Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 21, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1888
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LESS THAN ONE CENT A DAY •*fn--fl 12 Onsplrta ??£•* NOT ELS, h««!<l*;.™. Phert St.if.'pi PV.^h**, PC-CTT.I. »tc. F-a-eh n^rnl^r it n-rnf-l"',", lad & Talus** in i:«*If. On* »-«*j « rab«r-riptJnn make* B NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PASES Of th* c*o!e«K »w" ' ' " "" Atnnnff tha Otnpl*t4 - . "A S«lf-M»d« Mia," " MB" "Tb» I>*«rt«T," " of the b«t Am*rlr«n tnthott. folswhleh hat* *\lr*idy •\rrMW*« ." " M!H l>fJU-rB," "Binfir*," frnron'i Wlft," " Dongl« DU- Tb« Whittling " " MUM' , « Whittling Jhwr," "At «," "Tb« tteA JloriTitmJo R«M *s4 Brhr Them," "TJ» T«rr»- , From ttw R*5«-i," "Chftclc tai CoosWr- . ,t_., *ta. Tfc* njbtrriptJoii prle« of thU"K!nc of t$* HoBthllei" U bat 83.00 t y«»r. Swnplt copy §tat » r»wlpt of 10 e-nU In tt»mr«- AddrtM LIPPIMCOTT8 MAGAZINE. PHILADELPHIA, VOLUME K. 8TEKLINO ILLINOIS. SATURDAY, JANUARY 211888 NUMBER; 283 MOSES QILLOJ* Has jngt recei^^d * car of SPLINT COAL Just the ihv/tg to ktm in YOUR CRATES Tftln hfnfl of •wwrthe*. TSXY «T. CI1CA39, mmm OOINO F.*BT. i. 5, WEST. frT 2:»s P '"• ...... 8:IT>p.m. WWT. in. ARRIVE FTtnTH FVST. jAKHIVr FROM 79—Pa"AH(-ii^er...l»:lH'-^ -ras-cn^er K T7—FrelKht U:HiH in.iU-Frclglit.—1 :So P-in Passenger No. 30 conn«*i with 'ruins east STJ< west on Clinton Branch; with C. K. 1 & P. K. K. at Hock IsliuiJ eaut and west; with Uiilcsburj? piwirnifpr at Rln; with mRln line lor points west Council Bluffs, Omaha unit beyond, and at flusu- nell for Kaiiaus City and points beyond. G. & Tt 81 s - OOINO KABT. (IOIKO WEST Marshalllown Passenger Clinton Pass., 8:17 p. m. .. p. m DenvcrPas8...10:28 a. m. Atlantic Ex.—2:37 a. m. Clinton Pas.4....6.-7l ft. m. Pacific Ei ...... 8*1 a. m. m. Marslialluiwn Passenger—I :I8 m. FBUOHT TB*IKB THAT No. 14 llOINtl KABT. ooi K a WKHT. 8.17 p. m. No.8t...~-. C:27 a. m. " Where did Mr Lingg get those Bombs P" " I do not know, but I can tell you where you can get a pair of THE Llli llYi'OTIIETICAL AS CONGRESSMEN USUALLY INDULGE IN THAT COURTESY, • . fllren by Springer, to Krl'y of P«nn*yl- T«nli\—Thobe Talk* to thit Hoat« In Hid Owu ftehnlf—'A necUlon Prerented •^ «R*>pQbt!r.nni( Nnl "Voting—For 'and A gat tint Pontftl Te1«grapb, .EVERY PA'R WABR&N r EP.' Men's Felt BOOTS, ALBERT DOLQE'S Ml Wool FELT SHOES MD SLIPPERS ANT> THB ANKLK-SDPEOETIXQ_ . .. CORSET SHOES, FOR WEAK ANKLES. ' Just call and see at J. P. OVERHOLSER'S, Itealer In Bootgj and 8hoe». Bterllng. Notice to Land ' A few choice tract* ot land now In the hands ot F. B. Hubbard, located ID Iowa and Southern ' Minnesota, with TIM WIRRHMED PERFECT. While many of the lands now owned by spoon laton are nnder a cloud of title. These lands - are »old with PKRFEOT ABSTBAOT8. HKIOKa FROM SH TO TKN DOLLAE8 PEB AORK. I have also a FARM WEST of EMPIRE For sale cheap, on which a good property lu Sterling or Rock Fulls will be taken as part pay menL Now Is the time to get good bargains. MAPI* AND DESCRIPTIONS Can be bad at my office, and cheap tickets U> show western lands. Delay* are Dangeroiu on These Bargain*. F. B. HUBBA.RD- Land oflloe opposite Hannerobor Hall, . III*. KIRK'S FLOATING SOAP THE CHIEF For the Bath, Tcaiot and Laundry. Snow White and Abaolutoly Pur«. K your dealer do«s not keep White Cloud Boap, seod M conui tor sample cake to tha m»»«ra, JK8.-8. KIRK SCO., CHICAGO. THIS is the to of the gen- Lamp similar ume "Pearl , lop" Chimney, all others are imitations. T ,. fi. nis is exact label on each one of; the [Pearl Top I Chimeys. 1 The dealer may say and think he has as good, but he has not Insist upon the exact and top. GEO. A. MACBETH & CO Pittsburgh, Pa. ' IDVERTISERS ^z ::::r:.. WASHINGTON CITI, Jan. 21.—Tbe two most inttrrotlng features of the sewlbn of tbe house Friday were a personal explanation l>y Binlnger, and Ihe failure ot the house to'inke final action^ on the Tnobe^Car- llsle contest. . , . Ai to tbe first, shortly after the bou*e assembled Springer rose in bis seat,and bad read from fie clerk's desk an extract'of a speech mailo Thursday by Kelly of Pennsylvania, to the effect that a member of tbe congress which made an appropriation for tbe Philadelphia centennial (and who was a member of the present congress) had claimed a fee of 110,000 tor having;' inserted a clause in the bill making the loan, upon which be could go Into court and enforce ita payment. Springer said he had no doubt that he wa* the member referred to. He bad moved an amendment to the centennial bill changing the appropriation from a donation to a loan. A t the close of the exposition the board ot finance held that the money belonged to the stockholders and not U the government. Suit was entered by the United Stales and It was decided in favor ot the board. He then wont to Attorney General Taf t and askod him to appeal the case to the supreme court ThU waa done, and the attorney general requested him to appoar on behalf of the government. H» did >o, and the d'dsion of the court below won reversed and tbe money ordered paid into the treasury. ,Ho had never asked one cent for bis professional services. Hu did fllo a petition asking that hi* cade be referred to the court ot claims as to the value of his servicea. The committee bad reported a bill based upon his petition, but which had never been acted upon. Ha hoped tbe gentleman would retract the statement he had mala. Kelly said he bad not meant to do an injustice. The thing had an ugly odor when it occurred; it was not savory now. What be meunt to say was that, knowing the purport of lid own clause, tbs pontlnraan was the one man nmoiii? tho M),0<X>,000 American oitlisns who felt that the fubscnbera to tbe exposition stock ounlit to be mnde to pay, and buntod them till he stripped them of their Investment, patriotic as it waa.' Bprlngvr replied that If- the gentleman stated that he demanded a fee for inserting the clause he stated what waa not true. If the gentlein:m meant to say tbat he pursued the CTM with all the skill and ability of which he was possessed, he admitted it. It was the proudest record bo bad made since mombur of congress, and that was the opinion of lii« constituents, who had returned him six times since be made that record. The Thobw-Ciirllnle election case wee then taken up. Several members spoka pro and con, tbe Democrats Juatifylhe the elections ccmmittce>-nnd tbe Republicans holding that enough had been shown by Thobe to make a reopening of the case both just and expedient. Attar tbe members had said all they wanted to for tbe time Thobe was given an which to present his claims to the houso. Re read from a communication which be bad sent to tho chairman of the committee on elections protesting against an unfavorable report upon his request until he had an opportunity to examine the aflldavitta pro aented by the contestoe. In this communl cation ho reitpratuR lit part the statement* contained in his affidavit filed with the com mlttee, denies the truth of some of. tbe afil- davita died by the speaker, and declares his ability to disprove the accuracy of other* II be is granted an opportunity. He. was sorry, he continued, that tbe working classes wera beginning to lose confilence in the security of the ballot If the- ballot was nol secure what did they have left! [Applause on the Republican tide:]; He waa a workingman; he did not consider it a great honor, exactly, to be a member of this houae. [General laughter and applause.] What he meant was that a mechanic was just ai honorable and noble a* any other citlEOB. If every gentluman here would rather be' right than be president, these seau would be filled by tbe right men. [Laughter.] He did not propose to make any capital out of the fact tbat he was a worklngmon. Ha was not here for •favor, but for simple justice. Tbe previous question was then ordered upon the resolution'of the majority of tbe committee—which confirm* the title of Car lisle to his seat—*nd upon a resolution in th< nature of a substitute offered by Lyman o: Iowa, deploring that the contest is of such importance to the sitting member and to tbe people of the country that it I* entitled to full, thorough, and impartial Investigation, and, providing that the. paper* in the be printed and i referred to a select committee or sub-oommlttee of tbe elections committee which shall be authorised to in jrwtigate th* matter. -Tbe substitute was defeated—yeas, 12S; nays, ISi Seven Demo- crat*—Brnum, Tillman, Foran, Hare, Mc- Klnn*y,"8bively and Wearer—voted in th affirmative. , The question then recurred on tba majority resolution, ou the adoption ot which th* yeas and nays were ordered. Upon the announcement of the vote it found tbat no quorum hod voted, the Republicans generally refraining, and the case wa* thus left to come up again. _________ POSTAL TELEGRAPH DISCUSSED. Marvin Green and Q«rdnor Bnbbard Enlighten a Senate Committee. WASHINGTON Crrr, Jan.-81.—The senate postofflct) committee on Friday began to bear arguments on the question ot a government telegraph, but nt the close of the session tha committee adjourned indefinitely,, and no could mnta it pay. Tbe governments bad n»vcr been held liable for errors; tha West [ eru Union paid from IIOO.OOJ to «200,OQO per year on this item of expensa. At the cams time the history of government telegraphy showed that more errors were made than when the business was conducted by private parties. As to tbe value of lha plant, the amount stated by the press as a fair valuation of the Western Union would not buy tba wires at tbe factory. A good deal wo.i »nlJ about a few men owning the Wwt«rn Union. Th* fact was that the directorate of thirty men owned but three-eighths ot tho stock, 3,000 people were stockholders, and 20,UuO were ntereeted In the property. Dr. Qroen then referred to tbe Knight* of jibor petition of half a million Homes la fa- or of postal telegraph, and said it was a ilece of spite work, because Powderly bad oarrelled with Jay Gould on another snb- pcU Ho added that not one in 100 of the ignera ever sent a message by telegraph. Gardner O. Hubbard followed Dr. Ureen on tbe opposite side. He said it was trns a* )r. Green had slated that the Western Union'* IH30,(XO mile* ot wire could not be uplicated for 100,000,000, and that tbe company possessed other properties, such as right f way. The directors, possessed of three- Ightsof Its capital stock, however, virtually leld a monopoly, as It would be Impossible t any stockholders' meeting to obtain a con- rolllntf vote over the director*. Dr. Green stated at this point that three- ourths of the capital was frequently represented at Rtockholders' meetings. Continuing, Hubbard said that in all other countries the tel<grapb was controlled by the lovernment. In this country it was In the control of a single corporation. The quo* Ion wa* whether the government could not manage it much cheaper than the Western Jnion. In Switzerland and Belgium tbe cost of sending message* was 14 cents; In England, 19 cants; In this country, lift cent*, ld not this sum bo reduced! If it could be done slowly by the Western Union, It could be don* rapidly by the government. There were two ways proposed. One In tbe bills of Senators Cullom and Edmunds, which 'as that the government should operate the Ines; tbe other by the plan advocated by lini for many years, the substance of which was embraced In tbe bill reported by tbe committee four years ago and Introduced by Mr. Dawes. It waa in the line of the system now adopted by the poatoCSce for the trans- mlralon ot letters. Tbe chairman said that the Dawes bill pro- xised the buying out of tbe._telei;raph.llnes. The committee was against this, but had agreed to let Dawes report it, Hubbard said that wasn't hi* suggestion. His proposition was that tbe poetofflce deportment should receive telegrams as it did etters; that it should make a contract with competent parties to transmit the telegrams, and tbat tho government should deliver tbe telegrams. In th* . country town* the post- office will undoubtedly be the telegraph office. In reply to a question, Hnbbard snld he supponed tbat about hnlf of tbe 55,000 post- offices would be accommodated, as tbe telegraph lines stood to-day. All telegrams were to be prepaid by stamps furnished by tbe government Here 5 per cent, of the bualnea* won social, while abroad It was 80 par cent If the rate* were made cheap everybody In this country wonld use the telegraph. Tbe reduction of the price of messages In England from a shilling to sixpence resulted In a 80 per cent Increase of business In two years. OUT OF THE COUNTY JilL National Board of Trade Resolatlon*. WxsniHQTOH Crnr, Jan. 21.— The National Board of Trade convention Friday passed resolutions urging congress to revise the n*» tlonal banking laws In consonance with tbe recommendation* of Comptroller Trenholm; advocating the refunding of 4 per cent government bonds at a low rate ot interest, redeemable in annual installments from 1W1 to W~l, with a view to tbe nse ot the new loan a* security for national bank circulation; also urging the repeal of the law pro- riding for tbe compulsory purchase of silver bullion. The resolutions ' proposed by the New York, Philadelphia, 'Boston anil New Haven boards favoring bountie* and subsidies to American' ahtppinz, were adopted, but a "free chip" amend meut was defeated by a vote of SB to 10. Resolutions were »lto adopted favoring extradition treatieo covering ambezzlement, and, recommending an amendment to tbe constitution 10 a* to allow tbe president to veto separata items la appropriation bills. The convention, after several • day* of Interesting and very industrious work adjourned sine die la Ui», evening. ' Ihe next convention will open in Chicago on the second Wednesday of next November. EDITOR O'BRIEN TREAD3 THE F.ARTH A FREE MAN AGAIN. \ An 'Enthnilutle Throne B«o«tT*i* Him with Open Arms—'A 8p««ch at Tnllikmor* In Which Be Talks of Blunt andi Befoul—Other Irish News—Christina and I«ab«ll»— Frimoe and Italy. <s LONDOS, Jan. 21.—Editor O'Brien'* torm of imprisonment came to an end Friday and hews* released. The people gave him an enthusiastic but orderly revaptloo. -His appearance Indicates that bis health is much impaired. His physicians insist that he shall spend a season of recuperation in the sooth of France, but he ha* not yet decided to heed their advice. The people ot Tullamorfl presented him with an address, which embodies the declaration that they cared nothing for the coercion law, but regarded BalfourVi execution ot it as extremely brutal and In all respect* a disgrace to the government O'Brien addressed the throng and said It wo* with the greatest difficulty that he could find word* to express adequately hi* gratitude for the kindness of his countrymen, especially Moorehead and E<an, without whose assistance In his lonely duffwtth his jailers there might have been a' different event to celebrate from the one his hearers rejoiced over. Referring to Blunt'* charge* against Balfour O'Btien said he had beard them from Blunt blmsolf long before there was any likelihood that Blunt would be one of Balfour'4 victims. It was owing to Blunt'* statement, in fact, that he had told Moorbead and Egan that he believed that he bad boou brought to Tullamore prison to bs murdered, for be knew that Blunt would allow bis right hand to wither in firs before be would toll a lie. Apart from 'Blnnt's revelations, O'Brien and his fellow prisoners had • right to Infer the worst from Balfour 1 * secrecy in immuring tbem In what they supposed would turn out to be Tullamore catacombs. It was fair, however, to say that the prison pfftclal* performed their odious duties with tbe least possible harshness. O'Brien arrived in Dublin Friday evening. Immense crowds of people, Including many priests and members of parliament, met him at tbe railway station, where they bad waited some time for his arrival • He was greeted with deafening cheers as he alighted fronrthe traln/and-appeared in Bight of the multitude, and when he entered the lord mayor's carriage the enthusiasm of the people was at white heat He was driven to the Imperial hotel, escorted by an Immense procession with band* of muilo and torches, while the house* along the line of march, a* well as in other parts ot the city, were Illuminated, and bonfires burned everywhere. Arriving at the hotel O'Brien appeared on the balcony and addressed the people. He rejoiced, he said, that In spite of Balfour thn Irish people were stronger than ever, and though tbe English were slow in joining them they would be slow in deserting them after they had joined. Tbe Irish would not resort to outrage, but would follow Par- noil and Gladstone, trusting In the Democracy of Great Britain to make Inland a nation. Desperate Blot »t Londonderry* Dr/BLiw, Jan, 21 —The arrival of Father McFodden, of Qwoedore, at Londonderry Friday afternoon in charge ot tbe police was tbe occasion of a serious riot Immediately upon the appearance of the priest at the rail- ay station the crowd awaiting his arrival became violently excited and attacked the constables having him in custody with stones. Tbe police were reinforced and charged upon the crowd, but were desperately resisted. Several person*, among them a number of policemen, were Injured, and it 1* reported that a detective wa* taken, to tbe hospital suffering concussion of .the brain. Manning Warns the Pope. DUBLIN, Jan. 21.— The Chronicle'* Rome correspondent telegraphs that Cardinal Manning has written. to the pope that any outspoken opposition to Gladstone on tha part of tba Vatican would seriously dtoaf- fect Irish and English Roman Catholic*. Got Into Trouble Axaln Bltjht Away. DUBLIN, Jan. Ul.~ Mr. Hayden, editor ot The Westmeath Examiner, who ha* only just been released from prison, ha* been re- arreeted for making an Inflammatory speech. OTHER OLD WORLD NOTES, NEGROES TO SEEK NEW HOMES. Big; 8ch-m» to Send lh« Southern Problem t« Bonth Amertaa* KAKBAS Crrr, Ma, Jan. 2).—A movement that bids fair to nfToct many states and par- hap* many thousands of colored people of this country has been inaugurated in this city, and may result In an "exodus" of negroes from the United Blnte* to South America, The headquarter* of the new movnment ar* in Topoka, Kan., and th* object sought is th* amelioration of th* condition of the colored population of tbe southern itatcs. Several wall-known and wealthy mm sr» arranging the plan to establish colonies In Oulana, Brazil and the ' Argentine Republic. The principal outfitting point* will probably be Honduras and Costa Rica. Immigration depiw will be established in • tbe Argentina confederation. It is learnvi th»t important concessions will be made by the Brasiliaa and Argentine governments la the way ot land* and immunity from taxation and aid In transportation, which will place this n*w haven within the reach of all Their right* and privileges a* citlzras are guaranteed, and their color will not debar them from social and political preferment It 1* believed next fall all will be ready to *et. tha flood in motion, and only tho lazy and worthies* clan of negroea will be weeded onf Early In the summer a committee will go to South America to complete the arrangements, secure tho land* and concessions, and propar* for the work. a the House* j WASHINGTON CITE, Jan. 21,— The home Friday received and referred a petition from tbe National Board of Trade convention fay voting liberal ^appropriation* for waterway improvement*. Springer made a personal explanation regarding a statement by Kelly Thursday, and denied the imputation that he bad claimed a fee ot $10,uOO for Inserting a clause -in tbe bill appropriating money to the Philadelphia centennial, by which tba money wa* returned to the 'government fie bad appeared In court for the government in the case and afterward bad asked that the court of claims fix th» value of his services, but his nqunt bad not been acted upon by congress. Tba Thobe- Carllsle cue -*was .then taken up antj after Thobe .had addressed the bous* in hi* own behalf the resolutions of the majority of tbe elections committee, declaring against reopening the cara, were voted on. Tbe Republicans, with tbe exception ot a few who voted aye, and Brumm, Hoyey, and Laldlaw, who voted nay, refrained from voting on the ground that they were not sufficiently informed on the subject. Tbe vote wu aye*, 140; nays, E — no quorum. The, house then adjourned. The N' w Mad-Wrapper Law. ^ WABBTJIOTON Crrr, Jan. 21.— Postmaster- General Dickinson bos promulgated rules! and regulations in conformity with tbe new law just passed by congrel* and signed by the president Friday, respecting permissible time was fixed for tbe subject to come up agaia Dr. Nurvlu Green was tbe first to, take up tbe argument, and it goes without; _ aaying that be opposed any intorfenmw ofj ( £Tting"and 'printing the governmont in the business. He began; . fourth olaa matter. "Under the regulation* by suggesting that oongrea* bad uo right un-j tne ^.trictlons as to writing upon third and der the constitution to engage in telegraphy, fourth C , OM mat tor ore substantially the and referred to a decision of the supreme • ~ label court which declared that the telegraph bus! ( nes* wa*commerce. Then h*.sald tbe United! State* bad tha beat telegraph ayutem on i earth and In this connection read a letter'; from the Absoclatud Press agent in London .< asserting that "th* telegraphic? communlcar \ tlon between .France knd England'I* dta-.j gracefully bad. It 1* an actual fact tbat'j London merchants *aud their mauagea toj Havre/ by way of New York, and that they reach Havre quicker than if they irar* tent from London to Havre direct.' With ref<renc« to th« English oyttem be product*! flrfurentosuow that uotwlUiitao. Inj the low wa_*s ot telegraph operators there was a deficit every year, and abo that the long dlttano* rates ware cheaper to tbi* country ttuut In any ottor par* ol the world. Iu tw*aty yurs tbe coot of raMMges bad bwa rwJuoed by tb« WwUrn Uulou ltam aa *v*f*g# rate «t f! M u> SO]*' ant* Kor any moaapoiy about* U; »ay «K go lato to* txutiaeH who same as under the old law, but in general all restrictions as to printing on these two, clashes of matter are removed, except as to rMarvatlon of space necessary tor addressing tbe matter and placing postage stamp* on It, Bavlnc o Won! for Pare food. WABHIHOTOB Crrr, J»n 81. t-T_e National Pure Food couvautlou Friday adopted resolutions declaring in favor of judicious l*gls- lation for the suppression of adult?rations ot. food, drink and drug*. Tbe convention approved with slight amendment* tb* bill introduced by Sherman in the tanate and Crisp la the houM to provide for a treasury bureau of adulumtioii*,-a4Hl to prohibit aJultera- Uoo of food and drug* In the territorUa. The convention refund to Indorse Mparately oleoffiargiu-io* or l«iM legwlatlro. 'A bouae ta HouiuivUteh, taaden, *rw i Ixira-d .Xfcuneiar-. B4«kf, mut> tone ' ftvta- jnude k»t tbelr Uve*. How an Ex-Qneea Came to Get the Boyal 'Grand Bounce. LONDON, Jan. 2L— The virtual, it not actual expulsion of ex-Queen Isabella from Spain I* due, it i* ascertained, to the discovery of a plot to place her upon tb* Spanish throne as regept, pending the arrival at the age of majority of her grandson, the baby King Alfonso XIIL Queen Christina, tha present regent and mother ot the king, upon the dbcovry of tbe intrigue, insisted that there was not enough room in Spain for, both Isabella and herself. Melancholy New* for th* Farts Pro**. RotOB, Jan. 21.— Signor Crlspl has announced tbat the Florence Incident has been settled amicably. tTnola Sam Hakes a Heavy Claim. MADRID, Jan. 21.— The JDia. assert* that the United ' States government has made claims for heavy compensation for the alleged ill-treatment of Nadal, an American citizen Imprisoned some time ago by the an* thorltles ot Porto Rico. A Ulnoesota Democrat Say* 'Frisco. BT. FAT/L, Jan. 21. — An effort i* to be made to have the national Democratic convention held in Ban Francisco. Millionaire F. H. Kelly 1* heart band, and pocketbook in tha work.' Ha said Friday: "My choice 1* 'Frisco, since It 1* proposed to issue roundtrip ticket* to delegates from remote point* at $40 each. This would afford tbe delegate* an opportunity to crom the continent and see what a magnificent coun try lie* west of Chicago." The Jap Se«nu to be a Failure. ClKOiMNATf, Qhlo, Jaa SI.— A wrestling match took place' at tbe casino Friday night between Boraklchl, the Jap, and Lemuel McGregory, the Bt Joe kid. The Jap was to throw Modregory three time* in thirty miu u tea, Gimoo Roman yle, or forfeit (50, H* won the first fall in u,-<> minutes and the second in seven minute*, but failed to down hi* adversary in tha third bont and th* kid walked off with the money. Baa Into a Lend-Sllde. COLCILBDS, Ga., Jon. 2L— A fatal accident occurred on tb* Columbus Si Western rail- Itnd at a late hour Thursday night, Tb* train struck a land-slide a quarter of a mile west of Fraternal 1 * station, and th* eoglne wu burled in an immsnaa bank ot soft dirt that obstructed the track. Tbe engineer wu kilted. ' A PREDICTION FOR C)EPEW. Th* Dlitlnff nlshed New Torfcer Promt*** tbe Prophet a Rl( OUlo*. K«vr YORK, Jan. SI.—Channcejr M. Depew, president of Ibe Now York Yale Alum, ni association, presided at the annual dinner of the association at Dclmonioo's Friday, night. President Timothy Dtright, of Yale, wa* on hi* right. Tbe football with which Yale defeated Princeton last fall hnng by a blue ribbon directly over Mr. Depew's head. Mr. Depew spoke first In his nsual humorous vein. In tbe course of hi* remarks he said tbat there were two great institution* In this country—the United States government and Yale college. One was struggling with a surplus and tho other hero cally advancing nnder a deficit and managing to be th«' best- college in the country. liana H. H. Bromley spoke during tbe evening and said ' that Mr. Depew would in a year "from now be president-elect ot the United States. [Applause.] "I'll make you minister to tbe Sandwich islands," responded the chairman. DO WE KtEP OUR TREATIE8T Charge That the Cnltcid State* Be* Failed to Keep Faith With Canadu, ' . OTTAWA, Out, Jan.'.!.—The discussion in regard to the point of alleged discrimination against United States vessel* passing through the Welland canal started by Representative Dingley, ot Maine, has brought out the fact that some of tbe engagements made by the United States government in connection vrlth the Washington treaty have never been carried out, or at least it* efforts, if they were exerted, have been fruitless. _ Not only did tbe British authorities agroo to urge on Canada the placing of American vefscla In regard to our canals on tbe Bathe footing aa Canadian vessels,, but tb* United States, authorities likewise bound tbemselvea to use their influence with the various state authorities to secure for Canadian vessola thu same privileges In American canals. While the British authorities carried cut tliulr engagements, the Americans do not appear to have done so. ; FATAL BOILER EXPLOSION. • JtnelTlllo, WU., Shaken Up and Two Ken Terribly Mannled. ' ; JiNESViLLX, Wls., Jan. ML—The city was shaken to it* foundations Friday morning by an explosion of a heavy boiler in th* flour- mill of Kastner & Oogan. The explosion waa terrific, ami all that is left of the greater part of the mill is a deep pit banked up by smoking wreckage. Piece* of the boiler were blown 6.H) feat and through solid walla. ' Underneath thrdebrls were found the bodies of Byron Kennedy and James Bracken, terribly mangled. Death had resulted Instantaneously. Bracken was unmarried, bat Kennedy leaves a wife and child. Th* damage done by the explosion I* fully H\OXX Tbe cause is believed to bav* be«n low water. The testimony at the coroner's inquout was to the. effect that the boiler bad been considered dangerous three month* ago. The President and the Pope. j BALTUIOHE, Md., Jan. A'..— The Sun lay* that Secretary Bayard wu shown th* din- patch recently published, stating that the "envoy" of President Cleveland to the pop*, bearing tbe copy of the constitution, had failed to present himself at the Vatican anil had been boycotted by th* American legation' at Rome. Tbe secretary said the diapatcn WAS all rubbish. "Tba president sent no envoy to the pope, H* could not do so. The only government in Italy with which this country bos political relations la the government of King Humbert. Tbe president sent hi* gift a* a private individual. I did not *v*n know h* had sent it until. I saw the f act stated ih the newspaper, , * * * Th* American 'legation consist* ot one person, Mr. Charlei Daugherty, who U now In this country on leave, and cotuwquently could not possibly have boycotted'any body." i 8kul!dnj»ery at a Primary Election. ' | LuicULBTXB, Pa., Jan. 81.—The Jury la the ease of Adam E, Fry, Samuel P. Henry. Charle* E. Tlllmin, Isaac Kaufman, and E! ,T. Kaufman, charged with conspiracy tq defraud In making false returns and adding* ballots not cut at the primary election of the Republican party in the Indlantown dlsj trict on May HI,. ISS7, has found a verdict ot guilty a* indicted on all the count*. This is the first verdict of the kind In the history; of tbe county. Reasons will be filed for ^ new trial. • i HARD UP FOR FUEL MANUFACTURERS USIN3 DIRT FROM THE SCHUYLKILL REGION. Pottlbtlffy of fh* Wyoming: Miners Be4n*; Added to the Striken, Who An Sollfl as a Roelc — A Brief and SucoeMfoi Strike As-tnst Cool* Sum—An Opmdag Ibr Coko—Powderlr. ; RKADIHO, Pa., Jan. 3L—Around ev*ry colliery In (bo Echnyklll region there arc veritable mountains of coal dirt, whlob consist* meetly of screening* Ukea from the mine*. Th to dirt b«j eocDmnlated for thirty and more jean, and some manufacturer* an now nslng It mixed with • bltumlnoui la ran* nine tbelr establishment*. Tb»y pay tbe company 76 cent* a ton and the freight charge*. From this it can be s»«n to what desperate strait* tbe people of this section an put to. Coal men and tba public ere everewhere clamoring for coat To* company bai be- eome M thoroughly alarmed that fix or eight train* have been nnt to the Wyoming coal- fleldi to bring coal to thlicityoTsr the Lft- high Valloy and Emit Pennsylvania rood* Th« opinion li general that the Wyoming; minen will itrilce It th* Reading company 1 * engine* and can are Died to haul tbe icoel they mine. A strike in tba bituminous and coke regions is also looked for if the company continue* shipping that claw of coal to thli section, ' Tb« Reading oompaay bar* given noUoe at Bhamokin, PottavUle, and othar dlf patching point* that they will hereafter not^be re- iponalble for board or lodging of employs*. The new hand* most therefor* hunt for lodging* themselves. The nrrloe* of a large number of coal and Iron ipecial policemen war* dispensed with Friday, then being DO apparent need for their service*. Th* Reading company'* under official* are doing all In their power to quietly get th* mm back to thair wort Th* bo**** an all Tleing with one another to we who can re- lume first, hoping thereby to gain favor In the estimation of their superior* It was claimed • that they had five collier!** working, bat from the number of men employed, the .work amounted to bat little—the fore* averaging only from fire to MTen per cent of -the ordinary quota. It I* foollah to attempt to deny that the striken are solid, and there is no Indication in any quarter of weakening, neither has thtre been any attempt at- violence. Messrs. Sharkey, Lee, and Gahlli returned to Pottevllle Friday from a toor through the region*. They report the miner* erery when as solid a* a rock. There 1* not a sign of • break. A dozen attempU have been mad* to start up nreral of the bo*t collieries, bat all efforts: to induce the men to go to work hare failed. STRUCK'AGAINST UNCLE SAM. A Strike IB the Bureau of Kncravln*; Which WHS Bnded In SO Minute*. WABHTHGTOH Crrr, Jan. 3 L—On* of the shortest and moat successful *trlke* on noord occurred a few day* ago at the bureau of engraving and printing here. An order was issued directing that the -girl* who act as assistant! to the mon in ofaarg* of th* prene* bo changed from press to prw. Th» execution of the order, however, was strongly objected to, a* tbe pressmen are 'paid In proportion to th* amount of work performed, and accordingly when the. aislstant* baieom* accustomed to the work of oach man It Involve* a material reduction in th* amount of work accomplished to have them changed. Upon receiving the order • committee at one* waited on the asd*t*.nt;ehief* o( tbe bureau and Informed him that the pre*am*n had (topped work, and unless tbe order was rescinded would at ones leave the bnlldlng. Another committee was also delegated to wait on Chief Graves. B»for* the com mitts* bad tiro* to sea him, howevtp,. Kr, Grare* sent word that the obnoxious order bad been revoked and that It would not be necessary for th* committee .to communicate with him dl- recUy. The 187 prenmea at one* retarned to work, and the itrike, which luted about thirty minute*, terminated. rowdarly gtlll Very Weak. , ScBiirron, Pa., Jan.' 31.—Qeoeral Master Workman Fowderly Is still vsry weak. Hi* stomach will not retain solid food, and h* 1* nourished wholly by liquid*,- principally beef tea. He hoped to be able to go to Philadelphia this week, but his physician steadily r*f uted to countenance suoh a step, and informed Mrs. Fowderly that h* would not be r**pon*ible for the result .. Extending the) lTs« ol Ook*. RcAViao, Ph., Jan. !•!.—George W. Boy- «r <fc Co., merchant* of this city, have d*old- ed to introduce coke in Reading for domestic purposes. They say they can deliver a fine quality oC coke at 13,50 p*r carload, which I* nearly equivalent to a too of. anthracite coal This 1* an experiment am} may the building up of a lanre traffic. rwttDrr tor the Btftnn of i JAMES MEANS' 83 SHOE. Uueieellrt In JJarCTMiev.Oiri.mTt andXat pearaiu!*. Apoi^Jcardffcat w as will brlug TOU Inform*. I". 1 , Means &CO, "• 1 Hn~,lr>P<. Rn£t/tn_Max*. TM* abo* staaos nl«*«r te than any othrr In the world. ru will tell jou Ui«na3onUroa uk Umn. J. R. BELL & SON Will sen them to you U yon win ^1v» tbem ehanoa, M well M| FUTE OLOTHZHO. A new and desirable stock of which they here M band. Dant think of going wirwhere .alte, u no one elM in tbe eltjkeiep* The James Means Shoe Or M floe and — CLOTHING ? tkE CHICAGO*™ NORTHWESTERN ••• RAILWAY. Ptmetrate* the Oentrec »r P*mOa- j !««• la ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING. :it» TKAIH SKSVICR u euwtciiir krranged to meet requirement* of looal travel, M well *• to furnish Uw meet attraottT* Bout** or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES, '*n EOU£FHK!VT of Day *m4 Parlor Oan, Dining and Filoee Bleeping Oan la without rlvULT, ITS ROAJD-BKD ftone-btllMted steel.; !• porffeettra •*. The !9«rth-We»tern la the t avert t*> route tor the Commercial Travel, Uie Tourist and the seekers alter new Dome* In the Gol'M Northwest Detailed Information cheerfully furnished by ' G-. 'E. PfcOOEJE&S, H-0 wICKKB. J. H.WKIT3IAJI, Vloe-Pna. a Gen. Maagr. I F. f UIM, Ml tempt Afwl An«.Ud tor (X, Jaa -U— P*B»y CTLeary, the pri**-flgbier, wa* armued her* Friday oa a oo*fr> at p*ad Uramy, the proptur bristg fooad wt bit persea. Another Indian* Silver Discovery. ' | . EvAMBVUJJt, Jan. 81.— The vein of lilver ore now being worded in Dubol* county 'ha* been uncovered at 8t Melnrad*, Spencer; .county, thirty mile* distant fromEvausvillaJ Tba Lubols mines are smelling twenty tons .of ore a day, yielding ttiS to tha ton. Coal (sj found in abundance almost side by (Ida. A local railroad company has arranged' to bnild a branch from thla city to th* mining, district in the spring. , -I - — — T^ - "— . - • ' ( An OM Official Step* Out. . WASHINOTOK CJTT, Jan. 5J1.— Mr, Jam**! J. Brooks, who bai hold the office of obitf of! the secret wrrice diylsioa of the treasury d»- j partmsnt for so many year*, tendered hfej resignation when the pntwot wbiinUtTaUoa • camo into power, and it was accepted Friday, : to take (fleet Feb. 1, ' John B. Bell, fcnoMrly chief of polio* of Newark, M. J., will suc- A Matter Mot Worth Mentioning. WIST CHKSTCR, Pa., Jan. -81 —One of the Italian laborer* on the Pennsylvania railroad was (truck by a train and killed near Glen Loch station Thursday night. The past few week* have bean remarkably fatal to the Italians working along the rajlroed from- Ualvern to Glen Loch. In Fraser station tlone seren have lost their live* within tbe past two month*, and hi that space of time fully twenty Italian* have been killed within a ttrotch ot track covering not more than two mile*. Hone of these men can apeak the English language, and oottteqnently do not haed the cry ol warning called .by men who ue their danger. , The death, pf an Italian has got to be inch a common thing In th* neighborhood that it no longer excite* la- tenet ' • ' Milton Weeton'* Ca*e, • HARKISBORO, Pa., Jan. «L— Among th* O*M* to come before th* board of pardoai . which will convene, la ipeoial senioo MQC| week, will be that of Milton. Westoo. Ur. fjemhwn, a Chicago lawyer, and hi* daugntef have written letter* m the intenct of the prisoner, denying tbe charge* made by tbe former 1 * wife. .The proprietor* of nearly all the PltUburg papero have atked for a fa* •vonble coiujidsrttion. of th* COM -by the board. Corm !»••• Case. Bramarinjo, Uo., Jan. SIX—The tarti- mony la tbe Cora bse caw, Friday was prin- oipojly Graham, son Charley, and wu a repetition at hi* former evidence M to Improper conduct of hi* fuber, Cora Lee and Mr*. Maltoy, »aeh «* ttasinj, ritttng oo Graham 1 * lap, and betn( fc < bed together when 8enb Gr-hfm, th* murdered woman, wu bat of tight The aroet-examloaUop did n«« weaken the testimony. DYSPEPSIA. I B thit misery exncrleneod when we suddenly become aware tout we possess a diabolical arrangement called a stomach. The stomtob U the reservoir (roin which every fibre and tissue must be nourished, and any trouble wltn It U soon felt throughout the whole system. Among a dozen dyspeptics no two will have the same predominant symptoms. Dyspeptics of action mental power and a bilious temperament are subject to Hick Headache: those, fieshyand phlegmatic have Const! patleu, while the thin and nervous are abandoned to _ie»By Jtore« u»dlncBu Some dyspeptic* are wonderfully forgetful; others have great Irritability ot temper. Whatever form Dyspepsia may take, on* thine Ueertalu, ".- -. v Tha underlying cattle it intheLIVSR. and one UUnv more la equally certain, no one will remain a dyspeptic who will It will e*>n«et Aridity e* tb« Mtowaek, Trial of rUetlty Hopkl ClSCWSAW. Ohio, J»q. 81.— lli Itoo r«*t*d Friday iu'th* prqMCQ- bill irf (*rUoal*f», o*i<tt**tt Hiip cut »•« wt tor agauut Banket 4*4B«rr*i to UM Kit*K*s culls*io« os. Mil* Jad*. b. t. H>tar_l Of* Hoop* e* CB>le»»* CHIOAOO, Jan. il—'The a*tqnJ _w oot* tiouw to bum freely at the I<aUnd bole!,, Oo«k«re br«w*ry, tuA other pteow w_»re M (Ml b*e» 4'»vmn& bare rusniitiy. eud w<aU* •re. b»lu g loo&iad 4«My i« *««lio« p-T*« at th* city la Uw vtptGUi&tat UMU aig* j_-u*»- lire u»tur»l *** to g«*9 yj-riMty siil *n at the ea»* U«*e> Start tht Litter to working, when all other trouble! Soon disappear. "My wife was a confirmed dyspeptic. BOOM three yean ago by Uie advloe of jar. Btelaer. ei Augusta, iue waa Induced to try Sim rooos Ltvw Regulator. I feel grateful ioe the relief It tx*» Klvon her, and may all who read this and an afflicted In any was, whether chroulu or otherwise, use Simmons Liver Regulator and 1 feet coo fldent health will be restored to all wbo will bo advised."—W*. U. KKBSH. Fort Vailej. Ua. ' See that you get the Genuine, ' .. with red B on trout ot Wrapper, jr. B. SKIMS *. CO.. PteUxUJphia. fit. LADIES! ,, I>oYo<urOwnDv«tn{, at Borae,wiai PEERLESS DYES

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