The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1945 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1945
Page 2
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PA HE TWO IPE lOLA REGISTER/WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 3, 1945. TOT,A. FAMqAQ (Frances Halbe) MARS SPEAKING fellow, it is time we Neptune, o paiiKcci ^ J ' day afternoon with Mrs. Floren. To iina out why v,-,:,i ,..inpests and ' ^ Mrs. JFIarence Beldin^ Entertains P. E. O. Chapter L of P. E. O., met yester- my thuiider, ^ A r.Ulilorfiyears- c'.r uu.d, have not » caused Tliis little -rrarih lu crack up and '. go under. Aeons a::o. Sonicthing kt'cps hindering— Som& gr^en .'•-eed in the ro'-k: some steady pjlse- We cannot find; a tjiiy hidden spring. It .'^•ceins absurd,, and yet, what else, what else? ' Bwh piai'A t !iin',j's lu match with our uiilu-aval! AU 'l yiM, wli'.i .said Ihut love .should coiuiucr di; Who Wii:; It |)roinl .scd tiijod should oi .iUv <f I'VilV We .•i-rui. we niKL'. we blast, we wa :,te wir Ijrcuth. h'lioii''• ()!• laicT we ."shiiil have ttj <.;.if r >eo fu-Afc on eartli, and niulte the bi-M (ii It! —Kuby Weyburn Tobias. 'In the Midst- ^ War Robinson-Black laHaipe. Jan, 3—Mr. and Mrs. Moic Robinson announce the raar- jia :o of their daughter. S. 1 -c Reva Nadine Robin.<on. to Phar. 2-c Andrew C. Blaeli. December 5, at Olathe, Kau.-^a.s. Both are stationed a;, tlie Naval Air Base in Olathe. Pl;ar. '2-c Black is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Black of Memphis, •:* •> •y;.\ine I.uillani Hostess '! II 5?aplist Guild Tlie Mae Sowerby Guild of the Baptist fhiirr>ii met last night at the linme of Mi,'<s Maxine Ludlum lor a co'.eiccl dinner and pro- r.'ani, ;,Ti,s.s Glei:da Wymi conducted the Ir' ion ,';nidy on "The American Indian Way.' Site was assisted by Mi.ifs Sally Copening, Jean Collison atid Dorothy Bunton, and by the .'.ponton;, Mr.s, Aaron Endsley I" J M::;. J.ihn Bi-adshaw, who each ''i 'iL _cd .some i)hase of the sub- j'.-t. Aftei- I he pro'j;ram the members • f:.e evening on white cross v.oric. P:e^e".t. were Misses Jean Colli- .so:i. .Sa.lly Copening, Peggy Parris, Gler.da Wynn, Elaine Ashwell, Dor- o''iv Biir.tnn. Mrs. Aaron Endsley aiTl Mrs. John Bradshaw. Belding. Mrs. Clyde Thompson, who had charge of the program, reported on Cottey College. Mrs T.c.zrne Ware of Coeur d'A- leny. I'.i/.o.-), was a guest. The lol- lowhiA I: i 'lnbers were present: Mesdames A. M. Kent. C. B. Spencer, J. M. Powell, E. B. Cook. R. M. Worthlngt^)n, Clyde Thompson. R. H. 'Carpenter, D. P. Northrup, Fred Soper, A. H. Whittaker, Re.x Bowlus, T. M. Shellenberger, M. C. Colt, J. T. Reid. Harold Stith; Misses Jane Reld and Mary Ellen Stadler. •> <> •> .Star Valley Farm Unit Has IloUday Party Tlie members of the Star Valley farm unit and their families gathered at the Star Valley school i Monday evening, January 1, for a covered dLsh supper and gift exchange. After the supper an entertaining and fun provoking program of stunts and games In which both children and adults participated was conducted by Spencer A. Card. A treat of popcorn balls made by Mrs, Ben Hixon was given to all. : The gift exchange concluded the activities of a most enjoyable evening. Those present were:,Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marvin, Loralne, Clara Beth and Donnle Marvin; Mr. and Mrs. I E. G. McCoy and Patricia; Mr. and Mrs,' Homer Crook; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kaufman; Mr., and Mrs. Beatty Ray and Morris: Mr. and Mrs. Ben! Hixon and Larry; Mr. and Mrs' Spencer Gard and Amy Lou; Mr. and Mrs. Riis .scll FDR N$mes Gillette On Surplus; Property Board Washington, Jan, 3. (AP)—Guy M. GiUette, whose term as a senator ^from Iowa ended today, was nominated, by President Roosevelt to be the. third member of the surplus property board. The other two members, Robert Hurley an<| Lt. CoL Edward HeUer, already haVe been confirmed by the senate. Gillette's nomination could not be presented in the last congress under a law forbidding appointment of a legislator to any ^geocy ereatedduring iiis t^rm. > Asks Statement On Condition of National Banks Washington, Jan. 3. (AP)—The comptroller of the currency today issued a call for a statement of the condition of all National banks at the close of business Saturday, Dec. 30. Simultaneously, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lssued a call for the condition of all insured banks as of the same date. An estimated 100,000,000 tons of freight were carried over the Rhine in peacejime years. •Pigeons on London's Trafalgar Square flock around two friends they haven't seen in a long time and are rewarded with choice tidbits. Tlie sisters—Maureen, 5, and Juliet Eliott, 2'/j—were evacuated to Bristol during, the eobomb blitz, but returned to London for the holidays. TlieyNeed ENERGY LUNCHES Vioran Happenings MORAN, Jan. 2.— Friends an; very .sorry to learn that Mrs: George Varner was called to Galesburg thi.s morning to the home of her broth- McHenrv. ei'. John Haberbosch to assist in the Till'-, ^.crk Floiior Guest .11 S'v .fi 'ial Stiowcr Mi-s Vt' • Jones, a.s-sisted by ^':!•::. r. ll. . J.JUC.S . entertained at the I-:o!:l Kell.y December 31 with a nip'ii'l .shrj-iver ia Ivmor of Mi's, Il.i;(ikl 'I'. Heek. The evening; \va.=; .•spent playinR '):'itl"e. Priz;-<; wor<.' won bv Miss MJlili-ed Kelter and Mr.s. W. F. b' ticker. At si late til' 111.'; v,'r'ie servi!d. Janice and Donna: Mr. and Mrs. Ray; Stickle; Mr. and Mrs. O, 3. Broughton, .L. D.. and Bobby: Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Beckwlth, and Cliar- ley White. Kf •:• •:• Canjmie Gray Guild Has Study of Burma The Cammle Gray Guild met last night in the home of Mrs. Hazel Campbell. Mrs. Albert John.son and Mrs. Francis WilUams were as- -iisting hostesses. "Southeast Asia and the Snutli- west Pacific" lias been chosen as the topic for study during the next six montlis. '^trs. Frank Taylor and Mrs. Ethel Green gave a back- , , . ^ ^ -s, -r^ , ground study of Burma bv the ' are glad to report Mrs. Frank question and an.swer method. Mrs. ^napp improved at this time bu Charles Ableson discussed the "Re- • ^°'^y ^^^^ M>--^- ^n^^l^P ^ ligious Mind •of Bm-ma." Devotion- • ^SS-un. care ol lier father who lias pneumonia. Mr. Haberboscli left liere last Friday to visit a while with liLs ,';oii and family. Mrs. Minnie Cunningham from La was guest of Mrs. Bertha Cubbison last Thursday night. .MINER THEATRE Aloran, Kansas Fri., gat., January 5-6 James Cagney, Margaret Lindsay, Ricardo Cortez, In "FRISCO KID" Short Serial News Shows at 7:30-9:30 p. m. •and Tracy Ann were Mi 's. Emer .son 1 A^ and Carol Lee from Wichita, Pvt. Melvin Ard from the Aleutians, wh;0 is here spending his furlough wi'h relatives, and Mrs. James Ard of'Elsmore. Mrs. WilbU!- Hebns lund daughter Jo;in were lokc visitors Saturday. I SIi-E. Leola Helms and baby re- I luwied home lo Chamilc Saturday I after a visit here with her parents Mt. and Mrs, Leo Gineste, and with lie;- hu.sband's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Erjaest lii/linj. Itii 's. Junies Rawlinijs returned to he:- iiuwi- ii: Clianiile Saturday after a \*i-it ill;-." V. ith relalive .s. Her hus- baud i;-, ^t .uioiiec! somewhere in New-) Guinea, .Mrs, Ee,i ;i' Ska'^'g.s and Mrs. Lizzie' Ford weie dinner guests Sunday of'.Mr.s, Ina Wrast "and daughter. Do-othy Mrs, Be :;siL- Skaggs has received ! W (vd tliat hei" ,son Cpl. Law.son iSka 'Jj,, !.-, siiniewheri' in France. I We are sorry to i-eport that Mrs. Ncsti,' lu-allh at tills time. is not in her asual iiivjlcd I'uejil.s •'•:'o!(l -f. IJeck, •I 'IiV . ili • A'- R '/".'i '1 als were led by Mi-s. Keith Richardson. A gift was presented by the guild to Mi-ss Jane Broiner. who is to be married .soon. Mrs. A. H. Whiltaker became new .member. Other members pres- ] enl were Mesdames Venice Taylor, ' Francis Williams, Charles Able.son, Prank Taylor. James Richardion, I Alma M. Queen, Keith Richardson, hour refresh- i j. c. Littrell, Cloyd Renninger, E W. HarrLson. Elliel Green, E. C. Chapman, Hazel Campijell. Albert Johnson; MLsses Arlene Able.son, Glad.ys Wentworth. Luclnda Mc- Dn^well. Jane Brciner. Miss Ramona "ampbetl n'ns a were Mesdames W. P. Seneker, Dusv P, Rrl-h 'im, .Jr.. Balleau Hel- ,''oi; itt, Rollin : I.fifnnlcy tiubcrt unnios; Misses l-l"!', I.incll !I, F :'..M.| • vu cirtw Lurv Lee Thomp-• Of Four U. S. Ships and Mildred Ketter. ' :'^;> .Ainounres Loss Did Stomach Ulcer Pains V/a..i.:r . .on, Jan. 2. (APt—Loss of a .-submarine, a medium landing ship and two motor torpedo boats was announced today by the navv. The, 1.525-ton submarine Harder is overdue from patrol and presumed lost, a communique said. The landing ship LSM-318 and PT-300 were lost as a result of en- Make Jack Sprat Eat No Fat? "n.'Irrn d.Ty "Jack Spratts" who ; • no fat because of distress of • a h or ulcer pains, indigestion ; ! rains, heartburn, burning sen-' emy action in the PhllipiJlne area, ,:r:on, bloat and other conditions i and the PT-311 was lost to enemy eai; ?ri by e:< acid should try action in the Mediterranean area. Uii?a, Get a 25c box of Udga Tab- The landing ship was sunk during lit-, from your druggist. First dose a Japanese air attack off Ormoc ronvince or return box to us December 7. and eet DOUBLE YOUR MONEY! B.-^CK. At COOKSEY'S DRUG and Some bugs subsist on a mixed rirv. stores everywhere. , diet of insect body juices and plant ! juices. Mr. and Mrs. Bigelow and family and Mr.s. Berfna C:jbbiso:. enjoyed a turkey dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Drury in Chanute. Miss Mae Wood spent from Saturday night until Monday night with lier mother, Mrs. Hattie Wood. Mrs. Wood had as Sunday dinner guests, Mrs. Charles Wood and Charleno of lola, Mrs. Marian Hunsacker and Larry, Mae and liu'Ji Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Will Burtnett and baby fioin Kansas Cuy i ,aiiea on -vioran friends Saturday afternoon, going from here to Bayard to vi„it [ Mr. Eurtnett's parents. Mrs. Olive Yokum and dauuhtei' Shit ley and Evelyn who ; jieiU \iv): Christmas vacation here v,-iUi tnesr , sister, Mrs. Bertha Hart and othei ' relatives have returned to their I home in Wichita. Friday guests of Mrs. Bertha Hart 'J'lie term "Huperparasite" is ap- lJli6 >d to that group of insects which attiick true parasites. r ; T-Jie 1940 prouuction oi mo'tbr fuel in "tlie United .States amounted to 20.000,000.000 gallons. To'i?ei !2ve Misery ftiiij cn Tested t Colds WELL BALANCED BODIES CATER TO WELL-BALANCED MINDS! To parents fall the responsibility of keep­ ings children's health in top form, with good nourishing foods lo build .si .turdy bodies.- Include plenty of S&H Vitamin Bl Bread with their daily lunches. THE ONLY BREAD BAKED IN lOLA ASK YOUR GROCER S&H BAKERY ^ At edvtrtlsed in It's no coincidence tiiat "Tashion" rhymes with "Ration", For t'he new simpler lines in clothes ... in your new Cold Cross Shoes ... bring a fresher, younger, more vital loveliness to you. Cold Cross Shoe designers have f^hioned this new feeling into duty, double-duty and after-duty styles th;;t belong in every wartime wardrobe. VAGABOND No. ! Fameui for ovtr 50 ytari at Red Croti She** ... Un(liall*ng*d valu* a Ol]T OUR WAY 1/ ! " :: Tr^ PACiFiC/* wfcLt.,THAT'S MOT -1 O TITLE rO^ VOUR THRiLLiMo MOVIE _ "-C V F;C'-!TIMG JAPS, BLJT ThE TfeOuELE •J •••..•••\ -1 O'JE KlAVy 5l .sJt<INJ6 THEAVHOLE f _.ZIT i ,\i THE" FIRST SCfeME.' AT THAT RATE, you WOM'T HAVE- MUCH TO By J, H, WILLIAMS XTHATIS WHAT' PEOPLE WOULD LIKE, AliM'T IT? 1 jruST WRITE POPULAR. STUFF/ Supplies for German Paratroops supplie The wheeled chest in ibe photo aBbve part of tte „ dropped for German paratroopers who spearheaded the «iemy counter-offensive against the V. S. First Army. Cpl. Walter Hanauer, left, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. and CpL Gary Hauptman, Bronx. N. y., examine the contents, which include "potato masher" hand grenades, airimimifinn and bazooka Shells. I CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK i THURSDAY The Women's Missionary society of the United Brethren church meets at 2 p. m. -with Mrs. E. O. O'Neal, 115 North First. Tlie South Division of the Christian church meets with Mrs. Phil Ray, 215 South Oak, at 1 :30 p. m. Stated meeting ol the Sociai Order of the Beauceant at the Masonic Temple at 7:30 p. m. Woinan's Missionary Union' of the Baptist Temple meets at 2:30 p. m. at the Temple. The North Division of the Christian chiu'ch meets with Mrs. O. C. Taylor, 841 North street at 2 p. m. W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist church will meet at 2:30 p. m. in the church sanctuary. The new officers will have charge of the meeting and tea. FRIDAY Mrs. W. R. Clendenen and Mrs. W. A. Coolcsey will be hostesses at the Country club bridge luncheon at 1 p. m. The executive committee of the Women's Missionary society of the Christian church meets at the home of Mrs. M. E. Chryst, 323 South Chestnut, at 2:30 p. m. Past Presidents Parley of the American Legion Auxiliary meets with Mrs. C. E. Newman, 513 N. Walnut at 2:30 p. m. War Mothers meet with Mrs. •Walter Maudlin. 510 North street at 2:30 p. m. Mothers, wives and sisters of service men are welcome, MONDAY Sorosis meets wlth^ Mrs. C. A. Swiggett, 802 Wheeler avenue, at 2:30 p. m. The Current Events club will meet with Mrs. Phil Ray, 215 S. Oak, at 2:30 p. m. The Golden Link club meets at the home of Mrs. A. O. HUlbrant, 505 Park street at 2:30 p. m., with Mrs. Gene Smith hostess. The Umty club meets with Mx's. R. H. Carpenter, 422 East street at 2:30 p. m. The program will be given by Mrs. Woody Perham. TUESDAY The lola Music club meets at the Baptist Temple. There will be a business meeting at 2:15, followed by the program at 3:15 p. m. Mrs. Earl Palmer of Kansas City, Mo., will be the guest soloist. OUR BOARDING HpUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE NOTE, 60VS —"D£ SIR; WUEKi VOU eROiXOCAST THAT GAG ^QOm SOUR OMCLl M/\V ,'1MS ^ CEDAR L DECIDED SWOPTINJS VjDu \MOULD BE TOO Nice -«-r/w cof ^siDEEiN^ <5AWIN6 VOL) TOiPlEC^' E6AD,3'AKE.' k' MOLD IT-' v 'SU j^^i LET'S LET TWe y COJLD C-U\S G0DD&S9, OF I THEM BOMciiS CMAKiCE <\TKi ^OUeH A OECID'.": VMKO Jj COFPE& VOIMG TME- ( 6R(MDER AN^ 3p8 AS Plkc'Sl MAuiE SeVEM A Lt'S USE i MV KQNiEST ( CAROS./

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