Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 20, 1955 · Page 14
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 14

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1955
Page 14
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The Dixon Evening Telegraph Puce 14 Friday, May 20, 1955 Hoover Says Billions Can Be Saved NEW YORK t3P) — Former President Herbert Hoover says his commission recommendations will show how to save taxpayers six hilHor dollars and enable the Fed eral Treasury to recoup another seven billions. Hoover spoke Thursday night be fore the 39th annual meeting of the National Industrial Conference Board. Hoover, head of the Commissior on Organization of the Executivt Branch of the Government, said his proposed savings were based on "elimination of waste and not on strangulation of defense 01 lie welfare " lrRRCHIVE® . It's Simple, Judge Proves BOSTON (3t— After seven days of trial and four hours of delibeiti- tioti, a federal court ]ury asked Thursday, "Who's the defendant? The jury reported it couldn't de cide whether Guy's Super Service Garage, Inc., or Guy R Pez znola, its treasuier. vas the defendant in a tax evasion case. Judge Francis J. W. Ford sug- ssted that " a simple reading of the indictment should provide the iswer." It did. The jury convicted Pezznola on the charge of evading 50.^16 in taxes for the years 19-45 and 1949. Sentence was deferred pending ap- povon VlilljoT ioHai-5 could be returned to the Treasury through liquidation of go\ernme agencies ard functions v. h 1 • "compete \wih pnvate business. He predicted TO per cent of the commission's new recommenda tions will be put into effect GLASSES ALL ONE PRICE . TO ALL $Q50 COMPLI ONE PRICE • Over 100 frames, colors and stjles from which to choose • Any power lense«>. white or tinted, single vision or kryptok bifocals 110 I FIRST ST. PHONE 4-0681 DIXON Open Friday Evenings Till 9 p. in. ISE IT JUT ONCE... LASTS 200,000 MILES! ■5? NOW! POSITIVE PROOF! BY LATEST ATOMIC RESEARCH METHODS: TRACER TESTS USING RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES Here's How Motahy Works . . . While you Drive! L Simply drop four Motaioy 2. In drivmq. 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Motaioy of Illinois A* U\)\\%f9 98 Galena Ave. — Dixon, III. ^™^*?7*4'f (fer mformerioa m qn— <ity pare))****, check here ( J WANTED • full time and part time Wide Open Spaces 1 and 4 Burrowinf mammal 8 The of friendship 12 Brown October — — 13 Paradise 14 Frolic 15 Not snow — sleet U Insurance company'a proportion lft Moods 20 Aside * 21Aflicr 22 Sea eaf lea 24 Serf 26 Obstacle 27 Trte fluid 30 Pure 32 Staid 34 Condiment 35 Reporters" boss 36 Dutch city 37 Knocks 39 The time is 42 Well of the facts 43 Weepy 49 Being contrite 51 Anger 52 War god of Greece 53 German king 54 An over-inflated 55 Good Queen 56 Mexican laborer 57 Oriental coin DOWN 1 You can or you - 2 Century plant I 3 End 4 Confused fight Aniwtr to Prtviout Puizlt ^^^^t^ Z £ I 5; gL £ — 5 Be m bad 23 Destroys 6 Reduce 24 homo „ 7 Ems and 25 Fish 8 Golf sand 26 Petal part 9 Greek letter 27 Suffices lOPertian prince 28 Upon 11 Put on the 29 Mere et — 41 Philistine goa 42 Bedouin 43 Existed 44 Mimics 46 Within (prefix) 47 to kill 48 Man"s name 17 Wandered 33 More dreadful 50 The of 19 The ot 38 Small the morning business 40 rehearsal to you i — n r Jm~ 5 — % 17 l~J—T\ T T IP — " " 1? m |ig |iw — ipr* WW % "*L~Z—~- 55 1 1 1 1 Mill F 1 L COOTIE STAG for MEN ONLY j Friday Night, May 20, 1955 | 8:00 -Games -- Entertainment Food g Th« drawing will be held for the Boat, Motor and Boat Trailer on this date. Pleaso eome to the— = V. F. W. HALL = 607'/2 DEPOT AVENUE DIXON, ILL = MERCURY'S EXCLUSIVE STANDOUT STYLING Stratton Has Praise For Morey URBAN A. 111. <¥> — Gov. Stratton headed a list of dignitaries who Thursday night honored Dr. Lloyd Morev, ietmng University of Illi nois president. Morev. 69, retires Sept. 1. Dr. David Dodds Henry, executive vice chancellor of New York University, his successor Stratton and 21 other speakers praised Morey as an administrator and neighbor at a dinner attended by 500 persons. Morey plans to reside in adjoining Champaign. "This dinner is a small sample of the esteem and regard which D:. Moiev is held in this slate and country," Stratton said, add- ' Piesident Mui - MO! st: engthen the riete: Legislatuie anc1. the individual i of the Lduate dmsion of the university Chicago Community Dinner !"ne dinner was given bv the com-imt\ although guests included Here's why: shared bv no other car on the road. You don't have to look twice to tell it's a Mercury. MERCURY OUTPERFORMS THEM All thanks to new super-torque V-8 engine— 1S8 horsepower in the Custom and Monterey series. 198 horsepower in the Montclairs. You get super-power %vhere you need it— from getaway to superhighway limits. 3. 4. fflERCURY I Sullivan's "TOAST OF THE TOWN," Sun IIIWIIIiUIII Sullivan's "TOAST OF THE TOWN," She Strikes Against Union P1TTSFIELD. Mass. LP — Mrs John H. Callahan sa\s sne"s or ike today against Lov.ul CTC ei national Union of Electnca: Woikcis, for "unfair labor piai. Mrs. Callahan i-oiker in the local s Inaugurate Eureka College President ELKEKA. Iu. lT>— La W La. ton will be inaugurated 20th p; eent of Eureka College at cere r"es cn the 100-% ear old campus May 22 Kenneth G. Patrick, managi • the Ge: Elect! ic Co.. will be th. to meet adequately th problems of jjiimcipal speakei. The Rev. Euast higher education. His peisistence jwwe, pastor the Country Club and his calm way of educating us Christian Church in Kansas City, has been of great value in making |Mo , will be master of ceiemonips. Illinois a leadet in education" I v-. , apc^ton wa<, nas'or of the Henning Larsei ost. said Moiey's three major omphshments weie- (11 establish-ig peace betw een the university nd the lest of the state. '2) cam-aignmg for higher salaues tor teachers: <3> bnrging ■ back on the track" he plan :or an under- P10 "ITaik A\enup Christian Church < v York City for 15 \ea:s. othet educators and state officials A 1911 graduate of Illinois Moi-ey took o\er tne presidencv two vears ago succeeding George D. Stoddard. Morey had been connected with university since his sriad-uation in the capacity of bookkeeper, comptroller and professor of accounting MOOSE LODGE • DANCE • Every Saturday Night, 9 to 12 —This Week— ROCK RIVER RAMBLERS Members ond Attocrote Guests Only Mercury sales are 9^ \* niYHKl MERCURY'S HIGH TRADE-IN VALUE 1 RADIO ! FKIDAY AFTERNOON 3:00 WON — News: Nightingale WLS-News: Barn Dance V, MAQ— Backstage Wife WBBM— Rune Does Pay WJJD— News: music S-15 WMAQ— Stella Dallas 3 25 WLS— Bcttv Ciocker 3.?0 WGN— Earl Nightingale WMAQ— Widriei Brown WBBM— Gold Coast WLS— News: Barn Dance WCFL— Scoreboard 3 -45 W MAQ— Woman in My House WCFL— Maun Carter 4:00 WGN— New?: S. Dowell Judge Rules Youth Can Waive Wealth NEW YORK '.?) — A judge ha: upheld the right of a Yale Urn \ ersity student to renounce a $400. 000 inheritance from his father. The student, Eugene F. Suter Ji.. 22, became involved in con. action brought by two lawyei d as trustees of the father ; The attorneys contended that if young Suter did not accept the money it would destroy the Uust. The father d-ed m 1943 and set d a tiust fund. When the son ;came 21 m 1953. he recehed i accumulated income of S36.000. apers m the case showed he ga\ e awav, including an 411.000 do-ation to the American Friends ervice Company and $5,000 to the Socialist party. :er wrote the trustees last . "I am about to renounce my claim to my father's estate for moral and political reasons." In Surrogate's Court Thursdav, Suirogate William T. Collin* ruled that Suter s ' insistance that as a heeMom of choice, ne cannot be yoked by this inheritance against his will, is supported by law." Up to the Minute CLINTONVILLE. Wis. LR— The Clmtonville High School graduating class is right up to the minute. The students' choice for class colors: charcoal and pink. 2. is si For years Mercury has consistently led its field in high resale value. And smart car-buyers know this is an important point when you consider the over-all cost of your car. MERCURY'S PRICE-TAG >r Ih* M.f< Optional equipmei faciory installed a IT PAYS TO OWN A FOR FUTURE STYLING, SUPER POWER $2094.00 Stdan pictur.d obov.. Don't miss the big television hit, Ed Sunday exening, 7:00 to 8:00 p. m., SUtlon WHBF, Channel 4 HERZOG MERCURY SALES 414 FIRST STREET, DIXON IVRRM — Paul Gibson WMAQ— Just Plain Bill WLS — Jack Stilwill WIND— News: Goodman 4:15 WMAQ -Lorenzo Jones 4.30 WGN— Buckhouse-Simon WMAQ— Hotel for Pets WBBM— Paul Gibson WIND— News; Spotlight WCKL-News: Martv 1 :35 WBBM— Fahey Fhnui 4;45 WMAQ— Wed Howard WBBM— Shopping with the Missus 4:55 WGN— News-5:00 V.'GN— Saxie Dowell WBBM— Jackson, news WLS— Jack Stilwill WCFL— News; Barnes WIND— News; Commuter WJJD— New s : records 5 15 WBBM— Harrington, new* WMAQ— Wed Howard 5 30 WGN— Bill Evans Show WBBM— Paul Gibson VRRM — Thomas, news WMAQ— Georce Stone 5 50 WON— Spoks Time 5 55 WGN— Newscast EVENING 8:00 WGN — Fulton Lewis Jr. WM\Q— Ale.x Dreier WLS— John Vandercook WIND— News- music WCFL — Bob Elson 6-15 WGN— L Nichols news WMAQ— Joe Wilson 6.20 WMAQ— Wed Howard 6 25 WON-Today's Business WLS— Market summarv WBBM — Paul Gibson 6:30 WON' — Gabriel Heatter l.s i -one Kanser WBBM— WM \Q— Beattv fi in \vi;.\ WBBM-Julian b-.T.:i»v WMAQ— One Man's Family 6 5S WLS-News 7 00 WGN— Counter Spv WBBM— Godr>e\ Disrest WMAQ— Dinah Shore WLS— Farm World Todav WCFL— Pan Americana "■15 WMAO— Frank Suiatra 7 25 WBBM— News 7.30 WGN — "1 Was a Communist foi the FBI ' WMAQ— Da\ e Ganwav WLS — Ha\ en of Res-WBBM— Boston Buckie \\CFL— The Lineup 7-40 WCFL— The Dugout 7- i5 WCFL— Sox -is Kansas City S.00 WGN— Nows ^"MAO— Dave Garroway WBBM — Fei rv Cmnn \VLS-Spinning th'e Tops ^\1ND— News: records 8 - as WGN 720 Club g-15 WBBM— Bin? Crosbv S:30 WGN— Rivemew Fimb'me WMAO— Dave Garroway n Andv r the Too9 g-45 WIND— Dugout Chatter S:5j WIND— Cub? vs. M:w!aukei WBBM — News 9.00 WGN— News Big Ten WBBM— News: J. Brady WMAQ— Boxing WLS— Morgan news 9-05 WGN— Your Big 10 9-15 WLS— Jack Sni.lvell 9:30 WMAQ — This I Like WBBM— Tennessee Ernie 9.45 WMAQ— J Hoitman news in; no wov-News: S Dowell WBBM— Harrington news V^LAQ— Howard Miller WLS— World Tomorrow WCFL— Evening Serenade 10.30 WGN— News W^BM— Edward R Murrow WLS-Jack Stillwell WMAO — Barrv. sr.orts 10:35 WGN— Norman Ros= wiiAU— Howard Mi er 10-45 WBBM— Ton> Weitzel 11.00 WGN— News'. Tops m Sport* WMAQ— Huribut, news WCFL Morgai WIND — New s : Lombardo 11:15 WGN— Buddv B'ack \vmaq — Jack Eigen WBBM— Sweet Must WCFL — Music You Liks 11:30 WGN— Buddy Black wiN l> — zn e ws ; m u si c WBBM.— Araeon 11 .53 WBBM — This I Believe • 12:00 WGN— News: Daddy-0 vvBtJM— Music 'til Dawn HERTZ |^r^ t Ki-car _ 12-02211 DANIEL BROTHERS 908 S. Lincoln A\e.. 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