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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, October 29, 1938
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1845 A F ami .v Newspaper-Devoted to Local and General Intelligence. Agriculture and Advertisings-Independent on .11 Subjects. Subscription:-!.. Caroline, $1.00 per Annum, in Advance; Out of County. $1.50. 1938 VOL. 93. MORNING, OCTOBER 29, 1938. NO. 5 One show every nite at 8 p. m. except Thursday and Saturday, 2 shows at 7 9 Fri. Sat.. October 28 25 The picture of dazzling career! H E N I E . G R l T N H BTiEwtB 4 A 20th C«ntuiy To* Pw1»«» 7th Chapter Extra--Charlie McCarthy Comedy Tues. Wed., November 1 2 YOU'U BE AMAZED DENTON. MARYLAND Two Shows Nujhtlll 7 !) Fri. Sat., October 28 29 ChHTrmr BWBEI B06MT- «*· Wta teuU Crua-G* rw to UiATOlE UTVAX rncTa NOTE -- No show Monday due to political meeting Thursday, November 3 It Pays lo go to t h e - Ridgely Theatre HEADSTRONG DAUGHTERS AT THE DANGEROUS ACEI PrisentH by WARNER BROS. GDI THE RIGHT TIME? 00DDMS of TIME \T J«w«I».. ..· * "KISS ME SO I'LL ALWAYS REMEM- Homemakers Eagerly Await JournalSchool Enthusiastic Democratic Mass Meeting Held Here ·totting GEORGE RAFT HENRY DOROTHY FOND A-L AMOUR Mon. Tues., Oct. 31, Nov. 1 Wednesday, November 2 It Pays to. go to the Dentonia Theatre Thurs. Fri., November 3 4 ROBERT TAY1DR GUSTAV GOOD Watchmaker Jeweler STATIONERY -:- GIFTS Denton, Md. "Star In My Kitchen" Home-Making Film Coming To Dentonia Theatre It's the talk of the town! Women throughout the comnwiii'.v nre iiliiniiiiifr to attend tin- l~i ii-iiiliy class for homo-makers, the Motion Picture Cooking School, scheduled lo 'open at the Dentonia Thentiu on Tuesday, November 15th. A welcome invitation to the wise is .sufficient, and the onl invitation needed for this novel cooking -chool I h that extended to every woman by · The Denton Jouinal. There is no charge to see any of the .showing; of "Star in My Kitchen." Because this newspaper stands ready to sponsor all piogrcs-ivc developments, particularly when they affect the homes of the community, it is presenting this motion picture romance of home-making entirely free. "If I could only see exactly how she mixes nnd handler her pie-crust." That comment has been heard from beginners and from more experienced cooks at many cooking schools. Craning necks and anxious eye-, [trained on the stage from the i-ides land back of the demonstration hall, have failed to catch all of the impor- itant steps in pastry making nnd other culinary arts. Only thi- early bird-? in the very front row have had a close-up of the stage in the past, and even they couldn't peer directly into the mixing bowl. Now the wizardry of the camera has solved the problem, making it possible for every person in The Dentonia Theatre to share each faseinul- ing stage of tho planning, measuiing, blending, nnd baking in practical, u p to-the-minute kitchens. Keeping pace with the bnkinp, roasting and f tying, a scries of salads and frozen delicacies will paiade in and out of the adaptable electric rc- frigciator, which will reveal its ho-'tjud by the of possibilities for simplifying labor for the o and marketing, and contributing to good health and good food. HBBBBRT R. O'CONOU Denton Lost To Ridgely Last Sunday Eastern Shore Soccer League Standing of Clubs W. L. Pts. Ridgcly Greensboro Easton Vienna A. C. 10 Hh Denton Che.slertown Canibi idge Vienna CCC. Federalsburg St. Michaels C.H.S. Volley Ball Team Defeats Preston By 8-2 Score SlafT Editor-in-chief Margie Rue Assistant Editor Austin Murphy Cla-s Reporters: ,, . I Grace Gcllctly Senior j Sy , vin Sc( , sc Junior Wayne Cawley Sophomore Mae Fifield Freshman Bruce Andrews 7th Grade Louis-o Chaffinch Alumni REP. T. ALAN GOLDSBOROUGH U. S. Senator Millard E. Tidings JUDGE WILLIAM C. WALSH The laigest cimv.T ever ro hoar d.ite for U. S. Senator, and lion T. Demociatic candidates gathered a t ' A l a n Goldsborough, candidate for the Dentoiiia Theatie Thursday Congress. Each of the speakers re- afternoon and heard speeches deliver-1 hearsed the issues of the campaign national and state aspirants offices. Elmer T. Oi me, c h a i r m a n of the Democratic State Centtal Committee BUYER MEETS CCI I CD iN OUR AD DtLLt-K COLUMNS.... Equitable Life Insurance Company Home Office, Washington, D. C. Raymond R. Fisher Agent BANKING LOOKS AHEAD A What to do with left-overs? How to take the gloom out of laundry day? How to save time, energy and temper in meal preparation? How to be atractivc in upitc of the daily rush? How to make the pie-ciust that men love to eat? How to give- first-aid to fallen cakes? It won't be necessary to ask the questions, for expert home specialists have anticipated these very problems. They know what bothers many an experienced housekeeper, because it is their job to know and to counsel helpfully. Fun, novelty and entertainment are joined throughout the feature picture, for it is always fair weather when neighborly cooks get together. Home-making has a universal appeal, and every woman is eager to learn the newest news of her craft. Cooking, romance, modern kitchens, and clever actresses do not tell the complete story of this 191)8 model cooking school. The picture fc a whole laboratory of modern ideas and wise counsel, touching on latest developments in home equipment and accessories, including laundry methods, ways to prepare left-oven-, beauty secrets, hints on saving time and labor, and fresh suggestions on how to entertain graciously, a-s well as how to be thrifty. It won't be necessary to carry pad and pencil and try to scribble measurements in the darkened theatre, be cause free recipe sheets, with complete formulas for many of the delicious dishes prepared in this Motion Picture Cooking School will be distributed daily. Surprises in store for readers of The Denton Journal will not be limited to free entertainment nnd instruction, since there will be daily gifts, for Caroline County, opened the meet- ng by introducing AVcsley E. Thaw- ey, who acted ns chairman of tho neetin-r. Mr. Thawlcy spoke about he different candidates and solicited united support in the November election and introduced in turn Hon. Jamus A. Young, candidate for Clerk if the Court of Appeals; Hon. J. Milard Tawc-=, candidate for Comptrol- er; Hon. Herbert R. O'Conor, candi- late for Governor; Hon. William C. Walsh, candidate for Attorney-Gen- ii] different foim and were warmly applauded. Seated on the stage were all tha county candidate-, chairmen of ral; Hon. Millard E. Tydings, candi- ing. the several districts in Caroline county, the state and national candidates and the Democratic State Central Committee. The Grecnshoio band furnished appropriate music. The large audience evidenced their sincerity by listening vaptly to each speaker and by applauding wholeheartedly. Democrats aie really interested in their ticket this year and a sweeping victory is assuicd by a unity of purpose which was so manifestly displayed at Thursday's meet- Games This Sunday Easton at Denlon Ridgely at Greensboro Chc.steitown at Vienna A. C. Vienna CCC at Cambridge Federalshurg at St. Michaels Results of Last Sunday Ridgcly 4, Denton 0 Greensboro 3, Chestcrtown 2 Easton 2, Cambridge 1 Vienna A. C. 4, Vienna CCC 3 Ridgely Game The ball is placed in the center of the pitch, the whistle blows, the new Eastern Shore Soccer League season is once again underway. The first quarter of the Denton-Ridjrcly game proved a fiuitless effort for both sides to find the uprights on the playing field. It was Ridgely's ball and they would attempt to score but tiusty backs uch as Pollard and Nortis sent the ball down to Dcnton's forward line and let them try but Ridgely's backs also wcic good so the first '22VL minutes of play gave no score. After about 10 minute.; of play in the 2nd q u a i t e r Kibler, of Ridgely, made a beautiful kick thiough Dcti- ton'. goalie for the first score of the game. Ramsburg playing goal for Denton, had made many good stops and saved several tallies throughout the game. The 3rd period found Kibler scoring again as did Ranipmcyer a few minutes later. In the fourth and final quarter Lynch drove another one through foi a final count of 4 to 0. The Denton boys did very well in checking Ridgely for they were runners up for the Eastern Shore championship a couple of years ago. Credit should go out to all Denton players, especially the work of Cab Calloway at centre half. Litciaiy Editor Louibe Brown Humor Editor Bill While Athletic Reporters: Gill's Elaine Greaves Boy's Robert Moore Typist Irma Henzen VICTORY IS OURS Our field ball girls did a good job Friday. We played at Preston and came home triumphant with a score of 8-2. In the fiii=t quarter, Irma Henzen, right inside, hurt her ankle and had to be taken out. Kathleen Shaffer took her place and she really played hard. In the second quarter Irma came back. Elizabeth Knotts was goal keeper for the second and third quarters and Mary Ann Reinhold for the first and fourth quarters. The goals were ehot by Irma Henzen, Kathleen Hollis and Elaine Greaves. All the girls played hard and they really deserved their victory. This is the first imc Denton has beaten Preston for many years. We acquired on this trip a mascot, i little brown and black cattcrpillar. As he was found at Preston, he was given the name "Preston". FEDERAL LAND BANK TO HOLD GROUP MEETING Representatives from the Caroline County National Farm Loan Association will attend a group meeting of icpresentatives of Eastern Shore of Mar;, land, Delaware and Virginia as- ociationa to be held at Salisbury on November 3 to take part in a roundtable discussion of everyday problems that arise in conducting business, Secretary-Treasurer H. E. Holsinger, of Ridgely, announced today. In addition to Mr. Holsinger, President John W. Altfather, of Denton, and Director Howaid M. Harris, of Preston, will attend. Representatives from tho Federal Land Bank of Baltimore will be picsent, among them E. P. Cridcr, vice-president; F. B. Bready and E. B. Wellener, loan section chiefs; C. C. Dobbins, special representative nnd J. L. Henderson, ficldmnn. Association secretaries and dircc- tois have submitted lists of suggestions that will be brought up for open discussion, fiom whfch it is believed there will come a better understanding of mutual association problems, more efficient operation, and Ridgcly Bijlbrough Sneed Galante Cross Walls . Koeneman Pos. G. R.F. L.F. R.H. 'C.H. L.H. A. Rampmeyer O.R. Kibler Bcnnington Lynch Brown I.R. C. I.L. O.L. Denton Ramsburg Pollard F. Norris Tinley Calloway Gniccko Flcetwood Hubbard Price Kibler Bennington STATE AND NATIONAL CLUUWOMEN TO SPEAK AT SHORE SESSION Mrs. John L. Whitehurst, of Baltimore, and Mrs. Harry L. Harcum, of Salisbury, prominent National and State Clubwomen, respectively, will jc the chief speakers at the fall meeting of the Eastein Shove District Federation, November 3nl, at Centre- villc. The session will be held all day at the M. E. Church in Centicville and will begin with reports by district chairmen. Mis. Harcum, president- director of the Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs will speak in the morning. In the afternoon an Easton quartette will sing. Mrs. Whitehuivt will speak on "Democracy in a Changing World." She is vice-president of the Gcneial Federation of Women's Clubs and a past president of the- Maryland Federation. Her address will be followed by a one-act play under direction of Mrs. Sterling Harris of Cenlreville, head of tin; ,ittle Theatre Group there. Substitute:---Ridgely, Wharton for Galante; Denton, Vogt for Hubbard, Covey for Norris, Walls for Kibler. Referee--Kostc Score by periods Ridgely Denton 1 2 3 0 1 2 0 0 0 Total 4 0 Uoy.s Athletics Flash!!!! Denton triumphs over Preston to .he tune of G-2. It wa,- a hard fought, clean game. Preston fought to the ast ditch. In the first five minutes of play, Marvin Butler kicked a goal Later in the first quarter Wes, Thaw- ey, after a beautiful center fiom Wyatt, kicked another goal making the score 4-0. In the second and third quarters, the game progies ; cd with Preston fighting hard to win, but in vain. Then in the fourth quarter, Alderman in the last five minutes kicked a goal for Preston, and Tribbitt, in the last minutes of play, shot a nard one right through the goal making the score 6-2. Kubler, Cawley, and Hughes served as a bulwark, stopping 1 many possible Preston scores. Boys, we congratulate you; it was a good game. But, you boys who didn't kick goals, don't be disappointed, it's not who kicks the goals, but whether your team wins that is important. So fight hard and you are bound to win the championship. ing. One day while we were reading Mr. Crouse paid us a visit, and bccmod quite pleased with our progress. Junior News If you are looking for an interesting subject, where could you go to find one more interesting than chemistry? Ever since the first of the year, minutes of chemistry have been minute*- of exciting- exploration in a world unknown. On Thursday we .stalled to study the vast topic (it makes up 5-7 of the world's surface), water. After setting up our apparatus, we started to distill water. The impure water contained i-everal drops of ink, about a teaspoonfull of salt and a drop of ammonium hydroxide. Then when this mixture was heated, a vapor passed through a glass tubo into a test tube in a beaker of cold water. The distilled water, which was clear, wa-, then tested for chloride and ammonia. The first tests contained both of these chemicals, but later tests showed an absence of these. Our clasu wishes that a few of our readers could have seen this experiment and enjoyed the thrill of seeing things happen that were inexplicable until we dropped into chemistry class. Sophomore News We wi=h to thank Mr. Crouse for giving us a period last Friday in the library. Mr. Lee, our history teacher, went to Preston with the team and Mr. Crouse took over the fifth period. This was the first time many of the sophomores have had a period in the library this year. Monday afternoon we had our first class in Current Events. Many inter- citing and beneficial reports were given. We are looking forward to many more of these classes on Mondays. In this way we hope to acquire variety in our history and increase our knowledge of the events of the world at the same time. In Latin, Miss Ford is cleverly leading up to a unit in grammar. Along with our regular translation and other work, she has been asking us the case of some words and theif C. H. S. S. Tribbitt B. Wyatt W. Thawloy M. Butler R. Thawlcy F. Zeiglcr T. Baker' C. Matley J. Hughes A. Smith D. Kubler Substitutes: B. Cawley J. Jester B. Nuttle L.O. L.I. R.I. C.F. R.O. L.H.B. C.H.B. R.H.B. L.F.B. R.F.B. Goal Preston C. Chambers B. Planner J. Legates M. Alderman E. Plut-chak W. Todtt W. Fluharty J. Wright W. Thomas L. Ingle R. Gadow A FrienJ of tte Family Father, in His business and personal affairs, uses this tank's facilities to safeguard his fcnds, to pay and collect Kia accounts, and as a source of credit and business information. Mother saves time and steps by paying her household bills with the aid of a checking account. Sister and brother set aside money for the things they want (and also learn the important leason of thrift) through personal accounts at this bank. IB your family using all of our services? Tte Denton ^National Bank Beaton gfH Mary W many of which will bring pleasure better service to--farmers. Visiting , i :,,*:,,,, ,.f "ooiinnl nssncintion representatives are e.x- and renewed appreciation of days" long after the final graduation on the closing day. Join the parade of home-makers Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, association representatives are pected to participate freely in the db- cussions, Mr. Holsinger said. He said that national farm loan associations arc local cooperative i. uua\jc»j t » · «.** ·*»-»«*--f - - ,, . i · v. November 15, 1C and 17, in The credit associations through which Dentonia Theatre. farmers who have sound security may apply for long-term amortized land bank loans to buy farm land, refinance debts, provide working capital or finance permanent improvements Each association is managed by di rectors living in the area served. Afemfwr Federal Reserve Syalem " A A ' -- , . , yairs in learning. OCTOBER O 29-U.-S. army planes broke ;*? up clouds over Washing^ ton by blasting, 1924. 30--Morse code patented, 1833. -,..._ -- i Connecticut's charter concealed I" an oak. 1687. Easton Here Sunday This Sunday afternoon the Denton team will exchange boots %vith the Easton boys at the local grounds. A couple of new players will be on hand and they need your support, so come out and yell for Denton. KickorT at 2:30. League Officers Elected At a meeting in Easton on Wednesday last officers for the league were elected as follows: President, Mr. George W. Clendaniel, of Denton; vice-president, Mr. M. W. Field, of Chestertown; and secretary-treasurer, Mr. Kenneth Shocklcy, of St. Michaels. Two new teams were taken into the loop, they being Federalsburg and St. Michaels. The league is now composed of ten teams. A new schedule will appear in a few days. ir NOVEMBER . 1--First simultaneous mole- oroloqical observations ·-- taken, 1870. 2-Norlh and South Dakota admitted lo Union, 1D83. 3-Wllllam Cullan Bryant pool, born, 1794. 4--Patent granted to H. I. Gatltna lor disappearing gun, leZ. ORPHANS' COURT The Orphans' Court for Caroline County met in regular session on Tuesday, with Judges Towers, Handy and Dennis present. The following business was approved and ordered recorded: Petition nnd order to assign stock filed in Edward Martin Noble estate. Petition and order lo assign mortgages filed in Joshua J. Wright estate. Release filed in James E. WiHinm- son estate. Administration and distribution account and releases filed in Adelin M. Jefferson estate. Petition and order to release mortgage, first and final account of administration and proof of publication of notice to creditors filed in Annie E. Heather estate. POPULAR CANDIDATE TO BE JUDGE OF PARADE A. Fletcher Sisk, candidate for the State Senate from Caroline county, has been selected as one of the judges of tho mammoth parade to be held in Scaford, Dclawaie, on Monday, October Slfit, at 8 p. m. The parade is in celebration of an era of prosperity and businecs expansion for Scaford. Besides the $7,000,000.00 to be spent there by duPont, another like amount is proposed to be spent within seven years. There will be 80 to 100 floats in the parade, over 3000 persona in costumes, 12 to 15 bands, and bugle and drum corps. Other judges selected arc: Mayor Wallace Woodford, Dover; Capt. Bail Ewing, Lewes; L. W. Insley, SalL-bury; and J. Dick Wairen, Cape Chniles. The Korner Kicks least the Greensboro team HOUSEHOLD HINTS Cranberry Relish 2 cups crnnbenies 9i cup sugar 1 orange Grind cranberries and orange, including rind. Adil sugar, mix well, and let stnnd in refrigerator to mellow. to-Orfeat Our PRINtSHOP could do after digging up the local boys property is to offer to pay for same. After all good American money was ispcnt by the local team for that property. The big boy that went wild for Chestcrtown in the middle of the game Sunday sure has a funny name after playing baseball all summer. Skector Irwin got kicked more on the sidelines Sunday than the boys on the Reid. Contributions for suits, shoes end other equipment have been steadily coming in but the boys still need a good deal to roach their goal. A newspaper report said the Easton-Cambridge game drew 500 spectators last Sunday. Denton would like a crowd like that this Sunday. NOW IN FORCE The Federal Wage-Hour law is now an effective fact. It has been talked about for so long that everybody should know what it is all about. The Act specifies 25 cents an hour as the minimum wage in each industry, to be reached as rapidly as possible. Carrying out this intent, the enforcement of the act will proceed very slowly inasmuch as it will have to wait on different industrial committees. Smith Mundt * Schmick Chance Hallowe'en Party Well folks, at last the students have received news of a much longed for party, which will be held on Hal- lowe'en night, October 31. The party will open with a parade around the auditorium. There will aUo be games and stunts in which all may participate. All students who arc masked will be admitted free. All others must pay five cents. Costume prizes will be awarded in the following classes: 1. Funniest costume 2. Best couple or group 3. Most original costume 4. Best disguised After the entertainment refreshments will be served!!! We feel thai the students who attend the party will really enjoy themselves much more than if they are wantonly de- strojing eome one's property or frightening some timid soul. If this can be accomplished we will feel that the party has been a great success. Don't forget our date with the ghosts and goblins on the 31st! Alumni News Last week, two more alumnae visited C. H. S. On October 18, Dorothy Stevens spent the day with us, and on October 10, Evelyn Adams visited us. use. I'm afraid my lessons feel sadly neglected, so until next week, goodby. Freshman News This old chatterbox id going to talk about the girls this week. He's been featuring the boys since he started, and I guess that's because he in a boy. Well, the girls are making things for their room, such as wall hangings, bedspreads, and most anything that girls have in their rooms. Quite, quite interesting, don't you think so? Well, time's up. Seventh Grade News The first home room to go over the top as members of the Red Croea was Grade 7, Mrs. Rairigh's home room. Our grade had 100 per cent' attendance two days last week. Let's keep it up. 5A News We are very glad we won the magazine campaign. We had a party because we won a five-pound box of candy. We are also very happy because Rachel Willis sold more than anyone else in school. She received a certificate for being the best salesman. The Variety Club met the first Friday in October. There were many interesting stories told. News Flashes On Wednesday last, the Seniors beat the Juniors 4-2 in a soccer game. The game was a good one. Perhaps the Juniors will have better luck next year when these eeniors have gone. The first school party of the year will be held on Hallowe'en night from 7:30 to 10 p. m. There will be a parade, many stunts, and prizes awarded for different things. The more people who "dress up", the more fun there will be. Why don't you dress up and come too, fellow schoolmates ? The bank news this week informs us that $10.67 was deposited, Mrs. Rairigh's and Mre. Ramsburg's rooms had the largest number of depositors, and Mrs. Rairigh'e and Miss Trice's rooms had the largest deposits. Saturday, October 29, is a big night for the Job's Daughters. Twenty Grand Officers expect to pay their official visit at that time and bring Van Whiting has a position in New York City. Gretha Fountain, who has been working at Rchoboth Beach all summer, will return home in a week or two. Jack Rue, who attended prep school in Massachusetts last year, is now enrolled at Mergenthaler's School of Printing in Baltimore. Senior News Monsieur Daniel Ajoux Ecole Industrielle Casablance, Moroc Afrique du Nord Such was the address on a letter sent lately by a girl in our French class. By the far nway look in her eyes we think ehc must be patiently expecting a letter!! At the same time a letter was mailed to Monsieur Jean Shiltz of the same town. Each girl is hoping to get her answer first. Some of the other girls have been receiving French papers, magazines, pictuies nnd postal cards. The boys Buy a Health Tag and help support the County Nursed Board. with them a number of girls from Baltimore and Mount Rainier. On Sunday all of the Job's Daughters will attend church at the Brethren Church, along with the Grand Officers. In about two weeks, the awful day will arrive, and the report cards Till be given out for the first nine weeks of school. A word to the wise is sufficient. Better get down to work, if you have been taking a holiday. Here and There Dead End Kids in Reverse: Squirt--Bob Moore Fats--Vernon Porter Bugs--Frank Zcigler Goofy--Robert Thawley Frankie--Charles Butler Whoso picture is Frank Zeigler carrying around in his pocket? Sylvia are you minus one? Where did Emma Turkington's picture go? Answer next week. "Little squirts should be seen and not heard". Get it, Wayne? have -addressers but haven't found time ( ? ) to write. As we go along in our novel we find it much easier and more excit- Regardless of the ticket you rote, be sure to wear a Health Tag OB Election Day. 'SPAPERJ

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