The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 2, 1966 · Page 17
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 17

Baytown, Texas
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Wednesday, March 2, 1966
Page 17
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1ft MarcH 2, 1966 I HOSPITAL NOTES j Admitted to Gulf Coast: - Allen Carter, son of Dr. and Mrs. Louis Carter. 301 Trs-City Beach Road. Room 213. . Pyrol Dunlap, son of Mr. and Mrs. Drew Dunlap, 12S Redbud. Room 217. Will Morehead. Highlands, in Room 113. JUrs. Annie Godwin. Anahuac, Room 132. Mrs. Linda Collins. Baytown. Room ILL Mrs. Rebecca Elder. 313 Morrell. Room 215. Mrs. Hamie Cox, 411 W. Heman. Room 103. Mrs. Yvonne Jackson, Highlands, Room 131. Slrs. Bertha Lockhart, Baytown, "Room 132. Mrs. Gladys Avant. Highlands, Room 130. Mrs. Marqueia Hayes. 210 Morrell. Room 128. W. H. Hicks, 2003 Terrace, in Room 109. 1 Admitted to Sao Jacinto Methodist: Percy Lucas. Room 331. Highlands, in Mrs, Winnie Cain, Highlands,! Room 231. ] Edwin O. Jones, SIB Riggs, inj Room 320. ] Mrs. Nancy Flanagan, 119 Lazy Lane, Room 335. Mrs. Lou West. 1215 Park, in Room 222. , Mrs. Elderine Rodrick, Channelview. Room 303. Mrs. Lillian Crocker. Highlands, Room 313. Sandra Kay Webb, 151D Echols in Room 215. Mrs. Francis Dlouhy, Crosby, Room 22L Mrs. Martha Ann Rawson, 114 Cabiness, Room 301. CY Man's Last Rites Planned Funeral services for Fred G. (Bo) Shramek, 75, of 16407 Northshore, Channelview, will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday at Earthman Highlands Chapel and at 11:30 a.m. Thursday at St. Jude's Catholic Church in Highlands. Father Maurice Dho, pastor of Si, Jude's Church, will officiate. Shramek lived in Channelview 22 years. A retired plumber, he died at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday in a Houston hospital. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Grace Shramek of Channelview, and a niece, Mrs. James Caradine of Oklahoma City. Okla. Burial will be in San Jacinto Memorial Park cemetery. Wfe'eom* WtgoB tntinuBonii, with cvir 5,000 hostess*!, h«i more tJi*a thirty yttn ixptrianc* in fostering tied win in business tn4 community lift. For Bore Wonni- tioa about... i»hone 583-4390 Mrs. Minnie Room 221. Dajiek, Crosby. Burl L. Clark. Baytown. Room 320. Mrs. Artrude Griffith, town. Room 351. Bay- Guy Holman, 1700 Wright, in Room 33T. Mrs. Cora Kluth, Channelview in Room 326. New Arrivals: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bernard, Crosby, a daughter born March 1 at Gulf Coast. AVOID THE RUSH! HAVE YOUR CAR INSPECTED NOW. Package Thief Eludes Pursuers At 1C Lot A man who allegedly stole a package from a car on the Lee College parking lot disappeared during a chase at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Baytown police said. CABLE TV CONTROL NOW RESTS WITH CONGRESS WASHINGTON (AP) — Atteri-!Court scrutiny if the question is mally between 7 and 11 p.m.) tron turns now to Congress in [ carried there, as FCC Chairman the continuing controversy overj E. William Henry says he as- that fast-growing television off-jsumes it will be? shoot called Community Anten-j The CATV — or cable teJevi- na Television — CATV for short ision —story -reached another Will Congress let the Federal I turning point Feb. 15 when the Communications Commission ^CC issued its long-awaited decisions on whether — and how — to regulate the 17-year-old industry. Both broadcaster and regulate the entire CATV industry? Will Congress let the FCC im'. | CATV operators found some television stations? Will the FCC's recent assumption of jurisdiction over the CATV industry survive Supreme Baytonians Can Register To Vote At 3 Locations ment but also were dissatisfied with some aspects. The commission e.xtc-nded its jurisdiction to all community antenna systems in the country, ; except those serving fewer than !50 homes. (The National Com- Since 1950 the nation has seen the growth of an industry that erects big television antennas near a community, amplifying the signals of nearby and distant television stations and relaying them by coaxial cable into the homes of subscribers, who pay a monthly fee averaging 54.50. The National Community Television Association — NCTA — the CATV industry's trade association — estimates the industry took in $115 million last year. It can be profitable because, after the large intial installation and construction costs, the overhead is low. CATV systems do not imunity Antenna Association I pay for the programs they pick I estimates there are 1,600 CATV I up. They say they are an ex- i systems with more than 50 sub- panded version of the television set owner's housetop antenna or A student saw the man enter ^ the car and get the package,!^ Patrolman Merced Oviedo, investigating officer, was told. The student was joined in a chase cations in Baytown — the office on West Defee Street. Weingarten's supermarket and jscribers — and possibly many as 400 smaller ones.) the master antennas on big The FCC withdrew from the^F*" 161 * buildings, rule books one decree that had j __^ A T V originated m small i greatlv disturbed the CATV in- vision reception was poor or nonexistent. But over the years. pi-eating programs, being piped ^ e innovation caught fire, and in from distant stations, for 15 the industry - with clearer pic- Sun Classified Ads 1. Lodge Notices j 6. Lost and Found REGULAR MEETING « . Woodmen o* !t» World, wil- JWDWK >w Camp. 1W2. Thursday. 'IA March J. 1946. '*"' W. I. (Tex Holtom, C.C. 1_ S. Sherman. Secy. I LOST — MAN'S BILLFOLD — Vicinity • Pit! Grill. Sunday nisht. Keep money, re- towi ocjjers and woilet. 583-5296. 16. Apartments For Rent | LOST DOG — SmaB red male, vicinity HuTwhrey airport. Cnikiren's pet. Please coll. 582-8529 STATED COMMUNICATION o* Goose Cr*e* Lodge No. 119Z. A.F. and AJ«.. Thurs- aoy. March 3, 19*6, 7:00 p-m. In the Goose Creek Masonic Hall. All members ana visiting bremren cordially invited to attend. W. J. Harris. WJA. E. E. waugti. Secy. LOST PARAKEET — 4« W. HoH&te vicinity. Blue and gray color. Naroeo -8i!!y Boy." Phone 532-5691. 1-A Special Notices SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING SPECIALISTS. Catering service, mono- Tvned t.apklns. wedding invitations bride books. Open 9 a-m. to 6 p.m_, 1511 Jones Ra.. Highlands. -S24-251?. LIKE A LETTER FROM HOME. A subscription to The Baytown Sun is thoughtful. Inexpensive and will be appreciated day after day. Start your subscription today to vour favorite servicemen or student away ot school. Just call The Sun circulation department, 583-8302. Baytown area residents may!dustry. That rule reouired register for voting at three !o-|cATV operators to blackout du- & Coker supeimarkt by Assistant Dean Alvin Miles and Custodian Edward Pugh. The man was lost during the chase in the vicinity of South Whiting. The incident was reported to police by the custodian. Ants are the oldest city-dwellers. While man's urban civilization is scarcely 7,000 or so years days before and after the local stations scheduled them for Free voter these locations i broadcast- registration ati Under the rule is scheduled to near ] v a vear a «o to the 450 tures and greater program selection as selling points — began moving into big cities already served by several sta- begin Thursday and continue on through March 17. The hours for the registration substations at the two supermarkets are 11 a.m. to 7 The tax office on West is open from & a.m. to 8 p.m. on Mondays and S a.m. to 5 p.m Tuesday through Friday. Persons who would have been eligible to pay the poll tax be- CATV systems over which the FCC then claimed jurisdiction — a station could tape a net- Some CATV systems — today about 450 — fell under FCC con- jtrol last April because they em- work program for use days la-1 • ploy microwave relay systems p.m. ter. The local CATV operator 'would be bound to tune out on that program as it picked it up from a distant television station carrying it at the time the net- j— FCC-regulated — to pick up work transmitted and couldn't carry that program for old, the insects have been living'for e Feb. 1. but did not, are 15 days after the local station in miniature cities for than 80 million years. more j eligible to register during the 15- Iday period. PAUL'S 22 E TEXAS FOOD MARKET DOUBLE TOP VALUE STAMPS EVERY TUESDAY WITH 2JO OB MOKE PURCHASE SPECIALS GOOD THURS.-FRL-SAT. -- MARCH DECKERS NO. 1 ACON LB. PKG. 79 U.S.D.A. Good Baby Beef Our Own Pure Pork CROWN ROAST L, 69c SAUSAGE - 69c U.S.D.A. Good Baby Beef U.S.D.A. Good Baby Beef SHOULDER ROAST s ^ ut 59c BRISKET STEW * 39c CHOPPED BARBECUED BEEF 79 DRUGS FROZEN FOODS Rayette Aqua Net LJbby HAIR SPRAY . Lb. 69c STRAWBERRIES M ..o,*. Colgate Chlorophyll Sea-Pak TOOTHPASTE 2rSL59c FISH STICKS FOLGERS COFFEE 5 00 _ OR MORE PURCHASE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES Lb. Crystal Wedding One Minute Duncan Hines OATS With Free Glassware 2 Pkgs. 49C PANCAKE MIX -....2 Lfa. BOX FOREMOST MELLORINE 3 ! /2 Gal. Ctns. No.l Long White Cafif. POTATOES Ruby Red GRAPEFRUIT 8 12-oz. Btl. 0«C TT Rolls uDC Big 2y z Con d5C Fresh Vermont Moid oa r SYRUP VlV Waldorf TISSUE 5 Lb - Ofi^ Hunfs Ba 9 JVC FRUIT COCKTAIL Kershey GREEN ONIONS—-* 5c ?JIP LATE «ww^c- no PINK SALMON . . ^ Presf, Illlf^ vHLITIVII Flat Can *fUw ni|\ir*|JEC I" Sugary Sam Louisiana RADISHES Bunch 5C YAMS Ei , *,.,./, a... 2 „ 49c FRESH FROM OUR BARBECUE PIT Choice Our Own SLICED BEEF _* 1.98 BARBECUED LINKS u. 89c Whole Pit Cooked Delicious BARBECUED FRYERS _*. 1.19 BAKED BEANS u,. 39c Large Whole Barbecued Jumbo Barbecue PICNIC HAMS ^ 3.69 SANDWICHES Lb . 35c decided to use it. Extending its jurisdiction throughout the industry, the FCC wiped rxit that rule/It said instead that nonduplication need be confined only to the same day the local station carries a program. And it said the nonduplication requirement applies to "prime time" network programs "only if such programs are presented fay the local station entirely within what is locally considered to be prime time" (nor- and retransmitting them every 35 miles or so. until they reach the community antenna. As the industry expanded, television station operators became alarmed. Through the National Association of Broadcasters, FCC licensees complained that CATV was becoming a threat to free television, and urged the FCC to clarnp down on it. CATV interests argued that no television station had been forced out of business or lost money because of CATV. With its 1965 decision to regulate microwave-served CATV, the FCC asked Congress to legislate the limits of government regulation over the industry. Beyond hearings, no congress- sional action resulted. Cong Don't Like 'That Black Rifle' SAIGON, South Viet Nam (AP) A North Vietnamese regular captured by the 1st Cavalry', Airmobile, Division shuddered and said, "Don't like that black rifle." He was speaking of the M16 rifle, a deadly new weapon that looks like something out of science fiction with its black plastic stock and forearm, sub- "nachinegun-like pistol grip and dull finish .It is just one of the light weapons with which the more than 200,000 Americans here fight the Reds. The M16 is 243-caliber, which, perhaps fittingly, makes it what shooters in the United States call "a varmint rifle." It has a 20-round magazine. Soldiers generally tape two end to end so they can reload with the flick of a wrist. The weapon can fire 70 rounds per minute. Despite complaints, the cavalry men genrally like tne M16. It is light and on full automatic it can be deadly against enemy snipers in palm trees. Once there was talk that the little bullet "tumbled" as soon as it hit flesh. This is true at long range but at short range the slug pierces like any other bullet __ Another weapon, though less preferred, is the bulkier, heavier M14, which looks more like the standard rifle. It also fires a 20-round clip but shoots 7.62mm ammunition, almost as big as the 30-calibur bullets used in the Ml rifle of World War II and Korea. Most heavy- infantry in Viet Nam is armed with the M14. Paratroop units, the cavalry division and the 1st Infantry Division are equipped with the M16. Marines and the 25th Army Division mainly carry the M14. The standard machine gun is the M60, a weapon that can be adapted for the infantry or mounted in a helicopter. It also shoots 7.62mm ammunition. A new weapon is the M79 grenade launcher which looks like a big bore, sawed-off, single barrel shotgun. The troops love it and it has been effective against well dug-in Viet Cong forces. Its rifled barrel fires accurately over more than 200 yards. The M60 is now the standard issue fragmentation grenade for all U.S. and most Vietnamese army troops. It is lighter, more powerful than the old "pineapple" type grenade. The standard mortar is the Slmm which has pinpoint accuracy up to 3,500 yards. For a time the Army abandoned the little 60mm mortar. The 60's were brought back when the need became plain for a light mortar in the jungle fighting. They are now evident in Marine units and some 1st Cavalry outfits. Some heavy infantry units have big 4.2-inch mortars which are actually light artillery. The 45-caliber semi-automatic pistol remains the standard infantry sidearm for men carrying machineguns or mortar parts. Officers generally tote rifles so as not to invite sniper fire. Almost all helicopter crews and some ground troops carry a .' : 18-caliber special revolver, although technically, enlisted men are not supposed to carry personal weapons. Unit commanders are given leeway on this. Troopers have somehow acquired everything from tiny 25- caliber semi-automatic pistols to Thompson submachine guns. On a patrol with a 1st Cavalry company a newsman spotted a huge, Colt 45 revolver of World W T ar I vintage in a big black holster slung half way down the leg of a burly, six-foot-plus trooper. "Man," he grinned, "that's my up-close Cong convincer." LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO BIDDERS | Sealed bids wii! oe received ot the office of the City Clerk of me City of BCY- town until 4:00 p.m., Monday March 21. ' 9 T S |RE >r «. TUBE REQUIREMENTS FOR A PERIOD OF ONE YEAR For specifications cnd bid forms, contact the office of Purchasing Agent. Bovtown City Ho». 600 West Main Street, Baytown. Texas— Telephone S82-878I. EOVXJ Oliver. City Clerk Bid NO 662-3 Wed. March 2, Wed.. March 9, 1964 LEGAL NOTICE ORDINANCE NO. 774 An ordinance omencTing on ordinance, ••An ordinance adopting reoulotory measures pertolntig to electrical work In me City of Baytown, creating on electrlcol board; providing for the appointment of the -nembers; providing for me issuance of license! to master electricians, master slm electricians, journeymen electricians and o4l clasMrs of electrlcol apprentices; providing for fees, bonds. Hie keeping of records, revoOTtlor of I'censes. providing for on ODoeoi from action* of the electrl- col boer-d; creating office of city electrlcol inspector and providing for duties of said officer; providing for me Issuance of permits for electrical work and the Inspection thereof; fixing Inspection fees; pro- mulgotlno rules ana reoutottonj to govern ond to be observed In oil electrlcol wlr- 'no. construcfon. installation, repairs, alterations, operating onct maintenance of electrlco* wiring, apparatus ond fixtures; irovldlng o penalty of not more than two lundred K700.00 1 dollars for violations ind providing for ttw effective date ttwreof: providing o savings clovse, repeotlno ortj T nonces In conflict therewith;" belnfl T-dl-wmet No. 743. passed by the Cltv Council of The City of Baytawn, on the Mth dov of Morch, 1°6S. by oiTwnding wctlon TO, subsection 1 thereof, and orator the publication and effective Wed".," March 2 and Frt., March 4, 1»« Officers Investigate Beating Of Youth, 19 Clifford Yates. 19. of Apartment 8, Sam Houston Courts, told police he was beaten by two men at about 11:40 p.m. Tuesday in a wooded area at the end of Missouri Street. Yates said he got in the car with the two men when he was hitch - hiking from Pasadena to Baytown. He did not know the names of men but said they told him they were enroute to Louisiana. Patrolman W. C. Jackson and E. Pence investigated. They said Yates was beaten around the head and face and had a cut on his chin. ORDER SUN PHOTOS Place orders par reprints of pictures mcde by Baytown Sun pfcafosrophers by callino 583-8302 or writing to Th* Sun at P. O. Box 90. Baytown. The pictures are 13 lor the first prfrtt. uo to SX10 inches In size, and S? tor eocrt addirlonol print from trie some negative, standard siie: are 8X10, 5X7. arid 3VWC5 Incnes, 3. Card of Thanks 10. Help Wanted O1SPLAYERS — For (seme Interior* needed this area. Car necessary. Write P.O. Box 6U. Clwnnelvlew. or coll GL 2-SJI. BLUEBOHNET APARTMENTS New I-oedroom turnisned opartmenls. air conditioned, utilities paw. weekly or .-rxxiihly rclM. Hwy. 1<&. Stt-eW. CLEAN — 1 - bedroom tumimed bom* tor family. Also, efficiency apartment or sleeoin-3 room for men. Apply 1319 AAoa- FRY COOK AND COUNTER SALES I HELP WANTED — Mole or female. Will' consider couoie. Apply In person oti DAIRY QUEEN 401 S. Broadway. Lag Porte. GA !-?«0<. I 11. Female Help Wanted CLERK-TYPIST Hieh Schoo: arcduare. cbiliry to type 30 to 50 words a minute. Experience not es- j seotlal. Good salary and opportunities of: advancement in toco! office of leodinc ( Nationwide Consumer Finance Oroan-l ization Loan Ce. Experience desirable Dot • not required. For persoftol Interview ccH i tor an appointment. 583-7*18. UNiVERSAL CIT CREDIT CO.. 512 6. Texas. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 3500 Decker Drive. Section I PRSE RENT SONUS I and 2-bedroom furnished and unfurnlih. ed apartments; ele<STlc kitchens; oir con- ditionh^g; draperies and swlm-nlng POOL .-»hone 566-3413 DEFEE. «3Vi E. — Gornse oporrmrtlf, three rooms, txjth, oorooe. Couple, no pets, bills PQid. S75. 582^885 DECKER DRIVE. Mil — Tn.-ee room untvrniihed apartment. Phone 546-7171. FURNISHED DUPLEX — Bl'ls paid. BO pets, references. S65 month. Apply 216 Neal. S83-239S. GAILLARD, 3S3 N. — Tw« raonu ond Both, furnished. IVi blocks norm of post oHice. Apply 303-A, CASHIER NEEDED — Students need not apply. BRUNSON THEATRE DOMESTIC HELP WANTED — 6 Days week, 583-3713. CRAYWOOD ARMS One and TwoJ>e<iroom Apartments Furnished o-td'Kd From SW.50 Utilities Paid FREE USE OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT 1305 Memorial Drive 582-9*34 or SS2-SZJ5 ILLINOIS, 103 — Unfurnished 2-bedroam cparrment. water paid. VSS. 533-2760 or apply 2617 W. Main. JONES, 388 N. — Nice targe turnliiMd 4- room dupiex. utilities paid, gorcffe. cduthv. no pets. Apply 307 N. Jones. ROBERT "DOC" HILL It is with sincere gratitude that we express our heartfelt Thanks to our mony friends, neicnbors and relatives for their lovely ftoral offerings, words of sympathy, food and orcyers extended us ot the loss of our beloved husband, father and arand- father. These kindnesses wilt ever be remembered. Mrs. Robert Hill, ons arid Grandsons DOMESTIC HELP WANTED — House- JAMES, 301 W. — Desirable spodous. keeping, care for 2 children. Exper- j C | ec -, furnished duplex. Reasonable, prl- ienced. references. 533-7339 Before 5 p.m. j vo!e cnd QUie , Co n 583-2950. BEAUTICIAN WANTED IMARY ELLEN HAIR DESIGNS, La Porte. CA 1-0634. Monuments-Lots TRINITY MONUMENT CO. —Granite, marble, bronze monuments, orave markers. Cemetery work. Ter-rs, no carrying charges. Market at W. "loin, next tc Peoples State Bank, 532-4702. 5. Personals ATTENTION BORROWER — M. H. Shelton loaned o router to someone atiout a year ago ond now needs It. Please call 532-5161. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Information on alcoholism. tf you hove a drinking problem, call SSJ-9700 or 5B3-2723. LADIES! Become o Fullerette In your community and odd 525 to V3 a week to your grocery mar>ey. Call 582-757* and ask for IKE. your Bciytown FULLER BRUSH REPRESENTATIVE. I KENNEDY APARTMENTS — MM Michl- i oan. 552-dSU. Four-room nicely furnished coart-r.ent, air conditioned, central hect. " > LEE HEIGHTS — A small furnished oo- raje apartment on private lot, call 5322760 after ^ p.m. LVN'S and RN'S — All shifts, oood salary. Apply !n person *HO Red Bluff Rd. MAID — Monday thru Friday. S to 2:30 P.m. .Viust nave own transportation. Cell 533-4023. 8 to 2:30 p.m. LA PORTE — 3-bedreoms, targe carpeted Hvina room overiookino bay. No children, pets. sl<o. utilities paiS. Apply owner. No. 1 Pine Blurf Dr.. or call GA 1-3742. La Porte, NEED CAPABLE WHITE GIRL OR, WOMAN — For office work. Apply MORRISON FURNITURE CO.. 403 W. Texas Ave. See Mr. Stanton or Mr. Morris. TOP COMMISSION «S PER CENT Lulier Cosmetics. Hours at your convenience, port or full ti-ne. Collect CA 4^)733. MARKET ST.. 361S — «-Room furnished brick oaraje apartment, co.-pets, ganaa* S40 monm. wot-r poia- 53J<J46. STERLING. 40J E. ^- FurnliBed 1-bedroom apartment. Atr conditioned, carpet, S45. water paid. 532-6990, 2 More File For Trustee Posts At Mont Belvieu Two more persons filed Tuesday as candidates for election to the Barbers Hill School Board. The new trustee candidates are Billy M. Condry. 47, an em- ploye of Sunray DX Oil Co., and Ben Smith, 34, who is employed by Warren Petroleum Co. Persons who previously had filed are Billy Gene Lawrence, Norris Thomas Jr. and Norman G. Durdin. Condry, who has lived in Mont Belvieu seven years is from ATTENTION YOUNG LADIES! Established firm hoJ (mrrr«Jiate openings for 3 young ladies. 1B-22, Musi- be single, neat in appearance, artd free to travel. No experience necessary, we tr*oin you. Experce occount ta start, rww car transportation furnished, average earnings s-400- ] SAOO monthly. Apply in person, Mrs. Henry { ! Pipkin, Holiday Inn, Friday only, 10 A.M.- 2 PJA. j I Parents welcome to interview. I ' No Pncn* Calls Pleasel i NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor 510 Williams St. 1 and 2 Bedroom UnJK Furnished or Unfurnished Utilities Optional Individual Air/Heat Covered Poved Parking Near Churches, School, Shopping SS3-1137 5O-t4tt 17. Houses For Rent ARBOR, 41T — Large with bio yard- Phone 506-S4M. 1-oedroern ht»»* 12. Male Help Wanted i BAK6R RD., 114 — J-besrooms. o*n. t baths, $100 month. JOHN SHEARER. 582-6517 I CEDAR BAYOU RD., Z217 — Furnished I o-->d unfurnished l-bedroom houses. Jtn- • nlsche Adii;ion. 533-5427. CAB DRIVERS WANTED — Must be [FRANCIS. 204 W. — Five room unfura- sober and hove chauffer's license. Safe- i isned house, S60 month. Call after 4 p.m. way Cat. Co., 5S2-7077 or 5S2-705S. | S66-7j;j. PARTTIME DISTRIBUTOR — For cuto- F U * N 1 5 H E D OR UNFURNISHED motive product. Write {pvlno brief res-1 HOUSES. Cot! T, W, W!l_KS, L'me. address and Bhone, JQ 14215 Wade-! *C2 Pork, 532-6138. Dficfcje Wcv. Housfon, Texas 77315 Of call ( ~ D , nVtj'ViY GL 3-2065. Houston. j f**£™£- FULL TIME REAL ESTATE SALESMAN | S -^.aln. r-38 —1-Bedroom. iVi baths, oecutiful fence. Coil SH2- . after S B-m. 5A5-7S7I. j Phone 566-7171. oony. ' RICHARD CHUOK6 PLUMBING CO.. Seabroo*, HA 4-3533. [HUMBLE, 70J E. — FurnljfteO ; home, S125 per month. Please call ter i appointment. JOHN M. SHEARER REALITY, SBJ-6517. Telephone Linemen FOR CONSTRUCTION CREWS APPLY 19 STIMSOH TO MR. M, A. TAYLOR ILLINOIS, Mil — Furnished house. Bills paid, no pets. 5S2-r?S5. 3-bearoom LINDBERG. 1*05 — Ur.!uTn!v,->,cl room house wild oorooe. «0. Phone 581-9623. LONG DRIVE. 49* — Brick 7-bedr*am : home. 1 Vs oaths, fenced beck yard, excellent condition, S100 535-5554. Smith, a native of Mont Belvieu and 1950 graduate of Barbers Hill High School, is the father of two pre - school children. Deadline for filing in the April 2 trustee election is 4 p.m. Wednesday. The three - year terms and ( .! General Telephone EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER ATTENTION YOUNG MEN! Established firm has Immediate openings for 3 yfruns men, 18-22. Must b« Single, ; CDorrment, close-in. Newly decorated, £55. S«-6438. SCHILLING, 408 — i-bcdrMtni. unfurnished. MO month. Ptione 583-S1S3 briar* S:X_Bjn. WEAVER, ice — Clean, J-roorn tumiuwd house. For inforrnction, Col S64-SW5. neat in appearance, ond free to travel. No experience necessary, we train you. Ex-; of j p*nse account to start, p«w cnr trans- i Donation furnished, averoce eartngs SAOO- **1SAOO monthly. Apply In person, Mr. Henry i vin Johns will expire this year, i PipUn, Hoiidoy inn, Friocv only, 10 A.M.- Dillard said Wednesday that j No P "p!wne coils pieasei j he will not be a candidate for re - election. Johns indicated that he was undecided a s to whether he will file as a candidate. 18. Bedrooms - Board WE ARE SEEKING i 2 Aggressive Men ! For future management | positions, if you feel you j can qualify, and want higher ] earning* — APPLY — i AMERICAN NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. Ordinary Division , 206 Grays tone BldQ_, ' 7209 DfrCXer Dr. i 9-11 DAILY I See J<m Hard or Jim Sarceta j Baytonian Hurt In Auto Crash ,-_ . _ „ rt j cionsr maintenance engineer! or plumb- i v-narles Beaman Jr., ^1, of 109 !ers. uo ro sxso j>*r how- wwi e training.! b'ilHamc tvnc frosted of- fiilf U P tc ** P* r nour a ' ter licensed. Coll; vimams, was treatea at ouii Mr Wi || iorns , 53^,3124 or CA T-SJSA after! ^13<5t Hnsrvitsil *>s»T-l\r \YWin**c _ & o.m. i AT CREGER HOTEL ond aparfmentt. vo-j oet good beas, 0os heot. tutj or srtow- & bcfhs; quiet, homeilkc. No tSrur&m. GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE Reasonot>l« Rates TYREE HOTEL 3301 Minnesota McPHAlL, 1318 — Lovely b«dr<KHTi wilti arivcie entrance arid fret.**-, central air ond beat, carpefw!. Pre-Easfer Sale ON BEAUTY COUNSELOR COSMETICS Earn, EXTRA MONEY in a (Signified and pleasing career. Choose yoor own hourv Cosmerici available gaily. Call before f c.m. after 4 p.m. ond !e*'i discust it. 592-7ai4. NEED MEN Who sincerely wont t» become eiecirv-; } cionsr maintenance engineers or plumb- > "« *— 9T CA ruu- h*,,if u,KM_ *f*.l~l~r, i elect.-!-! 19- Business Rentals Williams, Coast Hospital early Wednes day for injuries suffered in a car wreck and was later released. Seaman's car struck a parked car on South Fourth, causing the second vehicle to strike the rear of another parked car. 14. Employment FOR RENT OR LEASE — !poe» In corn- merci&l £>uil!jir>B. centraily loccted. 22S N .v.oin. HlgftlorxJs. Pnone btnineu. ^26-lSJI j or residence. -<2i-3949_ ( SOUTH, zw — Nice furniineo reora wlm j onvc;e Sotn ona gora-x. Kitchen pirvl- ifgei. pho-.e 6S3-S60T. NOTICE I OFFICE SPACE Designations cs to ssx In cur Help Want- j ON DEFEE AVAILABLE FOR RENT «J end Employment columns ore rnocj" *, Apply AS« Rosenr^ela, 583-1708, only (!) to i-idicate bono fide occupctim: | oHer 7 p.m., 564^318. Qualifications for employment wrtid' The first car that was belonged to H. D. Hudman 505 S. Fourth. The Hudman i Tne orner oecouse struck a car belonging to B'assjsucn <jesig"o'icns Arredondo of 507 S. Fourth. No one was in either of the two parked cars, officers said. Patrolman M. J. GUI charged Seaman with failure to control speed and negligent collision. an employer reyords cs reasonably nee- j essarv to nor-nal operation cf Ms 6usl- j "~* c of enteforise. or (2) as a conveni- j to our readers to let toern kno-w i ! f ence _ OI j «hich oositior-.s the advertiser believes! WAREHOUSE Ultra - modern In convenience and . ApolY Roo-n ZJS; SS7-S2JS. interest to one s«ttmn_ ££S « FACILITIES AVAILABLE It. at 313 E. Te*as Ave. Illy Co.. SB3-3HI. indicate tnat any aavertiser intends or practices any unlawful preference, limitation, specification or discrimination Ir employment practices. 23. Services Offered 15. Work Wanted AIR-CONDITIONERS CLEANED — Will ADDITIONS. FOUNDATIONS LEVELED. Remodeling. Lifetime Tedlar i I d I n o For estimotes. 532-9257. J. R. BELL. Never Too Late PAINESVILLE, Ohfc (AP) — "You never can tell when a fellow might get sick," said a 104- year-old man as he signed up for medicare benefits. Mack Spikes, of Painesville, who signed up Tuesday ,said he was born Dec. 15, 1861, near Sanderville, Ga. Bayfonians Plan Easter Seal Trek The annual Easter Seal Mothers March will be held from 5 to 9 p.m. March 15 to raise funds for the Harris County Society for Crippled Children and Se™' Adults. ' District majors in the Baytown march will be Mrs. Louis Godwin, 201 Arbor; Mrs. J. D. Woolen, 5101 Somerset; M r s. Niles K. Brill, 2801 Virginia; Mrs. Jo McShan, 500 E. Republic; Mrs. B. J. Crow, 412 Pamela; Mrs. W. H. Callam Jr., 1702 Richardson. The Easter Seal Center, located at 3839 Morningside, Houston, has an all - year schedule of social activities for handicapped persons of all ages. More than 15,000 Houston and Harris County mothers will conduct the door - to - door drive on March 15. clean o-d point outside units, call for es-j CALL US TODAY and havt your prized timotes. 533-2353 after *:30 p.m. furniture restored to oecuty quiciiy. k->• expensively &y KIRKINDALL UPHOL- ALL KINDS — Corpentry, llwetrock, r STE3Y, HWY !*S, 532-7XSX " r " u< - caoinet wjrK. Ko lob too wnoll. Coll - 533-1W7. ! ' A-l PAINTING AND DECORATING. FREE ESTIMATES — plenty References r. T. SHIRLEY. 582-50X2. CAN YOU STOP IN TIMET Big or small cor. don't riiK an occicJsnl. Consult a spe- I ciolist In compiele wheel cna Brc*e worn. CHILD CARE — in my home, days, one yeor of oae or above. Phone 522-6102. CLARK'S WHEEL ItOO Market. <ar?-9<3. . BRAKE SERVICE CANDY CANE NURSERY infants to 10 years. New Nursery. K'n-: CALL US NOW FOR YOUR HO/WE Modernization needs. Nq clown payments. Easy monthly terms. IDEAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. 1CM N. Aleonder Dr. SS3-?1Z7 ROOFING SPECIALIST — CompolTtlen . . — o nteMioent loving core. Hot Meali. Pre- \ ond wood. References fvni5>>e<J school instruction. 6 a.m. to & p.m. 583- i Phone 5S3-ICU7 Try Sun Classified Ads ^ -.__ . i ROACHES? — A-Room> ond garage, CHILD CARE — In my home, ony noun, j Also. Commercial. Bonded one Licensed Old Baytown area. Reasonoole weeHlv All types exterminating, ouaranteed. hourly rotes; references. Transportation lurncshed. 583-5296. . . HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL, Ph. SS29SS4 SENERAL CARPENTRY — SnettroOC. I Residential nongmo, nnlshina ond pointing. Cooineti FREE ESTIMATES. C. G. ••Rocky- built, formica tops. Ofnomtntol Iron. avernore, I6O* Wrlgjh? Blvd. 582-9179 EDWIN ARASIE. 611 Bolster, ««•> ««« " ' *" Y " y " HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY — Stole license, working mothers enroll your ctulu ,iov» in oay core nursery. Call 583-2887 for|s&2-S4SA opointment. ! SHEPHERDS TV For Fast Expert Service Your Zenith Dealer - Cor. Radio, 500 Porn TV IRONING DONE — 51.50 dozen. 546-8702. TYPEWRITERS — Office Machines, cosh reoisters. Salesand Service. Factory trained mechanics. ANDY ANDERSON BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO., 314 E Texas MAINTAINER — Far lease, with opera tor. S9.0Q per hour. 582-2434 days. 583-1229 nionts. Dirt PART-TIME WORK WANTED — Small point lobj my specialty. From o bedroom to a house. Coll 5824939. TRACTOR WORK • work. Post Holes, Mowlna-Plowlno- WILL KEEP CHILDREN — In my home. 721 E. Foyle, day or night. Coll 583-4161. 16. Apartments For Rent BARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE tow Cost Luxury and Convenience Swimming, pool; central olr, patio, car- sort, dishwasher, refrigerator, disposal, -•arpttlng; ft/rnlshftf unfurnished; utilities po>d. 1215 Park at Decker Dr., 582-7635. Discing - Free Estimates. Earl C. Weaver, Highlands, 426-2833. VALENTINE SPECIAL! Clean, oil, adlust all makes and models sewing machines. SI.79. Phone 582-8935. INCOME TAX SERVICE BOOKKEEPING — NOTARY SERVICE Itemized: at low n (10 Non Itemized: ax lew a 44 JAMES DUVALL 1401 Oltv« 5M-HM Electric Motor Repairs Rewinding, ony kind, Ui«. Modern equipment. Qualified mechanics. MASsEY ELECTRX, in i. Pruttt, Ml-ntl.

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