The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 30, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. SATUKJJAY, JUJNB -SO, .1.VKJ ociety «—*•—4— '.}> ^ » SOCIAL CALENDAR. '•• 1 ! Monday. MI-H, S.-oit I 'ifu 'k will entortnin tho moiulmrs •<>!" her hridfi-o fin It at ono o'e.livk hun \\r,n\ iv\ tho Uovabuu^h Wiley 'I'm l !:)i »m and b rid go at liur Qioruv, 421) Avr.iun A oust. Tuesday. Tho rf'(:n'.;ir iin-<«Ung of Uio 111 club -will IJC lu-M til th(» homo o£ MIHB Allen*' Hfiniihlll near Iwnaii. Mis. I'M win -Uiiig will i>rp?ldi' aw Qiohl.'ss In Uin mMInbora of th»* Swsi-.*- tlka fiaJt iU ln*r homo, 715 Avenuo A rofreshimouts *?ero*»w»rired to the chib -mernihera and tbolr one ffnost, Mr«. Frank -FNumliig. The raeeiln'g phfccft tor the next meeting will bo 'annouitc* &d later. east, j Wednesday. Tli!> i:P'inb';r ;i of Uio Morry Matrons' club wilt i;ntlior at Uio home, of Mrs.' Tom l .Fi '.vrcn.-i' north of tbo city. Tic- S:\tli anp..i:i.l ^unrbio daiit'O will b*i p-i\(:h at the danrhiir pavilion at •Si twin Swimming Ponds. 'f'h'Ti' win he a iliinco for tbo mem- 7M. 1 iv* at iSie (.'MUDtry club, following a inu^h-al i)Vi)g[-;un and fireworks. Thursday. Tit.- in- 1 .niters of tin) Daisy club will Jio 'id their annual club picnic at iho ("uri-v navk. ni'Miib-ra of tbo Piist Noblo. CI!•«.:•(!;, cluh wiil /rather at Mo ihomu of Mvs. \V:th-r Mt:ub\ ;">l-o Third nvo- ji N- ••;!.-! with Mrs. lUaii-nbe Knuiip, MK- titer Sullivan and Mrs-. J. 13. Art!-: I 1 ,- 1 •!! n^.-ist in:; ho.-^t.'vsi-.os. Mrrv \V >h>y Kiiv.millor will pnv=.!do Hi; li 'i;tt r-*s Hi JiHTiilwjrs of S. K. M. I.rld,-,. at her home, 11!) Tlilr- ie*.|i !h :i.V.'Il.l ' West.. A iviil ^'i iii'M 'tlni; «>f the Apollo «;:uh vt',1 1M i :i -nl at Die honm of Mrs. K. K. V .t *i:y **'fnf of tin- city for the aetivo ttr -if .mijvrs of the deb. Friday. l *i> :•• Mur:::irpt Slave.n.s will bo hos- •b'.^K i<» ;'ie me.ijiin*ra of her bridge Ollll) !!! <en- E .VIlH'k lutH -hooii fit. thn R-ttuloii!:'.), Wiley T<vt Honrii and brldj'' at her lionm, 122 Sixth avenuo tNi st. •« 'V • i A welding of interest in thin city 3a that of Miss Million Lou i go May• i lif-rr\. dau.'-htor of Mr. and Mrs. James \V. Mnyherry nf l'mporia to Mr. Jtob- ort i '.r! Swennon of Hutchtu »v )n, whh a i -.ti -k j»;art? Monday cvenliiK at fi'iki i>\ t.n-k at tbo liomo of tbo bride parents in lOmporia. •\. Porf, pastor of tho Lu- ir/h of Marquotto, an un- h. i*f'.'«r.>uin, road the mtir- ee, Ifforo a bower of lioa- smllax and dainloa. The was used, 'iry Uuiuo -was dftcoral'Mi id daisies, and the rstair- i be \\ iMldlng v art >' do- tvviiiod with smilur. Mar- Horabnufih-Wik>y Tnn Hoom. followed by an afternoon oT bridge thorn. Tlnj tnbb-H wero olfeotlvoly deimnued with umi'igoldH in yellow and rold and baby • breath. I The Invitod guests wero MI*R. HOIV- ard Curev, Mr.'}. CharlnH Carey, Mrt*. K. yv. "McNafiaiton. Mrs. .). C. Me,N«gh* ten. Mrs. .Harry Ttdd. Mrs. Hal G. ftv- ; arts, Mrs. H. R. Moore. V.r». James il.oo 'J>iek, Mrs. Chalm^rn Fair, Mm. i K. W, ! r. w. Forrest Roberta, Mra. .Mux Morrill of MK'ook, Nobr., Mrs. Jiruce Voutig, Mra. W, b. Hosier, Mrs. KuHtaco Smith, Mrs. A. C. M alloy, MVR. O. K. Wright, Mrs. A. H. Hehlandl, Mrs. Carl l .emon, Mrs. ("'.. F. Vctti*r of De- trnit, Mich.. Mrs. J. SIfurs. "Mrs. Harry Campbell, Mri Krod tbiniB, Mra. A. J. Miller of St. Tluiman, Ont.. Canada, Mrs. Charles Hecker, Mrs. A. 1». Stewart, Mrs. Jamen Farley, Miv. J. F. n«yo«, Mra. Hurold Hohart of Kan.snH City, Mo., Mrs. W. C. Shaw, Mrs. Paul Hatbfon. Mrs. ftcoit Clark, Mra. llalpb Younp, Mrs. Paul Ct-ano, Mrs. S. Id. Dennis. Mrs. Howard Mor- vino. Mrs. J. K. Foitz, Mrs. A. 10. Kirk, Mrs. Henry Peirncs. Mrs. Frank Knitfit. Mrs. Harry Davis, M"r». Kay Huj;ennmstor, Mra. Halpb Carr, Mra. Wa'tcr B uehm, Mrs. Fred Shafter. MM, J.. K. AdnniH. Mrs. Val Adama, Mrs. Coorgo (Vnno, Mrs, Hnrry Warner. Mra. H. S. Walker, Mrs. Cleorge Itldwoll, Mrs. B .Id. -MiiPsvr nf Kun.-aa City. Mo.. Mi 8s Grace Cam*. Ml.'.4 Mildred Ihiyno, Misa Pnuiinn Weyaut, Miss Virginia OlnBeiK-k. Miss Margaret \Cuddlos, Miss Marleta Hippie, Mfss Nolle Carey, Mts.s Francos Canklln. MIss Virginia Cnukltn, Miss Miriam ('onklln, Mlas Mosrelene. Cani]:boil and Miss Maurlno Aspey, • at* v Iheraii c <do i.i Hi rlat-''- ton fern ring at»'?)».; The May! in ami lax a "Way wVdeii «c«nded w\i.i garet Ma> berry, sister of tho bride, played the Wedding March from W>h- cngrin. Mi-s l'ef(> U'orst, of Jwrckport, 111., waa brideimaid, and Miss Mar- Jorio Kii:g!il*>:i, also of L.ockport. was luald of h'eaor, Mr. Willard Maybor- jy, brother of tho bride, was best man. and Mr. Tom Butcher wus usher. Preceding ih" ceremony Wilbird Mayberry nan:: "Oh i'TOinise Ma", wjfb piano accompaniment by Mim -KJnya- ton. , Tho bride's ;;own was of wbit.e canton iM'ei,'.*. .rimmed lu lace and bilk .fringe. Shi' '.•••>iro a veil, caupht at tho handean v. irii daisies, and carried a siliower uoiiine t of The maid of honor, '.\ ere Nattier blue georgette 'critpe, made *iv .?r i-nffrou silk, and tiie 'bridesmaid worn coral pink goor^ettfr, 'trimmed \\bh lace. Both carried os- itrkdi fea tiier '.ana in colors harmon- r iritiK with their droaHoa, and wore ( corsage h'utquets of rosea. Margaret ' Mayherry wovu lavender georgette 'over leaf ;aeen, J A wedding dlnrun* was served fol- PERSONAL8 OF SOCIETY. • Tlie younK Iidlos of tho HKi. 11. club of tin .^fninr hlffh f>dif>ol who lntvo boon iiUou'ling tbo mnnmor «on- of tli' 1 Y. W. C. A. nt Kstes 'l x ark wMl return this evening. Thoso wbo i).rP oxn^rtod to arrtvo aro Miss Helen Moore, faculty advisor who.tins also txsen nttorjillr.K the National Convention or L'l Slsta Phi. Miss Isabolle Kren'!"'!!. Mlrtt Florence F'urmmt. Mlfla Mevoi'. Mrs. Albert Teeil. Mrs. ! Cha-rl<;nc Poruy, and Mt»3 .Margnarlto Hall. Mrn. H. 1). Kierrett. Mm. I Crl1 * Mlsa Margaret HlRh Is remaining In CoK»ruclo, wiiei-e she will be a guost of Mr. :uul Mra Itobert Fern to rut tliolr cottago In Switzerland Park, a weok, ami with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Eagan win> plan to ivo out. next week. MIBS Montgomery will .stop -tuiiX)iito ;bere, In Syraeurte, whore she will vlalt her counrn, Miss Dorothy Downer for a few dnyB. ' -Sir. P. MrC'abo Brown earno thin morning from AtcJilstm for a visit "with IviH iNUVntM Mr. and MrB. Ijowla Brown of 322 Six'-h West, and to attend Ox» we<Iti:iiK of Mls3 Tholma Ualley and .Mr. O. K. I ''aas:>tt. Mr. Brown and Mr.. Fast-ctt .itttmdod Cincinnati University HiKri 'n-^r aud were me-mb-era of the same fraternity. Mrs. Urjjwiu lias been iii ;re for the vast week. .;, .j. 'Mrs. S. F.. McMIUan of Antofafiastn, Chile who has loen visiting her sui­ ter, Mrs, .1 .('. Hod^e In Cartiy\illo hcla gtmo to i'awhi.'.ska. ()k!a., to bo with her father, Majer MiliSf on lrlB big ranch. Mrs. McMillan la tho wife ot the Amerlean ronsul at AntofaKaata and they are now in this"country on a short leave of absence. Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Hall of MePhflr- BOII and daughter, Mrs. Hugh Wright of lvt >s Aiu T <:les, Calif., will conio to- j morrow to tj.»end the day visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Bifei-a of 1015 North Main street. Mrs. Wright -will leave tomorrow evening' for her homo, after a several weeks' visit with, hor parents. * .Mrs. O. IT. Means of 1111 Fourth avenue cast has as her truosts for the week, her dauehter, '.Mrs. J. H. I^ine of Grand Jiuietlon, Colo., and Mra: J. N. Need of. Trinidad, CMo. Thoy aro on an extensive aiCo tour in tho oast and slopped here on route to their homes. * •» Miss Aliene. Winchester -will return Tuesday evening from Estes Park, Colo., where* she has heen attending the National Convention ot 1*1 Beta Phi. Mrs. Van Martin and Miss •Esther Wolentt are remaining In Colorado tor tlin suinmar. Tho orchantra at the First Methodist church ut »aer the direction of J. H. Illnahaw, wlH play a .patriotic number, tomorrow morning during tho Sunday school hour, In anticipation of the big holiday, July 4 on Wednesday, They will also play "Serenade" by Pedro Htlva and "Roman Carnival" |"T>y Mcudolsflohu. Music and Dramatics MUSIC HATH CHARMS, You Will B« Ch.rmed With 'the' Service and the Delicious Food at the coolest place in town—-Lyman's Oaifo. Hear tho Hutchinson Trio composed of a piano, violin and cello, 6 to 8 each evening. The Rev. William T. Van Horn or Climax Springes, Mn., formerly or j WirhitA, announce-* the marriape of i Ills youngest daughter, lt.utli, t:> Omar ! 1-'. Mudtiax. the s^oti of Mr. and Mrs.) j C. E. Maddux of 1107 North Main. ! wh'.ih was solonini/ed at nine o'clock ' Wei '.nenda.Y evening In this city. The marriage took idaee at the liemi! of tUe offlclatiUK minister, tho Reverend It. <i. MarI.eunen of the First I'resbyteiian church, aud the rinff servioo was used. Mrs. C. F.. Matldus and Mr. and Mrs. W. Freo- fi-ani anfl Jlttb* £K >n. of WlelilLa. were the only guesta, havint; ac--ompanled the eoujile hore. Immediately after the marriage eervlee. Mr. Maddux and his brldo Inft for a vvodding trit) of a niont.1l in Colorado to be in Manltou. Colorado .Springs, and Denver. Mrs. Maddux is a strikingly pretty Slrl of the bnmot type of beauty, and possesses a pori»ojialit.v of lovely obarm. She was educated in Tennes- Bee, and for a few yc-ars has been associated in blts-inoss circles-of Wichita. .Since the Reverend "Van Horn's dot/arm re for Missouri recently, hie daughter has reHldrwl with friends Mr. Maddux Is prominently known In the business world of Wii'bita as a partner In the firm of A. B. San ders ami Company, certified public aer-ountants. During the recent, war he sorv-'d two years with the marln being Matloned In Cuba. Potto Klco, Hoston and E J arIs Island, X. C. Mrs Fred Burns and Mrs. A, D Kt -ltwm were hostess.'s la?=t evetilm; at dinner at the KoralKiusrh-WHoy Tea ltoom, trf) llie nieiubers of their bridge club and their husbands. Garden f!ov,-er:i graced the dinlni: ta)>!o. w.'iere (ilai-es were lmtrked for liie members of the club, their husbands and Mrs. Karl Ib-ndriekHOn of Fort Uutderdalo, Fla., and Mrs. A. .[. Miller of St. Thomas, Out., Canada. Following dinner the evening was spent playing bridge at the Horns Miss Cleora Welker will leara this eveninK for Vlncenuos, Ind., where she will visit her net OP, .Mrs. T3wlng A splendtd program and a very unique, one has boon arranged for the Music Lovers hour at tho Midland tltoKrtro no*t Friday ovcnluK. at 7:30 o'clock and 9:30 o'clock under tho direction of George H. Turner, organist. A group of very talonted younK people will proaent the concert version ot "The Wedding ot tho Winds" in a specially arranged stage settine with scenic effects. There 'will bo beautiful lighting effects, which in addition to the music -will no doubt be a treat to the music lovers of trie city. Those who will take part, aro Miss Sybil Seaman and Mins Vernal Roso crans, piano; Miss Helen Norton, pipe organ; MVss Jessie William*, and Flake Mountain, violin; John Wray Young and Ferdinand Hnhorkorn, cello. • . Miss Helen Norton has accepted the position as assistant organist at the Midland theatre for one hour each day, 9:30 to 10:80 o'clock. Miss Sybil Seaman, another assistant orgaulst,' plays every afternoon from 3:16 to •l:4<3 o'clock, Ocorge B. Turner playInf: at different times before and after these hours. , * . A contest to obtain a "slnirnblo" stnte song of Kansas is announced by the Kansias Federation of Music clubs. Mrs. "W.illlam J. Logan of Kansas City, Kana. president, said recently i that the oonunitteo had not decided on the prize for the most suitable. poem and music. - j More than a year ago a similar ] contest was held, but the pooms sub-! mltted were not worthy, Mrs. IxiKan said. The prize offered was $50. Tho tentative plan is to select tho most '• suitable- poem submitted and publish j it for other contestants to set to music. Mrs. Logan Bald tho prlie. probably would exceed $50 In this! contest. j In goneral, Mra. Logan said, tho' poems should contain as many open vowels as possible and be free of "s" ^ and,„"h" Bounde. Kansas doeB not- now have an official song, she said. > She was certain a song approved by ' tho federation would b» adopted officially by the state. Rules ot the contest: Tbe poem should be singable. Not more than three stanzas In j length. - I Shoukl bo In the hands ot the committee by September 1. Prl7 :e to bo eQUaUly divided between the writer of the poem and tho composer of the musical setting. For detailed information address tho chairman of the committee, Oscar America's Change of Thought People are finding out that nothing is more extravagant than « cheap watch. They are buying watches today, not as mere pieces of Jewelry, but for what they are really worth as timekeepers. See the famous nationally advertised guaranteed Bulova Watches, and be convinced. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Cp. The House of Quality. Hanry Zli.n Jno. P. Blrchfleld J |j u |y 2 anc l 3| CORN** NORTH MAIM AND SECOND,! C | 0 , ( * July 4th Specials Many Strikingly New : Ideas in Sports and Semi-Dress Hats Novelty Straws -— Adorable Kelts—Leghorns—all depicting fU the latest, and. smartest sports IV note; all adorned as fashion says they must be to top the summer sports mode. In white and all the season's rtl light colors to $4.95 O. F. Sawyer Co., Corner N. Main and Second Streets fU Eiulson and Mr.' Bmison. later goinsf£ of K reQ - B^tiiany college, Undsborg, Sowing the <ep mony. Th<> tubk> dec- j residence*, 326 Fir si' avimuo past. Tho |oration* »'urri<nl out u cuior plan of j prizos for Wgh f?rore for th« *iveDing ; were won by Mrn. L. P. Wlktdal and coral pink anil Mne, Kw-o>;tjH !aB ir floral decorations, antl oh 1he j Mra. Herbert Rain soy .•iiitis and nut cups. Thirty-six j D, Stewart and Mr. ( winning tbe prizon UtiC 'd fo '•place EUeaiH were present, j Mrs. Swt'n-itui received hor decree from the Tear.htjrs College, and sine« hor gratlinitinn baa been teaching. For tlie intFt y-jirs Hhe Jiaa beci: liead ( of tlie deji;i 11 nu 'iit of dontentie hciem'».> »nd art at the lvocltpon, 111., hi^h '•cboul, Mr. Sw(^nson IH the Hon of |Mrs. Cnnii- Swcuyon, of Llndah<jr^. •Ho lu a ^r,,[iuatc of licthany college, lot ZJ)uilsliu!'!',, and haa taken post '«Taduato work at tho University of iMIUBOiirl K. S. A. C. He IH a member of Alpha Rbo Clif, nntlnual fraternity. I ?.lr. a nd M r H, SWPM 90 n came to Hnirhinson WedneMduy where Mr. J CweiiBon la fin ployed by Mann &• iO«row, arch;ti'cta, Tuoy wi'l i>e at •*Oino after July 10 in Whitewater. When* Mr SwiMiwon will Biiperlnt "nd the t:onHlnn:iitin of a now high school tmlldin;;. **• ^ Mrs. fJuy f. Walker and Mra. Lealie t'aln wvre boslfttitii*!* today at a afiiurt one o 'clock luncheon ut the Mrs.TJ.Talbott Announces The opening of the POLLYANA SHOP 813 Fourth Avenue Enst < au-1 inq- to the needs of Children up to 13 years of age, "Clothes designed to fit tlie Child." with i\lr*. A. 11. Hereford for lo-.v score. Mlsa Marie Grci-n wa« pleasantly suri>ri.scil hint evening, by u number of her friends c *ilobrating hor birth- May. A picnic mippor wan -icrvcnl at Uiko llwlcll uml the cvmilriK was spent, tluncing there In the i>avillon. At the CIOBU ot the cvcnltiK, the young latiicH onoyed a uluuibor party at the home of MISH MiHlroii Sliunuy, 10 7 , wenty-PIr ! : Jt tivonue wost. The f-yuesis incluiled Miss Tholma I'hanpe], Mioa Vesta Harlow, Hies 11a Mason, Miss Hllria Oroher. MIB.I Helen Stamey, MIBS Vivian Strohnioir, Mr. Fenllnand llaberkorn. Mr. Willis Hoaglaiicl. Mr. Richard Haskanl. Mr. I0i| Ward, Mr. Newton Lane, Mr. Krnest llarriH, Mr. Uox Johnson, Mr. •I '-iliii MiithcWB, the honor g-iieat and hostess. * 'i- Tiic rc.Kulrvr monthly luncheon of tho I>. 13. O. vras hold today a.t the Koi-jbauKh-'Wlloy Twi ltoom, with, 'Maniile Hlicgs an hostflss from Chapter 1>, Mrs. Yal A.dai'na from Chapter HI* and Afrs. IT. IJ. -Scales from Chapter BY. A low crystal howl of ahasta daiBlos and blue delphinium decorated tbo luncheon Uihlo. vlioro tlio following ladlea wore aervod. Mrs. ID. J. Orovler, Mrs. Robert Ooyle of l'onca City, Okla., Mrs. Lloyd l'ayno, Mrs. Ilescoo Itallard, M™. C. T>. JonnliiKS, Mrs. J. T. Brown, Mrs. (Inward Scott, Mrs. A. K. Ashor. Mrs. .1. 1*. Rowland, Mrs. (h?or^c Brooks, MISK Oraco Eastman, -Miss Mary Grant, Mias Virginia llostick aud ilio hostesses, * •!> i- Tlie Past ^N'ohlo Clrand9 club will meet at the noma of Mrs. Other Sulli- vau, 026 Third avenue east wlcTt Airs. Illanclie Pramo, Mi-s. Walter Meads and MISH Mlnnla Urady assisting. Mrs. W'yley KitJauilli-r will prosldo as hostess to tho members of the a. K. •M. bridge club at her homo, 119 Thirteenth avenuo -west. Tho active momliorn of tho Apollo club will hold a called mooting at tho plantation home of Mrs. K. K. Yagg>*.- ^ .j> TThe menioer* of tho Eowena CIroia Kattiared yesterday at tho Yoeman hall, and SieM a very onjoyablo soolal meetiiif!. Comteftta wore hold-In which, tho prlzea wont to Mrs. George IlendrlckBon, Mra. Bertha Hoatler, and Mra. Ora Moon, At five o'clock dsinty on to Bay view, Mi-eh., where she will spend the remainder of the tiummor. Miss IKn-oiliy Gage and Miss Eula Brown returned last evening from the east whore both youni; l&dlos have bcon iu school. They have- been vis UltiB in different points on route here fir. aud Mrs. (!. L. Cowan of Dodge City, will mol.:;r hero this ovenlntT to spend Sunday at the home of Mr, and I .Mrs. J. M. Cowan, 101 TwolfLh avenue west. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Kagan and daughters, Margaret and Prances, will leave the last of nej-t week for Swit- j zerland Park, Coin., whoro they will spend the remainder of tho au-mmer. Mr. ami Sirs Adair t : tewa.rt of Ilose- ciare, 111., c -amo yesteiday afternoon to spend several iveelty here visiting ills parents, Mr. and Mm. Lnncoln Stewart ot 110 Tenth avenue went. .;, .;. <lf A woek on*! party at Willowlwook this week is made up of Ruth Albright, I.ucllo Albriglit, Nancy Winchester, •Dorothy Winchester, Martha Brownlee, Claire and .lean C'onard. .i, <i> Mrs. L. T. Child, Mrs. J. A. Davis, Mra. 1).. U. McWilllams and children will return Sunday from Richmond, Mo., where they havo heen visiting friends for several weeks. .i> .s, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. .Rlohards and Miss Keo Ulciiards will leav-o Monday to motor to Cincinnati!, Ohio and othor caMera points for an extensive motor trip. 4- «? Mrs. C. V. Yetler of Detroit, 'Mich., is hero visiting her sister, Mrs. C. W. Lemon and her parents, .Mr. and Mra. M. U. Kain of Wl Twelfth avenuo west. '?> ^ Dr. and Mra. Guy C. Walkor, Misa Pauline W'oyant and Mr. Buyono Heanlsloy of St. I^ouig, Mo., motored *ri we^.i.t.-T yc-it.erd.c r .v sn.d ttnetit the day. <?> 4> <?> (Mias Helen Moore and Miss Blanche Mullen "will leave tomorrow for New York GIty whero they -will attond Columbia University this summer. •i- :y 'v Jtr, TJ. Or. Stciihonson -will leave in tho luorulni; for Los. Angeles, Calif., to spemd several weeks. (Continued on Page 13.) Kas. Dance Saturday night, M.W.A. hall. 29-30 Our excellent organization plus our fine Motor equipment will MOVE your home's furnishings be&t and at moderate cost. Call Phone— 219-838 CODY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 123-125 Sherman East MS^HBJI Automobile _____ ^••vHousahold Storaao SV——— MUUTIORAPHINS Mailing, Foldlno. Addretalng. PHONE 870 We wrttt advertising campalflna. All klndt or Mailing Ll»t». EUGENE RANDLE5 ADV. CO. Eugene Randies—w. Raymond Allen 3 WEST SHERMAN Our Service is as up-to-date as the Season's Styles Telephone Today Garments always keep their cool and stylish appearance by frequent clearasinf* at our up-to-date plant. We await your command— —Latest and Best— Vint Dry Cleaners 125 South Main Phone 964 Out of Town Customers Served by Parcel Post HISPANO-MORESQUE -r Yes, that's the name of that lus­ tre ware wo'ro showing. Its colorings, brilliant, yet soft and pleasing, its shapes, graceful and distinctive, mako it especially fitted to harmonize with tho new ideas In homo decoration. $1.50 to ?10 per picco. ! i; i Thono 380t> 18 North Main SL ra En,oy lealtktitttitftl! Sleep n UN The ncEntlre] The Only One "t^T.*?— Are You Enjoying Healthful Sleep? We are showing a complete line of McENTIRE springs. Every spring haa a twenty-five year written guarantee. 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