The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 15
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SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. tlOHTJHOUSKKBBPINO ROOMS (Con.) T^FO thiei;-rc .H >m houses locutt-il on Ensl IS, fnnilshetl for llghl hmisokeeplnR. ln- d»ilro 324 V/tul flint, 8 2'J-4j *OJl BENT— Tw'o jiU'oly furnished llRht housekeeping rooms. No children. ' I'lioiio 6S3W. 8 2«-«' FOR WSNT—One or two nlco modsfn ' rooms wim kliu&aneltc, Phono B?07J. 8 10-ltrt [TWO or (our-room furnished apartment, • cheap. J06 Second, 8 2-JSt FOR KENT—Light housekeeping rooms. 104 Wont Fourth. g J5-12t FOR RENT— rtJpNlSHEO ROOMS 9 FOR RENT; rease.nnblc:-l J »r«;e, cool, •looping hwma oloso In; ciir Unp. Dr. Darland, 316 Eost A, phone 2I10>W or la'J. 9 58-JH ll'A J3AST Fifth—Two cool rooms In pi'ivslo apartment upstairs; private entrance, ressonaUe. l'hone. 1434.1. 9 2G-4t Foil rtRNT—South Hlttnplng room H, f,T\1<S<lk> aged working luuy. Also a good oreo.ii. 202 Bunt Ninth, l'honc H70VV. 9 2 (1 -41 FUHNIKKKI) or unfurnished; throe-rooin modern iinnrlmunt with sleeping porch. Call ir,BL>.l aflcr 0 p.m. U H0-41 FOH lthlN 'r -I,arne, cool sleeping room, reasonable. Close In; car line. Plionu 206C1W, IV. liarland. 9 H-26t JlODJTllN bedroom with Hleeniny porch, lavatory In room. 14 Kant .Sixth. Ft'onu 145U. 0 fnivv 20-.lOt MOOEUN bedroom with nleeplUK prirch, lavatory In room, 14 East Sixth, rhono 1*58. 9 cor] 2S-10t Ftll'i UKN'T.-N1I:D lartfe sleeping room unliable tvr tun. I^ione lO'JaVV. It ai )-4t FOR HUNT—Modern 'sh-oplns room . No. 2 At wood , Flam, phone 1529W. 0 26-Bt FOIt Rl-.NT- Modem southeast room, 214 \W -fA KlRhlli. l'honc 804;j. 0 28-4t TWO or Ihreo large furnished, downstairs rooms. Phono 2024W. 8 30-4t HtU'SKKKKl'INO rooms, upstairs, %Z week. 122 East Fifth. 9 311.41 FOIl KENT—Nice, cool, furnished Bleep- lug room, 308 East 11. 9 2C-4t MOHKUS, Bleeping rooms, llo ltast Slu -iman. Phone, 2558. 8 2-25t Sl-EKriNO room*. East U. %l per -week; lit 9 2-26t H'f') 1 : for r.'Ot for younjj man is2:>. Fl'HNl.-UU-'.li 21C. l'honc P 25. U looms, 318 Fast 33. Phono FOP. ltTONT— Furnish. H. d rooms. SOU Mast 5 29-7:3 KiC'l'l, cool Hlcciilfiy room. 20 IV 'UKl FU -Hl. !i 2a-6t FOB REN T—APA RTM ENT8 11 Throo-i "»in, I'm Uihlird apartment, mod- n 11 thmufhuiit, private, i'liont- V'ibS. b'&l TSie Lycodln Gcv.-nth and Main. Nicely furntBh^tl ftimrtnicnttj mm Bk 'fcpinK room.s. i'hon>i 840. ll-2R-25t. FOIl. HKNT-< "low-In, downmair'i! a.]i;irt- nif-nt; una and slt>»jjij/»>r i*ortlif«. pHhtry, hutii, bnill - in b«l and veivlffer- at'.»r. Imnulrv room; hot and cold vvutrr furnished. Wioru- 20'j3 aftpr b p.m. X 11 2'J-4t BIG tre*:E, Uirire lawn, flowors The de- AirjibJi- J'anoln Apart iVit 'ntu. One vacant ^dwwnjjtalrb euuth txpoau/c. l'hooe ?33Q. 11 ai-25t I**CT'; Hl'.ST- --Cloap-In, up^tnlin ft pur t - nuTit; th!'("•(.' rooms, RWf ^phiK porcb, t«.i!k, brciiltfa^t noolt, lhri!t- cli-stits, irnnlt und laundry rcK>m; hot «nd «old wdltr "j'i)Jiiish».'d, --Tluiiu' 209a uru-r C p.m. It 2'.i-1t PAGE FIFTEEN. TOR «ALB on n«NT FOK SALE or rent, July 1 —Flve to ofevon-rooni rcsldoticett, north part, l'honc owner, 10J8. 16 80 -4t ROOM AND BOARD HOOM and board, IS per week. 027 Kast C. 14 26-7:1 BOAMJ nnil room. 800 Went Second. 14 ll-2bt TO TRADE 1T VOUIl chance to quit farmlnB—Wii: trade aix-toom, modern houao for youi farmluK ertulpmellt and lease. Address G-68. cRre News. If 2*^29 WANTKD— To trade «n equity In property for a trood oar. B -68, caro News. ^_ '17 25-30 R1CNO county land to trade for Hutchinson property. Phone 8882. 17 ai -25t - FOH SALE—MISCELLANEOUS 1* .~Fi Amo A bettor ItHt today than ever bfcfore: One KJmbftJi, plain flark muhoitttny^.. .?150 One KlamiLn and Nord, golden oak, Hkr new One nhop worn Strohbor, mahoRany. .$litl) Ones hiRh-graibs Mehlln and. Sons 117& On* 1 Oa bb?-Nelson, golden oak, Kite now 1J1&Q Onv New r?.n|£lana. <attra good JU5 Orif> VuHt\ walnut $140 Our.' 13:jrhnmn, mahogany, Una shape. 5J 30 Onr Huph and I.ano, new ..,2276 Wti buy for lena; we sell for less. 11. a. PHILIPS lOfl North Walnut . 23 27-4t When you am seriously 111, wlmm do you xtnvtay? Whan you need legal ttC&ca you wet:It th« beat. "Whon you wish to miikis a aalo of poaalbly all you have earned und accumulated of several yearn' hard work, whom will you employ to sell It? tA salOBmon who known valu* and la in" the bilaineas). Phono 2081 Huichlnuon a( Davy's expense. 18 6-2f»t PUJBOC BAhEB After-harvest sales aro now being dated. Earliest Bales era best. I work wHh any ronutablu auctlonr-er and am as CIOBO to you uji your phone where- you can •talk to me without oo»t. Inference, any past customer: Olflce • phono 6o Sterling my expense. S3. JB. Potter. FOH SALE—^UKNITUKK One solid walnut bedroom suite: largo vanity rtwsyi-r, chlffnnctte, bow-iMid bod and \jf-nc}i; onj ivory bed row m suU**, pli'U'i* iia walnut; two nuii-tuftt-d -ijc-aiy lnatiri -HHCH, bedroom rug*, laryc mirrons bt'drooin rot'koru, four-plin;o livlny room Hiilli 1 , two wU'ktiv roclcer.-i .^iapi'stry up- linlf; t in;:, one i^nk library table, :-ix. <1 In - Inj; cliihH, out whl'.o mid ldrl;!a I'OK. rant", one kUi.-lien cabinet., two electric; IfuppM. one ico erenm freeztsr, two eie''tri(; fan«j. u .-tv roil-lop'dt-ylt; cttlu-r iii 1 ! iolc-s, at a bargain. All user! lestf than on* yt-ar. Part let' Itavlna city. 729 West Fourteenth UJSK ©OLPESS WEST BBTrlTEK, MllM, AMID flold^n Veat Creameiy, 14 Kaat Fourth. IS 26-211 Bwick lES©«dlsll«r, ILSgO Kfl<o>oS<sIl s OlMSce Mil ¥®p Farm ligiuiiiK system; no vibration no noise; lasts longer lasa repaiis; yivcs better saiisfn^tlon, Let us show you. ALAMO ELECTUIC CO. fli North Adams. •lii^Ii-iHt F< *lt ]HvNT--Fiv.'-rooiri, ..v.itli-i n apyrt - nient, ruritiHiied; Kbisn int'U'Ki-d siet'i> lnj; iMirrii. water-, litflir and (cua ftir- Altui ^iinsu $2-•••<) per monUi Mtu. _<"all ut o-;t jJast Four: *W 11 30-4t 'WANTrni">~*-'c.'n.~"o'r Two Kiffc, unpioyed, 'o Kliaff- ncdtTJi ;*.[i;(ftn )>Mii, nict-Jy fur- nl.'ii'tL'ii, idowe. in. \<-vy n-aHonaiile-. (.Vtii Z'J7»\V after ti 11 30-4t 1JL:XX.'TIKV;L, new kii(.:ln;r.4*tii) apart- nn-ni; buill-in features; pi'oiind floor, private tiitianci.-, 804 Kast KIH-I rnan. Phone 2452J. 11 12-U5t FOH 11KNT— Two upartmentn of five rooms Dieh fn WaeluriK<*"i Terrace; •trtotiy m-jdern. Chris, Peterson, phono 2S0O. 11 29-10t BOR JtKNT—T'urn iHhed housekeepln£j apartment for respectable pimple olB^^ ICawt Kirat. Plmno 1373. U 3U-2iit UKAl^l'lFl'L kitchenette apartment, Hie t =pjnjf porch; private bath; 3U1» T " 11 36-111 North Main. Phone 3CH.1. VOH RENT-Kttlctiy. modern, furnished. three-room apartments, 135 and M0. Phone 3G00. U fl-2Gt TilUKK light housekeoplng rooms, nicely furnished, 622 East First. Call after I p.m. H 20-101 FOH KENT—Throo-voom, modern, unfurnished apartment, McOurdy Insurance - Acency. 11 f)-25t FOIl P.KN'TV.-Two-room, modern, fur- nlnlird apartment. 123 ICa .Ht A, 11 t F^Mi JiKN'T- Two or f*>iji--ro<.mi apartment unfurnished. Phone H470. n X9-i0t MODERN, unfurnished, flve-iooin aitart- meirt. Call 2168W or 111^. 11 l-25t FOU HKN'T- FurnU.hed or urifinniHluMl apartment. Pl.oiUi ;i308. 11 1:7-^61 FOIl U^'NT---FiirnlslwitJ upar inji-nf clos>:- in. Pi Aie 2319. i 11 21 -«1 UNFUnNISHEp* three-room apartment*. Call 2178U. 11 4-141 L fc NO. 3 Stewart, Apartments for rout. Phono 217SR/ ' 11 414t FOR RE NT— M i 8 C itT t l-A N E O US f2 BUSINESS room, 110 West First. Suitable for automobile business, tire or battery or any kind of rslall business. Inquire Superior Motors. 33 thfs l-lUt .IVTS1C studio for rout—Boautlfuiw furnished, eool studio; Stelnwuy i ;ranci plarto, vlctrola, etc.; July 1. C'JOI U2 for HPjiolntment, 12 28-4t Every day you will find a bis class if loci want ad list, ami- "these ttortu are of absorbing tnKTest. FOR KKNT—Offico room at 24 EfcBt First, Nelson building, id. Welch. x JS t-Zbt. VKUV depiruble offlnh roomr. Bee Mo- Curdy Insurance Ajjoncy. it i -2Bt FOH REJtfT—Clar-offc. tS 12ast Tenth. 12 80-(it FOH ftALE OR TRADE 16 FOH SALJ3 or exchang-e for merchandise —•K1(jlit-room. nioderji house eloso In, city, Addreas, box 263, phone 2217. 36 eod 14-30 FOK BALU or tra4e— <>na ton Ford truck. Second faotute south GhriaUun churcli, South Hutchinson, . 1& 37-80 FOK SALE or trade—Four rooms furniture. Will trad® for Ford touring car. OU 5823,1. 16 35-8 FOU SAiilS -nrHrudo —ClootJ touring car. P.lrd's Art-Craft roofilie;, made lu ajM'ly over >>ld \\w,l 5hSnsl.>:'. Uv^ittifvil, 'hiraolc iiUtl llr,-|iruof- UfAlUXTKED Sold l.y 1L J. WSDM® Lwlbisir C®„ rhotie ti:,. nil Weat Sheiir>;<n. U insist FOVt SA1.F. - Soda fountiiiii; whll.' nuirble 18-foot tvar with nuuhle eiiiiK, 11! pumii!^, llMUld cavhonlc IN -'-rlcs^ make, two y,i*iu old. In Al condition, new <ur- bonator. chalra, tablca. Conipl^l,. , an til at a big barfc'ain. Hay 1^. KiJ .'il^l.-a'l. Juncllun City, Karl. ltiod 3U-lt FOIl SALIS— Hulk laid, 10c pound, orliis your pall; pork sausage, 10c. pound; hatnburger, 8 pounds 25c. Fulton Market. IS 29-«t FOR SAW:—One 8-foot Mollne binder, never used, 1170; three Mollne Z-row 1.later cultivators, 160 each; two Moilno liulance frame cultivators, 137 each. Above prices f.o.b. Kinsman, Kan. Frank H. Huae implement Co. 18 ^6-4t Large fireworks; roman candles and •ky rockets at tho rleht price. B. L.. Wells Merc, Houth Hutchittsou. 18 20-4t A Sp©ffiSai OSairglanffi) Lnrfc-a cabinet alio phonograph with record*. {45. J, W. JENKINS SONS MUSIC CO. 18 l!8-4t FOlt SAI.1C—-Men's Eood Shoes for 14. H.60, 14.98, »5.60, 16.50. J6.76 to Men's Oy.forda for J6.E0, 15.75, $6.BO. Men u work Shoes ?2.50, 12.98 and J3 .6U. Comtr Commerce Co., 17-10 North Wal- ni " IS 2«-4t FOlt SA1.E—One Ilarrlsburif FleminK WestlnKhousa eiiKine jrenorator. Blze 10x10 Inch generator 35 ICW DC 230 volts. ^UKjne needs somo repair, generator Bood ther Information. 16 29-31 FOU fa'AL-H—Tractor plow and farmliiK outfit, cheap. Will also rent farm. Improved, to party buylnar tools. Write Choo. K. Monroe, 6M Sputh Grand Ave.. Lyons, Kan. IS 2B-8t Closing out at coat; euarantsed flv»- ply 182« Goodyear garden hoso. f. B. Bmlth St Company, 700 South Main, phone < M - IS 20 -et FOR BALE~One 16-80 Twin City tractor in eood condition. One new Bethlehem truck; one Beoonfl -lmnd Bethlehem truck nearly pew. At barsaln prices. Chos. H. Daenaer, Sterling, Kansas. 18 « 23-8t FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS (Cenfit) ih<e C®£EfFe <B Co>. For your Coffee. Best grades, fine flavor, fresh ground. Mixed tea for ics ten from all hlgh-Brade teal*. • Parties wishing up to call on them each week, call ur phono 18*. 802 North Main street. Free delivery. 18 4-26t FOR KAU! to ladles with small feet — Good oxfords J1.6U , and SI..15 pair. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 Norlh Wnl- nut. IS 20 -4t Mrs. Ina Kites, phone 2718, 317 East Fourth. .18 1-251 FOR 8ALB—Ladies' black kid 1-atrap Comfort Slippers for 1J.E0, 12.98 and J8.S0. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 North •Walnut. lg 2 o. <t FOR SALK—Ono auto truck bed, 110; one roll-top desk, I2E; one Pony safe, for children, 886; one pony saddle and bridle 110; two electrly fans cheap. 1B9 Wasf Fourteenth street. 18 26-4t S1COOND-HANU UBFRlaBRATQHS of all kinds at bart/alns. Also uial turn turo, repalrlne and uplioistarlng a jneclaUy. Hllyarfl Fumllure Oo.,E10 North Main, phone 1M. 18 8-i5t s .J© _ _^ _ *• P<&gt. Bort, 1 Saxon, *|0, Overknd, Auburn, Otlc- Btilck «. . Chevrolet <'.., land and PulUnan curu. „ ^BAItNBS XtJTO BOFPLV CO. Will aiiernuui St. P 953. f-Sflt Jr 9f l i #-* i 'F "Tpl l i 1-r '-*P' s: ^ Jla ->' Oxftwds tor » l 'JSHA n 4 '*•"" ^>r. Com«' Oomumras Co.. IT-U Vertii Waln 'uL '-'mtm\- —• " ^.^.jy.JiT© Cabbage and tomato plants. See Trabuo Seed House, South Hutchinson, phons 8860R . lS0-25t —tru-"— w - lor cocl. no"«e, hcatlttg; stove, fireplace «ud furnace. Vaggy Plantation. )S 13-2Jt X IB, Si I WIRING CONTRACTOR AND HKPAIU WOJIK, B27 Kast Seventh. Phono 39a*. 3S 14-7:14 FOH SALK-ChorrJe* at Lelmbach orchard, one mlp) west on Fifth street, 3 A mile north, liring baskets. Tlieae clu-r- rlea aro fine, largo Montmorency. 18 29-4t FOK BAbFrt-Two chicken houooa, covered pen; rabbits; bantams; and lady's bicycle. Call mornings or after «even evenings, niO-Sast C. 1R 27-4t FOR. SALE, cheap—Extra Rood Axmln- pter ruf* 11x12, practically new. Would consider buffet oa part payment. 503 North Monvoft. 18'20 -4t VOli BALK- -One gray horse f ivo ycajB old, \rl.lfelit about l,2f>0 jiounda, well broke; prii^e 533. Noah Nlsley, route I. 38 19-lOt A CAR for your summer trip at your own price. A hunimm- without an automobile Is almost incomplete Many bargains in this lino can bo secured through News want ada. Unites .&liw.&> Farm lighting system; no vibration, no noise; lasu longer less repairs; gives better satisfaction. Let us show you. ALAMO KLECTKIC. IS 23-30 FOH SALE -Two mules 17 hands high. weight 2,fit>0 or 2,000. Also harnefs and wagon. Will take U75 for outfit. 1001 South Main, phono 717. 18 27-4t FOR It E N T— EI en trie clean era, II per any. Phone 2049. 18 £-25t FOH is AUK -Little gtrls' 1-strap Slippers f foi\ J2.4S and J2.DS. (Earner Cummeree- CV17-13 North walnut. IS "0-4t FOH HALF- My home in Nlck^rson, two lots, six-room liou.^i, water, lights. Raraii^ for t\yo cars, lurgo lot?, fein-ed chicken tlsht. Frank Itltchn. be:? Nlekt-ison, Knn. l;> 2r.-7:0 FOH HALE--Ladles' bl «j :lP kid Oxfords. with nillltii/y nibbpr-tap b"elft. f (11 - ^4. $4 BO, fO to part payment down, bdlance f-Oc week. Comor Commerce Co., 17-1U North Wi^lTiut, IS a9-4l IP.iTFI. m Unlifrr, Kan., for »:ile. The only rut i>!aec tn t own; good business ?C-:IK<*JJ for yt-bing. Mrs. L. 1J. Jonmi, Uuhlcr. Ki.n,, or inquire 1011 Ejontn Main, nuu'hinpi.-ii. 18 Vfc-HH FOli SALE Modern, twelve-room rooming bonne. 100 Enst Fourth. 18 ztl-&t FOU SALE--Voung coach dog which will guiird your home and auto. Also mule caJf; 20 gallons whole milk; coach dog pups. W. K. Crow. 1R 27-;i0 FOK BALE Poys' long Panto i?,.[>Q up, part payment down, balance 50c week. YoutiiN' long panta Suits 31 week. Corner Connnerce Co. 17-13 North Walnut. IS 23-4C FOK HALE Seven-foot McConnick biiMlvr. Also gang plow. Ed Annadown, i-Jlmer Station, phone 212 Darlow. IS HT-LI FO.K SALE—Furnlturfc, ftavcm and rugs •old ou easy payments. Mitchell Furniture Co., 422'South Main street. 18 t7-S0t WE (tell Hlorm King famous plasuc roof ceuunt for kaky roofs. L. J. White Lumber Co., pliomj 05. IS 8-"5t FOK SALE-One 4%-ton Fischer Machine We.j-kw ice plant. Inquire at A. A. Appcl. KiiMliton, Kan. 18 11-7:11 FOK. F AMv- Ladti^' saLln Ellpperu, patent Silpiiers, black kid Slipper.' 1 , brown S'ii'perr, for $4.^0 pair, %2 cash, balanct file week. Coiner Cotumtive Cu., 17-l!i Xrtvih Witlutlt. lii: , 9-4t K.\ PfiAlN for quick cash sale---Three biiH. garage, four-room house, furniture. 7t;« Went A. IS 1 KEGIHTEKEO derfeoy cmt!e; entire herd for .Hale; h-di blood lines. Qlen Krfdcr. Newton, Kau. 18 13-7:15 ifOK SALF:—Mowing machine, grain wagon, ztls» feed wagon with rack- Phunu I17SMW. ^ lS27-4t KOK HALE -~New AlcCuTmick mowing ma*rhlno and rake. G. C. Curtis, phone 222C.T. IS 30 25 FEET of lawn rulibur has* like now; t*A gallons darJi red paint, cheap. Call 3112W, % 18 29-4t FOR SALE—Quart or-sawed oak chlffe- robe; also crocheted bedspread. Phono B045W, 18 29 -4t V6n SALE—Tomato planta, red and yei- low plums, SIO North Woodard. ' 18 14-2£t I'X)R BALE—Nice dining room suite; part cash, balance terms. Phone 808B. 18 23-30 FOK SALE-- —Bicycle and typewriter, cb<*ftp. Phone 34013. IS 2S-4t FOK SALTS—'Star Brand" Shoes for men, women and children, part payment down, balance 60c week. 'Star Brand* Shoes arc better. Comer Commerce Co., 17-11) North Walnut. IS 2J-4t FOR HALE—Kakes, hoe. pitchforks, ehovej, scythe, wii eel barrow. Call 894. 18 Ii9-4t CALL 4I08W for all kinds of cakes, plcnia lunches and refreshments orders. 18 13-7:18 FOK SALE —Fully equipped lunch car. Inquire at car, 412 South Main. 18 26-SO FOR SALE—Pair dump boards, new, je. 1001 South Main, phono 717. 18 20 -41 FOR BAL.B—Brass bed and springs; large lamp with shade. Phono 2(SJ. 13 28-4t FOS SALE—Nearly new cash' register, fillfer Motor Exchange 18 3U-7 FOH SALE —Beets, carrots and potatoes. Will deliver. Phono 36F6. 18 ati-U FOR SALE—Boots for canning. Falrvlew Gardena. Phono 8BB9R. ' II 21-101 FOR SALE—Large gray buggy. Phono 145BJ. r*ed bnby is ao -4t MAGAZINE aubacrlpuona. Urn. Ina JtlUa, 18 1-tSt 817 HJaat FourUi. CHERRIES for aalo. J. V. Irwin, H .F .D. 6. Phone aOFlB. lg 29 -B FURMTCP-H', gas plates and swings. H5 " " 38 23-29 East Tenth. FOR BALE—Bulldogs. Burrton, Kan. Ralph Haatin, 18 2C-Bt FOJt good home made plea call S011J. Mrs. Salmon. 3,8 T-36t EXPICRT piano tuning. Jenklna Mualc Oombany. U l-IU STEVENS' Studio — FUotoHiapha that FOlt SALE— Fruit Jtra at tU East Bfxth. 18 JT-80 ftxlS HUG, floral pattern. Phono 1615J." 5 n ZO-it A GOOD Ford truck for aalo. Call ai©8. 18 1|-" EVERYTHING FOR T1IE IlOMI'l HairtMi @Bii JFcairmiiteir® Wl? Exr.'rtANGB NBTW* FUKNl'rmtE FOR USED. » is* ar.-HM Qas burnoTH raised uhd adjusted, save 50% on your Ras bill. Now Is tho time to get your furnace r^palrod. All work gupranlecd. Phoiw 404 W. Morris & Morgan, stove and furnaco experts. ID 17-25t Why suffer wiiii rheumatism, high blood pressure, hay fevar, etc., when vou can bo cured right at home? Come and st*o Sin X. ADAMS " IS* lis-HO WE FIT GLASSES THAT FIT 1.3L f£>k<m® g OjptecEBfBllirflsSl 16% Eaat Shoiman; over Catea, 19 2ii-25t <S1£©„ C. PHOB Optoir.otriat. fayen teatetb- Giasaes fitted. 10H North Main, over Jonea Shoo Btor*. EARN EXTRA SPENDING MONEY BY BELLING THE NEWS AFTER 4 P. M. EACH EVENING. 10c STARTS YOU. APPLY TO MR. GBAGG, NEWS OFFICK. '19 Pj-2Bt DRj HCLIJ, a foot Kpfclnllst lfl with Dr. Nichols at 223 liaet Socohd. Broken archf -13 treated HucceaBfully. Phone 201U tor appointment. ID 4 -2fjt FOH pumps, driven wells, casing w«lla and Irrlgntion outfiin and yard oulftta, see D. M. Mayers, 3 iS Kast G, phoru, 3211. STOPl Th:nkl Why throw awa? your old rurniture when v;e can mako It good, as new7 Repairing and upholstering a Hp«- clalty. Tu pep try ordered. Le^-nan Furniture Co.. 608 North Main »t;e»n, phono 67». 19 27-30t Guaranteed to outwear two leather soles. Santa Fo, Shoo Shop, IS East Third. 19 27-4t KEMINGTO:; Saloa and Service— Rera- Ington Typewriter, Co., £4 West Firs"., phono 402. B. A. Itlnuel, salesman. 19 4-251 EYESIGHT; conserve it. Get the fa-:U( about your eyes. Dr. l>arlar.d, 2 A S M North Main. 19 l(j-26t LAWN mowers sharpened; called for and delivered. 14 West A, phone 1737. ID Oilti-aot J. H. SHOWERS, chlropodiat, ::i Eaa*. A. Phone 2026. iy 2-2St WANTED—Furniture t<^ repair, refiiush or upholster. Call 1419. 10 18-30t FOR real garbage service, phono Sanltarv Garbage Coinpuny, 3910. lit 2X-2&C JHGI.IIJJST pricea paid lor meit'a chKhtr.a. Phone 777. 19 2-20L WANTED—MISCELLANEOUS AT fall lit our offii-rr and xfe. our sak-s contra-.'!, ^iivos you .'l <lv.'(((taK.• of advance In vncp itnd save.s you till taxes, Insurance nnd shrhiUatic. CON'SOI.ll-iATKIi FLOlin MILIJS CO. M KAST Fli'.ST AVEXL'E XIUTOUI N.SO.V. KANSAS I'HONE S'ii. 20 ls-4; S1CWING machine - repair work; BUar- antetia; country or oily; ciarainatlon freeK repair ; all makes. Family manufacturing 'hemstltchers a specialty. Fhone 3649. J. C. Lynch. 204. J5t SiJWIXG machine cieanutK. overhaulinir; work cuaranteed. J, F. Bunman, phono 2470. 20 2-2U SUNFLOWElt PItOUlICl-: We call for poultry anywhere; pay market price. Phone 2I5:S, 713 Bouth Main. 20 J-2it WANTED TO BUY Alust be bargain; will pay part. ai^U, balance clear property. Lee Mimroo, Topaka, Kansas. 21 Su WANTED to buy— Second-hand furniture _MS rugs; highest prices. Johnson Fnrnlturo Co., JJJtgouth Main. 31 Z-2H WANTED— A •nd baler. S, Kan. i \iy crraTO broom corn seeder A. Threlkeld, Nlckeraon, 21 s 30-7:21 HIGHEST plcea paid for men's cast-off clothing and shoes. Phone 1168J. 31 2-£5t WANTED Good uaed housohold fui-nl- turo. Phono 1849. '21 2B-UI HIGHEST prices paid for men's clolhlntf. lliono 7(7. 21 l_25t WA.NTED -Second-hand Ford. Fourth. 110 East 21 2i!-6t AUTOMOBILES EXTIIA Sl-ECIAI, Fainting prices for June Pod^e tourings S80. Ford tourings' ,...'.*.'.'.! ,$17.tO Best of workinaiuhip ^antl materials. O. IS. AHUG® PfflSnBHSaii C®. 129 South Main Hu-eet. Phone 1181 28 1 -7 :1 Panyard piston ilngs aro guaranteed to stop oil pumplna, hold compression, better than regrindsng; loss than half the cost. Lot us show you. Harry Hafor Auto Service, 115 Kast Second, phone 741. 82 U-25t AGENCY Lst me order you genuine Maxwell and Chalmers parts. Call at VZ East A tor demonstration. niLBy iioTon co. Phone 2600. IS tg-25t for yoor summor vacation? Find lust the o»r you are looking for through the want ads In The tfpws. jf you can't find U there, a little ad will find It for you. Call number 1, News classified department. 22 ii.' llt TWO-ton Iniornatlonal truck for sale or trade; good condition, good rubber, has fab, windshield, hand hoist dump body, haul grain or anything, ready to go. tvui hjake good prine for Quick salo. 810 East Blxtli, phono »SS«J.. 2! 80 -7!!! y«ra, Buiek, Chevrolet and other light oars, $12 »ach. fillfer Motor Bxohang*, 82 20-7 FOR SALE—Ford ouahlons aad good ssooJid -hund Ford top. . Hutchinson lo Top Factory, Phona Ei^ti, il!6 South '" „.._,.. • M Jo-lt 108. JUto 10f Main. ~™. AUT0MoI >ILE8 (Cont'd) Fim SALE—Duick with mick ^dy7 ~Bood ri.r;.Jii;on, pood tires, tto Junk, for quick r? 8 , 1 ' """-'i $' 6 -' Emmctt Avery, phono lol»W. 22 37-41 WANT TO BELL TOUR CAP.7 Thin liBt It with us. We sell them: no Btomuo. Slifcrs Motor Kichango. opposite Convention Hall. , 22 lZ-2Gt III K.K 8 iourinjr car firRt-r !a*s cTrull- linti. gwd rubber, Al car, chenp for Otsh. Apply Mr. UeHart, Third and Ailttms. Kterllng, Kan. £2 26 -4t FAIITS I tear them up and sell the parts; all m;ikes. A, BL Johnson, It Sbuth Washington. i-2 t8-2St 1(11. SALS or trade—One Nash truck wl.h stock ond grain body; rood nui- chanlcal condition. 1317 Kast Eighth. 22 27-10t FOIl BALK—Ford touring car; good tm.elmnlr-nl order, good rubber; 8100. Call J&7UW or 20t East Seventeenth. 2i' 2fl-4t GOOD INCREASE IN AUTOS HERE Licenses First Half <jf Year 704 Ahead of Same Period of 1S22, Adkinaon Says. CniBVROLFT delivery car, 1921 model. slightly used. $300 lees than half the Price of a new one. Everett Grocery. 22 27-3t SECOND-hand Ford parts Tor selo. Phono S44». 616 South Main. C. C. Eohol- '•<««•• _ 2S si-at FOlt baraalns in used cars, go to yiifers Motor Exchange upsoslto Convention Hall. — 22 12-2&T Fop.Ii-1921 touring car for salo cheap; HlMO trailer, .lenkuis Music Co. "2 25-lit FOH SALE/carnite, 1011 South Main; also truck h«d. L. H. Janes, 22 2?-10t FOlt HALE or trade—191'J Btudebnkor apectal, good shape. 8412. 32 27-10t FOR SALF1—Chevrolet coupe In Al condition. See Bunte Con.1 Co. 22 2E-tit FOK SALK-'Airlo irau^rs. J. 1>. War.l i!6 Bouth WalnuL 22 2-Sbt POULTRY Pirssssdl ]P©ia!fl(hry Afllk fed, nicely dreased, Phone us yowr order. 9mM C% IPr^dlonce Co. 13 East Third, fchono 778. 18.21-251 RIDS poultry of lice 'ike inp.fftr. Pom's Citid*»n Wonder given in drinking water or food f«w days doeu it. Will nut harm fowls, flesh or es£s; helps save baby chlcka; 1,000 treated cayliy an one; 60c and JL bottlea; guaranteed; ut your dealer or by mail. L A. Pomntier Co., Eij Topelai, Kan. FOR KALE- 1% to 2-i-ponnrl frlfa and broilcrH at CO cents each. Arkansas Valley Coiupriny, one block north of Sylvja pavement on liei-uli l.v aticct. 2U 26 -U RINOLET Paired Rocktt. CocUs.-.-t 'B l»:ad- inp p'-'ns hired by grand vhun^'ion at Cliii-nKo CnUtifVini. LgBB, 55 fur 15; farir, f'oel., IC..*i0 i .er 100. All Il'.iUu tfpi-!. C. A. Hoyle, Burrton. K.m. y iS-iut FOP." SA fil" -- Puro br.'tl h'.\in t r ()ri'ii;Kt'iti In-iit: and pulifts; u i rti -, L.-'j-ii '-TUS, i.;HJ lvH«t Cumpbcll. ^ Ruff Buff I 21Ki FOB SALE—Thoroutfllhrod Barred Itocit eKK». *i aettlng. Phone 3059, *U Eant A. S3 'l-2bt ARK your chlcka dylngT aavo them with "Diarho," Weeaner'a Drug. Z3 7-25t YOUNO chicljona fiv<: \v$>cka old, 2f..\ ;m • East Second, Phone* JJ ( JL 2lt S0-4i FOR .SALE--75 B. O. pullets April hatch 60c »'nch. 7-l> ICast. E. 23 5*0-41 FOR SALE—Baby chickens, 16 cents each- Phone 2505. 2a 5:ll-9t,[ FOR SALPI—EKBH Tor hatching. Phono 2505. "2S FOR 8At- II-— CITY PROPERTY Strictly mo<inrn enfii i'i tmf hunpaioic; aV, mbo<iern feauires inchuliiiK private water flystcin of lar^e capaciiy; highly Improved, VTj -l 'i 'Ot front, tii \**H rtTHaonahif. Ifoud toniiji: pnci d far lcs.i tiian aio! lu build today. L"i''$vani s- j v <Mi -nioni l»utui-.*low. close in. hot V.ILI-V .liPHf, bt-aTj! ji 'sit sr.-fi .nt fr.itil, lot v.'oll planl.'d whii 1;.a ml uil k'nuts of jdii -nlij nnd pfrt-nrtial ., rs; pjic-; 56,500. terniH. lluvr- pt-v-. ral rvo-:pi b'lial i n v- - nn^nt prur.rrt it-e, Rood incont-.-, dn>'»' In \\itli it Kure growth in fuiurf -v^liie. Bi ; :.\ V. LA.MUUUN, R".0!or, Gro. fcha'.er, a^i:cc , w Noith Main ^ z\ y ,o-it M®!Hi5tnii BeflUfsir fan Mi® A highly nttrilctlve, no-.v home, north- oast, beuutlful lot with fine shade, perfect construction, five room.-? besMeH breakfast room and sleeping ptjrch, full basement and garage. HHSS nil oak floors, standing ouk, central hall, linen closets, fireplace, bc:,c tub, living room, 14x28. every, cciivcit!„in-e;• located at ^oy East Seventeenth. Oa.ll MUTCUINSON LN V. CO 24 30-11 FOIl SALE HIDE PARK CORNER. One of tho best vacant corners In the city at a real bargain, from owner. Call phone 26U or address box 820, city. 24 18-lot 1-OR BALE by owner—New suburban home, eight rooms, sleeping porch. Would consider city property or fat ni land. Term?; can bo arranged. P. c. Mitchell, 729 West Fourteenth. 24 20-10L SIX-room fairly new- bcingulow, nf.'e finlfih, three bedrooms, prtj), lightH, city water, bathroom, nicy basement, gitrnjre. This Is a bargain, $2,100. Hutchinson lnv. Co. * 24 30-(t TWO lota and five-room eotnigo, South Main, good business locution, $3.W0, liberal f-rnls. BROWN BROS., Realtors, IRti Nortb MHIII litiniie, 9344 Vd .7 -4* FOR 8ALTO by ownor—123 East F, six rooms, SI,BOO, SlOO cash, $16 p,r month plus Intotest at 1 per cent. Fhone K. W. VeHt, Pretty Fralrie, Kan. 24 2S-4t FOR HALU or trade— Hutchinson ion- donee, eleven rooms, ou U'tut Twelfth, strictly modern, up-to-date, will trade for smaller residence. Address F. J Koaa, 618 East Eighth street. Lamed. Kan. 24 14-2ot BO YOU WISH TO HELL? List your property _ with us. CARET REAL ESTATE! INV. CO. 413 N. Main, Phone 872. 24 21-2ut Real estate, rentals,, Over Central Slate back, phone 3484. 24 eod 4:14-50t FOR BALK™ Ijfttgo ftvo-room, strictly modern bungalow ulmo3t new ,uoublo built, $4,000; will Irade for small suburban property. Phone 1304. 24 8&-4t FOfl BALE— My now, strictly modern home, all conveniences complete. Open for inspection. 109 Went Fourteenth 24 1-30 FOR SALK—Modern six-room house with gttrage and, other Improvements. Inquire at 61&'F.ast Bixfn, 24 27-2.',^ Eight tlirms -aTKi four liimrlra] ami f!ftj--n!no motor «ira hnvo iiecn Hetvnsod in Hfno county during the first six -months of 1023. nocordmK to a report tiKiay- from Cmimy Troaauroi- 1'. J. Adkirwn. This ifi <»rapnroil with 7,755 issued in tho same period of 1S2S, an -Increase ot 70). — ?ll. ALE " _c ' TY propebty (Cont'd) FOR- KALF.— Four rooms and r.OxU.C-fnot lot for $700. Lincoln S. Davis. 24 29 -m FOR BALK—Five-room buiiKalow rnd vacant lot, Phone 2'J&7. 24 3S-25t N FOH SALE—REAL ESTATE WF 11A VP! AKTTHIWi TO oirfv,) TOll IN WiSTEHN' KANSAS THAT YOU MAY UK LOOlvIMl VIIR. ANY- THl.N'O from SO ACIIKU to 1.000 At'UKK. IF VOl! ARK O.N Ttu: MAUKKT Foil WKSTKRN LAND. Alil'RKSS K-«S. OA KM XKWS AND l.KT CS TEl.l. V<>l! 1V1UT \VK HAVE. 25 1")-!' FOR KALI-: by owner at a bnrptiin or will trade for smaller W"P«rty, l 'er a-t part iniyincnu Nev\ 5 .U-r."'iii house with basetnent, slecplur |.ui, h nnil KH- r.-iRc; one acre Kiound, irrta;itlon pUmt. fruit trees and karden crop, I'hotu' B"l'i\\' I'i, -J 7 - 11 FOP. BALK - -Iinprov d lOo-nc-re farm - 110 In wheat; one mile mm ut Medora For terms and price. Inquire ol 11. II tloert- icn, Inniaji, route 4.'phone lnnmn 121H. 15 eod 2-30 MONKT to loan on real estate; —nek McNiiKhton! 25 S-t'St WALL PAPER. PA1 MTI S'fl. ETC. »8 Lft us fiRuie jour p.iintiiiB. Phona 34-13, P.KLIABLE p.«p*'i IIIK at ft vnK -.tmld-j pricv. f'nnniM^: oil rcbid'ini' phi •i'.iFf.. A* otfici' S.iV'tii d.iv und Mi in.'..j v. P*K,:in 2f.l7. J as. WJ.JH-, 2i}-i KW ^i:r,-- tn .'in. 2' J I'U - ~J [>r •"Icat.iiifT r. u nt'T.. Cull .'MIW or ftuvaii PlKu-macy Weil, (fiiarand-cd, V>'i S - V: S FOR flts*t-c;ni!"» p;iper banijins and paper, rpaeumibl.' vricci*. c^U 3- A, Lister, phonw 32:t^J. 1018 East Llrvnlh. 2tl 2-2Bt WALL paper, L: per oonrin roll or bolt anil up, 25c ptr bolt for hanging, }'jio(i t > J2MJ. \VALL paper, fie pt^i oui30l« roll or bolt mid up, 2£.e vvv boll ior hai.tfinjip. rjiun- 12&aJ. i.I7-25t PAPKR hanBlnB. painU:i|E. Hairv p. Cllins. phone 2S:6W. 2u 2l-25c PAPER )jan«lni* and pylntinif. Lot us show you lu-.Y Hamplw. Cajl lilMW. 26 10-2i,t MESSENGER SEnVlCG~ 31 HASTY Mtsarnscr. phonn t35. Jdi'iil M:>y.'<t,-Jii|,'i-r. ]$)iune 2^5-1. on city honvix; unit: tci-nm on rnoiitbly paymont p!.-.n. Faun loan**. TUL KINKLL AOENCT I hone 20af». ^iate EAciiuntfu iJunk Bldg. M'.JNK lean ; stan II amctinia. U'-ii; l'-Va X -Tlh Main. 2(i FARM loat.:;. 6% intercut, low cun.tnln- »!on. Ne^un-Maiiiiliig Loan Co 1 {-t, 2» a-2r»t and Noth Main. FAR.M and city \uana, lowoft commSfrflion; .vjiti* or call n $$- dcrjiilij. J. N . lbiU<.y ft Hon. no 2 -rj,^ M'ONi-'.Y to loan no farm and city nron- erty; —HaU McNighienl 23 2-iit Cl ^,T, ^i 4 "*- NfiwlIn-JWiuinlng Loan 11% North .Mali.. Z-2bi LOST, STRAY & D Ot\ STOLEN 80 KTRAYED -Ib-Mon buildup, dark Ulndle. Utt f":o f'»ot vvhilp, whii.' 1 fpol on top of head. For b'-it'-f description, phoiiu SHhtfW or civil at t>03 North I'uim for r«- •vvaid. ao Vi-4t VALUABLE posscifllons cM«lly and quickly rt'iurn*d to lo*t-r«. LCIHC and found column is uioat strident mti.iiun. for return of I oat proyt-rty. Ui^ Kewu loot and iound column. IJ^IBT boiwet-n Third and Wnlnnt mi Main or Fourth Pa<'Itujfc containi 'tK allk hose. It*, turn in i'^l'-u' so.or<>. 30'JSvlt FOUND On TAKEN UP iroUND---P;,ir tortoiae aholl gln-^'\s Owner call 17 Eaat Flltei»nth nnd p*v BUSINHSS PFtOPERTY Small business In fairly lar^o town. Jjotnu; good busint'iw. Thrlvinfi town. Small ca[iltal wJU hftR <lJf.'. Good re.aaon roc •Olliufe-. For"lnfortnutlon, luiiiixaa U-65. CAUL Ni:;Wrf. 110 rooms. iu *rlr -i;i, J Jui opi';i :i 60 room:., mod tin,, F.uroy,iiin ' 85 rooms, modrsrn, Arm-rlcixn . 22 room**, modem, new und located Sao UH for hotr.l.-.i, rooming hoi nnd c.'.f*-ter !;tH. E. COLTilA N E H OT E f. B Rf COMI'ANy 22Vi North Main. 'Ki-.l! 33 BlIILWNaa, lot*, cornrncrcLal Vnd term — &BH iLNa&htc;;; Nations! building. 33 :io-i;t lOtttf Vlrxi OUSINUSS OPPORTUNITY In flylvla, Itau. ( |f, B. I>avin. houao BJid tract i, tcrrna. Lincoln POP, SAiJ3— ©"our rooiiu at 122 JSajst CampboU «trd»t, 11 ,300. i.lnco'n R Dain^. Si B Lit SELL your housa, y^a vUi tmr] b«y .*r by phontBff JetJ* ttftar any foro- 2i ii-jy: Woulffyoii like to hav% the oppoitunn <">{ twtab"!-hln(f i* ftuafju-s;; ti-utp.-tys y. o.Kue6a pi^olU.iV W'r hav& u;\ Opport for tiie rii-;ht piny i 0 esrabilh'n u p.i^lrfK buslru-i's in a trowing t.f.u.; t:- jit op j-01; uai'v a liu;;M<-;, m-i, havo snu-ii cujriiLi! and bft u. real b-t.'-inr, iiiitn, I'or fu;l particulars, adibens J-M, i:a.rd N '.-.-Aif, it; 27-i | XLVGTXtlQ viovu und buslm-en, only on a In town, tS.OOO. P-rl>or ahoy, roar j arid four Li tins, e-atra.w*ili ^<ti:h'j.» J, K' 1 'a j Motor mr linerif^s for HIP first half nf (lie )>. ur aro tliviiled as f"Itown: Truck* ~ fi'M Mutnr Ctti-rf 7775 71 If* D <vth.-~y Licenses fiO 4* ToLi!:* s -r .'i 7755 PUi'iT :tr« Few or itit)t j .)ri:vcica, tho t.f Tr.,*!-i.fin r utJ r«jv*trt shu« in tiio fi.'i-K six months 79 rWior:-t anil " M*>aL frs hnvi- bufn tli'ronB-'d <-oi»T>.u"otl vri\2i 1*2 rifb'i";-- and 2 oValr; - ^ a yr-nr ag->. l-Ttfrrtivo Moinlay iir-L>rl:iis who 'have n <t lii-onrtts LI^H will P'ty "nly hsiXt ihe i -c ,*rulMr ff *i. Fn-rn lack of il^ttii^w 1 puri-.hasn-H rf*cnnt.h' it la r^wn- ulilo tu PT]Hin-rt thui wine new car uwiierH hiivi} ju^kvctPtl buying ln&* mwlJ tbfy ^njld g-nt tho benefit of the redui'od fon. NOW'S THE TIME TO . FIGHT HESSIAN FLY Bej;in New to Get Rid of the Pett lliat Tries to Injure the Wheat. MiuiIiatLin, Kan., .Tunc 30. -HeRU now t«> ficht tho HoHBlnn fly ami protect tb'- cran thin ftiU and v.<~-\\ ^pritig, in the atHico of Stain Agricultural Collogo oxports. Thu Inf^stHtion will como frnui two MJUTCVS- the ^iubblo of tl\(> \'yM'. crop arpl vuiunieer ivhuat they {b'l-liMc. Frmnori* an- nnp^l to plow a !l inftrntoil whvn.t r'tupbta-'^rom five t-o si;: IIM'IIPS fieep ay sn.ui ns tBo crop U removed. A spet•till effort wluHiid bo ina do to throidi r:ir!y, or ptarU v.-hoat that \n Inflated, yo that t.Mc slabblo may he plowed very early .SI Pee thO aduHi) UNIJ.'jJly bogUi to rhier;,*c from t!i« "flji\i*oed" by the middle of Atistuit, tlif> plowing :;lnniUH In* fir.i hn<l not later than that date, lhf> f*xperi;s udviso. K jdowing CiThnot h^ done nftor harvo;-t, discing tho stubble hi re com* mrntU'f). 'Htiu oonfionvs fho ouich. no'ded lnoisttrro and ni;i.l;<w plowing eiis-tcr. Ajhont three to font* -weeks after diselng, the ground Pljould be plowed ti» a do[ith of ut leant six laches to covor nil ft.ubblo and vi»!tmteer whoat, lly doing thin prnciic:.U> nil the (li«tt and iijf '.'Kted vohinfeer wffe.-if arp 1hor- ouftMv biifitnl. Imi'nedi:»i- ly utter Ii!fe,\in^, lh" ^iNiund, the c.\pep; : ; r ;ay, •-'hoislil be r>-Vlrnied nud worked iiiio a e=ood b-'.l. It nhou'.d al. .J he kept Uiellnw aii'l free from v. I'edi; and vol ujitiMj." wheat. MEDICAL MISSIONARY TO ADDRESS YOUNG FOLKS nr. Frank P- Allan. M. D , just, returned from 17 year;; nr-ivb.-c in a Mo.'hodist Mif>iionary I Jo-pi ral nt ('hvrii-utii, Chiiu!. '.vi!l ; ; peak a jtdiit intoiitr^ of the Su'ifror and lutennedi- nte I-:pwor;!i 1-enguer, ;it th" First M. K. rhurdt, Stitulay evc'tnn;-' at (>: lb Hharp. 1 >r. Allan han w}iti«'n; th«» recent r\-vc>iuiVuuary \i,'ie--avul lu China and h'oj fioirm tnL.-ru^'.tujj (ales of hawlltR and outlaws. Jjveryniio is welcouie to hea r hi in. lit' in a brf.d hor-lh'l.'t w of Or. (iu^e, of the G;iy,e Hull ninK*. 1 >r. Aihin 'will spoii.k befo;\» tho litisine:^ Men"s t'ljiMH at the Y. M. C. A, Ktiuday m^rninw ut - : -' :) . and wtU tell J50UHJ of tlio interest ini; i»xp«T- leue.osi he h.u-i iiml an ;i no nils- .•'•mn.'u-y for 17 ywr.-i HI {'Ji.'jia. Tljero vsill b>- a t;p« *•;:»! sivdln du* ' bv Ah la lld.sletN r ai«d .M?n <!: t p!'"ll, ;uri.[.;- I'' by Jo'.ic-pliine iau: prei i;di:i\< Lr. Allan - .? nddrei'-n. A c<,rdi:jl InuLi- lion u\ c.\l ended to flits men ui' Llitj ci;y to liear Lr. Allnn. Fire Crackers! Htiy your Nt'.*[>;>]ie*, o-i' K-iirrh oi' .lu.ty firoc.raekf.:i'M nml fireworiis IU ihe CnU't Shoo 414 Noi'Ut Ma-in. au-H WARDS ARE ONTOE WAY HOME FROM OHIO A post <-AT(\ irorn Art M. Ward of the Ulft-slype. (U'VArimoni of tlm N'ewn, rtfeolvwl today piiys they wero In Onn- vlllo, 111-. Thursday and v.ej-e to h-avn I h or e Friday for Ht, L o r i h-, with pavcijieiit all of vtJie way. Tho. '3 wore lioavy raitiH the precedlioj v.i&lii and it v-Kii 'very roid." Mlrii* Mlidrod Sinelalr, a nioco of Mr. Ward and ubstor of Mrs. ltalph. Youtig, :n-cr.mi<iflic5 tho WanHt, com- in 1-7 io Hutc.lilnson for a vi.dt. They will he home innide of a week. MUST NEED MONEY. State Informs C. of C. It, Must Hav« Restatirant l-tccndd, J. r. ('>»n!n:iU-y, of I ho utute V .otot C.Ol'!My i ,i ' i H \-OIl WO .S h»'* R W L.)(lay Ul^pei.'i .'.IJg tht'i vari.u'.i:i hotels and lioon.^j tind irtfornmd the t'i'.aiah'''r o* (".niino^re^ UK *'. uuuo:' :ti ,vi i 'nt.'j V\tntttl !>M compelled to tako out a licence for «-ivin;i nif-altt. 'ill to will be ior.o at on co, TO TALK PATRIOTISM, Mayor JOMCG Wjill Addreaa Busl Men's C(ar.s Tomorrov/. "Pafr;ot:«fti" will bo tho ao*! th.e lo.-JlOU at the, HUldUOFf; Ar."li';i c of the I'^rsi t'hriwtlan c!,!ir':h at Ire i ho. aire tomunvw morhin^ .Mayor V.'.tif.or Jon on will sp^al " Fa'rlei i:-0;i In Q:ir Oennn UP it y'' Sr^w. liubhi't on "Fatrh-i [«u\ in 1 n e.s.'' All m e n not in a j; u; itolitH)! olaHi! tomorrow \v>\ attend t-hia sorvico. neaa e ot tho at c on and Jiisl- i'- / I to Flemish Is Lnfiiju.i Rni^jel,^-.The Uol^iiifi !•* d-'Clcd hy volo that l-'l. •• be. tho Httifrna'/.o nw -d in . Cl\ ( -u at ii!:.--lit Vnh.. i' . '"Silver Thr'^ii-..' Th- • -: TUr^d-: Aicoi'fjr t ..v (' hy Kbu; 'hi. it- .»u. •!. .1 at Luwro:.-. • l: . . 1 t -.-ivo SJIL;L v •Ut iUiii.

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