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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, May 21, 1859
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THE MILWAUKEE RDAY MORNING, MAY 21, 1859, XL THE DAILY NWS. NEWS. ^ SHAKPSTBIN <fc JLATHKOP. *. BHAararsnr -_^-j^— stain. LAIBMP. Daily Paper, publlahed erery morning, except Monday Tri-WetM* Paper,Monday, W*dr.eida|r «B. VrUww. t\ ei-kly Paper, erery Tuesday morning. CEBMB Or DAILY TOOL 0*11* Paper for orw^car,9ayaUelB«awaaM....«t,M Tri-Weekly Paper for one year, payable In idrBQce.fM TERMS OP THE WIEEKIY PAPER. ' ' WeeUy Paper tor one year, payable In advancer. KATES OF ADVERTISING do. Sdayi.. do. 8 days . do. 4 dap . do. s dan.. do. do. do. .S1.00 IS .. e,W 1 'do. imonthi.."lo;oo 1 do. 6month*.. UJM 1 So. 4moBlbJ.. 1B# 1 dp. 8 month... 16,00 1 do. Jmonttu.~SO.00 1 do. lyear, ~R ,o u nd s & JL a n g: d o n , ; ADVPItTISING AGENTS. IAA Randolph Street, ore MOorim/ (o rw- ceijjc AdvtrtitantnU for fU» and aO tk» Leading Paptrt of ihf Sorttaettt, and are On OUT and «». Ou Jtortbet*jbr a mtrt 1*»M, fed thither b? th*fr tow tf rk-ha. and • desiseto acqojra sadden wealth,taa the pi*. t«rethsgr presentof that greatest «f all hhm- bogs, is truly deplorable for mouths thV western Bute* hare been snfteriag * steady •Ad rapid drain of mem and mosey, thousands of o«r best, because producing «lti»ens,'iea» iBgereiythiag behind, to try their fortune in tUs tins* Eldorado. Ti»«eU€«i««wj.s«*. ten vp b/the Kansas Milwaukee, p.m DOVOltOkV—»PaTOUl JUUTMO. was read a third time and passed. lejlor Bnentog offa^ t be following OtTY ADVERTISEMENTS. M'MHKK -200 Cur CoartaoLLca's Oin a i Cootrict Department, Milwaukee, May 20, -59 f T H8 following Is a ichfdu'e of lots, parti of I i. Mid parcels »f Isml in th- 8rrt Ward, of ih e City o( Absent—Councilors Bnsaok and Johnston. Th« Cb*lr said that the meeting w«a called right well hare the/ j V* Uke * btl011 OD the l ^ x)rt °"be harbor com- Conncllor Vogel oflered, the following [lution: i e illiirauke*., that will he brnefltted 10 ihe amoont .,, each by constructing a stwer through Mock JUHV McORATH. raANGIS JlcCOHMICg, Street Comml-slonen. Block t'ti 11 T ate cost U.I. 19 of K 85 of \V 12,00 false aooonnts of gold _ there, and fanned the dame of diaeow , beanda Conro for dredgii o kee rlTer, and completing the 4th seotioa -of j the Straight Oat Harbor. Which report had been presented to the Board of Cannelloni on the 16tb *• * M and others wad Mid read the lying letters from Pike's IT 1 * " * ele ° t °° minUte *' • on >P°-*»'of Coni^ Peak, till the desire tor wealth has m«Iethem f 0 " took * ood - Tesoh ™* Bosebeok, for) the Controller, i correct by " OWt!d a " d c - ^ City Clerk * of " of m! - CL08ITELT majority qftkem. IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. TO BE IBT B7 '!•«.» A SU THE •rT^Tir?==&"E5;-rHHi Now the and .cattle were disposed offer half their val- TUB Ci * k read the '"P 0 * 1 . which repiesent as. Bon* ftmrtture, heir loomr for ^ra * ^ tbe oon " n1tte «- fr°«> »'*r a carefal . ,^ x ,„„ , tiona, giren »wa.. Home-pleaawt home, «»f n!ltl ««, *tat there was doe to Messrs. family i. o«r of th.t littl vith ita »».,..•«.._ .3 — J . ' I HkBflMlnAl.. 0. «_J ^» .... I - 18,82 H,«0 In.'ftJ •i.M «.66 , Comptroller. behind. M. M. POKIBOI, H>1TOK. il Record, for Hay, IBM kept by C. B. GARDINER 4 CO., DruffUU, 1» Bprinj •treat. nnuroiOTn. Sa. n. 8».«. tr.u. 60oa, 54 = 1 640, Father. "£?"* ^^ ^1^^$^,!^ ^^l^"" 1 |*T ""' '^ " "" •»"• bu < — "^ Fathers and sons, mothers and ,. ... S 3 ".^ «*, «uJ were of opinion "or Is ever likely to lir« in that Pa, danghters, husbands and wires, with « d . * " me oa * ht to ** P"* « onoe, for 1 forgot to MI withqnt families, have left, sold ill |h v could | w _™ ch J mi ? 1M « *•»/ recommended tbe adop- j and tore and I wlLandgirenawaythebalMceoftbel "* -«oluUo B [ported in the proceed- will prevail.! I SHKEIM SAMS—The Dodge Conntj has forty seven sheriff aaleg advertised in n DouotAi Goisq SOJJTH.—Hon. Stephen A. I>onglag left New York for New Orleans Uit Toesdar night. very strong and ~ ~" —~" e."*"**, i trt^m f «L n A » ^i ~ i ~ "i ~ *^ Wright and will Bravall — bidden adieu tt> Dleia9iint«r KA«no« «a. I ^^8^ or me jyoara of. vtfnnouors OD the 18th I Bnt at all iro&nk) r will erer behold afaln, and faUovud*this ig' l^**" 3 Whirf> direoted the If8ne lo Hasbronok ' "tall not 'resign. I s'hTti ' npl fliBoh"*^ Bis fatnns tfcat has led them on U. povertT ro ^ trea8OI 7 warrants to the amount w al <l destroy the Church It is u h» r d ' "^ *' I fi<Kk *>*v« nfi *a «&»•» • I- *„!» • .. . . ... es- slcknesi, starration, mwery, rwnorw andll * 20 ' 254 ^ M P 4 ? 1 "^ '" f"" for the naid death. Homes and friends, where once peace tin " lea ' and that their oontracts for th« ooo- and plenty dwelt, are now .ifent and deserted * tro< * ioq of the 4Ul ««««« °' the Straight *'** c »« I tint Mn»l*«-i l^. -._»-__li a gardeas woman'. kinand ' « ^ has an anction sale this morning at 10 o'clock, of Horses, Wagon, and Barnes*, and a general lot of household furniture. loring l»Dd had reared choice plants and , flower,, w this spring wild tc weeds J±J °°« ll " iU9 ?' ^ and other weed. .« being woven for those who , t "! one. lov«l .„ .l._™T b0be °k and Tesoh. bjr ih * harbor aod : Con »««^ N°y«, «o. BUd L ° ekw0od once loved to walk npon these pleasant places. Tbe cflcket oUirps many a diserted ieaHU from one end of Wis- last Sanborn.editor of tbe Ctntral Wi»- \ "" WH * W * ck ' », published at Wansan, Marathon oonn- W ° rda> " ld writt * n ty, called on u» yesterday. H. Is in town for ' Iooked for material to refit and re-farnUli his office. ore border. less and Mother h»ad than they owners find something to oontented to let _ CT , c Interest them in the tri-dail, report of the Othew are r^turnin. Wltl/3 nf S-lr>I«. • WIT % • . . . I —. __ »* Many have ret ttrae( i from this last wild goo«e chase, wiser, sadder s^-d rind at this porL afte „,,.,. !„ . We shall keep it U p h«. Pike's Peak, and rtartej home sick ' hare visited we destitnte M d dying, thousands of ll'ui. hil , OH, DKOBT.—We are surprised that palent friend of the Berlin Democrat ^oogh of a soldier to follow where we lead 15th, eh? knows who! Once are wearily ,J DW ]J begging and dragging their way bvk to the Mends th.r I W. behind. Hundreds are left b . the road- The Chair pat thaquertion on aduptin^ the report and resolution. Which was carried by th« following rote: Ayes-Councilor. Ao«r, Btieniog, Uerzer, HeiBemanii, Ha-dtaj, Krwg.r, Lockwood MoCormic., McOratb, N O y«, aueokertt, Sohulto, Tesch and Vogel. Noes—Bonn Couaeilcr Look wood, from th« judiciary committee, to whom was referred the bill of cost* of J R Doolittle, in lbe L. 8 Snpreme Court, in the suit of Dean Richmond vs. tbe Citf of Milwaukee, amounting to fS06, teport- •-n io favor of allowing the name. Which report was adopted l,y au nnanlmo«s vote. H«, In appearance, but easy in reality Jifftil «r out lyuar,. o»4 / wiil conquer / c Bwt«r an' Mast-r of th.' pogjiion, and w keep It i'ourn, iaitUfully. RICHMONU. Ht-otor. NOT1CK. CITT CIXPTB LLiK'iOrric! Coot, .ct Department, May 2D, 1S63. "r 11 ^ " * ich '" 11 "' «' '««•, P«« ..f lot, ftbat* nuisance therM.r, EJU.-ST ueazea i;nauK» BCSACK Lof la ffh«rtuao*M Aildltlart. ; Co«H of fll- oo., Hng at 87 '\ Block Lut ct«. a Td. Block '•? 9 31 Vs 4-' s 1 402 in «a COMMERCIAL orn'CK or TUB DAH r Mjwd Wllwaokee. May 20. 1169. ' f Monrram-EjuhaDja icarc« in.l itlll » ,,„ JOTt . Currency itlll «.-«rce; the baol,.. ho»«v ?r , » re ,bi u i, •upply the Jemai l Vrelghti— Tbe Prupe.ler f,t« Stato. at ,|,« Norib^ri, Tranjpntaiiof, c.i ,tjkes 1,28« titil» ~j< It ,nr i.. llulfalu for ISo. This loc gu,, thr. ugh t,, New Vork r,, ,i, r -i V Central R. u., (ofjac Th _. Scllr Wl.l,an, ,.•«.« charlrred to tiae .heat to Klngltou for 3-4 No ira,.acllol»ln do,.r on .hanui- t., ,| • v Buy-r, eapecilng a further .I-,-,,,,,., ln ,, ^ ;Jir> rB/u<lni( . In wheat r , ., ,, r , 1(it)i|D|f lr4ri . I>)r ,. 1 - , ^ ^ | ^ choice wl, M 41 1>) i,, th , m ,, la :lllii . ruln< '.'- rn — 6G>) bm t i sfl 4Ii j «£y it ^ O-.ti— 41 0 hu> 4: M 'Vlllwauucr U I IO |* .alt, »jark..|. Flour—no .aifj- pncei nominally at ii^s".; iuyeri offerlo,; d J,) bm h.jlden re fa*. .31 than 7 , No 1 uninspected. Salo Wl) hu. Mariji S«! Oan—lower an,I .lull; 400 ht< i.. j ,[ v Rje->carce ai 1,00©!,ISI arlsy—o.j lales, n.mlali i. ,j Ml^nw:n«*—lo lower. ,nltf« 1^ ',1... ., < nformtfd y— •.-r<l:i v ,tr -tabngii i at- n Po — tilgh. img at 37 ij ct». a yd 912,,» Pot«toe9- la ijood lupplj at Butter— lu«-r inu pi- nly O .SI B»~T u , would tell shall be glad to visit tbe M-nomonw. and talk of politics and old Pennsylvania. AUo, d«li. cately hint that our reputation ua«, it ^ tn s oauaed other tb.n a fcir /W,,,,, n,^,, tu ,^\ anxious to show us attention. In wail for a ".sW- a9 jj,. 8i'a."_W H wish Col Kobinsoni tbatBomeoftnes, days w- I W, 3-20.62 416.22 1 J«,t)9 >\ 335,4t SH.4-1 « 6.4 1M.16V 89(1. « S .HIJ.l!) K. vii ITAKI,I\LH. A U^nnan woman, living n^sr Oim-iu. nati, recently lianged h«raelf to a bed- When she „-»<, flrst aiscovered, b-r pi atill beating Or CocKSE-The MadUon Aryu, gay. o f \ riAe *° 8nffer fr<>B><*««« e and Uarvrton where « large fat ox, he will turn ont some one sir- * ild with ^elWotn, they die. expect sir-loin from him. FOB loin B«i Dg a male ^^ we sboa)d MtBr . "«•' Still others start for Pike's Peak wil- .11. —, ..-. ,-... ... ' liaag u, Uke the oh^e,. We ^ ^^ from the first that It was . hombtag; that Gold utntlliM, ^nld not *xi 3 t there, but wait till reliable information conld »a, have too often fell unheeded. Many siting (or Odlags from part of lot nwn game of billiards for g800. The game to U played in Racine or Milwaukee ' W<fe — — — I -, B '*" •••I " *TP1 SciciDa.-A woman by the name of Lati- ^ ° ne she lo ™' wil1 never more hear from «««•, living near Foi Lak«, committed snicid* hlm ' bnt must oo "t«nt herself with a life of U taking poison one day last week. No oanse Ubor « nd lonel y wifcry There i.» D i,ouor is assigned. ' '- '- ' homes andthos-5 we k>ve, D D r.- , "wrc, uul DOHe 1O d »ASB BALL—Eight men from Eandolph, the roadside in western wilds »-h(l»»n' beat twelve Fo, Lake men a, a game of ha.,,' L«e for wealth. Th. ,o» ' and then took a Jnp supper at the expense of " tbe Fox Lakers, the other day. :—The Milwaukee Musical Society gave another of their charming entertainments at Albany Hall, last night, to a good house.— Lovers of good mnsio mis§ twice the price of admission by not attending. We have recwived the first number of a new paper from Colombns, Ohio, called the feople>i Press. It is published weekly by J. Birney Marshall, and advocates the nomination of Stephen A. Douglas for President. BOCK BBBB..—At the Menomonee Hall, Pe- wr Endres & Co , are dispensing the real, genuine Bock Beer, rich and palatable enough to canse a man to get up in the night to drink it Those who love Bock Beer wfll find Peter's just the place to get it. EA&J.T CLOSIKG or BAJIKS.—The Bank Cln-ke of this oily are making an effort to have the business hours of the bank, changed, so as to embrace tbe time from 10 A. M to 8 P. M , the same as in New Fork city. We can see no reason why their reque« should not be granted. battle, fightiag for our >e In dying by rf|» on* blind . «» oar State has Urge. Ihoaaands of horses and cattle have been driren beyond the kississippi De v- er mor, to retnru. ThotMand, open thoosan*, of dollars worth of wagons and fumitare. have been abandoned by the roadrid., hu o d- reds of miles away. M ore than , m[llioD rf dollars have been taken fr(Bn tbl. Bute and sqnandered-ni, one knows where. Men that we needed to help gather oor promising to be abundant harvest, are and wffl be rotting on the plains of Kansas, while the grain witl be rotting on the prairies of Wiscons they go. Parties that left hefe three ago, return minus half tteir number, and but little have they to say. 8t«l others 90. Reports begin to come back spesking in plain terms of this humbug, bnt nothing short of death will satisfy hnadrediyet. MoQralh parted a petition from R. Basu-el and W Kemp, praying for a romiasion of tbe tax for 1857 *n a part ol 7, block 83, Third Ward, the building th. being used for an Episcopal Church. Referred to tbe committee on taxen Councilor Hayden presented a petition from Theodore B. Koetting and other lot own*™, fronting on Washington street, Walker's Point Addition, Eighth Wart), a tt d another from Swibert, fl«lt, and otl.ers, o post — puls.- iva.q to Ihe trjinute. A liv- was about to cut her dowL, t. ul a L, og . ! of a policeman wl, 0 wa a present threat- ,' him wild arr«,t If he touch-.! !.„. ^. ' e.,if I,, flu. * H JOHN r.i.N J H TE.»i:u. th. Coroner was a. han- When the Coroner Sc, ,l w bun came she was dead. g and ' oiscured among ,lge waiters at th* Even-it. Hc.u They demanded the dinc-Lar^ of tl er, refeising al ao to allow thr next ing or, j u t | lH of lots front. ddil|oll Still months graying lliat the aaid atreet.-i and siifewkll (iti front of certain l.lo walks plankml. Beferwd to tht .oral i Ward. Councilor Au. H., asking permiMi ming sohooi on lot •! above tl. 0 Milwaukee river. I be graded and sido the Sighth 'P a 8WIUJ- oc the on; this St. Loui.^ — f head wait- u>eal ii, £„ dinner time; tb- proprietor K •« II r na .1 H i ,<,-i pc . smiled upon, caused them to had carried tha d y. -.upermtede.! himself, kwpinj; the h*ad waiter way. and everything went 'on most , Dinner ended, |l,e miitinou.. sertanu -d on* by one i»uo lh e L'i.-rk -. ,,ffi,.. iuj iguonnniou>ly tip-lie.) f r ,, u , ,1,, 1>IOCE3A» I'OM I«TI MkWAUKEE c rs HA in. un to ke paid ofl opal Church in th- W^t..,,, 8;al ,, 8 n(ji , --Colwnbn., Jane 2 KrBtucky -Loui^.li, May 25 . Indiana— ludianapoli.., J un , I Hii. DO*a^-Chica,io Sept 21 Mlchiean-lMroM June U lo»a~Da7enport May 2.1 , Wj»,. on . •in—Fond du Lao. Junes. .Mis S oar,--br,,, n ville, M»T 17. t.y r.iHK Bckared to tbe local committee of the Sixth Ward. Councilor McGrath printed a communication frotn the CUi«f Kn g iu«-r of the Fire Department, in riling the Cotumon CoanoUloat Bo1 KILL *I> —Lai- v-sierdu^ tend the review of the Bre department in front of ths N»«baH HOOM on Monday, ib e 23 fl inrt., at one o'clock p. m. Tho Chair prwented the following conjwu- nication from tbe Controller : COHOBBSSIOHAI, IlTT«mT»»TIOB ATKD—KBHTOK COUJTTT An. RIOHT.—The democracy of Kenton conniy, Kentucky, Uid on the table at their recent convention re.o- lutions in favor of congressional intervention on slavery in the territories. They are down on that doctrine in Kentucky. KNOWLEDGE or GEOGRAPHY.—The Sdin burg Review, for April, notices "tb« speech of Hon. James n Hammond, delivered at Barn. rk, in October last." We shall soon hare a startling item for our reader, from the Miaaissippi. Tfcere »re two great opposition line, of boat, mnnfeg from St. Paul to Prairie du Chien, and every time these boats come in sight of each othe? there is a competition of speed at onoe entered upon. We eannot tell the day or hoar whn, a steamboat will blow 8p o» bun, up with a low of any nnmbwor lives, but we are certain it will in a short time. CITY COMPTEOLUB'S OFFICE ; Fiaanoe Depanment, Milwaukee May 1» ) 7« the Mayor and Common Council Gentlemen :-I herewith retnrn for cancellation, gnndry orders, aa follows. The same naving been entered on the books of to^he credit of the City Treasurer 823,635 80 2S,'765 06 42.0J7 71 d ™ ft «. Git OTde Treasury warrants. Interest on warrants, well Court]I Onr Edinburg friends will hereafter remembe that LViu,ell Conrl House, where tbe speech was delivered, U in South Carolina, not in New Tork. :t is stated that Louis Napoleon haa spent 710,000,OpO francs, or about one hundred and forty-two millions of dollar*, in 1m- proving the city of Paris, since his accession, and 'hat he proposes shortly to spend 1,357,760,000 francs more, so that before long the present Emperor will hare expended over four hundred and thirteen millions of dollar. In b notifying that city. TH» S»i2n«B or ESOWSH GOODS.—The oase of the Belrure, by the Custom House In- specters, of some English goo ds on their way to the Bed River country, was adjusted Thnrs- day, to tbe satisfastlon of all parties, by a telegraph received from the Secretary of the Treasury, permitting the goods to go forward to their destination, and they were sent on immediately AnafentoftheMil. 4 Miss. Railroad is now on his way to Washington to make ap- rangwnents for the future transit of such goods over this road without coy delay. $102,005 43 your o^t. tjerv't, E. L'H. GARD.VBR, Comptroller The city ord»rs, warrants, &a., were cancelled, in presence of th. board, Councilors Hayden and Tesoh being appointed lor that purpose. Councilor Bueuing, from the committee on fire department, the Chief Engineer and the select committee, to whom was re-referreJ the resolution authorising the Controller and Chief Eogineer to purchase a bell for Hook and Lad- otber boye, fell from in, mast of ,h, srb^ner Monpariel, laid up j n th. r iv,. r hark of Wj V store, and was go badly injar,.J th>l hn-died in a afcort lime. H\i name H thon^bl i,, I- Jot,,, Ouugharty His body wa. laLei, t., th« ,1^,1 house, at the Police Station. WHKAT.—Ten thoasand banhei, of «h e al came over the Galena Ui.i^u R K., to this city In one t t ain vcalefiav a-d ' R°B h . et l.T M M P^ overl'h. i!i] w ; u k"e>! R.R. to Milwaukee. It was from .Northern' Illinois.— Ja+enill, Ti,,,,,, ]•«>. AWFUL PBESBSTiMiaT.—The clerks in the : thioagopo»t-offieu must lead an awful life, if ! all of them are frequented by socb. fearful forebodln,T3 aa th a following indicates forthoo ' D ' B ' Cook -' 1! «""**•« for the Uw post-offloe to Uke down the "ulme^'aTi ' rwSldrtices a/ thn nucierons clerks for —-' ' ' lion In that ------ ir .1 • •- p Ulment. May 19, 1-153 , • receire,! ,t , (ll , , fflc , un[|| repairing •.'"'r,- lull, f.eav,- . ,. ...,„,,,.. HuritfT—dull and Jectlm, rf 'Jaw- du 1 »ad Dumicai ,t } » e«t r r L LIVERPOOL M ( tird».l,taff ferie-ailj low-r j ,„ 0ltJ -1 » ' The WtKonii*. teoommend. the trip across the lake, and via of Detroit. t 0 bridal parties. It reasons thus : "It is a pleasant route for such parties par ticnlarly of a still moonlight, tbe scene betne such as to give food to the romantic frame of mind." " ^ It's well enqngh if yon have a nice night,, but we bare seen times when the ride acted 'the reverse: from giving food te the romantic frame, etc, A DIMOOEATIO HtAXT.-~On the occasion of the late disastrous fire in Boricon, some ten or twelve familie. were thrown ont of employ, ment, and their families left almost destitute. Hon. Charles H. Larrabee, owner of tb« new brick flooring mill, at once gave ord, rs to his clerk to supply the unfortunate men with flour till they were again in employ—to say nothing about it, and wjake no charge of it.— Several sacks were accordingly seat to the homes of the snflmra, aad instructions taft to send for more when it was w»nied. The act •peaks for itself. A WOIIAI DBOWXD a THB CA^A soots I— Yesterday forenoonj a woman, craty with drink, who had been making a disturbance in the streets, was takra np and thrust into the calaboose, This 'jnlsersJjla hole into which human b»ings are put, is a low, .damp under" "**** «« HarW house and der Co. No. 2, the price^ndudiag all charges net lo exceed *30e : and to negotiate the old bell in part payment, reported the same resolution back to the board and recommended that ft be adopted. Which resolution waa adopted by a unaui moos vote Councilor Sohnlte, from the local oomjnlttee of the Seventh Ward, to whom was referred a petition from Joseph Bradford and others, asking that tbe alley running through blosk TS.fcventh Ward, be opened, reported in fa vor of granting the prayer of tbe petitioners. Which was concurred in Councilor Burning presented a recommendation from the Street Commissioners of the Seco_d Ward for the construction of a sewer in Tamarack street, from Fifth to Sixth streets, with a resolution approving of the same Which .was adopted. Councilor MoGrath presented a oomumnica. lion from the SUeet Comml M foners of the Third Ward, in relation to certain cent—and asked him his nani "O, bedad and is that all I 1 thought i !• mn».i .... ^ . . " was more gv 7rme». i Were afiber wautlnii —cVura. NEW^ADVERTISEMENTS BOCK 1 ! BOCK ! . -AT THB- 1 1 e H o m o 11 »• A'o. 228 K<ut Water ftrt RIAY glut. SI ft D.I V. ' O re us a call Hall, l „» tM> nuisance wihr.. witn water to the depth CODHTT JCDQE.—Gov. Randall has appointed Albert Smith, ES<I., to fill the Vacancy oe- casioned by the resignation of Byron Paine as County Judge of this county. Mr, Smith is an eminent lawyer of maturu aga and great experience, and we know of no republican whose appointment wonld Lav^given better satisfaction to the public,' and we do not faror the appointment of democrats by a republican governor. , tosn, Ing 'she »« fonad rolled offthe platform thrrwt 1 .-tfnB Daily ' PtaKTOJ. KSWB VBOKTEB PIKE'S PxaKXB*. -•-Oar despatohM bring. account, of terrible destitution and Endering among th« Pike'* P«*k- mlgrante. ~ Some 20,000 men art on return, disheartened and starving. VI- ASHoriirTMFtopsu—We wonder if the following; Paiawui shot from the "Notef frotn the Plymnutli; Pnlpit," by Henry .Ward Beecher, hits anybody in all this region round about? We hope not. U. Beeoher said: , "There are Bitting before me in this oongre- gation now, two hundred men, who stuff tboir Sondays, fall of what they call, religion, and then go oat on Mondays to catch their broth* en by the throat, saying: »p a/ ^ thatthon lots in the said Ward, with a resolution appro- ring of the same. Which was adopted Councilor Sohnlte presented a recommen- i thwkthat betaus. w« sat otyhjg together yesterday orer oor Stvf oar's snBwlngs » n d lor* mm apprehended, from thrfr want of food and their feelings of re vuilge Against th«li dccdrers. - , ,. - -. , if it does rain yoBtopayitftow.'" «9» A n«w C«tbolic Church •tafl» in Bipon/ -. , * soon to b» from the 8. C. of the Seventh Ward, for the grading and gravelling of River Street in the said Ward, with a resolntion approving of the same. Which was adopted. Councilor Schnlte called from the table "An ordinance establishing a hay marl,et,and rega lating the sal. of hay in the first and seventh wards of the city of Milwaukee." The ordinance provided for the removal of the hay scale from the cornw of Blddle and Market streets, 7th ward, to block 146 in the 1st ward, and that the; charge for weighing eaoU load of bay bs "twelveand a-half cTnts." Coanellof McQrath mo,ed to strike out ths words "*nti a-half. 1 ' . • . • .. Whica was agreed to. , . The ordinance was tbeo read » thted tin* Md passed. ' ' > ,' Coancllor Lookvood called from the table "An ordinance to pWent tbe remi sand or earth, from the beach on Al'CTION VP1LL be told at Uoftd'i Auction Room., No. 4, gprinu ,', .*'•• on Sitordajr morning. May 21«t, at 10 0°,' * K°«ral mortment of housem.ld Furniture Bale poiltlre. Terms cash m *^ J. HOOD. Auctioneer. Notice to Contracfora. C1BALED propoi.1. ,| U be received until noon of tbe KJ 24th Tntt, for thegrad ng, bridfrlng and tnck-laF R n /.i™ ql i« "" oom P 1>le ">« Bacme and Mlsiliflppi Ballroad from lu preieot t«rmloa» at Dirls Station to • reeport. " Oootraetoim will be rtqalred to commence tbe work on the lit of Jane, and bom Jete the lame on or before the lit of September n«u Information concerning the amount and character of tht work to be done, may be obtained by applleation to EOBSBT HARBI8,Sup«rlntend B nt. at Baciue Propoi^i jrlll be advened to the undenlgntd, At- torneyi for the.Hortgagt« of laid roa.l, at tee, Vvi. hl and r ^'TT CiiMpTanLLKa'- urnrv Contract Department. Mil , M,y IT ISS9 I K \ LKD nrn ^ i i «.".,..j._ ^7 *.'". b ' " ' 1v "i " t^'^ "act " K- L'U. OARDISKR, Comptroller CITT CosirTBou.Ea'« Orr'ca t tract Drpartmcnl, Mil , May 17, Issu f propojali vlll be racHr*J at ihls ..fflc^ u, ondaj, M»y S8J, 10 a. « , (ur 4-Mn, lh^ I,, th Ward of lh« City ol Ml *aak«, between 6t il-eels, ru Th- streei, ,, fc |. | ,,. th , ~,.,, RECORD IH.1O. I'ort of .'111 waukee. •la> I M. l i > S " 'in'J- til M , ,, i,, ed, the lame having ordered b.y t>,« R.H , P 000 ""™' Ju <" '»• 1S-W, c neural i n b, t h, Board of Alderman, June U, ISS8, m.j 17-041 E L'H OA8UINKH, C^mplroll,, CITT Oonpra,Tij.ta'» Contract Department, Milwaukee. Urn., IS. l Racine, Maj 18,185». ; O. A. THOMS i.., T. B. BLACKBTONE, mar21-<14t Attorney!. A - r I10KSKS, WA6<V A€l W ILL be laid at Sood'i Auction Booms No 4 , £ f & g t? on 8 » ta " l »y morning, Hay 2lit, » t id »v o,k 9 Bn. n.-.. i i .-K ?r Wagon ,„/j H ' a ' « '« i. J. HOOD, Auction o'c ock, 2 fine Honea, 1 Umber Wagon and 1 Ha'rn... fale poiltive, Terra> cart. Harne,i. - i ^- «*v\/i/. jiacLinrxeer. K. L'd UARD1NEK, „ „ Orry 0 'HfTtoLUB's Ornai l Contract Department, MUwautee, May U, 1S3I) j roposal, will be received at thl. offlre, at ~ -^ " tm l *'» i"*. M ,lor RraTellm S?- P 2n'. < L D< J >f y™' •"•«« '" Hlan.l,,ton', addition, In STATIC or \\ ItOoi unilamlie SALF. S, I Circuit Ooart, Mawao ,ee Co. f marl7-d4t ' K. L'H. OAKDINEB, Uomp.roll.r. Cm Covrraou.ia'9 Orrrci, » , r.n-^ Contract Department. Hay 18, 1889 f fc EA1AD propoaals will te received at this office, un- J tl Saturday, May 2Ut, it 10a.«., for furniihlnu the city with two Scalei lor weighing Hay, Holler t" the one now In use In the Seventh Ward •naylS-dtt g. L'H. SARDINKR, Comptroller fu," between the extreme southern and nor- ihjiralisaUsoftheCityofMflwauke.. Orrr ConrrtOLUa's Orrici, I Contract Depirunent, May 18, 1SA9. ( S EALED propotali. will be received »t thlj office until Tnaday, May S4th. t at 11 A. • , for reptlring Vliet »tref t, from Hth itreet to 14th itreet. In the 2nd Ward of Milwaukee, by grading, and alio 6th itreet, from Vliet to Tamarack it.. In laid ward. mayl»-d6l G L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller OIRapIT OODBT. 1 MUwankes Ooonty, Wii. ( Magdalena Sligl. agalnili Jacob Haff. ' State of WlKJonaln, to Jacob Haff •WTOtJ are h»reby loimnoned and required to arjs »«-, n«»«»treeulnth»0l jr. . Ji-;o«e. KB.^ ^M>MM^a^«^^ beet. ffisd •lathaems. of th. O.erk if tt. OuSnCoSu rf th« Coontr of Milwaukee, at the Oily of Mll».a,»* and to serve a copy of your answer to ths laid com. plaint, on tad labscrlben at their office la nit-* within tweatj da,, .ftierth. .trrlc. of thli lummorfi* oa jon, tzcjudre of In* dajof luchiervlc.; and if y»ufalltoao«werthe«ld compla'ntwithin the tune ifornald. the pltlntlllln thli a'tinn willapplrto the Ceort for tht rellefdemanded In tht complalDt . Bated Mar,J«,18«». pl " ' BODB4PAIN8, j Plalnuri Attorney?, MIL , BBUMD8BfflT, ta.tore.tor..If. UTTON1PUKIHTOH. aoflS Sctir r'ret Detiio».r»t, Lutig, 'htitxiv HAV juth ?tbt Baltic. Bailor, Buffilo, 5iKI:,, rjI Prvp Untouagi.n, W.Uir,., Ch.,-a»o. < I F.AICr U. MAY A)t& .<.l.r rr r * Urmu^ral, Boaton. 'ireru 3l> ^-> tajt. J4 .lo pork. .' lu 1.1 n P^hr Napol«..a, Nel:«.,n. I'hica/n, ;; ffmpfy hbl. [By TeVifrapb.) 8l.-r/*L.i. \t vy Ju V-anrH jjaaalng th- Port C..|i,,rne L^-k r r ,.i u l , Cli P m., on the IStn. till 1 p m.. ,,, Uld ., mh Bound W,,i, ID,),, noa « . Jot-. Un« s, x ., 0 . s ..,, uu ,, Morning Ught, Peerle«, Elk. llali, c. g,,,. B.mnd Eut, I9-J,—Schr W a. Uinb4r . .„;„„, T.rru.lo, ichri, J^ul^, Flym S Cload, W,.n, c< , ,„ I Ing LANDS AND WATE-i POWERS. 11*0 00<t> \i Kl * Ilioicc 1'iinniiiu' i-".i Pint- 1. iml.s. I \ Vt I •,<,,-,,,., .fi AHI>I.: The 8«hr B. Cam pt>*|] uf Chlcaj-o, which hu t> th« dry dock for repairs or tha laal roitoi^ht. . ready to lake the water again ..n Uonday or Tu oeit. She Is being fltteii with a new kef I, mddc twn post, bpsldes being Ihoroujhly o»erh»uUd .n, calked. The 3chr. Schooner Sacramento, of Un» putt ha. been laying up till now.hai alao b«c repair.-.), »od will be ready for sea to-morrow LOST OTOSOASO.—The Detroit Frtt frti;* lati la j. "The mate of hePchr. J. W Sargesni, nam-d Ue, »», lost orerboard Ian Friday night on Lake St. Cln:r He leares a wife and two children In TheSchr. 9eo. Tharston, says the D,tro,. F<-** boom Prm, Wth. in coming oTer the Flat., had h, , ,,b carried away. She itopi her« to lepair t< s. u Wir«- nth. _ ollowing l» a list of Te »»el. . this port yeiterday : Bound np-Prop. Rao ne; fchr. Bucahine, Uw, Patrick Henry, Storm King B and Down -Star North Star; Prop. Buckeye Jfo- haw; barkJeKe Hoyt. Loulu, Northern Li,ht; brim Buffa o, Wm Treat; Bthoonera Mary J,,ne», Camnitton, CurtlM Mann, Mary Colllni, Qeo. Thuratan. F^ing ond, Hnbbard, Tor* St.te, Linn Boo«, Bepubik- On- rio, Echo.— &et. Fru Pru*. IMA. BUFTAU, Ma« 13-tf ,. „ Th« fpUovlnf TCTl«l« pined throu.h the Port <'ol. orn« Lock from 4 oWocfc p. B. an the IJth till i ° tul * .•clock p. m. on th» 18th. Bound, Wttt— ou ft* ITth— Bark - j-eL Bound Eai»—On the 17th— r Paragon. Oa the 13th - .u. m of Klngiton.Bay QuetaJ I' i » i; ill Wisconsin v •. -, ., , • , r • I-. I A K .VI I N A L .IQ .( A I iJVtfm. I A N I L*«es, 10 :h: "•>-• H to ln Bs*~ Th,-., *n may ^^f Jt 'I" if Nic \ »1{<H U K 'Div i v -J >\ -i . Plpn»flrt- *,(..„, Mi, , w. UMNltJUSSKS \ P \HTIE3 »uhiii,' to »nra-,. th \ (. ' K .10 purpoae ..f risum,, tin, eao-be,,,p pntu rtmt notu-B ln ,l m.. or ,, . wuicofumenc,ru..a i un f..r VVauw:ilu«» le.-tv, ? , v ui .' V B aurn\v .,»•', J t of lliuun jtrifL may 1 oaicobaY t co 234 Saat Water jtrMt

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