Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 29, 1938 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1938
Page 2
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round By DREW PEARSON Here are some impoitant inside facts regarding Mayor Jackson, young Mr. O'Conor, Governor Nice and the Administration in Washington which may help to inteipret the worried headlines in the Baltimoiu Sun over the Mayor's aloofness fioin the O'Conor campaign. In the first place, it should bo noted that the Ro»-e\t-lt Administiation feels anything but friendly towaul O'Conor, Howard Bruce and Tydings. It lumps all three of them together, and it blames Howard Bruce more than anyone foi the lecalcitrant attitude of O'Conor toward the New Deal, plus the thousands of Wall Street funds which came down to suppott his and Tdings' campaign. In the second place, it diould be noted that the President has the warmest possible place in his hc.irt for Harry Nice. He likes the Governor personally, enjoys his seibe of humor, feels that Nice actually is more of a New Dealer than a good many Maryland Dcmociats, also Roosevelt has received excellent cooperation from Nice on all administrative matters. Third, it can be stated that Roosevelt is interested in Maryland Democrats who will support a liberal Democracy in 1940. He is not interested in running himself, but he is very definitely interested in a Now Healer being the presidential nominee in 1940. Mayor Jackson Naturally, no one as powerful politically as Howard Jackson can be overlooked. Toward Jackson the President personally has the kindliest feelings. So also do most of his inner council advisers, including Harry Hopkins and Secretary Ickes, who have found Jackson to be an efficient administrator and n man of his word as far as federal projects are concerned. There is one exception among the President's advisers, namely Jim Far- ilar cause in Maryland by going to bat for Davey Lewis against reactionary "Milord" Tydings. But at that quite a bit between the lines of tho ladio rpeeeh given lust week bj Fai- nier Ciibej of Gaitheisbiug. Thiy regard it as tcpiescnting certain views held by the gentlemen in the White House, and in this surmise they a i e i ight. Probably that is the reason \vh\ the Baltimnic- Sun consideicd it \vi e to gi\o Eugene Casey the cold shoulder. This is the tieatment aluiiys meted out by the Sun when it is nfi.iid of any political upset of its self-up- propiiatcd habit of running tho affairs of the Fiec Stiito. Real fact is that high Administration leadeis, including the Whitu House, had given the gieen light to Casey and the idea of oiganizing a progressive liberal Democracy in Maiyland. Also impoitant is the fact that the Maryland move is only onu of several stalling in other state- , among them Virginia and Georgia. The Georgia move has already started, and the Virginia p i o g i u m is quietly organizing for a big push immediately after elections. In all three states, federal patronage will play an important part, and not one, even a $1200 clerkship, is going to drop into the hands of old line Democrats, according to present plans. Casey's speech attracted considci- able attention outside of Maryland, especially his call upon the Demociatic Party to remain Democratic and to begin now its organization for a liberal Democratic nominee for 1940. Note--Wonder what George Radcliffe thinks of the Ca/=ey movement. O'Conor's Chant A strangely familiar chant is heard in the campaign speeches of Heibert R. O'Conor. On the surface confident of election, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee asks that a legislature be sent to Annapolis which will put thtough hL program. Piesident Roosevelt pleaded a sim- Observe Girl Scout Week able and sane study of Christianity. The mystery top-notchcrs are 'Four of Hcmi.s", bj Elle-iy Queen; The Gracie Allen Mindci Case", by S. S. VanDine; and "Cinncfile No 4" by Q Patnck; "The Death Syndicate", by Jud on Philips is :i t h i i l k i w i t h fust n u k i n g .iii(l b i e n t h - t a k n t g action a:, well as a g j y a t dc.i! of hunioi. "Bciijnmin Fi:nklm". by Carl Van Du-ifii is « bidg.a|j|iy of one of the most A m e i i c i ' i i oi Ameileans. It i more t h a n a b\igiapliy, indeed it i- a pictinc of a i.u-e II should be ,,, of the bigg( st bonk, ol the y»: r. Other hiofi.iphit" ai- "Slab Swi e! ; Compulsion", b\ G e u i l d i n e F a i i a r i "The Pndi'ii'H k i MeiiH.irs", and " ' C l i n i l c , Lai!','hl-j i ai,d I", [^ £i, (l Fnt those i.h'i 1,1.. liumoi t h e of- · -lit- " l h - r , , l e of the W ( ) [ ) , t e i s " % b \ P. G. \V. o.Jhmi L a:id "lake It\", b v I).m; m K u i i y o n . The latter arc slioit sh.iii , Inii v t i v fnti- ny. " Tin I'l.K v . by May Men ill Miller i? .1 f u l l b o l l - , . ·-toiy of A i n e i - ica Piim.. i j - -. 'J,, r.,.!c,.ies of tin- San Joaquin Vall^ 0 - Calit. mi.i and 'a p o i t i a i t of the women who went into the wilderness cariying with her t i e lefmLmeiits of civilization, and who clung to them in the face of de - pcrate odds. "Uuilah Land", In II. L. Davis is n l u s t j , i i o t o u s , exciting stoiy tolil again,! t h e h.ukgiound of tliL viol- cm e of Wai days in Oklahoma l e m t o n , by the .uitlioi of "Honey in Hit' Hoi n" w h i c h won both tin 11:11)101 , N « v - I 1'ii/i! and the Pulilzei P I I / I - . It is tho s t o s v if W a i - h in, liis I n i l i i n w i f e and tl.e tug ( Iv of t h e n 111-111 i lire; b i t chief l.\ i.boiil I h e d.mghtci u i i o daied i r e iibovi- Die MICH ty w h i c h would hnv. b e - n denied hi i . li( ivnf ii"w- of t i n booK tells u it ha, li'jcn |josi poncd u n t i l N ' l . e m h r i 2] ' , probubl to gioom it Jo, the I I i | u l i \ t i a l e . LOIH l\ lio i'l". by .! M i . ' \ F u - ll i l j , l l l ' Hi.. C I ' l l In \ I im.UK · n] fi- ·( ,if, .iii-l fi -'its, (,' MI n l . l i in t ' l f n i i ( n ] i ; , h t a m lighter and b n n t t I m m . w i t h a pi ICE on his lii-ail and :i 1-ively .UK! head- niaid"ii en hi-, h mils. B\ the of "Th- Rn.ud Hig w.iv. " l l n --'I !.i] few n ils .ilii nl stiong ·»»Hi«i ley. The Pootmaster General's great friend in Baltimore is Willie Curran. Jim says you can trust Willie, whereas he is not so keen about playing ball with Mayor Jackson. Many other New Dealers have directly the contrary idea, They don't like Willie Curran in the slightest degree. Farley also once had a warm spot in his heart for Herb O'Conor, partly because they are both good Iiish- men, but this has cooled a bit lately. The upshot of all this is that Farley wants Roosevelt to keep as aloof as possible from the Maryland political picture until after elections. Farley, despite his present coolness toward O'Conor, would far rather see a Democrat elected than a Republican. time O'Conor was anything but sympathetic. In fact, ho has been so reticent about the New Deal that even his Republican opponent, Gov. Harry W. Nice, has taunted him on the subject. At Upper Marlboro, Nice pointed out that the Democratic platfoi n hadn't given ciedit "to our great Piesident and his administration." The governor noted, too, that O'Conor "was silent to the point of a grave on the New Deal" while a year ago he was quite "vocal" on the subject. Baseball and Politics It hasn't taken Walter Johnson Girl Scouts of America observe their annual "week" from October 30 to November 5 with special observances throughout the nation. These five members wave to the cameraman as (hey leave for an outing. Left to right: Alice Drought of Racine. Wis.; Graham Jackson of Rochester, N. Y.; Mary F. Oven of Tallahassee, Fla.; Margaret Hcinecke of Springfield, III., and Mayme Thompson of Ta.'ilequa. Fla. energy, would t-truggle to light the butated liuvelcr on his way. One night my little friend ceased [to shine. Need I tell you how daik it was--and how lonesome? And as I kept mi.s.sing him, I began to wonder if ..ny one had evei been made a little ! m i n e chcciful, n littlu brighter, a l i t - j tic less lonesome b-causo of what i mall i ndiiincy of cheer might be mine to give. I ·""··"* + "--^-*-"-"**~'-*' \i dinner that evening they told Across tho stioet I have a little n\u that home men had come that day friend whose ladiant b i i g h t n e s ha? to fi\ th street light across the way. i RADIANT LIVING A LITTLE FRIEND OF M I N E By Rev. C. M. GrilFefh Methodist Pastor of Deal's Island, Aid. cheered me t h i o u g h ninny a d a i k night. Although he ib only thai little . lic-iii t leaped. A , I t h i u s l up my bedroom c u r t a i n street light up on the polo, yet in in anti ipiition of gieeting aRuin my · ' ' lie little f i i c n d , there he was beaming with v hat seemed to be a thousand long to discover that piofe-sional The President, on the other hand, j baseball is a clean game compaicd to would really prefer to have Harry politics. Nice sitting in tho gubernatorial Johnson, one of baseball's great- chair. ,est stars, is the victim of a viciou.s However/in deference to the w i s h - j w h i pei ing campaign m Montgomeiy es of his Postmaster General and also ' County where he is a candidate foi because he has enough to do in New'county commissioner on the G. 0. P. those sleepless midnignt hi in pours his cheery radiance i n f o ... bedroom as though he were b i d d i n g fold blighter glow, as though he just me to foi get the haunting problems couldn't conlain hinifctf for the joy of the day. Often he seems to s.i to of h a v i n g won me to a little more me: "Go to sleep and foi gel youv faithful shining. troubles; I will watch owi \ . u i j -- TM *-~ m through the night." During the w a i m sunwiei evening j when the leaves of the closeb\ mnple j are dancing in hi- mellow ladi.mci like so many fiohc-king mmphs, mj : little friend would now .; through their mcriy ma 1 their shadows scampeiing about upon my bcdioom wall. And on those rainy nights, tno, when a ,-tuady diizzlc was falling and tho autos went slowly sl')uthi"ff by, or now and then, some dark l i g u i c half hidden under a low hold uinbicl- out la, would foi the moment of the dark mi.ts of the diu/,iu pass thiough the littlo aie:i lit by his feeble rajs, nij optimistic- littfo friend, with every ounce nf hi- BOOKS-- YOU MAY ENJOY Ann*her ver\ impoitant bnok for ·lobcr is Hall Caine',, "Life of ". It is a monumental woik of pages and icpresents the es- of the thiity-one years of re- .scaich, study and writing which th gieat author devoted to the ubjec The whole w o i k is infused with sin ceiity and power, and presents man conclusions! which sti ike at the root of long choiislicd beliefs. It i muc nun e than a Life of Christ. It is histoiy of the Christian teligion, an of t h ' Cnnsuun ttadition. It cart fully distinguislirs between God as concept of Abiahain' and a God wh "s a s p n i t u n l powt'i. It is a very read York State, Roosevelt will be a very- ticket, his first try for a political job. silent but interested spectator of the The scandal-mongers have him ac- Maryland political scene. This docslcused of everything in tnc book, un- not mean that a great army of federal workers living in Maryland will not get a tip that the New Deal ha~ nothing against Harry Nice. And more particularly it does not mean that New Deal forces will not be active in Maryland after elections. Because they will. Furthermore, it is more than likely that Howard Jackson will be invited to the White House In the near future for a friendly personal talk. What will come out of it no one knows, but it might have interesting political consequences. Judicial Dignity When the Democratic political caravan moved through Montgomery County, the redoubtable Stedman ("Nippy") Prescott, candidate for judge, performed the heroic feat of telling the same story three times, I exactly the same way, without the I change of a line, a coma or a voice inflection. No one was able to give the polit ical point of Nippy's story, if any but anyway here it is. After explain ing that a candidate for judge was not supposed to discuss politics, Car. didate Stedman said: "A school teacher was trying to illustrate the iniquities of alcohol and took two tumblers, one containing whisky and the other containing water. "She put a worm in the one containing water and all he did was swim merrily around. Then she put a worm into the glasn containing whisky and he turned up his toes and sank to the bottom. "'Now children,' asked the teacher, ·what does that teach you?' "There was complete silence. Finally one little boy said: " 'I don't know teacher, unless that if you drink whisky you wont get worms'." This ended Mr. Prescott's speech to the voters of Montgomery County regarding his qualifications for a judgeship. Farmer Casey Maryland politicoes are reading doubtedly a plot by Democrats feai- ful the foimer Washington bascbaM hero will be elected in November. But Johnson isn't particularly worried. Of course he resents the campaign, and contends it was inspired to "smear" him. But he is of the opinion it will boomerang and will make him more votes than it will lose. Johnson -=ays that scores of Democrats who resent their party's tactics have pledged him support. Walter won the nomination by a 20 to 1 majority, and county Republicans expect him to lead the ticket in November. IIEPUIU-ICAN TICKET T^-ir State Si'tialc WILMEIJ FELL DAVIS For Hou o of D.'h gates ZETH WEAVER GEORGE AHTHLJIt MeDANIEL Subscribe for the Journal and get ·II the county new* VOTE FOR JOHN T. SCHMICK ON NOV. 8TII FOIt County Commissioner Your Support Will Be Greatly Appreciated (Pol. Adv.) Foi StnlL-'h Attouioy W. I I Y L A N D VAN SANT For Clr-il: of the Ciicuil Court SIIEI1.MAN L. TRIBBITT Foi Register of Wills RUSSELL W. FLUHARTY For County Tioasurcr J. VIRGIL MOORE For Judges of the Orphans' Court JAMES A. TRAZZARE SAMUEL G. BYE TRUMAN H. RICHARD For County Commissioners JOHN SCHMICK ALVIN MEREDITH LUTHER BENNETT For Sheriff m .J. LEON TODD (Pol. Adv.) VI V I CnM IEI) IN fl? DENTON t'li EVERY MONDAY EVPRUTS \ 1 1 i DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova, Md. PHONE-- IIILLSBORO lfi.F-2i Alvin H. Meredith Republican Candidate For COUNTY COMMISSIONER Your Support Will Be Appreciated eneral Election, Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Pol. Adv.) (10-22-2t) Bronchial Cough 53 MONEY-SAVING Just n common cough, a chest cold, or a bronchial irritation of today may lead to serious trouble tomorrow. 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When coughs, chest colds and bronchial troubles-due to common colds -hang on, get a bottle of Creomulsion from your druggist, use it as directed nnd J f y°4 are n °t satisfied with tha relief obtained, the druggist Is authorized to refund your money. Creomulsion Is one word, ask for it plainly, see that the name on the bottle is Creomulsion and you'll get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) i fMn" lc the cream of the rich Pennsylvania anthracite fields. Cure- I f-tly ^Mfhed, wed, and prepared, it gives you better heat al less cost. --- ·"" (MHUCR A SUPPLY FROM US TODAY I FARMERS SUPPLY CO. Phone 137 Tone in on "The Shadow" every Sunday at 4:30 p. m. Station WBAL WFIL Shorqas / \ BUDGET YOUR HOT WATER COSTS Wilh "Shorgas Iludgct" Water Heater On Our Low Rate Special Offer--Range and Budget Heater Installed, $129.50 Iludgct Sells for $1 Down, $2 per Monlh for 21 Months or $11.50 Cash See your dealer, D. RALPH HORSEY, Denton Eastern Shore Gas Corporation Voters and Taxpayers of Caroline County: o if j,, u u m i n i n , u " cc "» nl f " r "· i « r m m hands for collection, m, au-,m,ls arc audited uinualh by stale ami c n i i n t j certified public accountants and old age nensi n and general pubhc assistance and of.icr hinds received from the s t a " are iuS? ^"TM m TM tf arc »«*'«» ««J fcdor.,1 auditors, these and"" are puMiv.ed in book form and are on di^plaj at the County Com- nrns.oncr's oH.ce and I invite you to look these audit, over? t,» ind anil h! "" . rc ' cchcdua tax hill from nn- that von thought uas entirely K S t h C ' C X a C l was was i j law to forwiud j o u this bill. When I was elocleti treasurer of Caroline C m i n t v I felt I ojved an obligation to all the people ,,f this count", I have iade all effort, possible to make Caroline Countj a gond treasurer? I aTM plead CI«St On rf 8 "? 'r r 1 N ?, TCmbw 8 anii » ! »TM e"«led Clerk Sf Circuit Court of Caroline County I «il| gnc this officvj my undivided attenton and w i I conduct the oflice 100 per cent efficfcn " a n d all SrhtTo eIVe C ° Urteey fr ° m lhis °' ricc " (Pol. Adv.) Yours truly, SHERMAN L. TRIBBITT. . . When it's hard for you to get away from busy duties and get to the bank -- bank by mail instead. You can make deposit* or withdrawals, or transact other business as well by mail as in person. ' Banking by mail is safe, convenient, 1 and fast. If the weather isn't right or you don't feel just right, banking by! mail will be as welcome as breakfast in bed. Our service is put before you "on" a tray," so to speak. We're always glad to see you when it's' easy for you to come to the bank -- but' at other times we want you to remember that banking by mail is always easy.* Ihe Peoples Bank of Denton, Maryland ELK! T G. ARTHUR MeDANIEL FOK HOUSE OF DELEGATES (Pol. Adv.) SUPPORT w. riiiii'.- For Register CfWiliF At TJic General El.'Ciion Tuesday. November 8:h Your Consideration Will He Crr.i(l.\ Appreciated (Pol. Adv.) and Fresh. len:Icr Porlt and i i n e s t . blended by Fs.sf.ay exerts -- thpl's A!f-!'crk at iir, liosl. Look for 'the Esskay Brand. Your arsuvance of Ihe finest All-Pork Sausage mat'o. A varicly oi' slyies «ind flavors to suit every taste. THE WM. scur.T'DKiiHKKC T 3. Krunr.n ro. J. Virgil Moore for Treasurer of Caroline County Your help will be greatly appreciated Pol. Adv. on November 8th RETU RN Wilmer Fell Davis T o STATE SENATE 6* ctt m£^^as5m^^^g^^^^i!^M^^ 1. Voting and working against the Gross .Receipts and Sales Tax al'o w o r k i n g against an increase in real estate taxes. Favoring a tax on luxuries and incomes rather than on necessities and sales. 2. Continuing the policy of awarding scholarships on merit only as determined b compelithc examination. 3. -Reducing Baltimore Citj'b share of the gasoline funds from 30 to 1!!% (It was fornu-rlj 20% until changed six jears ago) giving them a $1,500,000 instead of $.'1,000,000 early. !. With this $1,500,000 early, straighten, widen, drain and slag or stone the dirt roads of the counties. "Make Caroline's dirt roads system similar to Delaware's." 5. Modernize our slate roads system through out Caroline county. This can be done in four jcais if no gasoline taxes are diverted to the general treasury. 6. Enabling the motorist to receive hU auto tags at the court house w h e n he pajs his taxes. 7. Representing the count} in all it's agricultural interests and \ o t i n g the farm program. 8. Continuing resistance to the domination and control of the Legislature by'Baltimore Cit interests. 9. Reduce expenditure in government rather than increase taxation. (Pol. Adv.)

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