Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on November 7, 1935 · Page 6
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 6

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1935
Page 6
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LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA LET JUNIOR MAKE OWN SIMPLE FROCK PATTERN 8000 Edwin Balmer and Copyright, 1934, by Edwin Balmer and Philip Wylie WNU Service CHAPTER XII—Continued —20— "Did you hear, Peter," he ques tloned, "what those girls—Marian and Shirley—were out to do?" "Yes," said Vanderbllt; and th five got Immediately at the prob lem of how to gain entrance aui control of Gorfulu. "Seldel is in command, Von Belt Is sure," Eliot said. "Cynthia agrees Lives there a Junior .Miss who couldn't "fall" for this smart yet •Imple school frock? We just know •he will want to make her first fall frock from this pattern, because It'a •o yery easy to cut, assemble and •tttch, and If Mother Is too busy to •uperrlse the operation, take the pattern and some pretty cotton to sewing class and work on it there. The youthful, square neck adopts a scarf- like collar to slip under Us tab, the puffed sleeves have a hearty slash. Action pleats grace back bodice and Bklrt, •klrt a bos pleat, the side front Pattern 9606 may be ordered only In sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. Size 12 requires 2% yards 36 Inch fabric and % yard contrasting. Complete diagrammed sew chart Included. Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coins or stamps (coins preferred) for this pattern. Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS, STYLE NUMBER and SIZE. Send your order to The Sewing Circle Pattern Dept, 232 West Eighteenth St, New York, N. T. PASS THE SMELLING SALTS Gushing Young Thing—It was wonderful oi' you to drop 10,000 feet in a parachute. Do tell mp youi lensation. Bored Aviator—Oh—er—It was jus) I kind of sinking feeling. Double Reminder "Does you know whut you reminds toe of, Liza? Brown sugar." "How come Ah Is like brown sugar?" "You Is so sweet an 1 unrefined." Joint Monarchy "Who commands In your home?" "We ohare the management. Mj wife bosses the servants. My children and I attend the goldfish." An Auto Relapse "How's your wife getting along with her driving, Abe?" "She took a turn for the worsi test week, Hoe." Fine Start ''Dearest, I am not worthy of you.' "That's what mother says, Jack dear. How lovely to see you twc agreeing." that is most probable. He was pushing aside Morkev, who was nominally chief commissar — h called himself that—when Lad; Cynthia escaped. "Cynthia has told us, and Von Beltz has confirmed It, that the mix ture on top is constantly afraid o what they call 'a rising of the serfs —that is, the English. They guard against it. The English are allowed to gather—even for work—only in ?ery small groups, and always nn der supervision." "It looks like a set-up," observed Whlttlngton, optimistically, "if once we get In." "There is a building which they call the Citadel." Jack Taylor said "It held the offices of administration of the Old People. Seidel occupies it 'with his inner ring. If three of us could get in—or two of us—and kill ten of them—the ten top men, including Seldel—we'd—" "What?" "We'd at least be able to start something," Jack ended somewhat weakly. "But the two of you would have to kill the ten of them—and the top ten—before you could really begin," said Peter Vanderbllt quietly. "How simple you make It seem 1" Jack Taylor swore, and then laughed. "We don't know what we could do, or what we'd have to do. But we do know this: some of us, somehow, have got to get Into that city, and that Citadel of that city. Then we can trust to God and what chances he may offer us. But first, and whatever's before us, we're going to get In! Agreed?" "Agreed 1" said all voices, and Vanderbilt's was distinct among them. "Now how? We've no chance to advance against them by air or on the ground, or under the ground from the direction of this city. We know they've got guarded all the conduits and passages which we've discovered; and probably some we 'lon't know about. But would they guard the conduits from the other ilties?" "That's something, Jack ! Say—" "See here. There's Danot—on the other side of them from us. They've a guard In there; we've nobody. They'd never look for us to come from that quarter. We get into Danot and go underground! We—" That night was long but not long enough for the five conspirators. Ransdell, on the evening of the third day later, reported to Tony: "Five men have not returned— three of our best friends, Tony," he said, dropping formality. "Eliot, Tuck Taylor and Peter Vanderbllt and Whlttlngton and Crosby with them. They left, you know. In two Marks' about two hours before dusk yesterday. They said they were only going to have a look around. I thought it was a good Idea; I told them to go." "No word from them at all since?" Tony asked. "Not a syllable. Marian Jackson Is missing, too." "She went with them?" "No. Entirely separately; and she went on the ground, not In the nir. The gate watch who let her go nut—it was Cluett—was ashamed uf himself and did not report It promptly. It appears that she drove in the gate In one of the small cars, I mid wheedled Cluett Into letting her rake a turn outside. It was near j noon, and the sun was shining. He Haw no harm and let her pass. Then e turned the battery on full, and Btreaked away." "Which gate?" asked Tony briefly. "The northern gate, Duquesue's I'orte de Gorfulu." "She disappeared down that road?" "Yes. And the only word she left behind with the girls she knew was that she was tired of being cold; she thought she'd try being warm ujjain. She commented, further, that she sees now she pried herself into the wrong party." Tony nodded; be knew what that meant. Marian frequently reminded everybody that she hadn't been selected among the original company for cither Heudrou'a or Ransdell's Space Shlpa; she had "pried herself "Probably," said Tony, "she went right on. But do you think the others were up to anything foolish?" "I'm sure of It," Rnnsdell answered. "Why? Did they tell you?" "Not me—Higgins. And he's just told me. Tony, they're dead now; or they're trying to get Into Gor- fulu from Danot. From what they told Hlggins—who swore to keep It until tonight—we can't possibly help them now, except by being ready to respond to their signal that they're in Gorfulu and will have a gate open for us." Tony rose excitedly. "From what they told Higgtns, and he told you, Is the signal overdue?" "It Is, Tony; that's the trouble. I don't know In detail what those— those glorious Idiots tried to do; but the signal, Tony, Is overdue!" Four of tfcem, at that moment, were alive. Crosby was dead; they had his body with them. Of the four alive, not one was unwounded; and they were lying In the dark In the tube of the power-conduit between Danot and Gorfulu, and with both ends of the tube closed against them. They had taken Danot; at least, they had surprised one gate and got In. For they had grounded their larks In the valley beyond Danot, and accomplished this in the twilight, unseen. Then they bad crept to the western gate, surprised the guard and got In. Two of the other side fell In this tight; and Crosby and Taylor were shot. Jack still could walk, but the others had to drag Crosby with them. Once Inside, they met their bit of luck—or they thought It that. Four men had been at the gate they surprised; and the two that fled separated. James and Whlttlngton took after one of them, leaving Van- 1 derbilt with the wounded man. The luck was that the man they pursued fled to the conduit tube which supplied Danot from Gorfulu. They caught that man In the tube, overpowered him; and Whlttington went back to guide Taylor and Van- derhllt and help him with Crosby. Meanwhile, Eliot had found the work car which traveled in the tube )eside the great cables to the transformers. The live had hardly got Into the tube, and Vanderbllt was helping Crosby to the car, when the man who had escaped led another group of the guard underground, Eliot and Whlttington turned back to Ight them; and Vanderbllt and Tayor turned, too. It was revolvers and knives and ron bars—anything was a weapon at close quarters. Everybody was wounded; but the ive got away on the car, with Crosby dying. Power was on; and lights were on. The whole tunnel was 11- uminated; and the track of the :ar In the huge conduit was clear. | spies In the city. Marlon was tired, She snid. of ninnlos from America who had chosen themselves to people this plnnot. They couldn't even keep thenisolvps warm I Seldel luid Marian assigned to quarters closo to his in the Citatlol. During the second day she got a good view of the local situation, learning, among other things, that Seidel had taken very clever measures to protect himself ngninst the always feared uprising of the English "serfs": All the outer rooms surrounding his suite were equipped with sprays which, upon pressing a lever, spread stupefying and paralyzing gas—the same gas which the Mldianltes had used In the attack on Hendron's camp. Also, Seldel had learned the use of klul. indeed, he was addicted to klul, but he had let no one but the chemist.who supplied him with the drug, know It. Seldel thought It would be very amusing to Induct Marian Into the uses of klul. It was most pleasant and effective, he had found, when breathed In a warm, almost steamy atmosphere. He liked to let it evaporate beside the bath, then to He In the bath, breathing the klul- drenched air. He had a marvelous bath In his suite In the Citadel. The Ancient People had built a pool which could be heated to any temperature—a beautiful, enamel-tiled pool with gay decorations. Seldel Insisted that Marian swim with him alone In the lovely pool and breathe klul. He dismissed his attendants and led her in. The klul, In Its big basin, wns rapidly evaporating In the warm, steamy air. Marian kept herself covered with a single garment like a kimono. He ordered her to throw it off and bathe with him. She asked, first, to breathe more klul; and she pretended that she was Intoxicated. She danced and delighted Seldel, who ordered her to throw off her garment and dive Into the water with him. "Why do you keep It clutched about you?" he demanded. In a moment she showed him; for he tried to tear off the kimono, and she let go with her hand, which hart been holding, under the cloth, a knife. She stabbed him as he reached for her. She left the dagger In him as he staggered back. He cursed her, and found his alarm signal before he pnlled out the knife, threw It at her—and died. Marian heard them at the door. For a moment she was dizzy; perhaps the klul was affecting her. She picked up the knife, with which she had killed him, and armed herself with it again. Then she remembered the protection he had prepared for himself against the uprising of the serfs. She pulled the lever that sprayed all the outer rooms with the stupefying gas—the rooms filled with his friends, the most dependable and trustworthy of those who had supported him. The signal promised by the five— If they succeeded—did not come to Hendron-Khorlu. It became longer and longer overdue. At dawn Ransdell set out to fly toward the capital city and toward snme English-engineers restored the power supply to Danot, which had boon cut off for reasons iinsiiessed, until they had uenrchcd the tunnel and found one dead and four wounded Americans. Tony Drake, on entering the cnpl- tnl city, went first to the hospital rooms where Eliot and Jock Taylor and WhlttlriRton and Peter Vnmler- hilt Iny. They would all "pull through," the English surgeon promised; hut he could not say so much of others under his care; for the uprising had cost, on both sides, thirty lives; nnd ten more of the wounded would not recover. But battle on Bronson Beta was over—at least for the present. They were gathered all together In Gorfulu; and they were going to have a great meeting to discuss and agree upon the form of government. What was It to be? Some suggested an alternate dictatorship, like the consuls of the Roman republic, with an American consul alternating in power with an English. Others declared as positively that all rivalries and jealousies of the shattered earth should be forever banished and denied. Improved Uniform International SUNDAY SCHOOL •:-LESSON ••• Dy RKV. P. B. FIT55WATER, D. D.. Mombnr of Faculty, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for November 10 EZEKIEL TEACHES PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY LESSON TEXT—Ezeklel 33:7-16 GOLDEN TEXT—So then every one or us shall give account of himself to God.—Romans 14:12. PRIMARY TOPIC—A Prophet Encourages His People. JUNIOR TOPIC—A Watchman on Duty. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC—Does God Care What I Do? YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC—Individuals Accountable to God. AIR _IC1CLE S is alniost as fog. 1? Into the them so low obstacles. B i och ," " wires and all ei | Res ' the wind, sometimes Increase in W el gnt anj ance, as well as dlsto ,. n " l ° u l STS. W - Ch S ""'''' v "« bracing sine. There were a score of other schemes. And more debate than ever before on manners and morals—especially about marriage. Should there be laws for love? Cast off conventions and taboos I All right; try to get along without any. . . . Tony retired to the lovely apartment provided In the capital city for Eve and himself; he was very tired. The day had been dark and long, and outside the shield of the city, very cold. It was neither dark nor cold within; for the power plant mow than supplied needed heat and light The people were provided with every material thing. "And today," said Tony to his wife, "we ascertained beyond possible question that this planet stays with the sun. Today we passed aphelion, and have definitely begun to approach the sun again. Life here will go on." "Our life together, Tony!" He kissed her more tenderly for his child within her. "I've not dared to think too much of—our son, Eve. But now It seems certain he'll come Into a world where he can live. But what strange, strange things, my dear he is sure to see!" [THE END.] Danot beyond It; but on the way he met another plane. Ransdell swung about and curiously, yet keeping a cautious distance, pursued the plane, which was straight for Hendron- CHAPTER XIII A. was a chance — a chance. So Eliot opened the power vide, and they sped on — the four Ivlng men wounded, and one dead, >n the car to catch by surprise the ity that controlled the continent, nd which the enemy from earth Ived. For two hours they traveled thus. Then — the lights were eitln- 'uished ; the car rushed on in a Stygian cave. But the car's speed was slowing; the power that profiled It was shut off. It did no good for Eliot to thump tie control ; the power was gone ; he car slid to a stop. So there they lay underground In he tube, without light or food or water. One dead, four wounded. t seemed senseless ; yet the only hing left was for the wounded to rawl the rest of the way to the hlef city held by the enemy. *»**•*• Marian Jackson's situation was ot In the least like theirs. Marian ad driven by broad daylight to the hlef gate of Gorfulu, and showed erself and begged admittance. Marian was exceedingly good ooklug; and the guard who par- eyed with her had the good sense to take her at once to bis superior, who knew that his business was to show her to Seldel. Seldel spoke English; Marian's "line," as well as her appearance, pleased him. She pointed out that the American parties — both of them from both ahipa — were composed of fools. Shn congratulated herself that she had not been chosen by them to join rt . . Obvlo «sly. she - them; she had made them take her. h »he wished she had chosen ' This was true; and Seldel had a ne snip of the Asian Realists, , learned that » was true, from his makin Khorlu. It landed on the field outside tho city; and Dave followed It down. Two men stepped 'out; and it was evident that the passenger was watching the pilot; the passenger wns armed ; the pilot was not Ransdell and Waterman, who was with him, approached the pair; and the passenger, forgetting his watch of the pilot, hurried to them. "You're the Americans?" he hailed them In English ; more, he spoke like an Englishman. "Yes !" called Ransdell. "Who are you?" "Griggsby-Cook 1 Once Major Grlggsby-Cook, of the Royal Air forces!" "Where from?" challenged Ransdell, wonderlngly. "Where from?" repeated the Englishman. "Out of slavery, I'd say ! I came to tell you. We've taken over the city, since that girl of yours stabbed Seldel and gassed the rest of the ring! We've taken over the city!" "Who?" demanded Ransdell; and answered himself: "Oh, you mean the English ! Then Taylor and James and Vanderbllt and the five of them got In!" "The five?" repeated Griggsby- Cook. "It was a girl that got in ! She did for Seldel in his bath— like Charlotte Corday with Marat! "Then she gassed a lot more. . . . There was nothing to it when we got wind of that, and rose against them. I say, we've quite taken over the city I I buzzed off to tell you chaps." "But the five — the five men that went from here?" Rausdell persisted. "Know nothing of them," said the Englishman. "Sorry." Then no one spoke; but the four of them stared, as In the dim gray dawn, the great dome of Khorlu began glowing, and Illumination showed in the streets too. "The lights are coming on !" Ransdell exclaimed Incredulously. "Yes," said the Englishman. "We were working at that; they hoped to get the power to you before I got here!" It was only a little later that the Penguin Only Bird to Stand Erect Like a Man There is a bird so helpless and defenseless against human attack that it has stirred the pity of civilized nations and become the subject of an International protective treaty, says a writer In the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Penguins were in danger of being wholly exterminated by man before the treaty was made. Many years ago the birds were very common, but they were slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands because men coveted the valuable oil In their bodies. The birds collect in droves on Antarctic Islands during the mating season. They stand straight up Ezeklel prophesied in the land of the captivity. The purpose of his ministry was threefold: (1) To show the house of Israel that they were in captivity because of their sins (14: 23). (2) To show that God is righteous in his visitation of judgment upon them (7:8, 9). (3) To sustain their faith by assuring them of their national restoration, the punishment of their enemies and their final exaltation among the nations when Messiah shall reign. I. God's Sovereign Right to the Souls of Men (18:1-4). Every man Is personally responsible to God. II. The Moral Obligation of Son* to Their Father (Bzek. 18:14-20). While the law of heredity gives the child a sinful nature and when the chll'd arrives at the age of moral responsibility it Inevitably begins to sin, God holds such responsible for their deeds. III. Ezeklel's Responsibility (Ezek. 33:1-9). As a prophet of God certain responsibilities him. There and waddle awkwardly on their two short legs, like old frock-coated gentlemen. Their stiff wings, jointed only where they are attached to the body, are quite useless for flying. To kill them a man has only to swing a club, and until the International agreement was made, the birds were In danger of being wiped out. Ordinarily penguins do not come ashore. It is only during the mat- Ing season, when they must build simple nests of grass under some protecting ledge of rock or In a hollow In the ground, that they risk trips away from the sea for brief island visits. At sea they have no need of wings, for they are superb divers and swimmers and they live solely on a diet of fish, sea creatures and sea plants. Icy water has no terror for them because their scaly feathers are an armor-like protection against it. The penguin has won a wider reputation for being comical in appearance than for any other quality. Its legs, located far back on Its body, permitting It to stand erect in quite human fashion. Its white breast resembling a shirt front, Its black back feathers looking like a dark coat, its doddering walk and Its upturned bird face, were Imposed upon Is a sense In which every disciple of Christ is a witness for him and therefore Is responsible for the giving of his testimony to sinners. His responsibility is set forth under the figure of a watchman. Two things were required of a watchman. 1. To hear the words of God's mouth, (v. 7). The source of the message of every minister and Sunday school teacher Is God's holy Word. Just as the prophet dl'd not originate his message but received it of God's mouth, so it should be with every minister and Sunday school teacher. 2. To sound the warning (v. 7). After hearing God's message he was to speak it out and proclaim it to the people. A watchman today is both to hear and to speak. The people are to be warned of the Impending danger. Failure to soun'd the alarm makes the watchman guilty of the blood of the sinner. IV. God's Attitude Toward the Sinner (vv. 10, 11). God has declared in his Word that unfaithfulness on the part of his people would cause them to "perish among the heathen," that they would "pine away In their Iniquity" (Lev. 2G:3S, 39). In view of this pronouncement some are disposed to sny that their case is hopeless. To meet this attitude of despair the prophet assured them that God had no pleasure in the 'death of the wicked, but that his sincere desire was for the wicked to turn from their way and live. Regardless of what their past had been, they were given the assurance that the future was bright if they heeded God's command and plea. No one need to despair because of sin, for God's grace is greater than hu- mnn sin. V. The Sinner's Personal Responsibility (vv. 12-20). God created the members of the race personal beings, giving them freedom of choice. They have moral 'discernment enabling them to distinguish between the right and the EATS OATMEAL HELPJEP • It may be one of Nature', 1 breakfast every i™™ Many are nervous, poor in tal _ lystem out of order, because th«] Aets lack enough of the predou sun B for keeping fit.* L Few things keep them kck likej of tins protective food element So five i everyone Quaker Oaa i morning. Because in addition to itj erous supply of Vitamin B for' fit,* it furnishes food-eneri body-building ingredients* Foi per dish. Stare serving it tomorrow for »j.»_ test. Quaker Oats has a wholeuouj Wee, luscious appeal to the 11 Puvory, surpassingly gooiAU supply it IN VITAMIN B FOR KEEPING Ftl] lc worth i Quaker I ScakesofFrethf .©« «nd Mother*! Orti tn ttti Old Age In age one prefers no erenti to| citing ones. Use only one level teaspoonfu to a cup of fl< for most recipes. combine look. to give It a half-human Divining Rod» Useleu for Gold There are neither divining rods mineral roils, nor other practical apparatuses which will facilitate the quests for burled treasures and hid den gold, says a writer In the Washington Post. Special Instruments such as the dip needle, the ma» netometer and the dial compass »r*> yoked for efficient service In prospecting for magnetic Iron ores. Such appliances are useless in prospecting for the precious and nonmagnetic ores. Dncle Sam says that a working knowledge of geology Is one of the best assets which modern prospectors can utilize in their search for gold, silver and oChef valuable ores. Much Timber U*ed in U. S. The United States uses ncarh half of all the timber used In th'p world. We consume timber in thl- country four time* as fast as I 10 growing here. wrong. They choose, therefore, according to the quality of their being. Whatever may be one's present condition through sin, It can be changed by divine grace. The following principles govern the sinner; 3. Pnst righteousness will not avail for present sins (v. 12). When a rlghteons man turns to Iniquity, his past seeming righteousness will be of no avail. No one can do more than that which is required of him at any given time. 2. Past sins do not make Impossible present acceptance with God (vv. 12-15), By virtue of the operation of the law of hahir, every sinful act makes it harder for the sinner to repent, hut God's grace is such that if the sinner repents Go'd will forgive and restore. 3. Restitution required (vv. 15, 10). The proof of penitence Is that, so far as possible, the sinner makes amends for wrongs done. There la no merit in the act ot restitution, but such action helps the individual to overcome his besetting sin. 4. God's ways are equal (vv. 1720). God holds man responsible for his own deeds. The child Is not condemned because of the deeds of his father, nor can It be said that .the fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge. This 'does not do away with the law of heredity. Regardless of ( what oje's past life has been, God's ,grace in Jesus Christ blot* out hla record and he stands accepted In the Belov«4- KG BAKING POWDER Same price todey as 4S year saw Maaalaetur ad by Biklill P«w«Ur SpMlallfti wtoauki I mthlog but Baking F»w4iH MILLIONS 'Of POUNDS HAVE BtIN USED BY OUR GOVERNWfNl Tru« ServUe Small service Is true service irm It lasts. PLYMOUTH! AUTOMOBILES) MaUtopoM below neareit to y°<« SEARS, ROEBUCK and C0>. Chlcagft-PhlUiMph 1 — Mim (MOIw-KansMCKy Ntmt... ...SUtl-"-- ..^. —«-•"- ..... Rui»l Bout*. ..-« — • • Box N °"""" "W$&F

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