The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 1, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1914
Page 8
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fagt Eight ?THE DECATTJR Wednesday Evening, July I, Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review Sc per line for first Insertion. 2%c per line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. Minimum charge 20 cents. t I'nes 3 times *c f line* 3 time! SOc 4 lino. 3 times , 40c 5 line* 7 time. «0c t llnee 7 time* *.......· *0c 4 11n-« 7 tlmei .· 80c 2 lines SO time* f- 11.20 3 lines 80 ttmea 1.80 4 lines 30 times · *«" No advertisement accepted for Ics 1 than two llnee. Count «lz ordinar\ words to each line. Discontinuance of advertising mu!M be In writing. It will not be ni cepted Dy phone. This protects youi Interest* as well ·· ours. If Yon Can't Bring or Send Your Want Ad Phone Bell Auto Courteout operator*, thoroughly fa- nlllr w i t h ratoa, rules and classification*. w J l ] give you complete information. And. it you wish, they will rtssict you IB wordlnjr your want ·d. to make it most effective. Adi aco*pt«d 07 t«leshon« to accommodate you If your name la ID th» telephone directory. Every Home Has "Use fdr Review Wa£ Ads WASTED TO BUT (COH.) WANTED--To OUT two or three second hand show cases; flr»t elaM; suitable, for dry goods store. Call Auto M10. T162 BOARDERS WANTED. WANTED--Lady to board ana room; modern. Bell T44 1395 W. Wood. 7433 FOB RENT-HOUSES. FOR REKT--Houses--one t-room, $3: two S-room. (10. Close to Wabaah chops Bell 4«2S T*28 FOR RENT--Strictly modern S-room house, 828 E. Cantrell. Auto phone t»70. T439 ' FOR RENT--New 5-room cottage; modern, except furnace; papered 1052 E. Main. Fred Cassell. Auto 1 on 8, T426 FOR RENT--FIVE-ROOM STRICTLY MODERN COTTAGE. 847 EAST DIVISION. FOCR-ROOJI COTTAGE, 550 SOUTH JACKSON ST. PEGRAM COMPANY. BELL, 252 HOME. 1920. 7«4 FOR RENT--Cottage, thoroughly modem. J. It Drake, 880. N. Main. 7443 FOR RENT--Modern 9 room house, 901 W. llaoon; modern 7 room houee, 1885 N. Clinton. Bell 6498. 738" LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING--(Con.) FOR RENT--Two room for light home- keeping. 846 E. Orchard. 7378 FOR RENT--Two or thre«" furnlihed rooms for light housekeeping; modern, close to depot. 637 E. King. Bell 2318. 7S5S FOR RENT -- Two furnished rooms, light housekeeping; front and back entrance; no children. 1411 N. Morgan. 7357 FOR RENT--Suite of furnished rooms for light housekeeping; cheap rent. Toe 1*. Broadway. Bell phone 849. 7845 FOB RENT--One large furnished, room for light housekeeping; modern. 84* N. Water street. W40 FOR RENT--Nicely furnished modern rooms for light house keeping. 1209 W. Macon. 720S FOR RENT--Three nicely furnished down- starTM rooms for light housekeeping; modern conveniences. Bell 28««. 1229 W. Maoon. 7189 FOE BENT. FOR RENT--349 N. Water; store room, 18x 30: ground floor; big show window^Also cheap room, 40x60, ground floor, 812 N. water Proprietor. 849 N. Water. 74IS LOST AST) FOUND. 3ay mom Inc. » n*ektie pin Iiib- ·rkl reward If returned to Cnrl N* Welllpp. .105 1111 lain Bldg 7392 LOST--£ftm*o brooch, coro.1 color; powUbly 00 W. MaJi · ' 404 **. oiiiuu t tit W. Mala transfer house Return Bell 3S7». Reward. 7402 child's German sllrer Tanlcjr pursa. Flnd«r pleao call Bell 4186 or 735 W. Packard. R»rarf. 7362 l fc«r ring- with 18 w 20 k«y«. On* key an imnoi Centra) brass one. MT 0. Water. Bell 543'! 7335 SmTATIOHS WANTED. by experienced l«dy ·Unoeraphtr. Call Bell phone 2833. 7434 trosttioa In telling end by a man with several yeare' experience. Address P* 404. care R*vJ*u* 7404 WAICTED--By znlddl* a gad lady, porition a* tum»*rW«per or care of dn invalid. Elderly e prftferrrd B«5t of references. Be!! 746 AV. Tprai?i*\ 7S6T HELP WANTED. vernment positions ar* eB*r t» «*t II* free booklet, Y 270. tell* how. writ* today--Now. Earl Hopkins. Washington, 0. C. 7178 epr*r»9ntative. No can- iBk)£ of lollclting required. Oood income iMpmrefl. National Co-Operative Realty Co., V ftf^T. Marilen Building. XVaetilngton, D. C. 7177 35,000 6dVBRNMENT JOBS ffp«ti to men and women. $R5 to 5150 month. "Writ* Cor list. Fr«Jiklln Institute. Dep't. OHO, Itochf-ster. N. Y. T23ti HO or woman to u«ll ovr fine teas and coffees, bftktng powder, extracts and Bplces.vBr'Si offrr and prpmiumg. "Write na «t once A t h l e t i c TPK. C o , 711 Lucas Ave., St. IxiulB, Mo. 725? HELP WAKTEO-HALE. Youn? man t» work on farm by month. Fred Casfell, 2 miles northeact of city. Auto ] on S. ' 7427 WANTED--Good man with hor§e foe delivery. Apply 135 £ Water. 7445 WANTED-- Mlddl*-a.g*d man to work on truck farm 1 mUe aouth of coun*r brtdye. Bell 8WS rm? 11. 7413 WANTED--An snergetJc cTork wh.o 1m a. BUC- ··essfnl amateur photofrrapher. Addrew Fr'.WS, care .Review. WAXTED--Flrtt C!MB meat cutter; nent position; must B» *ob«r «na r e a b e -laid able to ffive Al refe-rsnces. Ben £ek*rt, Lincoln. 111. 731S WASTTED--Man or iaxly solicitor for house. One who · frail aeauatntd In Decatur; must be a hustler; straight sBtlary. rjQ Wednesday afternoon, Bobart M. Cable Co., 4«ft ". "VTater St. . Deoattir. III. ^R5? 7831 WANTED--H[ffh^cl»j.j stock a»d bond aojea- m*n to a«ll stock In loc*l arcing; concern. GOOfl pay and e^wj- help to the right men. QtT» experience In deteiL You can make moftey on this proposition. F 8«2, Review. WAJ3T£r-We ar« abmit to appoint resident fllBtrlct agents In tht* locality Contract ctllrect with the Company for Life Insurance. If you want a goofl proposition, address w i t h re-fwetwre* Philaflelphla L!?n Insuranre Company. Philadelphfa. Pa. T1T3 HEIP , to-waar department of A, tiTluBton Sons, Blooming-ton. III. To coram«no« a-bont Aue. 15. St*tp «alary. «ip«rlene«. 7424 WAJ*TED--Otrl to bousevrartc for h«r board ·.nd clothes. 482 E Wood. 742 Prairie. ___ t« t* ftwrtat in M«bt between ti and 7 In avrffii . 'or*. 526 7416 WANTED-- Dining: room |p8 8 MjJn. «t Myer't hrttej, 74W -- Rxpflrlenc*d a*I«iro«i«n for w»Ar dflpt.. A1«o «icp*rjenced * Co.? C*irat- fflSCELLAMOTTS WA1TTS. WA3TTED--tVeMraeJtlng 1 : switches made from combing* 123 B. M«Jn. Bell 488*. 7441 farmer* to know th»r can nav« dead stock removed free of tiharge. NVrtlfr 'wTRIam Price. 1W4 3«. Monroe. fieD phone 2J7X: Anto, W24. 7436 WANTED--Carpentering: shlngllner, $1.80 and TRT; all kinds 'of repairing 1 resonabta. new work a* cheap aa the ocffapest. Call Acto 47BI 7%0 WAW*BD-day. Bell 518T. (Hid WANTED--An ktnOs of earpeotet work; roofing and odd Jobs at «fl WriUB. E C. D«dy. Bell 6641. 7889 WANTED--Wbr.k by tn* ctay. Wartilnf, eleaji- Ing. etc- Bell S»34. 7359 WANTKD-- All kinds 0* Jiewlnir. Call Mies Ortsjtm after « p. m. Bell 4W1. 7811 WAKTED--Everybody · know that Oeo. W. Davidson, the pioneer piano and sewing machine man, has moved to 21S N", Main. second floor, 7271 WANTED--Boarding- hotsss at SIS W. Wood Reasonable charges. B»«t of owre and feed. Delivered and called for. Clint Bromley, B«ll 807. Anto 1807 T26S WASTED--Bids for palntinK and kllMlnin- taft. Tn« Board of Education will receive btflfl fbr the painting- and kalBomlnlng- of vafloot school houses irp to and Including July Oth, 1014 Keys and epeeltlationa will b9 fauna at tree aMieral offloe at the High School, wbcre further fnformatlon may be obtained. 7192 WAKTBO -- *onr tfSnOaf, p»p»r Baaglnr ted deocMtinff: first elosm work irustran- te«*. CdndOT Bros., Bell 2564. 8ST E. Condtt. WASTED TO BUY WJlKMI--T« boy good secon-hand *-b«r g*s store; ov«a attached. Sell 4835. t bny or leate milk depot In loMtlon. Bell SS51. 7444 Wanjed to Buy. WJH row the htebest cash, prices for ueed sthTssTTHftt and refrigerators, or will take in JSfaSWn- fnre a* first payment on new. Home Outfitters, Amto phsu 18*1. FOR RENT--Furnished for summer, 4 room cottage, 14«3 W. Wood. $15 per month p a r t l y modern. Apply Mr. Kennedy, Bel 977, care Mutual Protective League. T383 FOR RENT--Two good modern houses, Oak- la»d avenue. L. C. Waltens, 1S8 E. Prairie street. T384 FOR REIN T--Strictly modern 5 room cottage, no children. Inquire 361 E. Center. Auto FOR RENT--Fine large residence In excellent condition, suitable for first class bonrdlns house. References 4K North Franklin. T305 FOR RENT--Seven rooms and bath; modern 1202 B. North. TS63 FOR KENT--Modern house at 386 W. Packard Btreet. Inquire at 456 N, Water. 733r FOITR ROOMS, tlB.OO North Side. $1000 Northeast. flJ.50 North Side. S12.50 Northeast. $23.00 North Side. *Sr. 00 East Side. FIVE EOOMS. $23.00 North Bide S18.00 West Side. $20 00 Southeast. $J3.00 West Side. 817.50 Northwest $25.00 North Side SIX ROOMS $40.00 West Side SSO.OO North Side 535.00 Bast Slrje 530 OO West Slfle $45.00 West Side: $£1 50 Southeast. $18.00 Northwest 330.00 West Side. S42.50 West Side 145.OO West Side! S23.00 Southwest. ISO 00 Northeast. $35.00 We«t Side JSO.OO W«at Side $40.00 West Side $25.00 W«ot Side. 122.00 Close in. SEVEN ROOMS $25.00 Close in S40.00 West Side S25.00 West Side. 822.50 West Side S30.00 Close In. KOOO Northeast. $25.00 North Side. $20.00 West. $35.00 North. S25.00 Close In. S37.00 We«t. S25.00 North SSO.OO West. S22.50 Close In. J2S.OO Southwest. $1S10 Northeast $14.00 Northeast $20.00 North Side $33.00 West Side. S25 00 Northwest. S20.00* West Side 530.00 Close In. S24.00 Northeast EIGHT ROOMS. S30.00 West Sida S22..TO West. S27.50 West Side. SS3.00 West Side S27.50 Southeast. $30.00 North. J45.00 West. ."20.00 West. 523.00 West. ?2.1.00 Close In 53500 W. Main $23.50 Northeast Furnished houses and furnished apartments on the west and north, side from $1800 to $47.50. We hare some that are very desirable at $22.50 and 125.00. While all of the above houses are we!! w o r t h all the money asked for them, we consider the following exceptionally good houses for the money: 1243 W Decatur St.. w i t h barn 51500 r.21 W. Division St.. 6 room, modern.SJS.OO 74fi E. Center, 6 rooms, modern J20.00 7O6 w. Dfcatur, 8 rooms, modern..... .$25.00 U57 N. Clinton. S rooms, modern... .$22.50 12o9 W. Decatur, 8 rooms, modern $22.50 1258 N. Clinton, S rooms modern 518.00 Hot* Cottage HII! av.. 8 rooms, modern.$20.00 l«59 N. Water. 8 rooms, modern $25.00 r.13 S. Broadway. 6 rooms, modern $22.00 1337 W. Macon. 8 room*, modern $3000 133.1 N. Main, 9 rooms, modern $35.00 IV; N. College, 9 rooms, modern $20.00 nl N. Morgan. 6 rooms, near depot. .515.00 There are from fifteen to twentv-tlve changes on our list e-"ery day. and the best way to get exactlv the kind of house you desire is to place your application with us far in advance as possible, eo that we y ke*p you advised. We have about fifteen houses now for rent that are still oc-- rupled and are the most desirable we have for rent. One on Powers Iane will be va- jant July ]0th and rents tor $38.50; there are a number of other* on West Kaln, W. North. N. Main and other pr^tnlneot streets. You had better place your application w i t h us now. Meridith Rent Co. FOR RUNT -- Sir room parttr In *ooa condition. Apply Jos. Swa Swantx. iod«m home, 12 E. North. T3W FOR*ENT--On« 3 room tKracv, jjst «ad,|tft Btofl 11 room house at 282 "W wllllsm Inquire Johnson Dlmeck T187 FOB RENT OR BALB--N»w modern S room eottnpe, 851 B. Lawrence; one block from car line. e»49 FOE BENT-HATS. FOR RENT--Elate on North Main St., on 2nd and 3rd floors. Billiard Eldr. Inquire Is. V. Bnlls-rd. Citizens National Bank. 7415 FOR RENT^-*-TOom modern apBrtmant 440 W. Macon. Heat and Jnnltor senMcs ' See E. I» Qulnlan. 418 Mllllkln Bldg. Bel) S1S1- 1S32. Auto 4216. 7411 FOBf~-RET?T--New si* room modern flat*; ground floor; large deeping porch; close In. C. McDon«!d. S3S S. Water. 7396 FOR RETKT--Thoroughly modern 5 room flat to parti's without children. Be!-] phone 94T, rtng S. 7S88 FOR RENT-- Seven room Cat; modern, with city heat and electrlo light; varoam ofeaner and janltwr service. Apply Dm. Brown A ' ' ' 'rle, 0529 Jack. 184-138 W. Pralr FOE KEHT--EOOMS. ROOMS WR RBNT--In newly farnt0h*d I kitchen privilege* Ball 4908. FOR RUNT--Furnished rooms; modem can- vonlenopu. 4«1 N. Church TWO FOR R3TNT--P«rnf»h«d *a4 tfnfu roome, ypp»f flat. Iffi W. PraJrtt. Oft R!8KT-~Virnfsta«v! rooms en Darn oall at 470 S. Water. ' 7112 FOR RENT--I»l«». tern front room with alcore: oppo«lt» Review Bldf., rat w Iforth. Bell lfG9. TgSZ FOR RENT--Store room, 73S N. Water, $20 per month. Apply Max Atlasp. 7870 FOR RENT--Stores. »1« to $10 per month, nearly opposite roof garden on Eldorado; close to "Water St. . . 73«0 BTTSIUESS OPPORTUNITIES. A CLASSY LITTLE RESTAURANT Well located, well established, in Decatur. For sale or exchange, and a bargain either way. Decatur Real Estate Exchange, 317-318 Citizens' Bank Bldg. Both Phones. MOVING PICTXJRB BHOW TOR SALE. 1034--This show In located In city of 50,000 In northern Illinois, In briclc building, £1x90; 3-^rch. front; consists of mirror screen, 2 Edison machines, double dissolving stereoptl- con; 300 seats, electrlct fans, raised f l o o r ; piano; motor rewind, everything In first class oondltlon; 2 year lease at $13T per month. Price $1,500 Doing fine business. 7373 C. A. BURKS. SZ8-324-S23 Citizens Bank Building. (FARM LAND--CONTINUED.) FOP. SALE--Good Kaunas wheat, alfalfa anfi stock lands, $10.00 to (40.00 per acre. J P. "Worthington, 702 Commerce building, Kansas City, Mo. 6913 FOR SALE--IOWA LANDS: 85 GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND TOWN LOTS AT AND AROUND, FENTON, IOWA, AND BANCROFT, IOWA PHILIP WEISBROD, FENTON. IOWA. 8687 FOR SALE--120 acres Improved land, 8 miles northeast of Windsor; bargain if taken soon. T, R. Thompson, 801 South Buckeye lola, Kan 6992 CITY PROPERTY, FOR SALE--Four room house with yas; good well and lawn. 1S4T E. Eldorado. Inquire 569 East Avenue. 7376 FOR -SALI^J2.500 for 0 room, house, north part Bell 2903. modern 6S23 FOR SALE--Good 7 room modern houca Good location. Bargain. 1038 N. Church 625" SUBUHBAH FOR SALH--The most beautiful site In Macon county for a suburban home, located a mile and a half north o£ Decatur, on Inter- ucban line. Artistically studded by nature with fine, o!d elm trees, creek gracefully encircles the front, affording opportunity to build arti»tlc bridge; summer cottage now on It. "Will sell with the Improvements, on this one acre, for fl,OCO.OO. J. E. Yohe, 146 East Prarie avenue, 7421 TO EXCHANGE. ILL. FARM FOR MODERN RESIDENCE 1403--Farm of 45 acres, located In Jefferson County, 3Vi miles from county seat, I mile from school, * mile from church. Loam sol! with, clay subsoil; gently rolling, Apen drainage: 2 storv S room house In good condition; 2 good barns and sheds; m i l k house w i t h concrete floor. Price $8,000. subject to 5J.OOO. WMl consider good modern residence. 7374 C. A. BUB.KS. 923-324-S25 Citizen* Bank Building. WANTED -- To exchange miscellaneous stamps for United Trading Stamps. F-304 Review. FOR EXCHANGE--Equit7 In small property for antomobile or lots; city property for farm; hardware store for Decatur property Good firm for city property. Many other exchanges to offer. What have y o u ? T" Evans Boggess, S14 Milllkin Bids Belf phono 144. LIVE STOCK. FOR SAL£--Efstra good, gentle pony and rig: would consider trade. 1S48 N. Church. 74US FOR SAX.E--One Jersey and Holsteln c rroBh; $70. Old phone 1445 7438 FOR SALE--Tearp and harness: also ll -wagon.^ Jntjxilre Gould's barn, 852 E. Prn.1- rle St. 741" FOP. SALE--1 milch, cotra, two to five years old, with calf it side. 71B TV. D«catur St. Bell 1908. 74W! FOR BALE--Team of arood hevr bay horse? Sell cheap If tafcn at once 8 miles northwest of city Auto 7 on 22 H. C. Goodrlch. FOR BALE OB EXCHANGE--Horee 8 yearn old; sound, weight, 1100 pounds. Call 740 E. Sanfftimon from 5 to S a. m , or at noon FOR SALE--Shetland outfit; pony 7 years y«firs old; forty Inches hlirh; rubber tire 2- seated runabout. T. M. Hutchison. Clarence. FOB SAjLE--Horse, harness and spHng wagon Call 16TO N. Broadway. Boll 4930. 7S7B FOR SALE--Nice black orlvlnR horse oom- ins 5 years old. "Will sell cheap If taken at once. SM S. Colfax. 730S FOE SALB--A big work horse. woUM i!00; aleo eoofl mower and wsson. 90(1 "W. Macon. Bell 20SH. TB54 HOUSEHOLD GOODS. ESimftitre For Sale at A irceat sacrifice-- Dlntar tetlet, sideboards, buKote, Mtbhen CBiinms, r-Acklnj chalra. Iron beas. bed springs, mattremes, everything to i»TDl!h a home, at SIS South Park St. NSw phone IBM. 7322 B. K. Minick. See Chance lor Bargains. sllgtitlv ueeil household goods. Boll top deelcs 'and sec.tjoaal book-case*; new and u«ed trunks; platform tcales; hay carrier; Remington pnrap ffun«; double barrel 12 and Ifi srauge; *·!! krnds of gootls stored and repalrM 148 N. Franklin Ft.. E. E. corner Central park. Sill FOR SALE--Oa« range, good «« new. used two months, ha« btg oven; cost !35, will take J90. Edison Home Gra.phophonp. large S!M, gtiod aa new, cost J3IS cheap for $10; have thirty or forty records and case, horn large slse; also «ne thousand rolls of wall paper, some of H Is cheap paper, but most of It expensive. All goes for Ic a roll. Here are some exceptional bargains. Call N. "W. Avert, 1781 E. North. If not home on North St. call at tie corner of North «,nd Third. Automatic 6161. 7389 FOR gALB--Aluminum ftroless cooker; lawn mower and seveVal other articles. Bell no. 7385 STOHAOB FtrnNrrCRE FOR SALE 12 Blsmll's carpet §weep«'»-..'.-"50c each 500 slaw fruit jari 2c etch 2» Iron beds '· R °° each 26 bed sprints .' 50c each M s«Ueea j {1.00 each 12 KM rane«« ^ -H-J? *?*· 25 dre«j«re ·,.....' J3« each 12 sfdiboard taM eaoh Meriditii Storage Co., E. 0»r»o Ooiflo St. K8t FOR RBNW--t*r%re p)a«mlit frent fooro furnished or unfurnished; modern. 851 W. llllatn, 7»80 FOR B1£7V--XArfft t^ftoit roda oa second floor; strictly modern. 448 K. Chureh. TSKT 'OR RS1NT--Fuml«h««3 room; modern, oloeg ia; 442 If. Xfhnrch. Ball 1260. T400 FOB RUNT--Nloet? rnmlshed modem rooms, rlvate family,'SO* W Wood. BeH phone 1122. 7864 FOR RENT--NJce room In modarn horoa s/id small famllri gentleman preferred, old phone 24T3. 1847 FOB RNT--Alvy front room; outrid* entrance; unfurnished. 829 f. Monroe. 7846 FOR RENT--Furnished room; vsirr oool. All modern oonrenlences. 333 w. William. T848 oR RffiNi--Furnished room: modara: prl- ·«»te family. Close In. Bell SOW. lid North Edward. WSO FOR RENT--Neatly furnished rooet m private family; modern; refereaee. Call Bell 3077. 54S N. Ja«k«on 7842 FOR RBJNT--Puml»h»d mite, etrlciiy iaod- ern, for gentleman; In private home. Bell 4367. «H Cor. Macon and College. T341 FOR RENT--2 furnished rooms for vletp- ing; ground floor. 970 E. William. 7SU FOR RENT--Pleasant sleeping room: modern; gentlemen only. 444 W. Wood. 7319 FOR RENT--Coolest furnished room fn city: private, modern, close. Bell 1159. 7164 FOR RENT--Furnished rooms Modern, prl- ate entrance. 640 W. Main. Bell 2417. LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOK RENT--Light housekeeping; two, 3 or 4 eood rooms. Bell phone 159*. 7407 not FOR RENT--Three newly papered furnished rooms *or light housekeeping; modern 520 N. Morgan, 7408 Bargains. Folding beds, M up; cenUr tablet, 2oc up; Jasollse f*nr«k, »£.t!fl and W: bedstead!, 500 (Old Up; bed springs, 50o anS up; 12 Incli electric fata ceap. other bargain* too numerous to mention. Eldorado and depot cars stop at s-tore. Albert C. Blickel. 742 E. Eldorado at., Auto 1BB1. «3«5 The Exchange. furniture W1U pay melt for slightly used Pianos, Furniture. Carpets, Bugs, Store* aad Retr!g~ sratora; or will exchange new tor old. Meridith Furniture Co. Sell rfhohes: 4M-4JB. Auto: 1048. Oenro Gorflo gt 4- Furniture I tray, tell or exchange new or sUchtly ttfled furniture, stoves, run. eta M. A. Peabody 111-0 E. North. M. «41 FAEM LA2TDS. 1 a SALE--Farmer saved $12.000, bought farm 5 days before the bank failed, bargains In farms that are farms, will raise good crops of corn, oats, alfalfa, potatoes, clover, etc. Bargains in Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana farm s and ranches. Meet me face to face, I will help you plant dimes where you will harvest dollars. Write when you can come, I will arrange to meet you. State where you wish to Invest or locate, I will make you money. W. E. Patton. Fairmont, Neb. 7201 FOB HALE--Central Wisconsin farm, 170 acre farm with good house, nearly new; two barns; 75 acres under plow; price $50 per acre; will consider small stock of hardware In trade. For further particulars write A J. Oleaon, Montfor|, Wie. 6S63 DECATUR RESIDENCE FOR TRADE. 14S6--This 2 story, 9 room frame residence is located In north part of city, on paved street, with walks, water, sewer, gas. Attic and full basement: large f r o n t and back porches; Btlctly modern with gas ft-nd electric lights, mantel and grate; laxmdry. c!«- t e r n ; barn and garage. Prlcp £4750, subte to $27fVi "will consider small farm. 73 C. A. BURKS. 32,V62i-33l Citizens Bank Building. For Trade. Could use good house and let In exchange Cor one nf the heet restaurants in Decatur, r u n n i n g full blast and doing fine businee?. Can show you books fir past six months. It's a money maker; owner going away. What have you to trade. Could uee v a c a n t lots. See me for further Information. Bruerk, 127 E. Prairie. WANTED--To trade for a small itors or business. Address F-773, Rerlew. BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOK BALE--Indian Twin Tandetn attach- m*-nt, condition fine. 427 W Marietta St. FOR SALE--StodiUrd-Dnyton car; quiet, smooth running; f i n e condition; a bflrg'aln of thft season. F-140, Rpview. MUSICAL GOODS. FOR SAUS--KlmbaM make pfano. cheap for quick sale Oood condition Good Mason for selling. 716 E Whltmer. Bell phone 20S3. 731 FOR SALE--Square grand piano Bounding hoard, perfect cabinet work. Perfect keys. out of tune; one strlnir broken. Price Slf-- Call At 407 E. Mftln immediately. 7360 VEHICLES. FOR SALE--Peter Shutter vtgon, practical^ new; will aetl cheap. W. 3. Morgaji. 20^4 V Eflward 7419 FOE FOR SALE--Several thousand wtcand hand brick. 740 W. Decatur St. Bell 1(M8. 740S FOR SALE--Second hanfl electric fan; will Mil cheap If taken at once. Dirtct. current. MO N. Main "SKI FOR SALE--Complete adrertlalnv soholflr- Bhlu Ui International Correapondenc* school Addreffe F-3Cfl, RevUw. FOR SALE--140 pair ladle* shoea; atao few rubbers and alasUas; nearly all fall stock, suitahJe for medium class trade; no narrow widths. These are good shoes and not tmnb. "We arc going oat nf the thos business and our b u i l d i n g irl!I b« remndrled neit week, so we offer tha lot a n d f f i t u r p p at Me on the dollar. If you a re '" t n p bUF-ln(?5? thesft good? will makn money Jor you. The Mulltkln Cash Stores, Champaiffn. 111. ~34fl BOOK filSDiNG -- PRACfTTCAL BOOK blndtns and blante "book manufacturing. 127 South Water street. Deoatflr, III. Herman Spies. Ma^aslnee bound, names stamped In gold on brrok*. pocketbooks ana memorandum ricoks. toilet cases, etc. POTOTBY. BIBBS AHD PETS. FOR SAIJ3--Angora MItt-ns. Anto SS7B. 1563 X. Church. T«n FOR SAtE--*m«TY Bird. 1«S -West Wood street. l336 FOR SALE--Three pure bred CollU pups out of vforfcing slrnE and dam -frorfclng; black and whit*. Inquire Wilson barn. 240 W. Wood. "1* MOHEY TO LOAIT. _ IF TOU hive a lot, J. A. Adanw *Wl f»f- nlBh mmev to hnlld you a house. 811 N. Water. Bell "4880. I1! » Farm Loans. $300,000 to loan on Illinois land: loans made without delay. Cs.ll or write. 97»! J. E. Patterson, 401 Mllllkln BIdr, twoator. Ill, JfAKM AND CITT LOASS--Any amount, 6 and 6% Interest.'D D Hill Attorney, 318314 Mllllkln Bldg.. Decatur. 9S47 Money to Loan $ 11 $ i H OB best possible plan. First the lowest cost, second the payments are arranged to suit the borrower and can be made either weekly or monthly. And last. But not least, everything confidential. When you come '- us for a loan, you can have the money within an hour or two. Any amount from 110.00 up. Ion pay only for the actual time you Keep the money. Call and see u« when needing a loan. Rooms I and 8, ConWln Blag. Half block north of Transfer House, 14* North Main Street Bell phone 2041: Auto, * J Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. · * { I M M t I 11 « t $ t t t i i i i i s i i i i i i f t t $ » » » » « « « --YOU CAN BORROW ANY AMOUNT-None too larg-e. None too small. We lend money on Furniture, Pianos, Horaes, Carriages. Goods In Storage, Cattle. Oraln, Growing Crops, etc. Easier terms than other brokers. Also we buy NOTES. Telephone No. 134. OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CITr, MA T. SUMMERS** SOf, 110 ? forth Water St Next to Mllllkln National Bank. MONET TO LOAN on the easy payment plan. $10 and up. All business private. Decatur Loan Office 202 Citizens Bank Bldg 818 Phone,: Auto. 1US; Bell. 8270. MONET TO LOAN--OH FARM AND CITT S roperty. lowest rate of interest; no com- iilon. 1BW Burtschi Bros. Scnoenle _ Citizens National Bank. · to Lou-- (CsatbKMtT). BT LTTTU! you can repay a losn^-or all at ooo*. Carefully explained befsn yon take the money. Par only for the time you use It We lend $10 and up on thn squares! tnrms Imaginable --prlvata, too. ' 782 Fidelity Loan Company S15 Cltliens Bank Blag. Bell 970: Anto 5869. SPECIA1 NOTICES. TO ALL, BUSINESS MEN and doctors alto, I will not be responsible for debts made by my wife, Mra. Svlvla Whlttaker, KusbsMtd. J. S. Whlttaker. 7877 REAL ESTATX. For Sale. N«w B room btmsratow, corner let, electric lights and furnace, concrete bMeraent, window shades furnished, newly papered, On east Bide, close to shops, $300 caah, balance $15 per month; or will consider vacant lot. Have three .other completely modern houMs for Bftla on easy terms. Bell phone 13. 3404 Auto phone J«S1 --$200 CASH-and $25 per month buyi a good 7 room house on North College street, Clots In. --S300Q CASH-and assume mortgage of $4,000 buy* 58 lot* near interurban shop and only 8 block* from city car line, nortlt part Money to loan on city property at 6 Also contracts for loans, maturing In a fe months for 5% loans repaid monthly. 7005 N. T. Watson, 818 Mllllkln BIdff., Tel, Auto 128T. DECATUR RESIDENCE FOR SALE. 1494--This 2 story 8 room residence Is lo- catd in west part, on lot 50x160, with at- -lio and full basement, front and aide porches on paved street. Strictly modern: gas and electric lights; mantel and grate; cistern Painted this year. Newly papered an! painted and in A-l condition. Price $4500. 7375 C. A. BURKS. 3*3-324-325 Citizens Bank Building. DECATUR RESIDENCE FOR SALE. 1490--This residence is located In north part of city, on paved street, with walks, water, server, gas, located on corner lot 72x188: 2 story, S room frame house, with basement, mantel and grate; furnace, electric lights cistern, well. On car line. Price $4500, subject to $600. Not far out. 7ST2 C. A. BURKS. 328-S24-325 Citizen* Bank Building. A 12% Investment. 5300 to J400 down buyi a nice 5 room new cottage on car line; newly painted; foil basement; corner lot: electricity; good well. Price S1250. Come and see this. Rents for $12.50 per month. 58S6 E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell 4612. Auto 1077. 169 E. Main North Water St. Seven room house and rtore building; house al) modern, but bath; located at 941 and »43 North Water street. If you are look- Ing for a house and to gt Into business ee me. Will rent for fSO per month. Prirp $6,500. rosy J. M. Pickle 427 Citleens Bank Bldg Auto 16T7. feell Cheap for Spot Cash. 40 acres level. Waot. w«ll tiled Macoti r-o. land, or will trade oh 50 and par difference Ixt and will furnish money to bnlld houae. 640 acres, SaFkatchewan, Canada, or Trill trade. 30 acres rady to plat ra loti. Frank Godwin. 118 Merchant Bt. T80T For Sale. fww B room modem bungalow, e*«t sM*. $3*0^- Rood 8 room house, full lot. we«t aide. SlOO cash, balance by month; 6 room modern north part, $2550; S aoree well Improved to trade far ecatur residence property. 7282 0. L .Millburn, Phon«« 148*. $300 Cash. Balance monthly payment!, buys a. fl-room modern a-oues on E. Leafland, near Water 8t. Price. $2,100. $1800 takes rt large lot em X. Edward St. It is a bargain. W. F. Pickle, M«Jn. Bell phon» 2S76. Auto. 1785 0691 , SALE. K«w 5 room eotts««, H, Charch; 4 irood 8-room cotttgcs N. Main; one acrs, T-rooin houis, $900; S room modern. W. Decatur. |8,100. Honep to loan. Seven room II«UM, tTOO. A. C. ALLEN, 11* B Water. MM PBOFESSWHA1 « now open for business in our lew location at 305 Bachrach Bldg. Entrance on E. Main St. Multigraph Work. Lettera, apeciflaafclont, office forms, cards, :c,. IraVtatloti of tVpewritrn*;. 8084 .Violet Bourne. Pac-Hc Stenographer, Bell phone »82. 706-7 Mllllkln Bldg. No Drag* No Osteopathy. No Knife. Office houn 9 to IS. 1 to B. T to Sundays. 10 a. m. to 12 m. Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTBNDAKT. Ante phone, 1260; Bell phone, HO. Roomi, 214-15 Mora'n-Corbett buUdtnc, Cor. N. Water und a. North, Decatur. UL 9001 SPECIAL NOTICES. Hello, Central; give me 80. 10 tfaie the pollcle hsadquarters? Tea Thie Is J"ohn Smith from Boody. I have ost my wife's gold handled umbrella and .he rest of my hair If I don't find It. You had better se« Dayton, the proprietor of the Illinois Rubber Stamp Umbrella Works, at 229 E. Eldorado St. By heck! I remember I left it there to be recovered. Thank you; good bye. 7312 City and farm loans made at loweat ratei. Johnson Dimock DECATTJB, ILI* (Over Post's Jewelry Store) Bell 5180, 4280 Auto 1215, Vulcanizing Plant to He Located at Wellington. Sullivan, July 1--The Sullivan vulcanizing; company which has been located on the corner of North Main and Bast Jackson street and owned by W. C. Trabue and son Ora, la being packed for removal to Wellington, Kan. Mr. Trabue wag in that city last week and decided to locate his plant there and he and son will move to that city the last of this week as will also C. O. Carlston who does the work In the plant. Wellington Is a town of about 16,000 and a great town for automo- btlet and they espect to noon get a good business. MOOSE RALLY. A Progressive party meeting was held In this city Tuesday evening. It was at first called for the circuit court room but owing to the lights being cut off from the court house It was changed to the Redmen's hall and later in the evening the speakers spoke from an automobile on the northwest corner of the square. The speakers were; State Organizer William E. Cadmus, B. F. Harris of Champaign and J. H. Chadwlck of Tuscola. HARD ROAD MACHINES ARRIVE. Machinery owned by the state bleb- way department of the state of Illinois, arrived some time Monday night and was unloaded Tuesday afternoon and taken to the hard road east of this city where work will commence at once repairing the hard road between this city and the Masonic home. County Commissioner T. C. Fleming was assisting with the work of unloading the machinery and will be on the Job during the repairing of the hard road. It is thought possible that they will go to work on the hard road to the county farm while the machinery Is here. Mrs. A, J. Lindsay and two sons, Harry and Howard returned to their home in Shelbyvllle Tuesday morning j after a two weeks' visit here with Mm. C. A. Lindsay. Sheldon Lindsay Is spending the week with his uncle, Bruce Ferrell, west of Windsor. ATTEND PANA BALL GAME. Several from here went to Pana Tuesday to attend the ball game between Pana and a Federal league team. Among those who went w«r* Time* Filer. Carl Hill «nd Earl Brlstow. Jack H. Pearson went to Chlcant Tuesday noon on a business! trip. Mrs. J. H. Thompson and daughter. Miss Helen, and the four children ofi Attorney Frank J. Thompson went te* Michigan Monday where they will spend the summer. Mrs. Thompson's) daughter- Lillian at Chicago will join them. Attorney Thompson has broken up housekeeping tor tha present sn he and his father are rooming at Dr^ W. P. Davidson's. Z. B. Whltfield who purchased tbe Thompson home has aU ready moved to his new home. Mrs. Frank Woodruff went to Decatur Tuesday afternoon for s, visit with, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tobe G. Davis. Attorney John S. Jennings and wife* County Clerk Cttsh W. Green and Sens, tor Raymond^ D. Meeker were. sjnong* those who went to Deoatur on th» train Tuesday to attend the funeral of Circuit Judge W. C. Johns. Others) went over In cars. Mrs. W. E. Hickes went to Ds«atur Tuesday afternoon for a short Tlslt with relatives. Misses Erma and Leone Frsad of north of thU city entertained several girls who belong to a club from tha Prairie Chapel church near Cushman^ at their home Tuesday afternoon. A steady rain began to fall herei shortly after midnight Tuesday night and continued most of the remainder? of the night but had almost quit raining at 8 o'clock, although It did not rain hard at any time all of the rain was soaking into the ground and doing much good. Mrs. Dora Foster went to Bethany Wednesday morning for a visit wltS her daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Roy tTlrlc* and Mls«. Cora Gauger were Decatur TisltorsJl Wednesday. , Mrs. Frank M. Craig was * Decatufli visitor Wednesday. SPECIAL NOTICES. STEAMSHIP TICKETS ON ALL LINES Travelers' Cheques, Letters of Credit, Foreign Money Exchange. 508 North Water. THE EXCHANGE BANK 110 N. llonro* at Poundmaster and Scavenger W1U romcive d««d stock anywhere fa C1TT OB COUNTY, PIlEB OF CHAROB. O.1I Bell Jilitme S4S8. Auto 4SSR. 9«fl To Net 7% First Mortgage Farm Loans Nettinc tf In amounts from 1250 to H.OOO Security four times the amount of loftn. Principal and Interest payable here HBNRT D. EPBNCER, 220 E. Main. Decatur. Illinois 2»7 PTTBLIC SALES. Thursday, July 2nd, at 2 o'clock p. m. at A. H. Drysdale's garage, corner W. Main and N. Church Sts., Decatur, 111. Matherson 5- passenger, 6-cylinder, 50 horse- rower. E. M. F. 5-passenger, 4- cylinder, 80 horsepower. The3 cars are newly painted and in jood condition. 2 Katnbler trucks, 22 horsepower, suitable For delivery. Will demonstrate forenoon of sale day, July 2nd. Terms--Cash or bankable note. Your opportunity to buy a high-class car at your own price. ·, Shaw Son. Jno. R. Bradshaw, Auct 7304 LEGAL NOTICES. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF READ ES- tate to pay debta. State of Illinois. County of Mftcon. se. In tJie County Court of Macon County. June Probate Term, A D. 1914. In the Matter of the eatate of Mary Stubbs, deceased; A. J. Wood, Administrator, vs. William Duncan. Martha Duncan. James Duncan. Minnie Hall Sadie Barnum, Mellle Humphrey, James L. Sligsr. and Joseph Stubbs. Order to sell real Mtate to pay- debta. Public notice Is hereby given that, by, virtue of a decretal order made and entered of record by said court, la the above entitled cause, on the 2StK day of MTay, A. D. 191*. the said administrator will, at the hour of Twe- o'clock P. M., on Saturday, the llth day of July, A. D. 1814, st the Kortb door of the court house In the city of Decatur, Macon County, Illinois, offer for sale and aell at public vendue, to tb* highest and best bidder for cash, to pay the debts of said estate, all or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the debts now due from said estate and the costs of administration now due and to accrue, the right, title, interest, and estate which, the said Mary Stubbs deceased, had at the time of her death in and to the following described real estate, situated in the County of Macon and State of Illinois, to-wit: The undivided one-half Interest in lots one (1) and four *. in Block number One Cl) of LeForgee A Pattersons Addition to the City of Decatur. ' The above described undivided one-half Interest In said lots will be told free and clear of said Joseph Stubbs- Dower and Homestead interest therein. No deed or-deeds will be delivered to the purchaser or purchasers until said sale bas een reported to and approved by «ald County "Dated. June 10th, J914. ·ornOD Administrator of Stubbs, deceased. John W. Evan*, Att 7. . the ectat* of HUT PROGRESSIVES FEW IN PIATT COUNTY One Precfnet Cart ISo Vote* far Jade* Shonkwtler. Monticello, July 1.--The canvutlnc board, which consisted of County Cl«rW Harvey Fay, James I/andis of B«m«nt and R. M. Brag of Monticello. canvaased the vote of the special primary belt last Saturday. The total vote of tho county was 1340, of this number tha Republicans cast 8SS, Democrat!, 391. progressives, HI. One prectnct In Sangamon township was the only pre» clnct in the county in which a Progressive vote was not cast. The vote) is as follows: Boggs, R. 105: Shonkwtler. R. 718} Enochs, D. 89; Hicks D. SOS: Hawbaker, Prog. 181. W. L. Flnson and wife spent ·with friends In Bement. DECATUS IvOSES CONTRACT. A meetlns of the board of locml Improvement was held Tueiday afternoon to open bids for the pavlngr of South Platt street to ifarton. and East Mnln from State to Piatt. There wer« only two bldderg, J. P. Lodge of thli city; and S. H. Tuttl« of Decatur, The con- traot was let to the lowest bidder, J« P. Lodgo, whose bid wa» I18,8B«.75. Miss Nina Rhoadei hac returned froinj »n extended star In Cnlcago, where sh» wis taking a post grsdnat* coarse !n Kindergarten work. Myrtle Davidson hat returned from Chloago and wHI «p«nd her sura* m«r vacation heve. BALI, OAME THUB«KAT. A ball game of loc«l lnt«re»t will t« played Thursday afternoon at the South.' school grounds. The g»me will be between the Monticello Indians »n! the old stars, called Renjecks. The irarna no doubt will draw a good crowd. BEMENT OIR1. WBCS. A marrlaoTe licence ^ras Issued Tuesday to Joseph Tt. McGlnnU of Tenn.. 81, and Flossie E. Monroe of B« ment, 31. Mrs. Frank Cramer and children «re vlsltlns In Peorl* thta week. Mrs. Ethel Marston left last F"rldar for Red Oak, In- to be the rue«t of Mrs, Georgt I, Flsh«r. Mesdames Carl Pike. B. J. Hawb*k»r John R. Andrew, Tony towry were Decatur visitors Monday. Mrs. J. C. Tippett and eons. Darrrlt and Herrtck were In Decatur Monday. Bills were posted here Tuesday ad- vertlslnff the Fourth of July celebration at Weldon. Judge F. M. ShoBk- wller will be the speaker of the day Louis Coon and brlda I«ft Tu««d.i»! for their home In Hoialngton. Kan.^ after a visit wltn relative* o«re. J. 15. lerper went to Chnltcothe. O^ Tussdar to look after his store whl rt he purchased recently. MECHANICSBURG MAN IS 75; OBSERVES DAY John Carrey Celebrates Oeeaston--Is) President at Buffalo Bank. Meohanlcsburr, July 1--John (Jarrey, old settler of Saagamon countT. oale- brated his sevsnty-flfth birthday at his home near Mechanlcsburr. Mondnr afternoon, surrounded by a group at over fifty relattres and old friends* rly In the afternoon acquaintance* from all directions commenced arriving at the homestead on a 400-acr* farm. Each family brought wltr/thera well filled baskets' of eatables of thu picnic variety and under th* shad* trees on the grass in front of the house all sat down and a splendid dinner wa« served. Mr. Samy, hale and hearty and looking more like forty years than seventy-flTa, sat near the center of the group. He was born In Meohanlcs- burg In 1889, and In these many years has become one of the most bsloveit and respected men of the community* After the dinner at an opportune] time a representative at the Buffalo State bank, of which Mr. Oarrey !· president, presented him with a cotden souvenir. $30 TAKEN IN AT J ICE CREAM SOCIAL Over ISO was taken hi by the choir of the Central Church of Christ s,t 1st lee cream social Tuesday night MI ttf parsonage and church lawn. INE^VSPA'PERf 200 and 800 people w«rs sWTved. Ic« cream cones and popcorm Were on sale, besides the Ice cream and cake. Th« lawn was Tell Hgtited. Probably |20 was etauwo. EWSFAPF..RI

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