The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 8, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1939
Page 5
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1939. FIVE 4-H MEMBERS AT U.OF MD. Interesting Program Arranged For Week At College Park. Twenty-three 4-H club members of Washington, county left by special bus and in cars Monday to at tend Boys' and Girls' Club Week. an annual event held each August at the University of Maryland. The , dates this year are August 7 to 12. About seven hundred 4-H club members from every section of the State attend the event and get training for future club work in their own- counties.. Classes in crafts, good grooming, courtesy, photography, recreational leadership, public speaking and older youth discussions will be held for both boys and girls while many girls will specialize in the home economics subjects of home furnishing, foods, clothing and home management. Agriculture subjects as dairy judging, poultry, livestock judging, fitting and showing, and electrification will attract more boys to these classes, Thursday, August 10, is'-designated as Older Youth Day and the Maryland 4-H Council holds its annual business session on that date. Dr. Warren Bowman, minister, educator and author of Washington. will address this Older Youth group on the subject ".Look Before You Leap." Dr. Bowman is an authority on relationships between young men and women. The annual Club .Week party and dance will be held that evening. The All-Star Consecration Service and reception of new members Will be held on Friday evening. ,The All-Star orga.nization is a national fraternity of 4-H club members. Many members of the Washington County 4-H Council and of the All-Star organization, who cannot attend for the entire week, will attend the sessions on Thursday and Friday. The State style revue will also be held on Friday evening. Girls who have modeled dresses they have made and Tron first place in their county style revues, will represent the county in this State revue. Those representing Washington county iu the revue are Alice Kohrer, Ruth Keedy. Doris Grab •"-"• " Insist On Tri-Maid Products Quality Guaranteed. Sold Exclusively By Triangle*Food Stores USED CAR AUTO EXCHANGE •HAGERSTOWN 934 S. Potomac St. Phone 1133 Save the Middleman's Profit $15.00 (O. P. O.) CRANE'S CLOTHES "Factory to You" 29 Soudi rotonmc Street Visit The New Wayside Furniture Mart 8 Miles West of Hagerstown NEAR GATEWAY INN PHONE 4088 F3 L. Keller Garver, Mgr. SNOWSTORM HITS AREA IN COLORADO DENVER, Aug. 8.—Th» season's first snowstorm whipped along the crest of the Continental Divide from Yellowstone Park to Pike's Peak Monday, bringing rain and chilly mo'rning weather to nearby areas. A duct storm blew at Lamar, in eastern Colorado. In western Colorado hard rains sent 17 rockslides thundering into Glenwood canyon late yesterday, delaying trains. One bridge was damaged. and Anna Mae Honodel. Girls entering dresses in the exhibit but not in the style revue are Alice Kretzer, Jean Lehman, Sarah Ellen Boyles and Florence Hatfleld. Those from Washington county who are enrolled for the week are: Virginia Paulsgrove, Edna Martz, Anna Mae Honodel, Virginia Shupp, Helen K- Smith, Cora I-Iouser, Mildred Hawbaker, Doris Grab, Barbara Beck, Arada Pickering, Ruth Keedy, Irene Nalley, Alice Rohrer, Janet Alter, Sarah Cunningham, Helen Row, Jeannette Deibert, Elsworth Reeder, Calvin Martz, David T, McKee, Marshall Kretzer, James Revell and Charles Shafer, Jr. Spent Lavishly To Keep Up A Front CHICAGO, Aug. S.—A plasterer who lived in luxm-}*- to "keep up a front" was charged Monday, Capt. Charles Pawlowski said, with obtaining money under false pretenses—from his fourth wife and her mother. Complaints against dapper, 34- year-old .Howard. L. Shaw, were signed after two days of questioning, the police officer said, by Janina La Boda, 27, a singer whom Shaw married after a whirlwind courtship, and her mother, Mrs. Gertrude Anderson. His bride Captain Pawlowski related, said Shaw pawned more than $10.000 of her furs and jewelry and borrowed .$2,300 from her mother ou the pretense that he for legal expenses to get a $100,000 estate. Pawlowski said Shaw, who maintained suites in two large hotels here and had a high-priced, 12- cylinder car, told him he had spent his liCe savings of almost $15,000 and that he did it "just to keep up a front." Leader Of Prison Break Captured Springfield, O.. Aug. S (A*).—Louis Vjmdervort, Wilmington slayer who led three other London prison farm inmates in a spectacular break ix clays ago, was captured without resistance near here Monday while a search was being pressed 'or two other convicts who escaped Saturday. Sheriff's Deputies Russell Shirk and Ed Baker arrested Vanclervort in the. hay mow of a barn northwest of here after farmers reported sighting the unkempt fugitive, whose knee was gashed when the quartet escaped from the institu- ion's second-floor hospital. His capture left at large only Tames Lee. 31, Dayton slayer, and phriam Wells, 30. sentenced from Marietta for non-support, who broke away from a group of inmates work- ng near the prison farm Saturday. Three of Vandervort's com- innions wero raptured earlier. AUGUST SALE of - SUMMER RUGS SAVE NOW! at - HALF PRICE Don't Miss This Big Chance Third Floor OUR AUGUST FURNITURE SALE Offers Many Savings on Dependable Qualities. EYERLY'S Dependable For More Than Fifty Year* Smart Flared Skirt Economical to Make—ATTRACTIVE BASQUE TYPE BLOUSE- ComplimenU Any Skirt or Suit OL 281! SIZES ti - t-o Style No. 2573 is designed for waist sizes 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38 inches. 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"Everyone knew we thought a great deal of. each other and yet it seemed as if they did everything the}' could to iimke us dislike one another. X has been dating a girl friend of mine lately and be told her that the reason he quit me was that he didn't date girls who dated other boys. He .knows this girl dates other boys and he has only dated her a few times. "I have tried to forgot X in every way possible but. the more I try tho j more 1 love. him. What do you ad- j vise me to do? j "Shorty" i "ANYWHERE YOU GO, SPARTON With built-in loop antenna A "prize-package" of i pleasure—plays anywhere, any i imo. on its own power or you may plug it in to play at home, office or hotel. $4195 21 EYERLY'S Dear "Shorty": You are behaving like a little child who has bad some dangerous implement such as a knife taken away from him and he prefers- what he has "lost" to the toys which he has. You want what you haven't got. You don't like X any more than you like several other boys whose "company you enjoy." You would feel just as you do about X should any of these other boys give you the air! Right now you are looking at X through rose-colored spectacles. Take off your glasses and see him as he actually is. Jealousy is a trait which does not improve with age and it is a trait to be avoided in anyone. Possessiveness and dictatorship is also a trait to be avoided and X goes off on a sulk if you do not adhere to his dictates and now, apparently, is on a prolonged sulk. Therefore you are headed for grief if you continue to idealize X and think you love him. You can forget him if you want to. You only imagine you can't! Betty Brainerd NAGGING GIRL-BRIDE "Dear Betty Brainerd: "I read your advice daily and think you can help me. lam a boy of 19 and have been married eight months and three weeks. My wife and I are both out of work and we are living with my parents. "We got along tiny while I was working bnt now that 1 am jobless my wife and 1 do not get along very well. She says 1 am lazy and won't work. When I tell her 1 am looking for work she calls me a liar^ and starts to cry. Then she says she is going home and will slay there. But when 1 tell her 10 go on home she gets mad and flares up about it. "She always is nagging at me about something. I do everything I can to please her hut nothing seems to help. 1 have thought of going away for a while but guess that wouldn't help much. Please answer as soon as possible as I would like to know what to do. "R. E. D." * * * Dear "R. E. D": Sit down and have a calm talk wiih your wife. Tell her that you married her because you loved her and that you love her more as the days pass so therot'ore you cannot understand why she is making you so unhappy by her false a<xus;uions of saying you are lazy and won't work; why she calls you a liar and why she nags at you about something for which you are in no way" responsible—and that is your being out of work. You impress me with your sincere desire to make a go of your marriage. Jobs are so scarce it is a pity that a young lad of your age with the responsibility of caring for a wife should be without work. I feel that you are rioing your utmost or you would not have written to me if you were not possessed with a very strong desire to (to everything within your power to make a success of your marriage. Surely your wife cannot be blind to your fine qualities or to your love or be unmindful of your I kindnesses. | Your wif<j should he more tender I and kind to you during your flnan- | oial difficulties ihan at any other tiim\ Ts shf so hearileess or so selfish or is she jnst so younsc that S she do^s not realize the* HATCH LAW IS_SCORED Head Of Young Democrats Attacks Latest Legislation. PITTSBURGH. Aug. 8.—Pitt Tyson, president of the young Democratic Clubs of America, declared Monday he considered the Hatch political practices a"t "the most un- American piece of legislation that has been passed in the last 25 years." Manor, who came here from his home in Montgomery, Ala., for the National Convention uf the Young Democrats opening ou Thursday, added: "When I say un-American I mean that it is just -iot according to the principles on which this government was founded." The Act wa.s designed, among other things, to keep Federal em- ployes out of the active political field. "Under the Hatch Act," said Manor, "a man just because he works for the government has his hands tied. You get a good man in there, but his hands' are tied, and somebody else is going to take his place if he can't go out and battle for the principles for which he stands. "I am yet to find one young Democrat that's for it." Although Manor said he did not know if the convention would take formal action on the subject, President Joseph M. Barr, of the young Democrats of Pennsylvania, previously had predicted it would be attacked during the meeting. Striking Style Bernice Chaka was right in style when she donned this papier mache helmet passed out to United Automobile Workers pickets and demonstrators at the Fisher Body plant in Cleveland. Bernice is reading a proclamation by which authorities sought to prevent demonstrations after a clash outside the plant sent 46 to hospitals. bilities of. a wife! Show her your letter to me, lad. Tell her I feel sure that a boy of. your qualities chose a wife of high qualities and ask her in the name of womanhood to face her responsibility and duty of wifehood. When she realizes Irow childish it is to threaten to "go home to mother" and to he a cry-baby and when you tell her gently how this hurts you 1 believe she will put away childish things and he a'considerate, affectionate wife to you. Nothing makes me happier ihan for a young- couple to work out their ditnculities and to find happiness. I believe that you and your wife, even handicapped by such an early start, can do this and I hope to hear from you again telling mo that all is well in your household. The best; of good Hick to you in your search for a job. Beuy Brainerd Send pen name and real name in every letter. Ail communications are confidential. Betty Brainerd, GSO Madison Ave., New York City. ' v />;y%& f *s"& ' $£''' ' fff ,. •, ^ s ^UfHK _•_.. . * ^j^. ^s _, v Fifth Of Revenue From Government CHICAGO, Aug. S.—The Federal government provided one-fi ... of the revenues of the 48 states last year, the ' Deration of tax administrators reported Monday. Grants to stares for such purposes as highways, old age assistance. Xationat Guard and land i grant colleges rose from 537.600,000 in 1920 to S622.500.000 in 1?3S, the federation said. BOMBER CRASHES, FOUR ARE KILLED LONDON. Aug. 8 (£>).—A Royal Air Force bomber crashed on a steep cliff on the English Channel at Beachy H??,rt last night, killing its crew OL three and a woman who was walking on the 350-foot precipice. The big twin-motored plane toppled over the cliff and inr.o the surf. The bodies of the crew were recovered. Postal regulations require all first class postoffie°s to fly the United States flag. MEET JITTERBUGS, JR. !—Instead of dying out. th« jitterbug craze has produced offspring, in the shape of a national junior jitterbug contest, and here are the winners going it strong. They are Jimmy Brennan of Elizabeth, N. J.. and Tessie Fenkan of Gar wood, N. J., who won a cash prize plus a Broadway nfeht club engagement, at a recent New York contest. JOHNSON HAS WIDE MARGIN Foe Of C. I. O. Holding Big Lead In Kentucky Primary. LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug. 8 (ff).— Lieut. GoA r . Keen Johnson, supported by Gov. A. B. "Happy" Chandler's political organization, took a lead of more than 24.000 over former U. S. Representative John Young Brown Monday in the tabulation of votes cast • Saturday in the Deomcratic gubernatorial primary. The vote in 2.33S of 4,307 precincts: Johnson. 160,996. Brown, 13G.534. The Lieutenant Governor's lead was piled up "out In the state.'" Only 11 of 606 precincts had been tabulated in Jefferson county (Louisville), where Johnson was supported by the city administration. Johnson, Richmond publisher, pitched his campaign principally on an attack on the Congress of Industrial Organizations, for whose United Mine Workers Brown is an attorney. Johnson called the CIO "Communistic" and said -John L. Lewis, CIO president, would "run" Kentucky if Brown were elected. Brown retorted that Johnson sought to pit "capital against labor" and claimed he was favored by the Roosevelt administration. President Roosevelt took no sides publicly. In the Republican race. Circuit Judge King Swope. Lexington, who ran against Chandler in 1935, led John S. Cooper, 55.226 to 39,935 in 2,l. r )0 precincts. DISILLUSIONMENT- PIDGIN STYLE The Morning AfterTakinj Carters Little Liver Pills CONSULT US For complete details of available fire protection. R. M. Hays & Bros., Inc. Meilink Safes HONOLULU, T. H. (ff).— Now it turns out that even the quaint pidgin English signs—like "Me Co Lunchie"—that attract sightseers to No Wan Suk's shoe shining stand are not genuine. No Wan Suk has a ghost writer. "Me no can." he admitted. "Army man make." The writer turned out to be a military policeman stationed next door. CLARENCE PERKINS DIES BALTIMORE, Aug. 8.—Clarence W. Perkins, 6S, special counsel and former director of the Baltimore Housing Authority, died here after a, long illness. He served in the State Senate from 1904 to 1906. RADIOS REPAIRED All Makes — Reasonable Prices MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. West Washington Street William Early, 5S, a hunting guide of Willimantic. Maine, has always refused to kill animnls or birds. THE BON TON Shop in Comfort Eas/ Week;, Y^;.,. Ho! Go ahead with good vision! Call at Kay's today and have Dr. Slocum, the registered optometrist in attendance, examine your eyes and prescribe glasses if you need them! Use your credit at Kay's . . . GO AHEAD WTTM BETTER VISION! EVES ExnmmED cinssEs on CREDIT Curtains and DRAPERIES Made Up Without Charge! 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