The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 3, 1974 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1974
Page 4
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EDITORIAL Signal frees %r • way to beach Meanwhile, Back on Earth Lite , IQuHf tjf Department ef ecbtu a Hsfr Wersectton of Surb We - the point at wWdb Highway $sr« east-bound traffic cross** the beach raid (CR 257) tart before reaching tte b**efe, UBS ought to reflev* for a lime a tough traffic problem that has been worwning as beach use increased. The benefits wont show fully for several months, Surfside's peak traffic to Mutual, wad tt trttt be late neatMay before the Ught will have a chaice to stem tarn much it can ease the weekend summer bottlenecks. In the interim, there are stffl mm period* of heavy traffic, and UK signal fat expected to help with teteMCtkjo control Capt Paul to a complete stop before proceeding, and all oar* behind him must do likewise, There were times thU past summer when It would take mere than an boor on an early Sunday afternoon to travel the dtstaacc from any BraKBDort city to toe beat area. Dugan, SherifTi Department patrol captain, says at a footway stop controBedby a nd blinker, there's a tendency try some motorists to use a "floating stop." Two. driven doing that at die same time provide business for the wreckers. »na cadi thinks the other to at fault. A red- and-green light is a more definite Instruction to stop or go. Mostly, however, the problem has bete that the four-way blinker has been a stow way to move the traffic that tries to approach the beach on summer weekends. Each car arriving at the crossing; must come TOM Tf£DE Can would be buropw-te-bumper from the totersecttan back most at fee three miles to FM 5X1. The pace of movement in such a fine would mean an enormous wa*te of fuel Often sheriffs deputies must be assigned to the crossing to get the worst of Jam cleared. Some of Uus may ttiB be required, Capt. Ougan say*, but if they're required for an emergency, the new signal wtn In their absence make the traffic tan intolerable than now, Tbe Highway Department instatb many signals in the county where studies show the need But because the beach attract* so many people, the insUQation of this light and the additional dispersal lanes at an earlier time are going to benefit citizens all out of proportion to the usefulness of a signal at other point*. When yon find you can actually get to the beach in a reasonable time on a Sunday afternoon next July, you'll appreciate this improvement in the state's traffic system, Comment and Opinion Pi i •jwd T*.tai Page* MERRy-GO-ROUND Kennedy protection « cost some $126,000 »y JACK WA»H««JTON »tm <s* wat* «w) *<*» UN raft? **4 *•» *M m Kitei HMHI *» *#«« *** Ul* KM. *W*«rt KMHMWI'* *f* Ob* «#t«r ft* U***rtt **» ft* i#*ee*i»* FBI i******!**!**. <**> WK ***»t*i1«*3 ** «rt » (for iMI«t KM* )••««*«»» V« fcr *«** «* BUSINESS MIRROR Miami Latins find a wealthy climate *?15L' "? Mp *!!!lr r *^.!!lfr '**•*** ****** » 4 *** A w*flp*Wfifr t i- Wr**™wC®wf • rvotv taw*** *** ***•* tn *»* Butz departure may create joy It appear* tbe American grocery oonsuuier may not nave £sri Butt to kick around'much longer. Word from taurces In fee aOBttnirtraiioc to thai the coo- tromsiaUederal food fumMer to Bkefr secretary. Specifically, "He should be out by the New Year." Thft dtoptftttrc* If-WaWcy MM! 0***W ' Ford do indeed wffl it, should ratere Jay to tbe aisles of the sufiermarkets and hope to tbe hogpens of tbe bad The FfHrIrs af tf*fo mao- H "Butt BuncleSr" as tarown out in the fiekfc w«J» tbt rwt of tbe aaaatt-" BotwnUuBoU'tpattkadcntwphu •eseatstatesnaasBlBltta food •utiiitd vntMrid Is even BMCC UMCBO 1 certtag WWe msay starve h> Ote *on> Sabara aad todtaas watt at the brie* of ^^ .. ~j.a- * -i -... ^.f?f*' a ^g'^!5^iH£^ii A^t'j CSDOOH BMM HI aware osw ••••»•, HSV fed aad the oated. ^Oerttt aal flbejr are cafied by Us ova have pteyed a lertiluiag put in naay COBUMB foadbtaft* to (he cost eqpiinlcats of precious netateHe «rai be ftflMscnbervd M she i&aa who added bcctf to the itrt a* iUna ooe mast porchase on the RecaDeetioM of Us puttie ferric* water the eyes, la are. as • Senai* to- ftstigatian cantnittfe later determined. Bute fiddled id* wlale U» Rasriam raided the satton's grate sitas of tone 7» mOikm bushels, Al the time Butz called (he thtfl "the greatest traataetioa cf it* tied in warM htatary." For the Rimttm yes. For Anericaas it amounted to • destruction of national food sappty suuctum. a waste of •* mxh as taw ma&m to taxpayer fund* and the f Meting of grocery bin Inflation whkfe eoaUauta to this day. The secrelary las nevrr admitted erring on the wheat sale, naturally His lactic stece has been u> bhuae higher pj'Iccs on ronmitieis. when caecaoot stand rmEWf^f became so gtoony bat y«ar that desperale beusewiiH» staged a asUooal boycoH, Butt called the w«men "stupid" aod "crated" and said Utey vere vpsetuag deikale forces ol ecoBonle reaftties to the (arm industry. m cfcanstaeas wift tbe ladies rcnAed aot oaty in bis loss of pbMwbflity with dvilUw but wiJh hto own dvfl sfrvaMs at writ Ouriag the boycott, oae Agriculture «UHer wrota Bute that "the abaurdttiaf of your rule have brought shame and deagrauaa to our entire It mari be rvmmuiat far poruoa of numfclnd ttet t» perpefaaBy bunfry t»bear ttui tbe U.& Afr*a)tmt tetnvuy is oottmtirtK- "Tfcere *rtH be ac mass »tarvaupo," says Earl Butt, tto a4 ,* tltn*. voefttfly, when moUwn to Afrk» «mie» ibetr babies bkttt up. torn orange •ad oiseUy die for lack of a few lou*i^ ounces e< gnia, There are QMS* who k«M Itet *B OMS* "Butz BuBgles." wtetber lortiftt or domestic, bavc beea rooted tttapfy tt overopunttsm. thus die secretary baa wanfly, U> spread sunshtce in bws aad to Africa. Thai seiestment it ckartty to the extrenw. When it cemcs to food afaflabttily aad ptaaaiag. parUcoUrly to a warU Ikal grows by TVmflboo moMfte a year, iMdmhtp nturt tor dMr sa«« of bumaaity err otdy oa the skte of alarm This is why die expected e*it «f Earl Butt is so weicmne. Tbe Wtow bas oMtoe UaeriaeM Foed (s not soraethtog for PoUyama play, tt is a sabject (or jrtw realists. People who «aOe »! tbe Agriculture depsrtmeat UMM day* probably just don't understand d» The shame has not since fvaparalad. Tben 4 aa IMS credible organ of wdsy ^htff tWs gisat burtaucrscy. A» »rt*'« (i« Ifn, AgrtaAure predict*! a f p«r ' »;»|iwi*i»«««l9»»M%), I taast fMMHnaUMMlill **H W ii i« i J WPP aw^^wws^^^w^^^ yy T-W up. kicJudtJig U» ststf. sad THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Berryfe World '&2'.% ^sjfel&^rJ^;^ •"it»^' v rf& •J^o, HSP^-.r- i»v On* *#ne«. «u»dNt ***** writ*** * «mr «< (fee fttte *<*» *f«J* «j MB MIAMI tAP> - A ««,*» Mereides !Mw» sparu «* ConU s *ad Cti*»J Mb»tiM>-r»«««M«i »•?•» (fa t» *» >«H(W» twr Wteto the wtantiral «Jo«a» m*y a«t 6* 008* trae tor «B »ft,iwo Ut» Aawrteaw «0utM» to M Imai » You !U«wn 4494 Hot* *«* w #« »* » *• laow Hnhdi ""V* tram »»• j*»t t* t»tt., ** Stwa »f Ite rtty"» t«* arwwdwt* *r« CUbtarcNtvn The jMert* Orfmo-tara h»» at tfcr (9*407 «ortm nn^^risg Utte». * ««slt»t«* of (** I* aatrr iS» f«V UWr CbfckWL trt* Ktami. .«fcsr» rnurt W Bacwrdf* ** miaatntint o$*ntiae» *«• bcsttai Aeraw lae caaMwiy OB UfeMtt prto Soearr** Uw bnl } prasidnrt taw outfit «»» **•« »* O* MMKi&y 4lW*V Mtf to tJNl M M*IJRMI, V* , to nyto* te KSht* tfcrot fete k* »*« Out few*,. wbcti cttttiMpe to pa* a? Ow P«K» UUnt. » tact. IMW MUM to t» Us* "nootww ncb»" «f SiMDt Ffcurteto to Uw put few ywrt A Utte "MiBtowirw Row" ttrttefac* tram Fato Beach duwa Ite C«M . * taul »am*f twnmi* «( »*««* II Tfc« MMCV tftMl r» »—» ^ u^ ^ufc....—.j tfeDui *<dk IS» **^^ "V 'W^' ^^w^^P'J'Wr "*»* ^ Wl .» >imm t n in *a»«4 j^ftk ^W rtittilt "'*' *>«*«•* g}*t*g C*W»*^ 4 ttHi «>«M1 •*lfi>«ft^*ff ,^k.l ft, !t««wi» «rt*nr«J ft* ft**** ««**•>» TlMi THE a/NIC Jo* *** «MR! Iw N4 Psychology good for all studies U»* bH «rf> lx»'*»»e * »'»* ftltt «t Uf •n « «r Midi, "IK* *•» MM <rf IS* *«*•» 4wr4**» (»»« M<**nl PAUL HARVFV MEWS . wo. i CASE B4M. fraf. Edwta Urvtt. «f*d ». Is astsg eiperl *^M4JMti«mi psycnalofy** to ie*cb pbysics «l Uwno Crihge (NY) "t>r Crsne," ibe Uiher «l one of tt» Utxkrrt* MoUiari. "Pro* Umtt Uaru with ite practical praMem* of everyday M« "His court* to beaded 'How TMgs Work' sad tana or* ia pnysirs witii web bauienold gadgets s* electrical ta»»Ur». refrigerstorv, tb*rma*U(* and automobie Mien the ten*, sad Una ktfM «rf U* wturat «chu«*»m «f (tndmte f*r sad « jj»r» » krge, they fteafly hud to be in U» K,U U* Muni A« an rttrs practical 4c*k«, I »)M«iay»ph true C-AMM sad fcw«d Umn «* lo the Modtnt* for haowwork Did 'they' tell us wrong things They v«re pmaMUMi lo aacsa* UHM* rtiaUam" C**M in thnr «%• or fr»i«r*tty sad »orwttj "Ttoy" no, i*a» out (loQMS oti a*d wot SH afi up- light atetil a, there ««ufat b» s* nw»» M MN* *•*** U*»« the ««nt toft) "Becsuw be fccum ao tbe !»• mediate problems coo/cooling M* studeais ia their dairy We. thrtr totcrnt "Never before bate I seen as tnthusiasm for « college physics courat! "Weulda'l Prof Unrl* rale t«ps oo your Rating Scale for Oood Teachers'*" UVKWIREPHOK8 Vss. it is • dsughi to saMe l»r«f. Lewis for Usrtisg with OH practical aad Urn leading «* the ihsoretfeai The ascnt «f bwnuui latsrvst (slotrmuoBaJ Piychotogyt to expmssd to tbste three aionosyllables. And to my emtafesg ciaasss on our dowKtewa Chicsgw caatpus. I'd ste «• licnuar practical protfcMS ia httfnne, MKialand family retetfeas Tbe cventag Mudnts were older (•bout a yean of *«*> M they were employed during iba <tay to targ* loop storas. Us* Marsnal FWlds aad Soar* ItoebudL They wmU taaa pass my mffiKBgi iBJml cassa arouad le tbjstr rmptoyen or other assnrtim, an maybe tewe let a *B hMg oat aad ihe »» ctdsnce of rapeltt* teerwwod l« per ceal . 11 fasgaa laacttag psycMegy at NortfewAJtera University, the locus ••* « «*ie»t nsytfefegtiu, MM AristoU. Yet »y itudnHi ware prim*ri)y coacernsd with how i« carry M to- ImsUog c«By*mik(L Pip bow a wasl wuW win a *ae«n4 data aft* vaajltag a flr« ds^a by her agog U (war tha e*rr»rt aabliea wtas these rigM sladsats can* back fnm thsif mnt class issstam. A* ym PW« atmMM, my classes got -up Owl they wanv fbaiad RafMratlaji ahvsys had I* be closed early, wttb maay topltfaiiHi forcad to i M wttusiastl* <Nu) this "OHM Maybe we'd better amiUM www *f the other »*rt« "The>- gam us. •They" laid at «* d been too tm«fc vUhcrtatt>aii,thsi»*dMMMv»«MiM ajnafiiwcwaaliiMy MdM« - SM the raw «f vtaSMl crtax has MtcrewMd « per fxol state im tereaoed » per «st tut year, aad is tocfasiag IS ptt «eM tMs year. "n*F *** «s th*t, tf we'd Jual be a» n»lh« for steaMng *ay awr* So «« gave ewybsdy a |fu*nM**td MmiM, and robbery, bttrglaty. l«rtc«> and ««t« Ifcttf art ruMuag l> par cent alwsd oi OM yaat sg» •Tbey" Mid Itet dmrdMa ware "«kt (MlMMod/' that tftty mutt mod******, libtrslue. raUcaate, cimpraeilae And thoH thai mnprnnissd mat aw shrfnMM fastatt- if ¥6 sppnrtaf up to bare UM! "They" g»*» u* aMM awfully bad ad vk», tawdii Wb* *r* »»*» ifcrj »**»»* tami I*BH C ^tt' «r« tta> "Thrf DM«M w*tt. bwt «* p«ttsg Uw Muf §isw I caal ' aev* and nptstti M aglr bjaaltM to «ew»psp«r - sad yesterday** aad UHBonww'i - u saMMfeody's «MU«M g«M ml ol whjKfc. MeMJ«Mbe»fBan«*a||§t<«iii k bHtlf * •t's enMtWMB) MfarbBad, he to w la^iilitoil rrtln'h' dssttMHi iuiiHsMi to Sftf-dsstract Spac«ilHp tartli caase wttfc a taws «f UtttmcUoM, let's aw *1iat M says It ur* *v tlMHlft s*t be stotMil work - tsl M«a not eat. It says tmuea should w**r martart •ppandT. It lays doa't steal i half to axil tbjnm ftagp Mgbl; haw la riag; km » keU «a lo sflri (or my -TaHs far (fee* TIII)DH " toffmftg • lug ntjupif, IIA aad ntf tw«t Oi4 out aad reiy oa enbjnrtJMj kifaar't uttaiiiAMce. •LI ^| ttaiwalad a MiffliiHiiHMt ol juakva viw raflajg} ffHffJTTli aad, un- dtscipbasd mMrtitmt *** w arhnri tit Wp w iKBBw^W WF J^w I^WW fw |»wV aad It fay* don't get ctruna - psrtad It says you slM» only «ttfe your own wife It says jrott **'l 4» what you "waat," you do «h*t mi "ouiipU," and for ItoMf. iMMaa atajsjEMBfiii are woaitMtinHl V to oibjf words, M gal rah boo* ware basil U**A** miM W. hsmiur, d *fwJ9 tfiH fUBJjtii TO tyirt hsiBttif hf t ^pW*JP flPJV •JPj^y'

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