Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 22, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1938
Page 8
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DCNTON JOURNAL Page 8 MELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers 0 . , i Q i a Saturday Mormng. October 22. 1933 by Burnley Wyatt, is a fan letter. Sleepy Hollow Inn Mount Seal!, N. Y. October 3, 1938. Dear Anne, You should be up lime with us to see the lovely scenery, the queer peo- this very quaint old inn. I season. One day I found the solution MncLnnc, Robert Cummiiigs :uui to my question. I ran across an nr- I Hurry Carey. Cronin of your : "Passport Husband" Features Stuart tide by Manager team, The Boston Reel Sox. In this article Ire stated that you \\oulil do better and that the rough year tluit E r w i n In Racket Comedy Husband", a 20th "Purport tnr\ -Fox sci een a comedy Cen- clevelopecj you had liad was due to sinus trouble, ' f r o m the- theme of a gangster's moll On reading this I was very Phased, , SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE MEETING TO BE HELD IN BALTIMORE Agricultural cooperation will measure another year of growth at the Annual Meeting of Southein States Co-operative, scheduled to convene in the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, Thursday, November 3, according to W. G. Wysor of Richmond, General Manager. Mr. Wysor states received jour letter the other day. for it gave me an aiv-wcr to mj cures MURRAY D. LINCOLN Secretary Ohio Stale Farm Suftau that 2000 farmers, delegates from advisory boards and directors of affiliated co-operatives are expected to come together at thus meeting in thc interest of this rapidly movement among farmers. growing The meeting will be presided over by Senator D. G. Harry, President, and Governor Harry W. Nice will welcome the assemblage. Mr. Wysor will give the annual report and show a volume of over 10% million dollars in business during the past year. The financial statement will be made by 0. E. Zacharias, Jr., of Richmond, Comptroller, and Dr. T. K. Wolfe of Richmond, Director of Distribution, will talk on "Farmers in Business." Thc principal address will be made by Murray D. Lincoln, Secretary of the Ohio State Farm Bureau Federation. Mr. Lincoln is outstanding in co-operative circles, not only because of his good work in the consumer co-operative movement in this country, but also because he has won national recognition by the establishment of cooperative insurance business. Out of his effort to help the farmer attain financial independence have come thc formation of cooperative automobile and fire insurance companies among thc largest in the United States. He has also established a bureau crcditj corporation through which Ohio farmere can borrow at a low rate of interest, and controls a life insurance company. H. E. Babcock, of the Co-operative Grange League Federation, Ithaca, New York, will also speak. The program will include ratification and confirmation of the election of the three nawly elected directors: H. H. Nuttle of Denton, Maryland, President of the State Farm Bureau of Maryland; Edwin Warfield, Jr., of Woodbine, Maryland, and H. Silversten of Autreyville, North Carolina. Certain matters of policy will be discussed and voted on by the directors who voice the will of the organization's 100,000 patron members. The afternoon promises an interesting outing when the group will go on an inspection tour of the organization's own feed mills, its fertilizer plant, the largest ever owned by n farmer's co-operative, and its seed plant, all located in thc city of Baltimore. The part about your little dog "Mick was amusing. I rend it to Mary and we had a big laugh. Tell your mother I'd bu delighted to come the week-end after I go back to school. As I c-ct heie and write to you, I'm gazing down Mt. Seall, which I named myself very appropriately. The leaves have tuined and they're diifting down the mountain. Mavy and I have n very amusing hobby of nicknaming all the people up here. "Old Rip Van," the part owner of Sleepy Hollow Inn (this is the real name of the inn which is printed in large letters over the entrance gate) is the name we gave Mr. Monroy because he reminds u» of Rip Van Winkle. He has a long flowing beard, little blue eyes that always. give one the impression of being half asleep and about the skinniest old hound dog you ever saw. Now "Old Know all" cits knitting across the veiancla from Mary and me, and is a perfect picture of an "old Maid" always buried in a book or vigorously knitting but who manages, in some way to see all and know all. Mother Hubbard, the keeper of the inn, is the type of woman any one would love. She is stout arid Irish. She say,, her main trouble at the inn is finding enough in her cupboard to feed the whole gang here. The other two joung ladies on the porch arc typical giggling school girls that never have any worries and spend half their time in day-dreaming (that's Mary and I.) The inn b a large, lovely old brown building that seems sprawled on top of this mountain. The interior is very quaint and reminds me of the inside of a log cabin. The scenery around here is very beautiful, but because I'm not very good at writing descriptions I'll wait and tell you about it. Hoping to see you very soon, I am Yours with love, JEN ANN. Denton, Maryland October 1, 1938 Dear Mr. Foxx, During my years as a baseball fan I have always desired to write you a letter. I have admired your skill as a ballplayer and your good sportsmanship on the field. Last year I noticed jour batting average was none too impressive and your hitting range was short. I did not know the cause of this and it had me guessing. During the winter months I carefully read all the baseball news concerning your let down of the past tion. Early in the spring I saw that you had gone to spring training camp i:i Florida a bit early the forthcoming today's paper I see to piepare for beasc.n. As I read that you have given results and that jou won the "American League Batting Crown" and thus are runner-up in many other department!-. I sincerely wish you many more successful seasons. An admiring fan, BURNLEY WYATT. "ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND" Special--3 Shows Saturday--First Show Starts at 6 O'clock Alexander's Ragtime Band," the to avoid deportation, comes to the Dentonin Theatre on Wednesday, October Ufi. The passport lin Lund is, lie-cording to the Hollywood interpretation, a person "of unassailable v i r - tue anil spotless reputation" who b\ guile or force is induced to marry ;i woman who entered the United Slates without proper credentials. R a f t , Fonda, Lamoiir Star in Alaska Kpic George Raft, Henry Fonda and Dojolliy Lamoiir form Hollywood's newest t r i o us the cast leaders in "Spawn of the Noi th," Paramount' 1 sensational d r a m a of Alaska, w h i c h will have its fiist local showing next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 27, 28 and' 2£», at the Derrtoniu Theatre. Raft, who won coast-to-coast applause for his permormance in "Soula at Sea," has n similar lole in the new picture. He plays a robust and devil-may-care Arctic fisherman, whose disregard for law and dangei song which Irving Berlin w r o t e near- js j n shail , co ,,t, a st to his devotion ly thirty year's- ago and wi-.ich ha t() ,1.., highest iilonls nf Invultv ami VOTE FOR ly thirty year's- ago lived long enough in popular fancy t become a genuine American fol song, forms the theme of the D a i r y F. Zanuck 20th Centuty-Fox p r n d u c tion which bears the song's mime The film shows Friday and Saturday October 21 and 22 at Theatre, with Tyrone the Dentoni Power, Alic Faye and Don Ameche in the i tarrint roles. "You And Me". Is Powerful Dram Of City Streets Sylvia Sidney, who proved hersel filmdom's fiist tragedienne in "Ai American Tragedy," "Street Scene' "Fury" and "You Live Only Once' will come to the screen of thc Den tonia Theatre on Monday and Tue;, day, October 24 and 25 in her lates film success, "You and Me", in whicl she is co-starred with George Raft The pair lead a brilliant cast of sup porting players which includes Warren Hymer, George E. Stone, Barton READ THE AD$ Along With the News Salesmen Wanted WANTED: Reliable man for near by Rawleigh Route 800 consumers 200 easily sold household necessities We teach you how; supply sales, a.e vertising literature- Thousands earn $30 Rawlergh's -all you neei to ?100 weekly Dept. MDJ-40-G Chester, Pa STEADY WORK--GOOD PAY RELIABLE MAN WANTED to ca on farnurs in Caroline County. N experience or capital required. Mak up to $12 a day. Write MR. THOMAS, Lock Box 5, Baltimore, Mi SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page one Morris were also married on Saturday night. Elizabeth Frank is in training at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Mary Ellen Wright, who took a post-graduate course 'last year, is now attending Art School in Baltimore. Bill Merriken picks Pennsylvania as a desirable place to attend prep school. He is enrolled at Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, Pa. Florence Willis visited C. H. S. on Thursday, October 13. Ernest Downes was home for the week-end. He seems very enthusiastic about going to college, but who can blame him? On Tuesday afternoon Bob Irwin was rushed to Milford Emergency Hospital, suffering with appendicitis. He has been very ill, but we arc glad to hear that he is feeling better now. Hurry and get well, Bob. Literary Report Last week we printed letters in answer to a letter printed in our text. Carlton V. West Democratic Candidate For Register of Wills General Election TUESDAY, NOV. 8TH Your Support Will Be Greatly Appreciated (Pol. Adv.) For Sale Cole carbide lighting plant with 3 burner stove and iron, fully cquippei and in perfect condition. Reason for selling: Electricity now available. MRS. A. E. TODD, ' R. No. 1, Hurlock, Md (lQ-15-tf) Apples For Sale STAYMEN, NERO, ROME BEAU TY, and LILY OF KENT. For eat Ing, canning, and cider. Make pur chai-es now. O. A. NEWTON SON CO., Bridgoville, Del Phone, Bridgeville 2551 or 25G1. Shrubbery For Sale Boxwood, crepe myrtle, butterfly- bush, Irish juniper, golden willow hydrangea P. G., foiuythia, lintris and bleeding heart. \VM. H. NUTTLE, U0-15-2t) Dcnton, .tfd. For Sale Chevrolet Coach '32. good condition and running order. Reasonable price. Cash. MRS. HELEN MOORE NAGLE, (10-22-tf) Hobbs, Md. Advertisement Notice To Contractors This week the two letters printed below are not in answer to one printed in our text. The first, written by Jen Ann Deen, fa a friendly letter to girl friend, while the second, written PWA Project No. Sid. I11I-3-F GUSTAV GOOD Watdmaker and Jeweler DENTON. MD. Board of Education of Caroline County, Denton, Md. Sealed bids for GENERAL CONSTRUCTION, including PLUMBING, HEATINK and VENTILATION and ELECTRICAL WORK, (ADDITION TO THE CAROLINE HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING), will be received by the Board of Education at the office of the Board until 11:00 A. M. Monday, November 7th, 1938, Eastern Standard Time, and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud. Thc Information for Bidders, Form of Bid, Form of Contract, Plans, Specifications, and Form of Bid Bond and Performance Bond may be examined at the sard office, and at the office of Maione Williams, Architects, Saljj- bury, Maryland, and copies thereof obtained upon payment of $15.00 for each ect. Any bidder upon returning such set promptly and in good condition, will be refunded his payment, and any non-bidder upon so returning such set will be refunded $10.00. The Board 'of Education reserves the right to waive any informalities in or to reject any or all bids. Each bidder must deposit with his bid security in an amount of not less than five per centum (5%) of thc base bid in the form and subject to the conditions provided in the Information for Bidders. Attention of bidders is particularly called to the requirements as to conditions of employment to be observed and minimum wage rates to be paid under the contract. The estimated cost of thc work to be performed under this contract is $40,000.00. No bidder may withdraw his bid within 45 days after the actual date of the opening thereof. (Signed) B. C. WILLIS, Superintendent of Schools. Date October 21, 1938. For Sale Tulip bulbs nil colony $1.50 per hundred. E. W. ADAMS BROS., (10-15-3t) Greenwood. Del. For Rent Residence at 802 Market street, Dcnton. 5 rooms and bath, all con- vcnrences. (9-10-tf) REV. A., A. PRICE, Denton, Md. Dwelling For Rent Attractive house, recently rcnovnt- ed and equipped for convenience and comfort, for rent at once. Good location on Second street, next thc Brick Hotel. (10-1-tf) L. A. MOORE, Denton, Md. For Rent or Sale Farm of 81 acres near Hickman, Del., for 1938-39. For full details to the highest iilonls of loyalty and friend hip. Fonda, who now plays Rirft's lifelong friend and final reluctant enemy, comes lo the screen f r o m his triumphs "Blockade." in "Jezebel" and ADMINISTRATRIX SALE OF VALUABLE J I M M Y CARNEY. PAT O'BRIEN RAISING D K V I L A G A I N the tables on Cagney and O'Brien. "Suppose we go ovvr foie we make the this a little he- scene." 'Litvak looked blank. "You're not in this pic- tine," lie said. "We aiv," Cagney assured him. "The f r o n t office just told us." Litv;ik was on the phone, in a rushed the them off tin; stag Lack. » L ' x t time the actors arid pushed . They ilicln't to me They kept riding on to the "Gold Diggers in Parrs" set on scooters to There wrrs a good deal of tomfool-I : "" lo y llil ». 1 " 1 ' 1 Berkeley .stood it for ery on the Winner lot after J j 1 m ) y ' t h ^ f u s t few time "" : '··· Cagney r e t u r n e d to the fold. Mr. Cagney and Put O'Bi iin, who were playing in "Boy Aleeth GirJ", the comedy coming to thu Rrdgely Theatre Mond f l j , Tuesday and Wednesday, Octo- bsi 21, 25 and 20, wen- responsible. Director Anatole Litvuk, who wa- making "Tl.e Amazing Dr. Clitter- himse," was the fiist victim. They walked m Iris set with scripts of "" in their hands and announced they were reporting tor- work. "We've i fad our parts, but we don't quite under .stand what we're opposed to do," O'Bi ini told Litvak. F E D E R A L HOUSING PROJECTS Ml.-,. Roosevelt declines that her efforts for resettlement in couiHtj districts have been e n t i r e l y succeTM- f u l , and in snppoit of that claim she relates how the Viigini;i, plan l.;i A r t h u r dale, West strengthened lire live-,, ambitions :inil hopi" t i l e c o m m u n i t y l i v i i i g in shack' out hope. The Fir of people i h u t s , of an en- who w e r e mill with- Wasliington after- more than 25 i e a r s ' Subscribe for the Journal and get t r y i n g to get it. ' n i l the county new*. ,t L;u!i- of the Laud tell hon the child) en u e i e educated, anil minute talking to Robert' Lord, the j how their paient.s found woi k, ma.le producer. Lord told turn to have the policeman t h r o w Mr. Cagney and Mr. O'Bi ien c»IT the s-et. J'r ;ilinl tim. The two w:is another visited her on victim "Four's A Crowd" set and stood back I houses, of the camera .staling at her. T h e n ' in the they went away and c.une back t o ' h o m e s htare some morj. Alter she forgot ir ..". her lines a couple o[ times, she got gardens, and grow to like lia'lr tubs, soar) and electicity. When Ml-,, velt .stinted hei w o i k t''e\ weic hea 1- led for insane asylums and the pool and now they have eirie-ke'i, pot, and clean and he:illh r LiCjai,Ii:r gi.'es the saint optimistic repui t about housing p r o - jects that replaced the .slum 1 her revenge by complaining loudly to Director .Michael Curtiz that . h e couldn't work wi'.h "bit" pl.ijcrs in Ni iv York City. A big slum cli-i-i- watching her. Bushy Berkeley turned ,,,,«· piogiam has been arranged for PERSONAL PROPERTY AND REALESTATE Will on SATURDAY, NOV. 5 commencing at 10 a. m., sell at public sale at the Downes ^table in the town of Denton, personal property and real estate of the late Marion II. Downes. Propelty ns follows: PERSONAL PROPERTY One large grain shovel, 17 chicken coops, 1 stable brush, 1 ct of platform scales, 1 set of horse clippers, 3 strings of bells, 10 Ib, nails, rubber hose, 1 sleigh, baskets, 2 sets of harncs . 1 set of double harness, G horse collars, 2 bridles, 1 wagon, 1 dump wagon, 1 road cart, 30 ft. of 1 in. lope, 2 shovels, baskets, boxes, lot of lumber and framing, fence posts, lot of huy, 1 i-tove, 1 lounge, 1 desk and office chair, 1 set of dc- horncT.s, 1 double true, 1 rocker, 1 box of Flares, 1 vise, 2 axes, 1 sledge hammer and wedge, 1 small International truck, 1 large International truck. LIVE STOCK One pair of mules and 1 horse. REAL ESTATE At the -nrne time and place I will sell the following real estate to wit: All that land or parcel of lot situate, lying and being on thc west side of Third street in the town of Denton, Caroline County, Mil., and beginning for the outbound.s thereof at a stone on the West side: of Third street in i aid town, .said stone being! set at the end of a line drawn parallel with and fourteen feet south from n blacksmith shop, formerly occupied by Harry Roop, and running thence from said stone parallel with the aforesaid blacksmith shop to a .stone on the b r i t r k of the hill near Second street, arrd thence continuing on in a straight line to Second Street, thence along the east r-ide of Second Street in a northerly direction to the Choptank River, thence along the east side of said river until it reaches Third Street, thence along the west side of Third Street in a southerly direction to thc stone and place of beginning, containing the quantity whatever it may. It being thc i ; amc land conveyed by Lawrence B. Towers and wife to the said George T. Redden by deed dated December 30th, 1018, and recorded in Liber L. B. T. No. 30, folio 247, one of the Land Record Books for Caroline County. This property is improved by a very large stable and shed, it hns electric light and running water, known as th Downes Said? Stable. This is thc Old Downes Stable in thc town of Denton and will be sold immediately after thc sale of the Personal Property above mentioned; this s an ideal building for a warehouse, sales stable, garage or private stable. Administratrix Sale of Personal and Real Estate Will on write (10-1E-31) MRS. H. E. WANGLER, 301 Burnct Park Dr., Syracuse, N. Y. For Rent 60-Acrc Farm, located near Williston. J. DeWEESE CARTER, (8-6-tf) Denton, Md. Good prices paid. WANTED yellow corn. Higher cash O. A. NEWTON SON CO., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 ommcncing at 10 o'clock, sell at pubic hale at the Downes saw mill lo- atcd one mile south from the stone onil from Baltimore Corner to Goldt- oro, Md., Personal Property and Real }state of the late Marion II. Downe 'roperty as follows: PERSONAL PROPERTY Fourteen lots of lumber, lot of uilroad ties, fence posts, 12 cords of ulp wood, lot of cord wood, 1 double dger, 1 pump, 1 stable, tool-house, ft. x G ft.; timber wheels, 3 log harnr-, 3 cross cut saws, box of tools nil saws, 1 steel pulley, 2 gal. of team engine cyl. oil, slab saw and haft, 1 mill house, No. 2 Gcrser saw Trill, 1 Nichols and Sheppard engine, aw d u = t blower, 1 12-inch belt, 3 oils of G in. belt, 'cant hooks and okes, saw shaft and pulley, 1 smoke tack 14 ft. long, and other things too umerous to mention. Also, 1 shanty, 8 ft. x 12 ft. 1 Irnnty, 10 ft. x 32 ft.; 1 shanty, 4 :. x 4 ft. These shanties are located ear thc saw mill. REAL ESTATE At thc same time and place I will ell the following Real Estate to wit: One hundred and forty-nine acres f timber land in which the saw mill located. All that piece or parcel of land situate lying and being in the Second Election District of Caroline County, on thc road leading from Baltimore Corner to Union, adjoining the lands of the late Lawrence B. Towers and others, containing one hundred and for ty-ninc acres of land i more or less, it being the same land mentioned in a deed from the Commissioners of Caroline County to Marion H. Downes. This land is partly clear, partly in wood and timber. Thc sale of this land will take ' place on the premises, on the date above mentioned. i This property is worth looking over ' before thc day of sale. Sale will take place rain or shine. TERMS OF SALE Cash. HATTIE W. DOWNES, j Executrix of M. H. Downes Estate.' (7-9-tf) Phone 2651 Bridgcville, Del. James Temple, Auctioneer. (Pol. Adv.) YOUR VOTE FOR FRED E. COVEY Democratic Candidate For Treasurer's Office Will Be Appreciated Cattle For Sale Twenty bulls and cows, consisting of HEREFORDS. GUERNSEYS, JERSEYS and HOLSTKINS Belonging to l'ie estate of the late Marion II. Downus. will he sol.) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, IMS AT RUDNICK'S LIVESTOCK KA/AAR DOVER, D E L A W A R E Other hulls w i l l Ire sold, October 2HI, at Union Slork Y a r l , ll.ilti- more, Mil. MRS. M. H. DOWNES MASS MEETING In The Dentonia Theatre DENTON, MARYLAND At 2 P. M. Thursday, Oct 27th Addresses will be made by The Hon. T. Alan Goldsborough, Candidate for Congress The Hon. Herbert O'Conor, Candidate for Governor The Hon. Millard E. Tydings, Candidate for U. S. Senate J. Millard Tawes, Candidate for Comptroller William C. Walsh, Candidate for Atty-General James A. Young, Candidate for Clerk of Court of Appeals Good Music Everybody Invited Electric Amplifiers Will Be Used DEMOCRATIC STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF CAROLINE COUNTY Buckley's Food PHONE 107 Market DENTON Friday Saturday Only CSSKAV ^·BL QUALITY^Hv Blue Ribbon SHOW BEEF For Sale At No Additional Cost Pan Cake Flour at pkg igc Buckley's XJ5 1 Cefieelb 190 Waldorf Tissue 4 for I7c S K Roll Blatter Ib 330 ESSKA Y S H O W B E E F now READY: It'b ready--Esskay Show Beef--thc finest Heef you've ever tasted. Succulent, Flavorful, Tender-typical of Itecf bearing tlie Ksskay Brand. This year, setting a new record at thc Baltimore Livestock Show, Es^kaj purchased over two-tliinls of all Show Cattle exhibited. In addition, bought the Grand Champions in every class and the Grand Chan:pion and Reserve Champion Carload Steers. Naturally, mere Esskay Show Heef is available than ever before--ai:d is now featured by more Essl.-ay Dealt rs. S H O W B E E F T1IE VVM. bCULUbUUBUUG-T. J. KURD I.K CO. SpeciaIs=Fri. Sat., October 2I 22 Pure Lard Ib lOc Smoked HAMS Ib 25c Smoked PICNICS Ib 18c Fresh Ground Hamburg Ib 19c Sliced BACON V, Ib nek 17c All-Meat FRANKS Ib 19c ROUND STEAK Ib 25c Sirloin Porterhouse STEAK Ib 30c PORK CHOPS Ib 29c RIB ROAST tb 25c Fresh Pork Shoulders Ib 19c Loose Pork Sausage Ib 23c Tender Chuck Roast Ib 23c Lanre Stalks CELERY 6c SWEET POTATOES 4 Ib lOc Icebenr LETTUCE 7c head Large GRAPEFRUIT 6 for 25c Denton Food Market W. L. SWANN Phone 199 .'SPAPERf

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