The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 1, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1916
Page 4
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\ THE CHILLICOTHE WEEKLY CONSTITUTION WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1, 1916. flL CONTEST The Senatorship is of almost equal importance to the Presidency. President AVilson could have accomplished little or nothing without the support of the Senate and Congress. If a hostile Senate be returned his hands in the net four years will be tied in many ways. The record of Senator James A. Reed is an open book. For the last six years he has ably represented and eloquenty expounded in the Senate the principles of Democracy. Little is known to the people of Walter S. Dickey, the Republican nominee. He has never held office, but his public ideals are set forth in the Republican State Campaign Book, in which it is stated at (pages 10 and 11:) "Those who knew Senator Mark Hana in the days of his dominance believe that Mr. Dickey has many of that great political chieftain's masterful characteristics as a political organizer, and will likewise demonstrate in the Senate hig splendid capacity for legislative leadership." For many years Mr. Dickey has been engaged in business undertakings of magnitude: has accumulated a vast fortune, and is rated as many times a millionaire. Republicans Nominate Only Millionaires for the Senate. As Mr. Dickey has no record of public service, and as he has demonstrated none of the usual attributes of a statesman, it ia fair to say that his only qualification which commended him to the Republican Party as its candidate was his great wealth. In norni- I nating him that Party has but followed its custom of thirty years ia Missouri of nominating for the Senate a mere money-bag. _ Millionaire Kerens. I For a long: time millionaire R. C. Kerens of St. Louis was the i financial angel of the Missouri'T^cpublican Party, and with, recurring regularity he was given the nomination to the Senate · ! 1 Millionaire Niedringhaus. In 1904. however, at a time when the Republicans controlled the Legislature, another milionaire, Thos. K. Niedringhaus of St. Louis ·wrested from his fellow millionaire, Mr. Kerens, the Republican nomination. Some of the followers of the millions of Kerens refused to abide the caucus nomination of Mr/ Niedringhaus, and in consequence the Legislature deadlocked on the election of a Senator until the closing hour, of the session when Major William Warner, -whose capacity and Party service had entitled him from the start to the nomination, was elected. ' : Millionaire Dickey. Returning to its custom the Republican Party now presents millionaire Dickey as its candidate for the Senate. The Dickey Clay Pipe Company, of which candidate Dickey is practically the sole owner, was a member of the American Manufacturers Association, an incorporated lobby maintained for the purpose of controlling legislation at Washington. The exposures made by the notorious Mulhall before the lobby committee' of the Senate, of which Senator James A. Reed was the head, resulted in the expulsion of the lobby from Washington, and a dissolution of the Association.- Missouri is now presented with the disgraceful spectacle of a i member of that lobby association contesting for the seat of Senator j Reed, the man who played so important a part in destroying the lobby. Mr. Dickey is a reactionary Republican of the old stand-pat ·chool. If elected he will at once align himself with such men as Boies Penrose, Reed Smoot, and Henry Cabot Lodge. He would never be found voting with LaFollette, Cummins, Kenyon and other Republicans of liberal views. He would be known as a mere millionaire member of the Senate; his voice not heard in debate. He could always be depended , upon to vote in the interest of aggregated wealth. Senator Reed has demonstrated hU legislative capacity; he received the thanks and commendation of President Wilson for his work in the framing of the Federal Reserve Bank Act; he exposed the lobby; he was selected by his colleagues to make the principle argument on the Shipping Bill; he was in the lead in the fight for ^ all beneficial labor legislation ; he assisted in preventing the strike j which would have been as disastrous as war; he has been on the ·ide oi the people in all of the remedial legislation enacted during the administration of President Witeon. ' Missourians, Irrespective of party, should not«te In th« «mte« between Senator Reed «nd X*. Dickey. --Change' of Day-- 18th Year Here Reliability. 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Miss Minnie Slater s p e n t the holidays witk .her friend, Miss Florence Thompson. - . | Messrs. Ray Hornecker, Robert Piter, Archie Cox, Harry Marlow, Herbert Williams, all m o t o r e d to Laredo last Sunday ill the 'Marlow car. Mrs. Jennie Slater is spending n. few days w i t h the George Kriner family. Miss Irene K r i n e r is spending thj week with Miss Minnie Slater. The revival meeting at Chula was well attended Saturday night. Bro. Glenn is holding a revival ' I meeting at Centenary church. | Alan Thompson and Gleim Cloudiv- j spent Sunday evening in Farmersville. . j There is no change in the c o n d i - tion oi L'awrence U h r a m a c h e r . Mrs. Win. U h r a m a c h e r is visiting her parents i n ' L i n c o l n , Neb. Mrs_ -.Lloyd Littrel] is v i s i t i n g her parents Mr. and Mrs. L. U h r m u e h c r . J u l u m ' T h o m p s o n - a n d family \\-ere shopping in Cliul;i.' Saturday. The Domestic Science clnb vvas en- t e r t a i n e d by Mrs. Hopei- last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. W i l l i a m s and i ' a m i l y wore shoppers in C h i l l i c o t h e Monday. Tho D e m o c r a t i c speaking which was held in Sturges Thursday night I was heard by a large audience | There was q u i t e a few f r o m t l i i s j part of the neighborhood attended church, at C h n l a Saturday night. Deiil'nes^ Cannot I5e Cured. by local a p p l i c a t i o n s , as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constU-irtionai remedies. Doafness is caused by an inflamed c o n d i t i o n of the mucous lin_ ing of the Eustachiau'Tube. 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