Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 20, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1888
Page 4
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THE ETENIKQ GAZETTE: FRIDAY, JANUARY, '20 IB83. Mrs- CONDENSED NEW3. ! prohibition ametVimflnfai. M.-j-y Mann di>>4 at Fairlws, Vf. iday ni-^bt at the ags of 10U years, Tb« bill giving women the right to vote. In Washington territory h*s bean signed b; Governor Sample. Two men orcnpylag ft room Is ft, llfaw York hotel blew out it** gas, o&4 Thnradsy nofii'ng, Thomas laureae* Rljrgs, of R\gs& & Co., the WMblngfon bankers, diad Thursday ol J&r!gbl',i <lkens«, aged S3. Tbe stockholders of U» Dllnols Ctmtra railroad are to rec*Cr» a semi-annual divi d»nd cf 8;< per cent. March 1. Gay Helm, one of tb« first «*ttl«r» of Elk nols, died at Oakley Thursday, s$r*l 81 H» lived «t the p!«oe named fifty years. A r>a!>?in c; owd Thnradny booted and in- salted Chief Secretary Balfoar upon his appear gn 09 tn th* stre*t* 6f tin Irish capital Tb» coronnr Thursday founJ tl.600 la gold bidden In the hut of William Frtos, wbO died of starvation at Glrord, Ohio, Toss- day. Another portion of tb» Catherine Wolf* «t«t* was sold at the rTsw Tork Roil Estat* •xchnage Thoralay, 8571,000 being real, ted. : . The secretary of tbe treasury has dasifr- natsd tb* National Branch bank, of Madl< son, Ind., to b* the depository of pahllo moneys. , 3. F. Boyhs, the postmaster of Aid, His., who was charged with embezzling tha oon ttmt» of a registered letter, wu pronounced not guilty Thursday. By toe capiitjng of a small boat near, Victoria, B. C, fourteen Chinamen, intending to smuggle tbammlva* into Washington territory, were drowned. •A*. Roman nowupaper assorts that the pops wUl not meddle with Irish affairs in lh« Interest of the British' government further than Ja ad vim tbt> Irish bishops to pursue a policy of prudence and moderation. As the rmult of placing' bar mdnay In tba bands .,of .'a Pbjlaiielpmsi woman who "Invested" fonds for lartlwi, after the fashion of Mr*. Howe, of Boston, Ml* Mary A, Brown, of Norristown, Pa., finds herself bfiATH BY FIRE AND WATERL Six rn a Family Boaated Alive in Ohio— • -Frightful Disaster In China. LnfA, O., Jan. 80.— Early? Thuradoy morning the louse of Frank Smith, In tbe'eaatern part of till county, took fire, and the whole family, consisting of Mr. Smith and his wife and four children? were burned to death. Tho Barnes spread so rapidly that all mean* of eacape were out off. rly 4,000 Chlaene. .'. • Jan. UO.—Advice* from China say that while 4,000 workmen were engaged In constructing a broad water to 110111 ' the floods of the Koung-Ko river, a sudden rush of water engulfed them and only a f*w«f onped ben drowning; ; ! Cora, le« on Trial Austin. BraritonLLD, Ma, Jan. au.— The trial of Cora Lee, the bigamous wife if . George E. Graham, the uxorcide, who was lynched at this place, was resumed tn the circuit court here Thursday morning. Seven witnesses wore examined here Thartdoy, the) evldeno* being mainly relative to the discovery ot tb* body of the murdered Sarah Graham In tbe well-cnvo on tbe farm of Mm Molloy. The defendant is indicted for murder In tbe first degree on the charge of aiding her bigamous husband, George K. Graham, in killing, bis wife hi the month of September two years ago. Mrs. Emma Molloy, the noted evangelist and temperance ,reformer, Indicted as accessory after the fact, has arrived from Washington territory. A Possible Candidate for Governor. ' - GIHESKO, Ilia., Jan. 80.—Charles Dunham, of this city, is spoken of very favorably u a possible cnpdjdale /or governor on tbe Don*, ocratic ticket this yesir. >Mr. Dunham it known all over the state. He if an attorney and an active party worker, and should ho consent to become a candidate ho will, it is thought, receive tbe unanimous support la th* convention of the Democrats of tbe northwestern part ot tbe state. - Snspriulon of • Lumber Firm. TOBOHTO, Ont, Jan. 30.—Tho himber flrm of 8. C. Canada & Co. has suspended Their business has lately been hampered by a number of failures ot lumber meat whose paper, they hold. Llabllites amount to $:J2U,0 1 0, of which »70,dOO Is to the Pary Sound Lumber, eorapany.'afid $150,000 lip the Ontario banki and others. * , • ' The Crown Prince Rapidly Becoverlnc. LONDON, Jan. 20.—The Lancet has authoritative information to th* effect that ,tha> • German crown prince progresses so rapidly toward recovery tbat he looks forward to returning to PoUdnm la the spring.. , Wo Plot Again*! the Csar. ST. P«tsm4utJBO, Jan. 20.—The police here claim to be certain that there was no organ- ised plot against the czar's life during the New Y»ar celebration. Development ,of tha PUhlng VeM*L . This Teasels of dot fishermen In early times were diminutive craft of only from, five to^twelye tons., burden,; and were pointed,at both. ends. They were colled pints, or pinkie*. Then the pointed prow gave place to a bowsprit and'JIb, and th* Y*uel, (till retaining this poinufl ktorn,' became a Jigger. Today the fishing VB»- •elj) uilllng out of Gloucester are first claw two masted schooners ranging front 75 to 123 tottsi bnrdenl. ' They, are the •wlftest, most buoyant .and seaworthy, and still tho most beautiful and graceful vessels ,«flott.i:Tfce Krersfte -«tetr fat}""*' first clan fblilng-wase} comprises a skipper, or captain, and from fourteen to sixteen men, and, it Is almost invariably th*' case that not a man"la shipped who la not'! •s perfectly familiar as the skipper himself with every, manner of. coast »nd banks fishing, as well as with every oon- - oelvable duty AS fisherman, or tie&xnon. -„' Th* stores, or supplies, vary according to the kind of flab sought, and tba probable length, of the cruise; but they are!, always far superior to those provided for stamen In merchant' service. There la no caste, no distinction in food, treatment or fellowship: and the skipper would be ridiculed off- the coast whose, cabin table' was s> stranger to fresh butter, pies, eggs, fowl, good biscuit ocd coffee' and the best quality of cured meats; and, si on many of the Tassels, large quantities of ice are kept tor the purpose of preserving fresh flab for the markets, vegetable > and fresh moats are not uncommon even on extended cruises.; Aside from the seriot)*, idll,, don- gam an$ freqiiept accessary hs,ri;lBblp«/en- dured, no seafaring men command or deserve better food or treatment—Edgar L. Wokonuin in New York Mall and Express. Boy—Oh, mamma, I upset the salt cellar over the clean clothe*. . Mamma—That was careless; go and brash the salt off, and **e you. don't soil, the clothes. Boy—But, mamma, when any one spill* i»l6 they llAve a quarrel, don't they? .•>...' MtuatriU—So thoy say. ' Boy—Well, then, If they don't spill the salt, they'don't have • quarrel, Isn't that Mtf Mamma—-Yes, tfest la so. Em* why Up < yon askJ ' • • •" • •• "' '' jjtty — Well, becaaae, r.»mi»i| it wasn't tha sale I spfllad, it w«> Ue iiak.—'ill* Waterbwry. •*. ' •'. of Uio teathtra reoentJy ttkiO, it wfeat tlw- stood &r, "'Uocma, J Frank John and son of northwostcn Nebraskn.who have been visiting tliei rulatives about here forthp past month or more, haa tattt-n » trip across th country in a Bleigh to Korkford tost: wife and mother where she is visiting a sister while they came on here. The Palmyra lyceutn; at the town hall will discuss the question; Resolved That foreign emigration should be re atricted. at tbSir msS^nffon Ilia 27 lost Mrs. Nick: Wilg«r r Sr, who haa been quite sick for acme time past is slowly on tba mend; and it la hoped she wit be around again in a short time. Tbe good natured and. welLthoygti of teacher iM. the Center, ia goinjjinU ih« stock 'ijiisineag. , At least tie attended the sale of Sam'l Ilirleman anc bought two cows. While he attended the sale he left the school In-theoharge of : one of hia . bright boys £ilwob< Eableman,'as tenclief; wh<y tuanagec the school nearly as well as tbe teacher himself, and the school is the larges' In the town. liable and Bessie Foster Rave new skates and aha Maritw John, a&d they are wonderfully anxious that there may come rain to make ice so they can hare tha experience of bumpec heads as others hare had before tbem John P; Hey, saylft, 'tbat"oS ih« last load .of cattle he shipped/tg Chicago and that ho bought up around tbe town he made lots of money ou—for other people. ..Ferdlnan Jacobs c»n ba seen moat any of these cold mornings driving around In a great hurry; and did you ever see him when he wasn't in a hurry buying OH. anrjtK6r;loaa'>of. hogs to ship to Cb^citgo. . • -. . " M. B. "Waller, who has charge of the great Banborn farm in Jordan say thai wolves are plenty about there, the other day while be and bin lilted man were down in the timber, two large ones came close up to tbem, and they saw two others tbQ same day. They wished for their guns, bub it would a pity to kill FUUeti breeding* Wolves4- if they are all killed where will the scalps come from. the scho^oiirectore fan-district ,No, 7 Fairview^rHoikve 'labored hard; to have tlriir iiew'school house complete say that they felt that a great load had been lifted off their shoulders right after the dedicatioa^no. r^orft, respon. There is being s good many tons of hay hauled from south • t river into our town this winter. It. C. \Villliams, who has a large number ol colts, horses and cattle, WIIB across the river the otheodajr toi contract hay to feed them thifcugtl »he wittier, ; • The dohipqsltpts no id a ui iny^'Het . Sipp,Itshooilhajfejr^ad llenty iL)p( in our la^t week's items. ' • ! There is lota of corn to sell in Jordan yet we see corn being hauled-from Sterling into our town by farmers. We have heard it predicted that next summer will be a cold summer, aa there is being BO mnoh tae^stowed'.up by • tba farmers. Among those'who'have filled their ice houses are Abe Eberaole, William D. Detweller, F. D. Myers, Jos. Wunstein, John Kratz, C. CL Wolf and others. E. K. Jenkins, teacher at the Stone, couldn't spare the ^me to goto town ast Saturday, aa ha liad to put in tbe time breaking that noted pony to drive single. , Dr. Paul, of J?e&f$s4,' is 'getting quite a practice for one who has come to the jjaie so recently for quite a distance around and haa goad success. He was called to dress trie Mrijured hand of Jonas Burger, who bad it hurt in the cogs of a cornstalk cutter a few days ago. The Wound IB'healing nicely: : Frank Suavely is looking around to >viy a match to bis horse and If he succeedg-towill h^v« a spanking • nice roo gra# team) ->:•''•''' ' ' ^ : - It is reported tbat everything sold wellatSaml. Hirleman's sale on'the Charlie Bey'has been mocked In with mow. The road running north from the new. BQhool bouse toIbe Jordan;church haa^Eefniliiftei fill from ,he first drifting snow. ' Alfred Jenkins and Emory John, the .wo boys whd are attending, adhool at .he Second Warfl'schOol, h'aVe 1 httedded ivery day, rain or shine, cold or warm, md stand at the bead of their classes, 00. ! .' ,•..•.-',••; •.'-.••i;,.iu-:.-:o, John Sanborn can be seen two or bide times a week going out to their '6r'3an farm to see after stock at that )lac9,;of which they have a great num- >er of valuable horses. 'Quite a number of the teachers bout these parts hare qutteVdistance to drive each morning and evening rom their homes to 'their schools. S. 1, Shirley baa about six miles to go; Abe Jpbersole about four miles; W. T. Buttle ^ooat four jTOiles; John Maxwell about four, miles; 11. JC. Jenkins miles, 1 while W. H. Gulnther who lives right tn thosohodli hdu>4 Jof;juat lays back fnd laughs and grows, fat this old weather while Hh« other c podr fel- ows bave to hold their noses and blow heir Angers. It ia no wonder they BVJ Guinthsr. : £ i Iil*t*>r Pateatai Grunted to citizens briQTubrs for the Weak ^nding January the 20, reported hrough the law office of O. O. Duffy, 507 Swenth street, N. W., Washington: F..J(luUnier, Bockford, Mauufactur- og bolts; %,%.> Steward', ,1 ev*l grain binder; D. C.frtoi Wingfr, Freeport,_ machine toj f< ng fftbrics'*r«tew9res!8^W.3l^ Girar4, baling press; A. Lindegren i, Sulky Flow; same, Draft equal- l**; y. Q. Crelghton, Norwood Park, Bailwsy car motor; M. F. Connett, Jr. hand fence machine. Pf r^or^rnnr*. an TmportnTit Fflrtor. The eiliior pf The Industrial G.izcft* h,an obscrvptl IhAt tho man who strtrfi In to do a cliiy's work, ami attempts to do BB much in one hour as onclit to tx> rlorifl in two, will usually flnrl it nerpwsnrjr in a (short time to take a rest, and while ho is resting will loso valuable time which he evidently feels that he ought to muke np, judging from the spnsmodio efforts he will make when he starts In to work (K?aln. But, at night, the man who works steady, bat persererlngly, will be found to have accomplished the most, while usually ho will aha be found In a much better condition to tnmmenoe ni^aln the nert day. Bo It Is In business. Ona will seem to hurtle arouml and make a oonsiderahlo to do over what he IB doing, and after wasting nil energies In accomplishing what, by taking a little more time, conld be done with very little effort, and then, because, as he thinks, he fulls to meet the success he imoKinea he shoiild, becomes discouraged nnd ready to make a change to BomethlnR else. This, in a majority of cases, proves a loss, and, In consequence, he docs not sv.c'ceed as the energy he displays would seem to warrant Another man, while he may not make a great display of his energies at-the start, will go to work more systematic, and will have better opportunities to economize, and In tnaby cases to manage better than when he Attempts to rush matters,. If he will but! observe, he will be ready to take advantage of any favorable circumstances that may arise. It always seems that the mati who Is constantly shifting about Is always making a change at the wrong tlmb, when H little- perseverance would harp brought him through all right — Belajnttflo American. " A Petrified Salmon. Henry Benson, of ITayden Hill, Lasscn conhty, Cat., has in his possession a specimen of petrified salmon. The former fleshy part resembles crystallze<l and va- rlegWed quartz, retaining In part the yellowish color ol the salmon, and what was forrherly the'flkln of the fish Is now a sort of *orcelaln or white flint. The entire specimen is of tho very hardest quarts In texture. It was found on a hillside at aboot 1,500 feet altitude from the floor of Big [Valley, and evidently petrified at that poll*. This would Indicate that salmon Inhabited the ancient rivers, the beds of which, now.form the stratas of the Sierra Nevfedtt mountains, and In which ancient channels lie the rich deposits of Califor- nla'i gold. . These ancient river beds, as Is well known, are found at various height. 1 ) above the teea level, and In some places but a few hundred feet below the crest of the range, nnd perhaps hundreds of feet be- nentb thosolM formation of mother earth, and running entirely independent of any present surface formation. To determine with) certainty that salmon inhabited these ancient rivers would be an Interest- Ing fact, an it would fix at a much later date : than Is, now generally supposed the geolociial period when, by mighty up- heavpl, these old river courses jvero changed and obliterated from the face of the earth.—Sacramento Record-Union. The stupid husband of tho talented actress must not be forgotten. He, of all such, husbands, is the most difficult to manage. One-half of his wife's life is occupied In correcting the silly blunders he hourly perpetrates. Her lord and master will |n one day do more Injury to her and to her interests than she can rectify In months.- The saddest phase of this matrimonial alliance is that 'his officious errors arise from genuine and Intense admiration of her talents, and from inordinate pride in belonging, even as a husband, to her retinue. It Is vain for her to beg him to moderate his zeal, which urges him to Interfere with her business, but, as she really loves' him, her solicitation* are feebly uttered, and her forgiveness for his errorete easily obtained. He is full of promises, so full, Indeed, that he has no room for performance o f them, BO as fast as one fault Is condoned another is committed, and thus the story of error and forgiveness goes on to the end. When old age comes upon this pair it flnds them full of quiet respect and decent love for each other, but with a very moderate fortune whereon to live to the close of life New York Star. TOCJTD AT LAST, THE ENGI ISH HANGMAN. l» The longest street railway in the coan- try 1* now in operation between EHtslwti and Newark, N, J., the rouud trip being 08*rlx thirty mllss, for which th* fiin t» otv cant*. ' He had to overturn a thousand sheets to Bnd a missing page, and every eheet he turned made htm madder, until, growing mrious, he threw the handle down and then upturned the very one he wanted. It was the last page, nf course. Thto provoking state of* things often occurs in a thousand differsn't wnys. Look for. anything and nmong many things it. ia (he Igat to come to hand. But to those of methodic turn the perplexity seldom comes, nor to men of observation who closely watch all'things there }» no confusion or delsy in knowing whera to nrid,,theur.,;Jt i» 80 in everything; even in pain and misery. There is scarcely an Individual sufferer who strikes the Ixjat thing Brat. At first he begins by thinking it will cure itself, and suffers on with groundless hope. By this time it has become a chronic agony from ft alight distuijbance to the function*. He tries BOiue j simple home relief which never nitigites. It is the strongest evidence of ibis perversity to flnd among a thousand letters; tbe self-same procrastination. One says, f'l tried numberless and then—" Tried mauy until—" "AH gorU were tried nally"-^ < Yes, all sorts were tried and they tried the' best" and only cure, jniike the best, knowa\as .snch fill' :he world over, the last tried, meanwhile mffering .tha aeutest agony,, when it cap be hi^d of every draggidt? Many ' have Suffered 40, 80, 'JO,' 15 yeArs with thronic rheumatism, whwi. St. Jacobs iQil is just at hand around'the corner, across the way, perhaps right next door, and still they inflered on. Others have used tlie1>est liing first and found permanent care at once. | "ily wife was paralyzed by. neuralgia so }hat; that she conld not walk a nUsp. 11 bought a bottle of St. Jacobs Oil, and after shje hod'nsed the conteuta she could (walk abbUt, and ita continued nse ; complptely cured her.- Josv P. -Murphy, Springfield, Tenn.V Oct 17 V 1888. "I suf- ered ia long time with nenraigia in the icad and was prostrated at times. I gave St. JawbsOil a'ftrirtrialand am, entirely eured.j No '.return of pain. Jeremiah Miey,11812 W.Lombard at, Balto., Md., Jane U, 1887," "I wu-acnrly crazy with neuralgia from a tooth, unU trie<t everything I thought would cure with no relief. I .bought 8t Jacob* OU,o»Uuuted a rag with it, tied i,t ou mjr fi»ce, wad in two hours the pain lift me. No return. Htniy 8«mn<0, Jr., Colliuxawood, N. Y., Jan. 13, lb8a.-V »Y«ar» ago I had neuralgia, but am not subject to attack* now.,, The eiue of it by St. Jacob* ofl WM permanent, and tb#r»|a»b«tBu<»recerr«Bc* of Use w - H» Tclln of lid Vnrlnn* Strns | R«Mlr!i IIU f rrnfiit nminrnr Jnmes H»rv.v. the public execut inner hns taken B.-lvnntac;" of a recnnt profea sional visit to Clielmsford to confide to a reporter a number of particulars roi?«nl Ing himself, his fnmllv nml his profession Some of his confessions are of a kind on which persons of good taste would hardly care to dwell; others are comparative!; void of offense, and undoubtedly curious There seems reason to suspect that politt cnl sympathies hnve had something to do with the choice cf this highly respectable organ of East Anglian Conservatism as the medium of those confidences. In other words, James Berry Is, according to Ms own declaration, "a Conservnti ve through and through," In that regard differing from a brother of his (of whom more anon who Is, or rather was, "a Liberal, and In favor of abolishing capital punishment.' Barry, we gather, stands number fourteen in the list of a family of twenty-one chll dren. It will hardly surprise any one to learn that his friends did not approve of his choice .of a profession, but all right feeling -persona will be shocked to hear of the disastrous Indirect effects of James Berry's abnormal inclinations upon his afflicted relatives. Questioned on this delicate subject, he replied, mournfully: "It killed my mother and brother." Then, with an apparently morbid pleasure In 'harrowing details, he went on to say: "Vhen Marwood died I was appointed In his place, and dlrccfly my mother knew of it she was taken ill. My father's solicitor then wrote the , Homn office Informing the authorities of this. The result was that I gave up the position, and Binns got the appointment. My mother died soon afterward, and then, when I saw the way in which Blnns was going on, I came to the xmcluslou that ho would not hold the place long, and I again wrote to the Home office, stating that my mother was dead, and that there was nothing now to prevent my accommodating them if my assistance should bo required. Soon after that J was engaged to hang two men at Edinburgh, and I have carried out newly all the executions since then." Tho sequel of the tragic tale Is yet to tell. "My brother," -he went on to say, "had married a girl with plenty of money, and his pride received a blow on my appointment. That was the cause of his death." This, it appears, was the brother who was "a Liberal" and "in favor of abolishing capital punishment.,!! it must be confessed that this unfortunate member of the Berry family could hardly have given a more emphatic proof of his dislike of the hangman's office. It is to be hoped that we have here reached the final incident in this ghastly tale, though James Berry's final observation, "Altogether I have burled my mother, two brothers and two aunts within tbe last three years," has a painfully ominous sound.— ^London News. For lame back, side or chest, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents O..A,.Oliver & Co. 1 Will the Governor decide whether he will or will not call an election f • "The best on earth" can truly be said of Grigg's Glycerine Salve— a speedy cure' for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores., piles; tetter and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 25 eta. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co. It is "stiddy'',coldl and sleighing parties are many. SHILOU'B COUGH and Conautopton Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. O. A. Oliver & CO. 1. '. ;.;Agitate, talk up enterpriaes and then do them. CROUP, WHOOPINO COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Thfe dam movement grows. CATARRH CUBED, nealth and swee breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Eemedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal Injector free. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 i •— . i The people see the coming of the boom. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable b- that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure Is tbe remedy for you. O. A. Oliver & Hurry up matters; spring ia oomirig THE KEY. GEO. H. THATEB. of Bourbon, Ind, Bays: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to SHILOH'S ooNstrairT- IONCURE." 0. A. Oliver & Co. 1 What thou bast to do that do quickly THAT HACKING couou can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. O. ! A. Oliver & Co. 1 Sterling must grow and that rapidly,too, in the near future. . Bachlen'a Aralca Halve. ; Th(J best salve in the world for (juts, tlons,i and p»stiv«ly cures Piles, or no pay required. It ia guaranteed to give >erfect satisfaction, or money refund- id Price 26 cents per box. For sale byS trlokler & Boorae. : The croakers have retired to their holes.; ', ABonnOl lircal Oplulon. E. Balnbrldge Hunday 'Esq., County Atty.j Clay Co., Tex. says: "Have used ilectrlc Bitters with most happy results, i My brother also was very low with Malarial Fever and Jaundice, but waa cured by timely use of thta medicine. 'Am satisfied Electric Bitters saved his life." ; Mr. D. I. Wilcoxflon, ; of Horsq Cave, Ky., sdds a like testimony sayin«:He jpositively, believes he would lave died,,had. it not been for Electric Bitters. This great remedy will ward Off, as well as cure all Malaria Diseases, And for all Kidney, Liver and Stomach disorders stands unequalled. Price 50cts. |and 81. at Strickler & Boorsea. . Talk up your town; show its advantages to every stranger. Thou knowst lot afcwbat time thou maygt be talk- ng to a would be investor. - THB GUARANTEED remedy, Kemp's 1 Balsam, for the Thrcmt and Lungs. It leverfailstocure Coughs, Colds.Croup, )ronohltis and all throat and lung rqubles. Price 60 cents and 81. A. K. lendricka. 4s. • Jo., ,the Fifer, is McLean's man for governor. He blows his own whistle certainly. I cheerfully recommend Red Clover [* to those suffering from troubles of the stomach and liver. I am now on ny aecond bottle, and it makes me feel Ike a • new man. • 0. M CONNOR Nashua, Iowa. For Bale by O. A. Oliver. Well huve that dam. and that street ailroad, and tbat aeweiacre, and that natural gaa. and that city building, aud lota of more things, including factories, Year* have not Men and time shall not tee," the people »it down quleUy to uffiftr psiu. when enterprise o«o afford iudh a p*n*\c** a* SialvaUoo Oil. Th^ObD WOMAN POWDER Absolutely Pure. TbIs powilrr never Y»rles. A iHnrYelcif purity, strengtu »• d wholesomenefs. More economical than the ordinary kind*, anilcsnnot be Hold In oompetl'lun with tbe multitude of lnwtmt. saort welfrnt alumn nr uhojnhate powders. Bold only In cans. fcorAL BAKINO POWI.JEB Co., 106 Wall Strcol New York. JanSld-wlj "There was sntSd woman who bvcd in a shot' She had so many children -she didn't know what to do." To keep them all clean was a work of much skill— To let them go dirty was quite 'gainst her will. Now. "if care killed a cat," 'Us plain to be seen. There was fear of her dying in the attempt to keep clean The ten heedless, children who vied with each other In making hard work for this poor worried mother. She looked with a feeling akin to despair On tha heaps of soiled clothing that fell to her share, i When "blue Monday" came with its steaming soapsuds, ror cleaning from dirt all these shabby old duds. Though she rose with the lark, her work was behind • To make her task lighter noway could she find— 1 «,.„«"„ ' ;l ' "Tilo friend brought Santa Clous Soap W her aid. 8AN TA CLAUS SOAP A wonderful change in her work was then made; Made by No longer discouraged—a heart full of hope,: She sines of tbe virtues of Santo Clous Soap. N._K. FAIRBANKS CO. CHICAGO. ALMOST 'i GIVEN: so SCHOOL OLO.A.:K:.S, Direct from tbe Manufacturer-. Ages from 6 to 10, yearn, at 50 per cent, below the cost to manufacture. A Few Newmarkets At Your Own Price! Scarlet Underwear At SXand 5Or.earh.-l-x Price. TVEW NEW NEW SI1IHYI1VGHS, - : - NEW TIOKIIVGrM, Goods at Same Prices Before the Advance Bargains in Slack and Colored Silks. Trade increasing under our New Plan of doing business. We are the CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. ML CARPENTER & OO. Introduction of the CahSkry Bird. The arrival of the canary In Enrope <x> currcd in this way: A vessel which, in addition to it« ordinary.merchandise, wat iringinR a number of the birds to Leghorn, i was wrecked on the coast of Italy opposite the Island of Elba, where tha birds jtook refuga. Tho climate being favorable, thoy mul- ilplied rapidly, and would certainly have *comef naturalized had not the wish to wssess them occasioned their capture In such 'numbers that at length they were extirpated from the, island. This ia th« reason why Italy was the first European country In which canaries were reared. ' At jflrst. their -training waa attended 1th touch difficulty, th« manner of treot- ng them being imkiown. What, tended o reader the biros 'scarce was the fact zu> females had-been brought oWr—an males! The gray color of the primitive anaryhos undergone • no many changes rom ] climate and domestication, and union with analogous birds fn'Italy'and' Gormiin'y, .that we now-hare canarJei ol all colors.—New. York N>ws. A new play is about to be produced ntltled "what ; shall'he do 1 with'it;* 'ell, if "it" la a bottle of Dr. Ball's .ough Syrup, he'd better take a spoonful three times a day until be gets rid 9 Ul« AAHA.V A» .«U (bit cough or cold. HER CHATELAINE: Shi weitnl upon her cnat«Ulne, Like scaling and trophies of tta slain. Full BTO and twenty colaf 41 ol8j' : Of JeweUnl sllrar luid of fold; i ,, With i*uc(l uuo and gtf tablet And dainty, dangling TlnaljreWe, 1 ' Eacb ssrlDlDg.oa lu almdcr nh«hi, ' Hh» wears them on her obatelain*. But high upon s> silver rlac : .-' Th*re hangs a grwsoBM sUrer thins;, A grinning goblin'quaint add old,' With eye» ol flre and clam ot gold Who s«ems to Rlara at nw and gj^np* In one unearthly, endless dance, And mocks me with his calm disdain; Upon my lady's chatelaine. He oeatlM-oo h«r «riUo«r mict, > • .With crimson glrdl* Ictarlaoed; He hears each breath and sigh and start, He feeUeich fluttering of 6er heart. And Btlll his weird and. wl»n (aoe, . : . Peers from nlthout the creamy l*o» That cliutera on her silken dreai And piaps her prectoiu loTellnssa, Ohj If the smllea »o gay lot fro* < Bestowed ou him .were gl»a me, ,; • But for one glaub* so fond and tweet rd lay s, kingdom at her feet ? He takes It as Us right don ha— No right, doth appertain to ma, I wish that I his place could gain To swing upon b*r phatclaiiM. •, —London Society. A foreign born gentleman whi had .raveled : the earth over told me that imericun girls were in.every respect the most .charming and 'agreeable in the world; He did not like American men: uita natnraUy he considered them Inferior to foreign > born gentlemen. They «n- noyed him by talking trade, and aa for heir habits, he referred'me. to the con- itlon of public stairways and couvey- aocen ot travel. "It Is declared th»t the Englishman itver »teps acroas hl» threshold without i* .umbrella," he said. "WelL the tmerican ou^ht nut or to go orer hTa por- al nn*ccut»p*ni8d by hii cuapadore, tor th* take of decency. Bat Aiawiiam gi>u —they are divine. Tlie mo«t be»uUfuL ha moat entertaining, the moat ba«. tka b«4t dnw»*i, tbe- moa tu &* world."—K1U Moet districts hare three judges ;ours haa but one, and Judge Bailey don't wantjua to bave another until June. "oii'i Kxptrlnear. You cant Hfford to waste time in experimenting, when your lungs ure in danger. Consumption always seems. at flrat only a cold. Do not permit auy dealer to Impose upon you with some cheat, imitation of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Couphs Colds but be sure you get the genuine. Because he can muke more profit lit- may tell you he has gome justs* good. or ju^t the same. Don't be deceived but-iqsist upon getting Dr: King's New Discovery, which : is guiirantf ed to give relief Hn ,all Throat; Lung and Chest affectlona. ..Trial buttles, free atStrick- ler & lUoorses Drug Stone. Large Hot' 'ties $!i. ; _ ' . Huikr&ta, are tilggusted with the weatfter. SHILOH'S VITALIZEK is what you need t or C< nstipatlpn, Logg O f Appetite, Diz- , , - ziness and all symptoms of Dyspepsia Price 10 and 76 cents per bottle. 0. A. Olivej&Co. 1 Skating ipartles may be. seen daily on the ic£ of the river. Of obiliness inTidlng the backbone, followed by hot flushes and profuse perfpjratlon. T^e all know these, symptoms,, if not by experience, ..from re- poru i What's the best thing on the programme'tv ; Quinlne? A dangerous remedy, truly. Produces caries of the bones; only " affords temporay ' relief. Is-tbere no substitute I 1 Assuredly a potent bat safe one-^-Hostetter'B Storn* acb Bitters, a .certain, < speedy , meaus of expelling: from the system every trace bf the virus of miasma. Use it promptly, persistently. The result^-a cure is certain to iollow the use of this beneficent restorative of health. • Dyspepsia, liver complaint, nervous ail- m«qt4 rheumatism and inactivity nf the kjidnays and bladder, are also among the maladies permanently remediable through the genial aid of this wholesome botanic medicine,- recommended by the medical fraternity. mwf on BeooitL a Profenor John Wise, a -world famed aeronaut, wdled, through the cir tn July. 1869, from Si. Louis, Mo,, to Henderson, Jefferson 'county, N. Y.—a distance in a Straight line of 838 miles. He laid claim to 1,050 miles, by reason of the many turns :teken during the trip, which took nto balloon out of a direct course Into circle* and conrea. This -roysge 1 !* the lomt*st recorded in balloon history. The' balloon wa» in the »Jr oxer night-r- a period of about twenty hours. Professor Wl«e tried more than once.Jbpt without success, to equal or exceed the famous trip mentioned. PiosJly, a lew yettn ago, he left St. Louis In « balloon oa a long trip for the but time. H» haa neyer beeji heard froia. A reporter who went with him «fa» fonod dead tome weeks later on UM» ihor« ot Lain MicWgaa. By reason Of thU aud other di»«at«rs the nuggestioa of a ton# air vorege ^vas rUe lu ttitt pn.b- lie' mind 60 * ke«a »en« at tba perflu «»*ry «,tumpt to tttf iu tb« -Red Line IVo. 1. f BW&. MOMAOTSAL HAB HTABTBD A I neW dray, and Is prepared to do all kinds ol hauling. Moving household goods and planoa SBpeoialty. Lea T e orders at Melrln A B*nn and H»nry Jahnson's grooery. r . '/exist' in. thousand of orraa, ttit,«e surpasfcd' by .t ?• Barrels pftnveBtlon. Those who are in need of pronta jle work that can be done wblle llrlnn at home i hould at once send their address to Hal- ctt A Co , Portl»nd, Maine, and receive free, Ml Information how either sex, of all agt-s, can earn 'rom M to $25 per day and upwards o per ay an upwards wheB(»«> »iey llVe Vou are started frcaL G&M %t$j£\ •julredl Som. have made #v*r>SO IBIS slpgffi ! (lay at this work. All snoceed? . - ' - ? .dwa" J«.t B. FACET & CO. PLOVERS, STEAM & GAS H - -AlVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY 4K. JOHN BUCKLEY, of A».Jo6nt .sa. iin rip ir», EUabb*. luur WUttE, iiiWt^a. tfo best pi imblng eatabllihment ID Chicago, in case ' fitting line, ond kerp li. „,.«„„ „ »ew«r pipe, brass goods, pump*, &c.. Sc. j even .«^4feri d A^ d» wor i In a itsxlifacton i all wot i and maEWoslv^.^^^^^ T. K. FACKY, *ho has been In buslnese here almost-contlnuously lor the last I hlrty-two jears, will su; wrtntend tbe work. His qualifications as a nu cimulo are too well known to neea comment , . HHOP AT TUB 0IJ> JSTASJr FAGi-Y BLOCK. STERLING. ILL —AND— GAS FITTER. .•.-... , . «» ._, ^^. Iroln, Lead, Oulyert and Se\ver lr"ipe. A Fall Use of Braua Uooda, PUOTOS and Pump Bepalrs, O&s uid Oil Fixtures. , . ". . . - .... .. : , . ., OPPOSITE POST j"0» FOURTH (VKKKBT DUNN LV *}1 goods promptly dedveridfcifwv pftr f tha city THREE WAGONS everifwv pftrt ity Hpeclalty ol WmovSi/ » ,.,», loi | id pianos, [mhisiirfi ^lW 1 ' i>*<i ! r HI i VE YOUR BOOKS BOUND AT TE3B QAZJETT8 BINDMRT,

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