof i* opea to aay high sdMioi cfaural stxdeol. Fw tor the workalwp i» IU ao«t Uwiud«» tuiUea aad ikMis tor tb» sjwciiJ fc» oig>t. F«r fwrUwr CtffMft Of. OOfi

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