Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 25, 1897 · Page 14
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 14

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1897
Page 14
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JITS OF i'vim - A s THEY AT7F.ND AT SAPTIST CMTRCH, 6S. JLbttefi So BB Able IJlscourae Its* Re-* W. B. Moirts A A delegation of nearly forty members of Corinthian Lodge 63, Knigbts ef Pythias attended divine worship in the (Baptist cbtrch Sunday -morning and listened to a very able sermon by the E«v. W, B. Morris, pastor of that Church, on "Friendship," the foundation of the organization. A large congregation was present outside the members of the organization who also deeply enjoyed the discourse. The pulpit had been prettily decorated for the occasion with potted plants, conspicuous among them being two very handsome callaa in'full bloom; these flowers being the emblem of the order, though belonging moro cspeci' ally to the Uniformed Bank Degree. The Knights occupied the front seats in the church which had been reserved for them on this occasion. The services were opened by the pastor, who greeted the visitors in a few well chosen words, after which he made a short prayer and the congregation sang the Doxology. The lesson of the day was the Psalm, 146 beginning, "Praise ye the Lord, praise'ye the Lord Oh my eon! and all that in me is/' After the reading of the Psalm was con- eluded, Leo Philips sang a very pretty solo, "Pass It On." Mr. Morris began his sermon, by Baying, that true -friendship was the firmest tie that binds men together. He spoke eloquently of the legend of the friendship that bound Damon and = Pythiaa~togeUier,=flttuQ^UuBtofr4he one who "placed his life in pledge, and the almost superhuman efforts made by t'.-fe other to''redeem the pledge EO given. He also went, further and told of instances where heroic men have calmly rendered up their lives for others of theirjkird through a sense of, doty. The speaker then compared the sacrifices made by man and Christ and told in powerful language, of the great love of him who died upon the cross at Calvary that an atonement .for the sins of the world might be made. Mr. Morris paid a high tribute to the value of the work done by the fraternal organizations, but he said that when £he end of life had come the work must ceaae because it Is the work of man and cannot follow into the realm of death. He made a strong plea for his Audience to view the atone- painted in vivid word color the awful scene on Golgotha. Leo PhHips then sang another solo, and after s hymn sung by the congregation, the Benediction was ORDAINED TWO ELDERS. Ceremonies nt tb« Prenbyter- , Ian Church Sunday Morning:. The services at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning were made memorable by the ordination as Elders of George M. Robinson and Fred P.- Kiosterman. The two gentlemen were recently chosen to take upon them the sacred duties of this office at the annual meeting of. the church. The ser, mon byjthe Bev. William Carter was appropriate to the occasion and was an able effort. It was a discourse. upon the Presbyterian form of government jiu which the speaker expounded some of the duties of both elders and congregation. The regular charge was then given, closing with the ordination prayer. The new elders took the vows of their office and the congregation the vowe to support and uphold them, The right hand of fellowship was extended by the brother elders, after which the service closed. During the service a very pretty duet was sung by Mr. Diller and Miaa Caughey. ' The musical feature of the evening »arvJee was a duet by Mr. Dlller and Mrs. Paul T. Gait, This ia the Brut • time these musicians have eung to- getberjfor some time* Their number was greatly enjoyed. A -DELICATE' OPERATION. 1.»rgp S'roWrT. « The efttertainraent given Saturday evening at Lyndon by the members of the Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star at that'place was a gratifying success. Tha attendance was very large and each number of the program was received with enthusiasm. A short musical and literary progam formed the first half of the entertainment which was concluded with.a farce, "Female Masonryla la Leaae." The progfbm was as follows:' Piano Solo —: ..': Sidney Klley Kecltatton, "Katrine's New York".. Mrs. Annaltouck Solo, "I Know Two Eyes" .' • '— .....--.. ......MlssMame McDevltt Character Song : ..Miss Viola McKerg Selection..! ,. ; Qtiartettce Solo Miss McDevIH Dnet Miss McDevltt, Mr. F. O. Ililey Selection.. ..„.., Qoartette Piano Solo.. ,:..l.u Miss Irona Brink The piano solos by Mr. Ililey and Miss lirink were difficult selections rendered in a highly artistic 'manner, Mrs. Bouck'fl German character'reci- tation brought forth roars of laughter from the audience. His selection was given with a high order of elocutionary merit and was vigorously applauded. Miss McDevitt's solos* were received with enthusiasm. She is one of Sterling's leading vocalists and her efforts at Lyndon were highly appreciated. The Lyndon quartette, Messrs. Biley, Hodson, Daggettand 8. Rlley, ia,one of the best, as well as the most popular in the county. Their selections were excellently rendered. i The farce was B laughable affair. The audience! was convulsed from the beginning until the end. Each part was well taken. oFollowing is the . CA81 OF CUAEACTEBB. ' Most niastrlons High Mogul;. .Mrs. Anna Bouck Grand High Pull Hauler; Mrs. Esther Sturtevant Sister High Muck-a-Muck Mrs. Emily nilcy Bister Hobble-de-iroy.....^.Mrs. Lottie Morris Sister GIbbte Gobble Mrs. Louise Hodsdon Sister Linen l)rapcr- Mrs. Itacli'el Roberts Sister A. F. and A. M.. Miss Viola McKerg Grand Inner Guard.ol.tlio Temple Key-hole ....Mrs. MayOrowell Grand Outer Guard of the Temple Key-hole Mrs. Ella- Shaw Candldates.Mlss Kittle Holt and Chas.Hamllton Sister Mary Yelling Screech.Mrs. GuAle Melvin Especial mention should be made of Mrs. Anna Bouck as the Most Illus- trioua High Mogul, Mrs. Esther Sturtevant as the Grand High Pull Hauler and Mrs. Quesle Melvin as Sister Mary Yelling Screech. The success of the entertainment is due In a large'measureto Mrs. Melvin. All the details of the entertainment 'were carried out under her immediate supervision and fche .success of the affair is due to her untiring efforts and to -her executive ability. '_ -.•'/.— A PLEA FOR HOME BEES. Rock River Bee Keepers' AaiocUtlon Want* a Protective Tariff on Hnn«y.^ Xtr.'A. B, S'orgujioa, o( Chicago, Operate* Eoy Jenkins eabmitted to * difficult ad dangexoua operation Monday, F«r some time he has been a sufferer t a psriuephrJtle abeeas on the kid- 8> aad the operation for the recaov- t of this abessB was necessary to save bif life. Dr, 4. H. Ferguson, of Chi£$go, A$fti8te4 by Dr* A. C. Smith, Dr, if < J* f Keefer and D*-. Frank Anthony* 6t»e latter ardtaiiilsteriag the anaesthet- ic, porfajrped the operation. It was «»tti»lj? pwseeeaf ttl and there is now 1 tfl4^ 4»nbt that Mr. Jenkins will . B. .8. t'bilipi received a letter «i«teir at Hew Castle, i'a,, re- to wMeh tha J»«W tells' of a -4 Mr, Francis of on Morrison Sentinel.-' The Rock Elver Bee peepers' Association met at the office of J. M. Burch in this city, Tuesday afternoon, pursuant to a call by the president, E. F..Qlbb'a of Lyndon. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The following memorial was offered and adopted and secretary J. M. Burch was instructed to send a copy jio the Hon. 'George W. Prince and to the newspapers of thi? county. • To the Hon. George W. Prince, M. C., —loin Gong; JHstrState of Illinois^ " We, the members of the Eock Biver Bee Keepers' Association, In convention assembled on this ibth day of February, 1897. in the city of Morrison County of Whiteside and State of Illinois, feel that on account of the large importation of honey from Cuba ane other countries (where labor can be procured much below the cost of living in the United States) the production of honey in this country will be greatly diminished if not entirely destroyed unless such importation be stopped or to a large extent restricted. It being the establlflhed policy of our government to protect home Industries, we, therefore, ask you as -our representative in Congress to use your '-best endeavors in that honorable body to have •a tariff or duty of not less than four ce nts per pound placed upon all extracted or strained honey, and six cents per pound upon all comb honey that may be received at any port In the United States. Feeling that the pros perlty of the industry of apiculture depends upon the passage of some such measure, we have the honor to subscribe ourselves. • " . THE BOOK EIVJJB BEE KEEPERS' ASSOCIATION, •..-••' The meeting then,adjourned to the first Thursday in August unless a meeting: should be called by the President of the association, The attendance at the meeting was. not large. THE HEN 18 9UEEK- ••''••• *' • "T.I J ' ' ' ' Euormotu Value of the Egg* Mad ' Poultry . Sold ia nuaol* lu One \'e»r. The value of the poultry sold in Illinois io the year 1896,-according to the reports of the State Board of Agrbul- ture was 81,122.311, The eggs sold amounted to almost as much ap the poultry being 8976,686, The products of the Illinois hen in one year exceed th» value of the enljre hog product io the State for the same time. It is 01,000^)00 more tbao tbe anao«at received for aU the butler io the State and ia poeh more tb»» tha yalae of ail tfae f la e^ gfcate iu a K. and Ads V. Mnnscin. of h»fn FV1). fn, 1^7, turf die* t of congestion of the brain, FeK 14, 189*. Our deat babe toas gone forever, Otsr swwt b»b« «rft Invert so well. He has passed the M ysWc "Rlf er, Wher* he will forever dwell. ' Sticb a sweet litlte, dwrk-e^ed fc&by, ^ How hard It seemed to have him go, ', And our plans and hopes ftere geattered / OI weh asgdtsh few can know, O! how we anlS3 onr little Qeorgfe,- ...... Words can naTer, never toll. ~ - ' . ' „ Nothing Can fill the mother's arms* " That he has^Hed go well. But he !s safe In the anus of Jesris, . What » blessedi cheering thought. It will help us bear, Uie burden. That the JDeath Angel to us hath brought. He Is with the happy angels, Clothed la robes of pure white, Where no hsu m can e'er befall him In the land where there Is no eight. Hero on earth no more weir see him, V Bnt In the land of purest light, . j There will ne'er be any parting From the dear little angel bright.' — There-we'H-hnve a happy mtetlng,— — '—<-On that bright celestial shore, When we leave our home on earth, To reside there for evermore. . ' . . •' A. M. I). NONE CAME TO TRIAL. Criminal* All ' Plead Oullly at MorrlRon and are Now Serving Sentence*, Many readers of the STANDARD will i ecall an interview with Judge' Shaw, copied from the Dlxon Sun, In which the Judge prophesied that of all the prisoners then in the Whiteeide'county jail, none would be brought before 'him for trial. This prophesy wan made one' week prior to the opening of the February term of court, and it has since been fulfilled. When _WiIllamB, Franzen and Jacobs entered a plea of guilty last Monday! the Hat was com- pleled. Every- pefs6n^n : ^e = ToWt/ jail on the opening of court has since plead guilty and each is now serving his sentence in one of the State "penal Institutions. • "Sheriff Fuller yesterday took Red-. field" to Joliet and Jacobs to Pontiac Thejqiil has now but one inmate, a" man who is under bond to keep the peace. In this connection the attention of the reader is called to the fact that the February term of court is not yet adjourned. Ten prisoners have plead guilty, have received sentence and are now- serving • time. Sheriff Fuller is allowed twenty days in which to execute sentence in each case, bu he has landed each man in the institu tion to which he was sentenced sever a days before the time\ limit expired, and at no time have the Sheriff's duties at court been neglected. This fact speaks *•§•*« of great credit. "' HE WAS NEAR DEATH'S DOOR Johnton fietn In nn Awful-ITU Without flinch Damage. William Johnson, of Emerson, nar rowly -escaped death Friday by an accident at his home. He tried to drive a team attached tp a wagon into a low covered driveway between two corn cribs. As the front en.d of the wagonjentered the passage, Mr. Johnson, who stood behind the seat stooped forward in order to avoid a beam. -He bad not made allowance for the rise in the floor, however, and the beam struck him on the head forcing his face down oiTthe sea ~ ~~~~~^17"~ sistance gave a sharp pull and'dragged Mr. Johnson's head through under the beam, A man nearby saw the acci dent and immediately went to the rescue, which he effected by removing the spring Beat on which thft man's bead waa resting. It was fortunate that help was at hand as the man's eyes were protruding from their sockets'owing to the great pressure on the head and neck. Dr. -Anthony- was summoned from this city and after a thorough examination announced that .the man was not seriously injured. Mr. Johnson rested as well as could be expected during the night and will be ont again in a few days, We know of but one community in the world where dyspepsia is practically unknown, and ..that is the Shakers 4)f Mount LebanonrN, Y, TneBe good people have been studying the subject of digestion for more than a hundred years, fcnd that they under stand, it pretty ^thoroughly Is evidenced In the foregoing fact. Their Digestive Cordialls the safest] and best remedy In cases of indigestion that -we know of. A trial bottle can be had through yourdruggists for the .trifling eura 1 ^! 10 cents. . ; The Shaker Digestive Ck>rdial supplies the system with food already digested and at the same time aids the digestion of other foods, it will #}, most instantly relieve the onjicary symptoms of indigestion, and no ferer needa to be told what these taxol is the best medicine for chit: dren. Doctors recommend it in place ofCiistorOU, ', ' •Amos Ahrens has purchased the MeKibben property at Fourth avetme •"•* Easf; Fifth street from J, F, " for the hekf of the wU} Bievt-the hou*t m M. t/. KIMtittO will sell cerles ftt prices that tiill vluce y«m thftt you <san Save money by trading with him. I sell all £Qo<ls>t low prices A Pine TaWcJSymp at 28e The beat Fancy Patent _ _ _ Flonrat $1.15 and $1,20 Table Peaches, B Ib. can JOo Genuine Pennsyltanla Buckwheat, the best in the market, at ' FickledPork •'. * 6clb. Good Smoking Tobacco 20o Early June Sifted Peas . . Fancy California Dried Peaches; , - « . lOc Ib _The best joriallty a&d lowest prices is my motto. R.L, 120 E.THHO> Another Car of the Four! O.'H. ATWOOD. TheWest End Grocer.' >••' neatly and snbstao . — ~ f bonnd. In dlflertn! I rtylw and»t prlow to Bulttie tUne«,»t ta? 1 STERLING 8TAMOARD BIHDEBY Revival Meetings AT THE .* -rv CONDUCTED BY in 2 mlimtes. inraluable Irt female SOUTH l » . . ot/mn < CATARRH! Itejtsw the head of fotd mucous; healatfe i»jrcft and tilcers of the head anil throatj [sweetens the breath, ftad perfectly restarts ithe senses of the taste, smell and hearingi tops headache and dropping into the ' Also destroys the germ which causes •' HAY FEVER, [sinking a perfect cure in a few days. Never ifallsl No fatal ease of LA GuiPPK ever known ' where Brazilian Balm was faithfully iised. It |destroya the grippe germ andquickly remove* [All the after bad effect - INFALUBLE in ASTHMA,CROUP,BSON- CHma, PLEURISY, PNEUMONIA, pvsrnrsiA, ..and. tliere is Inflammation, Fever or Congestion. Greatest relief in Consumption ever dis- . covered. " • . a Fresh Cold In one day. , . In tho head and relieves deafness. A»an lnjtcflo|t j. For outward uso heals Cuts, Bores nnd JJurna like maglo. Pre- QUICK CURB FOR CONSTIPATION AND PILES. Its Healing Power U Almost Miraculous. The Best Family Medlciriti In Existence. SO Cent Bottle contains ,100 Doses, or Two Weeks Treatment for Catarrh. BOTTUB EQUALS soo, HOWIE TESTIMONIALS: t "Brazilian Balin cured me of inveterate catarrh -which I had jfor over 20 years. It 18 the most wonderful triumph of medical science."— Gen.J.-Parkc POstles. "Itt, croup, cold and the worst form of gripp we have found Brazilian Balai invaluable,**'' —Jno.'W. S. Booths* D.D., Pastor Del. Ave. Bap. Ch. "Mrs. Lore has used —i/ttv, n . u, uwuKi ix. jLSi, f-uiiur uei t ftvc. u, . Brazllian.Balm and thinks it did her much good. "—Hon. Chas. B. Lore, Chlifjtis, Q/DcL "One bottle of Brazilian Balni cared a friend 6f mine of hay fever."— f/tos* M. CuMert. '"I was very deaf for 10 years from catarrh. Brazilian Balm applied warm in my ears every day soon restored my hearing."— Mrs John Scotlen, Chester; /ir. s "It is the best thing for dyspepsia I ever sawtrTed."-{/a<&r Edward Wootten. "I was worn almost to the grave with a racking cough that all the remedies and the doctors failed to, relieve. It was cured with one bottle o£ Brazilian Balm. It shall be my doctor through life."-^ Mrs. /. Galloway, PotUtowri, fa. "1 was fearfully crippled up with rheumatism, could not get my hand head, I took tea so- " -centrbottleB^f-Br^zlllau Baltn-itt six tnonths^Amiio^eTiUrdly cured alidM flimV ble ( as I was at fortj-."— Anson Btirrell, aged 84. A lady: in Cincinnati was eo afflicted with asthma that during the winter for seventeen years she was unable t»" sleep lying down, was entirely and permanently cured with Brazilian Balm. B, P,;jMSONJ r 80., Indianapolis, Infl, PLEURISYQUiqiLLY CUBED . I have suffered the most ••excruciating pains in the side.'' The Doctor said i was Pleurisy. ,The Brazilian Balm gave me almost instant relief when every thing else failed.and permanently , me, I took it and* had some warmec and rubbed on strong. ' MRS, '..•••'. '..,•; , Marcus Hook, Pa. r Consumption Cored. .BROUGHT BACK ^ROM VlTS Last November Mr. Joseph James, painter; of 325 W. Pearl St, Indianapolis, Ind,, was at death's door with quick his lungs a mass of ulceration;. hit death, was hourly awaited by hia doctor and family. He was kept in a constant stupor with opium, A friend, thinking to relieve his terrible* cough, gave him a wonderful effect, the doctor advised its continued use. Mr. James soon after dismissed his. doctor, and depended on the Balm-alone. His.recovery wad rapid and complete; and in February .he returned tp Work. His lungs are sound, and his weight greater than at any time in his life. His recovery is regarded as almost a miracle.' . • • . • .. •' ." ; . . COMMA BACItLUB, In consumption beware of cough mix- tures'and, prescriptions" that contain .opium". •••'. Opium paralizes the nerves, and gives the comma bacillus a good .'destroy the lungs.' It is always fatal, Brazilian Balm does not contain a trace of any opiate, but stimulates the nervres with new life and power, destroys .the microbe, and restores all that-is left of the diseased lungs to a sound and healthy state which no other remedy has ever been known to accomplish. -••.•;'• •„•' '-•.';'.'-.' RE¥. In B. MORRIS, ASSISTED BY - OI Clinton, Ipw«. to TH8 8TSSLIHQ 9TAKTOABD, fouarean economical --•'. • •.-'•".'•'• • •• housewife ? ..J^atjou are Joterested in Stoerer's Tea" in Pails. Just see what you get for 50 cents I *-® pound pf excellent Tea. new mm rich flavor and strong. $,f PW7* one quart covered tin pail eontaintofl the tea, 1 • m THIfiD--a genuine Imported china Tea Cup and Saucer, full size, gold band, decorated and very fe§M» soms. Large assortment. Our offer to furnish free this ex- eepuonally fine mp and saucer can only be continued for s short time, r li A Remarkable Cure. , Mr, Alexander Moore, a reliable bnsi- ness manj of 1230 S. 13th St., Phijadel- pWa, Pa., says: "I contracted a violent cola which settled all over me. -The pain in my chest and side was excruciating. The doctor gave me medicine, and blistered my side, but I only grew worse. Then you gave me a bottle of Brazilian Balm. I had little or np faith in it, but decided to try it. I took 3 or 4 good doses before bed time, and rubbed it .well-over my blistered side. That night J slept like a top—my first good rest for over & week-^nd awoke in the morning cured. Brazilian Balm 1$ simply invaluable." '<*.: _ _ Pneumpnia Cured. f Mrs. A. J, Laurence, of Beaver, Pa., says: '.'Brazilian Balm brought me opt of a severe ^attack • of pneumonia i» splendid shape. It is a wonderful remedy; for coughs and lung troubles. Also, for outward use, for burns, cold-sorea, and chapped hands and face, it cures like .• magic, 1 -, It-is invaluable in tfee family." , Xi Saves Doctor's Bills; e Uea in the country ehonld always Braailian Balm on hand. ,It is the doctor in the house, always ready and reliable. For colds, coughs, croup, catarrh, asthma, pleurisy, rheutnatiim, constipation, female troubles, and all kinds .of fevers it acts like magic, and saves many a doctor's ,bijl and many a loag sickness. • The frit undertaker, " > Who plants by the ncre, Poor victims of cough and cold, 1 : Is sighing nna crying', •-'•, For we've all stopped dying BluceBrazlllan Balm was sold. . . A«d for those who desire ••"».V Nt) UM st y" to S° higher It la worth Its weight in'gold. Had.Catarrlji 36 Years. Josiah Bacon, conductor on the P, W, & B. R. R.V says. "I had suffered witfc catarrh for 3o years' and regarded my, case aa hopeless. One day I saw the testimonial of Geo. H. Heart in a Brazilian Balm circular. ;,Hearn was the engineer ou tny train .and .1 knew his^ case was desperate. I talked with HeaftiJ 9 BHcThis cure bope. TTBegia.- the use of the^alm at once. There was not much change for the first two months but then I began to improve and in six -" months, to my inexpressible satisfaction. I was entirely curea,'^ - ~ '' Thousands of ladies are' using Brazil* Ian Baltnir For" eoreness, pain, bearing down, and many kinds, of trouble, it acts like a charm. A 50 cent or/dollar bottle" often does tu'ore good in one week than any other remedy does in months. It goes right to the spot, removing all inflammation., Mra. Geo. W, Roberts,'of • Wilmington, Del., Bays;"A strong solution 'of .Brazilian Balm and warm waiter, used as'an. injection has dona memory 1 good than all the remedies 6»d preacrip* tiojis I ever tried," >' . Grippe Cured. "I<ast winter I .had a bad cold and severe cough. I was lake in every joiM'' and.muscle. I. was sick and felfc aa <' mougn J was coraing4own w|th typhoid lever. It was no doubt a bad case -'of grippe. Mr, E. P. Budge gave me abot-' tie of ,£raziljan Balm, saying be was sure it would help me. The relief was" almost instantaneous. It quickly' fitOOneu ttiv nnnn-Tt OM/I 4- n «.l_ AI_* 7"***^ v with, all the pains and soreness out of M my system. I gave the balance of thesis pcent bottle to Mrs. JBishop Wiley for l4 her dantrhter if ^.^^^^ «1 t. * A *i , *™s Catarrh,'H»y Fever. ,j Kill the Catarrh microbe and you cure ^ Catarrh, These parasites nest deep in ; > CATARRH the tissues and folds of .S A &&£ • th . e , Olfac 1?5'' «embniji^.Vj but ***" i* " ^**^an«\*Jf ^ ._ jf used persistently ' ,, • ----- a? directed. Jt also troys the Hay Fever 'germ in a , days. Vee full strength, <w nearly lor Hay Fever. Cure jwriaaaea^. Asthma Can Be C.wea« /*__ « , •*•* •*••"-»-*^*f* »»*51/^-* ftMWCJUtM,v*SS »r of Rochester/Pa:, says; "J have beep *, great sufferer from asthma for years, bat I have had a splendid ^nter, mriur to % the surprising efficacy of' ^raziKaii' * Bain}." A lady in Cincinnati, who !»al' ^^.^. astbma *«* M yeaw, c«W Why Suffer with .Chss. Brooiae, 850 South Secou^ St., htladelBfaia, wys: "It took only two months for Bra¥jliau Balm to cure me of dyspepsia with which | suffered over 30 years. Now J have no paja or stomach, .. ttbft 0»B- ^«w* Wwaf«»' P^fKWllA:*'* -*!>. - * 'i'

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