The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 1, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1916
Page 1
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VOLUME XXVIII 8 Pages No 296 CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1, 1916 DAILY 5« POULTRY SHOW WILL U4,5,6 J u \ cmle ic^nL' .Pea i me 01 the meiU "U t i l Iciitli AJUI SO01E1Y AND,CLUBS TilC 1\ i Fan touight and r h u i s d a moderate ternperatuie The tenth, annual sko v of the J N o r t a u e f a C Missouri ±-ou.cij Abbocia tion vili be hela m ChaUcuche Janu aiy 2, j, -i, o tviid. 6 Tne auovv thia season, \vill la, t five dajb in^Lead oi t o u i j as heieto jic, Llxe nitaibeis or che association belies ing moie time Wtio needed to txhibit the birds show w h i c h wilt be helu in St josep-i Decembei 5 to ii w i 1 ! j u u g e the loca fahov He w i l l finish, the scoung oi the bircio t w o d a \ s b e f o r e the show closes and thCbO b n d b w i l l iei~aain on exhibition until the last cla\ ot th^ Ajinu il ^Jcetinji o\ 13 The a n n u a l meeting 01 the Jeltoi on I I i g h , a \ m Content Association w i l l be held at Allot ton la Wednes da^ Novembei 15, f o i the election ol officers and such other business as mav come up for consideration IjaiRe Cio«cl at S.unpsel The %oteis ot Sampsel t u i n e d out enmass Tuesday night to greet the democratic candidates .The meeting held at Sampsel was one of the ^est during the campaign Rov Rncl- or I,OCKTD I.N POUT LAST SIGHT Biou^ht \\itli Jlei a Cai_o ot t l j i t Medicines ami Uj c Stu(K B j UnitiU 1'rcKH ) New London, Conn Nov 1--Sale lioin tho Atlantic perils, alter man} bumps in the rough October gales the German sub sea Ireightei Deutchlaiid docked heie earl toda} on her seu ond Ameiricau voyage dais out of Bremen and the countv candidates spoke Wil j she ran thru the Long Island sound J u d g e Adam Thompbon, who \ \ u j ham "Wilson presided Monday n g h t i i n t o the outer h a i b o r s h o i t l y b e f o i e the b u d s at tho state p o u l t i v the candidates were at Springhifl and m i d n i g h t with ner ciew of 25 hail and a l i r g e and enthusiastic c i o w d turn-1 health} and a valuable cargo ot l a r r ed out to hear them 1 medicines and dies intact Health and Customs olhcials wan Sendmt, Out Ballots ed Tj s legulations on the w o i d ot C o u n t v Clerk Tied H Harris and d pt Koenig that the c i e \ \ was h e i l his assistants \re busv sending o u t | t f l y ana - allowed hei to pass cjuaian the ballot, and i n s t i u c t i o n to the sev- [ tine w i t h o u t w a i t i n g loi d nvn I h e rietic.ent C P bauei nas l e c e i v e l nun eious uiciunies ior p i e m i u m lists, b u t the c o m m i t t e e m charge has not } et staited on the catalog v meet ing w i l l be called bv Picbident Sauei viithm a short time i t w h i c h time planb for the coming _ h o w \\ill be c o m p u t e d and w o i k staited on th" catalo to I n o comuig bnow w i l l be the l a i g est held in the histoiv ot the a b b o c i i tiou Accoidmg to a d v i c e received thoie w i l l be a m u c h largei pntn list t r o m the s u i i o u n d m g c o u n u e a tr- in ?t o t a c r b h o w i \Iore i n t e i o t i^ also oe *ig mamtested bv local breed ei b Laige and a xte tiuaiteis v i'l be sec.ii ed loi the coming sho f \ m o v e m e n t i~ u n d e r vv av to s o c u i e Hit socoj'' floor ot one ot C h i l l i c o t h o s K i g e s t 'juiUlmgs and w h i l e the deal is not v e t closed the committee it practicillj assured thev can secuic the building Oac of the features of the Januarv show will bo tlie juvenile department Labt spimg tho members ol: the a- sociation. donated $ 2 0 0 worth of e eral v o n n g piecmcts in the The task is a large one and count% e q u n a - JDeuchaland docked at a spec al piei w h i r h w is h i d d e n b a bordering \AIE1UC \ THtVT S BItSSI,G. Lansing Sajs a Thoiough linostrg, tioii ·« iU lie atatte But Kesones a Statement. p a r t j Ulie Camp-tie guls had a latt night at tile- Pansh House r lho roilnightly club and their husbands had a h a l o n e e n tiolic, at the Camfibell camp last night Ap p i o p n a t e i etrebhments weie served The Ladies Working Society ot the Presbyteuan chinch w i l l meet l l i u i s day alteinoon with. Mis George Me Cormick, South A\ alnut St |le M c A n a l l v B l b l e Class o£ t h e London, ^ov 1--Consul Frost to. E l m st M E Church will meet w i t h night reported that Ihe 6th Amen M l s Lewis Gu ,, ner ok T h u r b d a£ can victim oi the Marina disaster had ternoon, 1115 Webster St been aisco\eied His name was Brue London, Nov 1--rive Americans are missing and believed to ha^ e por- PRESIDENT iffiTEO EftfHKIICHLW ALONG H ROUTE "-MUCH OBUGE FOlt THIS-'KoV.lX, HJi TEJJ^S ONE OKOW1. ' _ v Endicott and Johnson Shoe Company Einplojecs, Give Executive a Warm Reception. On Board President Wilson's Spec,al, Johnson City, Is Y , JMOV 1 --. Mr and Mrs J G Beard, assist | President Wilson again registered jus ed by Mr and Mrs S O Gloie, en tei lamed eight couples at their home ^ ished in the sinking o£ the B n t i s h ' o n West Webster street Uuesdaj steamei Mariana accoidmg to l a t e ' n i g h t The home \vas beautilul. dispatches received heie todaj arc Daniel Thomas of Delaware John B r o w n ct Viigma --·-- Brown ot North Carolina George S e \ b u i y ot Isoith C a i o l m a House o£ Virgin I n e y l l y decorated ior the occasion The evening was spe,nt in music and gam^s Retieshments v.eie seived Mis C h u l e s SwatT enteitained the Colonial Club yesterday and a n u m ber ol li lends la Lonoi ot her sistei , a great deal of time Air H a i i i s w i l l i scieen and t r i n s t e u e d hei men to have the ballots and instructions at f h e Isorth German Llojd liner Weille the proper v o t i n g places read% loi the! n a c l "«hich had d i a « n up alongside opening of the polls Tuesday morn ing at six o clock CM us Jjeeper IH.ul. MiS S J Millei has i c c o n e d w o i d of the death of CM us S Leper w h l c u o c c u n p d at El Paso Te\ a few d a v s ago His death was caused I ovi a complication of ailments II s h o n e v as in A r d m o r p Okla w h e i e he w a^- engag^d in the lunibei businebs T h j ·i idow and t x o d u i g h t c i s t l u e e si" »i=! "Mis G G Ileniv "Mis Cii'd-nicl The Willehad had waited long o i coming ol the s u b m a i m e f r e i g h t e i Belore entenug the hai 001 ?one the Deutschland flashed w o i d to Lapt Hmsh that she was at hand Thi. anxious lormei North_Gei man-Lloj J nnstPT s t n i e d up hib ciew and habt ened ott some mileb to welcoi 10 Kou nig Lieut K r a p o h l aud the r e m a i n aei oi t n e cie\v ol 25 -- e v c e p t i n ^ those bnbi v ith the i n d d c i s and ria ch n r i v lined up ilong the «· ibin i l i n e dec'v It w a s tlie s a n e u cw Alls of Sheiman Tex and I w i t h t h e e x c e p t i o n o two as tho o n - t w o b i o l h c t s , J D Leepei o t Gin---' tnat l o d e i n t o B a l t m i o i c U I L V I v de Te\ and G i a v e s Leeper oC V d One ol the new a d v e n t u i e i s more C M U S S Leepei »as i. i o r m e . |lad not m o i e than 15 j e a i s ol i c s i d r a t ot this u t v and learned the printer-, trade in Tlie Constitution ot fice I h e UnileJ States Consul al Queens t o w n has taken the j o i n t alfidavit ot 28 \meiicans at Berchaven and of the 11 landed at Ciookhaieii, all ol w h o m declaie t h a t the Manna w,i» attacked v a t h o u t w a i n i n g T w e n t j -eight S U I M - V O I S w e i c landed at Dublin I h e M a n a a was attacked earlv Sat I urda m o i r n m j , w h i l e en i oute f i o n i approval of the Eight Hour day m d short talk to A crowd of 12,000 workmen Irom the Endicott and Johnson Shoe company's plants heie today. I am not making speeches, ' he said,, but 1 w a n t to expiess my re_ giet at not having been able to be here last Saturday to celebrate w hich I think a \er} significant thing, tho actions of the films ot the lindicott |Miss Charlotte Huixthal The decor-, I ^ 1 1 1 , an d Johnson companies in giving t h e r atioiis scoie cards and ban bons weie v " " all llallowe en r e m i n d e r s Supple J e eig Glasgow to B a l t i m o i e t o i p e d o r e m i n d e r s m e n l c d bj t r u i t and flowers A t w o couibe luncneon was served, the hos tcss assisted bv Miss Hui\thal, Mi- C o b u i n and Mis John Haw lev The c l u b favor an e n g i a v e d glass com poi t was presented to Mis \V H Ellett T . W O damtv h a n d k e r c h i e f s t j Mrs Jlvron Higgins, guest The next m e e t i n g w i l l be w i t h M i b LMgji Welch A large c i o w d ot son owing friends gathered at the Gann home on N o i t h 7\o t'rao w is lost in u n l o a d i n g hci p i e c ous caigo, said to include v a l u able diugs and m e d i c i n e s which hav been shut oil from this c o u n t r j b\ the war The whole caigo is said to be valued aaound 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 lu add to Countv Superintendent of Schools' Locust street Tuesdaj afternoon at J M GailaUn who d Snouted the j 2 30 o clock to attend the f u n e r u eggs among the bov s and guls of the | slices of Master Willa Gann w h o countv w i t h instructions how t h e y , m e t deatl1 Sunday morning «hen the Newport will see to it that no neu I Gann car was struck b, a Burlington i t i a l i t j ib violated when the Deulsch tlon, it is u n d e i stood that she c a i i i e d a pouch ol diplomatic mail for Ambas | S ador Bornstorff The American slruch hei a m i d s h i p s penetiaun,-, the s t a i b o a i d saric Ihe explosion blev\ a gieat h o l e m the steamei s side and ' OPENING PJlRrOTfMANCi: Oh seemec 1 to l i f t hoi cle ir o u t ot thp 1 w a t e r s u i v n o i s baid She i oiled o v e i | on one =ido and scltlcd m i n i p d i itel j b u t l e m a m e d a f l o U foi t w e n t y mm I i tes batloiod In thp heav , spa i\. i coust'j" v r T S I F M \ j r S r i C T O N K . H / ' Sold out 1 h a t w a s t h e a n n o u n c e m e n t o f . u n t i l a boil-r explosion split her m- Mc?rs r o o t e and L l n d s 6 J « h t i , a s k e d ! with regard to the ticket sale ' ~ ~ in Capt C i o w n was the list man to leave Ins bhip He j u m p e d just be f o i e the boilei e\ploded but missed his boat anda was d r o w n e d Some ol the survivors t h a t a second toredo was fired al the Manna or Com ting in C o u i t the Elk plav late this a i t e i n o o n Praclicallj cv eiylhing is gine but a tew seats up stairs There will be a 'full house' to greet the opening p e i f o r m a n c e of the | otller oBlclall aboard wlll b navj officials al were to set the eggs and exh bit at leas-t t v v o b u d s hatched from the j passenger tram eggs, at the show M i s L u l u Ott secretar.- of the association has received at least a do?en mcmiries trom these b o v s and girls regaidmg the Preceding and also following the sei vices Mrs R E Rev nolds sang Rev Wan en P_ Clark pastor o! the First Baptist church made a short talk The casket was e » h i b i t i n g of the birds A special banked with flowers sent in b} sympa- l a n d again starts h o m e w a r d In addition to a valuable cargo the p r e m i u m w i l l be offered m the j u v e friends The pallbearers w e i e Roger Rufree George Seav Jule and afternoon and the s u b m a i m e manifest Deutschl^nd bi ought mail for A m i bassadoi Bernstoiff f i o m Germans li ·\vas defhniteU leained this afternoon It was reported that something in the caigo w a s causing a hitch.' this w h i l e she was settling Others sa j olg EUJ p i av tonight and aftei view that a second s u b m a r i n e rolled neai ing the ren earsal this afternoon w, bj but took no in the attack | cail sa ( s i y sa.y that the opening per One of the M a n n a s boats i oiled | (O rmance w i l l be a scream against t h e f t l a n n a s side carried by. Tickets have been put on sale foi a heai} w a v e and was crushed All (Thursday night's p e r f o i m a n c e at tht ees the eight hour day, not only lor the leasons geneially given but also foi a bettei reason.--be cause they regaid then men and all of then employees as members of _the baino business iamilj with them ' li that sort of feeling existed everywhere, there would be no question between capital and labor I w a n t to congratulate }ou in }0ur oppor- tunit} of living under such auspices and to tell j o u how much, obliged I am for this rov al welcome ' Beginning at 6 o clock there w e ' u laige ciow ds al all Ihe stations where btops w e i e made The presiuent s j m e r c i b e\piessed tliemseh eb as tleep j Iv g i a i i f i e d at Senatoi Lodge's action I r e l i a c t m g charges that the pi evident had added a pobtciipt to the Lusitan. u note That ends the matter, sai 1 the pi evident s secretary Tumultv The President is being informed of ever} step and detail of the Marim case Early dispatches to the state aepaitment from Consul Trost and e mime. nile department Mr and Mrs John W Williams en atertained in their new home on W Webbter street Tuesday e v e n i n g Covers -were laid for eight The evening TV as soent in games I/OC4X DEMOCRATS TO ATTEND KEYTESVIM/E Avery Rowlette, Buster Graham mey not be made public now u n t i l to morrow of the occupants were d r o w n e d Other boats rode the sea ioi eigh teen hours before the} were lestued bv steamers The s u r v n o i s suffered t e n i b l y on account ol the cold an* 1 w e r e dienched tlnu b j the splabhine of great waves that threatened to capsize the boats at an moment A number of Chillicothe democrats are planning to go to Keytesville next Monday evening, Nov 6th to attend the Chariton count} democratic rally ·whicn is to be a roundtog up rally be. fore the election John H Atwood the silver tongued orator of Kansas City, will be the principal speaker on this occasion The Chariton county democrats are counting on making it| one of the really important rallies of | SUBADTTED TO MO. SUPREME COURT Jefferson City, M o , Nov 1--The Missouri freight and passenger rate cases were argued and submitted in the state supreme court today Thi 1 is the appeal from the ruling of the Cole county circuit court annulling the increase of freight and passenger rates granted hy the Missouri public service commission to the railroads The Cole countv court sustained the contention of Marion E_ Rhodes that the commission is without au,- thout} to increase statutory railroad ratei the present campaign and it is ex. j j , pected to draw- large crowds from the Passen } T surrounding- counties It will be The case involves the increase of to two and brim full of enthusiasm and interest ates from a half cents per mile and an increase of commodity freight rates of ap- and arguments were also made 1 AUSTRALIAN AVITC VT BE PL4.CED ON U S MARKET TO FIGHT HIGH PKICI inr united PFPMN r San Francisco, Co , Nov 1 --Austrian ^wheat will compete with the American grade while the price of the latter is prohibitive The first move toward this war on the high price is the chartering of the big schooners Snow and Burgess to bring a. cargo of wheat from Melbourne There is an exceptionally large ·wheat crop in Austria and prices w p , , . i change in the submarine pohcv there are extremely low as compared , ^_ ^^^^ w ,,=^ TM *,= ,t with the price in America say those i behind the venture They believe that the impirted wheat can be sold under the present American prices. Illy United Prena.) Washington, D C_, Nov 1 -- The situation growing out of the s i n k i n g of tha steamer Marina by a submarine today loomed up as an is sue frought with the most serious posibilities since the torpedoing of the Sussex No Change of Policy. 4 By UBlted PreM.) Washington, Nov 1 -- Secretary Lansing today vigorouslj denied that the campaign will have an} effect on the department's 1 action in the Marina case or that there had been ,any of either President Wilson or the state department Lansing said that he made Ihe statement after it was called to his attention that such a sug j gestion had been^jnade Chillicothe "Music Shop SHORTAGE OF FUNDS DT STATE TREASURY TODAY Jefferson Clt}, Mo , Nov 1 -- There was just » 9 8 , 9 3 3 " 4 4 left in the state revenue fund today when state treasurer Deal filed his montlUy report ·with the Governor This will meet the ·warrants due today.^ued to office nolders on state Bar,, aid wiu 'f ave some $23,000rwith »ilch to. meet accounts estimated , at jpore^than ( $1_ 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 due from, te" revenue Jund There was a balance in the treasury today of $ 3 . 2 4 0 , 9 4 8 33, but this may be used only for special purposes. Morrow of the Santa Fe and Charles M Miller of the Chicago Alton Riodes made the argument against the increase in rates A decision in the case cannot be expected under six weeks at the least J L Boyle, wife and daughter, Miss Mary, and Miss Mamye Smith drove over to Jamesport today In the Boyle car to attend the annual corn show Miss Ruth Watson, a ^comlnent so loist of Kansas CJty,,Km to attend the-^lk »r, ' Court," at-'the-Maiestic,_Thea'tre to- 1 might WnUe*ere;MJS(t3Vatson wiH be a ^guest* of Mr and Mrs, Charles; In Holantl Bulbs. Hate arrived at the I*«rv,cxxl Greenhor«e Send «·= TOiir order- P Sauer go She is en route to See our windows for bulletin daily Some 30.3 Re-v.aH National Straw Vote 1-3 I Race Clark's Pharmacy Notice, Members Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. The adjourned session of the Annual) Meeting of the Farmers Mutual In3. Co will be held next Saturday, November 4, at one o clock at the Court House All, members are urged to come to this meeting d-wtd J P. Summerville, Sec | PKESIBEWT WILSON GETS THE FIRST PKESIDENTIAri VOTE CAST IN IULJNOIS Rich Hill township Notice. Meeting for members of Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. at McCormick school house on the evening ot Wednesday, Nov 1st. Everybody wel- me Roy O. Byrd. (Bt United Chicago, Ill/Nov_ 1--President Wilson today got the first vote In Illinois In the 1916 presidential election Senator Thomas J Walsh of Montana, Western campaign manager for President Wilson today cast his vote In the presence of a notary pub He as permitted by'the Montana law His permaneirf-'reiWence is in Helena Mont. " 1 '~ "" * PERSONAL AND LOCAL « Miss Dorothy Manning o£ K a n t i a City is the guest of Mrs Heuiy Fishel , E Calhoun St Mr and Mis E L Marshall an nounce the b u t h ot a girl babj al then home on East Polk street Tues day night The condition of R Elmer Gann w h o was injured in an automobile accident Sunday, was improved today diately him f o r w a r d e d 'post-haste" to AUSTRO.GERMAX TROOPS OCCUPYING RUMANIAN TOWN Petrograd, Nov 1--Austro-German troops invaded Rumania thru the Red Tower pass and have occupied the town of Rakovitsa, 12 miles inside the frontier and also the village of Tile shtiut, it was afflclally announced to. a a} ( 4By United Pre*».) Enthiuiasticall-\ Reel lied. Buffalo, N Y , Nov 1--Piesident \\ ilson came here todai to discuss with manufacturers and em.ploees the part the} should play in ihe establishing of a new nationalism for the countrv He received a series of enthusiastic greetings on his wa% thru New "York's southein tier ot counties Railroad yards screamed with lococotive whistles as the train men greeted the president The re ception from the time the committee, headed by George C Riley, president of the Executive Club, met the^tram was a continuous uproar as the part/ made its way from the depot to the Ellicott club where luncheon was served and the first address of the day was delivered ·=- - * MAJOlilTl OF FARM12RS MILL VOTE FOR WITjSON NATIONAL POLL SHOWS Philadelphia, Nov_ 1--Piesident \\ ilson is getting more than half of the farmers' \ote u the poll being taken all over the countr} by the Farmers' Journal, a monthly non political magazine published in this city, and he has been gaining steadily. The poll up to date gives Wilson 1,644 votes, Hughes, 930, Benson, 373 and Hanly, 128 Wilson has polled 58.6 per cent of the total, Hughes SO per cent. DEMOCRATKJJBVKAKCTGJDATES. , *, Hon Roy Rucker will addrero the voters of Livingston coun- « « ty, as follows * « Mooresville, Wedneday, November 1st, at night ·* «, Hosman School House Thursday, November 2nd, at night * Wolfskill's String Band will be present * Notice to Hunters. Having leased the Gold Jones lanJ jouth of the Dawn ballast pit, hunters are "hereby notified that we wil! not tpferiiEe^resspasslns. ^9l»rt*men Gun Club. "' M»b wood '11 per' iMtt: Aloek wood $ per load. This U price »t mill Cbillicothe GunBtock Mfg. Co. Phone 888 »*-tt Read the Constitution Want ads STONE FliAYS I/ODGE FOB WILiSON ATTACK. (By United Fre».) Kansas City, Mo , Nov 1 --Senator William Joel Stone, passing through this city Tuesday morning, voiced the assertion that Sen Henry Cabot Lodge's statement concerning the "weakening postscript" he charged President Wilson to add to the Lusitania note, was "hack stair gossip, and doesn't amount to a hill of beans 'And, ' said the Missouri senior senator, wagging his finger, "you can just know by that statement of Senator Lodge's that the Republicans are hard presed and are reaching down in the slime." "The president has denied It. Bryaa has denied lt_ That's ettough to brand it as a it«. "Wh»t hurts me," sighed ^the senator, "is that' Senator Lodge, would stoop to the slime and mere gossip And when he fails to prove,hte- t assertions he brings forth some doctor, and some other fellow, who has '»«*many names you h'aVe te v Tead"'four/or-them ·before'ydll TcnbV whoTie is, "and they state «hat"'?fiwy- heard that "Henry Breckehfiage heara all about the phantom posfscript "But what I can't understand i= how Mr Breckenndge saw that postscript as the secretary of a cabine! officer never sits with the cabinet " Read the Constitution \Tant ads

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