The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 3, 1966 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
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Thursday, March 3, 1966
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Vk* Thursday. March 3, (966 U.S. Speaks Up On Lost Hydrogen Bomb WASHINGTON (A P) — cials said • today diplomat!* courtesy kept the Ui uted States sUent on the biggesK nonsecret in years — the loss of a hydrogen bomb over Spain.. •"We couldn't say anything officially until Spain made a move." one authority said. Spain made a mov«> Tuesday, announcing that 2.009 persons nad been exposed to a slight danger of radiation afrer a U.S. B52 bomber and KCTiS tanker crashed after colliding in night Jan. 17 near Palomaros, Spain. The United States followed up Wednesday with the firs-t official acknowledgement fou r thermonuclear weapons were aboard the B52 when it crashed ness- the Mediterranean Coast. The conventional ex plosives there was no thermonuclear blast, the megatohnage was felt in international circles. The Spanish minister of information demanded an end to flights over Spanish territory by U.S. places carrying nuclear weapons. ! The Soviet Union charged that the United States had caused] widespread radioactive contam-j ination and violated the nuclear] test ban treaty. The United States sat tightlipped. The reason for U.S. silence, a high official said, was to comply with Spain's desire for no public comment on the matter. "With Spain perhaps threat- enings us to remove our bases, we couldn't very well go against her wishes," this official said. "The fact of the matter is, we've had a statement ready to be -released by the U.S. Embas- Connolly Voices Concern At Registration Monitors AUSTIN (AP)—Sparked by a federal court order outlawing the critical core of Texas' poll tax, the state begins the hydrogen devices blew apart two of the bombs upon impact jdnv e today. free voter registration with the earth, a Delease Department There was reaction. spokesman no nuclear said, chain A third bomb was found ap-|17. Some estimates point toward a gain of maybe 500,000 new voters before the emergency registration period ends March parently virtually intact. Federal Bureau of Investiga- The fourth remains missing — jtion agents — on orders of U.S. the object of an intensive seiirchJAtty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach by 2 0 U.S. Navy ships, tliou-iand much to the discomfort of sands of U.S. and Spanish mili-jstate officials — will be watching tary and civilian personnel Eind j registrars closely. harried officials at the Pentaston | "Completely unjustified and and State Department. unwarranted,'' said Gov. John One of the guesses is that the Connally, who called the recent bomb is sunk in the muck of the I special legislative session that Mediterranean, perhaps 1.000 feet deep. Radioactivity- gauging devices can penetrate only a few inches of the mud. Funeral Notices wrote a free voter annual regis- Previously it Carr's office was held by these elderly voters could not get in on the current free registration if they failed to get their free exemption ticket back before -Jan. 31. Persons over 60 in towns of less than 10,000 still doist have to register until they vote. Specifically, any citizen resident of Texas between 21 and 60 can register now if he was eligible but did not pay his poll tax before the deadline. It costs nothing. All he ha s to do is: sy in Spain for lite last two weeks." One version of the situation as explained by some officials is that military security was the overriding factor in the first few days after the crash. The United States did not want top secret materials to fall into the foreign hands. At this time, too. officials felt the missing fourth bomb would be found shotiy and a public statement could be made. As the search developed, the story goes. United States officials began to see a need to mak a clean breast of things iQj view of widespread press re-j ports that nuclear armament was involved. Spai n .nevertheless, stood fast for no public statement. The refusal is several factors : attributed to Spain has an authoritarian government. Spain did not want to alarm the somewhat backward folk of village areas where the crash occurred. Spain did not want the United States to announce something that involved Spanish territory. U.S. officials acquiesced. The U.S. and Spanish govern- Policeman Gives Safety Program A radio program on traffic safety is being conducted daily by Baytown PajroJ Sgt. Jack Maxwell. Sgt- Maxwell's program is broadcast from 7:15 to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday over Radio Station KWBA. Listeners are invited to phone in any questions pertaining to traffic safety, Sgt. Maxwell said. The purpose of the program is to inform the public about traffic laws and major causes of accidents. Sgt. Maxwell gives information on speed limits, radar locations and various road hazards in this vicinity. OUR WORLD Too/nr Jimmy Carroll Heads Welfare League Board Jimmy Carroll was elected ,_...,... - - president of the Welfare League 1. tJther mail in his registra- ments are going to cooperate in] board Wednesday at a meeting tion application to reach theja demonstration that the miss-j in Peoples State" Bank. He suc- couniy tax assessor-collector's ing bomb didn't contaminate thejceeds Paul Edwards. nffir»f* hefrvr^p midnmhi- \fnrr*h 17 IXTo/^itor^-^i-ia-iM Ar»rria.- *P;^^IA _ . . * A blustery soon- whips across the northern plains into the Lake Superior district after leaving heavy blankets of white In wide areas of the Rockies. • The fre«ze on military aid grants to India and Pakistan is lifted somewhat as the nations are told they may buy limited amounts of non-lethal military equipment from the United" Stales. This includes communications equi p ni e n t, meat, spare parts for aircraft and motor transports. office before midnight March 17.1 Mediterranean. Angler Biddle 2. Or go to the county tax assessor-collector's office in the tration bill to replace Texas' 64- j court house or to one of KEYflTT INFANT Korsn Alone Hewitt. 24-day-old I: • of fAr. crx! Mrs. William 5. fcnt tugw o . . 'ttof 1030 N StcoroJ ST., died ar 5:30 p.m. W«Jn«*iY In Mettiodlsr Hospiw! In Hous*°B«i!3« i* Barents, the baby Is fw- vlved by V-c brother. Jomes William HrW=» ot Baytswn; crondSMrenis, Mr. nod Mrs. L. J. Roteinson of Baytown ono Mr! ond Mrs. John William Hewitt of C °Fi£raI service wm be heis at. 10 a£>Friday ot Pout U. Lee Funeral Home Chanel, with the Rsv. Etfwin T. Sutnr pastor of Grace Methodist Church will be In Crfcr Crest under direction of Paul U. Lee Funeral Home. COLLINS Christooher Columbus Collins, 57. of , Ohio, died wednesooy trft- o. , emoon In a Bavttwn hosoital- He retired evyiDloy* of Armco Sted Co. He had been vlslttas his daughter. Mrs. Barbara Pence of Baytown. when he 5ecc~ne ill. Survivors Include his wife- Collins of MlCdletown: two Mrs Barbara Pence of Boytown and Mrs. Fave Berry of Middletown: one son. Wil- Mrs. Fern year-old $1.75 poll tax voting requirement•'Requesting the FBI to monitor the registration of voters in Texas does a great disservice to the people of Texas...a gratuious j insult to the public officials of "the state," Connally said. "No citizen of Texas, any more than any citizen of any other proud state, would cower under such misuse of authority/' said state Atty. Gen. Waggoner Carr, a Democratic candidate for U.S. senator, "If you have any complaint against Texas, state it in court—don't threaten with the FBI." Carr said Katzenbach's office also asked for a direct accounting of the registration drive to Washington. "I know of no court order which requires report to you for anything Texas does," Carr told Katzenbach in a letter . . "our reports will be made to the federal courts having jurisdiction over this matter and to no one else unless the court directs us to do it." Horn Collins of Mio*eto«n; six brothers, j T TtTochincrt™, =ste« coiiins. wilson Collins, chcries coi- in Washington uns and Rosert ctHi-.s . oj of Manches- sa irl jj e was astonished t-r Kv . John Henry Collins of Clncln-] p <= noti. Ohio, and FranK Coiiins of PhitodeN Carr s remarKs. . , phia, Pa.; ond one sister, Mrs, Mary Lewis of Mantfiester. Also surviving are eight grandchildren. The fcoCY -"ill bV-.shlnoed by Eorttiman Funeral Hon-e ThurssaVafterr.Kw ; ? me McCoy L-rfler F-onerai Home in Middle- :» rwaT-f*»r-t]v It penecuy by J tr* IO FRIDAY SPECIAL TROUT SANDWICH BROWN'S CHICKEN SHACK 901 E. Texas 582-9580 PORT Now Showing Only 5 Funny Days Left AMERICA'S PLAYBOY HERO! "OLOn b y 0£ LUXE-CINEMASCOPE deputies at a designated spot and register before midnight March 17. Duke, the U.S. ambassador to Spain, and Spanish tourism minister Manuel Fraga Iribame are going swimming off Palomares Beach. Both will take their sons along. Noon Call Stock Quotes (Courfesy of Dempsey-Tegeler i Co., Inc.] Allis - Chalmers 35% Gen Tel & Elec Arlan's Dept Store 21% Am Tel & Tel Anaconda 58% 87% Armco 63% Ashland Oil ... 51% Bendix 7QM> Beth Steel 36 69% 76 52% Carrier Corp Celanese Chrysler Delta Air 93% Diamond Alk 36% Douglas Aircraft 38% Dow Chem 70% Dresser Ihd 35% DuPont 218% El Paso Nat Gas 20% Ethyl Corp 35% Ford 51% Foremost Dairies ... No quote Gen Elec 107% Gen Motors School - (Continued From Page 1) him that the FBI is not main- 'ej taining surveillance over the Texas government and he has in no sense been threatened," the suggestion, made by others, that I be appointed to fill his unexpired term, would be viewed favorably by the board. I would have considered it an hon- he said. Katzenback said he talked with Carr by phone Wednesday [and "as I explained to him, the FBI has been assigned merely to gather facts regarding actual registration in sample counties. The pertinance of this informa- :tion is explicity evident from ithe order issued Saturday by the three-judge federal court sitting in the pending poll tax proceeding." Over Katzenbach's protests, 42 Gen Tire 32%. Georgia - Pacific 60% Gillette 32% Gordon's Jewelry 34% Greyhound 20% Gulf Oil 50% Gulf States Util 23% Halliburton Hoffman Electr 51 23% Ho L&P 50% Interlace Steel 33 IBM 500 Jones & Laugh 63% Kerr-McGee 67% Ling - Temco - Vought — 59% Magnavox 102% or to complete his term. Most! Marathon Oil 54% Monsanto 79% Nat Dairy 78 Nat Dist 33 New York Central 81% Perm RR 66% Pepsi Cola 77*4 Phillips Pet 53% RCA 51% Raytheon Schlumberger ears 57%! Shell 58% Sinclair 56% Socony 85% Sperrv - Rand 19% ! Stan Cal 72% David Funderburk was elected vice president to succeed Mrs. Ed Vaught. E. F_ Green was named secretary-treasurer, replacing Funderburk in that position. Terms expired this year on the Welfare League board for Frank Thompson, Ted Kloesel, Mrs. Vaught and Edwards. Terms will expire next year for Herbert Boggess, W. P. Denman, Funderburk, L. E. Pennington. and Mrs. Abe Rosenzweig. February, 1968, will bring terms to an end for M. E. Gillis, Forrest Gober, Green, Tinman O'Brien Jr. and Dave Sherron. Those whose terms exoire in 1969 are Carroll, Leonard Hart Mrs. Martha Kraft, Mrs. Marilyn Lander and Fred Wichlep. Regent -• (Continued From Page 1) rector for Esso Research and Engineering Co. Dr. and Mrs. Hastings live at 306 Lakewood Drive and have three daughters. Their oldest daughter is Mrs. H. Sumner Bowen, a Robert "E. Lee High School graduate who attended Rice University three years and Jail term to City youth who Admitted stealing a .wig- NQTEt Toe judge liae been bald «inee World World War I. • Mrs. Fern Bethel Ridge, Ky., was understandably upset when notified that her son has been AWOL since October. And she let the Army know where he la — in Viet Nam. • Victor de Costa, ot Johnston, R.1, who claims to be the original Paladin, wins Time Is Running Out For America's Top Baffodeer NEW YORK (AP) — Woody very beginning of his career of all, it would have been a Stan Ind 44 deserved tribute to him. They have not seen fit to make the -iStan N J 75% appointment. I think that thej stauffer Q 18111 people of Baytown would havejSunOil ' looked favorably upon such anp unra y appointment for a one ~ yeari^ i ' ntex term in respect to Karl Opr\--!I echn j, color shek. Since it was not offered I am going to seek a position on the school board at the polls. Stan Ohio 63% 49%! Gas 30% 99% 15%" 23% Texaco ................... 75% Texas Eastern . "Having, 1 hope, clarified this| Texas Gulf Sul in my opening campaign state-|'^' I ^ ewater the federal court delayed enforcement of the no-poll tax order until March 26 to include the emergency registration and ,. _„_ = f __^ in order not to endanger theiment, I do not intend to pursue j Union Carbide validity of some March munici-jthe matter further. I have at-j^' n * on ^ °' p^ pal bond elections. j tended more school board meet-j Ur " te| J Air Lines The state appealed the pollings than any non - incumbent i Upjohn Drug «3 .20% -121% . 44% . 64% . 52 is College, Rutgers University. | be Their daughter, Diane, who graduated from REL t is a' sophomore architecture major at Rice University and a Teagle Scholar. Their youngest daughter, Becky, is a senior at REL. Dr. Hastings is a past member of the Official Board at St. Mark's Methodist Church, a member of the church choir and past secretary of the Methodist Men and past teacher of the Men's Bible Class. • Navy scientists ate excited, and mystified, by X-rays coming from deep in space. far beyond the milky way. Sensitive Geiger counters in an Aerobee rocket picked up the rays. The discovery suggests that certain galaies may contain much more energy than previously was thought. 5150,000 in a suit over Q*e of his idea for the television program "Have Gun, Will Travel-" * Auto industry leaders breath a sigh of relief after getting their first look at President JTohnsOn's $700 - million traffic safety program- They say it is "a resonable proposal and we can live with it" • Kwame Nkrumah, ousted president of Ghana, is not i a man without a country for • Magistrate Harry E. Whitney dished out a six- long. Today he replaced Sekou Toure as president of Guinea. OliliCIilP "" (Continued From Page 1) But he said tht given the history of militant actions by Com- mu nist China "it would be irresponsible for me to say that w e run no risk of war with China arising from our efforts to defend South Viet Nam from aggression." One task facing McNamara was a defense of his own announcement Wednesday of a new 20,000-man increase in U.S. fighting forces in Viet Nam. McNamara was expected to 3e called upon to support Vice Preiident Hubert H. Humphrey's assertion Wednesday night that the "tide has begun to turn in our favor" in the effort to halt Viet Cong aggression and to bolster the South Vietnamese economy. One of the pressing questions at a closed meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee appeared likely to revolve around why— with 215,000 Amer- cans already committed to the struggle — the Communists still are able to call the turn on the escalation of hostilies. McNamara told a news con- "erence Wednesday that if need oe the American manpower commitment in Viet Nam could }e boosted to 3oQ,000 without ordering Reservists to active itit-i.- -lUL^ . 1 The defense chief said that although there are now about about Asian communism" 10,000 miles away, aggressive and subversive communism was not a subject of debate by nations in the area. There, he said, "it is a harsh, dangerous reality." Humphrey's report on his nine-nation tour of Asia was generally recorded by those who sat in as a friendly exploration of administration policies which have been under attack by some senators. Sen. J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark., Foreign Relations Committee chairman, indicated that McNamara was not likely to get off so \vell from senators who "all like the vice president very much." Most of those who came out of the session with Humphrey said they had heard nothing new. Humphrey himself said he didn't think he had changed anyone's mind. Cases Stolen LOWELL LAMMERS told police Wednesday that two leather cases were stolen from his ear parked in front of his office at roO E. Texas. One case contained a sling Psychrometer used to check temperatures on air- conditioners. The other case had an Anemdmeter used to check air pressure and flow on air-conditioners. The Psychrometer was valued at S25 and the Anemd- meter. S175. Patrolman Moivori Guthrie is an Oklahoma-born folk singer who tramped out of a dust bowl existence in search of a better life. He never really did find it. and now his time is running out. He tried to "make it" in California in the early 1930s. He tried again in New York. He wrote at least a thousand songs along the way. Some people listened. Most didn't. Today he has found a greal and eager following in Englanc and is the subject of a strong revival in the United States. But for Woody Guthrie, 53, it is the end rather than the beginning. For the past 15 years he has b^en slowly, helplessly, dying o! an hereditary disease called Huntington's Chorea, an affliction that progressively destroys coordination and runs its fatal course in about 15 years. Coordination is the one thing man like Guthrie can't afford to lose. It was coordination of mind ind guitar-strumming hands that producted one of his best- known songs: "This land is your land. This land is my land. Froiri California to the New York island, from the Redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters, this land was made for you and me." That verse—in some of his songs there are as many as 100 verses—is typical of the Guthrie philosophy. "I hate a song mat makes you think that you're not any good," he said once. "I hate a song that makes you think that you are just bom to lose. No good to nobody. No good for nothing. "I am out to fight those kind? of songs to my very last breath of air and my last drop of blood I am out to sing the songs thai make you take pride in yourself and in your work." Guthrie felt that wav from the _ daughter, Kathy Ann. Guthrie spends all his time_ now in the Brooklyn State Hos~ pital and is no longei able to talk." His songs have De^n recorded by Bing Crosby, Harry Belafonte, Frank Sinatra and Peter, Paul and Mary. His letters, poems, writings and records are being published and re-released. Balladeer Pete Seeger has predicted great fame for Gutbrie's music. Long - time companion Cisco Houston calls Guthrie "the greatest folk poet we've had." Seeger says, "Woody shocked many people. But he knew what he wanted to do and he did it." A Guthrie children's trust fund has been formed to provide for the singer's two surviving children, Joady, 16, and Nora, 15. 300,000 U.S. servicemen ir, Qviedo investigated. Southeast Asia, American fighting forces are "fully capa-jj ble of meeting our commit-!! ments" around the world. McNamara's announcement that another 20,00 Omen will be $500,000 Libel Suit Filed Against Paper Dr. Gerald Barber, superintendent of Clear Creek Schools, Wednesday filed a 5500,000 libel suit against the Surburban Journal, a weekly newspaper in the dear Lake area, and its publisher. Jacob A. Newborn. The suit was filed in District Court in Houston by Joe Reynolds, Houston attorney with the firm of Bracewell, Reynolds and Patterson. Also named in the suit were Fred Benson and Benson Printing Co. Inc., of Channelview. the company which prints the Surburban Journal. Filing of the suit followed a series of editorials criticizing Supt. Barber and his administration o£ Clear Creek Schools. when he was the uplifting voice of the downtrodden' of the 'great depression. He told people through song that things would be better in California. He sang on a Los Angeles radio station for a dollar a day. He met other folk singers and saw other places, making several restless journeys Back and forth across the American continent- He was- married and divorced at least twice.- His love for children— his and others — manifest itself in a flood of children's songs that was interrupted crushing only briefly by the death of his own Baytonians' Infant Daughter Karen Dies Karen Alane Hewitt, 24-day-old infant daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. William S. Hewitt of 1030 N. Second St., died at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in Methodist Hospital in Houston. Besides its parents, the baby is survived by one brother, Jame s William Hewitt of Baytown; grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Robinson of Bay-town and Mr. and Mrs. John William Hewitt of Conroe. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday at Paul U. Lee Funeral Home Chapel, with the Rev. Edwin T. Summers, pastor of Grace Methodist Church, of: iciating. Burial will be in Cedar Crest Cemetery under direction of Paul U. Lee Funeral Home. BuraJorv Probed BAYTOWN POLICE Wednesday hvestigated a burglary at B. J. Crow's Enco Service Station at 7119 Bayway. Patrolman John Rosamond said SIS wa s stolen from the cash register and $10 was taken in coins from a cigarette machine. The burglary happened sometime between 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and 6 a.m. Wednesday. tax decision to the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday. The last minute developments were expected to free regis- school board candidate in Bay-jU S Steel town's history. I am familiar Western Equities with the workings of the board! We stinghouse and of the district. I am dedi-i Xerox cated to the improvement of our Wednesday boost the flow of trants, plus a re-interpretation J educational system, and my of the act to open the gate for j ideas along these lines will be all persons over 60 in cities of I discussed further during the 49% . 62 .221% 10,000 or more. BRUNSON NOW THRU SATURDAY THEIR COURAGE BLASTED A WAR WIDE OPEN! KIRK RICH/IRJD DOUGLAS HARRIS A\'*CN' MANN'S THE HEROES OF TEL.E/MARJK PAN AVISION'COLUMBIA COLOR 50c TELL lrf» PJO. MON. THRU FBI. DECKER Us t*/ Sw ingin* aNar.hviUe DRIVE IN THEATRE N-O-W -jBBEn Riotous '^ Laffeville! rV^S I „ 9 ARNOLD STANG HtmtTZ HALL LEO GORCEY « SiECOKD FIDDLE TO fl STUl BUITHR" —CO.ST*f «(HC SONHY M«5S - CARL i PEARL BUTLER LITTLE JIMMTO ICKEMi . BILL MOH«tO£ REEVES - JOHMH '' "RIGHT . MERLE KILCORE DOTTIE WEST . SILL T "ALICES • PETE DRAKE PLUS BLEXDA LEE DT "HOOTEXANXY HOOT" campaign. "I was born and reared in Baytown. I received my public school education in Baytown schools and graduated from Robert E. Lee High School as valedictorian with a 97 average. "My husband, Karl, and I have three children, two of whom attend Anson Jones Elementary and one who attends a local private kindergarten. We live at 1314 Hawthorne in Lee Heights. "I have been an active participant in PTA activities, having served as recording secretary, publicity chairman, and first vice president of the Anson Jones unit. I am treasurer of the Equal Women's Rights Society, an organization that is striving for the abolishment of the laws that discriminate against women in Texas." I am vice president of Xi Theta Gamma, an Exemplar Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. In my eight years of active membership, I have achieved a perfect attendance record for seven years, I am superintendent of a three-year-old department at Memorial Baptist Church." Baytown Woman's Father is Dead Christopher Columbus Collins, 57, of Middletown, Ohio, father of Mrs. Barbara Pence of Baytown, died Wednesday afternoon in a Baytown hospital. Collins and his wife, Mrs. Fern Collins, were in Baytown visiting their daughter when he became ill- They had been here about three weeks. Collins was a retired Armco Steel Co. employe Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Fern Collins of Middletown; tw 0 daughters, Mrs. Barbara Pence of Baytown and Mrs. Faye Berry of Middletown; one son, William Collins of Middletown; six brothers. Estell Collins, Wilson Collins, Charles Collins and Robert Collins, all of Manchester, Ky.. John Henry Collins of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Frank Collins of Philadelphia, Pa.; and one sister, Mrs. Mary Lewis of Manchester. Also surviving are eight grandchildren. The body will be shipped by Earthman Funeral Home Thursday afternoon to the McCoy Lef-i fler Funeral Home in Middle-] town. ciety he has served as a member of the program committee, chairman of the high school chemical education committee and is a member of the analytical and polymer sub-groups. He is a past director of the ACS group here. On a national level he has served as councilor for the Baytown section in the ACS and a member of the analytical, polymer and petroleum divisions. Dr. Hastings has been active in the Lee College Community i sent to Viet Nam came only five not have on my desk at the moment from any Gen. unfilled William requests" C. Westmoreland, iJ.S. commander in South Viet Nam, for more men. McNamara did not say whenjl the additional 20,000 men will bej| sent into Viet Nam. Humphrey told an American i Legion legislative dinner) Wednesday night that President || Johnson is following a middle' course between quitting South j Viet Nam and resorting toi "massive escalation and vio-| lence" to win there. The vice president drove jj home, as he had .in a three-hour session with senators previously, that the President is unwilling at this point to recognize the || Communist Viet Cong as ajj "separate entity"—as Sen. Rob-jj ert F. Kennedy, D-N.Y., pro-! posed—at any negotiation table [ that may materialize. • ' Humphrey said that the Viet i I Cong, and its political front, the!] National Liberation Front, arejj the creatures of Hanoi. He pictures the Viet Nam conflict as) only a part of the power struggle to save Asia from communism. He had, he said, a "rewarding II Loan Fund and a number of civic projects. His wife, the former Mary Ann Stout, graduated from Lee College in 1940 and the University of Houston in 1942. Dr. Hastings said, "I offer my candidacy to the Lee College board of regents in full realization of the fact that the college faces a significant period of growth. The Baytown area is expected to grow in the immediate future at a phenomenal rate and this wilj pose many problems for the board. "In addition to this, the overcrowding of our universities imposes on the local colleges the necessity of providing first-rate educational opportunities for the majority of our youth. experience" answering tne |[ "I am sincerely interested in'questions of senators about \ seeing Lee College attain its j equally divided between critics! rightful stature in the future and pledge myself gently toward to work this end dili- if I should be elected to the board. and supporters of Johnson's conduct of the war. But he said that while it was "'easy to debate and theorize 11 CHEMPLEX CO. NOW HIRING KEY PLANT PERSONNEL for NEW $60 MILLION OlfFIN-POLYOLEFIN COMPLEX IN CLINTON, IOWA We are prepared to pay for people of proven capabilities and drive. Polyethylene experience helpfuL Send biographical sketch to Pat Jarratt, Vice-President, Manufacturing, 1910 16th Street Orange, Texas. Fairmont Park AN ESTABLISHED COMMUNITY 2 MILES WEST OF LA PORTE ON SPENCER HWY. GOOD DESIGN plus GOOD CONSTRUCTION plus GOOD PROPERTY STANDARDS equal "GOOD VALUES" V.A. - F.H.A. - Conventional M SI 5,000.00 to $35,000.00 PLEASE VOTE FOR Lee College Bonds SATURDAY, MARCH 5 This Plea Made By The Following Lee College Student Organizations: Circle K Opti-ettes Circle K-ettes Rodeo Club Phi Theta Kappa Texas Student Education Association Student Council

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