Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 29, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1938
Page 3
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Page 3 MELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, October 23, 1938 NAVY DAY 6 Battleships float and sailors climb ropes -but here are a fow tilings you never knew about your United Stales Navy! Find Any Halloiveen Goblins? Each ship has its sick bay. Above Is the dispensary on the U. S. S. Salt Lake City. Running this part of the navy is the medical corps, which also takes a leading hand in health measures in Uncle Sam's oat- lying possessions. %N '* J i -"^Rt ' * l**' f ,^M: OV*..? 1 L " r i»'.¥44SI- -ir^. ^*u^-f Two-j ear-old Irma Ann Dance of Miami, Fla., wonders where the Halloween goblins come from--and what better way to find out than look for yourself? Irma's daddy fixed up this prize pumpkin for her Halloween celebration. Look out, young lady--the goblins will get you if you ilon't watch out! year. He did in 1932 cover into Civil SCIM'CC all of the posts in the Duieau of Foieign and Domestic Commence, which had been exempt fioni competitive examination. Three or four hundred deserving Republicans, the salaries r u n n i n g up as high as §7500 a year, woio thus taken care of. Just a month before he relinquished his office, President Hoover discovered that a large number of people in the Department of Ju=ticc, running fiom laborers and messengers up to examiners and other high posts, had not been subject to competitive examination and he thereupon issued an Executive Older putting all of these into Civil Service. For eight years previous to this time, the Civil Service Commission was asking persistently j for the changes. Duiing all his term j as Secretary of Commerce, he had been oblivious to the pleas from the 'Civil Service Commission as to his ,own subordinates in his depaitment. He only lealized how necessary to the The fanner feeds the navy. Here ' ca " BB ° f good B°vcinmcnt this was are stores being takeu aboard the 1 w h o n Democratic succession to con- U. S. S. Houston in Cbefoo, China. 1 t"l of the government was imminent. expended for the campaign of Mr. Hoover in 1932--when nearly everybody was broke--more than two million dollais. Does anybody believe thU amount, or any considerable p a i t Office of the Supcivison; of Elections for Caroline County, Denton, Md., October 20, 19.1H. Election Notice To the Judges and Clerks of Election Hunks to advances in storage and preservation of food, sailors no longer mast exist on smoked and pickled meats, dried vegetables and hard tack. Another of the incidents of the Roosevelt administration that horrifies the ex-President is that Messrs. Harry Hopkins and Aubrey Williams directing WPA activities mentioned (that they agreed with the President in regal d to certain Democratic can- J Sidacies. Now, I just wonder if any of the officeholders under President Hoover ever expressed agreement with the chief's political opinions. It seems thatxPostmasler General Btown, Secretaiy of War Hurley and unnumbered others of the Hoover regime, not only participated actively in politics but were conspicuous figuies in the Republican national convention of 1932 that rcnominated Herbert Hoover for the Presidency. Big Republican Money Is O. K. One moie source of distress to the ex-President is that eome corpoiation oiTicials aided the Democratic National Committee in discharging its campaign debts. According to the report filed with Congress there was For Thanks to the navy, America's clocks are kept on time. At the naval observatory in Washington is the "X" which marks the spot of zero longitude and zero .latitude for all official measurement in the United States. Twenty times daily, tiir.s signals are broadcast from the observatory. DISPELLING THE FOG Have you ever noticed that, according to the doctrines now being preached by the minority .party spokesmen, if something is done by a Republican it is u praiseworthy, patriotic, effective and efficient performance, but if the same thing is done under Democratic auspices, it is subversive, destructive of American institutions and an unfailing index of President Roosevelt's desire to attain dictatorial poivers over our government? In a recent speech, President Hoover does a lot of mourning and bemoaning over his successor's placing a large number of government employees under Civil Service. The Pejo attitude in regard to this is that it is intended merely to perpetuate Democrats in office. To use the language of Senator Vandenberg, it was a "political coup d'etat in the name of civil service" and the Ramspeck bill providing Civil Service reform could more accurately be termed a "bill to provide easy chairs for life for deserving democrat]?," Now, if the policy of extending Civil Service, which is so strenuously voiced by Senator Vandenberg, by Mr. Hoover, and by all the other candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 1940 means anything, they should applaud rather than deprecate the present moves in that direction. Obviously, the change in the Civil Seivice law.3 must be made under some administration, either Democratic or Republican. Obviously, under either of these administrations the jobholders will be more numerously members of the party in power than of the party out of power. So how is the reform to be instituted without temporarily at least favoring one side or the other? Well, of Course? It Was Different Then Mr. Hoover had four years in which to effect the changes he now advocates so ardently. He didn't do anything much about the Civil Service until after the portents of the Presidential election in 1932 told him that his own term of office would terminate on March fourth of the next State's Attorney and Qualified county: Voters of Caroline LaymanJ.Redden (Pol. Adv.) HARRY L. SULLIVAN Democratic Candidate for COUNTY COMMISSIONER Your Suppnrt Will Be Greatly Appreciated on Nov. 8lh. (Pol. Adv.) Notice is hereby given that the General Election will be held in the .several distiicts or precincts of Caioline county between the hours of seven (7) o'clock in the morning and seven (7) o'clock in the evening, on Tuesday, November 8th 1938. The places wherein i-utrh election upon the date aforementioned will be held in the respective districts or precincts aie as follows: First Election District at HENDERSON; Second Election District at GREENSBORO; Third Election District-First Precinct at DENTON; Third Election District- Second Precinct at DENTON; Fouilh Election District at PRESTON; Fifth Election District at FEDERALSBURU; Sixth Election Disttict-- First Precinct at HILLSBORO; Sixth Election District- Second Precinct at WEST DENTON; Seventh Election District at KIDGELY; Eighth Election District at AMERICAiN CORNER. Said election will be held for the purpose of electing public officers us follows: One poison as State Senator. Two persons as Delegates to the Geneial Assembly. One person as Govoinor. One pei son as United States Senator. One person as Sheriff. One poison as Clerk of The Circuit Court. One person as Register of Wills. Tluee persons as County Commissioners. One person as Representative in the Seventy-sixth Congicss of the United States from the First Congressional District of Maryland. Thicu persons aa Judges of the Orphans' Court. One person as County Treasurer. One per- as Comptroller of Trca ury. One per- as Comptroller of Treasury, one person as Attorney-Geneial. One peison as Clerk of Court of Appeals. One person as Associate Judge of Second Judicial Circuit of Maryland. The election so to be held is also for the piirpo-c of giving the qualified voters the opportunity to vote for 01 against proposed amendments to the Constitution of the State as follows: Amendment to Article XV. Amendment to Sectibn 21, of Article IV; Amendment to repeal Section 30, ol Article III; Referendum, an Act to repeal and reenact with amendments Section 5 of Article G2 of the Annotated Code of Maryland. The first relating to taxes on income;, the second relating to nn additional Judge in the Second Judicial Circuit. The third relating to Lottery, and a referendum relating to fixing the time within which marriage license mny be issued. The icturn judges shall make their retuins before twelve (12) o'clock noon the second day after election, that is to say, before noon on Thins- day following the Tuesday of the election, in the manner prescribed by the law, to the Clerk of the Circuit Court, to the County Commissioners, to the Supervisors of Elections and to the Register of Wills of the county aforesaid. EDWARD W. LAPIIAM, THEODORE F. SCIIMICK, JACOB O. WILLIAMS, Supervisors of Elections for Caroline county, Maiyland. ,RUSSELL W. FLUIIARTY, Clerk. of it was given by people out of work or by those who had to save eveiy penny possible during the bitter days of the Hoover panic? In l!).'l(, a f t e r Roosevelt had In might most nf big business back to a dividend pa.tiiig ba.sis, money was ci-iel to get and fie Republicans spi nt inoi e than eight million dolhir.s in tin futilu elfoit to defeat Roosevelt's io-cloclioii. This u;is ?;j,000,000 IIIDI e the Dt-'iiiocials spent. 1 supp'i e \ve :ne expected to believe that, eight million came f i o m folks on t h e rJiif lolls. It may lie lecallud l h . i t piactiially t l i u whole ol the Rei i b l i f a n campaign fund in Maine was conti ibulud by hull a dozen Libeity Li agucn. of tlie h i g ' i ' i t (financial) i a ilk. Ni doubt nuitU'y f u t n H i e d for Mr. I [ ( ( n e t ' s pal tj is halUi\\i!il coin, like what gK.° iiilo th · coiitiihution box at i h i n c h , but money f i o m any KOUICU i.U;i]lied to the DumocinV bears the mark of Satan. The ex-Piesident, who J)\ ion ,lj \.oulil like lo e l i m i n a t e thu "i'\", is stiong for m o i a l i t y these das. In answer tci the tiither plain- U \ o appeal t^at (ho Re-publican hpok^snu'ii *-h»uUI lie specific in their o b J L t l i o n - to thu Roos velt policies, 01, to put it more bluntly, state which ol the N« w Deal cnat-linen's they would ii'peal, he luplied: Th it moiiils should tie i established is the first objectives of Government. nt v e i y governmental appointee d u i i n g the past six yeais be icquiicd ,o take meiit examination,, open to my competitor. Six years, you notice, lot ten, which would embrace those ippointed by Mr. Iluovei. "In conclusion," said Mr. Hoover, 'may I say again that the fountains f justice alone i-pring from truth nd hoivsty." To this pioiiounccmctit, in which every decent peison must join, he added: "Theie L, a moral puiposc in the univeisc." Who is there so base in understanding as to cavil at the definiteness) and explicitness of the ex-President's nummary of \vlnt the Republican policy is?--By Charles Michelson, Diiector of Publicity, Democratic National Committee. HOME BUILDING IS NEWS In a recent is.sue, the magazine Life published a handsome housnr: poit folio that .should come us "news" lo millions of American families. The purpo-e of the poitfolio is to point out tliut these families can build and buy far butter homes t h a n they now lent without increasing t h e i r housing budgets, with the aid ol modern constiuetion methods and long-time, low-inteicst moitgage loans. Life doeq not simply i l l u liate .1 vaiifty of homes, with dry-as-d\i-,t statistics concerning costs. Instead it takes four actual familie- , one each in the $2,000, $.1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 income groups, and discusses their housing needs, wants and ambitions. As it s.tyn, it "invited them to make their individual housing pioblems a laboratory test tube." | In pursuing this idea, it ietaine,l eight of Ameiica's foiemost architects to design actual hou-cs for these families. Two architects were as-1 signed to ouch income level--one to j plan a modern house, the other an up-to-date traditional house. It i s ' pointed out that building costs in 1938 average a full ten per cent below 192G--and that it is possible, for (he same amount, to build a far more efficient, attractive and livable home than jou could build ten or twelve jcars ago. This coiiiitiy needs honi" building on a vast scale. It needs it becau'-c so many families toduy live in iiiailc- |iiiite house.-, and can nlfoid beltei. /L needs it ie: i-lential con- stiuction pi ovules :i big .uiMvei to tiie iccoveiy problem. Eveiy dollai spent for n luiine tieates one honi of lab n f o r a woikinan. It s t i m u l a t e 1 - the great heavy indiistiie-, such as JIIUL.US, cement :iiui lumber, \vhich a i e llnv. di.i- inaiU. Life, and other publication^ wlii li have taken an intciest in this (question, a i e pei f n i n i i n g a line p u b | lie sei vice by diaiiiati/.ing I building to the public. Adv.) YOUR VOTE FOR FRED E. COVEY Democratic Candidate For Treasurer's Office Will Be Appreciated '^s^x^xS^s^sBBiasss^A VOTE FOR Vote For E. LLOYD FOOKS PIIESTON, MIX For Judge of the Orphans' Court Your Support Will R e - A p p r e c i a t e d ELECTION. DAY. NOVEMBER 8 (Pol. Adv.) For Congress T. ALAN GOLDSBOROUGH of Caroline County For United States Senate MILLARD E. TYDINGS of Harford County For Governor v HERBERT R. O'CONOR of Baltimore City For Comptroller of the Treasury J. MILLARD TAWES of Somerset County For Attorney-General WILLIAM C. WALSH of AHegany County For Clerk of the Court of Appeals JAMES A. YOUNG of AHegany County For Associate Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit of Maryland THOMAS J. KEATING SUl'PORT D. W. BANNING (Dover Road Filling Station) for House of Delegates Ci-neral Election, No\ember 8th Direct Representation for Caroline For State Senate A. FLETCHER SISK For House of Delegates D. W. BANNING W. EDMOND NEAL For State's Attorney LAYMAN J. REDDEN For County Treasurer FRED E. COVEY For Clerk of the Circuit Court WAYNE A. CAWLEY Carlton V. West Democratic Candidate For Register of Wills General Election TUESDAY, NOV. 8TH Your Support Will Be Greatly Appreciated (Pol. Adv.) County and the State (Pol. Adv.) The Young Democratic Club of Caroline County will hold a Democratic Mass Meeting in the Court House at Denton on Friday evening, Nov. 4th beginning at 8 o'clock sharp. All members of the club, as well as all citizens of the County interested in the success of the Democratic Party at the coming election on November 8, are urgently requested to be present. WESLEY E. THAWLEY, President Young Democratic Club of Caroline County. For County Commissioners WILLIAM M. GAREY HARRY L. SULLIVAN H. ROLAND TOWERS For Register of Wills CARLTON V. WEST For Judges of the Orphans' Court JESSE T. DENNIS E. LLOYD FOOKS LUTHER W. HANDY (Pol. Adv.) For Sheriff WILLIAM E. ANDREW Bring Back Sound and Efficient Government to Maryland by Electing a Democratic Administration Headed by HERBERT R. O'CONOR AS GOVERNOR »^ · Safeguard Maryland's Interests by Re-electing MILLARD E. TO THE U. S. For a Successful, Economical State Administration V®TE FOR WILLIAM C. WALSH fur Attorney General J. MILLARD TAWES for State Comptroller JAMES A. YOUNG for Clerk Court of Appeals Under a Democratic Administration: O Maryland will have a balanced budget with a sound fiscal program ":ind end borrowing for current expenses. 6 Maryland will be put back on an efficient business basis. · Roads funds will go to road building and road maintenance, with no diversion of gasoline taxes. · Maryland will have a constructive, forward-looking conservation program, applying to the seafood industry, forestry, parks and mineral resources under competent experts. · Maryland will have NO increase in reat estate taxes, NO retail sales tax, and NO gross receipts tax. · Maryland will have NO leasing of public oyster beds to private interests. INSURE GOOD GOVERNMENT VOTE FOR YOUR DEMOCRATIC STATEWIDE, CONGRESSIONAL AND LOCAL CANDIDATES II authority Clarence W. Ulln, Chairman. November 8th, 1938 Vote SISK For SENATE HONEST IMPARTIAL INTELLIGENT REPRESENTATION For Caroline County A. FLETCHER SISK Published by Authority of H. R. Dcane, Treasurer.

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