Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 7, 1949 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1949
Page 11
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18 Jan. 6, 1949 MUCH City Globe-Gazette, Mason City, la. UNITED FRUIT STORE 33 East State Phone 748 Swift's Brookfield Link Sausage, Ib.. . Swift's Premium JEfflft Skinless Franks, ib. JjFV Swift's Oriole Sliced Bacon, Ib.. . . Choice Cut Beef Roast, Ib 59c First Cut *Ajt Pork Chops, Ib 37V Morrell's Pride Pure Lard, Ib.. . 21c U. S. Good Roiled Beef Ribs, Ib 79c Ends Sliced Bacon, ib NEW LOW PRICE Sala Dress Salad Dressing Pint 29c Creamettes 2 p k g*-19 BREEZE 40-FATHOM Perch Pound... 37c Honor Brand BRUSSELS SPROUTS Pkg ..... THE BEST BUY Pepsi-Cola Kraft Velveeta Cheese Allsweet OLEO 6 12-oz. Bottles 25c GREEN TOP CARROTS BLUE STAR POTATO CHIPS lOc 20c 35c TASTE-R!Ti P'nut Butter Jar .... l?c COOL ROASTED COFFEE Pound... 47c Bunches 19c FRESH SPINACH Pound... 19c FRESH Green Beans Pound... 23c N EWS of RECORD Births Reported (At Mercy Hospital)—Son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dehnert, 170:! Delaware S. E., Wednesday. Son to Mr. and Mrs, I.orin Fjetland, Belmond, Wednesday. Son tu Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Clear Lake, Wednesday. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ilen- richsen, Nora Springs, Thursday. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Waldo IIol- stad, Northwood, Wednesday. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Holub, 1212 Rhode Island N. E., Wednesday. Son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ilansen, Glenville, Minn., Wednesday. (At Park Hospital}—Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest £. Olson, 33V 28th S. . W., Thursday. Fire Calls At 0:27 p. m., Wednesday to 310 Madison S. W., Armco Drainage Metal Products Co. Chimney burned out. Police Court Intoxication—U c n r y G. Anderson, Hampton, sentenced to 10 days In jail. George K. O'llara, 5;tl 4th N. E., forfeited $10 bond. Blk. 15, C. Lake Camp Mt». Ann. Grounds, 8-3-48. C'crro Gordo County, Iowa, (o Herman B. Thompson and Uazel M., Jt. ten., SI, (QCD) com. at SE corner of 6-91-22 (hence N. 208.7 feet, W. 46 feel to point of beginning, thence N. 2G0.1 feet, \V. Hii.7 feet, S. 2fiG.l leet, E. 1U3.7 feet, to point of beginning, 1-siiO. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, to J. S. Dearduff and Ada, SI. (QCD) com. at W!4 of 20-1)5-19 and E. along Vi Sect, line 1,727 feet N. 49G feet to point of beginning, thence K. 2<i4 feet, E. 165 feci, S. 264 feet, W. 105, to beginning, (1 A.) 1-3-49. Hell, Bertha E., to Alfred W. Schulti and Jane K., jt. ten., SI (WD) Lot 5, Hlle. 20, Elon Tuttle's Add. to Clear Lake, Iowa, 12-22-48. Rasmusson, Chaunccy W. and Kathleen M., to Dunne A. lirackey and Laura, jt. ten., $1, (WD) Lots 24 and 25, Blk. ;<. West Haven Add. to Mason City, 12-18-48. Layma*, Abble S., exec, of est., of William J. York, to Abble S. Layman (Exex. Deed and assignment of contract), SGSO.lli (to be charged against grantee's share as a device In said estate) Lot 7, Blk. 15, R. S. Young's Subd, In NWii 11-9020; also assigns contract given by James J. Boyle and wife purchaser, 12-3I-4H. Bloomfield, Ellis F. and Anita M., to Robert E. Lee and Margaret L., jt. ten., SI, (WD) beginning; at a point 27 chains W. of center of 12-0(i-20, W. 27 rods, S. 39.2(1 rods, E. 27 rods, N. to beginning, except E. lil feet, 10-31-4H. Bloomfield, Ellis F. and Anita M., to Robert E. Lee and Margaret L. Lee, jti ten., (QCD) $1, E. 3 feet of tract above described, 10-31-48. Krieger, George H. and Dorothy R., to Robert E. Lee and Margaret L., $1, (QCD) beginning at point 27 chains W. of center of 12-90-30, VI. 27 rods, S. 59.28 feet, E. 27 rods, and N. to beginning. 12-2U-48. Marriage Licenses Bruce Herbert Clark, 37, Caspian, Mloh., and Ethel May Sinclair, 33, Edina, Minn.; Richard Dorenkamp, 20, and Jan- Ice Burns, IB, both of Thornton; Anthony Villclla, 24, and Gloria Johnson, 20, both of Minneapolis. New Car Sales Eco Welding, Rt. 2, Packard; W. II. nines, 811 Harrison N. W., Ford; Mrs. W. F. Conners, Dougherty, I'ontlac; Robert J. or Maxlne E. Warren, Clear Lake, Lincoln; S. & R. Chevrolet Co., Mason City, Chevrolet; Robert Henry Tederson, Clear Lake, Chevrolet; Joe Ingham, Swaledale, Hudson; Harold Anderegg, Dougherty, Dodge; Luke 3. HIgglns, 325 1st N. W., Plymouth; R. E. Bardsley, Clear Lake, Ford; C. K. Hesse, 538 E. State, Dodge; J. E. Mason, 842 llth N. £., Dodge; John F. Oetken, Rockwell, Plymouth; Rapid Thermogas Co.. Mnson City, Ford truck; William Fruln, Mason City, International truck. Great Britain Gets Larger Newspapers London, (U.R) — A relaxation of newsprint restrictions gave Britons their biggest postwar newspaper Monday. Full-sized newspapers printed 6 pages and the tabloids 12, as they will 3 times a week hereafter. On the other days they will revert to their previous allocation of 4 full pages. New features, comics and columns appeared in the larger newspapers. Mr. and Mrs. Kropman Say "THANK YOU" We wish to thank our customers for their kindness and consideration, to our employees, during the time we were in St. Louis. Again we say "Thank You." Mr. and Mrs. Jake Kropman. KROPMAN'S FOR BETTER MEATS SALT PORK , b !9c IOWANA BRAUNSCHWEIGER , b 45c IOWANA PORK SAUSAGE 1-lb. Roll 39c EVERY MONTH Ask Us About It BUTTER. 62 c EGGS Do,.45c DECKER'S SLICED BACON * 49c Fresh Pork CUTLETS, Ib. . . Assorted COLD MEATS, Ib..... up DELICIOUS, FRESH GROUND HAMBURGER u. 49c BEEF TENDERLOIN, Ib. 75c MINUTE STEAKS CHOICE RUMP ... RIB ... ARM BEEF ROAST * 49c T-BONE . . . ROUND . . . SIRLOIN STEAK , b .69c ROASTED CHICKENS Cooked, Ready to Eat .75 • up Realty Transfers Arcntsen, John W. and "Aeres*, to John VI. Arentsen and Theresa, jt. ten., SI, (WD) Lot 8 and N. }4 Lot 8, Blk. A In M. M. and G. W. Burns Subd. of Lota 1, iJ, 3, 4 and 5, in Blk. 8, Tarker and Foster's 2nd Add. to Mason City, 1-4-40. Gleason, Lester J. and Margaret to Lester J. Gleason and Margaret, jt. ten., SI, (WD) Nli of Lot 4, Blk 4, in South Mason City, la., 1-4-49. Ilaynes, Stanley, adm. of estate of Eva E. AnRcll, deed., to II. J. Teklppc, $3,500, (Fro. D) Lot 4, Blk. 33, South Mason City, la., 12-5JO-48. Teklppe, H. J., and Mrs. Ann M., to 11. J. Teklppe and Ann M. Tekippc, jt. ten., $100, (WD) Lot 4, Blk. 33, South Mason City, la., l-S-49. Ouverson, Edwin G. and Helen, to Cur- lls Eugene Ouverson, $1, (WI>) N^i NEli 1(1-97-32, 1-3-49. Conners, Kathryn, to Clark E. Dougherty and Maurice R. Dougherty, $1, (WD) part of W14 SEtt SWtt and SW'A SWU 25-81-10, E. of C. & N. W. Ry. 1-3-49. Hellert, Mablc May, a/k/a, Mable May Whttemore, to James F. Prlndlc and Gladys I., jt. ten., SI, (WD) Lots 31 and 32, A. E. Joiner's Add., Rockwell, 1-3-40. (Retains a life estate). Upmeyer, Arthur H., gdn. of property of Grace Elaine and Sandra Sue Solim, minors, to Pearl Bowers, $29.70 (Gdn. D) undivided 1/192 int. of each, of said minors, Lot 7, Blk. 4 and Lot 1 and NEly}4 of Lot 2, Blk. 15, Clear Lake Camp Mtg. Assn. Grounds, 9-8-48. Weland, Andrew W., Weland, Walter and Lucille E., to Harold C. Wass and Dorothy Mae, jt. ten., SI, (WD) Lot G In Blk. 1, Central Heights Add. to Mason City, 12-31-48. Brouwer, Martha and William, et. al., to Pearl Bowers, SI, <WD) Lot No. 7, Blk. 4, and Lo* 1 and NEly^i of Lot 2, I Maf,e sure, get Stokely's Horror Brand...America's finest frozen foods! 1 HONOR BRAND * Stokely product Distributed by: FROZEN FOODS, INC. ~ll South Federal Avenue Mason City, Iowa COBBLER POTATOES 10,bs HARTMAN'S MILK 2-Quart Bottle . . . . 29c IDAHO RUSSET POTATOES 10 n. 59C LARGE HEADS 2 for Lettuce.. 29c LARGE CLEAN POTATOES 100-lb. Sack $2.97 JANUARY FOOD SALE!! SAVE ON THESE TIMELY FOOD ITEMS . . . BUY BY THE CASE Jack Sprat KIDNEY BEANS, No. 300 Can... 12c Honest George APPLE SAUCE, Large Can. . . . lie Solid Pack TOMATOES, No. 2 Can.. 17c Jack Sprat PORK & BEANS, No. 300 Can. .. 12c Jack Sprat HOMINY, No. 300 Can. lOc Bleached Whole ASPARAGUS, No. 2 Can 14c Jack Sprat Dry LIMA BEANS, No. 300 Can. . 12c Hunt's FRUIT COCKTAIL, 8-oz. Can. . . . 17c 2-Pound Package CHEESE FOOD NORTHERN TISSUE 3 rolls 22c Franco-American SPAGHETTI Cans Tomato SOUP . Mrs Kropman's Delicious Baked Goods Are Available Weekends Pies . . . Cakes . . . Rye and White Bread . . . Strudle PHONE 1722 Kropman's low mark-up policy brings you best quality foods at lowest prices. Lots of women thank their grocers for suggesting Super- enriched Holsum. That's because Holsum supplies larger amounts of more vitamins and more minerals than any other bread, for instance, plenty of B vitamins, so important for healthy skin, steady nerves and general good health. Come to A&P for Baked Goods at their Best Greater variety . . . grander values. A & P's quality-famous Jane Parker and Marvel bakery treats are family favorites at every meal—and in between meals, too. Such luscious cakes, cookies and breads must be extra-fresh to be so good. And that, they are! Rushed from our own ovens to your A&P. Get some today! WE CASH PAYROLL CHECKS Sugared or plain—Jane Parker Donuts are Doi. Pkg. all delicious . . . always dated fresh ... an all around grand buy at A Si P. ONE 8-OZ. PACKAGE CREAAIETTES = 5 CUPS OF PREPARED MACARONI Here's vitamin power For a budqet that's low Get super- n'ch HOtSUM Most bread for your dough dome HOLSUM 13 ox. Loaf 29c 65c Jane Parker Golden Loaf Cake is fresh and light—a treat to eat 'as is.' Tastes specially good with fruits or ice cream. Enjoy it for dessert tonight. Jane Parker Toasted Cocoanut Meringue Golden LAYER CAKE, ea. Jane Parker Medium Round ANGEL FOOD CAKE each JANE PARKER FRUIT CAKE SPECIAL 5-lb. Fruit Cake $2:95 3-lb. Fruit Cake $1.95 1 Vz-lb. Fruit Cake 98c Trwt for you...And your budget, too... SUPER-RIGHT MEATS ATA&P SMOKED PICNICS A&P Fine Quality Lean GROUND BEEF, Ib. . p— 49 Wilson's Certified Ib. Decker's lowana Choice C CHUCK BEEF ROAST, Ib. 49 Rib or Loin End PORK LOIN ROAST, Ib. 39 Frozen Headless C DRESSED WHITING, 2 Ibs. 29 Golden Ripe Bananas... 2 Ibs. 25c Crisp, Juicy Jonathan Apples 3 Ibs. 25c Texas Juice, Med. Size Oranges.. 2 doz. 49c Large, Solid 2 For Head Lettuce... 2Jc Iowa Grown COBBLER 100-lb. Bag Potatoes $249 19c 25c $1.00 Dessert Seedless Ann Page Creamy Smooth 16-ox. PEANUT BUTTER Jar Ann Page ^ SPARKLE DESSERTS.. 3 Ann Page Prepared SPAGHETTI Ann Page ^ CHERRY PRESERVES 3 Ann Page Kidney ^ BEANS WITH PORK A Orange Peoke & Pekoe 2Of* OUR OWN TEA BAGS 48 ct. 37*» Rich & Tangy Cheese £Cfi GOLD-N-RICH Ib. UJV Pasteurized Cheese Food 2-lb. O9f CHED-O-BIT Loaf OJV Processed American Cheese 2-lb. A£41 MEL-O-BIT Loaf 7^V Limburger Per jC^f* AGED BRICK CHEESE Lb. WJV —- v vv _- . —r— — A^VJtL/ DffVIWIX Nrf ••*•*•«*»•• » • • • • . •*•*• •" ^^ ^ Raisins. 2 Ib. bag 33c ^r' s . £& 29c Big Buy* h famw DEL MONTE CANNED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FLOUR SPECIAL Gold Medal 50 Lb. O PQ Bag O«J«7 25 Lbs 1.79 Pillsbury 50 Lb. O CQ «J««J*/ 25 Lbs 1.79 Occident 50 Lb. O CQ Bag ......... «J«*U 25 Lbs 1.79 Del Monte SPINACH, 27 oz. can Del Monte Unpceled Halves APRICOTS, 29 oz. jar Del Monte PINEAPPLE, Sliced, 20 oz. can Del Monte Yellow Cling Halves or SLICED PEACHES, 29 oz. can ... Del Monte FRUIT COCKTAIL, 30 oz. can Del Monte PINEAPPLE JUICE, 46 oz. can Del Monte Whole Kernel O 12 oz. GOLDEN CORN L can* Del Monte Early GARDEN SPINACH, 27 ox. can .. 21c 37c 31c 32c 42 c 41c 35c 21c Mild & Mellow EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE Bag. Whifehouse EVAP. MILK 2—141/2-01:. Cans 25c Sunnyfield Print Sacks 50 Lb. Bag 10 Lbs 79c 3.29 \\iiiirfs

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