Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 15
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 15

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 15
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||||((HMmHIIM*M)inilHNWM*nHM«IIIHnnnniMlinilMIII «M«BWWWiniwniniBiniiiini«m«mniiinimipiii«inBiimwniiB»ii»iiTMiiiiiiiTM.Bi,ii».p.TM..TM.--. When the lll-Fated R-10L largest Dirigible, Visited London R-101 Officers, Some of Whom Died at Pouts Among Victim* . _ . . .. Largest Dirigible Blows Up itlf t t l i - i d r * A t l a r i l u - l W h i l e gliding thi'uugti th« night over iteauvnid, France, the R-101, British dirigible, largest lighter than air craft in the world,, on test flight from Knglninj to India and return, burst inio flamed and was vomplctely demolished by explosion which followed. Farmer* who rushed to ttio scene of the catastrophe succeeded, despite the tremendous heat, in p u l l i n g seven of the fifty-three persons on board lo safely. The other forty-sii, including Lord Thomson, British air in the flames. }J«re the ill f«U'd .ship is seen on flifc'ht uver London. / sth(iotlHni,«; at B^UUVIUH, l-'mtice, were* coffins, ruicly constructed, Warinjr the faiidies of 47 p«r?oii!j who died when tha Dr dlritcible R-101 crnslipd and in flamifs on a hillsitlo near the little lam!H of Allone, It was the grautwt fBttstro|)lnj if the *iv sincu thv Freni'h Dixrnude crafiheJ svverel 'enra agn, OITicurs »f. the ill fated ship sotn heru ure i, to r., M. H. Steff, Limit. Citni. N. fl. Alhevstonu, lliifht I:inut. H. C, Irwin, Lieut. Col, V. , Richmond, MBJ. G, H, Kcolt, D. Collins, M, B. FiUiferals, Went, Ni.irtii u»d Oomiimiuh'i- W. H. \Vuit. Cour wore not on bonrj. 300th Anniversary of Birth'of Hoboken Celebrated (i. H. S-.ilt (Above), rnmmitntSrr of tha R-.t-l. *ho w»d thn ill-foud voynicu of th* Bril- i,*h dit'ijtibl* (MHO on n i f f h t Lo I ml in iind rcitirri, wim Ustcii who ·troycd by ex plosion ovtr Hwi' sit- Suftun Bntiu'ker ( u b n v e ) . 1'irtor of (.'Ivil wviuliyit in Ent'- Innd, on board th« fi-!0fl to test its viiluc, (lu;'i(iK round t r i p (light lit I n d i N from London, \viia iimotijf the forty-six puvsoiiN who ilicd when the 1 ill-futud ship, this world'H larjft'St liifhter than air trutt, WIM ilemolUlii'il by explo- xion *nd tire nl IJ e u u r a i s, Bullet Sets Meter Of I; Result Laura ln KU |)s, 36, who .Jrody 01111111(111 holds world'* b;irrcl roll title nnd women's loop ttio louji record, is seflkiiij!; to add new laurel* to her list. .She tuok oir /rum Kowe- velt Held, L, I., the other day in attempt to establish new two- way coast to coast record, Mere IiiKalis' liuht Moth biplane )» scon as it w u j about to sosr for tht.- wt'nl coast. U must be tft'ent to bo 300 years old and net have lo uae crutches, or anything of thn sort, but tliut is the tt'M nccomijlinhiid by Hu- bokun, K, J., and in view of tlie fticl vtsidmta there ai'u stngirif ffulu culebrnlion marking ttie town's IWOth date of birth. H*ro !nrtki[ftnU drentiod in the ^nrb worn hy the lnji«n» who once ruivmcd the leiritin-y aix- parade. Rescued Legionnaires Convention Opens in Boston, Mass. riniMid bv tnK In M * bullet hole in a .fins mi'ter wrecked this ihr*e*lnry ImildtnK In Mftydlaml. 0,, *haltct'ttd doTistid o{ windows tn t.h* viotnily mid injured eight titr.*on.i, two uf tht'in serioiisty, The Mask w«» hp»td fur inanjf blocksi nnd vran rnused liy Chnrlm Dunn, n resident of t.h* buildinc, while lie w n n engatod in (.arpct practice tit · tin enn whkh wns uiikiiowitisly in line with the meter, jV kidiiuiiur wiio .squealed after he aideil in the abduction ot L»r, .Vrniik L. UtePhni! (above) of Detroit, Mich,, furnished information whkh rosultett in the immediate arrest of the three me 11 in connevlion with tho »t- l*miit to obtain ?1M)00 random, The infornier ia also boitigr hclit on kidnnpinit chart,'!!. Bell, a priKotier at Ilia Couk County j»l\ in Ch!c*«o, told * coroner's jury the atory of Ui* murd«r of JftV* Lintlo, C*i««» Trilmn* rtporier, lout Jun«, A inorder in wh!«h tie p)«y*d · B»rt in4 which was followed hy the (toying of Christ Tatw, * V« own*f who w«» said lo have pnici flO.OOO for th* UmJ* nUM*r, H*r« Coroner Herman Huiid«nK«ii, Detective Serjt, Frank Donoh«« »M Frank Bell Are seen during the 1*tier's glory. Barges in River Service Th* last stragglers have «t last arrived »t Boston, Mnss., and the American Tuition convention is tinder way. Memhcrs arrived in throngs to participate in parade which will be staged by the vets. Here is a group of new nrrivalu nt Boston as they l«lk over old friendships before convention opened. King's Bride on Kiannpinit cnartti!. T-J* · £f. j m T · J Yale Vanttu Grid Team Defeats Maryland, 40-13 Dl6 ' m Stolen Plane Rlde 10 dy A i h i f -f of yard When * plane in which they hud often had stolen flights crashed on their last filched hop, Thomas Davia of Plftinfleld, N. J., was injured blue are breaking up an attempted" MaVyland"pass"on"their bo^w,"was killed! P RMCuers whoTook^the unfortunate* fromVwcTM a»^.»aid that apparently Xohler had froien to controls, fnotball squad scufed an oasy victory over Maryland bofot'c thou- howl in New Haven, ^nnn., in Yale's opening tilt of the season, to the NEWSPAPEKflBCHIVE® t)ir The titled and aristocratic circle* of Europe are abuKit over tht announcement by Kiag Victor Emmanuel of Italy of th« betrothal ot hit daughter Prin- ce»s Giovanna (»bove) to Kine BOHR o£ Bulgaria. The rtnm« of Boris though 36, han frequently been linked w i t K J - h a t of th« 22- year-old princf t, '* , A barge expr«*tt wrvic« between Cincinnati ind Ne t Orltatia by Wif of tha Ohio and Miuiftiipni rivtn altrUd th* other day from Ctn* oinnati. A new typo of river bargt U bclinr »«·! '« *"'" ·«»·¥«·. havinir *harn poinud bow and HUm Instead of tr* cttRtonwrr duck* bill bow. and iro th« flrdt of thilr kind to b* ut«d on Inland wiW- way«. Six day* will b« r*qai»4 for tt» trip. Htri tow A *· baricei can be lecn on the Ohio. (Copyright 1930; bj Paette A AUuUe Pfc»Ui, {«» BRAZIL^ CUTRi de Jinie Paolo Si FEDERALS iflv Oil'- RIO GRAN[ Bntil, Ott. 9.- that inaurfent trc railroad comm rw«*r, Ri» d « J deral cit Th« rtb«l» elaln C, B. Thomwn Hritfoh itr minitWr, th« victim* when Ow dirigible K.1M, world'. than air c,r»ft, over Beauvaip, r rant*,* WNl» tin thin w»t on U« Kngland t,o Indk carrying forty.»ix of thriu person* on death. Hops for Pacific Coast in Quest of New Laumtl* Paulo and within 1 Janeiro. Rtbel leader* rl» In,) of all the ralli ftoulhern itRiM 01 flul, Htnl» C«lh»t» tlrplan«n « 4* Janeiro to bom G»ra««, n« Six alrpl' in* B»lto Horlion' pnd anolhri VTM alkftwl ·tflon, Wtr Tune Prettil In Cap wrllmn i-*B«lm!nr rtov*rnm'ni com of tftn-vrr hpf» fotcw to ehcck th f\t in the exlren Southern paripj of reported mil Iroopn had of Mlnai G their advance TJsllo Hortisonlf. flames. held by t While ronflrma 1 (he rcbflu hnd ori- lmixrii»ni North* 1nt. it KMicvilly th*, fcpoM" w*r« ·aid il»at ri-voli MUt*d from the i The r*cc»ilt r( the Government'? ti*i« lim«d o« t lUtment indkAte' m«nt would be » of 4W.O tor di Rebtlt CUim la Ftw Impo iRii ·« MONTEVIDEO of four Import* ni i under G , m«l*nt c; M the la In wbel rtvolutlon '·Oien w«r« ftdvkn *W Sto Pmlo, lo hold »nd moHt I dty of In* nnUoi two f I'd e rut dci bui», ttHte of S: Wned the revolt Th«y reported »nt ttn port ID I Utincli Atta Somhern T*i i By I," RtQ DE JA^ - IWewil offeimiv »ri(t m th« KOI: 'h« Mate of Sir *»,y uMei [ntHt n ft Cost r»l Da (. fifth mllitr Jti, nrK-lsid 1 ""at th* ,,,,,.,,, ·ntf ·v#rj-lhtn( r fevolattonai t» "*»» T« J t .to.* ·* fl-Getuho y to ],, troop. by thu ) th*

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