Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 18
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 18

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1959
Page 18
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18 THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1939 51st Year Bookkeepers Lament There are such things a*|,tise-1exceeding $24,000." What does ful forms! that mean? We are referring to'the paper But we mustn't forget U. S. variety, and we repeat this phrase [Form 1065, U.S. Form 1040A, Slate over to ourselves many times a day during this time of the year. schedule of traveling expense, DR-380, State Form 108:5, State The reason is that this above all Form 104, County Form R * 1595 is the period of time in which gov-j State Form B - 225, State Form emmcnt forms descend upon us CUCl (revised) 80 M 8 - 69, State In an avalanche. And it is imper-JFor m DR 109:4, State Form DR ative that tempers be controlled. [252 and U.S. Form »41a which la Now, where did that W-2 form! an extension of Form 941. for Claudius van Leperschwartz! We've noticed that Just about gro? | this time of year many people be An we were saying, some pa- i come upset and short In their re> per forms do have a. use. For ex- J plies. But If we keep thinking ample, there are the coupons you;about how useful certain forma ure can see in the newspaper which contain a place for your name and address and which, if torn out anrt forwarded, will Inform an advertiser that you want his pro- in the ordinary operation of bust ness, we can, keep our own dls. position smooth and friendly, But when you stop to think that every one of these blankety-blank duct at. the same time it tells forms has to be accompanied by a him where to send It. Now, that's j check . . . you begin. . .careful. a useful form. "Careful! And there are the ordinary printed forms for single and double entry bookkeeping. They have a practical application and make seJise. And there are price tags and guarantees and other printed memoranda that help to spin the Wheels of industry and progress. But, by the exploding gases from Cape Canaveral, whoever or If there is a sound and logical reason for business forms there must be a sound and logical reason for at least a few of these government forms. "Interest for this quarter if delinquent (.5 percent per month and .1 percent for each six days beginning one month after the end of the quarter .) Penalty of $25.00 per day for each day re- whatever dreamed up all the var-|p or t j s delinquent. See 'Penalties' lous governmental forms and the: lln d e r instructions on back of dup- complicated sets of instruction; ]j c ate copy. Contribution reports necessary to wade thru them? And to what purpose? Now, let's see, where did we slop? Oh, yes. Form 1040 Sched- you file an Employer Form must be filed even tho the employer has a zero rate ... If no memo explain differences In taxable wages, contributions and quarters involved. . ." Penalties of $25.00 per day! Why, these Infernal — !! gougers! ule C. "Did Quarterly Tax Return, Oil?" How do we know? "What was that. Mr. B? Yes,| Watch it. Watch It. Everyone's this year we have to file state got to do It. Everyone's got to Form 10-1 E.S., because we have knuckle under and play ball, to estimate earnings for the com-!That's the situation, Isn't "it? But Ing year both for the state and how in -- XXXXXX&&&&&!!!! the federal government. Sure, it'sjdid we ever get Into such a fix double taxation! Well, it's what las this? the voters poem to want. They keep voting for these lunk-heads in office." Temper, temper. "Salaries and wages not included on line 4, rent on business property, interest on business indebtedness, taxes on business and business property, losses of business property — at- Don't those and — Inter- BETTER JOBS By f. 0. M01LE9 "Cart labdf Clictn It'i Own Msuii?'* Sylvester Petre, In hi* address before the Congress of American industry, published as an essay on "ran Labor Clean its Own House?", relates how the National Labor Relation* Board does not declare unfair labor practice for labor unions to intimidate meftv hers into joining. On tha other hand, the board found it easy to declare the employer unfair as prescribing every conceivable type of employer pres* sure as unfair, but not the unions unfair for doing the same thing. Skin-Deep Investigation Under the above heading Df. Pelro completes the article in this Manner: "And so, while the Senate committee haj been rehashing in the case of employer 'corruption' only conduct which the board has since the very beginning prosecuted, it hag curiously refrained, thus far a» least, from inquiring into the methods; by which unions are daily coercing th 1 ? free choice of em- ploves. To put the matter another way it has been preoccupied with tho surface manifestations of trade union corruption — the cheap thievery, double dealing, and the embezzling. It has not been concerned at all with even the deep- ei manifestations of conniption — the violence and the compulsion which underlie so much of modern American trade - unionism. More important even than that, the committee has not revealed any understanding at all of the fundamental causes of both the deeper and the more superficial forms of corruption. "The causer lie essentially, I repeat, in the errors, failures, and derelictions of government in the labor relations field. Unions have been given special privileges at the expense of the basic rights of employes and employers. While employers have been forced to take a strictly hands-off attitude, and while the contract rights of workers have been vitiated, unions have been given the formal de jure power to control employment and employment conditions, and iney have been given the informal de facto power to use violence and economic coercion as means ot compelling both membership and acquiescence in union policies Robert Submarine Markers Due Some Scrutiny WASHINGTON — Those myste- ^coastal areas. , .The time Is rap- 'idly nearing when the Soviet can tach statement — bad debts Ing from sales or services, depre elation — explain in Schedule C-.l — Repairs • - Explain in Schedule C-2, Depletion of mines, oil and gaa wells, timber, ets. — attach schedule — amortization." Who do they think they are kidding? Yes, there must be some forms that are useful. But what does the government do with all this paper work? There must be miles and miles of blank forms gather- Ing dust in thousands and thnu- sands of filing- cases somewhere along- the Potomac ! Hern's one for you. "Schedule D. Computation of Alternative Tax — Use only if tho net long-term capital gain exceeds the net short- term capital loss or if there ia a net Ions-term capital gain only, and you are filing (a) a separate return with taxable income exceeding $18.000, or ib) a joint return, or as a surviving husband or wife, with taxable income exceeding $38,000, or (o) as a head of household with taxable income nal Revenue Service Boys know that if we take time out to fill all these forms we can't be earn-) ing money at the Internal Revenue Service! sERV ICE? What service? We give the service and they take the revenue! "What's that? Just a few more forms to fill out? Certainly, we don't mind doing them, heh, heh, hen. Always glad to rill out these (censored) forms." There must be some purpose . . . . some — Zpppoofft!!! good reason . . . They never get us upset ... never get us a &?$$?!! bit upset . . . never &?'$$?&&$ (censored.) L.ITTLE~OX Times change. A man who hoarded his money used to be known as o miser—now he'* a wizard. ««A» Big Test For Golden Boy programs, and tactics. Such Tower Can't Be Trusted "If the house of labor needs olcaninp. now, it will continue to | rec cleaning until these failures same tijrie? P « government are corrected and until the formal and informal special privileges of unions are eradicated. No human agency can be trusted, with the kinds of power which the errors in government have given trade-union leadership. Establish an environment permeated with coercion and compulsion and you are bound to attract men who excel in those modes of conduct. Those who do not excel will either have to learn or make way for men with richer natural endowments, "Workers who have become accustomed to being pushed around, who, owing to the failures of governments to do their basic job. are used to the rigorous controls o! compulsory union methods, are ir a position to do very little &bou. cleaning up things. They can do nothing but bear the oppression and exploitation of their leadership. Moreover, it would be ill- sdvised to expect any rea! forward-looking action trom the leadership. Let The Market Decide "If union leaders are to be kept In line, they must remain exposed, like everyone else In a their 'business' when they do not perform gatisfactorily. Instead of making a union the exclusive bargaining representative for all em- ploye.; in a firm when it has been selected by only some, the law should see that those who object to the union retain their basic right, as free men, to fend for themselves. When men are forced in the first place to join unions, forcpd in the second place to go fj.oni? with all plans and programs ronct.'ivwi by their leaders, and forced in thp third plare to keep She $tampa iailg News YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER We believe that freedom U a gl/t rrcm God and not a political trom government. Freedom is not licange. it must be consi»t- *0A>. with the truths expressed in such great moral gwdee aa the Golden »RUl9, The Ten Commandments and the PeciaraUon ot Independence. ; This newspaper is dedicated to promoting and preserving YOUR , fr*et).oni aa well as our own. For only when man is free to control ' hip.seif 8Ji'i ail he produces, can be develop to uia utmost capablUtie*. SUBSCRIPTION RATES C&KIUKR in Pauiyi, 3Uc uer utreU. P»iU w Advance (at ottlce. |3.!)0 pel u). J7.6U per 6 month*. JlS.tiU per year. By JnaiJ J7.i,0 per yewr Jo r«t*Ul it rout. Jia.'jO pei year uuuiiie retail trailing zone- Price fqr «luyl« 5 '-eiitg. No iiiojJ orUer» accejnud In loca,JiUe» »er^t4 t>y carrier. (ui» »tc«vi £«tur<l*y by tbt Fuojp* 0»Uv N«*«. 4t.cW«oo at raiupa, Tex«u>. f'huce MO «-?5I5 aJJ -iepaxtnient*. Entered §• ci#»» p»iur u»<Ui its, $ct wt Ware* & IS'*., Hous "radioactive submarine position markers" are slated for official congressional scrutiny. The headline . making Senate Preparedness Investigating C o m- mittee has decided to look into this secrecy-shrouded matter in a new series of hearings starting later this month. These extraordinary large steel radioactive underwater devices are strongly suspected of being Russian. Navy authorities are convinced they are "position markers" for use by Soviet submarines foe launching nuclear-armed missiles against U.S. and Canadian costal cities and other targets. The Senate Committee's inquiry Into these sinister Red median; isms will be part of an overall sur vey of Navy strength, weapons anc capabilities. Particular emphasis will be placed on undersea, war fare, and the development of ef' fective defenses against Russian missiles and admitted numerical superiority in submarines. This explosive probe will be di reeled by Sena.te Democratic Leader Lyndon Johnson, Tex., assisted by Senator Stuart Syming ton (D., Mo.), long a militant crit ic of Administration defense policies. As disclosed by this column sev eral weeks ago. the Canadian Navy first discovered the myste rlous underwater "position mark ers'' off the Atlantic coast. Subsequently the U.S. Navy found them off both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, in some instances imbedded on the ocean floors up to depths of 1,000 ft. A few were located within both the U.S. and Canadian three-mile limit. While only about a score of these Soviet devices have so far been uncovered, U.S. and Canadian officials estimate "hundreds' 1 have been planted off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The latter two are vital shipping lanes, especially for oil. Since this column's disclosure of this grim discovery, Navy press officials have given a variety of replies to inquires regarding it. First, newsman were told nothing was known about the "position markers." That was followed with No comment" and "We can't discuss the matter." Latest answer to reporters is, "It's classified, and nothing can be said about it." However, Navy sources have privately admitted the existence of :hese submarine "position markers." That is known to members of he Senate Preparedness Investi- atlng Committee. 4 They also know other facts about these sinister Soviet done- es. The nature of this information cannot be indicated here as it has been classified highly secret by "•ertain Navy authorities. To what extent Senator Johnson's Committee can air the mater Is uncertain. But, in some orm, the Committee will care ful- y look into it. SCATHING REPORT — An tm- jortant basis of the Senate Committee's impending naval prohe is a highly critical report compiled by a group of I and businessmen. This still-unpublished stud y, made by the distinguished panel or the Joint Congressional Atom- c Committee, contains fivn prin- ipal findings and recommenda- ions, as follows: "Enisling and presently-planed 1 ' U.S. measures could not stop lallistic missile attacks from ostlle submarines. Russia will be able to "mount devasttating nuclear attack from Ws Up To You by Howard Kenhnar L, H, D. to expect tWttM be ttietf MeMS. Many will f« ddtibt cbnclude that IheYe Id little re«soft 16 Slrtvj for the principles in which they believe tSWftihiihistn fl Itfbng today Bt* Christian people Mire fe<! it, clothed it, armed It, financed if Christians wh*> itm enjoy free-jit, recognized It, shared patemt, doni In America willing to sen down the river as they plan and propagandize in favor of industrial and scientific and strategic inateMftls. Never in all history have thl Commies Gave Exuberant Acclaim strengthening, perpetuating, rec- leaders of a civilization ft ft d" ft ognizing and fraternizing w 11 h>great religion beeh #> determirred their savage enemies who are de- Upon th e )f owi1 destruction As thl let-mined to destroy Christianity headers of our Western Christian and freedom everywhere. j civilization today. Their goodwill Think of the effect on Christians, is admirable but their shortShlght- in Taiwan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia as they see their Christian brethren . in the United States working for the enhancement of the power and prestige of their in no quarter did the action ofjnearby mortal enemies ~ Chris- edness and lack of critical analy* Heal power is the great catastrophe of this age. In Hies 1952, only 8,800 U.S. fam« had back possess a large fleet of missile- the Cleveland World Order Con-.Uans working for the aggrandise- launching nuclear-propelled sub- ference of the National Council ftfjment of those who have sworn toi pools j V " e , their peace if they wish to keep Ule S( ' a a K*" 1! > 1 lh « U.S. early in *_ _ . .. trtAlOfinn 1 ' their ;obs (ami maybe their health! — it is not at all surpris ing to find a good many traae , union leaders less than responsive ' at least doubled this year, 10 or honest with their member- ; substantially arid continually thip. "N'o one should be at all surprised either that the Kthieal Practices Committee of the AFI,- riO. for all its concern uiih 'trade-union morality,' has failed Utterly to deal with the violence, 11 • coercion. ;ind the other mat- Urs disr-ussed here if i 1 had dealt with such matters, there might have been a great many more suspensions and expulsions than there have been Power Corrupts Leader* "Power acquired by force and ii'bject lo no continuing functional I'hecs »a bound to corrupt. Corporate managements are kept in line by the right of stockholders to move their equities when they are di.«»atisfi«d and by the right of c'onsunurs and other purchasers to taJie their patronage elsewhere wiihoi:t let or hindrance when P'-ice or quality are poor. If the house of iabor is to be clean, the same general principles must b* appliod there, with the workingmen of the nation in the position of stockholders and consumers. It is as absurd to expect good clean unionism in conditions of ex ten- s've compulsory unionism, as it would be to expect good government in a society where the divine risrht of kings or the dictatorship of thi proletariat was the central political principle." 1960s. Navy research anri development for defensive systems "should be and increased thereafter." A program should be immediately launched for the construction of at least 40 missile - firing nuclear submai-ines by 1970. "Less than half this rummer will he in operation (aider present plans.' 1 "There is urgent need for a major step-up in our oceunograpliic surveys." Admiral Arleigh Burke, Navy Chief of Staff, and other top officials will be closely questioned about these and other forceful features of this report. Membtrs of the blue • ribbon group that made it include: Dr. Harvey Brooks, dean of Engineering and Applied Physics of Harvard; Dr. Ivan Getting, vice president, Raytheon Corp.; Dr. Gaylord Ham well, president, Pen- naylvania University; J. Kenneth Mansfield, assistant to the general manager, Nuclear Division, Combustion Engineering Co.; Dr. Osker Morgenstern of Princeton; and Dr. Roger Revelle, director, Serippa Institute of Oceanography. Other highlights of their blunt Study, which Senator! Johnson and Symington propose to make public, are: If all-out war erupts within the next two years, the Soviet submarine fleet couid inflict devastating damage on allied naval forces, (Shipping and. highly industrialized it-*.iit(\.>i.iiiE iim_.i^ci-i.^ji \j^ii^ i it n etntj"."'"^"" — - -- - — -• — — — marines which could mount a dev- Churches receive such exuberant asta.ting attack from the sea against the U.S. early in the 1960s. "Our existing defensive system could not stop such a missile attack. No weapons system now in existence, or ven on a experimental basis, offers an adequate defense against it. It is extremely doubtful whether the present scale and scope of research and development in undersea warfare will give us an effective defense against nuclear submarines in time to meet such a threat. "Although defense against POLARIS-type submarines mty soon equal the problem of air defense in urgency, tho funding of re-searcli and development in support of operational requirements for antisubmarine warfare has been grossly inadequate when compared with acclaim as from the Communists Their national paper, The Worker, gleefully headlined "38 Million Protestants Tell Ike; Recognize China." The article beneath that headline refers to the address of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles at Cleveland and exulta in the unanimous repudiation of his policy by the Conference. The Worker is equally happy because the Conference unanimously urged the admission of Communist China to the United Nations. In our opinion, the greater part of the 38 million Protestants do not approve the action of the Cleveland Conference and will be very unhappy about the propagan da the Communists are making concerning it. Other groups that are profound the support given such programs] 17 discouraged over the action of as air defense or missile deveop- • lhe Conference, are the native ment> | Christians in mainland China, .,.., . , . , , , i Indo-China, Indonesia, and the Mo"We have moved too slowly In L , a ' nds Th • developing nuclear weapons spe- f , h „ , h Pe cifically for anti-submarine war- P are, and In securing precise quan- £ , h j * titive data concernmg the effects , w ell-nigh fatal blow from of underwater nuclear explos.ons." g 'CHIP , j * .. destroy everything for w h I c h! number nad increased to 87,oOO. 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