The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 1, 1916 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1916
Page 3
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\ THE CHILLIdOTfiE WEEKLY CONSTITUTION WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1, 1916. l\ '-J HAA'D MJB THE ROSKS AV1JLL.E I'M JLIVING; THE AVldLEJV I'M UJEAD. Important Announcement Made to Smokers I've noticed %vlien a fellow dies, no matter -\vliat he's been, A saintly chap or one whose life was darkly marked with sin. His friends forgot the bitter words he spoke but yesterday, And now they find a multitde of pret- Hi»h Quality ot Sail Felice Cigars Maintained. Xow Sell at 'j 6c Straight. Owin'g to the greatly increased cost o f quality tobaccos, in fact every- ty things to say. I fancy when I go to fest some one will bring to light Some kindly word or goodly act long buried out of sight; But if it's all the same to you just give me instead The bouciuets \vhile I'm living and j ^ tho k n o c k i n g when I'm dead Don't save y o u r kisses to i m p r i n t up. on my noble brow, "VThile countless knocks and bruises are hurled u p o n me now; ! Say the good things to me on earth while here I mourn alone, And don't save all the good things to carve upon my stone i What do I care if when I'm dead the Daily Town Gazette Gives me a -write.up ·with a cut in mourining border set; It will not flatter me a bit, no matter what is said; So k i n d l y throwiyour flowers now and knock me when I'm dead. It may be fine when one is dead to have the folks talk so, To have the flowers come in loads f r o m girls and boys you know; It may be nice to have those things for those you leave behind, E u t just as far as I'm concerned I really do not rnind. I'm quite alive and well today a*tcl when I linger here Send me a helping hand at times-give me a word of cheer; Just change the game a little bit; jusi kindly swap the decks, For I will be no juclsre of flowers when I cash in my checks. --Kentucky Pythian^ thing 1 pertaining to high grade cigars, the makers of the San Felice cigar, The Deisel-T\'cnimer Company, have advanced the selling price to the Jobbers and Dealers, and h e n c e f o r t h this cigar will positively be sold to the consumer at 5 cents s t r a i g h t instead of six for a quarter as previous. ly. Tho SAN FELICE is national m it-s scope and character', liaving j u s t l y at ' tained this eminence through its un. excelled excellence. To mamtam this unequalled standard of quality, the IMGKEx SUPPORTED CORRUPT X.OUBY, IS SJEX. KEliD'S CHARGE. Mexico, Mo., Nov. 1.--Senator Jas A Reed, speaking before a great crowd that filled a circus tent here last night, tore down the bars oi secrecy and exposed W S Dickey'a tion with, the National IVtauu. facture-rs' -association, which f o r m e d the "invisible government" at Wash, ington during past Republican administrations. "W. S. Dickey, who is now asking, on the qualification of his fat pocketbook, t h a t he be sent to the senate was a membei oi that m i q u o u s organization which c o u g h t to thwart the will ot~ the people by corrupting the lawmakers ol the l a n d , and Uii? Dickoy, who helped mam tain tint crooked lobby, is asking to be bent to the senate," Senator Reed said. "That secret organization kept spot- advance m question is absolutely u n - j ^ at WaslllngtOQ to p o i n t o u t con _ avoidable. The generous s u p p o r t ot all men using quality cigars is e'arru estly desired. DONT LET THIS GETAWAY NO MOKE BACKACHE FOB HER. Mrs. J. M. Gaskill, Etna Green, Ind., writes: "I suffered f r o m severe backaches and sharp pains. I conld not stoop over. Foley Kidney Pills gave me such relief that praise them too highly." This standard remedy for kidney trouble and bladder ailments can be taken with -boolute, safety. Sold everywhere. Before you buy that READ'S MADE Suit consider tho fact that it is NOT m a d e to YOUR figure--that i is NOT exclusive in fabric pattern-that it will NOT hold its shape like our TAILOR-MADE g a r m e n t -- t h a t it costs MORE in the end. Our tailoring insures a PERFECT, LASTING- FIT, THE CORRECT STYLE and a grade of workmanship that is never equalled in the best ready made garments. It's a pleasure to show our suitings and overcoatings for we can sell you I cannot i Suits at any price you want . If you gressmen and senators who were too active m behalf ot the people. At elections this association threw money into the field to d e f e a t the people's candidates. This iniquous organization was exposed In the investigation led by President Wilson and has been routed f r o m Washington "Now Dickey is seeking to become a member of the senate himself. "His only qualification is his pocketbook. In direct violation ot the corrupt practices act he is s p e n d i n g thousands of dollars, p r e t e n d i n g to advertise tho Dickey silos in the country press, and this is his only means of subsidizing these papers, which are expected to eulogize Mr. ! Dickey. "The people ot Missouri will not permit by any such method and by any si. ch man, the o u t r i g h t p u r c h a s e of a in the U n i t e d States senate." C h a m p Clark presided at the meetings here Senator Weaver oi Okla, h o m a and John B. Pew of Kansas I'City spoke. Governor Elliott M a j o r issued a challenge to J u d g e L a m m for debate. While the D e m o c r a t i c m e e t i n g was BLUE MOUND. Mrs. Joe Mills is visiting her mother and other relatives at Newtown. John Brown was a business visitor , in Chillicothe Tuesday _ L. M. and Elmer Haynes were at Chillicothe Monday. Milton Seiders returned Saturday from Iowa -where he has been working several weeks. Little Misses Norma Lea and Ina Francis Jenkins of Dawn spent Sunday with their aunt Mrs. Lewis Moss- barge/. John Perry and wife returned home Saturday f r o m a two weeks visit with relatives in Colorado and Iowa. Oral Smith and family of Chillicothe spent a few days of last week visiting Mound relatives. Our school is well supplied with the mumps, but no one seriously ill. Quite a n u m b e r of relatives and friends rathered at the home of Mrs. Lee Knox last Thursday -with well filled baskets to remind her of her birthday. Mrs. Knox was busy abouc her work, never once thinking of her b i r t h d a y want ?15 Suits I have plenty of them and "will guarantee them t o be good as any $15 Suits made. Jess Hasto^ NORTH SIDE SQUARE Over Heger's Restaurant. in progress, at which 15,000 c i t i z e n ? ! of this city and the s u r r o u n d i n g ' country attended, Fairbanks, R e p u b . I lican r u n n i n g mate oi Hughes, was speaking in a picture show to a small crowd CUT THIS OUT--IT IS WORTH MONEY DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this slip, enclose with 5c to Folev Co., Chicago, 111., writing your name and address clearly. You will receive in return a trial package c o n t a i n i n g Foley's Honey and Tar C o m p o u n d for b r o n c h i , i l coughs, colds and croup, " f o l e y K i d n e y Pills, and Foley Cathar- ic Tablets. Specially c o m f o r t i n g to , t o u t persons. Sold E v e r y w h e r e Iron and Steel Work I am now prepared to do all kinds of IRON and STEEJ WOE-K--such as Steel Stair ways, Fire Escapes, Sid« Walk, Truss Rods, Steel Road Drags, double single or triple, Boiler, En Engine, MarJiine Work S-ENERAL BLACKSMITH TNt A.ND REPAIR Estimates Cheerfully Giver; L. D. ASHER 411 SOUTH LOCUST ST Killed at Missouri (Crossing Claiksdale, Mo., Nov. 1_--Stanton Harris, 25 years o l d , a veterinary surgeon, received i n j u r i e s which later resulted in his death and Gerald Bellis, 15 years o l d , also of Clarsdale, s u f - fered a crushed hip and c o m p o u n d fracture of the right arlri Tuesday when a motor car in which they were j riding was struck by a Rock Island passenger train. Dr. W. R. Simpson Practice Devoted to General Medicine 25 Years Experience in Disease of the EYE, EAR and GLASS FITTING Call* Answered Day and Xlght TELEPHONE 35 Oflice A Residence--416 E. Webster CHILLICOTHE. MO. A. C T T - I F · f » i-yfxvsr · W H E E L I N G . - llrs, Geo. Heaton. aud son Hail wore bu-mess visitois in (Jliillicothc Saturday. Mrs. J. H Collins ot Linneus wa- visiting her daughter, Mrs V.". E. Beat and Mr. Beat last week. Buel 3-w-ope was a business visitor in the c o u n r y seat Saturday. Herman Shiflett was a business visitor in the county seat Friday Mrs W A. Swope was shopping in Kansas City the last of the week. Mrs. Benton Shiflett and Miss Fay Th.irp were shopping in Chillicothe^ Friday. | Mr. and Mrs. Mike Inderweisen and daughter, Miss Kathie were Ohillicothe visitors Sunday. M. Tomkins was a busmes visitors in Meadville Saturday. Harl Heaton attended the corn show in Meadville Saturday. Term* T60H9-. 51 n C h i l l i c o t h e Lodge NO. 91, I. O. O. P EVERY MOKTOAY I T S Black Private Cans promptly \.n"in-p" iffltp 841--PHONES--Residence 71* DEPUTY STATE OHiCHESTEB S PILLS VI , THE KlAHOn'B UIUNU. /, USED IT JSljKVEN YEAHS. There is one remedy that tor many years lias given reliej from coughs, colds, croup and whooping coughs Mrs. Chas. Riotz, Allen Mills, Pa., writes: "1 have used Foley's Honey and Tar tor the past eleven years and would not be without it." It promptly relieves hoarseness, tickling »hroat and wheezy breathing. Said everywhere. PLEASANT JlinUfi!, Mrs. Simmons is/iuite ill with erysipelas. James Dunn, who is visiting his father, R. K. Dunn in Sarapsel, was taken suddenly ill Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tom 'Maharg and son of Gallatin were guests of James Maharg and f a m i l y Sunday Miss Louetta Morris, Earl Boucher and Mrs. Will Morris were Sunday guests of A J. (Boucher and family. Will Wilson purchased a new Studebaker car last week. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Shumate and son of Kansas City arc here visiting relatives and old f r i e n d s They drove I h r o u g h in their car Mrs. Jess Honey, who has been q u i t e ill wit'h appendicitis, is im. p r o v i n g Tho r e \ i v a l m e e t i n g which has been in progress Ior three weeks will close W e d n e s d a y night^ We hate to roe Bro Creckmore leave our midst There h a s been good interest in the meeting with about twenty conversions. Mr. and Mrs T. E. B d u c h e r are s p e n d i n g a few weeks in St_ Louis. This c o m m u n i t y offer their deepest sympathy to the bereaved par. enrs .and relatives of little Willa G'ann. whose death w a s caused was Gann, whose death was caused by a passenger train w r e c k i n g ( h a i r car at the Utica crossing last Sunday. C h i l d r e n C r y FOR FLETCHERS O A S """ O R ! A Vote Te«i on A m e n d m e n t M"o. 3. All those f a v o r i n g p r o h i b i t i o n should not overlook A m e n d m e n t No 1 w h i c h is the constitutional prohi- b i t i o n a m e n d m e n t to be voted on It w i l l be f o u n d on your ballot when you P'O to vote, and don't forget to vote Yes. TV- a C o n s t i t u t i o n ·vrant A* Children Cry for Fletcher's CASTOEIA The Kind You Have Always Bonglit, and which has been in use for over SO years, lias borne the sig-natnre oj i and has been made under Jits personal supervision since its infancy. Allow Bo one to deceive you in this. All Counterfeits, .Imitations and "JTust-as-good " are but Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children--Experience against Experiment* What is CASTOR IA Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare* goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains ^neither Opium, Morphine nor otbcr Xarcotib substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation. Flatujcncy, Wind Colic, alT Teething Troubles and Diarrlioea. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels, assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural Bleep. The Children's Panacea--The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS pBears the Signature of Classified Want Ads VMM. l.|-i«. »'0il 2'MSt l i K X T lltSAMtriUM AXD TWO ASIC . , , MUM OBAKCK ftK LOST. LOST--Saturday p. m. in business district, large Cameo brooch. Finder please telephone No. 750. Reward. LOST OR MISLAID--The~~Leeper- Williams old. hotel cash register of 1910-1011. Return to this office and receive a suitable reward. 30-Gt FOST--Friendship link bracelet, between Christian church and Barney building. Finder please leave ai this oflice. 30-4 In Use For Over 30 Years The Kind You Have Always Bought Public Sale Haying decided to q u i t f a r m i n g I w LI sell at Public Auction at my farm 1 1-2 miles north oi CliiUicotho and 1 mile south and. 1_2 mile *east oi' Olive Branch. Church, on Monday, Nov. 6 IS--H12AJ HOKSKte AXJ MLXTCS--12 2 Gray Mares, 9 years old, well matched, in foal by jack; 2 gray Fil- leys, 3 years old, 1 gray gelding 2 tears old; 1 gray gelding 1 year old; 1 gray Filleyf 1 year old; 1 Black Horse, 9 years old; 1 brown horse 9 years o l d ; 1 bay Filley, 2 years old road bred; sucking Mare colt; 1 sucking Horse Mule Colt. jjj 8 HEAD OF CATTLE 8 1 red cow, 8 years old; 1 red cow, "years o l d ; 1 black cow, 7 years old; 1 roan cow, 7 years old. These cows are all good milkers and will be fresh between now and the first of March; 2 heifer calves; 1 steer calf, 1 bull calf. J O HEA1 11UHOO JERSEY HOGS 19 1 brood Sow; 10 shoats, wt. about 150 Ibs.; 2 boars; 6 pigs. JM.PLE-AIEXTS, HARNESS, HAY GRA15T AND FEED: 1 wagon; 1 low wagon with Hat rack; 1 spring wagon; 1 John Deere Sulkcy Riding Plow; Disc Harrow; smoothing harrow, 15-ft; corn planter; sulkey rake; drag rake; r i d i n g cultivator; walking p r o w ; lister- live shovel plow; single shovel plow; diamond plow; 1 saddle; 2 sets Work Horse; 1 l/ob sled; 1 6-horse John Deere engine, good as new; 11-in. O h i o ensilage cutter, good as new; power feed grinder; "buzz saw; corn sheller; grindslone; DeLaval cream separator, No. 12; 30-gal. iron kettle; 14 ft ladder; S stands bees; 1 incubator; some fence posts; some native lumber, some stove wood; some potatoes^ About 250 bu. corn; some nats; about 1 load of sheaf oats; 4 tons of Clover Hay; 6 tons of Clover and timothy hay; 4 tons of baled hay; 5 tons of oat Straw, b a l e d ; about 30 tons of ensilage. CI1ICICEXS--6 doz Single Comb Brown Leghorn hens and pullets; S cockerels; 2 doz. Rhode Island Reds I AM AX-SO OFFERING MY FARM OF 80 Acres FOR SALE OR RENT Lunch Served on Ground by Lmlies of Olive Branch Church TERMS MADE KNOWN OX T DAY OF SALE. SLAB TO COMMENCE AT 10 A. M. WANTED WANTED TO FEED FOR WINTER --Plenty of grass, good wind-mill water and good stalk pasture. Phone ?OP12 or see Jas. Barnes or Mrs. Blue. 26_tf WANTED--A girl for general house work. Apply to Mrs. W. W. Edgerton, cor. Locust and Poik Sts., or phone 303. 24-tI COW WANTED--I want to buy a good Jersey cow. Must give good quantity and quality of milk. 325 Polk St. W O. Grace. 28-tf * v/ii. KOR RENT--A suite of three turn- ished rooms; first floor; fully modern, -12S Elm street 30.3 1 1 'OH KU.NT--As soon as vacated, the building occupied by the postof- flco See F E. Riley. 26.6 FOR RENT--Store room wuh lu'l sized basement at corner of Elm and Webster, fine location ior grocer, ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. FOR RENT--7 room residence, 3 lots and barn on, north side of Jackson street and west'ol Dickenson St. 30-tt J. E. Watkins. FOR REXT--8 room modern house". Bath; full basement, furnace, paved street, 8 lots, garage. Rent by year. Address Marlow Bros., Cliula, M°- 25_tl FOR RENT--Room for light house keeping. 220 Clay St. Phone 784-J FOR RENT-: My residence, 08 S. Cherry St.,'furnished. Six rooms, partly modern. Dr. Singer. 20-tf FOR RENT--Storage t space. Hender son Son. 10-tf FOR RENT OR SALE--My new residence at the N. W. corner of Ann and Elm streets. See me at the house or phone 2F31. W. T. Merrill. FOR SALE--Good Ford car in good condition, at Chillicothe Motor Co 31-3 ' FOH~SALE"OR RENT--3 room house in good condition. Apply to Patrolman J. W. Hicks. 31-3 FOR SALE OR TtENT--5 room bun. galow, new, cheap if taken at once. Inquire 433 E. Jackson, or telephone 732. . ' 2S-tf A W. CIES, Auctioneer. M. E. CONWAY, Clerk J.H.GALLATIN.Owner PREPAREDNESS TSTQUESTION THAI IS AGITATING THE PUBLIC IS "TO BE" OB "NOT TO BE." We know that the farmers must be prepared in ord er to raise a crop. We have been preparing them for the 'ast 28 years and are still at the old stfmd waiting for m.vre. OUR PRICES, QUALITY OF GOODS and COURTESY OF TREATMENT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. "CASH" is our slogan. We talk it and believe in i it. The merchant that sells on time to Tom, Dick and Harry is compelled to add to the price in order to take care of the losses. OUR LINES OF SEEDS, BUGGIES and TARM MACHINERY ARE THE BEST THE MARKET CAN PRODUCE and OUR PRICES -- WELL COME IN AND SEE. ^,n.£ OB RENT---Modern su b urban property, 10 room houet with 5 acres of ground. For particu lars phone 1454-J. 10-tf FOR SALE--1 hard coal stOTe, No. 300 Art Garland, 1 soft eoal stove. Phone 1443-M. 819 Polk St. 14tf FOR SALE--At bargain, one Stude- ibaker roadster. , first.cla^s condition; fully equipped. See Dr. Black. FOR SALE--2 houses and lots, flye blocks from square. Call at this oflice for further information. 3-tf FOR SALE--Cheap to settle estate lot 6, block 7, Bryan's Addition. Chillicothe, Mo. Nova Mundoll, Lin. neus, Mo. 2 S _ 6 l''Uii. SALE--Encyclopedia Brittanica, 25 volumes, fine binding, good as I new, $ 2 0 ; 1 set McCauley's ^Historv of England, 5 volumes, 53; 1 vacuum sweeper, A'-gyle, almost new, S5; 1 (green velvet Davenport-bod, S 2 0 ; I leather covered office or library chair. Telephone 2 4 6 . .G.I.COMPANY MISCELLANEOUS MONEY TO LOAN--$1,000 to l o a r on grilt edged city properly. I- quire Constitution. I f i - t f INVESTIGATE THI3 MTCHTTS _ -- OP CHIROPRACTIC COST vor VOTHIVJ H. H HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Lady Attendant SE1SER BLD^! _ Opposite New Post Office -Phone 315 C h i l l l c o t n " Mo NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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