The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 23, 1971 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1971
Page 7
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Andy Oe Shorn Tried to recruit them Royal remembers Aggies «r", FACTS Sports Staff The M|ire«iwi guvt wmrthing like "Opw mouth, Inwtri foot" picking Dsntjury to «« beat by Wallli 22 8 wat the biiiRe»l ml»talie UtU comer hat made all year Ito old alma mater wtnt over In Walht Friday night and beat tfuw WO Danbury had to taal WallU by more than U point* (o win the; dtunct Thai twined Ilk* a u»k no on* in ihu Mats wai going io to Me to do at ib* time W*l|jj »«t ready to win th<? dUlrirt and go ttidelested lor the twtwn After beattujf Danbury U<t on the Panther*' o»n battle groundi, it w«med inevitable (or Walli* to iccuinplikJi a perfect n-,aso»i It U hard to My her* many people were deceived by (MnUtry, aU that u rcrut.t u (hat the IW*nlc4k and the team \"l IJH! year, Oanlwry undefeated, and the VI champ* Hu« k<o4c«l like Utwprr rrvp >eaM*i (or Panther* the onlj <<• (hat appear™} (0 »a» arus in Ihe date tince Danbury relinquithed that ilalus after losing t-uilw-tafi Watlu 1*41 Danbury 144 That darn petted tfUHe a few AUKTIN (AP) - Tcxat Coach Darrel) (toys) glanced at a list of Texai A&M'» offensive and def«m»lve itartcn and *ay» he remember* how hard I* and hit ttaff had tried to recruit l« of tlwrn "They are pirople we wanted and wantttl bad." Hoval !( ,ld u newt conference Monday. "They have a number of name* from the blue chip IJM.S, a large number of them." A* Trial prepared lor Hie AgKie game un Thanktglving, fto)'al uild i|unrtMl«ick Eddie I'hillipt wai (mail) well .. i lu throw in drilU Hut &4id he ctMttidtrwl &ub 4tiiili-r again*! Ilic TIIK IIK A'/OSPOKT KACT8, Freeport. Texa», SPORTS Tuesday, November 23, J97I, I'a«c7 In the TCU Nov. 13 a ttd Ivai not be?n able Io raiw: hit right arm until I>4tjAir) wl a I (x/Mli:. lxr» twuW !)«• l'ant)>rf» Jx-at »>r«n in Wallm* mutt beat A&M Tlturvlay to KO t« the C"ott*w Itoul lor an unprece<J»rnt*d fourth itraiglit lime at Southwest (,'ohferMjcc champiom If AiM •Ainu or lies, Arlunut •»ilt rrprei>*nt tJwe conference Asked if the 1971 Aggie* are Dw Ixnt A&M team since he became Ixinghorn coach In I9D7. Itoyal replied, "1 wouldn't be »urpriM!d." Ttoii would include Ihe 1907 championihip Aggie learn which beat Texa& 10-7 al Colli-ge SUiliiw, the only time OOP of Itoyal's team* ha» lf>»t to h»Y* rhafjtr »a» erf Clan AA PU;-f««4tuU Alvin nips Ships trig M infill lx-l(rf n* tli»l t»t ( r (rum Dm lo Hfa/M«j>uirt •»«» 1 in tfx- linal (|uatl«rf in Alvui b-J niftli! In drup a >i 41 S« » rj * Wallu t i(t«> »4» T1»e Ships (jl») at 7 Vj in trji I!* (jjUx--.fl/i Mt 4 (c-. tplnnisig ViKl! The *b>nrf I') did !*X tii) .'. i :f< !hJlt fa M.I- It nit 4 ctiriw in Kali! IfMk > fof (be t'aalhrri Tte War - «vrf« od 4 trots (h*ft »fJX»utHC« Wallis 0 v a (r«it it !jici.» r jjfatn *in '. Irt nrl> to «in," 1 'f.mcit Y. Jdfi Ua\ u >.ii(J a! let (Jir ftair.c "Vi> rr.lMrxl \\v (jsiirlrf k»»tt>(! 1I-M ),iut Ahifi uu!*tvfni u^ 3-1 awl tfa! ilwl it Shr-.f coftifU tVx- l'jr-!)iWs • Srtrentvrij !<•*! Mr »I/. !* hi! <-«n in itf ;'T it, u* tajK-iurij; (j."'""' TKr Jl r .1 : i>» (>«f ! Jur;i'-r ! r r .^ "i 1 ! af *:t i - ;ir -if. I ''Jl »i. .;•••..;-.-• i-ii-M-t'. wit- Uirvt (*c»-s Scars SAVK $ * t » ? ? r won Hi second Harold Kpp* bich hud nix jansr wilh » 39 J? »m In li* sophwnort ({ainc tni-r Alvm with CIUI Sanden AKiri nipprd lirazonport TO-S8 IrjiUng IJ«f »ax w "h 10 [AjinU d«pit<" a 10 p<jint effort by whjlc Hichard Whilrltrad and Kirhard Klelchcf. • '•>ysss//sy//?s////M\ f /ss^^^^ I Baylor hires I \ ISU coach? I % IKH STUN A)' B;<>k»r llt-^e} (^.xi, Dill {4««ll -*iil U- A X fi'j^.wMl a<!i-r tj-jn v^vnn In Iwwi V.atf f'X/b;tll c'tiiti) v !! altct tint- Saturdis '..'.s! .1 !«niai iTifioufic nr.irr.', r.o V. »i<t:ir,^ >:i!j «t»jj<! U- n.iiir .ijtrr v While the partial recovery of Phillip* ha* enabled Alan f-owry to return I/> work in Ihe dcfcnuive backficld, safety Mike Uayer'ft sprained ankle hat forced a complete rohuffllng of the defensive secondary, I/wry ha» been unified to rifely, and right halfback Mike Kowan ha» been rnwed to Ixwry'* old »pot. Sub Gary Yeoman will fill in at Kowan'n former ponition, Hoyal alwj Mid 212-prwnd junior Tommy lxt l , another nub, probably will istart at linebacker in place of wphomore Bruce Cannon ;ind Tommy l-tndry, *hn have alternaU-d recently Koyal Mid A&M has Ix.tornt a "more tx^lid, uound foo!l>all team «-ach week There a nothing real flashy alxAit their «ffen*e--M is consistent, vouml, Mjlid and they've got iitxxj praplt- to run it On tluni! "Tttey have eliminated all Ihe ronfuiion from i>>cir offense and that unmuzzles some guys with talent." Hoyal und "It ({PL's dc/wn to '*bo < an •-iwutc " llccaus* uf injuries, Royal viid, "we're not as solid t'jmmg into thu> game" as ikiit lx>nghorn (i-am.i have liberty Bowl invites Ags as Porker sub COM.KOK STATION i AJ'i - If the Te»is Aggies needed any more incentive in knock the Texas I^onghorns out of the .V)u)hwe»t O/nfcrcncc tmiball champion.<ihip, they got it Monday from the>erty fVjwt Hud Dudley, l.ibtrrty fVjwl ofHcial, telephoned Aggie Coach Gene SiaJling* and said A&M will Ym invited to replace Arkansas in the Dec. 20th game against Tennessee if Iht Cafirt* dr-fi.-at the Ivini'horns Ttianksgiving Day. A Texas victory would assure Ihe lymghorns a fourth coriwx'iiSivff Sfiutlw-PHt Conference title and a trip to the Orfiofi Ibrtil. ,S<.-cond-plac«- Ark-'insas would then fill the Ut/crly I'XJ'A! -(jx)! Actually, a in- -Ai.uld give the Cotton Howl tK-rth la the H«l/i'>rfi,'i<:k* b'lf '••<};.«t<>n w;i<( mad)' by Dnrflfy whether A4.M v,«uld get ihc liberty U'rth in such a circumstance. Hie lutjtity lk>-*i will I A- |.ia)t-<) un a Monday night this ytw an [/ru;;<; liifi',- K p tr, C.ST over the AHC-TV network. .;' (v-ii; >. '.;,!»•»- :-<-.>.• r«v<.r<i i» J-Z7 :> ;'. M.<K.Iii ?-'•;, !.j» oj.;t.!:.:!!iii-t.!s a! I,, 4.1 S'.alr a> !!«• •'.• v r-fM.-Vn ^ U,.-r; (,U> I.M it. !!•<<• S4JJ>IW»U)«T IE i ... > . ^ , ....--...,,. J , t . y ('..•»; -.-,% jtA'.,-^. .i!!<-r ftitnjtUnj; j 7 3 r'-<vrf'i IA drft-atinK •:• X Mi.••'«•» A fr.t-!,i-r AT; AJM-rKift t,.>tk i'. 7<r?irir4*rr. *js •:• Ship girls grab 5th straight win 55-51 Hj KMlf S \HIII*«<.TiiS t o*T lif Aio*f»cir! f * i [..'t'.nr'.Jrt K!4<-»i.ii...:.i ti»t r,uir.t«r Scars I'YtM'dom M;irhinc . . . Simply Srrnp«- ami t r'i>fi-r«l ait ^rir* ih»li<~« mnrr- «Mii|il«-|rlv • 'I up Hiitn-Uark «itll x-jufitr •|)K> arlttm .Midi' A 1 ^K AILS A >,' 11 s \ V ) Scars i tv< i ton 11> LAKH JACKSON nvo»r (icid >;..ais (mirxj .iix*:rirf (it-id goal ar<d !(•«• vhoi ti- j;nc Hf a un [»j>r'. thr »tn V,j«-r icnUSrxi ii (j(!t to ri«rxi t)f«u£h! m .ind shrrc ihrrc ret.-.--; (KHtrirllrt uiil p|j\ fun I to the l*Te:i vuif i.lrli lUtlrlbjII < himploot ji Ihfi mr^-i t^r caRrf"* from \uu»ru hrrr u»ni^ht Tlif HIM oj iwu cjtnri it tlilrd lu tip «/f jt * .u* p ni m (hr lUaiuHMrfl Uit;^ >i hool srn5 Jnr Irtx- shots to U-jd the Iir^it»v[w:*r1 C'lfrnv tr» their *:rsn:rxi; c(ft«r1 On w. en fidd K<«h JAtkic S'.;illfml lounii M j>='ir;ts. follo-*r-(i his \ ;fci Ki:«' !••!'*• »i!h <• p->sr>:» <*' t»o iictd gtttU .i!»d t*u frt'*- I!UIF-*> Kronen-*- Jantt ad-.k-d .1 frw vhot TT«- di-ienw *;i4 ^f^irk^•<l b\ Angela McKuirrt-;. uho fou:>d fur rrbaurais .irxi twx- in- tricrp'.ioci !>a%kr.n IVnient c.\!:-.c duun viith three ri-ltjundfi and <ifi<- in trrccption. *h-,lc Kroida SUtlm -»a> in «i Ihrix' in !rrrfplit«n> Ar.K«'l-> I't'svarra brought down thriv rebounds. .11,! ., HI ", |-i,t up I hi- thitij qujrlrr !>j« Sricilrr jiVl .tnolhrr Im- ihtrf U) Cuo firid t£<wii^ uhitO lljluvrk Ai«.1 Ku'Ulr> hil t^o ,ind cvrw lu-ld itajb rntfi-c loci) I!rjwwf*vt !i«* .1 43 4<i rtlgr itcwr-tf into the druil prriod Soidlcr put up ;i field ttto rrtx*ind> ami IMH- in teti-rption «f twr o\vn Pam Hurndj;*' .nldcd an in inti-r*cvtu»ry> tit hi-ad up the The Hra;«s|»r; Ship A-frt.M- I'.ini Koix-rLs girls hold out (or Ihe lead lour.ij t»u jH««jr(ds and t«o thri)unhout the first hall only inlrrccplions. while tt-an; toUix- it later h> a 30-21 mark matr Tmir UhiKlr was in on liarlcne Ciuillor. load tht- Uo iHAMivts ai>.i in in trucp'.uxi Ijsi i'.i|*'ll IcxiiKl IKM- rrNxithi anj oor in trn'fpiiini The ltr.iio>pv>rt junior \arint) a>Mod arxtSfHT MC|<IT> to llx'ir sl.ttc IIH holding tlie „ DINER until Utc in !hc third j«-ri(«.i. making it M H when it w.u all over Serena Millar chalkiM up 17 |K>inl.v <K; su field (jojl» lur IS points, followed b> Myrtle Smith with four (Kiints Joyce .N'vi'ly and Honda Kovally each added one point The freshman dHenw was headed up b> IX-iuse Henderson with five retxxinds while Janet Hurton vi as ckise Iwhmd with four rebound* I'am llobrrt&on also brought down ,t (nr the Stups Srr«rdb> pulitr. rtprrlmcrd wil|rrnr» f Uaail Turkey & Drewlng- linked Ham & Vanu- 1 Hunt SlroJin o( Herf , ) IH>T VTOKS. ntK.AMF.l) I'KAS. S.M.AU. HOT HOl.US j AM) IIOMK MAUK IMK FOU DKSSKHT t lUHINKa KXT1U) UM.V $2,75 CHILD'S I'l.ATl-: Cl O C I'NUKH 12 ^ItTfl) ilHUNKS KXTHA) In th, Pip* R W m mNKSGIVING DINNER Tvrkty «r Him with ill Hit trimmiufi <Drink* t-.Mral ••I WE WISH IOU MO YOUK FAMILY W IEST ON THIS HOLIDAY HWY 332-CtUTE The Sthwner Diner U open ALL NIGHT Coastal Roofing Co. Build up and Composition No job too large or too small. 265-6836 916 Highway 288, Clute Commercial Residential Industrial OYSTERS Pint, QL & GAJ10N ALSO FISH - SHRIMP & DRY ICE TEXAS SEAFOOD CO. 323 W. BRAZOS FREEPORT 233-5611 Introductory ^^^^^m^^^^ HH^HI •HH^HHi •HHHHH^H HIH^HiJHHI^H v v ^ r^ isi the NEW WIDE 4O4 (?Hr Az// 4-p/y rajofl corrf tire that gives yon a smooth luxurious ride \Sidr. lie* p T* trrirt dr-sifen (or excellent <rlt»rmancr and hjntUtn£. ptut r*\on cord Ltn*truction ivt * t*»h. smooth ride. ON THE SECOND TIRE when you buy the 1st tire at regular exchange price "£ S SAVE17™'27 50 KS 1 | HI. \( K i 1 vl llfT ': [•' ~ - i ' - ' . , , I"* :i ' :•,' ; l ' : - :» ' . 1 K - 1 ; i i r> •'• . | u:> r»i ! 1 1 >!•'•> ! J 7 > 1 '> i .••• ; Ji '• '• : i • _• - i •'• i ' — 34.00 3725 — 3825 '>'".-•> j 42.00 j l.T> ; '. -. ;•-. is, | WM.l.s ^ .'nd lirr 1 17.00 ia.82 ; — — 19.12 2I.OO — — 3 WAYS TO CHARGE |g gs Ut tirr '36.75 38.75 42.50 46.50 39.75 43.50 47.75 5325 55.00 : © ' ,'nd tire 1 .' '18.37 ! 19.37 81.85 23.25 19.87 21.75 23.87 28.62 27,60 Aiiims MOUNTED f*f tire 'J!l Other Firestone tires as low as '10.95 bour electric timer l»,!f,\ i..\ Ai",-i.^- i-> vt l.(KU i,U-,-.j'.r »il, At (*» >•< (Lff.V \>>fl ,O; Brake Adjustment ^i /"*V^ "^p>, ^ t>J *Jju>t ^^ui WiVv» —«S ;f > : y-" 11 - 4 "-*'Oj K?X.-; 3'V^\ 4|0 TARPON INN VILUQE QPEN' /f^3l5^ '\WiT , FRIfpQRT MOHOIY F8IQAY 8AM-6P«fe^ SITUgpAt 8AM.-lPM.\r

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