The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 20, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1859
Page 4
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MEDICINES. PECTORAL, Europe Is making on a large Hged to proTide b> 6nief> 3n tbepreaWl":J d weineed- theient*. TH» .Ap» CBB» Of Cold*,- Coughs, and .., Hoarseness.. JfMMjBLB, MASS, aoth Dee, 1844. Di. J. a Am : I da not hedtate to say {*• beet remedy I bare ever (bund fcr and tb« a . ,6re«iv:BATH2(enlJ.t (rood.. h»d croewd the J?o, near Cun- lure ' -SriKSpfte to cron the ntle'-ajadftnenl rendered in , d»ied Keb «nd • elf at Pub- f lymoutii, Dlduoi Bat»lo— l« too* raJi. - 1 *H..8tron PralrloSt»t«, uwiouui, uica»on, wuiaio—**» ••* H. Btronach, Oito, Mantrtee -alrle State, Wllitami-TS^nir Bchr free Dem6cr»t,011more -83 M. lumber, rumdi. : at the'-to«t-wfflce,*>n the corner of Whcoa- f UHiraakee Miltraotee itrecU, In the City *he Itth da> of .uay, hour of S p. it. it that day, pnnnant of ttwitter ^flbrt, wjrs tjie; cannonade. JMte3 16 }»OBi% mypractteeandmy family tor the tut tm yeannaiiaownlttopoMi mpe- for thetnetmentof theaa complaint*. KBEN KNIQHT M. 0 fropaw Turkey j . auteit 120 ReTUedaiatatev'xUUea.ot m« iier. oi hatflCJ afid o hen," all the rl^-lit ; -Qltr AnM lu ™ «8t» ofC mland, ^ifler 112 pkn JundrtM. ..;, ., KiTr^; Oarrol, ()iwego-.gOO Ha»en-88 ton* mdi, ' «00 *Bfier«d»avere- jour 70V Invented It, and pmpo«» OTtnt oat. . Be«d,Pre«ju« lite-45TX ton. coal. ficbr,»uen» yiBia, iajgh, Uanlite«-90 K lambtr, 40 --'' ' "" 'ta.sCMfo.V- b*mW*W pro^t *ommeroi»l vessels in cue of »>r between Oernuny anr l France i in JW»j^<*tebef«», corrt^h^f jiJ ! Tkwrw hM sent an autograpii lettorl \™.^&i^&l3&tf^ . \ the " upon thai for. i,'.. •liTM.'.al«.I'.'^-.iiV... * t »** r »i l**y is. fii»t England ' Bhe wtU not or, and that he would cot go a step farther than he ocpresaadto her some months back." The D»il> News looked for the first battle at Norvara. A large portion of the-Frenph army were unable toerossthe Alps, in consequence of the passes being blocked with snow. Those who had crossed, experienced ;great . coffering. -.. * • Hie reported thai Prince Napoleou will command a corps of 35,000 men, ou the shores of the Adriatic. Xhe Turin oorre«pondeat of the Daily News aaserts positively that France is about lo tnob- ollce between 700,000 and 800,000 men, and that the French army on the Rhine will amount to 500,000 men, as the Emperor rears that Orermruv will not remain quiet, ^ '"i'" -IThe same correspoBdeht" also asserts that on the day the Emperor quits Paris, he will address a solemn manifesto to Europe, espousing the cause of the natioiialies. The Monitenr states that Austrian vessels in French ports, or those entering them in ignorance, are to hare a delay of eight weeks, and ah)o that that the Emperor had decided 'that Austrian subjects may continue to reside France and the French colonies, BO long kg their conduct famishes no reason for plaint. Steamers were being chartered at Havre to convey stores and troops from Marseilles lo Genoa. The Austrian Ambassador, before leaving Paris, connded the protection of the Austrian subjects in France, to the Dutch Ambassador. It was reported that the FrenohOtorernment was endeavoring to secure the neutrality of Prussia, and that thry had promised on their side, not to form an army of observation on the Rhine, and that the war shall I* circumscribed to Italy. The French subjects in Austria had been plaoed under the protection of the Spanish minister. An Austrian corps of observation will be posted near Cracow.lo n atch thefia&<uang,who were gathering on the Austrian frontier. The citizens of Milan had been orderud to deliver up all th* arms in their possession. The defence of Trieste and the Illyrian coast had been entrusted to Gen. Wimffer, at the requestor the Sardinian Government. The king 01 Sardinia had issued a decree jiving forced currency to the notes of the National Bank. The Turin Bank is moreover authorized to issue additional not-s to the amount of 6.000,000, and in return thereof engage to lend the government £80,000 000 at 2 p»r cent, pet annum. The rate of discount is not hereafter to be advanced without the con•eat ol the Minister of Finance. Latest. Vienna, May 6th.—An official bulletiu from Gen. Gueoli reports that on Wednesday lie made a demonstration near Candia and Fras. •toitto Our side had twenty wounded near Cornell. W* uave thrown a bridge orer the Po, have crossed it and lortifled the head of the bridge. Yesterday on the railroad near Verona, a train filled with troops came in collision with some ammanUioa waggons, and Borne exploded; 23 men were killed and 124 wounded. Great Britain.—During the election at Llm. orick the rioting became so serious that the military had to fire on the mob ; 2 persons were killed and 4 wounded. The race for tbe Chester cup was won by T«lington, H,. Ten Broeck's Prioress came in fourth; 33 horses ran. The Prince of Wales had embarked at Civi- Vecohia on board a British man-of-war to •piled.' ', O.'Briea re- May 19. w,r, hfe bdfeved it ' •i * t v|/.«-uaui.4aViu vitj ( _ __ __ Sollrinternriie.GUmeie;Oswego.YsvtlJO but iwheYt." Btalr Cleveland, Opngal, O. Haven—4 ton* mdz,10 bbls So»r : JaVA8tronaci, Otto, Manistae. Bcb» Norway, Johnson, Menomonee. fllmr; GMeUe, BuUlni-Two »lrers—S ton. mto, SU ' dour, 8 bbls sundries, 108 pckg. do. MJaV 19. Prop Cose, Pratt, Baffalo—IflOO btte flour. rrop Plymouth,mcsaon,OMcaco. Prqp Ogorjtr, Flood, Green Bay—« ton. mdz, S3 bos ! i i oats, 3 bbhi whlfkey, 10 • bbli aiiftd'lea, 67 pkgi do. - - Stiur CHy of Cleveland, Ocular, Grand Ha»en, a tons mdz. mlU. of the above named defendant lu and to UK: loi:o»iny ror.erty 6n the 6th day of F(bru«r.v, 166V, I o wit L ' "Appertain'bonding iltuatc '"b MLNo. tfruhty- two; (22], in block one hun Jrnl n d \t.iri> L. V. WefkSuabJifj'i.i. l" Un ..orii west quarter of section five I'M 'l Wii War.' c.i thelGlty of Milwaukee. AUi. Ih- n.Ui.-.n ui ihliald defendant In anil to '•«• •< " ' M 139,'ob theBtli da; of Pebni iy !--'•• ' Dated| Sheriff's Office, Mil »»"'" . AI..' » . >'•». Fucnts; Graci * MILL.R, i v.i i * .•• • i. OKI 11 y, " Bl'dl Att'yi. ' ' A -I • •• iVU aprl-ta»6w 13* Thu above sale I. hereby postponed to Saturday Ihe 11 th day of June, 18W, at the same place and time of day. : Oaied Sheriff 1 . Office, Mil iraukee, May 14, 18S9. A. J. l.ANGtt OBTH V, maylS Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wl». 'The Duke of Leeds, not Harris, was dead. He was the husband of Mrs. Catou M&rv- land. It was said that Count Persigny would certainly be the French Ambassador to London, It was reported in military circles that the ministers intend to call tint the whole mil""-. and to Odd 60 new battalions to the line. Lord Cowley , the British Ambassador at Paris, leached London on Friday, and had a political interview with Lord Malmesbury. The London Times thinks the Austrian* have thrown away the opportunity they pnce possessed. The Emperor of Austria was preparing "to take the chief command with Qen'l Hesse. Ins latter as was reported disapprove* of GanM ^Givlers' plan of attack. A letter from Genoa says that all the Austrian vessels there have been seized by the Sardinians. • It was expected that within a fortnight the French army in Sardinia would be 10,000 •trong. ' The admission of Anstrians into the French territory has been allowed only on special an- tbOTilMlOB' . i i L ^a»ffl?waPtt)BJBnJoaii of aooioOO,«So¥ ii to be contracted by national aubtoription. It is be a 8 per cent. loan. •-•••• The embodiment of the contingent of 1859 has been aernanded. A counter revolution had taken place be- , tween the troops in Parma in favor of a dncal ye5ler- BcrtALo, May .9. TheDet. 4 j^, ^ fi Co , s steamgh ^ iron, was successfully launoed this * m from the yard of Bidwell and Wason. She' «££tt.*K£: *"'*"-' "> * CODOffiERCl AI •. curnoi: or Tint DAILY WKWS i Milwaukee, May 19,116« i' Wosnaav.-Exchange and currency v both «ry s«rce. The aelllng rate of the former .till 9 ont>ou« at 2 per cent. *• The following 1. a .tatement or the proceeding, and resolutions of the Convention uf Bsnte*. held day et the Nevhall Boost aTieOoavent!,*, of tbe Banker, of thl, Bt*e. called for lha pnrpose. of con.,de|.,ng the proposition. »ef lorthlntke reeent circular of,the atee, ! «Utlv* to a .yatem of redemption, of Book, notes »t aooe central point, wa.orga.nKd by the eleeUonof H»n. Wm. M. Dennl, of Watertown, a, President, and R- A- Bean of Wankeriia, u Secretary, fjfry Bank. r*. •pBundedtothecall. After full con.ultation. and a conference nth the Banker, of Milwaukee, the follow, tog reaolutlOBj were adopted • cent, dlatount from the cur- 11 cover aff >mpfloni be Kirrutlon. Vim, Leigh, Mailfl«e. 8tm» Cleveland, Uoafal, Br«nd Haven—3 tnni fi««oZred, thai the Director, of the Banker, iwocla- tlon l« re.jae.ted lo for». ro lo «ch Bnk In thTstate acopy of the foregolmt raaolonon., an,] i , mnte each ""**" 1 " "»» P>« •" forth in .aid ° r tht A " oct " 10D - tthte , »S6». . A. itletcbaaellze Uy Sfl frop. Prairie State—Northtrn Tram. Co., J. II. , Orfutford, Aftnt. »oa Pa«toil l* TE( ClTv.—llimn * Croshy.n J Neuro ft Oo, D Dotw*rth A Bom, L Y Cftte ft Co, O A JesseU Q D Swreli, Ii Blnrlehop, Wte B Well, & Co. A Oucnlson. Sita'ray, Prlo. 4 Co, fi L Jon. «, A Melnickl, H tttllack. Foa n Paasoja Tea Cou»r«» —C V N Kltt»Wge Dunning A Jones, Sta llaon; P«nell ft Oo, Bearer Dam Buckhoul t Kill-on, Ha.tliu.,; R t «, Brrlin- Hov.u £snery. Nirtifleld; W 8 To*., * Co, Riptm: Rockwell A Baudall, H a. Wheetoek, Ocoi.jmovoc- e *r Woolry * Co, et Panl: L H Wlrni, Vot IB W City; lay* * Snpple, i-jOroase-, Max Ma»er,Schlh,. srvlllr; RN Bronson, \V|. non»; Noiman Duacher,Bteu. i.ton; |»avii * Aitril, Co luu.bui; Weeloik, Ornnlao . ft Co, Hartford H B White, Mc«Hr R or, D II gext.. .B'rlln: John D'l' Prtscott. By Ktramor Clfretan ,—l>. <t J/. /;. /? tot PutfOSS HTBtOlTT. a Benedict, NS Brcwn W BnU^r, ll ilern, Jr ft Br,.. Sail 4 KranV, L 8 Bam,, ner, Bradley ft lletcalf, Bra.i >rd Bros, J Uua >nian d II ffleke., W E Turjl., a lln. (. 6 4 Co, Keen A Rice, L M Gates, E Terry ft .. Tlbbltn A Btarkweaih- er, (ireen t Butt m, J D ft C . B Wsohback, t Best ft Co.JP Lo»eaa»ck,Solomon r.i t, Atkl. a, riteel ft eT J • KiCf, OJOookj.LPIfabar- i Co, J D«l!mi,i i (•„ « arr»u ft Hewett, W D Bsci. Mrs V Mclotyrr J H Warner ft Co. Voa PatVONs I.N TB* Coninr.—Benedict A Backer. Obeetre ft S, Coombs i Oo, Plmklrcli ft •>. eathcart «T U«, J A C M D«!ey, » Liu .. Juit Ice lorepiugb St Panl; J *V Pfrtrldge, Pon« d i Uc; J P Cook, R.dies- ter, Minn; J A U Newman, c Reed, Beaver Dam- Bin tertttld A H, Winnemack, Th-.n., Morru « Oo, Hastlnu.); Churchman, JaneirUlt; - Co, Black Karih- New- inanftOo.J u Wauon, LaC^r, «; u WGilmao, Mad 1 ,. son; W » Forbes, Portage C.I . Adaau ft Davenport Mon-oe; Miller A Boot*, Mi^ ,,^e, do; 8 folti A 8.m Burlington. Simmon! 1 Bog £enos!>», 1. W Wtnotia. Urnwn BcrriLo, May II, 185a raorou.** Aaaoaa.— A lelejr <rn lo tMi «ity, itate. that the American Tranlportai-in Company '. Propeller Buffalo went vhore yeaterd y in tfce rogat Madiioti Dock, 43 m*M beiow Clei-elana rt,e wect on under • head of itefim, anij her cond don la uought lo be rather on- promlalng, but •> l.»Te n« lurthrr partic ular..— Z>at Tribute VST The propeller j>acol«l<, irom Chicago, hajrlnv on board 1^01) bba) of flour BQ.I .ul.cellanenu. frrtght i. reported to h»v« broken her Mitchineryon Lake Mlchl- g*n. The propeller Oalcna, u her way down hu lier lu toaj. Both »<•«*(•! bcloof •.. the CiOIra' Road.— Com. Aaiv., J/cjy \1tt.. OOMKEBCllL ale Market. There waa nothing done In n o nr »n ehange thl. morning. Bnyer. were .caret, money .carce. and prices running down. So .ale w» made to ndlcate > quoting price. Wheat wa. .old to .ome erl»t, though It went off very dull, and al a decllni^r We on No. 1. Wr note the following .ale.: 600 bu» So. ] .Jdlverea last nighl) !,*>; 600 dn extra No. U 1.2S-, i.ouo Jo No. J, 1,20; 60 do ettra white winter tor milling, 1,40; 60 do whit* winter, (.treet lot), ror muting i^ S inci, tht mwtlnf of u,e Board of Tradr, we hear or •wo m ore .alt. of No. 1 wheat; 2,500 bu« earl, »t 1,20 f > >•., matlnp h footuif or &,ilo bui wtict ha»e Chang cd hand, to-day. In Oat, there w »» very Uuie done, we Dou- but on. aale ..rSeatu. at S4. Barley dull, a tale of MO l>m at To .ecu, u- Indicate no change. ' -^better. We Dot, a .alwol 200 uut at 50 ror common, alao 25 bua or aolied at GO. Hlgiwlnes— dull at 82. No aaio. eaoepi a ioi or 20 bbl« in leaky packaga. at So. Oor<)uotattpaa are u foUon . Wheat-No. 1 at M<r, No. 1 extra 1.25 .Inter at Cutaas raoaj Bci'ato, MAT leTi Brett, Chicago, Prof, Cnlca|i., Brljrgi, fotti Courier. -Proy. Racine Chlca^o^— Buf- r f chr .t.m.rie«, Mat 17TB.—Prop Chicago. Hornet, Cliicaeo Proi. Kaclne. Brett, do; Prop. Marfr>»er, Laj^ley, do AtfcrrBiT BcrraLO, ITra.--Srbr. ttriole, ~ ll'lraukee, 12.000 bus a-hrat, L >ckroud 4 Hi WInfl-ld Scott, Dlediaan, Mil «-aulcee. ^00 ? Scatchard.— Suff. Com Adt. ACCIDraT —The propeller Dhcotab, rtl the New York Central line when on her vay down irvm Chicago the last of Week, Uroke her mewhloery abn», Kfickniw an j was to«»d t« that |,ort. ghe will l>r I,V..BVII l,trr fur repair*..--/><!/ fr ft f'rtfit J/u^ I'lM Cl lit.i, tmolt BEFFU.O—Schr Tar»« Be'l. Toiup .or,, MUa^u. .-. 10(1 tuus coal.— BvJI Rtf^iitii. Stfoj NIIGKI »•»•*!>« H .i.K. SlATK 0^ WISCONSIN, I ClroultOourt,MllwaukreOounty. f Tbe Olobeiflank,' against Oaulel 11. Jilcl.ardi, tiarret Vim, Jasper V'llet and | Jobu B. Bnilth. j IkV vlftae ol an cJiecul ou .»»ucd from said Cuurt, in fj the above entitled artion, to me directed and delivered ag&lnst ihe personal and ^eal proporiy of the above nantvfl defendants, 1 bave seized and levied un the following real estate, lj lag and being In the City of Milwaukee, Uounly ul Milwaukee and Stale of Wlicon- iln, to wit: "Sttuatu lu llie north east quarter ul seellou 17, tow j 7, range !42, beRinnmg al tbe south ea.1 corntr of .aid qaarter .action; running along the east tine of said quarter Mectluti uurti. lu a tnnnt d.^4 chains south of the uorth east'cornt-r ufgnjtl quarter section, being thti south cast o.truer of lund conveyed by sild Kichard* to i»4i« ^liriMtOfilier c*> loejtf; then, c wllh south line of Maid IHUU c.mvryed tu Ectiloepf vest tu B point &ttO feet east of middle of Green B\r ruad; tbeoce south loo led; tbruce wi.t t!6u feet to middle of Green B«y ruad; th«rjc« aloux ttie uilddU- nf »aiit roatl iinuth to the «.'Uth Une u< said i|uarlrr seclluu, tlionce wctit » "O^ a&l.l Nuutli lit. e of said 14 <artrr sectiun to it^K^noui^, , »utaiuin|; about 44 ALren, being uli tt.e t-«t >,de df the (ire-en Uaj ruad A!SU Uie fuLiuniii^ real eslttte sjlutc m lit? Naia north eavit uuartcr of sevtioi, U, l.,wi. i, range 2^, begluuinK til uurtl] rast curiic[ ->r naiil quurier section, thence West »uli uoctti Irne- o[ .a.d (|uarter srciion -&.'M cbalti> l>. 1111.1- die <i( Urceet llsjr roau; Uiencesoutli aluii h > mjd - UJc al Bkiel rcuiel 4:411 eaaliij lu u,.rlh wm cururr uf land cunvrjed liy Uanirl 11 Uje-t»arJa l., ChrUto[ti N-nli.epf, tLrnuc- »ts' aiou K li^tt;, llne-uf tad land tu c&,L linr of 941 t ^u^r.rr arct »Q »^.-4 oti&lud, u.eliCe uortlt 4 »6 clj&.ii> to keginnluit, he-itji; aliool 12 «c. i». ai.J all thr ntrhl, t tic ^a.d iulrn-at uf-tlie satU Jrfrodat.i ol t lUi^-r 01 Uiem in ttfi.l to Uiq »aid prtuj:H- i Der, Leii, ->r piuit a. .|Uireu U.crrtu." Whicbsaul piuperty a^ afuresiiel, I -tiall rApoi*r f ,r sale' and nell HI PuMIC Aue'llou, al ll.r r'uat-Omcv, lu llit- City ol Mils aukrc, un Su..llrilu). lilft* I 11 ll tlair of ,1|U}, 1^9, al u.e hou/ur '1 V M., ol day, t.. a'.tijily aul ri--- ^i,.,' . u.getl,rr M ill. CI|N-H^<-S uf .ale. Kaied rUierlfT'i Udiee, Milwaukee, March '!*, 1?MJ LISPS A Mm.*-*, i A. J. I.A.NUMMKTM i, . ad hi 017 ndraver doe. e It the bait medjdne br lu With » Ud cold I ihoald noon *• -*»«• «• - Croap, Whooping Coach. Inflneaza. i. S?S^!. ! l **" dMM * 1II y *M&*££'n£ni - ^T^rME JE2*?. 6r **• •"*• * """3""? Ip,«iuJth«el«»tdIeaa«»iofehlldreiL W. o? * to ooimopla. H3RAM OONKLUN, M. D. thma on* hrif tin bottl. . Thi to mr throU md Innra : m . 1 Uooto ' Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchia*. D _ _ _ ""» ttureaMm, PA, f.b. (, issa. to: TOOT OSerrjf ftdoroj 1. p^bnntag mmn.llu ramtathiinctJon. It h» rallmd «r«J ftom al«ru. ud Ii now caring . m.u «tfc>n of th« hmn for tb. ECKNRT L. PARKS, Mercbant. RAM8BT, M. D Aino», Hanoi Co., i.jw, wrltM, tet&lSU: " Soring my prmctic* of many yoart Ih»T» found nothing 10.0*1 to yo«r Outrr, A*ori f,,, (frbigMMUd nlitf to conromptlr. p»thota. or mrln,, raca u B« eorabl^** * • might add Tolomv at >TU<DM, tat tha aol aoo- tlndng proof of UM Ttrta«§«f thhi roudy to (ba»d 1« ta «*•«» opon trtml. i Coniamptlon. Frobkbty no on. ramady hu rr.r tMB kaawx whM oond to many and nch dangnoni cwa u thia. Bom homan aid can nach ; bat mo to thov Ou O^r, ftrf»ral affordi nllrf and aomftrl A«roa Hocn, N»w To« Crrr. iUnrh », 1884 DOOM. Am, LOTOL: I fart It a <tnty and a pl~r,r. !^J nfcl S '^ wh— T *° I C7 *« rr » «<*>r^ ha. Inn. for m» wife. Bbo had bam ore monthi laborug ondn the daa- (voni lyaptoma of Contnmptlon, from which no aid »• °GOldpr»<rar»nTa bar much rallef. ghan. itMdllr &U. nt, and] Dr. Strong, of thfe dtr, vhoro w» h.r. ™ mn ih, adrica, racoanunded a trial of your m*djdna W. blou ib >lndM«. aa «• do yoor iklll . (br «h«- ba. r«rj»w-«l rom that day. gh. U not y.t M itrong ^ ^ia naad bi b*, bat t> tn» from bar ooagh, and ealli Bamlf ».ll Yonn »Hh gratltuda and ragard, ORLANDO HH^tBT, or BMI.TTUJJ DE. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, DR. IIOOFL4\D'S B4LNA.MK CORDIAL. The yrfftt stantiur<l r/icc/iriH^.t <>f 'hf pr'ieni ayt, have actfiiireri tftfir fr*,n pnpni-^int'i mly through years uf frur/ I. nbttuniieti itHwfiic tion 13 rtndfTtti Ijif ffti-m in 'iii <'a.*r.i, timl '/I.- peoplt httt'f f/runuuricft 'lir>n .rorf/u/ Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia. Jaundice. Debility of the Vrvous System. Diseases of the Kidneys, and till duteasi-x -rrwi/i,/ tr-.n, i .l t _<:,r.i,r.,t org<m.i, arr tprrUlhi 'Ht'l /JTrni,,,,,, 'I,, ,-,T-,l ',,, ih, GERMAN' HITTERS Tl, f Balsamic CordiaJ i. , „•./„, r ,,i , rfplltiltlun 1Ul]l'l.\ •• -I •/ •',/• ' r,,lf timiitIT IT' ptlrirmn 'Unit' /' , /.' , ( ^ virii.'i l r \u Ik* f7IOff f^l'r'-* in'i !l,l»j tl:tt,>t"l:J Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitij, lu Snauza. Croup, Pn«urnoai.i, lactptant Condamption. Confirmed Consumption. •h« . - !ll( r Dlarrhce.i OF THE AGE 7'W fl'ffs Atl'y.. •lay, tneXbih Jay oH litue >-f ua^ . Dated .ItierKI I offic uiajlt i« N-re .y boatpot.f J . IV.'J, al the sacbe p 1« »«lur lai-r «" , Milu aukee, May 14, I^'.J A. J LINurtOHl tlV, MJ'O Mi: • • » . ut 31 |l waukrr b U. J[."lin, ltOA 11- Jutlin, eft I*. ure*fT, VV., . n .( Will. .. in P. Voauy, Urfr SlAtc of W'lsCOi'Si^, L. Kliftb 3d. JcaJm ituj P ;- J -I ,»r(t :. J- !H l; OU .vri; hereby •uiuajoaetl avail rt-^uirnl tu «u- 9«cr Ui* complaint ID Lhta ». U.,n, •tn<-h*i'] t, c lu Ihf urtlcc o( Uir Clerk nf IN.- Oirru.l t_..url, til) i>l lUwaulrt, at Mil » auk t-.-, i/id to Hcrx-c a r uf ^our &usw«r Lu U.e ta.14 coiupimu. i onLhc»ut>- ib Ui« City uf .Iii waukre, witi.- JLEGAJL A.OVERTISEMENT8. t Ibetr oOic 10 Qjurty d %^ aftrr >uu, eicluaiTC t-f the I-Vll tu atMWtrr Ul" BA alortf«aid, t/if r naiQtlD CuUIt Jof Uu- TrltcT J J>aal<fJ April IV. 15.'.* Tlie al/ore racntu ?-^, in the ojfirt- -..t Af.rli •;; >•< I ft i n! *u.Ji t>|tl|>laill itl if L I'dAM () KA H * M, !»• A!.- ll.r, r.u i Apu ,,.r.. .1 M.:. , . , The relgr&Wf dnoheaa had re-entered Parma. There was considerable animation in the English naval -depot; .;-• •• Additional vessels wera being plaoed in commission and recruiting was going on. The London Times' -continues to assertfts belief In an alliance between France and Ens- ria, and argues that Enssia would not bare gone §o tar as she has without a previous fn- dnntanaing witb France; - - - ' Some of , the verdicts in the Coroners in- qrwit, on the bodies from the wreck of the Pomona, censure the navigation which took the ship BO mn'on out of her coarse, And condemn a portion of the crew who deserted the passengers and took possession of 'the boat. and call for an admlrality to Inquire into the! owe, j i . , , _ . •-. .'f ••,;-..• i'l' > . ' ''' ' ' ' •' / ' to'inioKi Saturday,' LAI JEST. — The papers this morning contain nothing important from Italy. At the latest duel the Austrian* appeared to be retreating bat nothing was known of the object of their manoBnvers. • . • . , . /, Mr; H. St, John' Hedday is to aocompanr Uie head-querters of the Austian army as British Oommlsjsionar^and Col, Cameron will pahj; the^SaralruaB armr in a , Hay 6— Rome is more tranqnU - Rje— nominal at \j>o. Corn— »a«IJ<. Bart*;— n. Oal»— 52^6*- Potatoea— «oa«6. Hide*— gre»n fl; ialt«d I; dry 1S4>1« ; fall tr'mmed 15. Coal— BrookAeld (prtme artiei,)«,oo; Briar Hill 0,00; Pltuborg t,W®tfO; Jiehiet 9^0- Ka^arf^oot^S,^. Ohipneiva 4,00; Canal Coal 4.00; flallaerllle 4^0. lumber-common 8,90; cBnmon dreawd Ooorlng 1»,00; 2d do do 18,004 clear Ao do «0*r, ihiDg « 2^0 tt*,00for a very eapertor quality. Frerghts-ttnchanged. The Bchr. G. D. Norri. arrlr- ed hire thU toornln. nann§ Itft Otwego on Wedne»- day fee llth, making the trip np Inaomethlng to« than eight day.-. ,ery qaick trip. She K chartered to re- tan.toOtirtfo,wtthfrQa»tat6X. Ih* .Vshr. 4tme> navagt, takes wheat to Klngslop at B^< . NOTICK , PU null. iot J. Kervhaw, Jrs*r H. Leav rn»- f r U^, , John T. I'rrkiDs, Jo(»D Plarikin-. Llnrbtay »»rd, L)-m»n P S«in. J tttc«ITer or the Uermanla Bank .,( ' • A Co., l.harle. B. Curtt., John O Mr>e 1 8 hereby Riven that a petition ilirretl liylwelve fret-- tioldrra. reii.lcot, ot [be N .nil, W»r,l of lh>. OU < «.f MHwankar, having been preaented la «hr I'-mmoc Cooacil, Betting fortb tbe necessity of -ts^xiff .ertaln Uuvh In >«sd petition mentioned an j Jr.;rll,M fur tlie pufposi: •fl»ruig out and extending Siitfenth stmal GO feet vide In aaid Ward, that ay> apfhr»Unn w/m be made ui the Judge or the Circuit Court of Milwaukee County, on Wednesday, the ±id d.» of Vnne »t »i i or the appointment of twelve Jurora to view said rreml • t. an« aVtennlne as to ibe nec«.ltT of la*jni; the same for the purposrs In said petition stt" forth Tlie description of lands prajposed to be takro for the aforeaald Improveiaent are %a f»llosri, to wit A piece of land froc a 1 acr« tract mppo.ed 10 be- lB?«rt',.^H e ^»?n g ' n , n r! n * " '""" '" "" «° l " ol I ***• Wto«»n>. "'tW" twenty day, .IVr u, 161!, .treet sjod 01 <h< no. th east corner ot PUnklnlon'. J here< of ih. day of .uch L rii AM a ' fUit.i a CIRCUIT Cl>C KT, [ lraiiLi-r Countj { ^ li«:or|[t: Ci« ^. u Pap , Wil Addition; thence north on tlie. X aectlon I . Ittro John Hoe, Charlea Knehn, Ueorr? U M'.nrr, Cf rnj D. Davu, Jamrtf Uarlliaw, DcfntU&oL* Thet>tate of \Vtfconiin, to th« above namnl dt-fontlanu \ rOUarehereby.ummuned &itd rr*ju r^.J LI aii.i« P r tb« complaint in this action, wbtcti <• Clc-l in tUi- offic* urtttcUterk or .aid Court, and to (erttf a copy .if juur an.ver tu the f*ld cumplalnt, oti thr luriflcritx r» at their offlce, No«. 3>nd 4, Albany Dulldmi:. Mll»u trrv t -r vervtcr, &D<] if withi the t »» I^Oaoaai * Mn,w»cna May 1S.-1.SJS boi wheat; IjHA. do i*r, a do gnu aeed; ISO hb)> flonr; HCaaek. do; 2^80 Iba bldei; do Bundriw. a x— May 18.— J20 bbb floor:. 12,669 boa wheat; 406 do osstn. 818 do barley; 6S do^ort; IWdo poutoet; M H>k egpj 2SO do batter; 30,000 do avadrltJ- 0 ' 1,359 Ibs dmiedrliogi. LAM Exnwjia ouun TU run-mm-rov* BOOIU.— 1« Wni mdx; ifm bbl. floor; ««lack, flour; U.OO* bus wheat; 64 but core; 10 bbl* b wines; 250 bbls lard; sg bo» oaU; 8 bbl. wlitakey; 18 bbli .oad»les; S20 pkn ratidiie*. Lit« Inroara BDBIKO THI nsr rwnrv-roDK Bogus.— 1T6 MIUBtkerr-«*3tona mflr, «3 bbl. nth; 80 M .Mn- gle.; UX M staves; S tpia maple aogar,o bblfj liquor, 8 ton. h h good,; 21 bbls ragar, 20 bM* molMis; 207 pk(f anadrlej; ZfOt bbl. Mit; 400 bbli pli.ter; SS7X ton. obal; 40 M njnart timber. I you fail to answer the .aid complaint OoonCbr the relief demanded In tbe complaint Witness tbe Honorable ABTUUK McAR- TUUR, Judge of the Circuit Court lor md a'onnty of M.lwaukee^ at Milwaukee, this thirtieth day of March, In tbe ^year ..i.e tnotuand elgnt bnndredand fifty-nine HOOKER ft SPANOEN'BERU, line ranning north through H E'x of Seri»,'oS7e^ »C rt *- J1 ««- P|1 " ff>1 *«>•• Milwaukee, wi. 1 acre tract; tn««ce west 80 feet; tlience »oath on a line parallel to the* lection line SW fcet to oorth line of HaUaanton 1 . Addltloa; theac« easX on .aid line 30 feet to the place of beginning, contalnln , 17820 • quart feet of land. A piece or land from a 1 acre tract .of posed to heiooi not daspair till you ba»e trl«d Aru'l OKuar PBOTOSUL ll to mada by on. af tha baat mudkai cfaaimsta U the world, and lu mrm all around n bwap. tlia high marlts of Ua vlrtoaa — ftiladflflna Lrdyrr Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T UB adaccaa of Cbamlstry and Uattielna b.i» b^u laud their utmost lo prodnoa tkls baat, moat ^rf>«-i pnrgaflva wblch Is known to man. InnumarakU prr>,f, ara shown that tbawa Puia bar, rlrtoaa which rarpM» m azoaUeaaa tba ordinary madldnaa, and that tb.y win an precedentadly upon tha astaam of all men Tb»y ara »/•« and plaaaant to taka, bnt powarrul to cur. Their p«n» traljng propart&aftbnulata tha vital aeOvlrJeeof tha body. ramova tha obatrnctlona of It. organs, pnhry tha bloo.1. and alpal dlscaaa. Thay porga oot tha fcol humors whlcb braad and grow distemper, rtlmnlaU alngglah or Jl»ir aaradoriaiSatnto thatr oaiaral action, and Impart baalthy ton* with strength ta th. wbola lyitam. Not only Jo thay eora tha av»ry-day complaint, of .vary body, hot aiao bmldable. and dangerous dlaaaaaa that bar. baffl-l lha b«al of homan skill. Wblla thay jrroduc. pow.rfeil cflecta, thay ara at tha aama tlma. In dbnlalshed i!as«s, ih. aateat and bart physic that can be amptoyad fur cafldren Being sogar-coatad, thay ara plaaaant to taka; aad beinn purely Tegetable, ara tree fmm any risk of harm Cur«a Bava bean made which rarpaaa ballaf wara th«y net TON rtantlated by man of rach axaltcd posltlan ud character u la fcrbld the suspicion of rmtrotk Uaoy eminent clarvvncc a&d phyndans ha>« )f.nt their osmes to nrtlr* to tha public tba rallablljty af my ramadlea, whfl. othan have* eent ma tha aasaraJioa of thatr ooaTtrtlori that 017 Praperatkma contrtbuta bnmenaaly Co Uu rellaf of m; UBletad, snflhring feilow roaa. fc. Tha Agant below namad U plaaaad to furnUti gratis inj American « rnanaa, eontarnlng dlrv-dons fbr tbalr ua« anrt cartlncalaa of Lbolr enras, of tha following complalQtii — Ooad-mnaaa. BIUoos ComylsJnts, Rhaomattan. Drops; Haartbrirn, ueadarba sxlslag froto s foul itomarh, Nan sea, IndlgMtkm, Morbid Inaction of th< Bow.Is and Pmlu arising therafrom. rlaCnlaoey. Um of Appwdta. all flcrr uus and Cvtan«ems rdirania which r«qnir« an oiarnant oMiclna. Serofnla ur rlhia^t Evil. Tb«y alao, by parlfy Ing tb» bloud and stimulating ths system, cur« many romplalnta wblrb It wnold not ba anppnard th«*v cculj reach, .uch as Dmfn^a, Partial BUndn«a^ >'«nr»(irbi anj N«rTous Irrltsbllitj. D«ntng«m«at. of lh« Uvar and KW oeys, Qont, and other klndrad eomplalnta artarag i low atata of th. budy or obstruction of tta fanctlont. Da not bs pat aff by anprliirlplad daaJara with sum. oUi«r ptil they maka mor« proQl GO. Ask tor Arxsi PtLLa, and taka nothing alae No othar thay out glv^ ron eumpana with this In tu Intrinsic Taloe er car»rj-r« powers Tha *lck want tb. beat aid th«r« l« lir th^is. and thay .boald bar. It. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKH, Practical and Analytical Chemljt. Ixrvell. Mssa Paica •» On. ra 802. UTS Bom roa t I • BOLD BY JOHN RICTK, Mllwankee. J. H. RJJED A OO^ Chlcajo, an.I lown In the United fltatef. A I" •ir f.;, •:{ KV I M V 1 < i II I () KV K A Tot ir-. A7-r.t« in eTfr mhl y eowdAw K- a .-.! uy !n ce eaw 80 feet thra, e .oat. 50 ret?; feet to place of beginning, containing . UtT-Mth. 8 A, K—Wind N. JB.—Uowlns; brtikj—carrying tfilck patchej ofhigh tag to the S. W. Tbennometcr 42. ..,-.. . . : Barometer 2», 6. . - ir/A. >L—Wind (ttedjr and >tr»nf from N. K.—»ky t>rlgb(, bine and almeit cl«M. Thennome*«r42< Barmometer S», M. S P. K.—Wind .te»dy and efronc In -N. K.—eky clean except light Oem in S. W.< '-. i^ : . herme^r 4t: ' '"' " " Barometer 2», 47. 8 r> «.—Wind Nottk Z-poln> E.—light—fame as sxt 8 *.».' - Thermometer III . , aortl of a no«c In centre or loth atreet, •< the ,v B cornu of Plani loton'a Addition, thenee north on the H aection Ilne446 88 100 feet ta a point wax-re .aid line lo.ter.tcti thi loath western boundary line or fond da Lac avenue-, tkmce north 47 degrees west 41 reef ttience south on a lice p r«IUI ti the K aeclioo line 424 »-luO feet; tteme ea«t. BS ftet to the tit*, of beelii- nlg, containing 18S10 square fr«t of land. A piece of land Irom a tract supposed to belajag to J UlUille aV-zi.inlug wartime Jn t»e center or 16th .treeAot BOM', »ul corner o( Plaoklnajin'. AdAton- tbeSce noftl .o the X lection lint M feet; fhence east 80 fa<.f?tftencr aooth W) feet lo ihe north lln, o r f/. O M. land'a Addttlott; thence, west n iald line 80 feet to piMe Of (g«onlng,coa.UiniB.;J5oo»qoare fart of land. . A piece of laua ir-.u a tract loppoaed to bakoDg lo I SchweaW. BegtnntecM a pblut nntbi X **etlan Ito.' rtroilBg north through H TC H 'of TeeSon 19, BO feet north »r» none ID centre of 18th ttrceu at N k corner or Planklnton'. Addition; tkencc north BO feet on Ji •ecUoailne; thence eaat Rn t-,.*. »i — -. ---- .~- — . ** (hence we.t 30 feet to pi l&M) vqnare feet of land. Aplecfof landfrom a t»b.long to Maapol. •egmnlngat a prtni on the K «ectionlln« rcaolnf north through N E X of aaxtlun IB, lOOufea north Of •ttooeln center of 16th .tree- w thfe NEc^r Her of Planklnton'. .AddlUon; thence north on the v section line SO reet; lie«ceeast3o feet; thence lon feet; thenca. west 80 feet to the pls>te of beginning, talalng 1680 .quare leet of IMd ^ ^^' A pleee of land .frgm a t*act .appo.ed to b.lons; lo J. <i. afederer. Bejlnnlni at a point on the V tectlan One running north through R K ^ of lection It IJo A north of* (tone) In centre of 10 fa .treevat N-Ecarne- of PlwUnton'i Addlllon; thMce north on the « lection Una W feet;- tlicnceeail 80 f^et; thence iouth 60feaV thence welt 30 feet to the niace of beglnnlni", contaln- log 1880 iqware fceiol land. % place of l«ad from a- tract >ufj poaed to beloni to 0. Tarn. Beginning At apoint on the j< lection line ron. nlng north through N K X of aectlon It, 20C feet north of a .tone In centre otleik atreet, at D K corner of Plaoklnton'i Addition; theace nctth on tie >i iectlon Hoo JHIOI-WO feet; thenee jontfa tl- defnei wt 41 fT thence south 19» 11-100 feet; thenee West 80 feet to the place of beginning, containing 6122 iqoare feet of kmd. A piece ol land from a tract formerly owned by KUIi. Beginning at a point 880 11-100 f«et north and 80 feet eait of a atone plaoed in centre a>f 16th itreet, ' atjl B corner of Planklnton'e Addition; thence north on» line 80 feet ea»t and paral'el to Ihe X section line running north through M K )f of .eciion IV, 32 32-100 fi: thence .oath 48° degree* Veil 23 68-100 fcet; thei.ce coalh 47 ° daigreea es.t 21 03-100 ft to the place of beginning, containing 2CO .quart feet of land. A piece of laod from a tract .uppc.ed to be owned by O. W«lt«r Beginning at a point 421 43-100 ft north and 80 feet east of a atone .In centre of 16th . treet at N B corner of Plankimon'i Addition; thence! north on a line 80 feet ea.t and parallel to the ^ ieotl.,»Uoe running north thromh the M B ^ 6f ucUon 1J, 86 02- 18i>ai NUEKlFfS MALE. l^t-ws STATE Ot WISCONSIN, I Circnlt (^urt, Milwaukee County, ( Ueocge W. Peckham, l Judirmenl of forr<-la<arr snd agalast I sale. Band P. Hull. | I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in laid Court, In tlie above cumin] action, 1 iliajl ei- puae (or sale and sell at Public Auction, al tBe Court HooJe In the Cltj of Milwaukee, on the VSMa) *»>' of .TOoj , IB69,, » tbe boor of 4 r. •-, bf Dial day, the following described mortgaged premise*, or .0 much thereof a. may be necessary to raise the amount due to the plaintiff for principal, lo- tereat and costs., together with upencea of .ale, to wit : "All that lot or parcel of land known and de- •crlbcd u lot number eleven fli), in block one haMred and fix (IOC), In tha Seventh Ward, iformerlj tbe Flr.t Ward,) of lh«r aald City of Milwaukee, Connly of Milwaukee and State of Wl.con.ln." Sated Bherifl". UUice, Milwaukee, Nov. 84, 186s. Miuut*, I IrtiRMAN L PAOK, DR. M'LANE'S CRLKBRATFD VERMIFUGE N \V 1 K t. A i r> LIVER PILLS. PI'Uj Att'jra, Bh'ff. Mil. Co., law-lutSw « Is. illBODJTOOUBT, I against Rpbrsjtm au£)j|«r and Jotio J Orton, cxrcnCir. and Ida Jane Lew]., elecutrii | of t' e last will and testa mant of Allison IAWII, tteraned, Martha LcwlJ, Barah Lewis, Mary Lewis, Martha H. Lewi., Kliiabeth Lotiaa Lewn, William J Lewi*. Vhe Globe Batik, Hiram Farnlxn and JohaJ. Orton, J State of Wl.ccn.ln, to all tha. defendants above named *./ OU are hereby hummnned and required 10 answer t tbe compdlDi in tola aclloo, .which wu Bled In ibe office of the G)»rli of U« Circnlt Court, County of Milwaukee, on the 12tb day of May, A. n., Ii69, aod to I I I Salomons.'—For Keller. ^ (Uom. uul • rved.) I I I I I • ' waee, on e y o ay, A. n., atrveaeopyof yonr answer to the sala the •obsciiberi at their office, Nos. fi Bultdlng, 4iUwiutee, within ninety comp'amt on and 6 Albany days after the 30th with jprortjions for «.«• montliB.- The Tim»8 J -oit7«rtiole or Uwt erenlng B«T« th* , and although speonlatire securities of all ktacU remala ^Without reoiveiy^ there ha« besn » better tonfe In : eT«rjr dejiiujment of .fan-, rtMai. ; Onyestmeoto ocmfiniie to bfr rn^e t» . tte public/ and at o&e jnoment 90c WM ptifl New V»rh for. supertn. tor to the pUee o , for common to good extr» if8»t*ni; roand hoop Ohio. Market cloalng bearr. f n«« **.• ~_;_A rtf-A^tf f^t ^ for er nd wertera; for un.ounu do. do. ' mimed A piece of land from a tract iqppoaed to be owned by 0. PeieUte. Beglnningat • point on tbe K leetlon-Une runlng north through the M K X of teot'on 1», 418 01100 ft north of a .tone In the center of IfthMreeb at M K comet of Planktnton's Addition; thence north 27 f2- 104 feet on X'ectlc*lint; Uienc« north 430 degrees east 4t feet; toence eontb an a line pxrallel to « %ec- tlon line 8f 82-tOO feet; ihenc, «omb48= degrees west 43 11-180feet; t.ence north47° d r gree»we;t 1 89-1CO feet to the place of beginning, containing 930 tquareff of land. •-. - • • - - • -,, •••-•• ••'.:-•: : A piece of land (rom a tract eupjKised to be owned by 0 Peichke. Beglnntog at a pulnt on the X .ectlon line rnnnlng north tnroogh tbe N B % of iectlon 19. 449 79. ' W0«e«t oqrth of* ftone.!!* tb-<eate»*f l(ih street; , t M Ke«rner1of Kanklntonli' Addlliori; thence north 'on X KCtlon line 48 64-1M feettftenoe nortb 48»;degree. ea«t44f«et; thence fonth on a line parallel to the K aecttoB lltwi 43 84-100 feetjHbtnoe «onth k «-degre.« vert 44 feet ta the place of begin nlng, containing 1452 txjuare feet of Und. •enrlce of thl. tuntmon. onyoo, uiclujlvc of the day of inch lerrlce; and If you fall to answer tlie said complaint within the time aforesaid, Die pluinun In this action will apply ie> the Court for ll.i- relief lemanded In the complaint. Dated May 12, 18S9. FINCJHES, LTNDK*MIU-KR, . mayl7-law6w PlsJntlu". Attorney!. STATK OP WWOON81N, I Circnlt Court. Milwaukee Oonuiy. f- JohnKacltr, Thomaj rfatwil f oreclo.ure and Sale AdamOrth, Toepfer Wenztl,! J- s J N Irtnc bf ant) punaant to a JolirBient feri.ljre.l h. iald Ooun, In tbe above entitled »utlnn, U.tetl Co- ccmber 81, 1858, 1 .hall expoie for .»!<• and .ell at'Pub- Uo A action »t, the Pcit-Offlce-oD the comer of rVUcon- slnsnd Milwaukee itreeu, Inlhecltr, of Mllwaqkeo, on Matprdttv; tbe 80th day of Auffum, 1869, at. the bouf Ot 8 p. M. of that day, the following described mortgaged premise, or, .o much i hereof ai BSjibej decenary (o raise Ihe ainount of .aid Judgment, In terett and coiu.togtther witb tbe eipeote. of sale, the following r«al estate to wit: "All that piece or parcel of land situate In the •Oooaty et Milwaukee and B ate of State of Wlo . , - 'coniln, known and described u the south eut quarter of tlie north east ijaartf r of (action J136], town eight IS), range twenty- one (21 J, containing fct tr acre, more or less " Dated Sheriff 1 . Office, Milwaukee, Mayl+,;lM,». Dfa*«*,J. , A.J. LANGWOBTHT,. - 5Pl»ffli tMj& " r •" ""' fh'ff.«ll.Co.,WW.' m«yl6-2m-Hn2w -, , -. ;:: . ( - ••;'•• _ _ orner of PlaoilotoB'i AddlUon:theictr north on the l W e * t to.y. LMavenuej .thcnca foathl«> ' . «1-IM f«w»; Ihenc'e to topJ»c«;M begmnlug ''' " we»t4e er of the C«Bunon Oounc-l. IMklfiWfV-s'f ••-• H.B. Jarbrt forthe June*er«i pal Donrt, saUlwankee County, on ' : i : -r°'wsM*?itit i^;^.jfrS&iJ:tiiif'v*»^i4 i ^*f : -^"Z ••:Eirt»'«ft5ttffiAiI«-i'fe&J : S'*il' -SC•::-•'-.', 'i : -8aS«S- !; 3l ^W' t SALE.' 1 T - In the Unlied 8t»ie. Blj- <{trlct Court i• Dl.trlct ;jj:i>lapqnlt«.{!,~ .; ^ ... Jkr.Tlrtn» »l • i dtcMe made by the ;oilrt.oflheDiitt'((, tt(itfe fqr.theBhrtrlct , . . -:—'. *n I the ninth d«j. ot May, 183», ta'tte ibttTe«atltled:c»ti.e, Iihajl .el'at PuhJle-Auctioni »t the offl« ot4M tJntted »tatn M u *»I ; ljr *he Oltyiof JUlwaukee, In; ttt» 'Dlitrlcr; on Wdar, the : CReettth- <Jay ot July, li»i at three o'clock In Ihe afternoon, the foliowlas r)e«rlbed'Moperty.'to wit: J"0ut lot'B,' number twenty; onejgl),.In the yllltge of'Waup.cca, In the CoantyiWi W»np«t)c*' »na fltste of WlKonirn; •1*0 »tnJlelent quantity of Water Powetj to be taken 0«t of-tne W»dp»eca Blfer, t« tb« dam erected, acroa »ala BlreriJn th*Till»pLof Wint*oca, Co ipropel three rnn of »ton«i jar flouring porpoie i at »Q HUOGI of the jtKPi>imi+£*i!^at .i,-.-ir., .-i-is.:.,y- -! .^ .-^ "X -.V r.B.UanaaL beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to rtoo of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Dr. Chas. fi'Lanr's felfbratrd Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them aj universal Cure-alls, bur simply for what their name purports, viz. i THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animal: subject to Worms. !THE LIVER TILLS, For the cure of LIVKR COMPLAIN-TS all BILIOUS DERAVC.EMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make l speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled. and never known to fail when ad ministered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty YearSj and they will- now give theii undivided time and attention tc 'heir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shalJ continue to occupy the high position they now hold amcing the great 'remedies of the day, they will continue to spare neither time for expense in procuring the Best irici Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough mannqr.- Address all orders to FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa. , ,'*•'• Bt»ters mid Physicirjis ordering from otheri 611 '*" ""i?" wdl to wrtle ftdr '"to" bat Dr. JFLnft,- prepared frj ,~&. iivtiwi. wMngtagi* Bi tri aF, vt will Ibnranl p*r null, nost caid. to an« Itei United States, cm» box of?ra.,oV twSn foi r»P^.Ila7 AX! (oulidfutial A T th« BulTaJo Hnv, cur- >f By phll,». Inrtrniu.ei f Y.iurti E N 1±5 lili ll Uf «• MOST SCIENTIFIC INMtNTU-N umcut li.r th.- curw uf L/rt 0. --'- -•!•• . , Wholmle: ard Kttall, A rent- lod VLiaa Tarmlfog « teat by the moat eminent physician Pirn, PtulsJeiphi nly clusi veiy lo thi* pecclleW clana Jf LuaJjk.Iif-1*,' rt-Jief they have conse^ueotiy been mabie«l ii iheir feliuv crtfaitirtrs, In fuily teatid**«l »n-i tfi ackTowle-Urnl by coovisUescen: patit-otj *.n.l .tiifi 1 da.Jy »mvmu m l«»wn from all parui of ih- ouuntry .,-r the expresn purpose only of consmiatiom*. -rhilr- ift e; r exertion* hare been crowaetl »uii tfi^ aunt iiifrmt d.l- v*jQta«es, yet from what ihvy have tfX->«-r ->u--«i n -n- quiring Inui the caaiua of ihos*? intect«*u^ <!>iru[M<i.'>t ^frora their most simple c-mdinon to itutt •» tt ltj m .* ( t&iaed iht pos51 bUity of their prt-vmU. i: &nd l! iHTkrubly found u.^t lli>- a>u«l mail^nmut forma of diseajt? c«utU \in be iraceU to oue of Lhe follow.OK i-auii neglect, or the it) .tTrcta of unakillfal treatmunt; therefore, L». AJIOB 4 S<>N havtf ID , JiacovorUiK, In the selectiua of u.rir r tafe, effectual and omutioua»t/; >imiiti. btaatlon of remetiien which bear §.n mjutvoc; ter, &J well »a thos« wbose yrematurn or i plication ought bo productive <>f (•*,{ o> thd haujt of private IndiTidu.ii*. In *h ble cad uf tlieir remedle.i .3 the m*ua of human miaery by the tiieviuLiorj. reiTrn i prevention of lho«t* ^rttsvoiu <iil.]cti >n-*, Uiat *r- reaiity the Jecret foea of life* And *h fTi, wnue :nr*> cxtenji velj surriunil un, < aJl *!•" u-1 ' i > 11 > 4b m a i-'OLNTRT INVAi-ll'l*. Per. ,ns in any fftrt of the world may oe treated by forTuMing a currert w lit a remittance for Medicines Address Dr. AMOS k BON, corner Mum tn 1 •Ueet, Buffalo, N. Y. i, tll ; i.rwl (ildj SliEIJIr F'S HA! F STATK O? WISCONSIN, ?lr<-uit Court, MUwauhee County Sidney Sheparil, agaln.t Christian Uenr« Meyer, an>l llargaret, 8. Brown, UaVM ». Power, Edwanl Hasse, P Merrill, Sebon Webster, Charles A. Detmer ritchback. B. Ro.I.ha »n,l \ W Sn«troi Administrators of tbe estate of John C. Ltiftoy, ceased, Ormand T. Crane, Charles f. Boile, trator uf (he fltateoi*Charles G. Schre n<?r, ,lec ed, JameS W. Afeiell and lie: man ti. 0. Kemper IN virtue of Ind pursuant to a judgment reniler*Ml lu .ald^Ooart In the above enutledactlon^dated Fubrua- rj 3, 1869,1 shall erpo.e for sale «nd Jell at Pulfllc Auc- :loo, at the Posl-Othce, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tbe 9tb day ol July, Issa, at the boar of i P.M., of that .lay, the lollovrmg .Inscribed mortgaged premlsts or so much thereof as may be necessary 10 raise the amount uf <a»l .erest snJ coin, together wlih the ^iiieiiaei ,.f <»l?. wit: ••l.ot number tlxteen ill{) and fhe~eaat hftti f l»t nnmber ttfleerHlS), In block (nrty-ftTe (4o>, lu the Second Ward of the of Uilnauare, b Ing on Tamarack uri'pt, between Fifth .i Slilh sireeti, all in the Coujity if uilw uk »nd Slate of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff '. Office Milwaukee, April », A. J LAN .VVOKTUV. »l>r*-8in-llri» Sheriff Milwaukee Co., W\ OOO) 8TATK OF WI80ON8IN, Circuit Court, Milwaukee County ame. 3. Brown, Ju^laiav Bathan-ay and Thornus L .len, against A. Patterson 8mUh and Alftad Forecloanre. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in said Court, In the atnlva entitled action, Jua.i larch IT, 1SS9, I shall expose for .ale and tM it Public Auction, it the Post Office,! In tha city or Milwaukee. n Maturdart the Sd day af July, ISM, it he hourof 2 P. M.. of thai, day, the following described mortgaged premises, or «o much-thereof M may be ne- essary to ralie the amount of iald judgment. Interest nd coats, together with the expenses of sals, ter wit; "Block number twenty-«J,5»t (S8), ot Clark'* addition, In the Eighth Ward, of the city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee, tori State of Wisconsin. ~ f Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April Ut,lS6». W'fP» Att'y. ' f ShsrUT MIL Co^ Wli. aprl-3mllnJw i all parts .>f the , , early received cn*es tff) ft* Is r-rjntreu for in * No C8ASUK 'or iervlop* t.'i»t * be «>ted when IEU pntl'nt l< Irtatiston A* Stir nr.ii &>/* plication- u akore- «:; '.-:-.-n

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