The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 13
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SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 TH? HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THIRTEEN. ASKS JUDGES TO GIVE UP SALARY J&anaas Governor Want* Indus­ trie Court JMget to do This. fflS PUN TO SAVE MONEY Kansas Eiraoutrre Declares Me Hat a PUn to Do Away With Industrial Court. J. t. ALEXANDER GETS BIG PLACE NEEDS A GARAGE FOR'HOT'CARS Secretary and Treasurer of Local Light Co., to Manage New Federal Credit Bank. Tojeka, KRn., June Judges of the industrial court will convene here Monday to consider a letter received today from Gov. J. M. ; UwviB nsking tuem to refrain from drawing their salaries And -thereby voluntarily abolish the court. This sta'temcnt wis made 'toy Judge John H. Crawford, who docliued to make a statement In the absence ot Judges J. A. 'McDermott ond HonderBon *tor ; tin, who were out of town today. His Letter. : In lils letter, the governor said: "I suggest to you, and invite you, to voluntarily reduce the expenses of the court of Industrial relations by refraining irom drawing your stated yearly salaries, Bince you hav* no duties to perform such us .."was ^oh- tomplated when the salaries were voted, and substitute in place or- the yearly salary a meeting for one day tu each month for general purpose of fiupervlslon, for "Which service you might accept (15 ..per day and .'actual expenses; that you leavo ftl yo-ur l'oonis one cleric, to be steadily employed, to receive general information unci keep in touch with the general labor situation as Teported by the various -inspectors and workers under yoi:r tiUurgeV' His Reasons. The RDvernor gave as his reason for this stiKKCStlon the recent United States supreme court decision which, he stated, "m'oms to Imply that every power and duty of the court, save what is covered in other statutes and imposed on other deparimeuts of the state government, has beey tukcu away." He also recommends that the court '"refrain from employing the reporter ftt ?2,40O a year; two stenographer dorks $1,500 each; statlBtioul clerk. $1,600;.,aml cut the roiiliusent fund allowod for traveling expenses etc. from ?3<>,<XHJ If $»,<IU0." Ckiv. Davis estimates that this arrangement would effect a Bavini? of ?40,5<10 a your or $t 1,-000 for the llenniuai. KSER'S COMPANION IS GIVEN JAIL SENTENCE J. C. Alexnn*sr, secretary and treasurer of the United Yfcater, Gas and! Eloctric Co. hero has recently 'btW ! appointed as manager of the federal Intornreaiate CreBtt Bank ilor the Fifth 'District with heudtinarteTS at lOhlBvllle, JKy. He has resigned his IKMfftion 'with the local company and will leave to take up his new posi- •The three l tlon *' ls ot nBXt week. 1 air. Alexander Btatos Uiat ho was appointed largely because of the fact that ho is a native of Tennessee He was recommended for the position hy Representative aieeco of itlie First J. C. ALEXANDER. Sheriff Langfcrd Has Picked Up Seven Recently—Two Are Palled in Today. OLD SURCHARGE BILLS PAYABLE Local Go* Company Will Send Them to Consumers Monday. LITIGATION IS NOT OVER Sheriff Jesso Langford Is going to need a siwcial garage for stolen nvotor cars he picks up hero and there in ^HutchlnBon ana Reno county, If Milevea oontlnuo to abamFtm "hftt" rfiars. Two • Fords-,- believed to 'be 1 stolen: -were towed to the court "bouse .today. One of those, a Ford coupe., which had been left near the Y. M. C. A. i ,, „ ,,„,,„• since fast Sunday, •!« Identified by] Tbe KnnBn » 0a » a"' 1 Bleetric Oo. the state license bureau as belonging i w "> 8eml out blli* to the ens patrons to an Abllono-man. Sheriff Longford | v! Hutchinson for the collection -of ' * charge of $1! per City Unable to Supply Necessary Sond to Stave Off Payment Connaughten Says. evening at the Y. "W. C. A camp, Llngernook as «t surprlne on Mis* Myra McCoHrrc. physical education secretary. Those present were Mrs. John Blwhon, Mrs. Sunny, Mrs. Phillips, Mra.l McKee, Miss Ida Jones, M-lss Erma JOIIOB . Ml«s Faith Chase, Miss Velma W'oodell, Miss Mary Cor- nlok. Miss Ruby McJi'eo, Miss Janet, ffil-der. The Athletic club girls of the Y. W. C. A. win have a fried chicken breakfast the morning of July 4 at Ltnger- uook, the girls to meet, at the "Y. W." and go out together. Heeervations | must be made ot the Y. W. C. A. before Tuesday noon. is investigating. Another Ford tour-1 tho suspended lng car was puSed in from a iioint i ™onlh, for' the north ot Sylvia where It pan been' * since lnst^aturday. "I have picked up .seven Molen cars just recently," said Sheriff. Ijangford. "and stlM'hnvo all hut one, which was turned over to the owner." MRS. MITCHNER UNABLE TO ACCEPT CMNS^flN Mrs. Lillian Mlttihner of 10H Tenth avenue west, state presidtnit of the Woman's jjhristian Temperance Union, has,, recently been honored by being commissioned by Gov. .lohna- of $2 third time Monday, uceordlng to Sam Mountain, district j manager of the company. "The order ot the UtlUtlos Co:n- I mlBBlon made on Dec. 26, 1019, makes i It necessary for the local distributing | company to collect this l*iek charge | for the .period from January, 11120 to I August inclusive," explained Mr. Mountain. '"^Thc Kansas Guy and < Hiotftrlc Co, Is merely collecting this ; money for the Empire Natural tin? Co., which was "formerly known u ; the Wichita Nalunil Gas Co., and rr tains none of the money. Goes to Pipe Lin* Cp. "T.hiB ..charge it will be remembered, was an in gas rate which -went entirely to the piiie lino C.TH: pany. Tho iilmpirri Xatunil Gas Co. The Woman's Missionary Society of the 'First. Christian Church will meet | next Thursday at. 2:30 ia the tase- rn«nt of the church. AI-ra. McGowon j will bo the leader and Mrs. O.harlos j Holtoclaw will l;ave cfargo froshments. rgo of the re- than M. Davis to represent the Statu j has made the Ktutememt that -If Mrs. Itazel Wright, 22, of Buranga, Colo., the young lady who waB arreat- T ed here latvt Saturday to,ji*th»r with H. O. Kier, whom she claims kidnapped iher away from homo, -was fined $25 aud coats, and given a GO day Jail sentence yesterday afiternoon in police roirrt. She .plead guilty to the charge i>f Immoral conduct. " Kier Tms turned over to the county, authorities yesterday and . white slavery charges are to be -preferred igtilnst hlrn. Shoitff Je»s Ijtingford eiuid today that It Is possible that Kier will he t-urned over to Colorado authorities for prosecution when tils jail sentence aspires. The lxvronts of .Mrs. Wright vill como fpr her when she ils released. Fourth of July! Get your supply oC firecrackers, torpedoes and fireworks at the Cruft Shop. 414 North Main. 30-l.t congressional district, -who was ac tlvely supported by Congressman J Will Taylor and others prominent In political and financial circles throughout East TeUneSHoe. Comes From Tennessee, lie is the youngest son of the late Dr. James H. Alexander, v^ho practiced medicine for many years at lilliz.a- hethtou, To.nn., and who was one of the leading physleiiius of the state, and, a brother of IB. C. Alexander of Kiizabethton, one of tho bust kuown hankers aud business men of that uec- tlon. lie is also a brother .of l>r. Henry F. Alexander, a prominent physician and specialist of ISIUubothtun, Tenn. Mr. Alexander will have jurisdiction over the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio aud Indiana. The Federal intermediate credit brinks were authorized by the last session of congress, at which time the Federal Farm ljoan Act was amended so as to make possible the extension of short term credits to farmers to assist them in production and marketing. With Doherty Many Years. Mr. Alexander has .been connected with the iuterests of Henry L. Dohony and Company of 'Now York for many yoars and has made a very good record with the company. The members of the local organization were sorry to hear of his departure. The members of the United Water, Gas and liiectric Co. organization •and' tholr families ^.ave a s-urprise party In honor of Mr. Alexander last eve- uing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Waldocker, 231S North Monroe. They -presented htm with an Elk's tooth as a farewell remembrance. Fire Worksl ! Our stock of firecrackers, fireworks, torpedoes etc. are going fast. Get your supply Early at The Craft Shop. 4M North JIaln. 30-lt of Kansas at the Consultation Chris Clou Citizenship Conference, -which Is to be held at Winona Lake, Indiana from July 1st to 8th. This conference Is called by the Kational Reform Association for the •purposo of studying tiur foruirrn relations problem, and It Is intended to have a largo 'foreign representation, as well as the delegates from over the United Slates, present. Mrs. Mrtchner was unahlo to accept this commission -because she is too busy with her W. C. T. U. work In this state. She has a speaking program which will take up her tlmo during tile most of. the summer months. She returned yesterday from Wichita where she attended the conference of the Woman's Home Missionary Society of the 'Methodist church. DEAP IN OHIO. Prominent Shriner of Salina Was Visiting There, Salina, Ivan., June ,10.— D. H. Moore, 42. recorder of Ieis Temple Salina, prominent Mason, died at Youngstown, Ohio, at 7:30 this morning messages 'here announced. He accompanied local Shiners to Washington recently,,-stoping at YoungHtown to visit Mrs. 'Mooro's relatives, whore he was taken 111. • m any later litigation it is decided tlm: this charge is not finally collectible, the money will be returned. They insist upon tho .-collection of this money at this time because lite cities are not in a position to put up Unnecessary bonds In court to protect the pipe line company from losses ponding tho continued* litigation." "Tho charge consisted of two dollars per month for eight "months and tho Empire Natural Gus Co. has agreed that this may be paid in monthly Installments of two dollnrs. There Is no connection, llnancial or otherwise between the Kansas Gus and Electric. Co. and the Empire Natural Gas Co.," explained Mr. Mountain. City Still Flnhtlna. John Connaughten, city attorney, states that he joined with the Wichita city attorney in an appeal which was brought on the original court decision. Final decision In connec tion with the appeal to the United Status Cin nit Court of Appeals will be made si nielime In October or November. Since the cities were un able to put up the huge bonds which were required to delay the collectWn of tho susiwuded payments, the co.ii- pany has been allowed to procec;! with the collection *intil final decision is made by the court. If tho d«ci*i»n is against the pipe linn company, then the money which has been co!lecti-i will be refunded, according to Mr, Connaughten. Fire Works! Our stock of firecrocitera, fireworks, torpedoes etc. are fining last, U <vt vour supply Early at The Croft Shop. 414 North Main.' 30-lt •Wanted. Good used household furniture. Phone 1319. 30-lt 16 North Main End of Season Shoe Sale at Welch's See our ladies' window Ladies' hi-grade shoes from $3.95 to $6.95 Some ot the best styles of the season at greatly reduced prices $1.00 will buy you a fine white low or Louis heel pump if we can fit you rtorut Main PS Community-Picnic Celcbra- ticn! • « •12 n > B H B m E a a tet i ONYX AND DIAMOND RINGS With a beauty that makes an irresistable appeal to a person who h artistic and discriminating. old E3 • ra N^W ATTACHE AT BRITISH EMBASSY The fearless In speech are In hot wator so much they become hard boiled.—Atchison Globe. PRINCESS GOT HER DIVORCE BUT SHE FORGOT TO PAY LAWYER, HE ASSERTS Col. C K. C ti. Charlton. Col. C. E. C. G. Charlton has just succeeded MaJ. Gen. H. K. Bothell as military attache of .the British embassy in Washington. Gen. Bethel goes back to London. 2 There will be an • fashioned Fourth of July • Community Picnic at Lake " Bedell, the coolest most a ideal outing spot near n Hutchinson. 0 FREE Boating, swimming, W Picnicihg and other amuse- 8i mentis. J There will be Free Dancing B at the birr pavilion afternoon H cuid evening. " More Then One Thousand K people enjoyed last years S Fourth of July at Lake Be* dell. You will enjoy it if you attend this year— ^ Swimming and Boat Races ti for Cash Prizes, and oilier W Amusements. 2 g Gate Admission 10c H n 4 miles east on 4th cvenue • OHBCtEHEBBBSilBBHBISBHBi ociety (Continued From Page 12.) Miss Martha .^.Thompson of St. Joseph, IMo., and a former Hutchinson young lady will como tills evening to spend some time visiting friends. ® <j. <j> Miss Ijucile Herr will leave this evening for Garden City wh i jre she will visit Miss Ruth Trinkle and Miss Joyce,Haskell until after July 4. <$> •i- * Dr. and Mrs. C.-B. Erway returned last evening from Natonia whore they havo been spending the .past two weeks, Waiting relatives. Miss Margaret Lane of Wichita came today to Bpend several.,, days visiting Miss Colestlne Nelson of 430 Avenue A east. «> «• • Miss Ann -nefkowsky will go to Newton 'tills evening to speud the week end with her mother, Mrs. Kate Eolkowaky. 4> s»- <t- Mrs. N. F. Babson of Tjlncoln, Nc-br. is visiting at the homo of her sister, Mrs. R. L. Guldner of this city. * -4- I " I * Y. W. C. A. NOTES. <t> The advajiced gymnasium class of the Y. W. C. A. hold a irtcnlc last M. WELCH, Jeweler 19 2\ East First. 2 Princess Ola Hassan. •Whoo rrlrcr.v v ,ifo of a llv-tl. tuined her divo.-i Ola ,! ur:.iy friuu" raan, now ffieer, ob- rinco Ibra- •Jiifri Hus's-iB, ucplicw of the [cm«r Bltyptlan khedlvo, shft-wss so happy she forgot to pay her lawyers, one of them now claims. He has" sued, to collect the toe he says is du*. The princess deulf^ claim. Hudson 7-Pas8enger; Overhauled, Repainted. Hudson 7-Passenger; A Bargain. Hudson Coach; Guaranteed. 1922—Buick Six Touring. 1919—Buick Light Six; Repainted, New Top, Cord Tire*. 1920—Buick Six Touring. 1919—Buick Six Roadster. 1921—Buick Six Roadster. 1922—Chevrolet Touring. 1920—Chevrolet Touring. 1922— Ford Coupe. 1919—Oakland Six Touring. TERMS—TRADE Hutchinson Motor Car Co. Distributors Hudson and Essex Cars. Phone 271 Good Credit is necessary ' to financial progress. Systematic saving coupled with good character Mid wise investments are the foundation of credit. We in- trite your patronage. The Central State Bank - Corner A and Main Hutchinaon, Kan8. No Man or Woman KNOWS w hence the it now. hat their need of Iut urc \vi: pro vitlim 1 h&, : for You openm can make no mistake in a hank account at Our Saving's Department, depositing 1 each week and have 3 r ~'o Interest added to your savings. This nu-airt future protection. -The- Fourth State Bank HUTCHINSON % t THE LAST DOLLAR It Is the LAST DOLLAR added- as the price of any article of merit that ^Ives tho GREATEST TRUE VALUE to the purchaser. LUIY1DER and MILLWORK of the quality kind form the hub in SNYDER SERVICE. THE SNYDER COMPANY m PHONE 184. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week I LEADER CLOTHIERS SELLING OUT I j BIG BANKRUPT STOCK j \ Special This Evening After Seven o'Giock, to the jj First Fifty Customers § | A 12 Quart Galvanized Bucket | For Only 1 ess S3 m leader Cloihiers A and Main St. .ss-

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