Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 7, 1935 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1935
Page 8
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA THURSDAY. School (Co;-. i.-.ued from* page one) tmtt«maj«mtWWttWmm«nmtj» those on our visiting list are Betty Young, George Young, Freddy Haynes, Pearl Wurster, Joyce Oshel, Mrs. Watkjns, Mrs. Young, Fern Oshel and Mrs. Heaps. We are always glad to have visitors. In art work we have colored tree scenes and drawn ships free hand, and also have made some free hand cut posters for Hallowe'en and other decorations for our program. shall. Pass out books — Marian Wurster and Lyle Hayes. Take up books— Betty Reynolds and Louise Kimball. Take up papers — Richard Preston and Roger Kelly. Check library file — Robert Kilby and Charles Barteau. Keep library stand neat — Betty Mae Monroe and Gene Holben. Inspect aisles — Howard Kar- .stensen and Wendell Randels. There were fifteen A's in spelling- last Thursday. Seventh Grade The class average in spelling has been ninety-eight for the last two weeks. In physiology they are making booklets which contain drawings of their teeth. The following officers were elected: librarian. Julia Porter; news reporter, Earl Pegg; host, Clyde Meyers; helper, Jack Haynes: monitors, Francis Bivens and Maxine Day. Eighth Grade These officers were elected in this grade: librarian Jim Key; host, Carroll Clayton; helper, Roe; monitors, Marvin Boone Maxine Moyle; doorkeeper, John and Lorraine Brown; news reporter, Carl ton Lewis; chairman Mildred Eckler. The "Industrial Revolution" is being studied in history. The Junior High boys are planning a basketball league. They have four teams and are going to have one large team to play other towns. They are being coached by Mr. Cronkite, who has their class in physical training. . iiiiiiimmiiimimimiiiiimiiiiiiiiimi Rural Schools iiimmiimmimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimiii Lincoln No. 3, Ringgold Co. Bernice Kilby, teacher The Lincoln No. 3 school had a Hallowe'en program Oct. 30. In spite of the bad weather every one had a good time. It was decided we would give our program over if the weather permits, as no one besides the parents were present. We are hoping the weather man will see fit to send better weather soon. The school has celebrated Clyde Oshesl's, Billie Young's and John Henry Oshel's birthdays. The school gave each one a birthday card and all pupils were treated with candy bars. We have had several visitors since school started. Among Willowridge-Grove No. 1 Martha Haering, teacher Pupils neither absent nor tardy for the first six weeks of school were Gene Becherer and Dale Eberle. Those having all of their first six weeks grades above ninety, were Carroll Preston and Shirley Ann Becherer. The first P.T.A. meeting was held October 24 After a potluck supper, officers were elected as follows: president, Andy Stoaks; vice president, Hume Fry; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Ward Eckler. The following committees were chosen for the next meeting: entertainment, John Wurster, Harry Preston and Ward Eckler; refreshment, Mrs. Will Becherer, Mrs. John Wurster and Martha Haering. People who have visited our school are: Irma Young, Roberta Teatsworth, Wilma Wil- Williams, Ethel Williams, Mrs. Churchill, James, Paul and Phyllis Still. Rev. Ray of Missouri had his faith inhumanity rudely shaken and later restored. First, some miscreant stole 34 of his choice hens, which caused him to feel that his labors in the Lord's vineyard had gone for naught. But when members of his con- ;regation clubbed together and made good his loss he was fully reassured. A Northwestern University professor has boldly come to the defense of the split infinitive. Inasmuch as almost everything else has been split, twisted or shattered, why should he Infinitive expect to be held sacred; Mrs. Clifford Fleischman of Atlanta believes in her inalienable right to an unobstructed view of a ball game to which she has paid admission. When a policeman interposed his manly form along her line of vision to the home plate she swatted him with a board with a nail in it. The police judge levied an amusement tax of $16. From a college entrance examination paper: "Justice of the United States Supreme Court are subject to good behavior, and if found guilty they are impecahed." I TRY THE FRESH i Fruit Dep't For Fresher Fruits and Vegetables GRAPEFRUIT Sweet Seedless 7 f or 25C 1 CABBAGE g While it lasts J100 lbs . 89c i Sweet Potatoes Virginia Red Stars 10 25c APPLES Grimes Gold., Jonathan 10 25c WAFFLE-PANCAKE FLOUR I Robb Ross, I large size _ 23c tail Car-Load {JSf SALE! The United Food Markets have just received a car of fresh dried fruits from the sunny fields of California. Lay in a supply at these carload prices. PRUNES Small but Meaty r lbs. Ojr lb. bx. 23c 99c APRICOTS Choice quality, 5 lbs. 25 lb. box PRUNES Large and sweet, 5 lbs. 25 lb. box 87° 5O.99 42 e S-J.89 PEACHES Fine choice fruit 5lbs. 25 lb . bx> 70c $ 3 15 Genuine Thompson Seedless 4 lbs. 25c 25 lb. box $1.53 3 COFFEE Flavorite lbs. 45c BRILLO 10c size, pkg. 5c PANCAKE FLOUR Dad's Favorite 3»/2 lb. pkg. ___ 6 MATCHES boxes 19c O -j _ & J-l DATES New crop Hallowi, 2 lbs. __ WHEAT HEARTS Robb Ross, 25c pkg. M/YRKETS VIS IT OUR Meat Del For Meat Sati sfa When Edward MacDowell, the eminent American composer, died, a young contemporary of limited ability wrote an elegy in bis honor, and played it for Joseph Hoffman, the pianist. When he finished Hoffman said: 'Quite nice; but don't you think it would have been better if you had died and MacDowell had written the elegy?" Portraits of George Bernard Shaw and the late Anatole France are shown in a window to Joan of Arc in the Ethical ihurch of London. Asked why he and France were in the picture Shaw replied: "Go ask Anatole France." The real answer, of course, is that France wrote a biography oi and Shaw wrote a play about the famed Maid of Orleans. Horace Greeiey once said he did not believe in ghosts, but was afraid of them. It seems that a good many politicians feel that way about the New Deal. We have just been going thru the semi-annual confusion incident to 'the change to and from day-light saving time in certain localities. Which reminds us of the question by a colored maid in a city where both daylight saving and standard time were used. Told to be at work at a, certain hour, she asked: "Do you mean by the mayor's time or by God's time. William Salter of Cowes, Eng., aged 74, ran the full distance of 5 miles in a cross-country race. Mrs. Ester Middleton of Nottingham, Eng., set aside $10,000 in her will for the care of her two pet cats. Having paid an assessment of $450 for improvement of the highway in front of his home, Samuel Swerdon of Fair Lawn, N. J., built a barricade and attempted to collect ten cents from motorists who tried to pass. The thief who looted the strong box of a store in Cadiz, O., made his getaway with 24 uncollectible checks, some of them 10 years old. Some souvenir hunter took one of the two-foot hands off the clock in the House of Representatives in Washington. RATE—lOc per line for first insertion; 5c per line each insertion thereafter. Display classified, 25c per inch. For Sale FOR SALE—Yearling colt. Roy Heaps. 6-1 FOR SALE—Hedge posts, both line and corner. Ben Reimer. 6-tf FOR SALE OR TRADE — 1931 Chevrolet coach; 2 bottom Farmall plow; 4 wheel trailer. Lenox Motor Co. 6-1 OUT OUR ENTIRE SHOE STOCK consisting of men's women's and children's shoes. Each and every pair will have a price tag that will be bound to sell them. Now is the time to save yourself some real money. Men's WORKSHOES $2.98 values $2.59 $2.50 values $1.89 DRESS OXFORDS $4.25 values $2.79 $2.98 values $2.59 Women's $3.50 values $2.79 $3.29 values $2.59 $2.98 values $2.19 $2.79 values $1.98 Odd sizes and, colors $1.29 and less Children's $2.98 values $1.98 $2.47 values $1.69 $1.98 values $1.59 $1.59 values ^$1.09 $1.39 values 98c Odd sizes 89c and less FOR SALE—7 white sows. C. A. Young. 6-lp FOR SALE—Schroeder corn elevator and McCormick shredder. G. A. Boone, Lenox. 6-2p FRESH EGGS—(2 dozen to a customer) 21c dozen; bring your own containers. Copeland Wells Co., Agts. for Priebe & Sons. e-l Direct from the quart ____ ROASTS With browned pot] Oh Boy! Beef Pot, per pound PORK CHOI Nice ones, per pound PEANUT~iu5 Nothing quite lik. Toasted SaridwiJ pounds BUCKFHEAT] Robb Ross, large size _ FOR SALE-Iris bulbs j, bulbs, 2 c each or $1.50 i Furnished rooms for A. Bryant, phone 140-1 FOR SALE-Pure bred] Poland China sprint Immune. Cecil Wilson! FOR SALE — Hampshire boars, pure bred, cholera immune. 3 miles SW of Clearfleld. Sam England. 6-5 FOR SALE — Sharp price cut. • $5.00 off on suits with extra trousers. Limited time only. Fred Abernathy. 5-2 FOR SALE — Acreage on pavement. Good home, barn, pasture for 2 cows. H. Roy Long. 5-2 FOR SALE-^Some good thoroughbred Hampshire male pigs, cholera immune, at'farm- ers prices Walter England, 5 mi. N.E. of Clearfleld. 4-3p APPLES—All choice winter varieties, 75c to $1 per basket. Four miles south of No. 34 on No. 25. Phone through Kent or Lenox. W. F. Tripp. 2-tf Wanted WANTED TO BUY-g cow. Inquire here. WANTED — Tractor Myron K. Owens, Cle For Rent FOR RENT—Seven roori acreage and fruit, S, 1 FOR RENT—8 room houl in, close to school. Wilt. "FOR RENT—120 acre fai of Lenox, known as I Brien place. For I W. H. O'Brien, 3021 Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Lost and Foil LOST — Package of pa| eluding abstract. J. J.] Lenox. Reward. FARM AUGTIOI Season When you hold a sale, Remember Baking Powder CALUMET 3 lbs. Navy Beans Always Light 6 bxs MATCHES Fresh White 5 lbs. CORN MEAL 22c 14c 19c 17c I G A 31/2 lb. sack Pancake Flour New Crop English WALNUTS Peaberry lb. COFFEE Large pkg. RINSO 18c 19c 17c 21c Tall Can MACKEREL 1 G A large pkg. OATMEAL Assorted lb. COOKIES 2 lb. box CRACKERS 9c 18c 19c 18c MEN'S OVERALLS First Quality $1.21 pair •*• OUTING FLANNEL Heavy, lights or -| \ ~ darks, yd, 1-Ttv Powdered IVa lb. s'k SUGAR 2 lb. COCOA 2 boxes WHEATIES 2 cans CORN 14c 18c 18c COLUMBUS OIL CLOTH New patterns, 46" wide, yd HUSKING GLOVES & MITTENS Brown, hard wearing kind 5 pair ; pair UNBLEACHED SHEETING Heavy, durable, 81 inches wide _. 33c RUBBER FOOTWEAR We have them at lowest possible i prices VOGELWOOD MERC. CO. Lenox, Iowa THIS PAPER WILL BRING BIDDERS TO YOUR SALE FROM THIS ENTIRE COMMUNITY You Want More Bidders BIDDERS are attracted to a sale through Advertising- The larger the Advertisement used the greater is the attention given to what you have to sell. The size of the Advertisement regulates the cost. It also brings more and better bidders to your sale. ONE EXTRA BIDDER, in many cases, would more than offset the cost of the additional space used. ADVERTISE IN The Unox Time Table To reach the latest number of farmers in this community-

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