Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 7, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1935
Page 7
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DIGNITY CALLS FOR ACTIONS Silence Is effective as a form of zontempt; but not a patching to a denunciation with 14 kinds of epithet BOYS I GIRLS! Bead the Grape Nuts ad in another column of this paper and learn how to Join the Dizzy Dean Winners and •valuable free prizes.—Adv. .Your Doctor •pain" Remedy ^ u Take Is Safe. rt't Entrust Your ^ or Your Family's .Being to Unknown Preparations kE you take any prepara- 0 mn don't know all about, Sef of headaches; or the "/rheumatism, neuritis or 'il ask your doc/or what he (JSJiU-in comparison ayer Aspirin. LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA BRISBANE THIS WEEK Mined? Since bridge Is so popular, there Is no occasion for parlor tricks from any of the guests at a party. DOCTQRHrM Mothers read this: THREE STEPS TO BtllEVlllO CONSnUTlOR A cleansing dose today; a smaller quantity tomorrow; less each /ime, until bowels need no help at all. remedies were ad- sicians as being a! practice. i«nt!ess thousands of .people taken Bayer Aspirin year K without ill effect, have Jttat the medical findings tils safety were correct. ie mber this: Genuine Bayer « is rated amona the fastest X i,e! discovered for the relief £Ses and all common pains inS! safe for the average person lit regularly. 'oucan get real Bayer Aspirin at drug store-simply by never giritbythename-aspirm. .but always saying BAYER BIN when you buy. iyer Aspirin Why do people come home from a hospital with bowels working like a well-regulated watch? The answer is simple, and it's the answer to all your bowel worries if Park Scene In Edinburgh, When the Band Begini to Play. The heart of a Scot Is In his feet BONNIE SCOTLAND. I F YOU ha' yer doots drop into West Prince Street Gardens any summer evening when a musical program is being rendered and see for yourself. I don't ask that you do anything except to keep your eyes on the populace—below the knees. When the band plays It is a waste of time to look a Scotchman in the face. Had it been my fortune to arrive at the open nlr concert in time to get a front seat I should never have known this. As it was, the usher parked me on the side lines, where I heard the ban'd and looked at the audl |ence, as fine a body of people as I ever gazed upon—five thousand | men, women and children. On this occasion the band of Ills The Bonus at Last? A Little on Account Teagle Will Sell Oil The Oceans Are Closer Washington reports "payment of the $3,000,000,000 soldiers' bonus before the end of the next session Is virtually assured." Good news for soldiers. Do you suppose the government will print more of its "Inflation bonds," and insist on paying interest on its own money Instead of printing new money for the bonus, or Arthur Brisbane ^ Q you believe there must be some limits to stu pldity? Nature'* Ice Box O. K.; Keeps Food 33 Years Nature's Ice box has even the best of mechanical refrigerators skinned when It comes to food preservation. Keeping food In good condition for years Is no trk-k at all for natural cold storage plants such as the Antarctic wastes. According to Dr. Dana Coman, physician and dietician Wllklng expedition, food left In a shacfc In the South Polar region 88 years ago was found to be still edible when discovered. The long-preserved food supplies were left by a Norwegian explorer, Otto Nordenskjold, In 1002.—Washington Post A Threat That a man shall reap as he sows is too often seen as a threat rather SOME INDIANS CANNIBALS Proof that cannibalism was practiced among American Indians In claimed by Lloyd A. Wilford, an. thropologlst of the University of Minnesota. An Indian burial mouii'l at Laurel produced skeletons with arm, leg and skull bones crushed to permit drainage of bone marrow, which was used, he believes, elthej for food or tanning purposes. you v?iU only realize it: many doctors | Majest y, s lrlsll Guards was direct- and hospitals tise/jguid laxatives. e(] by Lleu , t j L T nur(]] popu . If you knew what a doctor knows, h ar throughout the British empire. you would use only the liquid lonn. A liquid can always be taken in gradually reduced doses. Reduced I ridge-Taylor. All grand for open dosage is the secret of any real relief | a i r entertainment nnd each received from constipation. Ask a doctor about this. Ask your druggist how very popular liquid laxatives have become. They give the (with enthusiastic clapping of hands. Watch Their Feet! then, Hiuxl cut lose with And *?",".",'~r%~;~r i'-^V^^nt P'The Meet," by Koenlg, a number ^^!M5£l^^5i that seems to .ohe the Scotch by , of help. The liquid laxative generally used is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. It contains senna and cascara — both natural laxatives that can form no habit, even in children. So, try Syrup Pepsin.' You just take ' regulated doses till Nature restores regularity Sound Advice ip jour head when you win and [heart when you lose. Makes It Good In a good neighborhood there are not so many noisy nuisances. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On ^sssysfwS^ y - -- bronchial irritation, you can DMOTHERHUBBARD nilfD HER BARE CUPBOARD iraSKIONS AND STEAKS AND CHEESES; p STOMACH FEELS GRAND K SHE KEEPS TUMS ON HAND... I EATS WHAT SHE DARN WEIL PLEASES! [NOALKALIES FOR :iD INDIGESTION IJJONS have found they do not need to |tahtheir stomachs with strong, caustic FB. Physicians have said this habit often to tatter acid indigestion. So much more kinansible to simply carry a roll of Tum» ""rapotket. Munch 3 or 4 after meals—or "Wtabled by heartburn, gas, sour stom- "" n when you feel the effects of last -•«—/, or when you smoke too much. BWtain a wonderful antacid which neu- •"utidin the stomach, but never over's itomach or blood. As pleasant to eat V and only lOc at any drug store. FORTHETUAWAY_ ?«5SSS£S£B>< ffir^tofg^dTapSegnx "STS SefS-dies have RUB IN BACK SMEARS-INSERT MJVrVW ~o«r. IN NOSTRILS— JBV JgftSE tUX* MFi?thAv° New York City; Tlaaweck—nt your druggist's—Beau- tllul 5 Color 1935-1038 Calendar Tbet* purchase of a 100 roll ot Turn* IThe All Vegetable La*atlve.) the ankles; to sot feet in motion; to sway every mother's son of them in a rhythmic reciprocation with the march, the dance and the fling. After the first few bars, I detected among the occupants of the first row—two hundred of them, jail facing me—a concerted pe'dal syncopation. Old and young hypnotized by the measure set up a gentle tap, tap, tap; a restless but perfectly timed response to the leader's baton. As the theme progressed the vast bowl that divides e old from the new Edinburgh me under the spell of concordant nfection. I won'dered if in nil that vast con- egation assembled in a garden at is without rival for beauty and ttlng elsewhere on earth there ns thought of the past; of the ctorles, the defeats, the tragedies, e drama of life nnd death that ok place on the crest of the shad- vy mass of the Castle Rock, 300 ears ago reddened by the blood of vaders. Ha'd the post horn solo, nging across the valley complete- y drowned out the echoes and the lamor that once made the Law- market, High street and Cannon- ate to Hol.vroodhouse, and upward o the crest of the fortressed hill The League of Nations wants us | to "clarify our position." It would be made clear Sf the President would write to the League of Nations: "Our position is this: Wo are attending to our business, and advise you to do the same. Also, what about a little cash on account of $10,000,000,000 you owe us on the! last war?" Walter Teagle, head of the Standard Oil of New Jersey, disposes sensibly of the suggestion that all Americans should refuse to sell oil to Italy. He says Standard Oil Is not in the League of Nations and he will continue selling oil through his Italian subsidiary. This is news, important especially to California, where real estate prosperity grows with improved transcontinental trips. The Santa Fe railroad, with a die-1 sel engine, hauling nine steel cars nnd using 3,000 horsepower, has cut 15 hours from the running time between Los Angeles and Chicago. Queer things happen in Ethiopia. The Daily Express says former War Minister ' Fitowrary Berru, in disgrace with the emperor because he spent too much money, walked, as | a penitent, into the presence of the emperor, carrying on his b^*^ heavy grindstone, and k down In sign of submission, emperor rolled the stone off his back, meaning forgiveness, and Fit- ownu-y Berru is off spending money nnuln Some of our baked potato and "little pig" ministers might try that. You may see a new kind of "Olympic game" with long-distance runners wearing gas masks. In future wars soldiers will wear ,asks and civilians will wear them. rticulate with the voices of Queen lury, the anguished cries of the tftllnn Riw.ln driven from her hnmber by the Uuthvcn-Darnley gangsters to die miserably with 50 " m lagger wounds in bis body? A Grim Dinner. Gray, solid, though full of shadows stands the old Banqueting hall, where William, sixth Earl of Pong- las, and his brother were enticed there to see the black bull's head, ancient Scottish symbol of death, placed before them for dessert. The brothers drew their swords-and were promptly beheaded. The Es- nlanade, where Lady Jane Douglas, accused of treason and sorcery, was burned at the stake. imi«ns i"' 1 -' <."•• Ability to run in gas masks will be important. Ilu«sla. knows that, and "train- in" for the next war" eight men and women of the Osoaviakhim (society for aviation and chemical defense) marched SI miles in gas masks in 10 hours 47 minutes, a world record. General Smu^nister of Justice ener , in England's Union of South Africa sn « • "Annexation of Ethiopia or ts domination by a great European power will mean training one of the biggest, most dangerous black armies the world has ever seen." General Smuts worries about the conquering power of such a gigantic "black army" unnecessarily. Work a Career wry mnn who thinks of his work 11 career will go farther. CHAPPE1T .SKIN jTo quickly relieve ' appind and roughneaftAl apply soothing. \ " >1 '- J ; Mentholatum. Quick, Complete Pleasant ELIMINATION rjK'u «*i- l -n L* 1 - L»»I»-— — The shndo of John Knox, the Re- chemist Inventing a bet- former, who dared defy Queen " , l gas , or more destructive Ma v rises along with Morton and t er P° ls , - — ««*.rfn B s Lindsay. weep In vain. Good-by to all that. Yesterday was beyond recall. Ban'd master Hurt! deep in me Meet" Plucked a dancing measure from the score. I turned again to the file of tapping feet Memorials to Scots. srs, army" that Ethiopia might send forth. __ The American Federation of Labor asks American athletes not to attend the 1030 Olympic games if 1 oy are held In Germany. As a Son for "banning German Olym- "[ENTHOLATUM **** COM F O RT Daily Have you tried the MEMTHOLATUM LIQUID for head cold*? liun ointment for mouu* »~-— ••• , These mint flavored ca are pure nilk oi I is aj dose j u n adult Chewed c- . •—need* more than cosmetic* Beiuty of fkln eomei from within/When con- (tipttioa clogs theporc* with imestiiul wa5te« CLBANSB.-- Is^ffsH^f- Dlnilv through the trees ovorlook- in ,7 the New Edinburgh the two namsuvs, Simpson Outhcrle and the Scot Grey's memorial loom he- Xcally. Sir Walter Scott's majeb- « monument, which artistically ap- neolecl not toRuskin, although I was P impressed by It, pierced he b]ue Further down the street the nuke of Wellington mounted on a £ton bronze horse solid In the hips and hollow forward so that he metal equine can rear on its h nfl £« without -disaster. The mind flies back to Holyrood, to where 5fry married Bothwell; Her bath, Sere she laved in white wine; the era « o?RI«l°. who paid the price for his "discretions; St. Cuthbert'8 where the Rev. McVicar prayed of flunday for Prince Charlie, ''the young man who came among us jouus ___n,i., cr own." Majesty's Irish on ,,i,. s " the federation says HUler is crushing labor unions "ith blood ""' Therels a better reason for not holding the 1030 Olympics in Ger- lfe chief value of sport Is In the fact tS manly exercise is BUP- posed, primarily, to develop and In- "My baking gets more bouquets-and I save, too!" SAYS MRS. C. H. MoINTOSH. 854 EASTWOOD AVBNUBi CHICAGO. ILU Lowest Prices Ever on Calumet Baking Powder! •iTT'S certainly good news JL. that Calumet ia selling at new low prices," Mrs. Mclntosh says. "I do a lot of baking, and when I can get a full pound can of reliable Calumet for only 25c; I'm pretty pleased with my- selfl" Her son Jack settles down to some of Mother's famous coffee cake, and pays for it with a big smile. . AND LOOK AT THE NEW CAN! A simple twist...and the Easy-Opening Top lifts off. No delay, no spilling, no broken fingernails! l.:.t-< ... WHY IS CALUMET DIFFERENT from other baking powders? Why do you have to u.e only one tevel ttaipoooftil of Cnlumet to a cup of sifted flour inmost recipes f Cn B«au, e Calumet combines too ^i.tinct leavemng acUon. A quick action for the mmng bowl-«t free by liqutd. A .lower action for the oven—net free by heat. New! Big 10/ Can!... Calumet, the Double-Acting Baking Powder, is now selling at the lowest prices ever.. .The new-size can is yours for a dime! And the regular price of the Full-Pound Can is only 25c! A product of General Foods. — • keeps a promise! f WELL, I COTTA BE &OING. NOW, CAUSE PITCHING TODAY. BUT l'0 LIKE TO DO IttMBTHINfl SPECIAL^ YOU KIDS^ SO " "H DO BETTER^ THAT FOR YOU I WON'T EVEN GIVE 'eM A RUN ' [THEN BEAT THE GIANTS! ^ -•* OR Gee I CAN YOU? IE. fY£H-BEAT THE I GIANTS! BEAT 'EM G000 v — FOR US I |_ fTJOMtnt" '"'"—J- SUR6. HE CAN ! I AND we' TO THE ON THE. WE'LL LISTEN GAME RADIO •__ MAKE. DWARFS ..,. BlRtJ ORPHANAGE, OF YOU PAUS At 1 O QUIT YOUR PpPPIN'j DIZZY! — 'AND THAT ENDS THE BALU I FINAL SCORE: CARDINALS^ aiANTS O. AND ONLY TWO SINGLES DIZZY OEAN fcOSH! DIZZY DID IT * <5> an)" SAY, WE'LL POWDER BALL THROW EV'RY YOU /-3 , AND FOR US TOO'. 1 sp of 00,000,000 Ger- cruelly persecuting and sup- 000,000 German Jews IB not exactly a picturej^courage. Roosevelt has said that MILNE SI A I^RFIELD TEAllW ,/. WAFERS obHge European . friends case our European ld at least start paying the ten own l«t participate in the action, it seems inevitable that the mighty rise, cast off its reserve VHATB TO BOTHER YOU, MR. OEAN, BUT THE CHILDREN INSISTED , CJU- UP AND THANK. YOU. I CANT TEUL YOU WH AT IT MEANS TO THEM. ALU WANT TO C AND HEALTHY -*^t> r*i \ I,/,. wvTTHWANT, I HOPB I THEY'RE GETTING. GRAPe-NUTS FOR MEAKFAST 'CAUSB THERE'S NOTHING. Sff'SSk- 'Sun.w 5™^™ * MO ENER.G.Y. I KNOW 'CAUSE I EAT IT MYSELF / /XJ sweet sake. H. predicts that .. Get Valuable Prizes Free! Join Dtay Dean Winners... get Dlzxy D««i Winners Ring MILK OF MAGNESIA WAFERS Dlny D«on Pin Solid bronze, with ted en»m- S2dl«leri n g.E«<.fo Nuu p»ck»ge-top. In ppin."ltf Winner* (Ung. Some' prUe.24-k5CM«oM. P l,w. reefot 2 Gripe-Nuti !>«*• »««-topi. la oideriox (iw. b« fUt « »*k fo» PriM JOT,

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